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20:51 lelebart hi, i'm a newbie. fresh install of debian stretch and koha stable on local lan, following this guide https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]ki/Koha_on_Debian : on my local ip address it load the debian's apache2 default .html file and not the koha login one, why?
21:33 oleonard Still around lelebart?
21:34 lelebart oleonard, yup
21:35 oleonard Did you try 'sudo a2dissite 000-default' ?
21:37 lelebart i'll try right now
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21:47 lelebart oleonard, thanks! at least something was loading - i see the cpu going to 100% then the system didn't respond, so i've had to manually reboot. maybe i've overstimated my old pc
21:54 lelebart oleonard, now i've another problem. maybe i configured koha wrong. if i try to connect to the server, i'm redicect to, server goes 100%, but i cannot load that page. i'm googling it atm, btw.
21:54 oleonard You've reached the OPA
21:54 oleonard OPAC
21:54 oleonard instead of the staff client
21:55 oleonard Often Koha installs with the OPAC at port 80 and staff client at 8080
21:55 oleonard You could check the conf file to be sure
22:00 * oleonard is away: I'm busy
22:37 lelebart at :8080 i get the default debian html page. i'm leaving chat open but i'm leaving home. read you soon
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