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00:01 MissMustard joined #koha
00:02 dcook Thanks :)
00:02 dcook I think Kohacon was the longest I haven't been sick since... March?
00:02 * dcook mumbles something about children being germ factories
00:02 dcook I tell myself my immune system will be more resilient for all these colds and such
00:04 dcook Reading Bugzilla comments from Joubu and now that I've met him I can't help but picture him and hear him
00:04 dcook kidclamp: Reading your IRC messages, I'm trying to imagine all the enthusiasm and bright colours from you in real life too ;)
00:06 kidclamp and thank you (/me decides things are compliments)
00:06 dcook Totally a compliment!
00:10 * mtompset nods in agreement with dcook's assessment of children being germ factories.
00:11 mtompset Anyone have a bug they really wished signed that doesn't require me learning a new segment of Koha? ;)
00:12 * dcook ponders
00:12 dcook You could look at https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=21556
00:12 huginn Bug 21556: minor, P5 - low, ---, dcook, Needs Signoff , Deleting same record twice leads to fatal software error
00:12 dcook Jonathan's patch needs a test/sign off
00:13 dcook Should be super straightforward
00:13 dcook I was going to do the sign off, but my Virtualbox is down while my VMware is up...
00:13 * dcook just wants to replace everything with Docker...
00:16 kidclamp dcook:[…]ha-testing-docker
00:16 kidclamp kyle is using that over kohadevbox these days
00:17 mtompset YES! YES! Someone please dockerize Koha for me.
00:17 kidclamp tcohen is the man you want to thank
00:18 kidclamp wahanui tcohen is also the man you want to thank
00:18 wahanui i already had it that way, kidclamp.
00:18 kidclamp wahanui: botsnack seaweed
00:18 wahanui thanks kidclamp :)
00:18 Margaret_ have a good evening Koha!
00:18 mtompset Bye, Margaret_
00:19 kidclamp night Margaret_
00:19 mtompset The problem is that it doesn't work quite right for the context I need it.
00:20 dcook Oh?
00:20 mtompset A dockerized koha that runs in production with remote DB... and can upgrade and have patches applied.
00:20 dcook I really like koha-testing-docker. I used it at a bit at Kohacon18
00:20 rangi thats not how docker works
00:20 rangi you dont upgrade a container
00:21 mtompset you rebuild it.
00:21 rangi you build a new one and turn the old one off
00:21 rangi otherwise you just have a crappy vm ;)
00:21 dcook I mostly don't use koha-testing-docker because I use Windows... and I need Virtualbox and VMware which can't be run at the same time as Docker :'(
00:21 kidclamp one man's crappy vm...
00:21 rangi is another ones exploitable system
00:21 mtompset dcook, ubuntu might be able to do both. ;)
00:22 rangi i like the idea of docker
00:22 dcook mtompset: Yeah it's just a Windows thing because Docker for Windows uses Hyper-V for a thin Linux VM and Hyper-V is incompatible with Virtualbox and Vmware
00:22 rangi the reality, not so much :)
00:22 mtompset I can use docker AND virtualbox natively on Bionic.
00:22 mtompset dcook, yep. :(
00:22 dcook rangi: Are you going to see Jessie Frazelle's talk?
00:22 dcook I'd love to hear how it goes
00:22 rangi yep
00:23 dcook I should message her to see if she has any content to share outside of it as well...
00:23 dcook I don't know about Docker in production... but I have loved it as a development tool
00:23 dcook And I love it at home.
00:23 mtompset We have multiple systems which were dockerized and running on Amazon in production.
00:24 mtompset And Koha is the only one we haven't moved yet... and it's my task.
00:24 dcook Oh there are tonnes of Docker containers in production
00:24 dcook Probably wouldn't be that hard to put together your own Docker image
00:25 dcook Persist /etc and /var somewhere I guess and then you're good to go?
00:25 rangi there have been plenty done
00:25 dcook yup
00:25 rangi oslo even have a builder
00:25 dcook I was thinking how adr did one... a really really long time ago
00:25 rangi yep
00:26 dcook Yeah, I've chatted to Petter a bit about theirs in Oslo
00:26 dcook They seem to like it
00:26 dcook rangi: I'd be curious to hear about your criticisms of Docker. I have some of my own, but I'm always looking for more.
00:26 mtompset builder? Do you have a link?
00:26 rangi
00:27 rangi dcook: i usually just hear what the sysadmins say, it mostly boils down to rot
00:27 rangi what happens is containers get spun up, and forgotten about
00:28 rangi cos, you dont patch them, you create new ones
00:28 rangi or you just dont patch them and don't create new ones ;)
00:29 dcook Mmm I could see that
00:29 dcook In fact, I've been thinking about that very thing recently
00:29 dcook It's the same criticism I have of AMIs in AWS
00:30 dcook "Oh wow, your "golden" image is from years ago and hasn't been patched at all in that time..."
00:30 rangi thats the thing yeah
00:56 * kidclamp exits, stage right
00:58 dcook ciao kidclamp
01:09 mtompset dcook, I think the unbind in the js isn't working, because it should be on name="deletedbiblio" not id="deletedbiblio".
01:10 mtompset However, the second patch *is* working. :)
01:10 dcook Worked for me on kohadevbox but you tell me :)
01:10 mtompset Because it prompted me for confirm a second time.
01:10 dcook Hmm might have cached Javascript?
01:10 mtompset I hacked the object with name=... and then it didn't.
01:10 mtompset Nope.
01:11 dcook I admit I'm curious now
01:11 * dcook takes a peek
01:12 dcook I don't see a name="deletedbiblio". Only id="deletedbiblio".
01:12 dcook It's a A element
01:12 dcook an A element*
01:13 dcook I tested it on a server here and a kohadevbox, so I'd say it's probably your setup, but I am really curious
01:15 mtompset Right...
01:15 mtompset But if I change id to "name" with the inspect element.
01:15 mtompset then the Delete Record isn't clickable.
01:15 dcook That's because the original click handler wouldn't apply to it I reckon
01:16 dcook I'm unbinding the previous one
01:16 dcook Pierre-Marc got the patch to work as well
01:16 mtompset Well, I can sign off the second one in good conscience.
01:16 dcook If I were you, I'd use the dev tools to inspect your Javascript
01:16 * dcook thumbs up
01:17 mtompset But I'm not touching the first one, even though it makes sense eyeball-wise.
01:17 dcook Ca m'est égale :)
01:17 dcook égal? I've been gone from Canada too long
01:18 * mtompset shrugs.
01:18 dcook Glad that Jonathan's is working
01:18 dcook I have other VMs open at the moment and this machine is beasty but not that beasty, so I haven't checked his yet
01:18 mtompset Je ne parle pas francais. Nor do I have a french keyboard.
01:23 mtompset There signed off, and commented I think both patches are a good idea.
01:25 dcook Thanks, mtompset :). I'll give it another look as well regarding your feedback.
01:33 mtompset Should need to, as I found a W3 Schools web page which suggested it is as you say id and not name.
01:34 mtompset ^Should^Shouldn't^
01:34 mtompset Don't know what I was doing wrong in my testing. *shrug*
01:34 mtompset dcook, And I'm about to sign off a rescued patch of yours too: bug 21005.
01:34 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=21005 minor, P5 - low, ---, dcook, Patch doesn't apply , Missing row/column defaults cause unexpected results in report wizards
01:35 mtompset Silly html filters broke the patch. ;)
01:36 mtompset ARG! QA Death by tabs.
01:42 dcook Oh cheers, mtompset! I kept meaning to go back to that one
01:42 dcook I've been on the back foot a bit since being away for the whole of September
01:48 mtompset Well, you have no more "patch does not apply"s.
01:49 mtompset And you only have one scary needs sign off. :)
01:49 mtompset bug 18585
01:49 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=18585 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, dcook, Needs Signoff , Connect to RDF triplestore
01:49 mtompset The title makes me fear to look. :)
01:50 dcook Heh yeah fair enough
01:51 dcook That one... maybe I should change the status of that one really
01:51 dcook All the RDF stuff needs more discussion I think
01:52 mtompset People keep talking about how triplestores are the bees knees, and I'm like... what's a triplestore and why do I care?
01:53 mtompset I want my simple data structures, like linked lists, stacks, queues, and binary trees... maybe diags.
01:54 dcook They're a kind of graph database where you relate nodes to each other, but... as for why to care, that's a good question
01:55 dcook They do make it easy to query RDF data
01:55 dcook But to what end...
01:55 mtompset who has outstanding fees?
01:55 dcook RDF in itself is just a subject-predicate-object structure which I actually kind of like
01:55 mtompset who has overdue books?
01:55 dcook Those are things you'd want in a transactional database I reckon
01:55 dcook Bibliographic metadata and authority metadata could be cool in a triplestore
01:56 mtompset Yes, but if you change the predicate...
01:56 dcook Well changing the predicate changes everything
01:56 dcook Like you could have...
01:56 dcook http://subject/1 http://hasSurname 'Cook'
01:56 dcook Or
01:56 dcook http://subject/1 http://hasSurname http://somewhere-else/term/Cook
01:57 dcook The former is easy enough to work with
01:57 dcook The latter... much harder
01:57 dcook So the first is just RDF
01:57 dcook The latter is "Linked Data"
01:57 dcook Which is a pain in the butt :p
01:57 dcook As you don't know what that URI resolves to
01:57 dcook It seems cool as it's "machine readable"
01:57 dcook But you have to tell the machine how to work...
01:58 dcook And from what I've seen, there are no standard predicates across all Linked Data
01:58 dcook rdfs:label would be nice to use but it's not ubiquitous
01:58 dcook So Linked Data lets you link to resources on other servers
01:58 dcook But... you have no control over what is on those servers
01:59 dcook I mean... if you're linking to VIAF, that's not so bad
01:59 mtompset Ewww... GDPR. ;)
01:59 dcook GDPR wouldn't matter in this case
01:59 mtompset if the data is European people, it would.
01:59 dcook It would be public data. Not private data.
01:59 mtompset and if you don't have control of it, then you can't assure privacy issues.
01:59 dcook There would be no privacy issues
02:00 * mtompset shrugs. Okay.
02:00 dcook You'd be in control of your own private information.
02:00 dcook You wouldn't be using linked data for patron data :p
02:00 dcook Although now that I've said that, someone probably would...
02:00 mtompset Isn't there an axiom that says if there is something stupid, someone will do it?
02:01 dcook I have no doubt of that
02:01 dcook But yeah... RDF, Linked Data, triplestores... I don't know
02:01 dcook Ex Libris is doing it apparently
02:01 dcook Fedora Commons uses RDF natively which is cool
02:02 dcook But it stores its data in a JCR database
02:02 dcook ([…]ory_API_for_Java)
02:02 dcook (
02:02 dcook Which has scalability issues
02:03 dcook Apache Fuseki - the most popular/common open source triplestore I've seen - also seems to only have 1 developer
02:03 dcook And its backup systems was broken for a while until I did helped get the patches in for it
02:03 dcook You could do exactly 23 backups before it would stop working O_O
02:04 dcook Fuseki also isn't scalable...
02:04 dcook I have heard of people using but never looked at it myself since it's a proprietary product
02:05 dcook But I don't think you can use SPARQL with Neo4J and generic graph databases
02:05 * dcook could rant about this for a long long long time
02:05 dcook Obviously :p
02:07 dcook But... RDF and Linked Data might come whether or not we like them
02:07 dcook In fact, I'd say they kind of already are
02:07 dcook So my next step is actually to make it so that we can store RDFXML in the MySQL database
02:08 dcook We can ignore the triplestore for now
02:08 dcook Maybe try to do CRUD on the RDFXML stored in the DB...
02:08 dcook And index it
02:09 dcook If we can do that, then we can tack on a triplestore later if we want to provide SPARQL endpoints to data and if we want to have efficient querying of RDF data
02:09 dcook </rant>
02:10 * mtompset grins.
02:11 mtompset Found this interesting...
02:11 mtompset[…]o-death-in-maori/
02:11 dcook Yeah saw that recently. *facepalm*
02:11 mtompset If you are going to code-switch you better ASK around.
02:12 mtompset Reminds me of how I learn the Filipino words for genitalia just by vowel switching. ;)
02:12 mtompset ^learn^learned^
02:13 mtompset That was embarrassing. :)
02:13 dcook Heh
02:13 dcook Yeah, I'm learning Chinese at the moment
02:13 dcook I should look up some of these words so that I don't say them by accident when using the wrong tone...
02:13 mtompset Even more embarassing. Certain regional dialects don't distinguish between other vowels, so you could accidentally say them two ways to some people.
02:14 mtompset oh wait... four ways... miscounted, but still.
02:15 mtompset Oh yes, tonal languages are even more dangerous in the possibilities you could mess up with.
02:15 * dcook is memorizing words to avoid by accident
02:16 dcook Interesting how much some polysemous words carry over from English to Chinese...
02:17 dcook "AllowItemsOnHoldCheckout" is a weird system preference...
02:18 dcook Looks like it's just for SIP
02:18 dcook and AllowItemsOnHoldCheckoutSCO is for Koha's self-checkout
02:18 dcook Hm
02:22 * mtompset shrugs.
02:22 mtompset I'm trying to figure out how to configure the sip simulator.
02:23 dcook I know I've done it but it was months ago now
02:26 mtompset okay... I've made progress...
02:26 mtompset you have to koha-enable-sip
02:26 mtompset and restart_all
02:26 mtompset then get the right incantation.
02:27 dcook Looks like "AllowItemsOnHoldCheckout" also applied to the normal staff client too back in the day? :S
02:28 mtompset this sounds like the bugs I signed off today.
02:29 dcook Oh?
02:29 mtompset But I don't recall the Checkout part.
02:29 mtompset and I don't recall what they were.
02:29 mtompset I'm a mindless sign off zombie right now.
02:43 mtompset -- or mindless bug rescuer... silly people forgot to mark it as does not apply.
02:55 dcook Perhaps this is the one you saw? https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=21572
02:55 huginn Bug 21572: enhancement, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , Allow checkout an item with reserve that is not yet in waiting state
03:04 mtompset No... it was one with an attachment which I signed off.
03:04 mtompset But like I said without the Checkout part in the syspref.
03:07 dcook Ahh ok probs unrelated then
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03:48 mtompset Have a good day (24 hour period), #koha dcook -- Good health to you and yours. :)
03:50 cait joined #koha
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05:12 * paxed thinks writing tests is too hard.
05:12 BobB joined #koha
05:12 dcook 加油, paxed!
05:13 dcook Sorry. Trying out my new Chinese keyboard >_>
05:13 * dcook agrees with paxed
05:13 dcook So useful but so hard
05:13 josef_moravec 你好 dcook
05:13 josef_moravec ;)
05:14 dcook :D
05:14 paxed if you aren't completely immersed in Koha code, it's really hard trying to figure out how to write the code to test certain aspects.
05:14 dcook 早上好, josef_moravec
05:14 paxed say. bug 11175 - i have no idea how to mock zebra search so it finds multiple records
05:14 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=11175 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, pasi.kallinen, Failed QA , Show the parent record's component parts in the detailed views
05:14 dcook Annnd that's all the Chinese I know
05:14 * josef_moravec does not know anything from chinese, just used google translator :D
05:15 dcook google translator is prrrrretty good
05:15 paxed and then if you add ES on the pile, eh.
05:15 paxed there should be a simple Mock_Everything(), and you could just add_record($record) etc
05:15 dcook heh
05:16 * dcook looks at the patch
05:16 paxed because if koha wants more contributors or accepted patches, writing the tests need to be much easier.
05:18 dcook Well in this case, couldn't you just mock Koha::SearchEngine::Search?
05:18 dcook Like you wouldn't need to mock Zebra/ES specifically?
05:18 dcook Just the output of $searcher->simple_search_compat()?
05:18 dcook In Koha::Biblio at least
05:19 dcook Actually maybe not even
05:19 dcook Well yeah maybe..
05:19 dcook But more importantly would probably be the C4::Biblio::GetMarcBiblio?
05:20 dcook As that $marc object is the thing that is variable?
05:20 * dcook is amazed we still have QueryParser at all...
05:20 paxed i don't know, because i'm a noob when it comes to writing tests
05:21 dcook Fair enough. I'm not an expert either.
05:21 dcook Object oriented programming + tests = headache imho
05:21 paxed writing tests shouldn't require an expert.
05:21 dcook Well writing testable code isn't always that easy
05:21 dcook If you write the code to be testable, tests can be easy
05:22 dcook Like in this case, does the invocation have to be like: my $components = $self->components();
05:22 dcook Or could it be my $components = $self->components($marc)?
05:22 dcook I suppose the latter is less OO but it would make testing easier
05:23 dcook You could do the same thing with the $searcher really
05:23 dcook Although I don't know if that's something we do in Koha...
05:23 dcook my $components = $self->components($marc,$searcher);
05:23 dcook Million times easier to test
05:24 dcook Put in whatever marc record you want, mock the $searcher...
05:24 paxed why write the sub in OO fashion then?
05:24 dcook Then you're able to test the unit of code that is the "components" function
05:24 dcook Very good question hah
05:25 * dcook thinks we don't really use OO that well either
05:25 * paxed agrees
05:25 dcook I mean the OO way to do it could be to have $self->set_searcher($searcher)
05:25 dcook $self->set_marc($marc)
05:25 dcook Then have components get those properties
05:25 dcook But then that woudl probably be weird to do in Koha::Biblio
05:26 dcook So then we'd need to reconceptualize and... blah
05:26 dcook Perhaps too difficult with so many cooks in the kitchen
05:26 dcook Koha::Biblio...
05:26 dcook I guess that's a Koha::Object thing?
05:27 dcook $self->set_component_record(), $self->set_component_searcher, $self->components()?
05:27 dcook Otherwise...
05:28 dcook I think your only choice is to mock the C4::Biblio::GetMarcBiblio method and Koha::SearchEngine::Search::simple_search_compat() method
05:29 dcook I can't say with certainty, but I think we use this to do that:
05:29 dcook And since as the author of your code, you should know its inputs, you should be able to mock those functions reasonably easily
05:30 dcook That's my... many 2 cents ;)
05:30 * dcook finds the sheer volume of test writing the most difficult..
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06:03 ashimema Wow, that was allot of reading to catch up on
06:04 GentleAvenger joined #koha
06:07 dcook That's what happens when you let dcook come back...
06:07 dcook ;)
06:07 josef_moravec ;)
06:08 calire morning
06:08 josef_moravec morning calire
06:08 rj_white joined #koha
06:08 dcook heya calire
06:08 * dcook actually reads that as "ca-lire" every time he writes it >_>
06:09 * calire waves
06:09 calire dcook, how do you mean?
06:10 dcook Or maybe more like... "Kah-leer"
06:10 dcook I just say it in my head before I write it >_<
06:10 calire lol
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06:32 reiveune hello
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06:49 alex_a bonjour
06:54 dcook Nothing like causing an error on someone else's server to see what programming language they're using and their file system structure...
07:00 ashimema You hacker you dcook
07:02 dcook I just upgraded our mutual client!
07:02 dcook ... ;)
07:02 dcook And their system doesn't actually follow the standard...
07:02 dcook So I'll have to hack my code just to get it to run on theirs..
07:02 * dcook thinks the OpenIDConnect standard isn't that hard but..
07:03 dcook Although I should really look at upstreaming my extension into the Koha mainstream...
07:03 dcook It's totally configurable for any OpenIDConnect endpoint
07:03 josef_moravec dcook++
07:03 * dcook goes back to his code though to try to figure out why he's causing the third party's server to dump stacktraces
07:05 dcook Ahh I think I see it..
07:07 dcook Ugh, had to re-break my code to work with their incorrect implementation :"(
07:10 dcook Hurray! Working!
07:10 dcook I wonder if I should tell them that they should really improve their error handling >_>
07:10 josef_moravec ;)
07:10 dcook On their authentication server...
07:11 josef_moravec co you have openidconnect implementation for Koha?
07:11 dcook Yup
07:11 dcook I've looked a bit at the GoogleOpenIdConnect in Koha and I don't like it, but I'm not sure how well mine would work with Google actually
07:11 josef_moravec great, we done the same for vufind but not finished yet :(
07:11 dcook They do some weird things
07:11 dcook Ahhh
07:11 dcook Always happy to chat about it
07:12 dcook Maybe some time I could sit down and just bang out a patch and post it on Bugzilla
07:12 josef_moravec WIP is here
07:12 josef_moravec we have some problems in session handling in php and need to add some checks, but generaly it is working ;)
07:12 ashimema I'd love to see that
07:13 ashimema A proper openid connect implementation in koha
07:13 dcook Oh I think I already see one problem with the code..
07:13 ashimema As usual Google does some wierd extra off spec stuff.. as you say dcook
07:13 dcook Ikr
07:13 ashimema Right.. school run time
07:14 dcook There are a number of flows and tuff. I shouldn't talk up my implementation too much heh
07:14 dcook But I do have it running for 2 different clients authenticating off 3 different upstream servers
07:14 josef_moravec dcook: your patch for Koha would be great
07:14 ashimema I'd also like to take shibboleth native at some point.. Fu. Task that'll be
07:14 josef_moravec dcook: did you see this work? bug 20340
07:14 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=20340 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, alex.arnaud, Failed QA , Ability to use authentication plugin
07:14 dcook No but that sounds cool
07:16 dcook josef_moravec: take another look at I'd have to double-check but I think[…]f1d12e5c146a3R271 should be doing a base64url_decode rather than a base64_decode
07:16 dcook They're very subtly different
07:16 dcook Don't know if base64url_decode is available in PHP tho
07:18 dcook I think I'm overusing base64url in my code though. Ooops.
07:19 dcook But yeah I think that line I mentioned.. you'll definitely want to switch
07:20 dcook You won't notice for a long time... until you get a id_token where the + and / have been replaced with - and _
07:20 dcook That stung me only recently
07:21 * dcook writes a note to himself to put an OpenIDConnect patch on Bugzilla when he magically finds time
07:25 josef_moravec dcook: You are right, that is different encoding, but as PHP does not have base64url function natively, i just quickly use base64 and forgot about it. Thanks!
07:25 dcook np :)
07:26 dcook I should've known that as the latest OpenIDConnect server I was authenticating off of was written in PHP and the dude showed me how he had to do his own base64url function
07:26 dcook MIME::Base64 comes with it :D
07:26 dcook People give Perl a hard time but it has a lot of stuff...
07:34 ashimema perl++
07:34 ashimema karma perl
07:34 wahanui perl has karma of 1
07:35 ashimema karma cait
07:35 wahanui cait has karma of 22
07:35 * ashimema wonders when that was last reset
07:35 josef_moravec karma ashimena
07:35 wahanui ashimena has neutral karma
07:36 ashimema s/n/m/
07:36 ashimema karma josef_moravec
07:36 wahanui josef_moravec has karma of 11
07:36 ashimema 😀
07:36 josef_moravec :D
07:36 josef_moravec karma ashimema
07:36 wahanui ashimema has karma of 28
07:36 josef_moravec much better ;)
07:37 ashimema Blimey.. 😀
07:37 ashimema Nice to be loved.. suppose it has been a busy few weeks recently. I've been on a keen SO/QA streek
07:39 dcook @karma
07:39 huginn dcook: Highest karma: "Joubu" (694), "cait" (627), and "tcohen" (374).  Lowest karma: "failed" (-37), "-" (-37), and "ie" (-37).  You (dcook) are ranked 22 out of 871.
07:39 dcook We have two bots tracking this? :S
07:39 dcook Also, if I'm at 22 out of 871... it hasn't been reset in too long
07:40 dcook @karma perl
07:40 huginn dcook: Karma for "perl" has been increased 1 time and decreased 0 times for a total karma of 1.
07:40 dcook @karma ashimema
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07:40 dcook There we go ;)
07:40 dcook @karma josef_moravec
07:40 huginn dcook: Karma for "josef_moravec" has been increased 77 times and decreased 0 times for a total karma of 77.
07:40 dcook ashimema++
07:40 dcook josef_moravec++
07:40 dcook @karma ie
07:40 huginn dcook: Karma for "ie" has been increased 1 time and decreased 38 times for a total karma of -37.
07:40 dcook ^_^
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07:41 * drojf waves
07:41 * dcook waves back
07:41 dcook I so need to leave the office heh
07:44 ashimema ie ?
07:44 dcook Internet Explorer
07:45 dcook I think most of that was me back in the day when I was doing a lot of patches for IE
07:45 dcook Back when I still had people on Windows XP and IE7
07:45 dcook Say what you will about Windows 10, but it got people to upgrade
07:45 * dcook is grateful for this
07:46 ashimema lol
07:47 ashimema of course.. the curse of ie
07:47 ashimema I had entirely banished it from my memory
07:48 dcook heh
07:48 drojf ie--
07:48 dcook I still get the occasional support call about it
07:49 drojf for thinking about it
07:49 dcook heh
07:49 dcook @karma drojf
07:49 huginn dcook: Karma for "drojf" has been increased 167 times and decreased 0 times for a total karma of 167.
07:49 dcook drojf++
07:49 dcook I should go before I just karma boost everyone
07:49 ashimema dcook++
07:49 josef_moravec dcook++
07:49 ashimema I was totally unaware we had two bots for karma
07:50 dcook me too!
07:50 * dcook needs to do something to deserve the karma now of course..
07:50 ashimema ooh.. is that how it works.. if we feed you karma you feel the need to work even harder..
07:50 ashimema excellent ;)
07:50 ashimema hehe
07:50 dcook heh
07:50 dcook I'm sure I can use more stress
07:51 ashimema and on that note.. I should probably start working through todays list..
07:51 ashimema got a few SO/QA's to think about before the rest of the company wake up proper ;)
07:51 dcook ashimema++
07:51 * dcook is contemplating doing a patch but home and dinner are appealing
07:52 ashimema hehe.. go have some grub ;)
07:52 ashimema health is important :)
07:52 calire dinner++
07:52 ashimema eewww.. wet cat just decided he want's a cuddle
07:52 dcook ewww indeed
07:53 josef_moravec @karma dinner
07:53 huginn josef_moravec: Karma for "dinner" has been increased 2 times and decreased 0 times for a total karma of 2.
07:53 josef_moravec @karma beer
07:53 huginn josef_moravec: Karma for "beer" has been increased 2 times and decreased 0 times for a total karma of 2.
07:53 ashimema beer++
07:53 ashimema that's just not high enough ;)
07:53 josef_moravec ashimema: you are right ;)
07:53 josef_moravec beer++
07:53 dcook Going to see how hard it is to get a patch out for this OpenIDConnect stuff. It wouldn't be sign off worthy but... still something for people to look at maybe
07:54 josef_moravec dcook++
07:54 josef_moravec I definitaly will look at it ;)
07:54 dcook :D
07:54 dcook I've used a Koha::Prosentient namespace just to keep things away from Koha proper so that would have to change
07:54 dcook But... easily enough to do
07:55 dcook I originally did this for Koha 3.14 so I've been maintaining it for a while...
07:55 ashimema me too
07:55 ashimema well.. if I get a moment to
07:59 dcook Ok opened the bug report so you can slap on your CCs: https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=21586
07:59 huginn Bug 21586: enhancement, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , Add generic OpenIDConnect client implementation
07:59 dcook And will put together a patch shortly then reward myself with home
08:12 fridolin joined #koha
08:13 fridolin hi there
08:13 josef_moravec hi fridolin
08:35 dcook Nearly there I think...
08:36 dcook Argh master is causing my git hook to fail...
08:37 dcook Bareword "C4::Context::temporary_directory" not allowed while "strict subs" in use at C4/ line 1792.
08:39 dcook Oh unless I messed up C4::Auth
08:39 dcook That seems more likely...
08:39 dcook Or not...
08:39 dcook Just needed to change C4::Context::temporary_directory to C4::Context::temporary_directory()...
08:44 dcook 6 files changed, 999 insertions(+), 1 deletion(-)
08:49 kohaputti dcook, are you the person from here: https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=21572 ?
08:49 huginn Bug 21572: enhancement, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , Allow checkout an item with reserve that is not yet in waiting state
08:49 greenjimll joined #koha
08:51 dcook >_> who wants to know?
08:51 dcook ;)
08:51 dcook Yeah, it's me
08:52 dcook
08:52 dcook kohaputti: ^
08:52 * dcook is a masochist who is still at the office at 7:52pm
08:53 kohaputti dcook, nice, hopefully we can figure out all the circ problems :)
08:53 * dcook thumbs up
08:53 dcook Admittedly, the workaround I mentioned satisfied my client, so I'm not very invested in finding a solution
08:53 dcook But I'm still interested
08:54 dcook I mean... I don't really like the idea of renewing items that have holds...
08:54 dcook But if that's what librarians want, who am I to say no?
08:54 dcook @later tell ashimema I've posted that generic OpenIDConnect client at https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=21586
08:54 huginn dcook: The operation succeeded.
08:54 huginn Bug 21586: enhancement, P5 - low, ---, dcook, NEW , Add generic OpenIDConnect client implementation
08:54 dcook @later tell josef_moravec I've posted that generic OpenIDConnect client at https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=21586
08:54 huginn dcook: The operation succeeded.
08:54 huginn Bug 21586: enhancement, P5 - low, ---, dcook, NEW , Add generic OpenIDConnect client implementation
08:55 dcook @later tell kidclamp I recall you having interest in a generic OpenIDConnect client. I have shared my work at https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=21586 but it needs some renaming and probably refactoring.
08:55 huginn dcook: The operation succeeded.
08:55 huginn Bug 21586: enhancement, P5 - low, ---, dcook, NEW , Add generic OpenIDConnect client implementation
08:55 dcook Hmm only took roughly 1 hour to put together that patch...
08:57 kohaputti dcook, I don't think your client wants to renew items with unfilled holds that *cannot* be satisfied with other items. Did you enable AllowRenewalIfOtherItemsAvailable – maybe it is what your client wants?
08:58 kohaputti I have not come up yet with a one good explanation why would anybody want allow someone to keep the books to themselves as long as possible if other people are waiting for it too
09:00 dcook kohaputti: Yeah they actually enabled that preference, but it doesn't do anything outside of SIP
09:00 dcook You can see that if you grep the code
09:00 dcook And yeah I think they do want to allow patrons to renew even when there are holds :S
09:00 dcook But it's a special library
09:01 dcook I should really head out now though
09:01 * dcook is at work wayyyyy too late
09:01 dcook kohaputti: Happy to be involved in the discussion though and I can always ask my client about their rationale
09:01 kohaputti dcook, I think you are confusing AllowRenewalIfOtherItemsAvailable now with AllowItemsOnHoldCheckout. AllowRenewalIfOtherItemsAvailable is used elsewhere than sip too
09:05 dcook Ah sorry my bad
09:05 dcook I should've
09:05 dcook As for AllowRenewalIfOtherItemsAvailable... they don't have other items available
09:06 dcook So unless the syspref is misnamed (which is possible), I don't think it's relevant?
09:06 dcook Happy to take a look though
09:06 dcook Looks like it was activated
09:06 dcook So didn't make a difference
09:06 dcook I think I looked at that earlier today too
09:06 dcook But on that note, I'm really off
09:06 dcook Good luck today, kohaputti!
09:07 josef_moravec dcook++ for openid connect patches!
09:08 dcook Ok I'm almost really going hah
09:09 dcook josef_moravec: I hope you find it interesting at least. I've copied sections of the specification as code comments which hopefully explain the process and my rationale for coding it as I have
09:09 dcook My reasoning isn't always 100% correct as I've learned after setting up the client for a 2nd client...
09:09 dcook But incremental improvement...
09:09 dcook And on *that* note... really going now ;)
09:09 dcook ciao ciao!
09:10 josef_moravec dcook: it is good base  i think ;)
09:10 josef_moravec bye!
09:10 ashimema bye..
09:10 ashimema dcook++
09:13 drojf dcook++
09:14 * ashimema hopes he's made https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]Version_Numbering better rather than worse
09:19 josef_moravec ashimema++
10:44 ribasushi joined #koha
11:00 ribasushi joined #koha
11:05 marcelr joined #koha
11:06 marcelr hi #koha
11:23 kidclamp hi marcelr
11:32 oleonard joined #koha
11:32 oleonard Hi all
11:36 Infra_3600 joined #koha
11:42 calire hi oleonard
11:42 wahanui hi oleopard
11:47 oleonard Oh yay comment spam on bugzilla. :(
11:49 cait joined #koha
11:49 cait hello
11:50 oleonard Hi cait
11:50 cait little mishap with my flights
11:50 cait @later seen paul_p
11:50 huginn cait: I've exhausted my database of quotes
11:50 cait @seen paul_p
11:50 huginn cait: paul_p was last seen in #koha 3 weeks, 1 day, 3 hours, 55 minutes, and 42 seconds ago: <paul_p> magnuse I hope that petter is safely back home/to work ! it was nice seing him, even if I had only a few contacts with him (not enough...)
11:50 cait nope no Paul
11:50 ashimema what's up cait?
11:52 alex_a joined #koha
11:54 oleonard Joubu++
11:54 oleonard I like the Koha versioning page on the wiki
11:54 ashimema :)
11:55 cait ah was supposed to meet paul on the flight from stockholm
11:55 oleonard ashimema++
11:55 oleonard too :)
11:55 cait but that flight was cancelled... and now i am on a later one
11:55 cait maybe he will end up at this gate at some point too
11:55 * ashimema sends cait cookies
11:57 cait spotted paul :)
12:01 paul_p joined #koha
12:05 ashimema yeay :)
12:07 severine joined #koha
12:08 severine hello #koha !!
12:08 cait going to catch paul, bye all!
12:09 severine oh... bye cait !
12:11 ashimema severine you didn't fancy commenting on bug 9775 did you?
12:11 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9775 minor, P5 - low, ---, martin.renvoize, Signed Off , unitprice should be hidden when creating an order
12:15 ashimema or are you an entirely different severine perhaps
12:16 severine thanks ashimema for remind me that bug, i'm exactly the good severine :)
12:17 ashimema :)
12:17 * ashimema strikes whilst the iron is hot ;)
12:17 severine i wanted to look at it quite close, because i'm a bit lost with all the diffrerent prices ad the different names in UI and database
12:18 severine I add it on my list for this afternoon :)
12:19 ashimema haha.. totally agree.. hense my spotting this one and wanting to try and remove at least one area of confusion.. sounds like you may be using it differently
12:21 severine i test it and give you feedbacks
12:21 ashimema thankyou :)
12:25 fridolin Bug 21560
12:25 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=21560 major, P5 - low, ---, fridolin.somers, Passed QA , Optimize ODS export option for reports
12:27 ncbaratta joined #koha
12:35 Dyrcona joined #koha
12:41 magnuse joined #koha
12:43 magnuse can anyone confirm that finesMode = test works on Koha 17.11? In the sense that a file is generated and "emailed to the admin"? reading i see it generating a file, but i can't see it emailing anything...
12:47 kmlussier joined #koha
12:48 ncbaratta joined #koha
12:50 Joubu hi #koha
12:50 Joubu you talked a lot the last xx hours!
12:50 ashimema lol
12:50 ashimema hi Joubu
12:51 * ashimema is getting his local devbox running again.
12:51 ashimema selenium tests are hard to run
12:51 Joubu but was karma related, beer, ha a bit of docker
12:52 Joubu ashimema: no there are not. Where are you stuck?
12:53 caroline joined #koha
12:53 caroline good morning!
12:53 ashimema not stuck yet.. so much as working through the steps
12:54 Joubu on a devbox everything is setup correctly when you start it
12:55 calire hey caroline, hey Joubu
12:56 Joubu hi calire
12:57 tcohen hi
12:59 Joubu ashimema: thanks for the Koha_Versioning update!
12:59 ashimema pleasure.. thanks for giving me the kick I needed ;)
12:59 ashimema hope I didn't change it too much.. kinda ran away with me
13:00 tcohen left #koha
13:00 tcohen joined #koha
13:03 severine hiding actal cost seems good to me ashimema
13:04 severine we only use it on receive form
13:04 ashimema yeay :)
13:04 Joubu fridolin: please answer to bug 21560 comment 5
13:04 ashimema thanks for taking a look severine.. didn't want to break anyone's setup with it.
13:04 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=21560 major, P5 - low, ---, fridolin.somers, Passed QA , Optimize ODS export option for reports
13:06 severine sorry I didn't look at it earlier ashimema
13:06 ashimema not at all.. we're all busy :)
13:06 * ashimema drops a less than subtle hint that there's a simple qa up for grabs on bug 9775 now ;)
13:06 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9775 minor, P5 - low, ---, martin.renvoize, Signed Off , unitprice should be hidden when creating an order
13:07 fridolin Joubu: yes its a good idea
13:10 ashimema ooh.. sorry fridolin I'm being on email.. will look at bug 21385 for you now.
13:10 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=21385 major, P2, ---, martin.renvoize, Pushed to Stable , Vendor search: Item count is incorrectly updated on partial receive
13:11 fridolin ashimema: thanks a lot, a chance there is a UT ;)
13:21 tcohen hola severine!
13:25 severine hi tcohen !
13:29 Joubu calire: do you remember the tests that catch TT tag inside html tags?
13:29 Joubu (like the [% IF selected %] selected="selected"[% END %]
13:29 Joubu )
13:30 Joubu tcohen: ?
13:30 tcohen ?
13:31 Joubu tcohen: ^
13:31 tcohen xt/author/translatable-templates.t ?
13:32 Joubu that's it!
13:32 corilynn i'm confused again, and feel like I might kick another hornets nest
13:32 Joubu thx
13:32 ashimema lol coriilynn
13:33 * corilynn shall be known as "the girl that likes to kick the hornet's nest"
13:33 corilynn why is bug 18017 set to "needs signoff"?
13:33 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=18017 major, P5 - low, ---, alex.arnaud, Needs Signoff , [Unimarc] Importing biblios from Z39.50 servers duplicates related authorities
13:33 calire sorry Joubu I was making tea
13:34 corilynn I mean, I'm going to set it to QA failed, but maybe I'm stomping all over peeps toes
13:34 ashimema in general if you feels it's failed qa.. go for it
13:34 corilynn k
13:34 corilynn going for it
13:34 ashimema we can always step in later if the discussion turns ;)
13:35 corilynn but like, Victor G made the same obs. back in May...
13:35 caroline corilynn: made me think of[…]nbck0RG/giphy.gif
13:36 corilynn lol, caroline
13:36 Joubu calire: just noticed it was for cait actually!
13:36 calire ;)
13:37 mtompset joined #koha
13:37 corilynn mtompset, thx for trying :)
13:38 mtompset Greetings, #koha.
13:38 corilynn and good morning
13:38 mtompset Morning.
13:38 corilynn or good whatever time of day it is
13:38 mtompset I'll determine goodness later. ;)
13:38 mtompset I'm EST.
13:38 corilynn me too
13:40 mtompset Canada or USA? I'm Canadian. :)
13:41 corilynn I lived in Canada for almost 8 years, I'm in the US now
13:42 mtompset Did you go to University here?
13:42 mtompset Why 8 years here?
13:42 corilynn nope, just a job opportunity in Canada for hubs and I, and we didn't like the schools in VA
13:43 corilynn I worked for Symantec in Calgary
13:43 mtompset And now you work for a library or a Koha service provider?
13:44 mtompset I work for an organization based out of Calgary. :)
13:44 mtompset But I'm in Ontario.
13:45 mtompset But I'm seconded to an organization in the US, with my supervisor and colleague in North Carolina. :)
13:45 corilynn that's the world now, isn't it?
13:45 mtompset did I mention I'm chatting with a former colleague in the Philippines about a side business there? ;)
13:46 mtompset And yes, that is the world.
13:53 Joubu drojf!!
13:53 Joubu 10 sec too late again!
13:53 corilynn that's impressive
13:55 Margaret joined #koha
13:59 mtompset Greetings, Joubu corilynn Margaret
14:00 kohaputti hi mtompset ! did you ask about my nick some day? :D
14:00 mtompset I suppose I should work on bug 10589
14:00 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=10589 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, mtompset, REOPENED , Override OpacHiddenItems based on Patron Branch
14:00 mtompset kohaputti: Yes, why koha and putti?
14:01 corilynn 5 years is a LONG time
14:01 mtompset corilynn: distractions keep happening.
14:01 corilynn word
14:01 mtompset but with bug 14385 so far along
14:01 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=14385 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, mtompset, Passed QA , Extend OpacHiddenItems to allow specifying exempt borrower categories
14:01 mtompset I believe it is possible to work on it now.
14:02 corilynn 14385 is still a teenager in bug years
14:02 Margaret good morning mtompset!
14:03 corilynn fridolin, are you there?
14:03 fridolin corilynn: yep i'am
14:03 kohaputti mtompset, koha because koha, and putti because it sounds nice in finnish and I associate it with cute pigs (lol). But I know what you will get with a internet search if one searches "putti"! I didn't know about that meaning before coming up with the name :D
14:03 corilynn I'm looking at bug 20435
14:03 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=20435 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, fridolin.somers, Needs Signoff , Allow lowercase prefix in inventory value builder
14:03 fridolin ah thanks a lot
14:04 corilynn I don't understand step #1
14:04 corilynn can you walk me through that?
14:04 fridolin in  a minute
14:04 corilynn k, no rush
14:04 mtompset switching machines...
14:06 Joubu kohaputti: how does it sound in finnish?
14:09 kohaputti Joubu, In IPA it is [put:i]... but other than that i can only say it sounds nice.
14:14 mtompset joined #koha
14:18 alex_a kidclamp, around ?
14:25 * kidclamp waves
14:29 ashimema man setting up a fresh kohadevbox is slow going :(
14:29 ashimema all I wanted to do was run a selenium test :(
14:31 mtompset Greetings, #koha alex_a kidclamp ashimema
14:34 ashimema hi mtompset
14:35 alex_a \o mtompset
14:36 kidclamp hi mtompset
14:38 edveal joined #koha
14:46 Abigail joined #koha
14:46 Abigail Print reservation receipt, what to do Thank you
14:48 caroline Abigail: If you return the document, you should get a pop up giving you the choice to confirm, confirm and print or ignore; choose confirm and print
14:59 calire left #koha
15:04 severine bye all !
15:10 fridolin corilynn: yep sorry i had a meeting
15:10 corilynn no worries
15:10 fridolin corilynn: "Configure value builder on an item subfield"
15:10 corilynn yes, can you point me to how to do that?
15:13 oleonard corilynn: It's part of the MARC bibliographic framework setup
15:13 corilynn absolutely, but can you point me to the right thing?
15:13 oleonard Administration -> MARC bibliographic framework -> MARC structure (for a framework)
15:13 corilynn I feel like i'm close...
15:14 oleonard 952 tag -> Subfields
15:14 mtompset advanced fold at the bottom, I believe.
15:14 mtompset I was just too lazy to test that bug.
15:14 Joubu tuxayo: Did you find the cause of bug 21587 already?
15:14 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=21587 normal, P5 - low, ---, victor.grousset, ASSIGNED , Patrons to notify on receiving doesn't work on new order creation, only on modification
15:14 mtompset I hate configuring things to test. :)
15:14 corilynn well, now i'm doing it, mtompset
15:16 corilynn oleonard, so.. I've got the item subfield, what does "configure" mean?
15:17 caroline corilynn: in plugins
15:17 oleonard corilynn: You're editing a subfield now?
15:17 fridolin oleonard: thanks a lot
15:17 corilynn yes, subfield i
15:17 oleonard Expand the "Other options" panel
15:17 corilynn k
15:17 oleonard Select a plugin from the dropdown
15:17 corilynn oh snap, kewl
15:17 corilynn so that's it?
15:18 fridolin and run into the rabbit hole ... ;)
15:18 oleonard Yes. After you save it the plugin will be used by the item add/edit form
15:18 corilynn sounds fun, my forth or fifth this week!
15:18 caroline corilynn++
15:22 oleonard ashimema: Did you change your mind about Bug 19931?
15:22 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=19931 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, ASSIGNED , Omnibus: Update popup window templates to use Bootstrap grid
15:27 tuxayo Joubu (IRC): Yes
15:30 fridolin see you tomorrow, thanks again for testing corilynn
15:30 fridolin left #koha
15:30 corilynn later
15:31 tuxayo Joubu (IRC): I'm preparing a patch for it.
15:31 Abigail joined #koha
15:31 Abigail print the data of a user reservation, help in favor
15:31 reiveune bye
15:32 reiveune left #koha
15:32 caroline Abigail: do you mean you want to change what is printed on the reservation slip?
15:33 Abigail Yes
15:33 caroline Abigail: go to Tools > Notification and Slips
15:34 caroline then find the notice that is called something like HOLDSLIP
15:34 caroline Edit it as you want and save
15:34 Abigail Si
15:39 Abigail Issue Slip change so that I print the list of reserves no loans, Thanks
15:39 Abigail help
15:39 caroline ooh...
15:39 caroline Not sure how to do that, let me check
15:44 Abigail Tank you
15:44 caroline barton around?
15:44 Abigail thank you
15:44 Abigail ??
15:44 caroline Abigail: just asking someone else for help
15:45 Abigail Thank
15:47 corilynn *high five* Joubu
15:49 Joubu Abigail: it's not possible
15:49 caroline Abigail: sorry :(
15:49 Abigail :(  Thank you
15:50 Joubu Holds information are not available when ISSUESLIP is generated. But you could open a new bug report and make a request for this enhancement
15:51 Abigail yes, very friendly
15:53 ashimema I decided I needed to double check with you oleonard-away
15:54 oleonard Sounds good to me!
15:55 ashimema Brill
15:55 ashimema I'm all for closing stuff on bz
15:57 ashimema Aim to walk through 20654 tomorrow 😉
15:57 ashimema Be nice to get that in as a set for 18.11
15:58 caroline ashimema:
15:59 ashimema Love it
16:00 ashimema caroline++
16:24 CrispyBran joined #koha
16:24 * CrispyBran waves
16:29 oleonard Hi CrispyBran
16:29 CrispyBran hi oleonard
16:29 wahanui hi oleopard
16:30 CrispyBran ?
16:30 mtompset CrispyBran!
16:30 wahanui crispybran is so lost now.
16:30 * mtompset laughs.
16:30 mtompset mtompset!
16:31 wahanui you are about to test and sign off bug 21385. :)
16:31 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=21385 major, P2, ---, martin.renvoize, Pushed to Stable , Vendor search: Item count is incorrectly updated on partial receive
16:31 mtompset wahanui, forget mtompset
16:31 wahanui mtompset: I forgot mtompset
16:31 mtompset mtompset is going to try to work on bug 10589.
16:31 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=10589 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, mtompset, REOPENED , Override OpacHiddenItems based on Patron Branch
16:34 mtompset Is there a way to search for the last comment to include the word rebase on a bug that Needs Signoff on bugzilla?
16:35 mtompset I've been encountering bugs which haven't had their status properly changed to "Does Not Apply".
16:35 oleonard mtompset: You can search 'comment:rebase'
16:36 oleonard ...or use the "Custom Search" section of the advanced search page
16:36 mtompset but I don't want "rebase" in the non-last comment.
16:36 mtompset Some bugs may have already been rebased.
16:37 * CrispyBran has been getting beat up by Joubu lately
16:37 mtompset CrispyBran, don't worry, Joubu beats us up, because he cares. ;)
16:39 mtompset There... bug 14407 rebased.
16:39 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=14407 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, vanoudt, Needs Signoff , Limit web-based self-checkout to specific IP addresses
16:44 CrispyBran Going to a meeting.  Catch you later!
17:00 georgew joined #koha
17:15 Joubu Must subscription.itemtype be mandatory?
17:28 caroline Joubu: I feel like we had this conversation not too long ago
17:29 Joubu yep, but cannot remember neither when or where... :)
17:30 caroline Joubu: starting here[…]8-10-10#i_2080300
17:31 Joubu ok, so the short answer is "no, should not be mandatory"
17:32 caroline That's what I understand too
18:04 SneakyLady joined #koha
18:09 mtompset @seen gmcharlt
18:09 huginn mtompset: gmcharlt was last seen in #koha 1 week, 0 days, 21 hours, 43 minutes, and 28 seconds ago: <gmcharlt> cait: awww. yeah, my colleagues mentioned that to me; just tied up keeping fires burning at home, as it were
18:09 gmcharlt mtompset: boo
18:10 mtompset Ah, you are alive.
18:10 mtompset I hopefully rescued bug 17650 correctly. :)
18:10 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=17650 new feature, P5 - low, ---, gmcharlt, Needs Signoff , Create the option to save the cover with the uploaded files.
18:10 oleonard Somehow gmcharlt is always hiding behind the curtains somewhere
18:10 mtompset Does that mean he is from OZ? ;)
18:11 oleonard No because he is an actual wizard.
18:11 gmcharlt mtompset: nah, and just as well; I find riding tornados to be a terrible form of transportion!
18:11 mtompset That's what winged monkeys are for. ;)
18:12 tcohen hola gmcharlt
18:12 gmcharlt hi tcohen
18:16 mtompset tcohen, just rescued bug 17006
18:16 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=17006 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, tomascohen, Needs Signoff , Add route to change patron's password
18:18 tcohen how did you rescue it?
18:20 mtompset it didn't apply, because bug ... whatever added a path into the file above it.
18:20 mtompset just made sure the same change in the file was done.
18:20 tcohen ah
18:33 mtompset I'm in rescue patches mode.
18:35 mtompset 3 patches rescued today. :)
18:35 mtompset Probably get a 4th done before son comes home.
18:49 mtompset oleonard, you here?
18:49 oleonard Yup
18:49 oleonard left #koha
18:49 mtompset I need your HTML wisdom.
18:49 oleonard joined #koha
18:50 mtompset I need your HTML wisdom.
18:50 oleonard And now I'm here again.
18:50 mtompset if I have a <form>
18:50 mtompset with an autocomplete="off"
18:50 mtompset does that affect all the elements of the form?
18:51 oleonard Looks like the answer is yes:[…]rm_autocompletion
18:52 tcohen mtompset++
18:52 mtompset Okay... so, should we have autocomplete="off" on all forms?
18:53 mtompset I'm trying to rescue a patch with autocomplete="off" on individual fields.
18:54 oleonard I find autocomplete to be useful. In my opinion it should only be put on some fields
18:55 oleonard In particular, fields which are likely to be filled using a barcode scanner
18:55 mtompset Okay... so... if it is already done on a form, then I leave it, and if it isn't, then only on the field?
18:56 mtompset Best way to rescue bug 12283
18:56 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=12283 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, pasi.kallinen, Patch doesn't apply , Set autocomplete=off for patron search input
18:56 mtompset Because class updates are what caused this to break application-wise.
18:56 mtompset And it is a "small" patch.
18:58 oleonard mtompset: I don't think the question is relevant to rebasing this patch
18:59 mtompset well, there is one where the form has it, I believe.
19:01 oleonard Sorry mtompset I have to run. I can look at it again tomorrow if you still have questions.
19:01 mtompset no issues.
19:20 huginn News from kohagit: Bug 21583: Don't use Asset.js for external script files <[…]20c751200843d3ec9>
19:20 huginn News from kohagit: Bug 21579: Make work for authorities and biblios <[…]437565b66b91c5004>
19:20 huginn News from kohagit: Bug 21155: Prevent SwitchOnSiteCheckouts.t to fail randomly <[…]7be287ade7fcfc11b>
19:20 huginn News from kohagit: Bug 21542: Use modal and password field for overdrive password <[…]df5f15e0f8bad4faa>
19:20 huginn News from kohagit: Bug 21174: (follow-up) Removed MSG_IN_YOUR_CART and its usage in OPAC JS <[…]8b45be7388c310923>
19:20 huginn News from kohagit: Bug 21552: Use raw filter for displaying RoutingListNote <[…]a256ff24c843a8b04>
19:20 huginn News from kohagit: Bug 21456: (QA follow-up) Catch missed case in authorities merge <[…]86f940e4abddb687d>
19:20 huginn News from kohagit: Bug 21513: Add a 'Cancel' button to the authority editor and remove duplicate 'Save... <[…]d9ffe28a153dcb37e>
19:20 huginn News from kohagit: Bug 21490: Disambiguation of 'Order' part 2 <[…]415fc5c8ff4b1ea17>
19:20 huginn News from kohagit: Bug 21490: Disambiguation of 'Order' <[…]b83ba589d5ae4d7cc>
19:20 huginn News from kohagit: Bug 21174: Removed MSG_IN_YOUR_CART and its usage in OPAC JS <[…]e0a8f85ca46b19f8c>
19:20 huginn News from kohagit: Bug 21456: The 'New authority' button lists authority types inconsistently <[…]4d1f30d65d8c52dc9>
19:20 huginn News from kohagit: Bug 21174: Open the OPAC cart with one click by default <[…]3cd5b60d7e70447c2>
19:20 huginn News from kohagit: Bug 14786: Use MARC istead of ISO2709 everywhere <[…]f5f20ba74f411ac32>
19:20 huginn News from kohagit: Bug 20995: Add Request ID to table and request view <[…]765bcb0802a7cf1fd>
19:20 huginn News from kohagit: Bug 20351: Shortcut serials scripts if a blocking error appeared <[…]cc65c82937145d477>
19:20 huginn News from kohagit: Bug 21439: Update two-column templates with Bootstrap grid: Rotating collections <[…]069253d22c9678084>
19:20 huginn News from kohagit: Bug 20521: Enable problematic SQL modes for dev installs <[…]2c754c425ae1cf61f>
19:20 huginn News from kohagit: Bug 16754: Use validation plugin in budgets, planning, and contracts <[…]a6f07af46812d41cc>
19:23 CrispyBran joined #koha
19:25 mtompset @later tell oleonard Could you take a look at bug 12283 to ensure I rescued it properly?
19:25 huginn mtompset: The operation succeeded.
19:28 * CrispyBran waves
19:31 caroline \o/ 2nd patch pushed!
19:31 * caroline is very proud
19:31 caroline hehehe!
19:36 CrispyBran @seen Joubu
19:36 huginn CrispyBran: Joubu was last seen in #koha 2 hours, 4 minutes, and 53 seconds ago: <Joubu> ok, so the short answer is "no, should not be mandatory"
19:36 alexbuckley joined #koha
19:36 CrispyBran Joubu, are you there?
19:37 alexbuckley Hi everyone :)
19:37 Joubu CrispyBran: hi! yes
19:37 Joubu hi alexbuckley
19:37 alexbuckley :)
19:38 CrispyBran Joubu: Looking at 21503.
19:39 CrispyBran The modified test puts back in test conditions I don't know how to address in the patch.  My patch works, except for the two fails where there is no code.  I don't know how to deal with that in the logic.  Ideas?
19:40 CrispyBran Not sure what to look at in the pm to check for undef.
19:46 CrispyBran I've no idea what your changes did in the test, but the test that says the code should be displayed is getting a false negative.  It worked before your change.
19:50 Joubu CrispyBran: in your version:
19:50 Joubu +    my $non_existent_av = $av_3->authorised_value;
19:50 Joubu +    $av_3->delete;
19:50 Joubu then, later
19:50 Joubu +    $av = Koha::Template::Plugin::Authorised​Values->GetDescriptionByKohaField(
19:50 Joubu +        { opac => 1, kohafield => 'dummy.field', authorised_value => $av_3->authorised_value } );
19:50 Joubu +    is( $av, $av_3->authorised_value, 'We requested OPAC or regular description, return the authorised_value.' );
19:50 Joubu what did you want to test?
19:51 Joubu I am looking at the following version: https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]80561&action=edit
19:51 corilynn mtompset, can you add some test steps for 17650?
19:52 tcohen leaving to pick Manuel, have a nice (rest of the) day #koha
19:53 CrispyBran Joubu, line 132 in the test is testing against $av_3->authorised_value, and the result should be $av_3->authorised_value, but it is coming up undef.  I don't understand why.
19:58 Joubu CrispyBran: with all the patches applied, we have:
19:58 Joubu 131     $av = Koha::Template::Plugin::Authorised​Values->GetDescriptionByKohaField(
19:58 Joubu 132         { opac => 1, kohafield => 'dummy.field', authorised_value => $av_3->authorised_value } );
19:58 Joubu 133     is( $av, $av_3->authorised_value, 'If both OPAC and staff descriptions are missing, the code should be displayed');
19:58 Joubu is that what you are talking about?
19:59 Joubu I tried to fix the tests I thought you were writting. So basically it means: if the description for *both* OPAC and staff are missing, we display the code
19:59 Joubu but it is not what does the code
19:59 CrispyBran Yes.   The test seems to be the same as before, but is failing because $av_3->authorised_value appears as undef, but I am not sure why.  As far as I know, it is defined for that test.
20:00 Joubu no, $av_3->authorised_value is not undef, undef is the description
20:01 CrispyBran When the test is run, the result is undef
20:01 Joubu 85     return %$av
20:01 Joubu 86             ? $params->{opac}
20:01 Joubu 87                 ? $av->{opac_description}
20:01 Joubu 88                 : $av->{lib}
20:01 Joubu 89             : $params->{authorised_value}
20:01 Joubu 90                 ? $params->{authorised_value}
20:02 Joubu 91                 : ''
20:02 Joubu IF you do not have the 'opac' flag, then we display $av->{lib}, which is undef
20:02 Joubu line 88 is returned, even if $av->{lib} is undef
20:04 CrispyBran :/  You would think this logic would be simple.
20:05 CrispyBran Thanks for setting me straight.
20:07 Joubu CrispyBran: the problem is that I have not idea what we want actually
20:07 CrispyBran That's where I come in.
20:07 cait joined #koha
20:07 CrispyBran :)
20:07 Joubu do we want to display staff description at the opac if opac_description is not defined?
20:07 * cait waves
20:07 Joubu I think it's how it works so far
20:08 cait Joubu: yes
20:08 cait and yes :)
20:08 Joubu ok thanks
20:11 Joubu CrispyBran: so the correct algo is:
20:12 Joubu (and forget about the ternary operator)
20:13 Joubu if there is a AV, then:
20:13 Joubu if we want the opac description, then
20:13 Joubu return the opac description if we have it
20:13 Joubu return the staff description if we have it
20:13 Joubu return the parameter or an empty string
20:13 Joubu that's a lot of tests...
20:13 Joubu but I think they are finally exhaustive
20:18 Joubu CrispyBran: [Do not click] that would be how I would do it, use it only if you need help ;)
20:25 kidclamp byee
20:54 CrispyBran joubu: still there?
20:54 wahanui rumour has it there is a patch about validating the input and displaying issues on somewhere too
20:54 Joubu yep
20:56 CrispyBran in pm I added a line (for trial and error testing) my $default = $params->{authorised_value}, then I tried a return $default.  The test is complaining about not having declared $default.  What am I missing?
20:58 Joubu end the line with ';' instead of ','
21:00 CrispyBran the , was just part of my sentence.  Ah, syntax.  Forgot the ;.  :)
21:24 CrispyBran Joubu: Please tell me 21503 looks good now.  :/
21:32 Francesca joined #koha
21:32 * Francesca waves
21:32 Francesca_ joined #koha
21:32 * CrispyBran waves back
21:32 Francesca Hi guys! Been a while
21:33 Francesca_ left #koha
21:34 caroline bye #koha!
21:35 CrispyBran joubu: still around?
21:37 Joubu yep
21:38 CrispyBran joubu: I think I have it worked out on 21503.  The test fails on master and passes with the patch, on all 7 tests.
21:38 CrispyBran hopefuly I didn't break any rules this time around.
21:41 Joubu CrispyBran: it looks ok yes
21:42 CrispyBran Thank you for the feedback and help!
21:42 Joubu better to use elsif in the last test, instead of else .. if
21:42 Joubu 93     } else {
21:42 Joubu 94         if ($av->{lib}) {
21:42 Joubu could be } elsif ($av->{lib}) {
21:43 CrispyBran Not sure why.  If line 86 is not opac, then it can only be staff.  It either is or isn't.  There is no 3rd condition for that logic.
21:44 CrispyBran How would it improve to change to elsif?
21:45 Joubu 1 indentation level and 2 lines less
21:45 Joubu if ( A ) { } else { if ( B ) { } }
21:46 Joubu if ( A ) { } elsif ( B ) {}
21:46 Joubu are similar
21:47 CrispyBran Yeah, I guess so.  People complain when I try to be too efficient though.  Don't get me started on ternary.  :)
21:51 Joubu kidclamp: ha! bug 20521! It broke everything :D
21:51 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=20521 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Pushed to Master , dev installations should run with problematic SQL modes
21:54 kidclamp Hooray!
21:54 kidclamp Fix it?
21:55 CrispyBran bug 21503
21:55 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=21503 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, cbrannon, Needs Signoff , Update to fall back to code if description doesn't exist
21:56 * CrispyBran has learned a lot this past month
22:04 Francesca joined #koha
22:04 Francesca_ joined #koha
22:14 CrispyBran joubu: I went with your recomendation.
22:33 Francesca left #koha
22:52 Francesca joined #koha
23:04 dcook joubu++
23:25 rj_white joined #koha
23:39 mtompset Joubu, if dcook or I sign off bug 21015, could it be pushed to passed QA? ;)
23:39 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=21015 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, j.kylmala, Signed Off , slow because it loads twice Koha::Schema
23:39 mtompset I know it's a bit backwards, but still. :)
23:40 dcook heh I was wondering the same thing to be honest
23:40 dcook I think it's about 8:40pm for joubu atm though
23:40 mtompset how about we double sign, and change it to passed QA anyways? ;)
23:40 mtompset I'm just about to test it. :)
23:44 dcook I'm more of an ask permission than beg forgiveness kind of person :p
23:45 dcook Unrelated question... are you in Canada or the Philippines these days?
23:45 Margaret joined #koha
23:46 dcook Oh, has anyone tried to display test overdues?
23:46 dcook I know I've done it with advanced notices before..
23:47 mtompset Canada.
23:47 dcook So a late one for you too
23:47 Joubu lol, it's been 4 months since it's waiting a SO, now I have signed it off everybody wants to as well? :)
23:48 dcook heh
23:48 dcook Joubu: I just reported that duplicate and forgot about it until you marked it as a duplicate >_>
23:48 mtompset Joubu, I was not looking for things to sign off 4 months ago. :P
23:48 mtompset I took a sign off break.
23:49 Joubu you can still add your SO, usually it helps to get a QAer on it
23:50 Joubu guys, I am done for today. Please read the email I've just sent to koha-devel
23:50 * Francesca waves at dcook
23:50 Joubu master is broken! Do not open one bug report per problem :)
23:50 Joubu I have fixed at least 20 locally, I will submit them tomorrow
23:51 dcook Ohh I was thinking yesterday that master was broken
23:51 Joubu I let you spread the good news until I wake up tomorrow ;)
23:51 dcook Wasn't sure if I reported that or not..
23:51 Joubu yesterday it was not :)
23:51 dcook Oh then I probably didn't find the problem I had
23:51 dcook C4::Context wasn't compiling
23:51 dcook But I can email about that heh
23:51 rangi hi Francesca
23:52 Francesca hi rangi!
23:52 * dcook has a client side git hook that compiles everything before committing and C4::Context was croaking
23:52 Francesca been a while
23:52 dcook Now did I accidentally include that in my patch..
23:53 dcook Whoops. Yep... I did include that in my patch...
23:53 dcook My bad. C4::Auth wasn't compiling because of this:
23:53 dcook my $dir = C4::Context::temporary_directory;
23:53 dcook I changed it to: my $dir = C4::Context::temporary_directory();
23:53 dcook Then it compiled
23:54 dcook Looks like I forgot to raise anything about that..
23:54 dcook Although I still wonder if that was a local issue somehow because that line had passed testing and qa..
23:54 * dcook waves to Francesca
23:54 Francesca hey
23:55 Francesca whats up?
23:55 dcook More things than I can keep in my head at once heh
23:55 dcook You?
23:55 wahanui You are right
23:56 Francesca I'm good, bit busy finishing up uni
23:56 rangi exams soon Francesca ?
23:56 Francesca nah just mega essays
23:57 Francesca had hardly anytime for extra stuff recently but looked at the dashboard the other day and remembered that I miss coding stuff and that I haven't talked to any of you people in ages!

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