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00:23 mtompset Joubu, ouch... huge fix for 21526.
00:23 mtompset So, all you did was change html filters to uri instead?
00:43 mtompset :(
00:43 mtompset Just when I wanted to ask cait something.
00:43 mtompset @later tell cait In bug 21497, should we only care about OPAC date formating?
00:44 huginn mtompset: The operation succeeded.
00:46 mtompset oleonard++ # nice patch on 21497. :)
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00:54 mtompset Greetings, dcook
01:03 mtompset Awefully quiet right now.
01:04 mtompset Anyone around? around? a-round -d -d -d? ;)
01:08 wizzyrea hi mtompset
02:24 mtompset Greetings, wizzyrea
02:24 mtompset (assuming you are still around)
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02:53 kathryn Hi everyone :)
03:11 mtompset Have a great day (24 hour period), #koha.
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05:16 ashimema Morning
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05:43 calire morning #koha
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06:29 alex_a bonjour
06:29 wahanui bidet, alex_a
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06:33 fridolin hi there
06:33 wahanui niihau, fridolin
06:33 fridolin wahanui: aligato
06:33 wahanui fridolin: excuse me?
06:34 fridolin wahanui: my taylor is rich
06:34 wahanui OK, fridolin.
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06:52 reiveune hello
06:52 wahanui kia ora, reiveune
07:00 ashimema Karma for koha
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07:18 cait good morning #koha
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07:23 * andreashm waves
07:35 cait khall_away: ping!
07:37 * cait waves at andreashm
07:37 andreashm hi cait
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08:11 * josef_moravec waves
08:13 andreashm hi josef_moravec
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09:13 josef_moravec somebody intrested in making koha shibboleth id provider?
09:19 cait i think the usual use case here is sp... but i can see benefit of id provider
09:19 cait not aware of any work in this direction tho
09:20 josef_moravec we would like to have koha as IdP, we need an identity provider, but don't like to run it as Java app ;)
09:20 josef_moravec I will add a bug report and will see if I will be able to find collaborators ;)
09:21 paxed cait: thoughts on bug 21559?
09:21 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=21559 new feature, P5 - low, ---, pasi.kallinen, Needs Signoff , Rules for automatic framework codes
09:54 cait paxed: sorry, not time to read right now
09:54 cait travelling tomorrow
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11:29 oleonard Hi #koha
11:31 calire hey oleonard
11:31 wahanui oleonard is happy for ashimema to write the release script
11:32 oleonard It's always nice when a wahanui callback wakes someone else up too
11:35 * cait waves at oleonard
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11:41 * andreashm waves
12:13 ashimema lol
12:42 huginn News from kohagit: Bug 21479: "Mock" SearchEngine to use Zebra <[…]cbe7c53e9cb15ba05>
12:43 Joubu ashimema: bug 21155
12:43 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=21155 normal, P5 - low, ---, chris, NEW , SwitchOnSiteCheckouts.t is failing randomly
12:44 ashimema did you just read my mind ;)
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13:01 mtompset Greetings, #koha
13:05 corilynn what up, mtompset?
13:06 ashimema Joubu about still?
13:07 Joubu yep
13:08 ashimema gitlab advice pretty please..
13:09 ashimema seems I'm unable to push to koha-release-notes
13:09 ashimema I think master is a protected branch?
13:09 ashimema did you want me to push to a distinct branch?
13:09 tcohen bonjour
13:09 ashimema is what I've created so far if you want to vet the idea a bit more first
13:11 ashimema hi tcohen
13:12 Joubu ashimema: ok got it, 1 sec
13:13 ashimema :)
13:13 Joubu ashimema: try again
13:14 ashimema perfect
13:15 Joubu ashimema: master is protected instead, only "maintainers" are allowed to push/merge. You are now maintainer for this repo ;)
13:15 ashimema :)
13:15 ashimema cheers mate
13:16 * ashimema likes automating stuff 😁
13:16 tcohen oleonard: around?
13:16 oleonard tcohen: Yes
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13:17 caroline good morning!
13:31 calire hey caroline
13:33 Joubu ashimema: I think I found the root of the random failure, I have attached a patch to bug 21155
13:33 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=21155 normal, P5 - low, ---, chris, Needs Signoff , SwitchOnSiteCheckouts.t is failing randomly
13:35 ashimema I understand.. cool
13:35 ashimema will do a qa on it.. I reckon it can skip SO
13:36 ashimema oh.. just in the middle of backporting bug 19687, bear with me ;)
13:36 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=19687 normal, P3, ---, koha-bugs, Pushed to Master , Recent upgrade to bulkmarcimport started to fail
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13:47 ashimema yup, seems sane, passes every time I hit it now :)
13:47 ashimema passed
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13:52 * ashimema crosses fingers that his backport of bug 21479 doesn't make Jenkins cry out...
13:52 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=21479 major, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, Pushed to Master , Removing from cart removes 2 items
13:52 * ashimema pushes
13:54 * ashimema goes on school run and hopes all hell hasn't broken out on his return
13:58 * oleonard breaks out hell as a fun little prank
13:59 eythian someone remember to tell ashimema about how koha has been rewritten in Java when he gets back.
14:00 ashimema :'(
14:01 Joubu ashimema: it will, master is failing because of it
14:02 ashimema Oh well
14:02 Joubu do not revert :)
14:03 ashimema I'm sure a fix is in the works.. knowing you 😙
14:03 ashimema Btw.. the last patches on that bug.. does one now supersede the other?
14:03 Joubu well, I am stuck actually :p
14:04 ashimema Looks like the last one is in master but the one that's before it is not
14:04 Joubu yes!
14:04 Joubu I am obsoleting it
14:04 ashimema Ta
14:04 caroline any translator from kohala in the house?
14:07 caroline tuxayo around?
14:07 kidclamp bug 21579
14:07 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=21579 normal, P5 - low, ---, nick, Needs Signoff , showdiffmarc tool during manage staged batches always looks for biblios even when matchign authorities
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14:12 mtompset Oops... switched screens for a bit, corilynn. :) I'm good.
14:13 corilynn mtompset, excellent
14:16 tuxayo caroline: yes
14:17 tuxayo caroline (IRC): I'm not in kohala but I also get the emails of the french translators. And fix translations few times a month
14:17 caroline tuxayo: just sent you a pm
14:21 mtompset kidclamp, I don't use Koha... I code Koha... how do I set authority matching rules?
14:22 kidclamp 'Record matching rules' in Adminsitration
14:22 mtompset Okay.. I'm going to give bug 21579 a test, because it eyeballs well, and it's clearly a good thing.
14:22 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=21579 normal, P5 - low, ---, nick, Needs Signoff , showdiffmarc tool during manage staged batches always looks for biblios even when matching authorities
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14:25 oleonard Hi edveal
14:37 * mtompset grumbles about the complexity of matching rules.
14:39 edveal Hi oleonard
14:39 wahanui hi oleopard
14:40 caroline hehe! When wahanui says that, I'm always reminded of the sign "Beware of the leopard" in hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy
14:41 kidclamp mtompset - don't worry too hard - for authority matching rules we just search 'Any' every time
14:43 mtompset YAY! I think I have a working matching rule.
14:45 mtompset Or not... Hmmm....
14:47 mtompset kidclamp, Yes, but I don't understand the fields meanings, so I'm filling in random stuff hoping to match PERSONAL_NAME for my added Testing Guy authority record.
14:48 mtompset Which only has a meaningful 100$a entry.
14:49 mtompset This is why I despair on testing... sometimes, it should be easy, but because I don't understand, I can't test.
14:49 mtompset And the code eyeballs well, and I understand the code, but I don't understand how to trigger it. :(
14:50 caroline mtompset: what are you trying to test? maybe I can help (i don't code, but I do use Koha and train ppl to use it)
14:50 kidclamp https://usercontent.irccloud-c[…]D49R4NQ/image.png
14:50 kidclamp should be something like that
14:50 mtompset No checkpoint?
14:50 mtompset Because there's that "Required" word in the box title.
14:50 kidclamp na
14:51 mtompset I feel like such a USER.
14:51 kidclamp heh
14:51 mtompset :(
14:51 mtompset caroline, I'm trying to test bug 21579.
14:51 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=21579 normal, P5 - low, ---, nick, Needs Signoff , showdiffmarc tool during manage staged batches always looks for biblios even when matching authorities
14:51 kidclamp https://usercontent.irccloud-c[…]4wucRVu/image.png
14:51 mtompset It's quite important to fix, in my opinion.
14:51 kidclamp You are tron mtompset
14:53 mtompset Why is the value "match" in the "Search index"?
14:53 mtompset Is that arbitrary?
14:53 mtompset Or is there a magical set of values that I don't know?
14:54 mtompset and does it break if I don't fill it in?
14:55 caroline mtompset: check the table in this section, does that help?[…]rd-matching-rules
14:56 caroline search index should be Personal-name i guess?
14:57 Joubu while ( $user->do_not_understand ) { $user->read_the_doc }
14:59 mtompset Joubu, problem is when you do read the docs, and it still doesn't make sense.
14:59 Joubu there is also the $user->do_not_want_to_read_the_doc condition, but then the algo is much more complex
14:59 mtompset Because the docs are written for users, but I think like a programmer.
15:00 mtompset So it doesn't answer the questions I have, because users don't think like that.
15:00 mtompset anyways... while I still don't understanding matching....
15:00 Joubu write tests then :D
15:00 mtompset I have something that at least proves the intent of the bug, and feel confident enough to sign it off.
15:02 mtompset kidclamp++ # signed off. Thanks for help.
15:02 mtompset caroline++ # Thanks for the offer of help.
15:03 * mtompset off to meeting.
15:11 ashimema Lol
15:11 kidclamp bug 21581
15:11 oleonard Joubu: I'm testing Bug 21576 but I'm getting a "bad plan" error from xt/find-missing-filters.t
15:13 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=21576 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Needs Signoff , Add a developer script to automatically fix missing filters
15:18 reiveune bye
15:18 reiveune left #koha
15:18 kidclamp bug 21581
15:18 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=21581 normal, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , Matching rules for authorities do not respect 'Search index' setting
15:24 Joubu oleonard: fixed! Sorry about that, I changed my mind too many times yesterday!
15:24 oleonard :D
15:27 Joubu oleonard: you will need the patches from 21526 to make the tests passed btw
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15:49 * magnuse waves from LuleÃ¥
15:50 oleonard Lucky you, magnuse
15:56 mtompset kidclamp, and NOW you show me the magical list code.
15:56 mtompset reading code change in bug 21581.
15:56 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=21581 normal, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , Matching rules for authorities do not respect 'Search index' setting
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16:07 oleonard Joubu: The add_missing_filters script seems to be working well, but for some things I have to run it twice to catch all the errors. Is that to be expected?
16:11 Joubu oleonard: nope, what kind of things?
16:14 pastebot "oleonard" at pasted "Joubu: These files had to be processed twice" (5 lines) at
16:17 Joubu oleonard: seen the second patch "Bug 21526: Fix html filters (new pushes)"
16:17 wahanui I haven't seen 'the', Joubu
16:17 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=21526 normal, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Needs Signoff , TT variables used to build a link should be uri filtered
16:19 oleonard I wasn't looking at 21526 yet
16:21 Joubu oleonard: ho ok, I understand know. This morning when I ran the script I thought it was because of new pushes, but actually no
16:22 Joubu oleonard: so, no it's not normal, but if there are only 5 occurrences in the code I will not fix it (too specific)
16:22 oleonard Sounds good to me. It's already a really useful tool.
16:22 Joubu I guess it's because the "a href" is not the first node of the line
16:23 Joubu actually it seems to be caused when a "uri" filter already exist on the line. But in all these occurrences the "uri" filter must be "html" instead
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16:29 mtompset kidclamp, confirmed your patch for bug 21581 works, but writing tests is going to be a extremely painful thing.
16:30 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=21581 normal, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , Matching rules for authorities do not respect 'Search index' setting
16:32 mtompset Joubu, you here?
16:32 Joubu yes
16:33 mtompset PM'ing you. :)
16:34 ashimema Joubu is popular this evening
16:35 mtompset ashimema, just dealing with the only thing on the security list. :)
16:38 ashimema Excellent. mtompset++ Joubu++
16:43 corilynn what does "in discussion" mean?
16:43 oleonard corilynn: It means there is some disagreement or lack of understanding about the solution
16:43 corilynn fun
16:45 Joubu most of the time it's a good place to give your opinion/feedback :)
16:45 Joubu especially if you do not have one
16:45 caroline lol!
16:46 corilynn Joubu++ for funnies
16:47 ashimema Lol
16:48 cait joined #koha
16:49 * ashimema would love to see Caroline resurrect some in discussion bugs now.. there's plenty of them
16:49 caroline me or corilynn?
16:50 corilynn looks like bug 11299 has been patched like frankenstein's monster
16:50 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=11299 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, bouzid.fergani, In Discussion , Add a button to automatically link authority records in cataloguing (AJAX)
16:50 caroline omg this is our monster
16:50 corilynn our monster?
16:50 caroline I work with bouzid
16:50 corilynn Looks like what my company is looking for
16:51 corilynn is it in Adv. cataloging, or only basic?
16:51 caroline I feel like I always hear 11299
16:51 caroline regular i think
16:51 corilynn meh then
16:51 caroline It's curently in use in colleges
16:51 corilynn but maybe I can hijack it
16:52 ashimema Erm... That sounds suspiciously like easy analytics but for authorities
16:52 ashimema Interesting
16:52 corilynn ashimema, easy analytics?
16:53 corilynn caroline, used in colleges, but not in "official" release?
16:53 corilynn so you have to patch it up everytime they upgrad?
16:53 caroline yes!
16:53 ashimema A button to help add analytic records during cataloguing
16:53 caroline it's a major pain for bouzid
16:53 corilynn caroline, yeah, gross
16:54 caroline The college regroupment is paying for us to try to nclude it in official releases so they don't have to pay extra when they upgrade
16:54 caroline but no success so far as you can see
16:54 corilynn I know this is a can of hornets... but what's the hold up?
16:55 ashimema Haha.. I was about to ask the same
16:55 caroline I don't follow it that closely, but it seems to be qa details coming up all the time?
16:55 ashimema Stick it on caits radar or post it to the list to get some more eyes on it.. often helps
16:55 corilynn mtompset was the last updater
16:56 corilynn "to the list" == IRC? Or some other list?
16:56 caroline mtompset: did you put it in discussion? It seemed to have been signed off by cait just before
16:56 caroline mailing list?
16:57 corilynn of all the things buzilla logs, why not who put what status when?
16:57 caroline anyway, bouzid is now on leave bc he had an bike accident last week, so it won't get any attention from us soon
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16:58 corilynn Oh, sorry for bouzid... virtual flowers
16:58 kidclamp mtompset: that's why I didn't write them
16:58 kidclamp (Joubu really doesn't write as many of my tests as he used to)
16:58 Joubu blou put in in discussion on comment 70
16:59 Joubu it*
16:59 corilynn Joubu, because of the hashrefs?
16:59 caroline oh yes, I remember comment 70 lol!
16:59 Joubu nope, it should not considered as blocker
17:00 corilynn so...
17:00 caroline but it was signed off after...?
17:01 caroline Or is the signed-off line getting copied everytime?
17:01 ashimema Does the history not show who changed the status
17:01 corilynn yeah, that's weird caroline, comment 98 is time stamped before 97
17:01 corilynn I don't see it ashimema
17:02 corilynn OH, comment 70
17:02 Joubu the signed-off-by line has been kept after a rebase, that's fine
17:02 Joubu 2018-01-12 05:21:34 ART Status Signed Off Failed QA
17:02 Joubu 2018-05-09 16:59:34 ART Status Failed QA In Discussion
17:02 Joubu from https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]vity.cgi?id=11299
17:03 corilynn wow, I did really open a hornet's nest
17:03 caroline hehehe!
17:03 ashimema Change it to signed off perhaps.. then it's get into the QA queue
17:03 wahanui ashimema: that doesn't look right
17:03 wahanui joined #koha
17:03 corilynn I was just looking for a "Needs Signoff" bug, and saw one with this as it's depenendant
17:03 corilynn needs signoff and cataloging, cause that's all I know
17:06 ashimema Huh
17:06 ashimema wahanui ?
17:06 wahanui yes, ashimema?
17:07 caroline wahanui what are you?
17:07 wahanui rumour has it i am a conch
17:07 * caroline snickers
17:08 corilynn lol
17:08 corilynn I <3 chat bots :)
17:09 ashimema Lol
17:16 cait hello :)
17:17 cait caroline_lunch: i feel guilty about your monster and i want it... :(
17:18 cait ashimema: different to easy analytics - very different :)
17:18 ashimema I hadn't read it at that point
17:18 ashimema Still need to read it in fact
17:19 cait it's about authorities
17:19 cait the problem is it has several code issues
17:19 cait it can't be moved back to signed off
17:20 cait needs a rebase... and tests... and some more probably, i promised to look into it... but I am a little scared of it
17:20 ashimema Isn't there various auto linking stuff already for authorities
17:20 cait nope
17:20 cait nothing
17:20 ashimema I really should go read the bug properly
17:20 cait only command line and that semi works
17:20 cait thi sis a button in catalouging
17:20 ashimema Looking after kids right now though
17:20 cait you download a record
17:21 cait and then press the button and it looks for matching authorities in your db
17:21 cait an gives you a red/green indicator i thikn and the option to link (irrc)
17:21 cait i thought it was quite nice
17:21 ashimema Cool
17:22 * ashimema wants to rework easy analytics to make it play more nicely with 001 linking too at some point
17:22 cait i'd be vey happy if you could have a look at the code
17:22 cait and help me figure out the issues
17:23 cait it's one of those bugs with a long history
17:23 cait ashimema: and i'd totally love that :)
17:23 cait ashimema: we'd really like to use something like easy analytics for bound-withs
17:24 ashimema I'd be happy to lend a hand working that one through cait
17:25 ashimema I also like that bug that make 001 + 003 handling work a bit nicer
17:25 ashimema Can't remember which one it is now
17:25 ashimema It's main objective was to make the display of linked sets nice
17:27 cait i've been thimking
17:27 cait maybe we should also support $w = 035
17:27 cait i've been reading up
17:28 ashimema Blimey
17:28 cait the standard is not super clear on how things shoudl work, so I always looked at our data... but after talking with some coworkers it seems it should also work
17:28 cait and it makes sense...
17:28 corilynn what is "$w = 035" ?
17:28 cait if you create links between records
17:28 cait you use the $w subfield in 7xx/8xx (or you can)
17:29 cait with an ID
17:29 ashimema Fun
17:29 corilynn oh yes,
17:29 cait so where should the ID point to... is the major question
17:29 ashimema Girls bedtime.. back in a bit after some stories
17:29 cait in German union catalogs... 001 is the one we look at
17:29 corilynn a lot of PCIP are doing this with online/print version records
17:29 cait I've been recently wondering if it should at least also check 035
17:29 corilynn i saw one today...
17:29 cait in germany it's really importent for multi-volumne too
17:30 cait set record and volumes separately
17:30 corilynn A Nancy Drew Christmas
17:30 cait we like... hierarchically linked records here... and because of the union catalog system a lof ot if it done using IDs
17:31 corilynn cait, in Germany?
17:31 cait yep
17:31 corilynn kewl
17:31 kidclamp off for a while
17:31 kidclamp back later tonight
17:31 cait have fun kidclamp
17:35 Joubu kidclamp, ashimema: need you on bug 21311, see comment 11 & 12
17:35 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=21311 major, P5 - low, ---,, Signed Off , Remove locked message from
17:37 * Joubu wonders if ashimema is telling Koha's stories
17:38 Joubu "once upon a time a very bad QAer was failing QA all my kind patches..."
17:39 caroline lol!
17:39 oleonard I would never tell my children such a scary story
17:40 caroline I'd like to see $w = 035 too
17:41 caroline So far, when I link records together, it searches for the title and not always in a good way
17:44 cait caroline: $w  = 001 works already if that helps, but you need UseControlNumber... and all IDs set up for it of course
17:45 cait i tihnk we'd also need to pick which one to use
17:45 cait $w is repeatable with different marcorgcodes as is 035
17:45 cait like... pick the marcorgcode to use
17:45 mtompset Woo hoo! Rescued bug 16280
17:45 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=16280 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, veron, Signed Off , Cron job log should tell number of days used
17:46 cait and it needs to be different than the marcorgcode setting (at least for our use case) becuase we are using IDs from the unin catlog... and it's all a bit complicated to get right :(
17:48 cait off, packing
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17:54 corilynn ok, so I have a bug I'm testing, and I want to sign off on it, because I'm first I just keep it in state "signed off" right?
17:54 ashimema Back.. ish
17:55 ashimema Haha, no, I didn't scare them with tails of Koha qa
17:55 ashimema Or the monster bug
17:55 ashimema Hehe
17:55 ashimema Though as I said the other day my eldest is keen to support kit a patch some time soon... When I have a moment to walk her through one
17:55 ashimema So...
17:56 * ashimema goes looking for the bug Joubu  mentioned
17:56 Margaret_ joined #koha
17:56 corilynn Joubu? signoff?
17:57 corilynn I swear I've read this somewhere, but I can't find it
17:57 Joubu corilynn: Hum? What's the question? :)
17:58 corilynn I have a bug, and I am ready to sign it off, should I keep it in "Needs Signoff" because I'm just the first?
17:59 Joubu if you tested it you should attached a "signed off patch" and then switch the status to "Signed Off" - see https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]gn_off_on_patches
17:59 corilynn I don't understand "signed off patch" but let me read this again
18:00 corilynn oh, this is a different page... WAY easier to understand.. Thx Joubu!
18:04 Joubu corilynn: did not you follow the koha-howto until this step? IIRC you attached a patch already, on bug 18584
18:04 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=18584 trivial, P5 - low, ---, carnold, Pushed to Master , Our legacy code contains trailing-spaces
18:05 corilynn I'm doing bug 17385, I did do the how to, but not until a few others had jumped in there... just wanted to make sure I was doing the official stuff officially
18:05 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=17385 new feature, P5 - low, ---, charles.farmer, Needs Signoff , Add custom export formats for bibliographic records
18:06 corilynn it's one thing to step through a how to, and other to understand WHAT you're doing and why
18:07 oleonard Joubu: Bug 21526 is going to make me rebase all my patches again isn't it :|
18:07 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=21526 normal, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Needs Signoff , TT variables used to build a link should be uri filtered
18:08 corilynn anyway, I think 17385 could be double++ useful for one of the things DGI is doing
18:09 Joubu oleonard: I would recommend to push all the PQA patches first
18:09 * oleonard pushes all the PQA patches
18:09 Joubu as there is a script now it should make things a bit easier
18:13 magnuse oleonard: yes, indeed. and the entrecote was rather delicious too ;-)
18:13 ashimema Joubu are usernames also case sensitive?
18:15 Joubu "also"?
18:16 mtompset @later tell kidclamp bug 16787 looks like it could be rescued, but there needs to be more checking for the nuanced use of tooManyHolds vs noReservesAllowed.
18:16 huginn mtompset: The operation succeeded.
18:17 Joubu ashimema: just tested right now, it's case *in*sensitive
18:18 cait corilynn: first sign off  = signed off
18:19 cait after first signoff it goes from needs signoff to signed off
18:19 magnuse nightly packages are stuck at 18.06.01~git+20181001002438.705571a2-1? is that related to tests failing?
18:20 ashimema Oh..
18:20 ashimema Interwsting
18:20 Joubu magnuse: maybe, see bug 21567 that is currently failing the pkg build
18:20 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=21567 normal, P5 - low, ---, chris, NEW , WebService:ILS related tests fail during package build
18:20 ashimema My comment needs a quick update then 😉
18:21 corilynn thx cait!
18:21 magnuse ah, thanks Joubu
18:21 corilynn for some reason I got it in my head that there should be two?
18:22 corilynn probably my old code review from hell system creeping back in my mind
18:22 magnuse one signoff, one blessing from the qa team, and a thumbs up from the release manager
18:23 corilynn so, no sacrafices to the code gods?
18:23 corilynn I destinctly remember my last code review process required a sacrafice to the code gods
18:27 mtompset The only sacrifice is a bribe of more sign offs for people who wish their patches signed off. :)
18:27 Joubu related to blood or cookies?
18:28 mtompset -- or a plate of cookies to the appropriate people in the positions you need to process your bug. ;)
18:28 mtompset cookies only works if you can assure prompt delivery.
18:29 mtompset Though, unique library cards might entice others.
18:29 oleonard I still haven't gotten any cookies... When they finally get delivered there are going to be so many!
18:29 mtompset Sounds like a prank waiting to happen.
18:30 mtompset Do you have a non-windowed office, oleonard? ;)
18:30 * mtompset imagines someone opening such an office, and it being filled with cookies.
18:31 mtompset corilynn, do you have a bug you are trying to get signed off?
18:31 corilynn mtompset, i do
18:31 corilynn bug 18823
18:31 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=18823 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, carnold, Needs Signoff , Advanced editor - Rancor - add ability to edit records in import batches
18:31 mtompset I'm trying to do my penance for marcelr's "sign offs, sign offs, and more sign offs."
18:32 caroline me if I found my office filled with cookies[…]ZNGMkF2/giphy.gif
18:32 corilynn also me, caroline
18:32 mtompset Aaaaaa... your bug is so big.
18:32 corilynn it's my one weakness
18:32 corilynn mtompset, it really is
18:33 mtompset And there's no way to split it smaller?
18:33 caroline cookie monster seems to do a lot of sign offs[…]XIlup68/giphy.gif
18:33 mtompset small and testable = faster sign offs.
18:33 corilynn mtompset, I mean... it's just a lot of touching
18:34 corilynn I'm only the current owner, I didn't develop it from scratch
18:34 * mtompset singing, "touching you... touching meeeeeeee...."
18:34 caroline lol!
18:34 * mtompset grins.
18:34 corilynn in a nutshell, it makes it so you can save the bibs to the import_batches, like how Connexxion & ITS save to "active files"
18:35 corilynn DGI needs this, and a lot of big cataloging shops do, it's how to do "QA" before pushing to prime time
18:36 corilynn mtompset, it already has a lot of splitting up, hense all the dependancies
18:36 alexbuckley joined #koha
18:40 corilynn off to job #2
18:40 Joubu ashimema: I wanted to add something about "the account may have been locked due to too many attempt"
18:40 Joubu s
18:40 Joubu or equivalent, if FailedLoginAttempts is set. That was the point of my request :)
18:41 ashimema I must have misunderstood.. sorry
18:43 * ashimema ponders
18:44 mtompset I was thinking "invalid username, password, or the account has been locked."
18:44 mtompset It gives all the possibilities, but doesn't clarify which.
18:44 mtompset The lack of clarity is the point.
18:45 mtompset Telling a user that the account is locked, is leaking information.
18:46 ashimema +1 from me on that suggestion
18:46 mtompset And always show the reset, because then you really don't know if it was locked.
18:46 mtompset And only the person with access to the email account can reset it.
18:47 ashimema Yup
18:47 magnuse +1
18:47 Joubu I just want to keep the "may be locked" part, that's all
18:48 mtompset corilynn, sorry, but that bug is too ugly. My brain was fried this morning just getting the matching rules to work enough for a sign off. ;)
18:51 mtompset @seen CrispyBran
18:51 huginn mtompset: CrispyBran was last seen in #koha 3 days, 19 hours, 34 minutes, and 47 seconds ago: * CrispyBran waves
18:53 kmlussier joined #koha
18:59 oleonard Bye all
19:03 sonOfRa joined #koha
19:10 Joubu We do not have anything about Koha versions on the wiki?
19:11 Joubu like "where is 3.24?"
19:12 caroline like where to download?
19:13 Joubu caroline: like a link to send to people asking if is better than
19:13 Joubu whereas it's 17.05, 17.11, 18.05, etc.
19:13 Joubu mainpage point to https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]ory:Koha_Versions ... so sad....
19:13 caroline yeah I saw that one, not very helpful...
19:15 caroline What would be on such a page? main features of each?
19:16 caroline stable or not, maintained or not
19:16 Joubu just explain how we version (time based released since 16.05), when (1 release every 6 months), how many we maintain, etc.
19:17 caroline oh yeah that, I think ashimema volunteered to do that :)
19:17 Joubu basically an answer to Scott's question on the list
19:18 caroline I saw the email you're referring to, I thought he was asking if it was better to have all the same versions, if it would be too much trouble to have one instance of 18.xx and the others 17.xx
19:18 cait omg so much to read back
19:18 Joubu caroline: yes sure, but there was misunderstanding about the versioning "installs are on the branch / version"
19:19 caroline ah ok, I didn't get that part
19:19 caroline But I know we wanted to add an explanation of the versions on the wiki
19:20 caroline I brought it up at the last docs meeting
19:20 ashimema It's on my list
19:21 ashimema Sorry, not managed to get to it yet
19:21 caroline ashimema++ :D
19:22 Joubu I am starting something
19:32 Joubu ashimema, caroline: https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]i/Koha_Versioning
19:32 Joubu please adjust! :) But at least we have an entry point now!
19:32 ashimema Oh, thanks Joubu
19:33 caroline thx Joubu++
19:37 ashimema Me is learning
19:37 ashimema There's history there I wasn't around for.. I pretty much started working on kohacon with the 3.0 releases... With 2.2 being the earliest I've ever worked with
19:39 Joubu I picked that from the presentation I did for KohaCon16 :)
19:55 * magnuse was in auckland on 22 november 2010, when 3.2 came out :-)
19:56 magnuse ...and so was the rest of the gang that went on the roadtrip to wellington. happy times!
19:56 alexbuckley joined #koha
19:56 magnuse kia ora alexbuckley
19:56 alexbuckley kia ora magnuse
20:04 cait gang :)
20:04 wizzyrea mōrena e te whānau
20:05 alexbuckley :)
20:13 magnuse wizzyrea!
20:27 magnuse have fun, #koha
20:28 wizzyrea bah I missed him
20:49 Joubu @later tell ashimema time to promote "filter_by'! see bug 15774
20:49 huginn Joubu: Error: No closing quotation
20:49 Joubu @later tell ashimema time to promote "filter_by"! see bug 15774
20:49 huginn Joubu: The operation succeeded.
21:00 ashimema Thanks for the heads up Joubu
21:01 ashimema I've been meaning to keep pushing that one for a while.. soo much to do, so little time
21:01 cait Joubu++ thx for QA :)
21:05 Joubu I have not PQAed it one... just commenting...
21:06 Joubu better than nothing ;)
21:09 Joubu bye #koha!
21:42 janPasi_ joined #koha
22:14 caroline good night #koha!
22:15 caroline #quit
23:44 alexbuckley_ joined #koha
23:54 * kidclamp waves
23:55 dcook heya kidclamp
23:55 wahanui i heard kidclamp was reply i guess kidclamp is the first RM not to be bribed
23:55 dcook how's the family?
23:55 dcook unless this is a farewell wave and you're already gone...
23:56 kidclamp they are well, the child is sleeping and the wife is at roller derby practice
23:56 kidclamp well, he is in bed
23:56 dcook heh
23:57 kidclamp how are you and yours?
23:57 dcook All sick but the day is just starting :)
23:57 dcook I'm nearly not sick so not a bad way to be
23:59 kidclamp I hope you all feel better soon

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