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02:34 mtompset @later tell CrispyBran Why are you not trying VagrantUp 2.1.5?
02:34 huginn mtompset: The operation succeeded.
02:36 mtompset @later tell tcohen Why are we not doing LOCAL_ANSIBLE by default?
02:36 huginn mtompset: The operation succeeded.
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05:33 RudyW Update on my Plack: it is actually working and it makes a big difference. Just not where I was testing on the OPAC. It works on INTRANET.
05:34 RudyW Now checking whether Plack can be setup for OPAC as well. Can it?
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05:40 archie Hi people
05:41 archie can someone explain to me what i'm doing wrong regarding Home › Administration › System preferences
05:41 archie ?
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06:13 fridolin hi there
06:18 archie hi fridolin
06:18 archie has anyone had any experiance with JQuery modifications:via administration screen?
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06:29 fridolin archie: hi, you mean using IntranetUserJS preference ?
06:30 archie yeah and OPACUserJS
06:30 calire archie, what do you want to change?
06:31 calire morning #koha
06:32 archie well, anything would be fine, i just wanna see it this actually works. for instance i'm trying to change  the text of the OPAC login link using   $("#members a:contains('Log in to Your Account')").text("TESTING123"); but this does not work for some reason
06:32 archie or maybe i'm doing something wrong.
06:34 archie so what i'm doing is: I'm going to the Home › Administration › System preferences, typing in OPACUserJS, and typing in   $("#members a:contains('Log in to Your Account')").text("TEST"); pressing save all opac preferences But when i go into OPAC nothing is changed
06:34 archie should i restart apache server or something
06:37 calire no you don't need to restart anything
06:38 ashimema If your using plack you may need to restart that.. that's a bug that you do though..
06:39 ashimema If something like that isn't taking effect immediately I restart plack.. then memcached.. then Apache.. checking between each restart whether it's taken effect
06:39 ashimema Feel free to report it as a bug.. not sure if it's in bugzilla already or not.. it is/was well known.. annoy me but I've never got around to properly investigating
06:40 calire then I'll rephrase: you *shouldn't* need to restart anything
06:40 calire I was playing with intranetuserjs all day yesterday and didn't need to restart
06:41 calire on an older version though admittedly
06:42 ashimema Using plack calibre?
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06:42 ashimema Grr, silly autocomplete
06:42 reiveune hello
06:42 wahanui que tal, reiveune
06:43 calire ashimema yes
06:43 josef_moravec hello #koha
06:43 ashimema Oh, cool. Maybe they fixed system preference cache invalidation and u just didn't notice. 😀
06:43 ashimema I
06:44 ashimema S/u/i
06:44 calire like I say, it'snot the newest version so I dunno, but I've not had that issue before
06:51 archie well if i installed koha using packages
06:51 archie shouldnt it be up to date
06:51 archie ?
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06:57 ashimema indeed it should
06:58 ashimema archie is your js inside an onload event?
06:58 archie ok, so i'm farily new to this. Can you rephrase that question a little bit? :D
07:00 archie ashimema: where can i check that?
07:00 ashimema so the OPACUserJS and IntranetUserJS both just accept javascript.. they don't automatically tirgger it's application
07:00 ashimema so..
07:00 ashimema you need to have
07:00 ashimema `$(document).ready(function () {` your things here `});`
07:01 ashimema it's the document ready function that says 'once the page has fully loaded, run this stuff'
07:01 calire I jsut tried out archie 's JS on my devbox and it doesn't seem to be taking
07:01 ashimema without it your JS will be there but won't actualy trigger
07:01 ashimema odd
07:02 archie so   $("#members a:contains('Log in to Your Account')").text("TESTING"); turns into $(document).ready(function () {`  $("#members a:contains('Log in to Your Account')").text("TESTING");  `});
07:02 archie right?
07:03 ashimema that's right archie
07:03 ashimema though I imagine calire did that bit.. so if it's still not working it would seem to be an issue in the js you've written
07:03 archie ok i'll check ;)
07:03 ashimema I'm just reading it to try and understand where the selector might be going wrong
07:04 calire yeah I was just trying to troubleshoot the selector
07:04 calire I'm no pro ;)
07:06 ashimema oh.. in that paste above you have backticks
07:06 ashimema $(document).ready(function () { $("#members a:contains('Log in to Your Account')").text("TESTING"); });
07:06 ashimema $(document).ready(function () { $("#members a:contains('Log in to Your Account')").text("TESTING"); });
07:07 ashimema $("#members > ul > li > a").text("TESTING");
07:07 ashimema $("#members > ul > li > a").text("TESTING");
07:07 ashimema that works
07:08 ashimema so it's a selector issue..
07:08 ashimema my selector is a bit broad.. but yours appears to be too narrow and doesn't catch the right element for some reason
07:08 archie oh wow it works
07:08 archie thanks gang you are the best ;D
07:09 calire maybe this if you just want to change one link
07:09 calire $("#members > ul > li > a.login-link").text("TESTING");
07:09 calire that works for me
07:09 ashimema calire++
07:09 ashimema it takes a bit of practice.. but once you've mastered it there's a heck of allot you can do with those system preferences.. you can completely change the page if you want :)
07:10 ashimema right.. i need to go do a school run now.. back in half an hour :)
07:11 ashimema as a random hint.. if your using chrome (and probably there's a way in firefox too).. you can literally type your JS in the 'console' in dev tool.. hit enter and it'll run immediately.. it's a great way to quickly test selectors and js code
07:12 calire probably, you can for css in firefox
07:12 calire I haven't tried with JS
07:12 ashimema :)
07:12 calire but I'm now going to...
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07:19 archie right, another question. has anyone used any type of ETL's to migrate any library to koha
07:19 andreashm mornng
07:19 andreashm morning
07:19 archie morning andreashm
07:20 andreashm hi archie
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07:42 ashimema ETL ?
07:54 archie ashimema: extract transform load. It is a method used to migrate one database to another
07:54 ashimema I've done plenty of migrations over the years.. yet I've never heard that tla
07:56 * cait waves from her desk
07:56 ashimema cait's back :)
07:58 cait let's say 80% back :)
08:08 andreashm oh, 80% cait! (what happened to the other 20% I wonder?)
08:09 cait it still got the cold
08:09 archie ashimema:  have you ever migrated data from other libraries to koha?
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08:11 andreashm matts++
08:11 cait archie: i think most of us have done that
08:11 cait but i am not aware of the expression either
08:12 archie right, in that case i have a concern. let's say i have a Library A and Library B and i want to merge them into koha. How will the book merging be done so there are no duplicates in system?
08:18 ashimema well you need to find a way to identify duplicate first and then work with that assumption to code your migration
08:18 ashimema all the support companies are doing such a task i imagine on a very regular basis
08:19 ashimema there is no magic bullet
08:20 ashimema josef_moravec++ #pragmatic and constructive responses to bug feedback :)
08:23 josef_moravec ashimema: ;)
08:23 ashimema :)
08:30 cait archie: koha has the matching rules for importing data, i would assume people are using that
08:31 ashimema we sometimes use that, we sometimes match before we load ;)
08:31 ashimema depends on the circumstances of the import and stuff
08:31 ashimema but yeah.. those mathcing rules are pretty powerful and good
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08:54 archie does koha support some sort of front end portal (like opec) that could provide E-books for customers ?
08:57 cait Koha has an OPAC, you can load records for e-resources
08:57 cait you can also use Koha in combination with open source or proprietory RDS systems
08:57 cait it depends on your use cases and what you want to do
08:57 cait the question is a bit general
08:58 archie well. perfectly we would have a place for a publisher to load e-books directly and students could "lend" these ebooks for 14 days or so
08:58 cait it depends on the publisher
08:59 cait koha has direct support for overdrive and another with 18.11 (not used here, so i forget)
08:59 cait but it really depends on what kind of service and API the publisher offers in the first place
08:59 cait where are you from, archie?
09:00 archie Latvia
09:00 * ashimema would like to add.. Koha is open source.. if there's something it doesn't do yet that you want it to do, you can always add it ;)
09:04 cait archie: there is no standard for this, so that's a problem created by the publishers that makes it hard on every ILS to support those workflows
09:05 archie yes i understand that but right now we are in the middle of a project and i need to understand how many developers/analysts/testers  to hire. so weather there is some sort of existing solution or should we build from ground up ;) that's why i'm asking
09:05 cait interesting :)
09:07 archie something like
09:07 archie theoverdrive does not work in Latvia AFAK
09:07 cait i am not sure that openlibrary has a loan model
09:07 cait haven't heard of it at least
09:09 davidnind With Open Library you can loan any ebooks for a set period
09:09 cait cool, someone has a link?
09:10 cait i think i see it, didn't know that
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09:10 cait we had some open library integration for covers, never seen a bug for the loans
09:12 cait someone aware of problems searching for extended patron attributes with multiple words?
09:13 andreashm we don't have extended attributes with multiple words, sorry, no help here
09:13 cait i have one with names
09:13 cait and you can find it searching for the first or second part... but not together
09:14 cait i am a bit puzzled
09:14 davidnind Here as link - borrowing books from the Open Library
09:15 davidnind as s/be is!
09:16 cait thx davidnind!
09:16 cait wonder if that also can work without an openlibrary account?
09:17 cait seems like you'd need that for it to integrate with Koha
09:18 davidnind You need an account for borrowing
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09:19 davidnind Don't think it is needed for any out of copyright books/other materials
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09:20 andreashm
09:21 davidnind You can also embed documents using their book reader which is pretty cool
09:21 cait don't see something about borrowing
09:23 andreashm It's mentioned in the Read API section
09:23 andreashm "The results may offer links to borrowable books"
09:23 cait sorry might just be my 'cold' brain
09:23 andreashm whatever that means
09:23 cait i think you can display
09:24 cait but still have to go through to the openlibrary website
09:24 cait for the actual process
09:24 andreashm probably
09:24 wahanui i think probably is too hard.
09:25 andreashm Seems to work pretty well though, looking at the demo site: http://internetarchive.github.[…]readapi_demo.html
09:28 davidnind Nice! You can download PDFs/ePubs/Plain Text/Daisy/Kindle versions where these are freely available - quality of text will depend on how good the OCR is though
09:29 cait :)
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09:40 cait for the extended pattributes - i think the problem is not multiple words, it doesn't like commas
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09:51 archie yeah from the looks of it everything will just redirect to open library
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10:04 fridolin cait: coucou
10:05 fridolin cait: Bug 21396
10:05 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=21396 normal, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Pushed to Stable , Missing use statements in Koha::Account
10:05 fridolin whould you say for 17.11.x too ?
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11:15 * ashimema is back
11:19 archie cait: you said you've done DB migration
11:20 archie how excatly did you do that? did you extract CSV's from 1 DB and uploaded it to Koha?
11:20 archie or you used some soft for that ?
11:21 archie Like pentaho or something
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11:33 oleonard Hi all
11:34 archie hi oleonard
11:34 wahanui hi oleopard
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11:36 andreashm hi ere
11:38 calire hi oleonard
11:38 wahanui hi oleopard
11:38 andreashm ere: I did start looking at your holdings record patch, but never got very far. one thing that looked strange to me was the new holdings tab - since the old one is also called that there was now two holdings tabs. it looked strange and can create a lot of confusion...
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11:39 marcelr hi #koha
11:40 andreashm hi marcelr
11:40 ere andreashm: Hi! Sorry about that. The updated version I just attached a couple of hours ago fixes that, among others.
11:40 ere There had been some changes to the tabs code and I had made a mistake while rebasing..
11:42 ere ashimema: Hi! Yes, bug 19365 is blocked by bug 19893. Strange thing is that "git bz apply 19365" doesn't offer to follow the dependency..
11:42 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=19365 major, P5 - low, ---, ere.maijala, BLOCKED , doesn't work with Elasticsearch
11:42 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=19893 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, glasklas, Failed QA , Alternative optimized indexing for Elasticsearch
11:43 ashimema Oh.. but it is already based upon it.. cool
11:43 cait archie: sorry, was on lunch break
11:43 ashimema so testable
11:43 ashimema just not especially worth testing until the other one is moving again
11:43 cait usually you extract the data from the system if you are lucky, you can get marc21 for bibliographic data, most of the tiem you are not
11:43 * ashimema needs to check whether it is
11:43 cait bibiographic data has to be converted to marc21
11:44 cait for everythign else it#s usually csv,mapping to the koha database and migration script
11:44 cait s
11:44 archie so no actual soft is used?
11:44 cait bibliogrpahic records, authorities, items = MARC21
11:44 cait it might vary
11:45 ashimema you can use whatever you like archie
11:45 cait we write our own, i think this is common
11:45 ashimema but there is no magic bullet
11:45 ashimema you will need to understand the schema of the two systems to some extent whatever tool you use
11:46 cait exactly
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11:46 ere ashimema: Yes, testable, but you need to make sure to apply 19893 first..
11:46 cait and most of the time there is a lot that is not 1:1 in the mappings
11:46 archie ashimema: i mean i'm looking at pentaho since everyone praise it for migrating the databases
11:46 ashimema there are plenty of examples out there going from system x to system y of course.. bug there really isn't a magic "Go from ANY sytem to ANY system button on any thing"
11:46 andreashm ere: oh, I had noticed you added a nw patch. Must have missed to cc me on the bug
11:47 ere andreashm: oh, ok :)
11:47 ashimema people often come here and say 'Anyone done a migration from X to Koha' and at that point we can offer assistance if we've done one..
11:48 ashimema even then though.. you often find people migrating from the same system have their own special way of using that system that means it's not a 100% duplicate of migration work
11:48 ashimema archie^
11:48 archie right probably going to have million of questions when migration actually starts. hopefully next monday
11:48 ere ashimema: "own special way" is a very nice way to put it :)
11:48 ashimema hehe
11:49 ashimema I don't interface with customers as much as I used to ;)
11:49 ashimema I do few enough migrations now that it's a fun break from feature coding ;)
11:50 ere Often the truth is that the old system had a bug or "feature" that allowed a very creative solution... The worst case I've worked with had 5 freetext fields for subject terms with automatic wrapping to the next line. Slightly painful to convert..
11:51 ashimema lol
11:51 cait archie: what are you migrating from?
11:52 archie it's a platform that's been specifically written for some libraries in my country
11:52 cait there is also the generation thing
11:52 cait with every new staff member things slightly change
11:52 cait like ... different fields get used over time etc.
11:52 archie around 15 years old and not being supported anymore
11:52 cait so you have... layers
11:53 archie also probably going to migrate from Aleph but i've found a thread on koha community on how that been done
11:53 ashimema so.. you will really need a migration project to get that data out and put in another system whatever that system may be
11:53 ashimema the process will pretty much be the same whatever system you go to in my opinion
11:53 archie well yeah as far as i understad. Extract - > modify -> load to koha
11:53 ashimema get data out -> massage data into a new format suitable for the injest of the other system -> injest it
11:54 ashimema whether you use scripts or a software package or a support company to do the middle step is really up to you
11:55 archie yeah that's what ETL stands for Extract/transform/load
11:55 archie ok good, so i'm on a right track then
11:56 ashimema yup
11:58 ashimema I think my point there really was that you shouldn't take "I support ETL" as a deciding factor when choosing an ILS.. everything out there has a way of getting data in and out.. it's about finding someone who can do it.. whether they use a tool you've heard of or not doesn't really matter
11:59 ashimema there are loads of migration specialists in here and out there in the world.. ;)
11:59 ashimema or of course.. you can try to do it yourself.. in which case first thing to try and understand is you own data in your existing system..
12:00 ashimema then see if any other systems map more easily to that
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12:13 tcohen morning
12:13 tcohen Joubu: we fixed jenkins emails, yes
12:13 ashimema :)
12:14 * ashimema got swamped overnight
12:14 tcohen hola ashimema!
12:14 tcohen yes, sorry for that
12:14 ashimema no worries
12:14 tcohen we can make it only notify patch authors
12:14 tcohen actually, whatever the rmaints prefer
12:15 ashimema mwah.. I'll let you know once I do ;)
12:15 tcohen @later tell mtompset I think we should make LOCAL_ANSIBLE=1 the default, I haven't proposed it yet until we get feedback on the stretch move
12:15 huginn tcohen: The operation succeeded.
12:27 oleonard tcohen: My first attempt to bring up a stretch box was not successful :( 404 error on Koha
12:30 oleonard Oh wait there it is.
12:30 ere Anyone else encountered a problem with the database update when fetching latest master? It's asking for the user name and password between every step for me..
12:30 oleonard I just have my virtual hosts configured wrong (or not the way I expect it I guess)
12:31 cait ere: i have seen that lately when i gave myself accidentally the web self check permission
12:32 ere cait: I haven't touched the permissions, I think, but I'll check that, thanks.
12:33 ere cait: err... but it's the database user name, so no permissions in play, no?
12:34 cait is it kicking you out of the installer?
12:34 cait or the normal gui?
12:34 cait hm
12:35 cait i'd also try restarting all the things and maybe deleting your cookies
12:35 ere cait: it stays in the installer but every other screen is the credentials screen
12:36 ere it also completed successfully after going through the steps
12:36 ere too bad I can't really recreate the situation
12:39 archie i had a problem during koha instalation form packages. I got a fresh PC with a fresh ubuntu
12:39 archie and i couldn't install mariaDB
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12:40 archie it required me to remove all mysql from computer, then install mariaDB and then disable appknight
12:41 cait ere: hm not seen that then, i hope it's a glitch (i like that better than a bug :) )
12:41 ere cait: I'll just pretend it didn't occur
12:43 cait sometimes... I do that too :)
12:43 cait but don't tell anyone
12:43 ere cait: I won't
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12:50 ray_ How can i integrate koha and amlib library systems
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13:11 caroline good morning!
13:12 * ashimema is really happy
13:12 ashimema oops.. hit return too quick there
13:13 ashimema happy that he's finally removed the WIP flag on his gitlab merge request
13:13 caroline yay! ashimema++
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13:17 Freddy_Enrique Greeting everyone
13:17 cait :)
13:17 cait good morning caroline :)
13:18 caroline Hi Freddy_Enrique, hi cait!
13:18 Freddy_Enrique :)
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13:31 corilynn kidclamp! thx for the signoff :)
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13:38 ashimema caroline.. do you happen to know if there's any procedures for backporting manual fixes?
13:39 ashimema example in point.. the ILL chapter is getting added to current development manual.. i.e. 18.11..
13:39 ashimema but could probably do with being backported to 18.05
13:39 ashimema and perhaps even 17.11
13:39 * ashimema can't remember when ILL was first pushed now
13:40 caroline ashimema: uh... not sure... maybe ask LeeJ, cait or rangi
13:40 ashimema hehe
13:40 ashimema no worries
13:50 tuxayo hi #koha o/
13:50 caroline salut tuxayo!
13:51 oleonard Hi people I haven't said hi to yet
13:52 ashimema hi all
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13:55 caroline ashimema: do you think it has to do with "Switch branch/tag"? We always merge everything in master, but I see there are branches (or tags) called "manual18.05.x", "manual17.11.x", etc
13:56 caroline (by "we" I mean other ppl, not me ;) )
13:57 tuxayo Does anyone know if in a subcription, the Item type should be mandatory? Because it's not. Then the form default value is the empty string. Do we rely on the framework to make it madatory and maybe have a default value.
13:57 caroline tuxayo: biblio-level you mean?
13:58 tuxayo hi caroline , hi oleonard , hi ashimema !
13:58 tuxayo caroline: indeed, biblio-level
13:59 mtompset Greetings, #koha
13:59 * oleonard never thought about why there is an item type selection on the subscription entry form
13:59 caroline I thought the mandatory flag was set in the framework for 942$c (or something else in unimarc)
13:59 cait i think no procedure, you could ask for backport - but we haven' tdoen so systematically
13:59 cait and the structure has changed quite a bit, so in some cases it might be not so easy because files are different
14:00 cait tuxayo: i think that feature is onnly useful if you create items
14:00 cait it doesn't affect the record
14:01 cait it's the default itemtype for a new item for an issue, so it should not be mandatory i think
14:01 cait not everyone wants to use defaults
14:01 cait you can make it mandatory on the framework as you say if you want it mandatory in the item
14:01 cait and i hope i understood the question
14:02 caroline but then if you create items, the item form appears upon receiving, why would there be an item type selection on the subscription creation form?
14:02 * ashimema just noticed tuxayo has a tiny avatar of a cat next to name now
14:02 cait to have a default
14:02 cait you can say for this subscription (there can be multiple per record) the item type is defaulted to 'reference'
14:02 cait and for the second subscription it might be 'over night checkout'
14:02 caroline but the default is determined by the biblio record, no?
14:03 caroline ah ok
14:03 cait i am not sure how this is supposed with biblio level itemtypes
14:03 cait we have never used those...
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14:03 * cait waves at drojf
14:04 oleonard Is that a real drojf?
14:04 cait maybe the field should be hidden if you are using biblio-level itemtypes
14:04 cait it probably makes no sense then
14:05 eythian oh, there a drojf here.
14:05 * drojf waves
14:05 cait it also has a second use with makePreviousSerialAvailable  - then the itemtpye is the one the item gets moved to if it's no longer the newest
14:10 mtompset Greetings, caroline tuxayo cait oleonard eythian drojf
14:10 tuxayo caroline: «I thought the mandatory flag was set in the framework for 942$c (or something else in unimarc)»
14:10 tuxayo It's a lot outdated :( But some colleagues are working on that :)
14:10 mtompset Wow. Busy today. :)
14:11 tuxayo caroline: «that feature is onnly useful if you create items» It seems that most french libraries do that. To lend the item I guess.
14:11 tuxayo *issues
14:11 cait but are they all using no item-level itypes?
14:17 caroline tuxayo: So what is the workflow? They create a subscription (without specifying an item type), when they receive, they create an item (do they put in an item type here?)
14:18 marcelr bug 21311 launched
14:18 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=21311 major, P5 - low, ---,, Needs Signoff , Remove locked message from
14:21 tuxayo «so it should not be mandatory i think» Indeed, I didn't know initially that the framework is used a thus the right place to prevent items to have invalid itypes
14:23 marcelr hi mtompset what happened to your signoff rhythm? :)
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14:24 mtompset marcelr, 4 month break.
14:24 mtompset Had to work on other projects too.
14:24 marcelr wow
14:24 marcelr yeah of course ..
14:24 marcelr so bad these other projects
14:24 mtompset Exactly...
14:25 mtompset forcing me to use PHP too. :P
14:25 marcelr ono
14:26 marcelr bug 14385
14:26 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=14385 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, mtompset, Signed Off , Extend OpacHiddenItems to allow specifying exempt borrower categories
14:27 calire left #koha
14:29 tuxayo cait: thanks, your examples 'reference' and 'over night checkout' are when using the Item type to description the "loan type" right?
14:29 fredericd joined #koha
14:30 mtompset Yes, that's the one bug I really, really want.
14:30 marcelr so we triggered the whole audience now :)
14:30 GiuseppeP joined #koha
14:31 mtompset And now I have Spice Girls in my head!
14:32 tuxayo cait: «maybe the field should be hidden if you are using biblio-level itemtypes» In the subcription or the framework?
14:32 caroline oh god... I didn't make the connection... now I too have Spice Girls.. -_-
14:32 cait in the subscription
14:32 * mtompset laughs.
14:32 mtompset Sorry, Caroline.
14:32 cait gah me too
14:32 caroline I'm sure it's an evil laugh too ;)
14:33 tuxayo cait: «but are they all using no item-level itypes?» Yes, we almost only have that
14:33 cait it's strange :)
14:33 eythian mtompset: here you go, that'll fix the earworm:
14:33 cait so all items have the same circulation conditions
14:33 cait never happens here heh
14:34 * caroline is not sure she wants to click on eythian's link
14:34 cait yeah the field is useless then, as is the pref i mentioned
14:34 cait caroline: you learned fast
14:34 eythian oh ye of little faith
14:35 tuxayo caroline:  Â«So what is the workflow?» «do they put in an item type here?» Well, if the framework isn't well setup, then no itype :(
14:36 caroline tuxayo: oohh...
14:36 cait tuxayo: you can have mulitple subsciptions per record
14:36 cait it would not make sense to set it in the subscription
14:36 cait i think the only option is to hide it from the form if that pref is set
14:37 cait and the itemtype on biblio level shoudl be set on catalouging the record
14:37 mtompset eythian, I counter with Bill & Ted:
14:38 mtompset It was a most excellent adventure.
14:39 caroline omg the haircuts... my eyes are bleeding
14:43 caroline do we have a "label template library"? trying to troubleshoot printing on avery5160
14:43 * caroline hates to troubleshoot label printing
14:45 cait caroline: sadly not, what's not working?
14:46 eythian mtompset: I guess my link does fit into a Bill & Ted movie, sortaish.
14:47 tuxayo cait: «it's strange :)» Indeed, it's a cataloging habbit. Because in UNIMARC allows to have the same record for an audio book and a paper book.
14:47 tuxayo That might not be used a lot so it's mostly habbits from what I understand.
14:47 eythian marcelr: hey, you're in Den Helder right? I was up that way in the weekend (Julianadorp specifically, mostly, but did a bike around Den Helder itself.)
14:47 caroline cait: labels look like this right now
14:47 caroline I'm changing the "top text margin" with trial and error
14:48 tuxayo caroline: oh deer
14:48 tuxayo 🦌
14:48 caroline but then, once the client tries to print, their printer will mess it up all over again
14:49 cait hm looks a bit cruched
14:49 cait crushed
14:49 cait there are some pictures in the manual i thnk
14:49 cait about the margins
14:49 caroline getting there but why isn't the barcode centered?
14:50 cait actually there ar not
14:50 cait i am looking for them
14:51 cait they are not...
14:52 caroline better now the printing test -_-
14:53 caroline oh nvm the client asked for the numbers not to be so close to the barcode...
14:53 cait hm, i don't think you can adjust that
14:53 cait caroline: i found the pictures on our drive i was looking for - they show where which margin is etc, but not sure what the original source was
14:54 marcelr hi eythian saw the bolder ?
14:54 cait i can email them if you want them?
14:54 eythian marcelr: I don't think I did ... what bolder?
14:54 caroline trying to remove the number from under the barcode and add the "barcode" field
14:54 laurence joined #koha
14:54 marcelr ridiculous thing near the station
14:55 eythian marcelr: oh, right by the station :( I would have biked within tens of metres of it.
14:55 eythian just on the next street over
14:55 caroline cait: sure I'll look at them
14:56 caroline Maybe I'll add a page to the wiki on configuring the labels once I get it right
14:56 tuxayo caroline: cait  thanks for your answers and questions, now I understand better the messes around item types, loan types, subscriptions, framework, item level and record level ^o^
14:56 cait sent
14:57 cait tuxayo: i didn't feel like i was making sense, so that is good :)
14:57 caroline tuxayo, cait yeah, I feel more confused too XD
14:57 eythian marcelr: Julianadorp was funny though, totally full of Germans. And they were actually digging holes in the sand, which I always thought was just a weird stereotype.
14:58 tuxayo Well that made sense for me :P
14:58 cait why is digging holes a german thing?
14:58 cait and why did holes...
14:58 cait dig
14:59 cait wind protection?
15:00 caroline when I went to Germany, my friend told me the lake near her place was man-made and actually hand-shovelled, maybe that's why?
15:00 * tuxayo feels bad for stealing the understanding of cait and caroline , didn't know that was possible o_o
15:00 marcelr yeah it is run by germans
15:01 caroline tuxayo: lol!!
15:02 * caroline is grateful y'all are here making jokes, makes her day better
15:04 Dyrcona joined #koha
15:05 mtompset Can't have you just laughing, caroline.
15:05 mtompset This should add some groans.
15:05 caroline do I really want to click on that mtompset?
15:06 caroline "that's funny. ok." LOL!
15:07 CrispyBran joined #koha
15:07 * CrispyBran waves
15:08 eythian cait: I don't know why Germans dig holes. You should explain it to us.
15:10 oleonard I didn't know it was a stereotype that Germans dig holes.
15:10 CrispyBran mtompset: I did go to vagrant 2.1.5.  Discovered the release when I went to find an older copy.  Works!.  Now, I just have to work around the problem that the SMB share fails because one of the directories has a space in it.
15:10 eythian On beaches, specifically.
15:10 reiveune bye
15:10 reiveune left #koha
15:11 eythian[…]ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8 <-- "Ongeveer 28.900.000 resultaten"
15:11 mtompset Greetings, CrispyBran.
15:11 CrispyBran hi mtompset
15:12 mtompset Double quote the string?
15:20 oleonard "Your branch and 'origin/master' have diverged, and have 1 and 1010 different commits each, respectively." Dang, master.
15:21 CrispyBran mtompset: That worked...shows the whole path.  Now it just says vm: The host path of the shared folder is missing, and shows the path in quotes.
15:21 mtompset oleonard, that's when you look up the RM team and plus them all. ;)
15:22 ashimema Fast moving at the moment ain't it oleonard
15:23 mtompset ashimema, so what are your thoughts on bug 15529 then? I gave up.
15:23 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=15529 normal, P5 - low, ---, alexbuckley, Patch doesn't apply , Process Message Queue may send duplicate emails if process is launched twice
15:24 ashimema Mmm,  I'm stuck too.. Joubu's comment made me think maybe I've missed even more..
15:25 mtompset Do we have a Koha::Semaphore? or Koha::Lock?
15:25 ashimema Though I think it still makes some sense to do this locking at the Cron script level . I'm not so sure about using table locks
15:25 mtompset Sounds like we need one.
15:25 ashimema Don't think we do
15:36 * cbrannon[A] is now away - Reason : In meeting
15:43 mtompset ashimema, no... I don't like table locks, but I'm not sure record locks are ANSI SQL.
15:43 mtompset And I really think record locks would be better.
15:44 ashimema Don't think I understand the current message queue code well enough yet to comment really
15:45 ashimema Think I'll comment that in the bug.. moving locks to the SQL layer just didn't even occur to me off the bat
15:45 ashimema Not got the time to properly dig into another area of Koha at the minute 🙄
15:59 caroline Weird question. We recently migrated a library from a super old version of Koha (like 2 something). Their cataloguing framework is really different from the ones I'm used to, namely the item subfields are 952 b (homebranch), 952d (holdingbranch), 952r (price), 952u (itemnumber), 952v (dateaccessionned) and 952y (notforloan)
15:59 caroline The Koha to MARC mapping matches these fields
15:59 caroline but the search breaks because Koha is looking for a date in 952d
16:00 caroline Here's my question : should I adapt their framework to match the "normal" one
16:00 caroline therefore changing the mappings and their records
16:01 caroline or should I try to fix their records and the rest of Koha so they match their weird framework?
16:05 cait i would change the data
16:05 cait to match standard koha
16:05 cait because you'd have to change all the indexing and that will follow you forever
16:05 cait if you fix the data once... you don't have to maintain the different/changed indexes
16:05 caroline hum I didn't check the indexes
16:06 cait i tried to match my very first koha installation on the data i got... I never tried that again :)
16:06 cait mostly because of Zebra indexes
16:07 cait for example the labels search for adding items to a batch uses dateaccessioned i think
16:07 cait to find the newest items
16:08 caroline you're right, the indexes didn't change even though the mappings did. so that's what break the search...
16:10 caroline ok I'll go with koha standard subfields, hopefully, I don't break everything when I batch edit (in august, I tried to change the call number from 952k to 952o and it literally broke everything in production, very stressful!!)
16:10 caroline I just put everything back and never touched their environment again >_<
16:10 cait ouch
16:11 cait hm
16:11 cait but do you need to batch edit?
16:11 cait thinking
16:11 wahanui thinking is, like, so much easier
16:11 cait the items are not stored in the marc record
16:11 caroline well, I'll need to move for example holdingbranch from 952d to 952b
16:11 caroline no?
16:11 cait if you change the mappings... and restart all the things... and reindex...
16:12 cait i'd definitely test it somewhere not production tho
16:12 caroline In anycase, I'll try it locally first!
16:12 cait they only get put there for indexing and for export
16:12 * caroline learned her lesson
16:12 cait the metadata should have no 952
16:12 cait it's kinda... virtual
16:12 mtompset quick inquiry, given that it is ugly perl.
16:13 mtompset @$indicator[$j] is functionally identical to $indicator->[$j], correct?
16:13 huginn mtompset: I suck
16:13 cait someone else might want to weigh in... but i think you don't need the batch edit
16:14 caroline maybe that's why it broke last time
16:14 cait have to change frameworks... and mappings
16:14 cait and definiteyl reinde
16:14 cait x
16:14 cait and not have them touch anything while it's happening
16:15 cait it might be because it created a 952 and it was not complete orsomething
16:15 mtompset scrolling back and reading: I'm with cait. Remap the data to good format, rather than trying to make bad one work.
16:15 * caroline closes the tab where their production environment is just in case
16:18 Freddy_Enrique wahanui, are you a man or woman?
16:18 wahanui i haven't a clue, freddy_enrique
16:19 Freddy_Enrique ....
16:20 mtompset Freddy_Enrique, wahanui is a bot.
16:20 cait it's a conch :)
16:20 cait wahanui?
16:20 wahanui cait?
16:20 cait wahanui?
16:20 wahanui cait?
16:20 cait hm ok.
16:20 caroline wahanui what are you?
16:20 wahanui i heard i was a conch
16:21 caroline good bot wahanui
16:22 mtompset Is AnnaBoten a bot referencing:
16:24 cait bye all
16:24 cait left #koha
16:27 mtompset wahanui, what are you?
16:27 wahanui i am probably a political leader
16:27 mtompset wahanui, what are you?
16:27 wahanui i am a political leader
16:27 mtompset wahanui, what are you?
16:27 wahanui i am a conch
16:27 mtompset wahanui, what are you?
16:27 wahanui i am a conch
16:27 mtompset wahanui, what are you?
16:27 wahanui rumour has it i am back
16:27 mtompset wahanui, what are you?
16:27 wahanui i am back??!!!
16:27 mtompset wahanui, what are you?
16:27 wahanui well, i am a political leader
16:27 mtompset wahanui, what are you?
16:27 wahanui rumour has it i am a conch
16:27 mtompset wahanui, what are you?
16:27 wahanui i am probably back??!!!
16:28 mtompset wahanui is awesome.
16:28 mtompset wahanui?
16:28 wahanui yes, mtompset?
16:28 mtompset What are you, wahanui?
16:28 wahanui i heard i was back??!!!
16:28 mtompset What are you, wahanui?
16:28 wahanui i am back??!!!
16:28 mtompset What are you, wahanui?
16:28 wahanui i heard i was a political leader
16:28 mtompset What are you, wahanui?
16:28 wahanui i am a political leader
16:28 mtompset What are you, wahanui?
16:28 wahanui i am a political leader
16:28 mtompset What are you, wahanui?
16:28 wahanui it has been said that i am a political leader
16:28 * mtompset shrugs.
16:28 mtompset I should take lunch.
16:29 fridolin left #koha
16:34 cbrannon[A] mtompset, what are you?
16:34 * CrispyBran is no longer away : Gone for 58 minutes 31 seconds
16:36 davidnind joined #koha
16:36 CrispyBran caroline, what are you?
16:36 caroline I haven't a clue, CrispyBran
16:36 CrispyBran :)
16:42 laurence left #koha
16:52 CrispyBran Has anyone here had any success getting kohadevbox up on a Windows host with the SYNC_REPO working?
16:53 oleonard It works for me with jessie, CrispyBran. I've tried the new default, stretch, but it wasn't working for me.
16:54 oleonard However, I didn't try to troubleshoot
16:54 CrispyBran Is that JesseM
16:54 oleonard jessie the Debian distribution
16:54 CrispyBran oh.  duh
16:54 oleonard So I have to say "vagrant up jessie" now that stretch is the default.
16:55 oleonard I have found JesseM to also be very stable ;)
16:55 CrispyBran It's still defaulting to jessie for me.  I'm having problems with the path though.
16:55 CrispyBran I wish I were stable.  :)
16:56 oleonard You must not have updated kohadevbox recently, which I think is probably fine
16:56 oleonard CrispyBran: Do you have "export SYNC_REPO=..." in ~/.bashrc?
16:58 CrispyBran So, in my .bashrc, I have export SYNC_REPO='"C:\Program Files\Git\koha"'.  Had to use the double quotes to get the full path with space to show, but I still get a message that the path doesn't exist.
16:58 mtompset Dude! Progra~1 ;)
16:58 oleonard I have "export SYNC_REPO="c:\\Users\\oleonard\\Docum​ents\\htdocs\\koha-git\\kohaclone\\"
16:58 oleonard maybe try the double backslash?
16:58 mtompset And what oleonard said. :)
16:59 corilynn qq on kohadevbox, where I can find the logs?
16:59 mtompset Let me boot up my windoze box.
17:00 oleonard corilynn: There are shortcut commands for it
17:00 corilynn thx
17:00 oleonard Check the section called "Aliases"
17:00 drojf joined #koha
17:01 paul_p_ joined #koha
17:01 * mtompset puts on some background music for drojf
17:01 mtompset
17:01 CrispyBran vm: the host path of the shared floder is missing: "C://Program Files//Git//koha"
17:02 mtompset No... the other slashes.
17:02 CrispyBran I used the other slashes.  It shows it this way though.
17:02 CrispyBran folder, not floder
17:02 CrispyBran :P
17:03 mtompset Change "Program Files" to "Progra~1"
17:03 wahanui mtompset: that doesn't look right
17:03 wahanui joined #koha
17:03 tcohen @seen jenkins
17:03 huginn tcohen: jenkins was last seen in #koha 2 weeks, 2 days, 5 hours, 41 minutes, and 40 seconds ago: <jenkins> Project Koha_17.11_D8 build #92: SUCCESS in 38 min: https://jenkins.koha-community[…]Koha_17.11_D8/92/
17:04 tcohen CrispyBran: did you git pull
17:04 tcohen on kohadevbox?
17:04 tcohen it should be defaulting to stretch
17:04 oleonard tcohen: He has an older version of kohadevbox
17:04 CrispyBran vm: the host path of the shared folder is missing: "C://Progra~1//Git//koha"
17:05 CrispyBran Did a git pull yesterday with tcohen helping
17:05 oleonard Of kohadevbox?
17:06 CrispyBran I thought we did.
17:06 mtompset Hmm....
17:09 tcohen CrispyBran: can you check the file?
17:09 tcohen or just
17:09 tcohen git remote origin set-url
17:09 tcohen then git pull :-D
17:10 CrispyBran Says this repository should not be used.  Obviously I need to point it to the new one.  :/
17:12 CrispyBran :/ It doesn't like me.
17:12 CrispyBran what is origin?
17:13 tcohen the default 'remote'
17:13 tcohen remember we added 'github' to yours
17:13 CrispyBran error: Unknown subcommand: origin
17:14 CrispyBran I'm confused.
17:14 tcohen sorry
17:14 tcohen git remote set-url origin
17:14 * tcohen is not in a good day evidently
17:15 CrispyBran I need to be in the kohadevbox folder when I git pull, correct?
17:20 CrispyBran tcohen CONFLICT (content): Merge conflict in
17:22 mtompset Okay... I'm actually trying to get my windoze up with SYNC_REPO. We'll see how that goes.
17:23 tcohen CrispyBran: instead of pull
17:23 tcohen do git fetch
17:23 tcohen and the git reset —hard origin/master
17:23 tcohen well, you already fetched it
17:23 pastebot "oleonard" at pasted "Have you seen these warnings tcohen?" (17 lines) at
17:24 tcohen oleonard: yes, we will get rid of them once we move into making LOCAL_ANSIBLE the default
17:24 tcohen (thus we control the ansible version)
17:24 oleonard Okay
17:24 tcohen they keep changing the syntax on minor versions
17:24 oleonard Bad ansible.
17:25 mtompset oleonard, I also have a patch for that. ;)
17:26 CrispyBran okay, works, but forgot to specify jessie.  It is downloading stretch.
17:28 * CrispyBran wishes he was a coding rockstar
17:29 * oleonard plays coding air-guitar
17:29 CrispyBran that needs to be an animated gif
17:34 CrispyBran Back to the original issue with the missing path.  :/
17:35 mtompset I envy your fast internet connection.
17:35 CrispyBran Any luck mtompset?
17:35 oleonard I tried bringing up a stretch devbox just now and it doesn't appear to have looked at ~/.bashrc
17:35 mtompset I'm still starting up, because I don't have your fast internet.
17:35 mtompset For only $100/month more, I could probably get something better. ;)
17:36 CrispyBran That is the first time anyone has called our public wifi fast.
17:36 mtompset And you're running a desktop, aren't you?
17:37 mtompset Faster machine, faster internet. :P
17:37 CrispyBran No, laptop.
17:37 mtompset I'm still in the midst of recompiled the guest tools
17:37 mtompset recompiling...
17:39 mtompset CrispyBran, another thought...
17:39 * CrispyBran comtemplates his meaning in life while waiting
17:39 CrispyBran I can't type
17:39 mtompset Windoze has some strange user id directory protections on certain directories.
17:39 cait joined #koha
17:40 mtompset So, for example, C:\Program Files\AwesomeGame\Subdir1 might actually exist for one user, but not another.
17:40 CrispyBran Yes.  It prompts for authentication, when it works.
17:42 drojf1 joined #koha
17:42 mtompset You don't get that same problem in other directories.
17:42 mtompset This is why I put all my cloned stuff in Documents.
17:43 mtompset I'm at pip install step for a stretch install on Windoze right now.
17:43 CrispyBran I'm not sure how to do that.  My git bash root is the c:\Program Files\Git directory.  I don't know how to drill back any further.
17:44 mtompset CrispyBran, there is right-click "Git Bash here"
17:44 oleonard CrispyBran: Is that where your checkout of the Koha repo is? You could try putting it somewhere else.
17:45 mtompset Don't put your cloned directories in your git bash program file install directory.
17:45 mtompset That's bad form, and asking to lose data if you accidentally uninstall and reinstall git bash.
17:46 CrispyBran I wasn't given a choice or instructions to do anything else.
17:46 * cait waves
17:46 CrispyBran cait is sleep waving
17:46 cait hm why sleep?
17:47 CrispyBran Thought you went to sleep
17:47 mtompset I so hate the 'Update apt cache' step. It takes forever!
17:47 oleonard She just went home
17:48 CrispyBran Okay, so I can git bash here, but how do I do it as administrator?
17:50 cait oleonard: you know me too well :)
17:50 mtompset You don't need to, if your directory isn't in Program Files, but Documents.
17:51 oleonard CrispyBran: I have my git bash program shortcut set up to run as administrator by default
17:51 CrispyBran can I move my kohadevbox and koha folders there or do I have to pull them into the new location?
17:52 oleonard I would think you could move them
17:53 caroline anybody have consignments at their library? Like when a bookseller sends you boxes of books to look through and you send back the ones you don't want
17:53 caroline If so do you track them in acquisitions?
17:56 georgew joined #koha
17:57 CrispyBran this is looking promising
17:58 cait caroline: not in our libraries yet
17:59 corilynn tcohen, do you have a minute to talk about getting the remote debugger working?
18:01 SunRunner joined #koha
18:01 tcohen hi corilynn
18:01 tcohen tell me
18:01 tcohen I only used it with Komodo IDE
18:02 corilynn i made the changes to the user.yml file
18:02 tcohen but it is known to work with Vim+VDebug
18:02 corilynn and I did the sudo koha-plack --stop kohadev
18:02 tcohen what changes?
18:02 tcohen remote_debugger: true
18:02 corilynn I uncommented out the remote debugger lines
18:03 tcohen remote_debugger_location: ""
18:03 tcohen that one is important
18:03 tcohen it defaults to localhost
18:03 corilynn I put my IP in there
18:03 corilynn but I'm getting an error
18:03 tcohen if it is the host machine, put that
18:03 tcohen
18:03 corilynn OHHHHHHH
18:03 tcohen and the port number you configured on your tool
18:04 corilynn mm k
18:04 tcohen what are you using?
18:04 * cbrannon[A] is now away - Reason : Webinar
18:04 corilynn komodo
18:04 tcohen excellent
18:04 wahanui darn tootin' it is.
18:04 corilynn but I don't know what I"m doing
18:04 tcohen I can help then :-D
18:04 cbrannon[A] Thanks everyone for the help.  The path was the key!
18:05 tcohen so in user.yml, you tell it the remote debugging tool is on your host machine ( on the internal network Vbox creates)
18:05 tcohen the port is usually 9000, but you should double check on Komodo
18:05 corilynn so... here's my problem... I'm on a windows box, but I'm ssh'ing to a ubuntu box running the kohadevbox
18:06 tcohen ok
18:06 tcohen if kohadevbox is able to reach your windows machine on the port you're fine
18:07 corilynn ok, let me see what I can do for a bit
18:07 tcohen corilynn: can't you run virtualbox on your windows machine instead?
18:07 corilynn I've had nothing but issues with the windows kohadevbox, b/c when I'm not developing I have to do cataloging through a virtual machine
18:08 corilynn It's better if I keep development and cataloging on different machines
18:08 tcohen I mention this because the way remote debugging works is by mapping the code on the box, and the one you are actually touching with your tool
18:08 tcohen so you run komodo on linux, right?
18:09 corilynn not... yet...
18:09 tcohen windows -> linux (komodo + vbox) -> kohadevbox
18:09 tcohen ?
18:09 tcohen ok, so
18:09 corilynn so I need to figure out how to Komodo on the linx
18:10 corilynn that's going to take me a bit
18:10 tcohen you should really launch kohadevbox on the windows OS
18:11 tcohen mtompset, CrispyBran and oleonard do it
18:11 tcohen you need:
18:11 tcohen - VirtualBox
18:11 corilynn I know what I need
18:11 tcohen - Git bash
18:11 tcohen - Vagrant
18:11 corilynn I was doing it that way for a while
18:11 corilynn s/a while/last week
18:12 corilynn BUT I can't do my other job then too
18:12 mtompset Me less so, but I have done it, and am attempting it again. :)
18:12 corilynn b/c virtual PC and VirtualBox don't like each other
18:13 mtompset Ooooo.....
18:13 mtompset Hyper V vs VirtualBox.
18:13 tcohen maybe time to try vagrant + hyper+v?
18:13 mtompset Nah... switch to Ubuntu. ;)
18:14 corilynn I'm happy to Ubuntu, makes me feel like I'm back in my 20's writing socket programs in a cubical
18:15 corilynn eating free snacks from the kitchen cabinets
18:16 oleonard I think you should switch to whichever OS *I'm* most comfortable with.
18:16 davidnind joined #koha
18:16 corilynn oleonard, solaris?
18:16 tcohen that was a nice OS
18:16 tcohen :-D
18:17 tcohen once I discovered how to compile apache for it
18:17 tcohen hehe
18:17 corilynn 'twas I wrote a patch for freetds to work on solaris
18:17 corilynn they rejected it because they wanted it to be broken
18:18 corilynn my company, however, needed it to work
18:18 mtompset The nice thing about Ubuntu is I can run my docker AND virtualbox stuff at the same time. :)
18:18 corilynn what's docker?
18:19 mtompset docker required hyper-v on Windows. :)
18:19 corilynn ah, so you were having the virtual machine fight club too?
18:20 mtompset Yes. Now I don't know if Virtual PC runs under Ubuntu, but if it does, then you may be able to get the best of both things on an Ubuntu box.
18:42 davidnind :-(
18:43 josef_moravec joined #koha
18:49 cait hi davidnind and josef_moravec
18:49 josef_moravec hi cait
18:49 davidnind hi cait!
18:51 kidclamp bye koha! see you next week! (find tcohen in my absence)
18:54 cait oh... who is going to push all the things?
18:54 cait was hoping on some progress for ILL
18:55 SlackIntegration[m] joined #koha
18:55 oleonard I feel so slackly integrated now.
18:56 davidnind put cait in charge :)
18:57 josef_moravec cait: are you going to use ILL module in production?
18:57 cait not yet, we still need to write a backend
18:57 cait but i'd like to see it all fixed up and stable before we do that
18:57 cait so interested in integrating the ill patches
18:58 oleonard ...and there are a ton of them at the moment!
18:59 ashimema ILL should get a bit easier to work with soon.. there are plans afoot
18:59 cait yeah and it's a big tree
18:59 oleonard Bye all
18:59 cait was really hoping to have it pushed this week to be able to continue
18:59 josef_moravec cait: we just set the freeform backend and will try to use it form articles now... but in the future we would like to have backend for czech national ill service - when it will be avialable (now in development)
18:59 josef_moravec all working on ILL ++ :D
18:59 ashimema the czech service is in development
19:00 ashimema or you're already trying to develop a backend
19:00 ashimema wow..
19:00 ashimema dev meeting soon aint it..
19:00 cait freeform would not  work here, we need one for ILL  with our union catalog (which allows for national ILL, but there are several ILL servers)
19:00 josef_moravec ashimema: the service is in development
19:00 ashimema brain bad.. it's late already
19:00 ashimema cool
19:01 ashimema we're hoping to shift ILL backends into the plugins architecture.. which should make installing and testing them much easier..
19:01 ashimema and heopfully developing them too
19:01 josef_moravec this new service should have rest api, co we are hoping the backend development would not take ages then ;)
19:01 ashimema brill :)
19:02 josef_moravec ashimema: yes it would be cool ;)
19:02 ashimema the BLDSS one (British Library) is a good example
19:03 josef_moravec i like the koha2koha backend too, it could be solution for many libraries in countries without any ILL service
19:03 ashimema better than FreeForm.. the freeform one is a bit odd as it's only really half a backend (the other half is in koha core).. I'm not really sure how that happened.. likely during the massive amount of rebasing that happened at the last minute when trying to get the initial core functionality in koha
19:03 ashimema the Koha2Koha one is nice.. could do with some polishing here and there though.
19:03 ashimema but it's a great proof of concept
19:03 ashimema we have all three in use in a number of customers no
19:03 ashimema w
19:04 josef_moravec ashimema: in production?
19:04 ashimema yup
19:04 josef_moravec nice ;)
19:05 ashimema for years ;)
19:06 ashimema we developed the original version as a large core feature.. then realised we'd need to split it into a driver model to allow for all the different implimentations of ILL services out there
19:06 ashimema the community got version 2 in effect
19:06 cait similar to edifact almost
19:06 ashimema and all the patches going in now are refinements to that.. almost a version 3.. with a version 4 and 5 planned if we can get funding
19:06 cait i think the first one was not as flexible either?
19:07 ashimema all tweaks to ease workflows and development at this point
19:07 ashimema EDI?
19:07 ashimema or first version of ILL
19:07 ashimema first version of ILL was all in core koha.. and fairly hard code to the BLDSS workflows and ARTemail models
19:07 cait we got hte second version of edi too :)
19:07 ashimema (both british library things)
19:08 ashimema indeed
19:08 ashimema and SIP ;)
19:08 ashimema I think SIP was developed in a similar fashion in koha
19:11 Mesfin joined #koha
19:11 Mesfin Hi everyone
19:12 Mesfin I need help
19:12 caroline Hi Mesfin!
19:12 Mesfin I upgraded Koha 17.05 to 18.05.04
19:13 Mesfin and that broke active directory authentication
19:13 Mesfin Now patrons are unable to login with their AD password
19:14 Mesfin This is the error I am getting
19:14 Mesfin LDAP search failed to return object : 000004DC: LdapErr: DSID-0C0907C2, comment: In order to perform this operation a successful bind must be completed on the connection., data 0, v2580 at /usr/share/koha/lib/C4/ line 101.
19:14 cait ashimema: wasn't there another ldap related thing a few days ago?
19:14 Mesfin Hi Caroline
19:14 mtompset Saw the error message in the mailing list. Sorry, no clue Mesfin.
19:15 Mesfin I am desperate
19:15 ashimema see the last comment on just trying to find the bug number
19:15 davidnind There was some discussion the other day on IRC first link:[…]8-10-08#i_2078906
19:16 cait searching too, not finding it yet
19:16 ashimema https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=18947
19:16 huginn Bug 18947: major, P5 - low, ---, nick, RESOLVED FIXED, Unexpected Active Directory LDAP authentication failure mode
19:17 ashimema tl:dr try setting <anonymous_bind>0</anonymous_bind>
19:17 ashimema basically the bug was incorrect bahaviour and allot of configurations appear to have worked around it..
19:17 ashimema but now there is 'correct' behaviour the workaround leads to a broken configuration
19:18 ashimema I hadn't anticipated that :(
19:18 ashimema Mesfin.. let us know if setting <anonymous_bind>0</anonymous_bind> works please
19:18 davidnind second link[…]8-10-05#i_2077943
19:19 Mesfin I am going to try that now
19:23 Mesfin Where should I insert the anonymous bind? Any order in the config file?
19:23 ashimema inside the <ldapserver> block in your koha.conf xml file
19:24 ashimema which if your running packages will be in /etc/koha/sites/
19:25 Mesfin I inserted it after the authbybind and threw an error
19:25 Mesfin commented it out
19:25 rangi ashimema: naw you just have to cherry-pick and merge request
19:25 Mesfin should it be before the authbybind?
19:25 rangi ashimema: re the manual to older branches
19:26 mtompset Mesfin, order shouldn't matter.
19:26 ashimema okies.. thanks rangi
19:26 caroline rangi that was so random hehe!
19:27 ashimema erm.. Mesfin.. 'threw an error'.. any more detail on that.. same error as before.. xml parsing error.. new error?
19:27 mtompset But make sure you don't have TWO anonymous_bind tags, and you do have ONE.
19:27 * ashimema likes the random rangi
19:27 Mesfin let me paste the error
19:27 mtompset Have to run.
19:27 ashimema and I knew what he was talking about :)
19:27 rangi caroline: i always read back irc :)
19:27 caroline rangi: I like what you did with the "last updated on .." Is it normal that all the pages are set to yesterday?
19:27 rangi yep its last time the manual was built
19:28 rangi so the next time i merge something
19:28 mtompset Have a great day, #koha ashimema caroline cait rangi Mesfin.
19:28 rangi they will all get rebuilt
19:28 ashimema really rangi.. I try to but sometimes there's just huge amounts to go through and I struggle to catch up.
19:28 caroline oh so it's not specific to that page?
19:28 rangi so its easy to see the last time the manual was rebuilt
19:28 rangi nope, we can only tell that from git, its the last time the manual was generated
19:28 Mesfin Stupid fingers!!!!
19:29 Mesfin I had a typo in the anonymous
19:29 ashimema hehe
19:29 Mesfin and that's what threw the error
19:29 * ashimema has stupid fingers often too
19:29 Mesfin Working now
19:29 Mesfin You guys are awesome
19:29 ashimema thanks Mesfin
19:29 caroline ah ok. Is it possible though to have that on the page?
19:29 caroline the last time that particular page was updated i mean?
19:30 rangi nope
19:30 Mesfin you have saved my day and my night
19:30 rangi not unless you do it manually
19:30 ashimema would you mind pm'ing me a copy of your ldap config block per chance (with private stuff like the password hashed out).. I'm trying ot see if there's a bigger issue at play here
19:30 ashimema I'm really glad the anonymous thing worked for you
19:30 Mesfin Thanks ashimema...
19:31 Mesfin are you asking me to pm you copy of my ldap config?
19:31 * ashimema feels bad.. it was me who both qa'd the patch that caused it and then pushed it into the stable branch.
19:31 ashimema if you are comfortable doing so.. if not don't worry at all
19:32 Mesfin Do not feel bad that happens when you work
19:32 Mesfin I am very much comfortable
19:32 ashimema you're just the third person in a week to report the issue and I'm trying to understand the link ;)
19:32 rangi caroline: well i think nope, ill check some build options, if i can get it to only rebuild changed pages then maybe
19:32 ashimema cheers
19:33 ashimema that would be cool rangi
19:33 ashimema though I already like the change to show the last rebuild as it is :)
19:33 cdickinson joined #koha
19:33 tcohen rangi: I always overlooked the work on the manual. I have to say I'm so impressed by caroline's and everyone work on that, and the results!
19:33 tcohen koha++
19:33 caroline yes! Or if it's not possible, could we add an auto datetime  to each page when it is saved?
19:34 tcohen later #koha
19:34 rangi caroline: you could maybe do that with a git-hook
19:34 cait caroline: hm, what is the use case?
19:34 caroline thx tcohen! :) trying to stay on top of all the pushed things ;)
19:34 rangi caroline: do you want to research that, and ill research the build thing ;)
19:34 cait it might just be a typo change, so not sure you could tell much about actuality from it
19:34 * ashimema was about to say that sounds like a great use of a git hook
19:34 caroline cait: I think it would be interesting to know when a particular page was last updated
19:35 caroline we could look through and reread them to see if everything is still up to date
19:35 Mesfin my first time here
19:36 Mesfin How do I pm you, ashimema?
19:36 cait Mesfin: you are welcome to be here anytime :)
19:36 Mesfin Thank you, cait. I feel welcomed already
19:37 alexbuckley joined #koha
19:37 ashimema er.. double click my name.. sorta depends on how you are connected to irc
19:37 rangi caroline: ahhh it does work that way, except using gitlab ci it wipes the files after each build so it thinks its a new full build everytime I will see if I can change that
19:37 Mesfin connected via a browser
19:37 cait hm maybe try right click if the doube doesn't work
19:38 cait or /msg ashimema
19:38 caroline rangi: will do (check for the auto datetime or whatever it would be called)
19:38 ashimema Mesfin: I just pm'd you
19:38 ashimema so you should see me somewhere now :)
19:38 * ashimema is impressed cait knows her irc commands.. I'm such a UI guy when it comes to IRC
19:39 Mesfin Thanks cait
19:39 * ashimema quickly dashes for a charger
19:40 Mesfin He pmed me
19:40 caroline cait: you're right, but if the page hasn't been updated in 2 years lets say, it would be good to just have à look to make sure
19:40 cait ashimema: :)
19:41 cait caroline: makes sense
19:41 caroline but if it's not possible, it's not the end of the world. It's just that I thought that was what rangi had added yesterday so my mind kinda went in that direction
19:42 * ashimema is back
19:44 Mesfin Welcome back, Karibu, Bien venue
19:44 Mesfin 10:44 PM here
19:45 cait Mesfin: where are you from?
19:46 cait an hour later than here... so has to be alittle distance at least :)
19:46 Mesfin Kenya :)
19:46 Mesfin an hour flight maybe?
19:46 Mesfin or two hours?
19:47 cait longer flight, i am in germany :)
19:48 Mesfin Yeah, that's a longer flight
19:50 cait hm, brb for the meeting
19:53 * ashimema is feeling rather sleepy.. not the best way to join a meeting
19:53 Mesfin Good night or good day, depending on where you are good people! Thanks for the help. I can go now and sleep peacefully knowing I won't have calls from users tomorrow
19:54 ashimema Night Mesfin, sleep peacefully
19:54 Mesfin Thanks ashimema
19:55 Mesfin left #koha
19:57 kathryn joined #koha
19:59 * corilynn does a victory lap
19:59 cait back
19:59 corilynn i forgot how awesome it is to fix a thing that was previously broken :)
19:59 cait it is! :)
20:00 ashimema indeed
20:00 * ashimema agrees
20:02 thd joined #koha
20:03 cait i'll chair with ashimema
20:03 cait just give me another minute
20:03 ashimema :)
20:03 ashimema cheers
20:03 cait #startmeeting Development IRC meeting 10 October 2018
20:03 huginn Meeting started Wed Oct 10 20:03:58 2018 UTC.  The chair is cait. Information about MeetBot at
20:03 huginn Useful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #startvote.
20:03 Topic for #koha is now  (Meeting topic: Development IRC meeting 10 October 2018)
20:03 huginn The meeting name has been set to 'development_irc_meeting_10_october_2018'
20:04 cait #topic Introductions
20:04 Topic for #koha is now Introductions (Meeting topic: Development IRC meeting 10 October 2018)
20:04 ashimema #info Martin Renvoize, PTFS Europe, UK
20:04 thd #info Thomas Dukleth, Agogme, New York City, [even two ISPs does not protect against power failure]
20:04 cait please introduce yourself using #info!
20:04 cait #link https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]g_10_October_2018 today's agenda
20:04 cait #info Katrin Fischer, BSZ, Germany
20:05 josef_moravec #info Josef Moravec, Municipal Library Usti nad Orlici, Czech Republic
20:05 blou joined #koha
20:05 rangi #info Chris Cormack, Catalyst, NZ
20:06 cait ah
20:06 cait #chair ashimema
20:06 huginn Current chairs: ashimema cait
20:06 cait moving on!
20:06 cait #topic Announcements
20:06 Topic for #koha is now Announcements (Meeting topic: Development IRC meeting 10 October 2018)
20:06 cait anyone anything? :)
20:06 cait ah i got something
20:06 ashimema :)
20:07 ashimema Lots of good pushes the last couple of weeks :).. but then I'm somewhat biases on that front
20:07 cait hm can't find the link, but next week is the swedish user group meeting and hack day
20:08 cait #info Next week is the Swedish user group meeting and hack day
20:08 oleonard joined #koha
20:08 cait so you might see some activity from there :)
20:08 cait ... and please keep the sandboxes alive!
20:09 ashimema #info KohaCon19 dates are finalized: Monday 20 May to Sunday 26 May 2019
20:09 ashimema :)
20:09 ashimema I can't think of any others.. anyone else?
20:10 cait moving on then :)
20:10 cait #topic Update from the Release manager (18.11)
20:10 Topic for #koha is now Update from the Release manager (18.11) (Meeting topic: Development IRC meeting 10 October 2018)
20:10 ashimema Nick sends his apologies
20:10 cait #info Nick Clemens : Travelling, pushing things to master, dates have been sent to list, keep Qaing :-)
20:10 cait from his apologies for today
20:11 cait moving on?
20:11 ashimema yup.. that's pretty much it
20:11 cait #topic Updates from the Release Maintainers
20:11 Topic for #koha is now Updates from the Release Maintainers (Meeting topic: Development IRC meeting 10 October 2018)
20:11 cait Rmaints?
20:11 cait RMaints?
20:11 cait Release Maintainers?
20:11 ashimema oh.. that's me
20:11 cait wahanui never does his trick when I try it
20:11 wahanui cait: excuse me?
20:12 ashimema Just continueing to plod along :)
20:12 ashimema rmaints?
20:12 ashimema Fridolin also sends his apologies..
20:13 oleonard #info Owen Leonard, Athens County Public Libraries, USA, late
20:13 cait moving on then :)
20:13 ashimema also, I've proposed to take on rmaint for 18.11 next cycle
20:13 cait ah
20:13 ashimema Fridolin Somers : Last release of 17.05.x is ready will be out in a few days. Proposed to continue on RMaint 17.11.
20:13 ashimema onwards
20:14 cait #info ashimema has proposed to be Rmaint for 18.11 for next cycle (19.05)
20:14 cait #info Fridolin Somers : Last release of 17.05.x is ready will be out in a few days. Proposed to continue on RMaint 17.11.
20:14 ashimema that leaves us with a gap for 18.05 rmaint for the next cycle at the moment
20:14 cait #info Still looking for a 18.05 Release maintainer for the next cycle
20:15 cait hm maybe something for announcements, but we shoudl send the roles page to ml i tihnk
20:15 cait #link https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]i/Roles_for_19.05 Please sign up for the 19.05 release team
20:15 cait and schedule election for next general meeting?
20:16 ashimema good plan
20:16 cait #action cait to add elections to next general meeting
20:16 josef_moravec +1
20:16 cait someone volunteering to send the email?
20:17 ashimema I can send an email
20:17 ashimema #action ashimema to send an email reminding people to look at and add their names to 19.05 roles page
20:18 cait #action ashimema to send call for release team to mailing list
20:18 cait heh
20:18 ashimema haha
20:18 cait moving on?
20:18 ashimema go for it..
20:19 cait #topic Updates from the QA team
20:19 Topic for #koha is now Updates from the QA team (Meeting topic: Development IRC meeting 10 October 2018)
20:19 cait I'm still catching on things from the last few weeks but there has been quite a flurry of activity on bugzilla
20:19 cait numbers on the dashboard are slowly coming down - nso was under 200 this morning... no more
20:20 cait some long standing shibboleth patches have been pushed, also stock rotation
20:20 cait lots to do :) keep QA'ing!
20:20 ashimema feature slush is fast aproaching..
20:20 cait yes
20:20 cait #info November   2 - Feature slush - no enhancement/new features  that have not passed QA will be considered for release
20:20 cait was just looking it up
20:20 cait so we are ona deadline
20:21 ashimema :)
20:21 cait but great stuff happening, keep pushing :)
20:22 cait i'd love to see some omre progress on the ES patches
20:22 cait #info ES patches are a bit behind, would be great to see some work on those
20:22 cait moving on?
20:22 josef_moravec I like to start with testing ES more, hope I'll be able to make QA on them soon
20:22 ashimema i'm just getting myself up to speed on ES workings for qa
20:23 cait i tihnk we got some great stuff waiting there - but also not understanding it well enough right now
20:23 ashimema lacking in confidence for the bigger ES ones so far though..
20:23 cait we might have to just jump in :)
20:23 cait moving on? some more good topics ont he agenda tonight
20:23 josef_moravec move on
20:24 cait #topic General development discussion (trends, ideas,...)
20:24 Topic for #koha is now General development discussion (trends, ideas,...) (Meeting topic: Development IRC meeting 10 October 2018)
20:24 cait ashimema: do you want to take over?
20:24 ashimema just trying to remember who suggested using git trailers
20:25 oleonard jajm?
20:25 josef_moravec juian?
20:25 ashimema ah yes..
20:25 ashimema loose agreement was reached on the mailing lists and the wiki has been updated with some examples: https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]es#Other_trailers
20:26 ashimema I wondered if we wanted to go any further next cycle and encourage their use any more formally then
20:26 ashimema happy to save that one for a more corrate audience?
20:27 cait corrate?
20:27 ashimema more interested parties being around ;)
20:28 ashimema given the quietness lets save that one
20:28 ashimema so.. the second idea/suggestion was my own
20:28 ashimema the bugzilla status's
20:29 ashimema I've been in rmaint role for a few months now and feel I've managed to get the idea.. but one thing had been bugging me.. it always felt wrong that our process marked a bug as 'RESOLVED FIXED' the moment it was pushed into the lowest supported branch it was going to be ported to..
20:30 ashimema feels like that status should be saved for actual release of the fix to the wider public
20:30 ashimema as such..
20:30 ashimema I wanted to suggest a bit og bugzilla status tidy up
20:31 * ashimema sent a long message:  <[…]GeeZfzgOpwIXgNZBe >
20:31 ashimema any objections by anyone
20:31 ashimema rangi perhaps as I'd be coming to you to ask for actual implimentation most likely?
20:32 cait ashimema: i didn't get your last
20:32 cait sent a long message it says (client problem maybe)
20:32 cait tidy up...
20:32 rangi[…]GeeZfzgOpwIXgNZBe  cait
20:32 rangi thats the message
20:32 rangi from ashimema
20:32 cait i get an error there
20:33 cait M_NOT_FOUND
20:33 ashimema ooh.. sorry
20:33 ashimema it was just a copy/paste from https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]g_10_October_2018
20:33 ashimema the proposal details
20:33 cait hm odd, the first works
20:34 cait #idea Add Pushed to oldstable and Pushed to oldoldstable to get us in line with Debian package codenames and reserve RESOLVED FIXED for applying upon release
20:34 cait #idea Script for RMaints to mark all Pushed to branch as RESOLVED FIXED upon release.
20:34 cait #idea Remove Pushed for QA and Pushed by Module Maintainer as they aren't in active use.
20:34 ashimema thanks cait
20:34 cait i support all 3
20:34 cait i think Joubu might have something for 2
20:34 ashimema :)
20:35 cait or something similar, I think there was a script around to mark recently pushed for RM
20:35 ashimema I'm happy to write the release script side to automate changeing to RESOLVED FIXED (if joubu hasn't already done so)
20:35 ashimema indeed..
20:36 cait anyone else? :)
20:36 ashimema i chose codenames instead of version numbers so we're not stuck updating status's i bz every cycle
20:36 ashimema but am open to suggestions..
20:36 oleonard I am also happy for ashimema to write the release script
20:36 wahanui okay, oleonard.
20:36 josef_moravec i like this idea
20:36 ashimema lol
20:37 ashimema just feels like it brings us closer to the norm ;)
20:37 josef_moravec there was some discussion about code names in Koha some time before...
20:37 cait i vetoed cheese names i think
20:37 * oleonard does not care for code names
20:38 cait should we have a vote on all 3 points together?
20:38 cait or just 1 + 2 as those are the bugzilla changes?
20:38 cait rangi: are you ok with making the changes if we vote yes?
20:38 ashimema +1
20:38 oleonard I think code names are exclusionary because they obscure information from people who are new.
20:39 ashimema do you count stable, oldstable tc as codenames oleonard?
20:39 rangi yep
20:39 josef_moravec we could vote on all I think
20:39 cait #startvote Shall we add 2 new status: pushed to oldstable, pushed to oldoldstable and remove 2: pushed for qa, pushed by module maintainer? (yes,no,abstain)
20:39 huginn Begin voting on: Shall we add 2 new status: pushed to oldstable, pushed to oldoldstable and remove 2: pushed for qa, pushed by module maintainer? Valid vote options are , yes, no, abstain, .
20:39 huginn Vote using '#vote OPTION'. Only your last vote counts.
20:39 ashimema they track the debian scheme.. and wiki documentation for the repo
20:39 josef_moravec #vote yes
20:39 oleonard #vote yes
20:39 ashimema and seemed the clearest to me
20:40 ashimema #vote yes
20:40 cait #vote yes
20:40 ashimema frido and kidclamp were both happy with the idea too
20:40 thd #vote yes
20:40 cait giving it another moment
20:41 cait #endvote
20:41 huginn Voted on "Shall we add 2 new status: pushed to oldstable, pushed to oldoldstable and remove 2: pushed for qa, pushed by module maintainer?" Results are
20:41 huginn yes (5): oleonard, ashimema, cait, josef_moravec, thd
20:41 cait #agreed we will make the suggested changes to bugzilla status (yes (5): oleonard, ashimema, cait, josef_moravec, thd)
20:41 ashimema :)
20:41 cait #action rangi to change bugzilla (plz)
20:42 ashimema #action ashimema to update release maintanence page to reflect the change
20:42 cait good :)
20:42 cait #topic Review of coding guidelines
20:42 Topic for #koha is now Review of coding guidelines (Meeting topic: Development IRC meeting 10 October 2018)
20:42 cait nothing on agenda - anyone anything here?
20:43 ashimema nothing from me
20:43 cait moving on
20:43 oleonard everyone should code good
20:43 cait #topic Set time of next meeting
20:43 Topic for #koha is now Set time of next meeting (Meeting topic: Development IRC meeting 10 October 2018)
20:43 cait i think rhythm is still biweekly?
20:43 cait so 24th
20:43 cait ?
20:43 cait doest hat clash with another?
20:44 * ashimema checks diary
20:44 oleonard No
20:44 josef_moravec nothing in koha calendar so should be ok
20:44 ashimema 24th seems good
20:44 cait is biweekly right?
20:45 ashimema I think so
20:45 josef_moravec I think so
20:45 cait ok
20:45 cait looking up syntax, sec
20:45 cait which time?
20:46 ashimema today felt a tad late to me.. but.. we got rangi :)
20:46 cait 14utc?
20:46 oleonard rangi is a pretty big get
20:47 cait #info Next meeting: 24 October 2018, 14 UTC
20:47 cait so quiet
20:47 cait ending meeting :)
20:47 cait #endmeeting
20:47 Topic for #koha is now Welcome to #koha this channel is for discussion of the Koha project and software
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20:48 ashimema thanks cait for chairing
20:48 ashimema cait++
20:48 ashimema night all
20:48 josef_moravec cait++
20:48 cait ashimema++
20:48 josef_moravec ashimema++
20:49 ashimema koha++ :)
20:49 ashimema and on that note.. time for me to switch off and to to sleep
20:50 oleonard cait++
20:52 Freddy_Enrique cait++
20:52 Veronica joined #koha
20:56 Veronica Thanks, I want to add barcode, itemcallnumber and copynumber in the template,in this code
20:56 Veronica sub build_reserve_data {     my $reserves = shift;      my $return = [];      my $today = DateTime->now( time_zone => C4::Context->tz );     $today->truncate( to => 'day' );      while ( my $reserve = $reserves->next() ) {          my $row = {             title          => $reserve->biblio()->title(),             author         => $reserve->biblio()->author(),                        reservedate    => $reserve->reservedate(),             expirationdate =>
20:56 Veronica Thanks
20:58 cait good night all :)
20:59 Veronica Thanks, I want to add barcode, itemcallnumber and copynumber in the template,in this code
21:05 * CrispyBran is no longer away : Gone for 3 hours 45 seconds
21:13 * CrispyBran waves
21:13 caroline hi CrispyBran!
21:13 CrispyBran hi
21:57 CrispyBran @seen tcohen
21:57 huginn CrispyBran: tcohen was last seen in #koha 2 hours, 23 minutes, and 33 seconds ago: <tcohen> later #koha
21:58 CrispyBran @seen kidclamp
21:58 huginn CrispyBran: kidclamp was last seen in #koha 3 hours, 6 minutes, and 57 seconds ago: <kidclamp> bye koha! see you next week! (find tcohen in my absence)
21:59 Freddy_Enrique left #koha
22:02 faviola joined #koha
22:02 faviola The method Koha::Biblio->barcode is not covered by tests! , HELP
22:02 faviola PLIS
22:53 davidnind left #koha
22:56 CrispyBran anyone know if there is a way to retrieve a private convo from irc?
23:02 caroline good night #koha!

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