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04:08 RudyW We have installed Koha 18.05 on Ubuntu 18.04 on VMWare with 6GB Ram and high resource allocation.
04:09 RudyW Everything is fine and direct access to our 30000 books MySQL database is super fast.
04:11 RudyW But browsing the site is just a bit too slow. I don't understand why. Any parameters we could try to increase the user experience?
04:11 dcook RudyW: Do you know if you're using Plack?
04:12 dcook Actually, now that I've asked that, I'm guessing you probably are. What sort of response times are you getting when browsing the site?
04:12 RudyW No, Koha is running on our own server (ESXi 5.5)
04:13 dcook I might not have phrased my question correctly. Plack is a Perl module for using PSGI instead of CGI for communicating between the application and the web server
04:14 dcook How did you install Koha?
04:14 RudyW A search for 'Math' takes 8 secs (returns 1164 results)
04:14 dcook That is, which instructions did you follow?
04:14 dcook Hmm that does sound pretty slow although I've heard of slower.
04:15 RudyW ok, let me check the modules
04:15 dcook The installation method matters a lot to how we help
04:15 dcook Sorry don't worry about the modules for now
04:15 dcook Did you install using Debian packages?
04:15 dcook Maybe following https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]ki/Koha_on_Debian or https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]buntu_-_packages?
04:16 RudyW Let me just go back to my installation notes
04:16 dcook Sounds good
04:18 RudyW We used Koha-18.05 on Ubuntu-18.04 TLS
04:18 RudyW[…]ubuntu-18-04-lts/
04:21 dcook Yikes. Ok...
04:22 dcook Typically, we expect people to follow the Koha Commmunity wiki, but let's see...
04:24 RudyW Under modules I see Plack::Middleware::ReverseProxy (0.14) -- it that means anything
04:25 dcook Not really but thanks for looking :)
04:25 dcook In any case, if you followed the steps here, you should have installed with Debian packages, so that's good
04:28 dcook Do you have a document from this process?
04:28 dcook Like a transcript for the video?
04:29 dcook RudyW: Did you follow the video exactly?
04:31 RudyW we installed Ubuntu 18.04 LTS without GUI - then followed the video exactly
04:32 RudyW Then we deleted the MySQL database and restored from out backup.
04:32 RudyW The upgrade gave some errors - but everything is there what we are having on our current Koha 16.04
04:32 dcook Ok, well it looks like you're not using Plack, so here's a tip
04:33 dcook https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]ckages#koha-plack
04:33 dcook On your command line, try "sudo koha-plack --enable library" then "sudo koha-plack --start library"
04:34 RudyW ok, let me try that - I will just take a VM snapshot first
04:36 dcook Basically, it's creating a web server using the Plack module which allows for a more persistent environment which increases the performance. You'll still have Apache running as a web server as well, but it will proxy requests to the Plack-based web server.
04:36 dcook Other than that, help with tuning the performance of your instance is beyond what I can provide here
04:37 RudyW Thank you for your help. I will let you know whether it made a difference. I hope so!
04:37 dcook Provided that it works without any errors, you should notice a huge performance improvement
04:38 dcook You probably won't get search results in under a second, but I wouldn't be surprised by 3 seconds instead of 8 seconds.
04:38 dcook Anyway, I need to focus on some things. Hope that helps.
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05:51 fridolin hi there
06:01 calire morning #koha
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06:36 alex_a bonjour
06:36 wahanui hola, alex_a
06:40 magnuse \o/
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06:47 reiveune hello
06:47 wahanui kia ora, reiveune
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08:01 AndrewIsh magnuse:  around?
08:01 ashimema morning Andrewish
08:01 AndrewIsh G'morn ashimema
08:01 ashimema magnuse isn't even online ;)
08:01 AndrewIsh He is according to my IRC client
08:01 ashimema I'd leave him a `later` is I were you ;)
08:01 AndrewIsh Look at the top
08:02 AndrewIsh !seen magnuse
08:02 AnnaBoten magnuse was last seen in #koha 1 hour, 21 minutes, and 6 seconds ago: <magnuse> \o/
08:02 ashimema interesting.. he wasn't there a moment ago for me
08:02 ashimema perhaps search filtering has gone whack on my client
08:02 AndrewIsh :)
08:03 AndrewIsh I'll guess at what his answer to my question would have been, it's a bit of a blocker :)
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08:08 Archie Hi All
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08:10 Archie hey yall maybe you can help me out a little bit? I'm trying to remove the library instance
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08:11 Archie i'm running: sudo koha-remove library and i get this issue mysql: [ERROR] Could not open required defaults file: /etc/mysql/koha-common.cnf
08:11 tuxayo Archie: Is the file here? With which permissions?
08:12 Archie can you help me finding it's actual directory? (i've installed koha via packages)
08:12 Archie or do you mean the koha-common.conf
08:13 tuxayo Archie: type `ls -l /etc/mysql/koha-common.cnf`
08:14 Archie no the file is not there
08:14 tuxayo Hum, does anyone using the packaged version have an idea? ^^"
08:15 Archie but the issue appears when i'm trying to reinstall koha-common, i get this DBI connect('database=koha_library;host=lo​calhost;port=3306','koha_library',...) failed: Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock' (2) at /usr/share/perl5/DBIx/Class/Storage/ line 1517.
08:15 magnuse AndrewIsh: i'm here now :-)
08:17 magnuse hm, the fix from https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]uto_increment_fix seems to be working sometimes. anyone else seeing that?
08:18 magnuse gah s/be/not be/
08:22 Archie can't i just delete all mentions of instance library with all koha files and fully re-install it?
08:24 Archie coz if i try to use this solution more i see:  stat of /etc/mysql/my.cnf failed: No such file or directory
08:25 AndrewIsh Hi magnuse - don't worry I figured it out. A bad merge of your ILL comments patches was causing me much confusion, but all is clear now :-D
08:37 magnuse AndrewIsh: yay!
08:37 magnuse @later tell Archie have you tried "koha-remove --purge-all"?
08:37 huginn magnuse: The operation succeeded.
08:39 tuxayo Does anyone know which way bug 14784 should be automatically tested? (the logic of the test) That will be my first time writing a test. :)
08:39 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=14784 minor, P5 - low, ---, charles.farmer, Failed QA , Missing checkin message for debarred patrons when issuing rules 'fine days = 0'
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09:36 * ashimema wants oleonard on the qa team as 'ui specialist' and then he could just pass UI related fixes to him as a quick look and pass excersize
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09:41 RudyW Any experts for Plack? I did install using the Plack Wiki. But there is no performance difference. I also don't see Plack on the # top  list with %CPU % MEM
09:42 RudyW Koha About: Koha version:  / PSGI:Plack (deployment)
09:43 RudyW What could be missing?
09:43 magnuse did you active and start plack?
09:43 magnuse sudo koha-plack --enable <instance> && sudo koha-plack --start <instance>
09:43 ashimema and 'How are you measuring performance'
09:44 RudyW yes I did : sudo koha-plack --enable library && sudo koha-plack --start library and Apache2 restart
09:45 RudyW I do my standard search for 'Math' which takes 8 secs. No difference
09:45 * cait waves
09:46 cait RudyW: search is not the best to compare
09:46 cait every other page should load much faster with plack
09:46 RudyW I see in other blogs that Plack takes high CPU load. But I can't even see it on my #top list
09:47 cait does plack show as running on about > system information?
09:47 ashimema search is mostly based on Zebra performance (unless you're running Elastic in which case it's based on Elastic performance)
09:47 ashimema How large is your catalogue?
09:48 kidclamp for both ES and zebra search speed is limited by XSLT too
09:48 RudyW I don't see anything about Plack on the 'System Information' tab
09:48 ashimema indeed
09:48 ashimema very very true
09:48 RudyW We have 35000 books
09:48 cait ah sorry wrong tab, the first
09:48 RudyW on the first tab: PSGI:Plack (deployment)
09:49 ashimema that's not a huge catalogue so I doubt zebra is the limiting factor here.. but I could be wrong
09:49 RudyW I have assigne 6GB RAM to the VMHost
09:50 * ashimema is out of ideas
09:52 RudyW Compared with https://opac-kohademo.equinoxi[…] our system seems much slower
09:53 cait hm mysql configuration maybe?
09:53 RudyW I don't think because when we do direct queries to the Koha MySQL it is super fast!
09:59 cait have you changed the view per page setting? showing more than 20 per page?
09:59 cait that slows down things
10:00 cait also using zebra facets can have negative impact, but not with your size usually
10:07 RudyW Showing 20 per page
10:08 cait sorry, out of ideas then too
10:09 RudyW thanks anyway for your ideas
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10:38 * andreashm waves
10:40 ashimema does no-one use anymore :(
10:40 ashimema it's been down for ages
10:40 ashimema or rather.. it only support http.. so is difficult to get to
10:59 cait rangi runs it i think
11:13 ashimema Mmm, I'll raise it.. think it was a very issue that came up after trying to add something else to the server
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11:44 ashimema @seen drojf
11:44 huginn ashimema: drojf was last seen in #koha 9 weeks, 5 days, 2 hours, 34 minutes, and 53 seconds ago: <drojf> and you?
11:44 ashimema blimey.. not seen him in ages!
11:44 ashimema bit early for tcohen I guess too
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12:01 theod Hello everyone, I have a quick question regarding 942$0, update_totalissues script and sorting by popularity
12:02 theod The upgrade_totalissues script updates biblioitems.totalissues and (i think) updates the 942$0 too.
12:03 theod I believe that sorting by popularity is based on the indexed 942$0 values
12:05 theod So, since 942$0 is a subfield that can be edited/deleted by a librarian, the output of the sort will be based on the values entered by the librarian UNTIL a checkout of a relevant item is performed and that value is properly updated by the script
12:06 cait sounds about right
12:06 theod Even worse, if a librarian duplicates a biblio with a value in 942$0, that value will be in the new biblio record (although it should practically be 0)
12:07 cait but usually this field/subfield is hidden i think
12:10 theod if the field is indeed hidden, then the cloning of a record should NOT clone this value...
12:14 theod or else, you will never realise this inconcistency...
12:15 tcohen morning
12:18 Joubu hi there
12:18 Joubu RudyW: no warnings on the about page?
12:18 corilynn Joubu... I need your help again, when you have a moment :( I got tired last night and really messed up the patch
12:18 Joubu @later tell RudyW no warnings on the about page?
12:18 huginn Joubu: The operation succeeded.
12:19 Joubu corilynn: bug 21503?
12:19 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=21503 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, cbrannon, Needs Signoff , Update to fall back to code if description doesn't exist
12:20 corilynn no, Bug 19263
12:20 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=19263 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, carnold, ASSIGNED , Advanced Editor - Rancor - Add auto control number (001) widget
12:21 corilynn I accidentally ran the commit command twice and now it's got merge issues, and I'm somehow missing a file in there...
12:23 Joubu what did you want to do?
12:24 corilynn I want to go back in time? Do you have a delorian?
12:25 ashimema reflog
12:25 ashimema perhaps
12:25 Joubu you can do everything with git, so yes :)
12:26 corilynn can you walk me through that?
12:26 corilynn looked at https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]olve_Merge_Issues
12:26 Joubu the last patch - https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]ment.cgi?id=80240
12:27 Joubu there is a "var reg001", where does it come from?
12:27 corilynn I created it
12:27 corilynn that's what I mean, I want to kill this patch, plus the one before it
12:28 corilynn I think they got flubbed, and they are "easy" changes I can recreate
12:28 Joubu so you have a clean branch locally, with all the changes you want to submit?
12:29 corilynn ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
12:29 corilynn lets say I do...
12:29 corilynn I def. have all the changes
12:29 Joubu you can obsolete the patches on the bug report, then resubmit the ones you have locally
12:30 corilynn k
12:30 Joubu but I am not sure I understand exactly the issue :)
12:30 corilynn I guarentee I don't.
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12:31 corilynn The issue I have is that I'm setting up a new dev box, and I thought I'd test this change this morning and it gave me a merge issue, then I realized whatever I did last night before shutting down is borked
12:31 archie Hi guys! can anyone tell me what is the name of table for patrons? I'm in the middle of ETL project and started mapping tables
12:32 archie i created test patron but i can't find it in neither patron_lists. patron_list_patrons nor patronimage
12:35 Joubu corilynn: if you have a local branch with the correct changes you should definitely obsolete all those on the bug report then resubmit all the one you have locally (git bz attach -e...)
12:35 corilynn k, trying that now
12:35 Joubu Archie: it's "borrowers"
12:36 archie oh sweet. thank you!
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12:56 corilynn Joubu, I'm all clean, reapplied my update and have a commit message
12:56 corilynn I'm about to do git bz attach ... but here's where I think I messed up before
12:56 magnuse have fun #koha, see y'all on monday!
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13:00 oleonard Hi #koha
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13:01 caroline good morning!
13:01 calire hi oleonard
13:01 wahanui hi oleopard
13:01 calire hi caroline
13:01 caroline hi calire!
13:02 oleonard Hi caroline, calire, and most of all <3 wahanui
13:02 calire wahanui gets all the love
13:02 wahanui calire: sorry...
13:02 calire :D
13:09 Joubu corilynn: seems ok now, right?
13:09 corilynn yes... but there's still a bug
13:09 Joubu well, at least the patches apply :)
13:09 corilynn they do
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13:14 corilynn never mind, it just needed a reload of the page :)
13:15 corilynn bug 19263 is ready for inspection
13:15 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=19263 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, carnold, Needs Signoff , Advanced Editor - Rancor - Add auto control number (001) widget
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13:19 Freddy_Enrique Greetings Koha :3
13:20 caroline Hi Freddy_Enrique!
13:25 archie god damn it i'm confused ;D
13:26 oleonard What's up archie?
13:26 archie right so story so far. i've installed koha, i have koha. it's on my local machine. i can access both intra and opac... now  wanna see if i can tweak and change internally stuff in koha. for instanc einstead of button "patrons" i wanna change it to "hello there archie"
13:27 Freddy_Enrique ???
13:27 caroline archie: try the system preference IntranetUserJS
13:28 caroline you can look through here if something is similar to what you need https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]ki/JQuery_Library
13:29 oleonard archie: If your question is, "Where are the HTML templates for Koha's interface" we can answer that, but we always discourage changing them because it makes upgrades very difficult.
13:29 Freddy_Enrique I figured...
13:29 archie i mean, i need some sort of "proof of concept" that we can change stuffin koha before rolling out proposal that we can actually do that
13:30 caroline archie: what oleonard said, which is why it's easier to change the system preference
13:31 archie ok does it metter how i installed koha? using git or packages?
13:31 caroline I don't know javascript personally, but it seems pretty simple to change the wording on the buttons
13:32 Freddy_Enrique uhm... I think it is better that package method. It is meant for production
13:33 Freddy_Enrique and git for development
13:33 archie wait a second
13:33 archie where excatly are located the jquerry files?
13:35 oleonard archie: jQuery is a JavaScript library which is included with Koha and which can be used to apply customizations to Koha by leveraging the opacuserjs and intranetuserjs system preferences.
13:35 caroline If you want to change them through system preferences, in the interface, go to Administration > Global system preferences, search for IntranetUserJS, write you JS in there and save
13:35 caroline *your
13:37 archie oh sweet thank you
13:39 Freddy_Enrique I finished my first draft, hope is accurate. Tell me your thoughts please
13:39 Freddy_Enrique
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13:40 oleonard Very nice Freddy_Enrique
13:40 oleonard I don't know what the use case is... Would it be worthwhile to add something about paid support too?
13:40 caroline Freddy_Enrique++
13:40 Freddy_Enrique After this I wanna see the koha versions... 17 , 18... the master. That topic is not clear to me yet
13:42 Freddy_Enrique paid support... oh!
13:42 Freddy_Enrique I missed that
13:43 * ashimema will take  a look in a moment
13:43 caroline Freddy_Enrique: about the versions:[…]release-schedule/ the community releases two major versions per year, one in May, and one in November they are numbered like this YY.MM (so 18.05 is the May 2018 version)
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13:46 caroline Freddy_Enrique: every month (I think) there are smaller releases to fix bugs, the numbers are YY.MM.01, YY.MM.02, etc. (so right now, I'm not sure which version is the latest, but something like 18.05.04)
13:47 Freddy_Enrique caroline: those dates for the major releases are accurate? I mean...
13:48 caroline Freddy_Enrique: the master is the WIP version. in November, whatever is in the master will become version 18.11 and we'll continue to work on it for the 19,05 version
13:48 * Freddy_Enrique doesn't know how to say something in English....
13:48 caroline hehe! sorry, I speak only minimal spanish...
13:49 Freddy_Enrique Why 2 versions? 17 and 18 separately
13:49 oleonard Freddy_Enrique: Some people prefer to use an older version because it is seen as more stable, fewer bugs
13:49 ashimema think of them as 'oldoldstable', 'oldstable' and 'stable'
13:49 ashimema they are 'maintained' versions
13:49 Freddy_Enrique oldoldstable, that's a new one
13:49 oleonard We maintain one or two older versions if we have the volunteers to keep them up to date with bug fixes
13:50 Freddy_Enrique oh, just found it in the debian installe method
13:50 caroline Freddy_Enrique: the community maintains 3 versions. So if you have 17.11 on your system for example, you can still get bug fixes, but you won't get new features
13:50 ashimema right now oldoldstable is 17.05, oldstable is 17.11 and stable is 18.05 .. (and development is 18.06)
13:50 * Freddy_Enrique taking notes like a maniac
13:51 caroline Freddy_Enrique: It's like Windows. You can still work on Windows 8 (don't know if that's accurate, but just for the example), and Microsoft will still issue patches for bugs on Windows 8
13:51 caroline but new features are only in Windows 10
13:51 oleonard development is 18.11
13:51 ashimema when 18.11 is released.. 18.06 will become 18.11 and will be codenames 'stable', 18.05 will become oldstable, 17.11 become 'oldoldstable' and 17.05 will be 'out of maintanence'
13:51 Freddy_Enrique more clear than water....
13:51 Freddy_Enrique caroline++
13:51 Freddy_Enrique ashimema++
13:52 caroline You can also still work on Windows 95, but Microsoft doesn't support it, so it's like Koha 16.05 for example
13:52 ashimema development is actually 18.06 oleonard (see the release manager docs on the wiki.. or just look at the version number in the current master 😉 )
13:52 ashimema it only become 18.11 at point of release ;)
13:52 ashimema unless you're a dev you should never see a X.06 ;)
13:52 oleonard Oh sorry I thought you meant "will be"
13:52 ashimema just X.05 or X.11
13:53 ashimema hehe.. no worries
13:54 Joubu Freddy_Enrique: What's the title of your graph? What do you want to represent exactly?
13:55 Joubu I'd suggest another "Want to help?" section, but that will make it much bigger and complex :)
13:57 Joubu caroline: did you compare Windows and Koha? :D
13:58 caroline Joubu: hehe! Windows is so widely known it's easy to use it as an example ;) although I apologize for comparing Win 95 to Koha 16.05
13:59 Freddy_Enrique Joubu++
13:59 Freddy_Enrique Sorry guys, been in a meeting
13:59 Freddy_Enrique thanks a lot guys btw..  I'll work on it
13:59 Freddy_Enrique the topic of my draft will be...
14:00 Freddy_Enrique well, with this new info.. the recomendation is to be up to date
14:00 Joubu caroline: I was kidding of course :) At least there is a '5' in common, both are considered as very stable but with security vulnerabilities
14:01 * oleonard pops that old Myst CD-ROM into his Windows 95 Dell.
14:01 Freddy_Enrique XD
14:01 * calire loved myst, but was terrible at it
14:01 caroline oleonard: for your internat cafe, you will definitely need that CD-ROM
14:02 caroline *internet
14:02 Freddy_Enrique Joubu: was having problems understanding how the versions are managed, but it is getting clear now
14:03 * Freddy_Enrique feeling inspired, looks for his pencil
14:03 Freddy_Enrique again, thanks a lot guys
14:04 caroline Freddy_Enrique: someone is assigned (or assigns themselves) as "maintainer" for a particular version. They go through the bugs that are fixed ("pushed to master") and apply them to the version they are maintaining
14:04 caroline correct me if I'm wrong ashimema, Joubu, fridolin
14:05 fridolin caroline: its that
14:05 fridolin but for stable only
14:05 fridolin old stable get fixes from stable
14:05 fridolin ... and so on
14:06 Joubu yep, in 99% of the cases
14:06 fridolin Freddy_Enrique i'm currently on 17.11 maintaing from patches comming in 18.05
14:06 caroline So maintainer for stable goes through bugs that are pushed to master and applies them to stable version; maintainer for oldstable goes through bugs pushed to stable and applies them to oldstable; maintainer for oldoldstable goes through bugs pushed to oldstable and applies them to oldoldstable
14:07 fridolin that is why you see signed-off by of RMamanger, then stable RMaint, then oldstable RMaint
14:07 Freddy_Enrique where have you been all my life fridolin, first time I see you..
14:08 fridolin roles are by vote https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]e=Roles_for_19.05
14:08 Freddy_Enrique roles... aja!
14:08 fridolin Freddy_Enrique: oh im always there, but i'm in GMT+2
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14:09 mtompset Greetings, #koha.
14:10 Freddy_Enrique Hi mtompset
14:10 mtompset Greetings, Freddy_Enrique
14:10 mtompset @seen ashimema
14:10 huginn mtompset: ashimema was last seen in #koha 17 minutes and 15 seconds ago: <ashimema> hehe.. no worries
14:10 Freddy_Enrique GMT+2... where are you from fridolin
14:10 mtompset You here, ashimema?
14:10 fridolin Freddy_Enrique: i'm in France, next to Montpellier
14:10 ashimema here
14:11 fridolin its french riviera
14:11 ashimema just catching up on the reading
14:11 Freddy_Enrique O.o... holy mustache
14:11 ashimema you guys talk fast ;)
14:11 fridolin best place in the world
14:11 ashimema release maintainers also watch bugzilla for version specific bugs Freddy_Enrique
14:13 mtompset ashimema, I was able to apply bug 15529 after a git reset --hard and a git pull no issue.
14:13 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=15529 normal, P5 - low, ---, alexbuckley, Patch doesn't apply , Process Message Queue may send duplicate emails if process is launched twice
14:13 ashimema so.. if a bug is reported against 18.05 for instance.. I first check if it's a bug in master.. if it is I re-assign to master and then once a fix is pushed to master I'll port it back and the waterfall will continue.. if it only applies to 18.05 I'll do a fix just for my branch and let Frido know to check 17.11
14:13 ashimema but those are rather unlikely.
14:13 * Freddy_Enrique new was gonna watch bugzilla at some point
14:13 ashimema (to date I've not actually had one 😉 )
14:13 ashimema hmm
14:13 ashimema I'll give it another go mtompset
14:14 mtompset But the comment about ZEBRA_DIR is valid, and it needs a followup for that.
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14:23 ashimema What about the type stuff.. what do you think about that?
14:23 * ashimema is now on the school run.. so expect intermittent replies
14:25 mtompset ashimema, What do you mean the type stuff?
14:26 ashimema I added a comment about the script be able to be called with a message type specified
14:26 ashimema I think there needs a bit more thought around that
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14:27 ashimema Comment 33 on the bug
14:31 mtompset you mean sms, email? That's method.
14:32 mtompset Oops... no, it's already in there: type. I'm not sure the problem.
14:32 mtompset OOOOH!
14:33 mtompset The type isn't part of the locking key, so you can't run simultaneously non-overlapping types.
14:34 mtompset I would think that is beyond the scope of this bug.
14:35 mtompset You'd have to purposefully run through "selected types" in a sort of loop.
14:35 mtompset and lock each type as you go.
14:41 alex_a joined #koha
14:50 Joubu @later tell josef_moravec Hi Josef! Do not forget to link bug reports, to avoid duplicated work (like 21481 vs 21483). Great work btw, your patches were much more complete than mine :)
14:50 huginn Joubu: The operation succeeded.
14:52 ashimema Indeed.. but as this fix also doesn't support a no locking version for backwards compatibility I think it becomes a regression to not take account of type in the lock
14:53 Joubu ashimema: did you see comment my comment on bug 21072?
14:53 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=21072 normal, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , Should not show 'Update patron to adult' if no adult patron categories
14:54 ashimema Tcohen or Joubu, I wouldn't mind a second opinion on bug 15529 regarding comment 33
14:54 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=15529 normal, P5 - low, ---, alexbuckley, Patch doesn't apply , Process Message Queue may send duplicate emails if process is launched twice
14:54 ashimema Before I fail it too hastily
14:56 ashimema Joubu, I saw your comment on bug 21072.. and agree it's not backport worthy at that complexity.. but I would be willing to to a half measures approach to hide the button in 18.05 if Nick was keen to have something rather than nothing in stable
14:58 mtompset ashimema, should be allow no lock backward compatibility? That's the real question. If not, then fail for that.
14:58 mtompset Requiring locking per type and running through the types selected seems like an enhancement.
15:00 ashimema Mmm, I agree
15:01 ashimema Maybe I'll take a look at how hard that might be this evening and add as a follow-up . Currently juggling child care duties 😉
15:02 mtompset I can do that today. Child care duties are more important. :)
15:05 reiveune bye
15:05 reiveune left #koha
15:05 * oleonard keeps forgetting to start a Koha development sweatshop staffed by his children
15:06 ashimema Lol
15:07 ashimema I was going to try a find a simple patch for my daughter to write as it happens for her a cub scout badge 😉
15:09 ashimema She's done a bit of html and a fair bit of scratch to date.. no perl though yet..
15:12 corilynn I wrote a "How to code by creating games" book in Scratch and Processing like a million years ago
15:12 ashimema Cool corilynn
15:13 corilynn publishing is hard, tho... you already have to have a following
15:13 corilynn "platform"
15:13 corilynn scratch is excellent
15:14 ashimema I like scratch
15:14 caroline Come libraries have code clubs, but I think librarians don't feel good enough in coding to get into it more
15:14 caroline *some
15:15 corilynn that's cool. I was a developer before I was a librarian... I guess I'm back to being a developer too
15:17 fridolin left #koha
15:24 ashimema Our library has a code club.. but my kids aren't old enough to attend (and as far as I can tell are already a bit advanced for the class they would attend when they are)
15:24 ashimema I volunteered at coder dojo for a while though.. my eldest enjoyed that
15:24 cait joined #koha
15:26 tcohen @seen CrispyBran
15:26 huginn tcohen: CrispyBran was last seen in #koha 18 hours, 2 minutes, and 10 seconds ago: <CrispyBran> corilynn: you need to remove the hash (#) in front of that status when you edit (-e).
15:28 ashimema Scratch isn't as viable on Linux since they switched to actionscript though
15:43 Joubu ashimema: for a simple patch see bug 18584 and koha-howto  ;)
15:43 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=18584 trivial, P5 - low, ---, carnold, Pushed to Master , Our legacy code contains trailing-spaces
15:44 oleonard This is the only Scratch I know:
15:44 ashimema I was thinking of taxing her a little more than that 😉
15:47 Joubu ashimema: well, she will then be ready to write a second patch and take a look at C4::Auth
15:48 ashimema Lol
16:00 mtompset re: scratch --- my son LOVES scratch. He's on that website creating things all the time.
16:08 caroline joined #koha
16:09 caroline ugh... I hate VPNs that lock me out of my own network...
16:10 * mtompset nods.
16:10 oleonard We know you're just trying to watch US Netflix, don't even pretend
16:11 caroline I wish :)
16:12 caroline Netflix are very menacing towards proxy users... I'm afraid of them
16:15 huginn News from kohagit: Bug 7143: (follow-up) remove trailing apostrophe <[…]36cf3a787f6077af2>
16:15 huginn News from kohagit: Bug 11897: DBRev <[…]1a47d156e50b91fa0>
16:15 huginn News from kohagit: Bug 11897: (QA follow-up) Convert atomic update to perl <[…]9f7d9781c5522b79b>
16:15 huginn News from kohagit: Bug 15734: Use To.json to filter audio alerts <[…]50ff0362e369b6ff1>
16:15 huginn News from kohagit: Bug 15520: DBRev <[…]531e17250753755a7>
16:15 huginn News from kohagit: Bug 11897: Translatability and wrong escaping fix <[…]edbedd5baaa255124>
16:15 huginn News from kohagit: Bug 11897: (QA follow-up) Move menu to 'Catalog' <[…]3c0f89ecb2a4311f4>
16:15 huginn News from kohagit: Bug 11897: (QA follow-up) Update of tools-menu.js <[…]b86c9d23227135014>
16:15 huginn News from kohagit: Bug 11897: (QA follow-up) Fixes for JS12 <[…]aafe372fc8ff7b7ab>
16:15 huginn News from kohagit: Bug 11897: 'superlibrarian' has 'stockrotation' perms <[…]ecc8ccb6b7c1e305d>
16:15 huginn News from kohagit: Bug 11897: (QA follow-up) Template filter fixes <[…]3f62f33a1e6484608>
16:15 huginn News from kohagit: Bug 11897: Add sample notices for all languages <[…]2d2950ad7df75ada3>
16:15 huginn News from kohagit: Bug 11897: Use 'stockrotation' permission for the endpoint <[…]e6490c7f84e9eb763>
16:15 cait ah... nice to watch :)
16:15 huginn News from kohagit: Bug 11897: (QA follow-up) Fix tests <[…]1678dfccc25aa3c26>
16:15 huginn News from kohagit: Bug 11897: (QA follow-up) Remove rebase leftover <[…]851f10c7c41d8d8bd>
16:15 huginn News from kohagit: Bug 15520: (QA follow-up) Fix renaming of circ rules permission <[…]5bccd0cfe6d905c29>
16:15 huginn News from kohagit: Bug 11897: Stockrotation <[…]39e63021d504a75de>
16:15 huginn News from kohagit: Bug 11897: Add Boolean handling to dbic classes. <[…]ef386255e31f2ead3>
16:15 huginn News from kohagit: Bug 11897: DBIX::Class::Ordered in Stockrotationstage. <[…]977e667e028e0c4aa>
16:15 huginn News from kohagit: Bug 11897: Add Stock Rotation atomic update schema. <[…]e6127e98974dc81b6>
16:15 caroline push all the things!
16:19 ashimema lol.. and that's just one bugs worth ;)
16:19 ashimema me is absolutely delighted that particular bug is pushed though :)
16:20 ashimema ack.. who just did a bunch of SO's... I was so nearly under 50 in the NQA queue.. lol
16:21 ashimema poor kiclamp.. 44 patchsets in his queue to push
16:22 kidclamp chugging along
16:27 Scott-CSPL joined #koha
16:30 CrispyBran joined #koha
16:30 * CrispyBran waves
16:31 caroline hi CrispyBran!
16:31 CrispyBran hello
16:31 wahanui hi, CrispyBran
16:33 CrispyBran tcohen: kohadevbox seems to be out of space.  I can't bring it up.  Thoughts?
16:36 cait sorry, i've been pretty useless the last few days :(
16:36 CrispyBran no candy for you
16:36 cait :(
16:36 CrispyBran :P
16:37 * oleonard slips some candy under the table to cait
16:37 cait :)
16:37 * cait got knocked down by a cold
16:37 CrispyBran I see how it is.  :)
16:50 * ashimema passes chicken soup to cait
16:51 mtompset Greetings, Joubu caroline CrispyBran oleonard cait
16:51 CrispyBran hello mtompset
16:51 caroline hey mtompset!
16:51 wahanui mtompset is, like, about to test and sign off bug 21385. :)
16:51 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=21385 major, P2, ---, martin.renvoize, Pushed to Stable , Vendor search: Item count is incorrectly updated on partial receive
16:52 cait ashimema++
16:52 ashimema Are you.. thought that one was pushed
16:53 ashimema Oh.. I just got wahanui'd
16:53 caroline wahanui is now a verb
16:53 ashimema Hehe
16:54 caroline aw... I thought he'd remember that and spout it out when we said wahanui?
16:54 cait wahanui?
16:54 ashimema wahanui mtompset is on a sign off marathon
16:54 wahanui cait?
16:54 wahanui ...but mtompset is about to test and sign off bug 21385. :)...
16:54 cait wahanui?
16:54 wahanui yes, cait?
16:54 cait hm
16:54 cait all good
16:54 * ashimema wants a 'man wahanui'
16:55 oleonard wahanui: mtompset is not about to test and sign off bug 21385
16:55 wahanui ...but mtompset is about to test and sign off bug 21385. :)...
16:55 caroline I thought you wanted a man wahanui vs a woman wahanui, was confused
16:56 ashimema I can never remember how to talk to wahanui
16:56 oleonard Not that bots require a gender, but I think wahanui gets he/him because of the man
16:57 caroline ooh mustache!
16:58 cait maybe it's it
16:58 cait[…]&keywords=wahanui
16:59 oleonard wahanui: list
16:59 wahanui oleonard: what?
17:00 Margaret joined #koha
17:00 oleonard wahanui: Never mind.
17:00 wahanui oleonard: what?
17:00 caroline wahanui, what are you? a political leader or a conch?
17:00 wahanui caroline: i haven't a clue
17:00 caroline Didn't think so
17:00 * oleonard would rather have a conch as a political leader these days
17:00 caroline XD
17:01 caroline you crack me up!
17:03 ashimema Lol
17:03 ashimema wahanui wahanui is either a political leader or a conch, some people feel there's not much difference right now
17:03 wahanui ...but wahanui is back??!!!...
17:04 caroline backstreet is also back wahanui
17:05 oleonard wahanui is also a political leader
17:05 wahanui okay, oleonard.
17:05 oleonard wahanui is also a conch
17:05 wahanui okay, oleonard.
17:08 oleonard wahanui?
17:08 wahanui yes, oleonard?
17:08 oleonard wahanui who are you?
17:08 wahanui i am a political leader
17:08 oleonard wahanui what are you?
17:08 wahanui i am a political leader
17:08 oleonard wahanui are you a bot?
17:08 wahanui oleonard: no idea
17:09 caroline wahanui are you a conch?
17:09 wahanui wish i knew, caroline
17:10 CrispyBran oleonard is crazy today
17:10 CrispyBran :)
17:10 oleonard I'm not the one who doesn't know if he's a bot or not.
17:11 caroline oleonard are you a bot?
17:11 oleonard I'm a bot created by the human oleonard to be here while the real oleonard is starting his internet cafe chain
17:11 caroline +1
17:15 Freddy_Enrique jajaja
17:16 Freddy_Enrique Ill give it a try...
17:16 Freddy_Enrique wahanui who are you?
17:16 wahanui i am a conch
17:16 Freddy_Enrique wahanui what are you?
17:16 wahanui i am a political leader
17:17 * Freddy_Enrique starts thinking about the meaning of conch
17:18 Freddy_Enrique what the....
17:22 huginn News from kohagit: Bug 11897: Add mising semi-colon to user*.sql <[…]3a8627e14d879d1c0>
17:22 huginn News from kohagit: Bug 11897: (follow-up) Add Stock Rotation atomic update schema <[…]a13d10ebd03d23d6b>
18:25 davidnind joined #koha
18:26 alexbuckley joined #koha
18:34 Joubu KohaCon19 added to the Koha calendar ;)
18:36 caroline +1!
18:36 oleonard Not even a year away!
18:36 mtompset @later tell ashimema refactor attempt not going smoothly for bug 15529. Have fun with it.
18:36 huginn mtompset: The operation succeeded.
18:36 * oleonard gets a paper route
18:38 corilynn oleonard, it doesn't pay
18:38 * oleonard gets a paper route in 1982
18:40 corilynn so, everyone was all excited about signing off on my spaces at the end of the row bug... but poor bug 19263 has seen no such joy :(
18:40 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=19263 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, carnold, Needs Signoff , Advanced Editor - Rancor - Add auto control number (001) widget
18:40 * corilynn extracts some of the whine from that last message
18:41 oleonard corilynn: Getting a signoff within a day is fairly rare
18:41 corilynn oleonard, but the last one I was supposed to do myself and like three people jumped on it while I was trying to get back to it...
18:42 mtompset @seen tcohen
18:42 huginn mtompset: tcohen was last seen in #koha 3 hours, 15 minutes, and 31 seconds ago: <tcohen> @seen CrispyBran
18:42 mtompset Are you here, tcohen?
18:43 mtompset @later tell tcohen I can't get the bionic up. It dies at Gathering Facts.
18:43 huginn mtompset: The operation succeeded.
18:43 cait corilynn: it depends on people, who has time to look at things etc
18:43 cait makes it hard to calculate for
18:43 corilynn no worries
18:43 corilynn I'm just hoping I did it right :)
18:45 cait at the moment the queue is still quite long
18:45 cait 190 waiting for testing
18:45 corilynn k, I'm off to job #2
18:45 cait - have you seen the dashboard?
18:46 cait ok, have a good day :)
18:46 tcohen hi mtompset
18:47 tcohen mtompset: do you have more info? are you using LOCAL_ANSIBLE?
18:47 corilynn I'll see if I can sign some off tomorrow
18:47 tcohen mtompset: LOCAL_ANSIBLE=1 is mandatory for bionic
18:56 oleonard Bye all
19:06 ashimema Ta for adding kohacon19 to the calendar Joubu
19:28 davidnind left #koha
19:30 rangi ashimema:
19:30 ashimema ohhh
19:30 ashimema I wondered if that was you playing :)
19:31 ashimema I notice bugzilla momentarily dissapear
19:31 ashimema rangi, you are a star :)
19:31 ashimema rangi++
19:32 * ashimema can't remember what it was that was going to be added to that server that caused the issue in the first place.. I take it it never came to fruition
19:37 alexbuckley joined #koha
19:41 alexbuckley hi koha
19:41 caroline Hi alexbuckley!
19:42 * ashimema ducks
19:42 ashimema hi alexbuckley
19:42 alexbuckley :)
19:42 Joubu Hi New Zealanders
19:43 alexbuckley hehe hi Joubu
19:58 * Freddy_Enrique back from duties
19:58 Freddy_Enrique KohaCon19 stands for conference right?
19:58 Freddy_Enrique 2019?
19:58 caroline Freddy_Enrique: yes
19:59 Freddy_Enrique you are arranging it?
19:59 Freddy_Enrique are you guys arranging it?
20:00 talljoy joined #koha
20:00 caroline It's Interleaf technologies, Dublin Business School and PTFS-Europe who are organizing it
20:00 talljoy hi koha
20:00 ashimema theres a conference every year Freddy_Entrique
20:00 ashimema it rotates around the world with different voluntary hosts each time
20:01 Freddy_Enrique you all participate even though you are from different contries?
20:02 caroline Freddy_Enrique: the presentations are in English, but yes, the participants are international (it's really great!)
20:03 ashimema it's a fantastic event :)
20:04 cait people from lots of different countries are attending, it's really great
20:04 Freddy_Enrique uhm.... is it expensive?
20:05 Freddy_Enrique sorry, maybe I shouldn't have asked that question
20:05 ashimema free to attend
20:05 ashimema but of course.. one has to get there ;)
20:05 caroline (and stay, and eat)
20:05 Freddy_Enrique heh...
20:06 * Freddy_Enrique takes out his calculator
20:06 ashimema hehe
20:06 caroline (and drink lots of beer, cause apparently, that's what we do at kohacon)
20:07 ashimema people do it on lots of different budgets... but yeah, depending on where it is it can get expensive just finding a flight
20:07 Freddy_Enrique O.o? well well... You got my attetion XD
20:07 ashimema don't forget the hackfest that follows it too..
20:07 Freddy_Enrique what is this... hackfest?
20:07 Joubu btw I am wondering if Dublin would have won without the Guinness tower
20:07 ashimema lol
20:08 * ashimema liked both locations in this round
20:08 * ashimema has a slightly higher change of doing NZ in 2020 though this way around he thinks
20:08 cait caroline: i was so glad to have you and others joining me for icecream this year :)
20:09 caroline cait: you can *always* count me in for ice cream (even in winter, if necessary)
20:09 cait :)
20:09 Freddy_Enrique you guys really meet in person... didn't you....
20:09 cait we did... :)
20:10 * Joubu is wondering what he did in a previous life to have to parse XMLish with regexs...
20:10 cait Freddy_Enrique: the conference is usually 3 days of conf with presentations
20:10 cait one day for some sight seeing/cultural event
20:10 cait and then another 3 days of hackfest
20:10 rangi i want to rename the 2 bits
20:11 rangi 1 conference
20:11 rangi 3 day of presentations
20:11 cait hackfest is where we all get together with the laptops and work on different topics in groups
20:11 rangi 1 day social
20:11 rangi 3 day workshops
20:11 rangi cos hackfest scares off non devs
20:11 cait sound good to me
20:11 cait yeah it always requires explanation
20:11 rangi thats my plan for 2020 anyway
20:12 wizzyrea well hackparty is kind of the intent.
20:12 wizzyrea better than hackathon.
20:13 CrispyBran anyone know if you can store your github credentials in kohadevbox environment?
20:14 Freddy_Enrique hackfest... At first I thought I was going to see some cool stuff of how to hack someone
20:14 ashimema workshops is a nice rename.. I'm game with that.
20:14 wizzyrea CrispyBran, it's probably the same way you'd do it on any linux box
20:15 caroline I thought hackfest was like live-developping a new feature with librarian saying what they want and devs coding it
20:15 wizzyrea (idk what that is, but I'm sure it can be done)
20:15 CrispyBran I haven't done it before
20:15 ashimema I'm investigating getting some outside of koha devs to come along and give some talks at the 'hackfest' bit..
20:15 ashimema currently looking at trying to talk a mojo core dev to pop along
20:15 ashimema and maybe a dbic one..
20:16 CrispyBran in the vars?
20:16 ashimema or perhaps an elastic search guru
20:16 wizzyrea[…]every-time-i-push OR maybe use keys and git+ssh
20:16 wizzyrea[…]f021eb5c5916013dc
20:16 cait caroline: we should totally do that!
20:16 Freddy_Enrique Some photos of the conference and hackfest would be nice on the koha facebook profile
20:17 Freddy_Enrique Last time I checked, the last publication was on 2016
20:17 wizzyrea it's not a place we keep stuff really.
20:17 caroline I think davidnind took some for the twitter account
20:17 wizzyrea a blog post on the wesite might be nice
20:17 wizzyrea cait you sent me a url a while back, but i lost it
20:17 caroline Fred King did a great one with Avenging chicken
20:18 alexbuckley agreed wizzyrea
20:18 wizzyrea a lot of water under my bridge in the last couple of weeks
20:18 wizzyrea CrispyBran, those links were for you
20:18 CrispyBran got it.  Thanks
20:18 Joubu CrispyBran: ssh keys
20:18 Freddy_Enrique R.I.P facebook
20:19 wizzyrea 👍
20:19 caroline Freddy_Enrique: we are looking for a manager for the Facebook account if you're interested https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]i/Roles_for_19.05
20:20 * ashimema needs to call it a night
20:20 wizzyrea (CrispyBran - all of that would need to be done inside your vagrant ssh, if that wasn't clear, unless you're using the shared repo thing)
20:20 ashimema nighty night #koha
20:20 Freddy_Enrique I would like it
20:20 Freddy_Enrique Believe or not, Facebook is a platform that 99 of peruvians use
20:20 Freddy_Enrique I don't know if thats a good sign though
20:23 cait wizzyrea: sorry, do you know what link it was?
20:23 caroline rangi for Facebook, if Freddy_Enrique wanted to manage it, would you give him the credentials? How does it work?
20:23 Freddy_Enrique How is it in your countries, do people use it as much as mine?
20:23 wizzyrea something about kohacon
20:23 cait ah, i think I was asking if you could link the menu item directly to:
20:23 rangi caroline: i dont have a facebook account
20:24 cait becuase the page still says: that's all we know for now and the wiki page it links to makes it really hard to find
20:24 caroline rangi it says on https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]n_Social_Networks that you are admin...
20:24 rangi i deleted it a few years ago
20:24 rangi yeah it lies
20:24 cait so someone created another?
20:24 rangi there was always more than me
20:24 caroline ah! so we have to find someone else
20:25 rangi nicole, mj, galen
20:25 rangi gmcharlt: are you still admin of the koha facebook thingy?
20:25 gmcharlt rangi: yep, one of them
20:25 wizzyrea cool I've just updated the page.
20:25 cait gmcharlt: we missed you at kohacon btw
20:26 cait was hoping to see you again :)
20:26 gmcharlt cait: awww. yeah, my colleagues mentioned that to me; just tied up keeping fires burning at home, as it were
20:26 wizzyrea better than putting out fires I guess
20:27 rangi caroline: ive updated that page now
20:28 caroline Freddy_Enrique: I was looking for official data, but here in Quebec it says 64% of adults use Facebook, much less than Peru (it's data from 2016 though)
20:30 Freddy_Enrique I see... now that I think about it, Facebook has impacted South America the way people access information
20:31 caroline Do you have a lot of problems with information accuracy (fake news)?
20:31 wizzyrea you mean propaganda?
20:32 Freddy_Enrique Uhm, recently yes. Especially for the mayor campaigns
20:32 caroline wizzyrea: not necessarily (for me propaganda is political, I don't know if that's right), but things like "eating bananas everyday will make you lose 10 pounds!" or "Mount XX is actually a volcano and will erupt in the next 5 years"
20:33 wizzyrea ah I don't think of propaganda as political.
20:33 wizzyrea it certainly can be.
20:35 Freddy_Enrique I wont't deny the fact that a couple of times I saw fake news on Facebook. The term TROLLS was getting a bigt protagonism lately
20:35 Freddy_Enrique TROLL*
20:38 Freddy_Enrique but for better or worse this platform has become the favorite means of information here. Second place goes for TV
20:44 Joubu @later tell tcohen did you fix emails on jenkins?
20:44 huginn Joubu: The operation succeeded.
20:51 ashimema Hehe
20:51 ashimema I was just wondering the same
20:52 cait good night all
20:53 caroline bye cait!
20:53 Freddy_Enrique have a good night
20:53 cait :)
21:02 CrispyBran @later tell tcohen everything is set, but vagrant acts like vagrant-vbguest is not installed.  Can't go any further.
21:02 huginn CrispyBran: The operation succeeded.
21:14 Freddy_Enrique Bye all :)(
21:14 Freddy_Enrique left #koha
21:32 irma_ joined #koha
22:04 caroline bye #koha!
22:10 CrispyBran @later tell tcohen it looks like vagrant 2.1.3 and 2.1.4 have a bug that is not detecting the plugin at the right point, so it fails.  I have to downgrade to 2.1.2 for now.  I will try later.
22:10 huginn CrispyBran: The operation succeeded.
22:42 lukeG joined #koha
22:57 irma_ joined #koha
23:03 Margaret joined #koha
23:26 irma__ joined #koha
23:28 rangi @later tell caroline  all the pages should now have a last updated bit at the bottom
23:28 huginn rangi: The operation succeeded.
23:28 irma___ joined #koha
23:38 mtompset @seen tcohen
23:38 huginn mtompset: tcohen was last seen in #koha 4 hours, 50 minutes, and 20 seconds ago: <tcohen> mtompset: LOCAL_ANSIBLE=1 is mandatory for bionic
23:38 mtompset @later tell tcohen Thanks for the LOCAL_ANSIBLE=1 clue.
23:38 huginn mtompset: The operation succeeded.
23:40 mtompset @seen CrispyBran
23:40 huginn mtompset: CrispyBran was last seen in #koha 1 hour, 30 minutes, and 12 seconds ago: <CrispyBran> @later tell tcohen it looks like vagrant 2.1.3 and 2.1.4 have a bug that is not detecting the plugin at the right point, so it fails.  I have to downgrade to 2.1.2 for now.  I will try later.
23:42 mtompset Greetings, alexbuckley.
23:42 mtompset You there?
23:42 alexbuckley hi mtompset

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