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00:11 huginn News from kohagit: Bug 18639: (follow-up) Remove debugging code <[…]f50864ab441e05f23>
00:11 huginn News from kohagit: Bug 21403: DBRev <[…]a001739711f1332a4>
00:11 huginn News from kohagit: Bug 17602: Add missing html filters <[…]8dcfcd06e595ccabd>
00:11 huginn News from kohagit: Bug 21403: Do not overwrite the options if modified locally <[…]877c5edb114aab558>
00:11 huginn News from kohagit: Bug 21385: Define the Koha object class for orders <[…]307853845a6cd3735>
00:11 huginn News from kohagit: Bug 21462: (bug 15136 follow-up) Shift column numbering <[…]ac2cc2600c9b659a5>
00:11 huginn News from kohagit: Bug 21448: Fix copy repeated subfields when linking an authority with 6xx <[…]3a1d6c4878cce7c86>
00:11 huginn News from kohagit: Bug 21430: Update two-column templates with Bootstrap grid: Reports part 3 <[…]d1648162781486f5b>
00:11 huginn News from kohagit: Bug 21403: Add Indian Amazon Affiliate option to AmazonLocale setting <[…]ae4a5f680639cee97>
00:11 huginn News from kohagit: Bug 21385: (follow-up) make query consistent <[…]580888022641d4b6a>
00:11 huginn News from kohagit: Bug 21385: Add Unit Tests <[…]0ed2506199423f103>
00:11 huginn News from kohagit: Bug 21385: Correctly count all items in basket for booksellers list <[…]f9eed5f0f75ca8107>
00:11 huginn News from kohagit: Bug 21176: Fix due date calculation when high holds and TimeFormat is 12hr <[…]1ec0dc4a2a8ecd1f7>
00:11 huginn News from kohagit: Bug 21429: Update two-column templates with Bootstrap grid: Reports part 2 <[…]f0650f301d314b034>
00:11 huginn News from kohagit: Bug 21428: Update two-column templates with Bootstrap grid: Reports part 1 <[…]fee534d1613553146>
00:30 kidclamp night!
00:40 Guest1662 Yippee, build fixed!
00:40 Guest1662 Project Koha_Master_D9 build #564: FIXED in 26 min: https://jenkins.koha-community[…]ha_Master_D9/564/
00:41 kidclamp Heck yeah
00:48 Guest1662 Yippee, build fixed!
00:48 Guest1662 Project Koha_Master_D8 build #58: FIXED in 35 min: https://jenkins.koha-community[…]oha_Master_D8/58/
01:06 Guest1662 Yippee, build fixed!
01:06 Guest1662 Project Koha_Master_U18 build #52: FIXED in 26 min: https://jenkins.koha-community[…]ha_Master_U18/52/
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02:36 mtompset @later tell CrispyBran I'm more findable on skype, facebook, twitter, and other communication methods. :)
02:36 huginn mtompset: The operation succeeded.
02:37 mtompset Have a great day, #koha kidclamp
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03:55 Javier_Pelaez d
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05:31 ashimema <_oftc_Freddy "cait++"> Freddy_Enrique++ #casting some light on how the community fits together.. awesome diagrams man
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05:34 ashimema Joubu++ #jumping on the critical bug whilst I was asleep.. thanks dude
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05:42 paxed cait: morning. bug 11175 now obeys a syspref
05:42 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=11175 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, pasi.kallinen, Needs Signoff , Show the parent record's component parts in the detailed views
06:16 ashimema paxed++
06:16 ashimema I love that feature paxed
06:25 paxed i just hope it can be shoved into master eventually...
06:25 ashimema it's using proper 001 links too isn't it?
06:25 * ashimema is just reading the patch.. it's pretty comprehensive
06:25 ashimema may well need a ES followup though perhaps?
06:26 ashimema but I'm personally happy with it going in, in two stages.. zebra first
06:26 magnuse \o/
06:26 ashimema ooh.. are you doing the proper combination of 001 and 003..
06:26 ashimema koha's not done that to date has it.. that's awesome.. I've been wanting to add that for ages
06:27 magnuse paxed++
06:30 ashimema You didn't fancy taking a look through these wiki pages and updating them at all did you?
06:30 ashimema https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]/Serial_Analytics
06:30 ashimema I wrote them, or rather wrote some and adapted others when I last worked in this area.. would be awesome to keep them up to date with this feature
06:30 ashimema May even be nice to add them into the manual at some point
06:33 ashimema be nice to actually do the merge of into the little set of pages at least too
06:33 ashimema at last.. even
06:33 paxed ashimema: i took a loook, haven't touched them, because i'm losing faith ever getting this feature in
06:33 ashimema really?
06:35 ashimema I'm happy to lend a hand.. be a lovely feature to get in
06:35 ashimema aha.. I see.. caits special libraries with article level records.
06:35 ashimema yeah.. I had a loooong chat with her about that way back
06:35 ashimema leads to a massive catalogue
06:35 matts hi
06:35 ashimema adding a 'see more . . .' shouldn't be too terrible though should it?
06:35 ashimema hi matts
06:36 ashimema ooh
06:36 ashimema and her wierd missing middle level
06:36 ashimema hmm
06:36 * calire waves
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06:37 paxed ashimema: it now depends on a syspref to turn it off altogether, so
06:37 * dcook waves while on the phone
06:37 josef_moravec hi #koha
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06:38 alex_a bonjour
06:39 paxed ashimema: the list also just shows scrollbars if the height would be more than 25em:[…]75_screenshot.png
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06:40 reiveune hello
06:40 ashimema Coolios
06:41 ashimema What's the performance like with massive analytic numbers I wonder
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06:41 paxed zebra search.
06:41 paxed all the component record mangling for display is done in xslt
06:48 * ashimema also always wondered if easyAnalytics could be merged into the useControlNumber handling
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06:55 magnuse what's the plan for announcing the winner of the kohacon19 vote? at the general meeting tomorrow?
06:57 ashimema I believe so
06:57 * ashimema is in a company meeting all day tomorrow so isn't yet sure if he'll actually be able to attend the general meeting 🤔
06:58 calire tomorrow is a bank holiday here so I will likely forget -_-
06:58 magnuse i would say as long as the feature can be turned off for those not able to use it, bug 11175 should make it in even if it does not fit cait's libraries :-)
06:58 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=11175 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, pasi.kallinen, Needs Signoff , Show the parent record's component parts in the detailed views
06:58 magnuse ashimema: i think the meeting is late in the evening for us
06:59 magnuse 3 October 2018, 20:00 UTC https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]ng_3_October_2018
06:59 ashimema Indeed.. I'll likely be at dinner with the company gang
06:59 magnuse 22:00 my time
07:00 magnuse 21:00 your time?
07:00 magnuse y'all can join the meeting from your fonez ;-)
07:00 ashimema We have a two day meeting in London, and all go out for dinner.. as we're all remote it's our only opportunity to catch up in person
07:00 ashimema Yeah 2100
07:00 ashimema Hehe
07:00 magnuse sounds nice, though
07:00 * ashimema is on the phone right you can tell from all the typos
07:01 ashimema Indeed
07:01 ashimema The docs meeting is just before it isn't it.. or is that today..I've lost track
07:03 magnuse today, i think
07:03 magnuse 2 October 2018, 21:00 UTC https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]ng_2_October_2018
07:03 ashimema I'll try to poke our docs person.. she's keen now 😁
07:04 magnuse yay!
07:05 * ashimema really needs to get an ES setup today.. meant to be demoing it tomorrow
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07:25 magnuse bonjour cait et sophie_m
07:25 sophie_m hi magnuse and #koha
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07:47 * andreashm waves
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07:57 tuxayo o/ andreashm
07:59 dcook "The machine index which stores all required information about running Vagrant environments has become corrupt"
07:59 dcook eeep
07:59 * dcook hopes vagrant doesn't crash his workstation again
08:00 andreashm hi tuxayo
08:00 andreashm and hi dcook! working late?
08:01 dcook hey andreashm
08:01 dcook Yup
08:01 andreashm and that error does sound bad!
08:01 dcook I sent you an email saying I was going to try to do some community work with 4 minutes left of my work day
08:01 dcook And now I'm just going to see how long I can go before I get hungry :p
08:02 andreashm make it 4 good minutes! =)
08:03 dcook It's already been 6 minutes now heh
08:03 dcook I still have a handful or two of peanut m&ms though so all good
08:04 dcook Hmm... I do still have this laptop with everything set up. Maybe I should just use that in favour of my workstation...
08:12 ashimema paxed still about?
08:13 andreashm dcook: using the pre-configured laptop makes a lot of sense in this situation. =)
08:13 andreashm unless you've already gone by now
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08:15 paxed ashimema: yes?
08:16 fridolin hi ;)
08:16 ashimema are you deliberately only handling 773's in that display bug?
08:17 * ashimema is looking at how far useControlNumber now goes.. it's used for a whole bunch of linked fields these days
08:17 ashimema 490, 773, 775, 780, 785
08:17 dcook andreashm: Nah, I think I'm going to be here forever now :D
08:17 dcook Also managed to mess up the git on the laptop :'(
08:17 dcook But... looking at fixing it. So that's fun.
08:18 paxed ashimema: well, 773 is the component parts field. 775 is "other edition", etc. this would be a good start to even handle any of these
08:18 ashimema agreed.. just wondered if there was the intention to do it
08:19 andreashm dcook: I always manage to break something with git. so I sympathize.
08:20 ashimema I also wonder about your 'hidden in the code' fallback route between using 001 + 003 and just 001
08:20 dcook It made me think of that time at Kohacon heh
08:21 ashimema as the linking fields stuff all ind on useControlNumber syspref I could certainly see people wanting that turned on.. but then the hiding of that fact that that inadvertantly turns off the 001 + 003 type searching/linking for this could be a surprise
08:21 paxed ashimema: 003+001 is what should be used for linking per the MARC21 format specs.
08:21 ashimema perhaps a followup bug that adds a 'UseControlIdentifier' pref and allows for the links to construct much like in your display search
08:22 ashimema I agree
08:22 andreashm dcook: haha. =)
08:24 andreashm wait, useControlNumber braks 001+003 search/linking?
08:24 andreashm breaks
08:24 ashimema well it doesn't break it
08:24 ashimema it just ignores 003's
08:25 ashimema so.. I imagine in allot of cases there's not conflicts in 001's that actually require the 003 distinction
08:25 ashimema but the 001 + 003 is the 'correct' way to do it according to spec as far as I'm aware
08:25 ashimema if you don't use useControlNumber then links are simple title searches.. so your even worse off
08:25 ashimema dcook ^
08:27 andreashm oh. didn't know that. thanks for clarifying!
08:27 paxed but that has nothing to do with bug 11175, imo
08:27 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=11175 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, pasi.kallinen, Needs Signoff , Show the parent record's component parts in the detailed views
08:27 ashimema hense my thoughts on adding a useControlIdentifier pref to add the distinction
08:27 ashimema so you can build up the specificity of the searches
08:28 * dcook wasn't really following the conversation
08:28 dcook hey josef_moravec, are you still around?
08:28 ashimema paxed: except that if happend to have a catalogue where 003 was important.. enabling useControlNumber would mean you get bad results in bug 11175
08:28 josef_moravec hi dcook, yes still here
08:29 dcook awesome, I'll PM you
08:29 ashimema sorry dcook.. I actualyl highlighted the wrong person
08:30 dcook np ashimema. I do find 001+003 interesting in general! Although mostly in terms of how 001+003 should be combined to make the 035 on import I think...
08:30 ashimema oh. interesting other side to this.. thanks dcook :)
08:30 paxed ashimema: okay, i'll redo the patch
08:30 ashimema i'm also never entirely sure how 001 and 003 should be combined for 773$w
08:31 paxed 773w=(Host_003) Host_001
08:31 ashimema paxed does a 'combine with space' OR '773$w=001 AND 003=003'
08:31 ashimema which is interesting
08:31 ashimema I'd also seen no space
08:31 ashimema and 003 in brackets and a space
08:31 dcook Oh wow... I seem to have filled my kohadevbox's diskspace with my koha git...
08:31 ashimema as above
08:32 paxed $w(DLC)###59003745#
08:32 ashimema do you not link out to a local kohclone dcook?
08:32 dcook Nah, I thought I was having issues with git for windows, so I just did it within the kohadevbox on the laptop at kohacon
08:32 dcook Going forward, I'd link out though
08:33 ashimema I see
08:33 dcook In fact I should check the status of the kohadevbox on my desktop to see how it's coping
08:33 * dcook is a huge fan of koha-testing-docker...
08:33 paxed ashimema: looks like even the LoC doesn't khow exactly, as their examples also have $w(CaOONL)840790694E
08:33 paxed so looks like space is optional
08:33 ashimema yeah.. it's a mess ;)
08:33 dcook (CaOONL)840790694E is what I'm used to for a 035?
08:34 ashimema kinda why I'd like to make easyAnalytics work with useControl number.. so we can suggest/enforce how they're combined at least from the manual catalogueing stance
08:34 paxed but it's (host_003) + maybe_spaces + Host_001
08:34 ashimema cool.. I missed the 'maybe' in the code.. my bad
08:35 paxed actually, the spec says "System control number of the related record preceded by the MARC code, enclosed in parentheses"
08:35 * dcook curses Windows
08:35 ashimema interesting
08:36 ashimema I'll update the wiki examples then to add in the brackets
08:36 ashimema hehe
08:36 ashimema I do like that you also fall back to checking for 003 = 003 match plus 773w = 001 matching
08:36 ashimema that's nice
08:37 paxed i'll redo the patch so it doesn't consider UseControlNumber
08:38 ashimema :)
08:38 ashimema sorry.. didn't mean to throw a spanner in the works :)
08:38 ashimema many eyes aye
08:38 paxed single line change, so *shrug*
08:39 ashimema :)
08:43 andreashm never seen a 035 with a space between 003+001. But haven't really paid attention to how it looks at 773w.
08:43 paxed ashimema: done
08:44 paxed andreashm: looks like 035 _doesn't_ have spaces, at least according to LoC examples
08:44 paxed ah
08:44 paxed "MARC code (enclosed in parentheses) of the organization originating the system control number, followed immediately by the number."
08:44 andreashm makes sense then
08:44 paxed note the "immediately"
08:44 paxed 773$w doesn't say immediately
08:44 andreashm so its only in 773w where it is optinal
08:45 andreashm optional
08:45 andreashm good catch
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09:05 ashimema would you rather I signoff on bug 11175 paxed.. or wait for the SO and then QA it?
09:05 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=11175 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, pasi.kallinen, Needs Signoff , Show the parent record's component parts in the detailed views
09:05 ashimema if I SO it, cait can QA perhaps.
09:07 paxed ashimema: you're interested in testing it, seems to me, so SO ;)
09:07 ashimema :)
09:08 * ashimema has tested.. looks good :)
09:09 ashimema ooh..
09:09 ashimema it already has a signoff line
09:52 paxed hm. is there a mechanism to invalidate cache (or certain cache keys) when saving a (certain) syspref?
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10:02 dcook Just going to leave this here...
10:02 dcook[…]devbox/issues/273
10:15 dcook paxed: I wonder that too. I've had a lot of issues with caching and system preferences and just haven't had time to look into it...
10:17 paxed i don't think there's any method for it, but it might be nice to have a field in the systempreferences for "cache keys that need to be invalidated when this value is changed", with '*' meaning all
10:18 dcook Certainly an interesting idea
10:18 dcook Although on that note, I am going hoooome
10:18 dcook 8:18pm is too late to be at work
10:18 paxed it's only 13:18 here, so a bit more to go for me
10:18 andreashm oh, go home dcook!
10:19 andreashm and do what all responsible people do. eat chips for dinner and start working from home instead. =)
10:19 ashimema lol]
10:19 dcook lol
10:19 ashimema go andreashm
10:19 ashimema hehe
10:19 paxed what? no no no, you should code your own fun projects instead...
10:20 dcook I was thinking I'd grab pizza on the way >_> heh
10:20 ashimema so.. see you in an hour then dcook ;)
10:20 ashimema hehe
10:20 dcook paxed: It's like you're reading my mind
10:20 andreashm =)
10:20 dcook I have a little bit of code I want to do for a ESP8266 at home. Shouldn't take long... right?
10:21 dcook andreashm: I now have a kohadevbox that should work though, so hopefully that should make it easier for me to get stuff done
10:21 dcook I kept bumping into this issue and now that I've resolved it and know why it seems to be happening... I can move on heh
10:21 andreashm dcook: great! hope to see bug 10662 moving again! =)
10:21 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=10662 new feature, P3, ---, dcook, Failed QA , Build OAI-PMH Harvesting Client
10:21 dcook Ok actually leaving. Night everyone!
10:21 andreashm night dcook
10:22 ashimema night dcook
10:26 calire g'night
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10:46 eythian_ oh, dcook was here.
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11:00 * kidclamp waves
11:09 magnuse \o/
11:12 paxed magnuse: i think janPasi has some choice words for you? ;)
11:13 janPasi magnuse: well... it's about sami bibliography
11:13 magnuse ok?
11:14 janPasi magnuse: I got the impression that you guys would like to harvest library of (finnish) lapland's database with OAI/PMH for the Sami bibliography
11:14 janPasi magnuse: the problem in that being that there are ~1.7 million biblios, of which you want around 70000
11:14 magnuse uhm, sorry that does not ring a bell for me :-)
11:15 janPasi magnuse: and OAI doesn't really offer much in the way of selecting what actually gets harvested
11:16 janPasi magnuse: ok, I sent an e-mail to Asbjörn Risan about this, so we'll see :)
11:17 magnuse ah, he works at BIBSYS, one of our competitors :-)
11:17 janPasi magnuse: oh, I see
11:17 ashimema kidclamp: is this still the most up to date place to look for ES state of affairs and setup instructions? https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]iki/Elasticsearch
11:17 janPasi magnuse: I think they are the ones that maintain the Sami bibliography
11:17 kidclamp it has not been updated (by me) in some time
11:18 magnuse janPasi: yeah, they handle a lot of the tech stuff for our national library, so i suspect the national library would be the "project owners"
11:18 kidclamp however it looks fairly reasonable
11:18 kidclamp if it doesn't work I just crib from kohadevbox to get ES installed and running ashimema
11:19 ashimema ta
11:19 janPasi magnuse: you wouldn't happen to know who to contact in the norwegian national library?
11:19 ashimema hehe
11:19 ashimema yeah.. that was my backup plan
11:19 ashimema I'm finally getting around to playing with it to get a demo setup for our company meeting tomorrow
11:20 ashimema would you recommend me grabbing any in the queue patches to give the best impression?
11:20 ashimema or that you want SO/QA on whilst I'm working to get a setup running :P
11:22 Joubu bug 18235
11:22 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=18235 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Signed Off , Elastic search - Configurable facets
11:22 ashimema ta Joubu
11:23 ashimema once I'm up and running and grab it and take a look
11:26 ashimema ooh.. I wasn't aware of a koha-nightly deb repo
11:26 ashimema i kinda thought that that was what unstable on community was
11:32 andreashm janPasi: can you create a set for the records they would like to harvest?
11:33 andreashm can't ^^
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11:45 oleonard Hello #koha
11:45 andreashm hi oleonard
11:48 ashimema ok.. so
11:48 ashimema trying to index on elastic I get `[NoNodes] ** No nodes are available: [http://localhost:9200]`
11:48 ashimema which sounds as simple as elastic isn't running
11:49 Joubu kidclamp: another follow-up attached to 13618
11:50 ashimema starting es should be as simple as `sudo service elasticsearch start` right?
11:51 * magnuse thinks so, yes
11:54 cait ashimema: noNodes is what i see n my devbox atm too... if you figure that out
11:54 ashimema oh.. I have the fun of systemd
11:54 ashimema and
11:54 ashimema it's also run out of memory too
11:54 cait and it won't start (stays red dot)
11:54 ashimema try `sudo journalctl --unit elasticsearch` cait
11:55 ashimema seems the systemd inits don't report whether a start actually succeeds
11:55 ashimema so mine wasn't
11:55 ashimema I had to go digging through logs to figure out it was oom
11:55 janPasi andreashm: hmm, maybe, I'll look into that
11:56 janPasi andreashm: that would be a good solution actually :)
11:56 cait ashimema: have to try on the laptop at home, but will do :)
11:56 ashimema to be fair to it.. my dev box was only at 1gb ram
11:56 ashimema I've just quadrupled it
11:56 Joubu ashimema: update your kohadevbox repo
11:57 ashimema I'm not using kohadevbox for this yet
11:57 ashimema it's installed as per an old git dev install ;)
11:57 ashimema it's what i had lying around ;)
11:59 ashimema damn elastic is heavy.. it immediately filled all the extra ram I gave it.
11:59 ashimema lol
12:06 eythian[…]s-forgotten-books
12:08 Joubu s/filled/reserved I guess
12:09 ashimema indeed
12:12 magnuse "Backslash separated text (.csv)" really?
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12:17 andreashm janPasi: good!
12:20 kidclamp yeah, ES needs 4gb at minimum I believe
12:33 magnuse java ftw! ;-)
12:40 fridolin kidclamp: ah depends on catalog volume
12:40 fridolin our sandboxes avec 1Go xmx
12:40 fridolin its a 5000 records
12:40 kidclamp my experience ES will crash with less then 4GB
12:41 kidclamp what version are you running?
12:41 ashimema I can't even start ES without 4gb
12:42 ashimema so perhaps there's some extra config I'm missing.. but for me the default config after running a apt install elasticsearch (with the es 5 apt repos only installed).. i tried just starting it with 1gb and it immediately dies out of memory
12:44 Joubu `vagrant up` and you have a working ES install... :)
12:44 ashimema i currently do ;)
12:44 Joubu ho, I told it already
12:44 ashimema no need for vagrant for me
12:44 ashimema ;)
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12:52 tcohen morning
12:53 oleonard Hi tcohen
12:53 calire hi tcohen
12:53 calire and oleonard
13:05 ashimema hola
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13:22 caroline Good morning!
13:23 oleonard Hi caroline
13:23 * andreashm waves
13:23 calire hi caroline
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13:35 Freddy_Enrique *waves to all :)
13:35 * cait waves
13:38 * Freddy_Enrique starts the day with some Lindsey Stirling music
13:38 caroline +1
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13:40 mtompset Greetings, #koha.
13:40 mtompset Greetings, Margaret
13:41 Margaret good morning mtompset!
13:42 Freddy_Enrique Good morning mtompset
13:44 kohaputti joined #koha
13:46 mtompset Greetings, Freddy_Enrique
13:46 mtompset I attempt to avoid morning/evening greetings, since you never know what timezone people are in. :)
13:47 mtompset @seen cait
13:47 huginn mtompset: cait was last seen in #koha 12 minutes and 16 seconds ago: * cait waves
13:49 mtompset cait, you here?
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13:50 mtompset If anyone is interested... I just moved things around on the KohaCon Hackfest board to reflect our current status. :)
13:50 mtompset Hopefully that doesn't upset people. :)
13:51 cait sorry, about to leave!
13:51 cait which page?
13:51 mtompset
13:51 mtompset That one. :)
13:52 mtompset There's something almost satisfying about the "Needs Sign Off" column being almost empty. :)
13:53 oleonard So, only 200 bugs missing from that board.
13:53 mtompset Oh don't be such a downer, oleonard
13:53 mtompset Greetings, oleonard.
13:53 mtompset The fact that they were at Hackfest means we might wish to give them priority when looking at things.
13:54 tuxayo Greetings mtompset  :)
13:54 mtompset Greetings and Salutations, tuxayo! :)
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14:04 kohaputti joined #koha
14:05 mtompset Greetings, kohaputti ... why putti?
14:06 cait bye all
14:06 cait left #koha
14:06 mtompset Bye, cait... DOH! too slow because of typos.
14:06 mtompset Back in a reboot.
14:08 calire left #koha
14:09 mtompset joined #koha
14:09 mtompset Greetings again, #koha. :)
14:14 laurence left #koha
14:15 oleonard With everything getting an HTML filter in the template now, do we need lines 524-527 of
14:19 mtompset ??? I'm not sure I'm looking at the same code you are, oleonard. What is line 524?
14:20 oleonard #TODO : replace LibraryName syspref with 'system name', and remove this html processing
14:20 mtompset That's 512.
14:21 mtompset That's a good question. I guess it would depend on where Library Name is used in the template files, and if it really does push it through a filter.
14:22 oleonard[…]01ce;hb=HEAD#l524
14:22 mtompset DOH! I'm on 18.05
14:23 mtompset Yep. That was difference. :)
14:25 caroline anyone who worked on bug 19166 (kidclamp, ashimema, cait), what does "Encumber while invoice open?" mean?
14:25 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=19166 new feature, P5 - low, ---, nick, RESOLVED FIXED, Add the ability to add adjustments to an invoice
14:25 kidclamp whether the funds should be counted as 'ordered' before the invoice is closed
14:26 kidclamp if it is not set, then the adjustment doesn't affect your budget until the invoice is closed
14:26 ashimema I.e. when does it affect the budget
14:26 caroline ok thank!
14:26 kidclamp if set they will be subtrcted from the available funds immediately
14:26 ashimema 'item-level_itypes set but no itemtype set for item'
14:26 caroline *thanks
14:26 kidclamp accountants understand, or so I am told
14:26 caroline The manual readers thank you :)
14:26 ashimema Anyone able to remind me what goes bad when your seeing that allot
14:27 kidclamp title level holds
14:27 ashimema Hehe
14:27 kidclamp idk what else
14:27 ashimema Cheers
14:32 oleonard Anyone around who is familiar with using in kohadevbox?
14:37 caroline Is there a minimum amount for invoice adjustments? If I add an adjustment of 0.01 then click on update, the amount becomes 0.00
14:38 Joubu oleonard: these lines assume that the pref LibraryName can contain html tags, and should be interpreted. However LibraryNameTitle should remove the tags (not interprete them nor display them)
14:39 Joubu oleonard: so yes we need them, and we should not escape LibraryName but use $raw insead
14:40 oleonard I can't remember why LibraryName was meant to allow HTML...
14:40 * Joubu re-reads that and does not understand what he wrote...
14:41 jzairo joined #koha
14:41 Joubu git log points to commit "rel_3_0 moved to HEAD" erk
14:44 Joubu paul_p: maybe?
14:54 alex_a joined #koha
15:12 Freddy_Enrique mtompset: that trello we app.... really useful :)
15:12 Freddy_Enrique mtompset++
15:13 Freddy_Enrique I feel it is better than google keep notes
15:14 laurence joined #koha
15:14 * ashimema likes trello boards too
15:21 paul_p_ joined #koha
15:23 fridolin left #koha
15:28 * mtompset doesn't like Trello, but is willing to use it.
15:35 reiveune bye
15:35 reiveune left #koha
15:37 Joubu good news, it's not trello but taiga :)
15:45 caroline Fellow ubuntu users, what do you use to borrow ebooks? I tried installing Adobe Digital Editions with Wine, but it keeps crashing and I need to test our ebook lending service integration -_-
15:48 oleonard Is it a known bug that records without biblio-level item types can't be viewed in the OPAc?
15:48 oleonard Can't call method "may_article_request" on an undefined value at /home/vagrant/kohaclone/opac/ line 761
15:49 mtompset Joubu, What's in a name? A Kaban board by any other name would be just as annoying. I don't like it. :P
15:51 * mtompset apologies to Shakespeare for ruining Romeo & Juliette. :)
15:51 laurence left #koha
15:52 magnuse joined #koha
15:53 Joubu oleonard: we are going to assume that item types are correctly defined (bug 21150)
15:53 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=21150 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, RESOLVED FIXED, Data inconsistencies - item types
15:53 magnuse do we have any docs on how to use the new rest api yet? e.g. for third party developers who are not familiar with koha?
15:54 oleonard Joubu: I have item-level itemtypes enabled
15:55 Joubu ha!
15:57 Joubu that's tricky then...
16:00 oleonard Bug 21475
16:00 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=21475 critical, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , Error in the OPAC when viewing a record which has no biblio-level itemtype
16:06 CrumbCake joined #koha
16:08 UluruWalker joined #koha
16:12 RomancePrincess joined #koha
16:23 * magnuse wanders off into the night
16:28 LeeJ joined #koha
16:28 * LeeJ waves
16:28 oleonard Hi LeeJ
16:28 LeeJ hi everyone
16:28 LeeJ long time no see
16:30 LeeJ had the best intentions of being back on here earlier but classes had other plans for me apparently :)
16:31 * LeeJ dives into the manual's merge requests
16:33 LeeJ ashimema: around?
16:33 ashimema Sorta
16:34 ashimema Just picking up kids from clubs and running around cooking tea.. so on general parental duties
16:34 LeeJ ashimema: is your Update systempreferences.rst to match changes made by bug 20271 ready to merge to the manual now? I noticed it doesn't have WIP anymore but just wanted to check
16:34 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=20271 major, P1 - high, ---, oha, Failed QA , Merge deleted biblio, biblioitems, biblio_metadata, and items tables with their "alive" cousins
16:34 ashimema But I can watch this.. just don't expect immediate replies 😉
16:35 ashimema Oh, not sure how the WIP got lost
16:35 ashimema Looks like the bug it relates to isn't in master yet (in fact it's failed QA) so not ready I'm afraid
16:35 LeeJ so that's still WIP? I just re-added the WIP
16:35 ashimema I was trying to get ahead of the curve on that one.. SE thing with the stock rotation one
16:35 ashimema Thanks
16:36 * ashimema realises he never tidied up the two SR merge requests.. not sure how I ended up with two
16:36 ashimema Been a busy few months..
16:37 LeeJ ashimema: you said it :P
16:38 LeeJ ashimema: I'm taking 12 credits on top of working 40 hours a week
16:40 caroline Hi LeeJ! I missed your entrance :)
16:40 LeeJ caroline: hello! I missed my #koha family :)
16:40 LeeJ caroline: merging your 171 now
16:41 caroline thx! :)
16:41 LeeJ caroline: merged :)
16:42 caroline +1!
16:42 caroline I added tons of topics for today's meeting, sorry! I hope it won't be too long
16:46 mtompset LeeJ! Greetings. :)
16:46 LeeJ caroline: I don't mind! I'm glad you took the initiative because I've been a terrible inactive jerk :)
16:46 LeeJ mtompset: salutations!
16:47 mtompset LeeJ++ # Correct reply protocol. ;)
16:47 * ashimema may or may not be at the meeting :(
16:48 Freddy_Enrique meeting time guys?
16:48 caroline next meetings?
16:48 caroline ugh I can never get this right
16:48 Freddy_Enrique By bad, I thought you were currently in a meeting
16:49 caroline https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]Next_IRC_meetings
16:49 caroline No it's later today
16:49 Freddy_Enrique I meant to ask... what is that SOPAC2?
16:50 Freddy_Enrique thanks caroline
16:50 caroline google search says it's "social opac", but I have no idea what it does
16:51 Freddy_Enrique me too, just saw it in the manual
16:52 caroline maybe this?
16:53 caroline updated 2014 :/
16:53 Freddy_Enrique basically, gives more features to the catalog
16:54 Freddy_Enrique got it
16:55 caroline yeah but all those features are already in the opac... maybe it's an older thing
16:55 Freddy_Enrique I found it in the 17.05... Man, I really need to update asap
16:56 caroline keep in mind that we only ADD to the manual, we rarely go through and remove out of date things
16:57 Freddy_Enrique is that a fact for all the manual?
16:57 Freddy_Enrique manuals*
16:57 caroline yes, as far as I know
16:57 caroline well all the koha manuals
16:58 Freddy_Enrique Ok, before I forget. You mentioned that we have newsletter and tweeter to get informed
16:58 caroline yes
16:59 Freddy_Enrique I was searching in tweeter the Koha label. But, I dont get anything
16:59 caroline search for @kohails
17:00 caroline The newsletter is here :[…]/koha-newsletter/
17:01 Freddy_Enrique thanks a lot! I was able to find the newsletter, but with the tweeter account was a different history
17:01 Freddy_Enrique caroline++
17:01 caroline Were you able to find it with that handle?
17:02 caroline going to lunch bbl
17:03 LeeJ caroline: okay enjoy :
17:03 LeeJ :)
17:03 Freddy_Enrique Bom apettite
17:15 oleonard Joubu++
17:15 oleonard Thanks for updating qa tools with filter check
17:17 LeeJ @later tell kidclamp hey, so is this the file for the 18.11 release? was asking because it's labeled 18.06..[…]
17:17 huginn LeeJ: The operation succeeded.
17:20 ashimema 18.06 is the codename for in-development version
17:21 kidclamp yup LeeJ - I wil try to generate recent ones today too
17:24 ashimema may nab you for some elastic fault finding later if your still about kidclamp
17:24 ashimema I can't get any results for any searches at the moment :(
17:25 cmo_ hmmm my mysqld died
17:25 cmo_ i wonder why
17:25 tcohen cmo_: /var/log/mysql.err
17:29 kidclamp what does the elasticsearch.log give you ashimema? Did you doa reindex with -d? always best to make sure the indexes are cleared and up to date
17:30 cmo_ looking tcohen but not seeing where crash occurred so far
17:30 cmo_ last line from date of crash just shows socket established
17:31 tcohen tail -n 100 /var/log/mysql.err
17:31 cmo_ hehe
17:31 cmo_ i know how to read log files but ty
17:31 cmo_ just saying 'i wonder' cuz i haven't figured it out
17:31 ashimema hmm
17:31 tcohen ah, maybe syslog knows about the problem
17:32 ashimema .. /var/log/elasticsearch.log shows the re-index stuff.. but doesn't appear to grow when i hit the opac search
17:32 kidclamp try a search for '*' that shoudl return anything
17:32 kidclamp then: curl -X GET "localhost:9200/_cat/indices?v"
17:32 kidclamp that should show if you have docs working
17:32 ashimema nada
17:33 ashimema that curl command gives
17:33 ashimema 4 indexes.. 2 for each of my instances..
17:33 ashimema looks right to me
17:34 kidclamp how many docs?
17:34 ashimema docs.count for each looks right too
17:34 ashimema hmm
17:34 ashimema certainly looks like Koha's not hitting it
17:34 * ashimema sent a long message:  <[…]rKsDdmUEtgwgnvvTu >
17:35 cmo_ ugh lol my syslog entries go back to the day after the crash
17:35 kidclamp curl -X GET "localhost:9200/koha_rcs_biblios/_mapping/"
17:35 kidclamp is there any problem in koha? is searchengine set to elastic?
17:36 cmo_ last time i couldn't understand why my catalog didn't work i just had to reset memcached lol
17:36 cmo_ *restart
17:36 cmo_ maybe will help you..
17:36 kidclamp add a dumper to dump the query before it gets passed to ES/Catmandu
17:37 * ashimema moves to PM to stop spamming general too much
17:37 kidclamp i think it's relevant ashimema
17:37 cmo_ i know i like reading about people's koha problems and learning more
17:37 ashimema okies.. I'm happy to stay here
17:38 ashimema just didn't want to swamp out cmo_ as they were also asking questions ;)
17:38 ashimema '{"koha_rcs_biblios":{"mappings":{"data":​{"_all":{"analyzer":"analyser_standard"},​"properties":{"es_id":{"type":"long"},"re​cord":{"type":"text","store":true}}}}}}#'
17:38 cmo_ nah i'm just curious about my sqld but it restarted fine
17:38 cmo_ so i'm good
17:38 CrispyBran joined #koha
17:39 ncbaratta joined #koha
17:41 CrispyBran oleonard: are you in?
17:41 oleonard Yes
17:44 CrispyBran would you mind checking something for me?  We are on 17.11, and i don't have my test system in front of me right now.  We are saving a non-public note in an item record (field x), but when I run a report, it is coming up in the paidfor field.
17:47 ashimema `SetEnvIf Host "mrdev-elastic\.koha-ptfs\.co\.uk" OVERRIDE_SYSPREF_OPACUserCSS="body { background-color: red; }"` should still work right?
17:48 oleonard CrispyBran: We haven't run into any problems that I'm aware of with non-public notes
17:51 CrispyBran Hmmmm
17:54 monica joined #koha
17:55 monica how to make ISSUEQSLIP print from a reservation until you load the loan, thanks
17:56 caroline monica: ISSUEQSLIP is not for reservations. Do you mean HOLD_SLIP?
17:59 cori_lynn joined #koha
18:14 mtompset CrispyBran! Greetings. :)
18:14 CrispyBran hello mtompset
18:19 cait joined #koha
18:27 davidnind joined #koha
18:42 jzairo joined #koha
18:42 oleonard Bye all
18:50 LeeJ joined #koha
18:51 * LeeJ shakes fist at campus network for going down
18:58 ashimema Lol
19:02 Joubu The "(remove)" link on the result page, to remove from cart, remove 2 "things" from the cart
19:02 Joubu so, add, add => show "2"
19:02 Joubu add, remove => show "1"
19:02 Joubu could anyone confirm that please?
19:02 Joubu I do recreate on 18.05.x as well
19:03 Joubu only opac
19:06 Joubu 17.11 as well
19:06 Joubu hum...17.05.x as well, should be on my side, right?
19:08 Joubu that's super easy to test: launch a search at the opac, click "add to basket" twice, then remove one
19:10 LeeJ joined #koha
19:26 Joubu I confirmed on sandbox and catalyst demo, nothing in the bug tracker. How did nobody notice that before?!
19:26 caroline Joubu: I tested in my 18,05.03. When I remove one, there is no more number
19:26 caroline Is that what's happening for you too?
19:27 Joubu if you remove one, 2 are removed
19:27 caroline yes
19:27 rangi morning
19:27 caroline very weird
19:27 Joubu but actually it's worse than that. If you add, add, add, remove, add, then refresh, the selected ones are not the correct ones
19:27 Joubu the biblionumbers are not concat correctly in the cookie
19:28 caroline Does it have to do with the cookies?
19:28 Joubu that's super crazy
19:28 Joubu I just cannot imagine nobody noticed that before, it impacts all stable releases...
19:28 caroline My first add still shows "in your cart", but it's not there
19:29 caroline No my mistake, it's there, but the cart says 0
19:50 alexbuckley joined #koha
20:05 jo joined #koha
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20:34 paul_p joined #koha
20:40 caroline cait did you see LeeJ's email?
20:46 jzairo joined #koha
20:53 davidnind joined #koha
21:02 caroline Who is here for the Docs meeting?
21:02 davidnind I'm here!
21:02 davidnind Hi caroline!
21:03 caroline Hi davidnind!
21:03 caroline I think it's only the two of us
21:03 Joubu I am more or less around
21:03 caroline LeeJ has internet troubles and I pinged cait earlier and she didn't answer
21:03 davidnind A quick meeting then!
21:03 Joubu or postpone?
21:03 caroline Do you think we should postpone and wait for them?
21:04 cait hi
21:04 caroline oh hello!
21:04 cait sorry, i accidentally closed the window... and got lost in my knitting project
21:04 davidnind Hi cait!
21:04 caroline Yay for knitting!
21:04 caroline Ok, well if we're four, it's ok we can start the meeting
21:05 caroline anybody want to chair as LeeJ is MIA?
21:05 cait do we have an agenda?
21:05 caroline yes very big (my fault)
21:05 davidnind https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]ng_2_October_2018
21:05 cait maybe yo should chair as punishment then :)
21:06 davidnind https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]Chairing_meetings
21:06 caroline :( ok, that means it will just be me typing the whole time :)
21:06 cait i can do it
21:06 cait :)
21:06 cait share the weight
21:06 caroline Hopefully I don't mess it up like last time
21:06 cait if you want
21:06 cait but you will do fine if you do it :)
21:07 caroline :) thank you!
21:07 davidnind I can try and chair if you like - will be a bit slow... but it is a good learning experience!
21:07 caroline #startmeeting Documentation IRC meeting 2 October 2018
21:07 huginn Meeting started Tue Oct  2 21:07:27 2018 UTC.  The chair is caroline. Information about MeetBot at
21:07 huginn Useful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #startvote.
21:07 Topic for #koha is now  (Meeting topic: Documentation IRC meeting 2 October 2018)
21:07 huginn The meeting name has been set to 'documentation_irc_meeting_2_october_2018'
21:07 caroline #chair cait
21:07 huginn Current chairs: cait caroline
21:07 caroline #chair davidnind
21:07 huginn Current chairs: cait caroline davidnind
21:07 caroline mwa hahah!
21:08 caroline #topic Introductions
21:08 Topic for #koha is now Introductions (Meeting topic: Documentation IRC meeting 2 October 2018)
21:08 cait #info Katrin Fischer, BSZ Germany
21:08 caroline (please use "#info" in front of your introduction to have it show up in the automatic minutes)
21:08 caroline #info Caroline Cyr La Rose, inLibro
21:08 davidnind #info David Nind, Wellington, New Zealand
21:09 caroline Joubu?
21:09 Joubu #info Jonathan Druart
21:09 caroline #topic What's been done so far
21:09 Topic for #koha is now What's been done so far (Meeting topic: Documentation IRC meeting 2 October 2018)
21:09 caroline KohaCon18 & hackfest
21:10 caroline rangi and cait gave a presentation on documenting Koha with a live edit of the manual (!!)
21:10 caroline #link[…]BXjSt7Dr1qKy&t=0s
21:10 caroline cait++ rangi++
21:10 caroline It generated a lot of interest
21:10 davidnind rangi++ cait++
21:10 cait rangi did the demo - he is the brave one
21:10 caroline I don't know if ppl asked them questions in private afterwards, but I know a couple approached me with questions
21:10 cait he challenged them to make a edit for a fix of the version number and 2 did
21:11 caroline Maybe future writers? :D rangi noticed new contributors.
21:11 caroline during the hackfest, I gave a workshop on editing the manual and there was 8-10 ppl in attendance.
21:11 davidnind he gave out some chocolate fish as well I think
21:11 davidnind caroline++
21:11 caroline That's a NZ thing, it's not as much an incentive for the rest of us ;)
21:11 cait caroline++
21:12 cait she was awesome :)
21:12 caroline The wiki page was really useful
21:12 caroline #link https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]g_the_Koha_Manual
21:12 caroline hehe thx :) We all did a great job
21:12 davidnind I thought it went very well - there was a lot of interest, and I think everyone managed to get something commited
21:13 caroline Any other comments?
21:13 caroline moving on
21:13 caroline #topic Workflows
21:13 Topic for #koha is now Workflows (Meeting topic: Documentation IRC meeting 2 October 2018)
21:13 caroline Does anybody have anything to say about this? It's a topic by default so I never know
21:14 cait i think no changes
21:14 Joubu (I have to leave sooner than expected, sorry! See you tomorrow)
21:14 cait so we can probably move on?
21:14 davidnind Is everyone okay if I add a section on setting up a local copy of Sphinx, so you can generate an updated docs
21:14 caroline #topic  Next steps
21:14 Topic for #koha is now Next steps (Meeting topic: Documentation IRC meeting 2 October 2018)
21:14 caroline davidnind: of course!
21:15 davidnind wasn't as complicated as I thought
21:15 caroline I'm eager to see it, I didn't know it was possible
21:15 caroline So you can see in real time your changes?
21:15 davidnind yep - doesn't take too long to generate
21:15 caroline Cool!
21:16 davidnind was easy to setup on Linux, can do on Windows, but don't have a mac to test
21:16 caroline Please do! I'm always anxious with the syntax because I don't know how it will turn out
21:16 cait you have to regenerate
21:16 davidnind added to my task list!
21:16 cait but it does work :) and you can have your own epub too
21:16 caroline like the doctor?
21:16 cait heh
21:16 cait i so want to say yes to that
21:16 caroline :)
21:17 caroline Alrighty
21:17 caroline #action davidnind will write a section on setting up a local copy of Sphinx, so you can generate an updated docs
21:17 caroline #topic Automation of screenshots
21:17 Topic for #koha is now Automation of screenshots (Meeting topic: Documentation IRC meeting 2 October 2018)
21:17 caroline I noticed a lot of screenshots were out of date in the manual
21:18 caroline I added a dedicated section in Taiga, but it discouraged me a little bit
21:18 caroline #link[…]adocs-1805/us/586
21:18 caroline During hackfest, I spoke with Joubu about his tool to take automatic screenshots. He said no one had really sent him comments, so we weren't sure if it was because there was no interest, or because of another reason (too busy, email got lost in pile of emails, etc.)
21:18 caroline We discussed of the pros and cons and I wrote them down so we could discuss them here
21:18 caroline #link[…]a086a35d116a0f44c
21:18 caroline PROS
21:18 caroline 1) Screenshots are always up-to-date with the latest version, do it once and they're always there
21:18 caroline 2) Screenshots can be generated in all languages
21:19 caroline 3) Script will test all pages, and regressions will be found
21:19 jzairo joined #koha
21:19 caroline CONS
21:19 caroline 1) Harder to add images to the manual, only advanced editors will be able to add them
21:19 caroline 2) Joubu still has to work on it, he stopped because of the lack of comments
21:19 caroline 3) Some images might be hard to generate (50% easy, 30% medium, 20% maybe not attainable)
21:20 caroline Someone wrote on the wiki "Have been experimenting with Selenium+Robot Framework+Screencapture library - looks promising" I'm guessing that's Joubu
21:20 davidnind That's me - I have been experimenting with Selenium + Robot Framework + Screencapture library
21:20 caroline ah ok!
21:20 davidnind forgot to add my name
21:21 davidnind also ran out of time to add my notes and add repository
21:21 cait i am not sure i understand how to do it, but it might be easier than i think
21:21 caroline So what is the workflow for your thing davidnind?
21:21 davidnind it took me a while to find something useful and relatively easy
21:22 davidnind Basically, inc plain language you write a script, something like this:
21:22 davidnind Valid Login
21:22 davidnind Open Browser To Login Page
21:22 davidnind Input Username    koha
21:22 davidnind Input Password    koha
21:22 davidnind Capture and crop page screenshot  images/login_page.png
21:22 davidnind ...    css=#login
21:22 davidnind Submit Credentials
21:22 davidnind Projects Page Should Be Open
21:22 davidnind [Teardown]    Close Browser
21:23 cait interesting!
21:23 caroline It looks simple enough
21:23 davidnind You then run a command from the command line and it folows the steps - can be against any Koha installation (I used the docker testing)
21:23 davidnind You can take screenshots of parts of pages based on css classes
21:24 caroline It's very similar to what Joubu showed me. He was working with
21:24 davidnind You can also add data to fields and capture that before it presses submit
21:24 caroline davidnind: did you think it was very long to write up everything?
21:24 davidnind Will have a look at that - I think I did come across cucumber, but thought it was a bit complicated - will check it again
21:25 davidnind I ran out of time before this meeting, but will add wiki page and repository
21:25 caroline thank you
21:25 davidnind It may not cover all screenshots, but maybe most (I hope)
21:26 davidnind Would take a bit of time to setup existing screenshots, but would make it much easy in the future
21:26 caroline Personnaly, I think this would be very interesting, especially to have up-to-date screenshots and also screenshots in all languages
21:26 * rangi is just heading out
21:26 rangi but davidnind[…]d2ec41e3a37b78c0b
21:26 rangi we used to have instructions
21:26 rangi this commit killed them
21:27 rangi[…]7fcddd9ff75d41f53
21:27 rangi would be good to get them back :)
21:27 davidnind Will have a look, thanks rangi!
21:28 davidnind For languages you could change the Koha install language and then run 'test'
21:28 davidnind I'm sure there will be some problems...
21:29 davidnind Anyway will write up and share, and see if it is viable
21:29 cait oh oops
21:29 cait about the docs
21:29 caroline I think it's still worth a try
21:30 cait can we add bringing back the readme page?
21:30 davidnind Looked at a lot of other options, but all seemed to require some sort of programming skills
21:30 caroline cait what do you mean is there no readme anymore?
21:31 davidnind the current readme is very brief!
21:31 cait because rangi just said it got killed
21:31 caroline I'll add it to taiga
21:31 caroline #action caroline will add bring back the readme page as a task on taiga
21:31 cait yeah it's gone:
21:31 cait it used to be instructions
21:32 cait with how to do sphinx, generate locally etc
21:32 caroline #action davidnind will write up his notes on Selenium+Robot Framework+Screencapture library and share them with the group
21:32 davidnind the instructions look exactly like what I ended up doing!
21:33 cait sorry we lost them
21:33 davidnind the spelling check is useful as well - have to remember to write US english!
21:33 caroline hehe!
21:34 davidnind things happen!
21:34 caroline ready for the next topic?
21:34 davidnind yep!
21:35 caroline #topic Organization of images in images.rst
21:35 Topic for #koha is now Organization of images in images.rst (Meeting topic: Documentation IRC meeting 2 October 2018)
21:35 davidnind been a bit slack on sending to the list...
21:35 cait you do so many things
21:35 davidnind not really!
21:36 davidnind I procrastinate a lot!
21:36 davidnind leaning towards the option of organising the index of images using categories by module
21:36 caroline +1
21:36 davidnind e.g. cat-0001, circ-0001
21:37 davidnind and leaving the source images as they are
21:37 davidnind that way you can hopefully check if there is an image first in that category instead of creating another one
21:37 cait so not chaging file names/locations, just the numbering?
21:37 cait ok for me
21:37 caroline I was thinking 3 capital letters + 3 numbers
21:37 davidnind there are about 1473 images at the moment
21:38 caroline phew!
21:38 davidnind will post to docs list this evening (for me)
21:39 cait davidnind++
21:39 caroline ok so we'll discuss this via email and hopefully agree on a method (I hate hate hate merge conflicts because of images!)
21:39 davidnind as an aside I used the pngcrush tool and it turned images from about  82.3 MB down to 54.6 MB, about a 1/3rd reduction in size
21:39 davidnind :)
21:39 caroline davidnind++
21:40 davidnind caroline++ fixing all the docbugs!
21:41 caroline #action davidnind will write a proposition to organize images to the docs mailing list and we will discuss by email
21:41 caroline #topic Description of development process
21:41 Topic for #koha is now Description of development process (Meeting topic: Documentation IRC meeting 2 October 2018)
21:41 caroline It was mentioned on IRC that the development process/version maintenance was not documented. Someone was specifically asking why version 17.11.09 came out after version 18.05.03, which is a reasonable question, I think.
21:41 caroline I was wondering if we wanted to document the outline of the development process, or is that too technical?
21:42 caroline There is also the question of placement. Would that be in the introduction? in the FAQ?
21:42 caroline I noticed there was a brief outline on the community website
21:42 cait hm there is information on the wiki
21:42 caroline[…]release-schedule/
21:42 cait but we might want to have osmething more
21:42 cait maybe a non-technical descriptoin with links to wiki for more?
21:43 davidnind Perhaps in an appendix on the development process, with a section in the about section about numbering and the release cycle?
21:43 davidnind loved the development process talk cait - was a great overview all in one place
21:44 caroline cait++ both presentations were great!
21:45 caroline The wiki is so big... trying to find the info in https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]egory:Development
21:46 caroline This ? https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]lease_maintenance
21:46 cait i think all technical
21:46 cait but the second shoudl be current at least
21:46 caroline Yes very.
21:47 cait we probably need something new
21:48 caroline Ok, so do we agree to write something very non-technical for end users to understand the development process/cycle?
21:48 cait +1
21:48 davidnind makes sense to me!
21:48 caroline #agreed write something very non-technical for end users to understand the development process/cycle
21:48 caroline appendix? faq?
21:49 cait faq still needs a major clean up
21:49 cait maybe a new section?
21:49 caroline or in the "about"?
21:49 davidnind I think as an appendix, but having a brief intro in about Koha section
21:50 caroline ok so appendix/new section
21:50 caroline #agreed the development process/cycle will be in an appendix
21:51 caroline #action caroline will add the development process section to taiga (just to remember to do it)
21:51 caroline #topic Set time of next meeting
21:51 Topic for #koha is now Set time of next meeting (Meeting topic: Documentation IRC meeting 2 October 2018)
21:52 caroline Do we want to change the time?
21:52 davidnind happy for it to be earlier if it suits you all better (
21:53 caroline earlier? I though it was like 7am in NZ
21:53 cait 11pm here os not against earlier
21:53 davidnind nearly 11am (daylight savings time)
21:53 caroline omg ok, so how about 8 for you?
21:53 cait we are moving in a few weeks... so might be even later then
21:54 davidnind what time is it for LeeJ
21:54 caroline Same as me I think. Right now it's almost 6 pm
21:55 caroline UTC 19?
21:55 cait what is now?
21:55 davidnind nearly UTC 22:00
21:55 caroline today's meeting was at UTC 21
21:56 caroline so it would be 2 hours earlier
21:57 caroline[…]=165&p2=22&p3=195
21:57 cait 19 sounds good
21:57 caroline Is Nov 6 ok?
21:57 cait yes
21:57 davidnind is fine with me
21:58 * caroline mutters don't mess it up... dont mess it up
21:58 caroline #info Next meeting: 6 November 2018, 19 UTC
21:58 cait heh
21:58 caroline #endmeeting
21:58 Topic for #koha is now Welcome to #koha this channel is for discussion of the Koha project and software
21:58 huginn Meeting ended Tue Oct  2 21:58:46 2018 UTC.  Information about MeetBot at . (v 0.1.4)
21:58 huginn Minutes:        http://meetings.koha-community[…]-10-02-21.07.html
21:58 huginn Minutes (text): http://meetings.koha-community[…]8-10-02-21.07.txt
21:58 huginn Log:            http://meetings.koha-community[…]02-21.07.log.html
21:58 cait thx caroline :) thx all!
21:58 davidnind caroline++
21:58 cait caroline++
21:59 caroline thank you! :D
21:59 davidnind thanks for chairing caroline!
21:59 cait back to netflix and knit for me :)
21:59 caroline +1!
21:59 davidnind right, better get back to the job that pays me!
22:00 caroline Rushing to see my kitties at the spca!
22:00 cait :)
22:01 davidnind have fun everyone! :)
22:03 caroline bye!!
22:06 kathryn joined #koha
22:17 Freddy_Enrique left #koha

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