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04:24 collegelibraria hi, can anyone point me in the direction of how to create card catalogs in koha? we will be mainly using the cards for shelflist and as backup.
04:27 collegelibraria is anyone here?
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04:32 collegelibraria hello?
04:32 wahanui hello is probably there a time that is for new user chat?
04:33 collegelibraria can anybody point me in the direction of how to create card catalogs in koha. they will mainly be used for shelflist and backup
04:34 lavamind collegelibraria: its normal that people might not answer right away
04:34 collegelibraria sorry i got disconnected so i posted it again
04:34 lavamind they might just be away from keyboard, if you stick around someone may answer eventually
04:34 lavamind its no use to repeat the question
04:35 collegelibraria duly noted
04:35 lavamind it's night time here, too
04:35 lavamind and with that...
04:35 * lavamind goes to bed
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06:16 matts hello #koha
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06:29 alex_a bonjour
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06:38 reiveune hello
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06:49 magnuse \o/
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07:12 cait morning #koha
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07:28 cait matts: around?
07:36 matts cait, yep
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08:11 ashimema morning #koha
08:13 * ashimema thinks he has some catching up to do.. you go on a weeks vacation and Koha moves fast !
08:24 magnuse ashimema: yup, we rewrote it all in java
08:31 matts ^^
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08:49 ashimema haha :)
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09:39 Guest3141 Project Koha_17.11_D8 build #52: SUCCESS in 31 min: https://jenkins.koha-community[…]Koha_17.11_D8/52/
09:39 Guest3141 * oleonard: Bug 18799: XSLTresultsdisplay hides the icons
09:39 Guest3141 * julian.maurice: Bug 20343: Show number of checkouts by itemtype in
09:39 Guest3141 * julian.maurice: Bug 20343: Put translatable strings in
09:39 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=18799 minor, P5 - low, ---, victor.grousset, Pushed to Stable , XSLTresultsdisplay hides the icons
09:39 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=20343 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, julian.maurice, Pushed to Stable , Show number of checkouts by itemtype in
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09:47 gveranis hi #koha
10:37 AndrewIsh tcohen:  Hey, quick question. I've been seeing a problem where an API response has been returning 0 when in fact the value in the DB is NULL. I've traced it down to this line:[…]ha/ which I notice you were involved in
10:38 AndrewIsh It looks like this line casts the value to an integer regardless of whether it is populated or not, is that by design?
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11:06 * kidclamp waves
11:08 paxed well, great.
11:09 paxed "MySQL permits you to store dates where the day or month and day are zero in a DATE or DATETIME column."
11:09 paxed Result: Template process failed: undef error - Validation failed for type named Month declared in package DateTime::Types
11:10 paxed wheee
11:25 fridolin tcohen: i you. looking at jenkins, we may delete 16.05 and 16.11 jobs since they dont move anymore
11:26 fridolin and we need a 18.05 job for D8, maybe one for D9
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11:31 oleonard Howdy
11:31 cait hi oleonard :)
11:31 * cait sneakily added you to a bug again
11:33 oleonard But then you told me, so not so sneaky
11:33 cait hm yeah, i messed that up :)
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12:05 marcelr hi #koha
12:07 eythian hoi marcelr
12:12 marcelr he eythian hoe gaat ie
12:12 eythian prima, en met je?
12:12 marcelr ook zo
12:12 eythian leuk
12:13 marcelr morgen wordt het weer warm in amsterdam
12:13 eythian nog een keer? te heet!
12:14 eythian ug 25
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12:23 * LeeJ waves
12:23 LeeJ hi #koha
12:23 marcelr o/
12:30 LeeJ hiya marcelr
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12:34 eythian @seen drojf
12:34 huginn eythian: drojf was last seen in #koha 4 days, 23 hours, 5 minutes, and 47 seconds ago: <drojf> too hot to measure
12:34 oleonard Anyone know where illrequests.orderid comes from? For the purposes of the Dummy backend setup is it relevant?
12:37 oleonard AndrewIsh or ashimema?
12:39 * ashimema just sat down for lunch
12:39 oleonard dobrou chuť
12:39 ashimema erm.. not sure on that one..
12:40 * ashimema just learnt a new word/phrase :)
12:40 oleonard Czech version of bon appétit
12:40 ashimema hehe :)
12:40 josef_moravec ;)
12:42 magnuse oleonard: i would guess illrequests.orderid is where you store the id if you get one from an outside source
12:42 * LeeJ waves to everyone
12:42 oleonard That was my guess too. I'm trying to build a set of ILL sample data for testing and I'm getting errors. I'm assuming it's my data, but...
12:43 ashimema that sounds right to me magnuse
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12:43 * ashimema is just reading the code in the bldss backend to see where it's used
12:45 * ashimema wonders if AndrewIsh or I actually kept the Dummy backend up to date enough.. I know Iwas concentrating on BLDSS, FreeForm and Koha backends
12:45 magnuse Koha backend?
12:45 ashimema in the FreeForm backend the orderid ends up matching the illrequest_id
12:45 ashimema BLDSS is matches the BLDSS remote request ID
12:46 magnuse would be nice if someone added comments to the ill* tables http://schema.koha-community.o[…]/illrequests.html
12:46 ashimema Koha it matches the remote koha's biblionumber
12:46 magnuse is there a backend for koha-to-koha ill?
12:47 ashimema the koha backend is yet to be released wip
12:47 ashimema i need to rip out some hard coded config
12:47 ashimema then release it
12:47 magnuse excellent!
12:48 magnuse it is listed on but the link is 404
12:48 ashimema mmm.. cause it's a private repo still.. the ripping out of some hard coded config has taken me longer than I hoped
12:49 * magnuse adds the "latest changes" page of the wiki to his daily morning routine again
12:49 ashimema uses SRU/Z3950 to search partner Koha libraries then ILS-DI to place holds at partner libraries
12:49 ashimema hehe
12:49 magnuse rip out all the things!
12:49 ashimema what are you testing oleonard?
12:50 oleonard ashimema: I wanted to test Bug 20600 with a good amount of data
12:50 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=20600 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, andrew.isherwood, Needs Signoff , Provide the ability for users to filter ILL requests
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12:50 ashimema cool...
12:51 ashimema that's one of AndrewIsh's.. I'll get him to give you a hand getting something going when he returns from lunch :)
12:53 AndrewIsh Hi oleonard - what do you need help with?
12:54 oleonard Hi AndrewIsh, I'm trying to build a set of ILL request sample data for use in testing and my first try ended in error 500. I'm just trying to make sure I'm not missing a relationship between illrequests and illrequestattributes besides the illrequest_id
12:55 AndrewIsh oleonard:  Are you using the Dummy backend? If so, you might have more luck with the FreeForm backend, the Dummy one has fallen somewhat behind. It was originally intended to be a reference implementation, but the FreeForm one has more or less taken over that role
12:56 oleonard Does it matter when it comes to simply loading random request data into the ill tables?
12:57 LeeJ while we're on the topic, someone care to enlighten me how the ILL module is used/hookable? I might try to get our state consortium to help configure an API endpoint on their end for Koha..
12:57 AndrewIsh Suprisingly, yes, we've build stuff into the backends that is backend specific, but still required, there's a good chance Dummy does have that.
12:57 oleonard AndrewIsh: Is the testing process any different when using the FreeForm backend?
12:58 AndrewIsh oleonard:  No, it's identical
12:58 AndrewIsh oleonard:  BTW, in my second to last message s/does/doesn't/
12:59 oleonard Thanks AndrewIsh I'll take another stab at it
13:00 ashimema LeeJ.. Ill basically allows you to write your own 'backend' to talk to other systems.. currently there's a FreeForm (just fill the tables using plaintext forms), BLDSS (british library api service) and an in progress Koha backend in the wild.. along with an NCIPP one magnuse knows more about
13:00 AndrewIsh oleonard:  OK, shout if you have problems. Thanks very much for looking at this, much appreciated
13:00 ashimema writing the backend at the Koha end is hopefully not too difficult once you've looked at a few examples
13:01 LeeJ thanks for the overview ashimema :)
13:01 LeeJ ashimema: this is why I was asking[…]lais+web+services
13:01 ashimema eventually I'd like backends to sit inside the plugins framework.. but alas that's not there yet.
13:02 magnuse known backends are listed here:
13:02 ashimema looking at the headings there those look like all the calls you'll need :)
13:02 LeeJ our state is a consortium member and now quite few member libraries are joining the Koha family within the consortium so I'm thinking it might not be too difficult of a task to create a Relais backend..
13:02 ashimema basically.. search for an item.. request the item.. status updates of a request might be nice too.. I might just be missing seeing those
13:03 LeeJ ashimema magnuse any advice on where I can look to learn how to write a backend? Any particular .pl files? :)
13:04 oleonard Bug 7317 suggests you might look at (Dummy,FreeForm,BLDSS)
13:04 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7317 new feature, P5 - low, ---, alex.sassmannshausen, Pushed to Master , Add an Interlibrary Loan Module to Circulation and OPAC
13:04 magnuse i would look at the existing backends
13:05 oleonard AndrewIsh: When I try to manually add a request using the FreeForm backend I get this error:
13:05 oleonard DBIx::Class::Row::store_column(): No such column 'readonly' on Koha::Schema::Result::Illrequestattribute at /home/vagrant/kohaclone/Koha/ line 74
13:06 LeeJ magnuse: where are the backends stored in the filesystem?
13:06 magnuse under Koha/Illbackends
13:06 ashimema is probably the easiest to follow at this point LeeJ.. it doesn't communicate out with anything so should be fairly succinct.
13:06 magnuse it's a bit hacky...
13:06 ashimema is the main module with all the functionality.. then you can add you're own workflows and templates to go with that
13:06 oleonard ashimema: Is that FreeForm repo more up to date than Alex's?
13:07 AndrewIsh oleonard:  That's.....interesting. That's a column that's added in a different bug, arghhh, crud, has something got in that shouldn't. One moment....
13:07 LeeJ thanks ashimema :)
13:07 ashimema yes.. Alex's got migrated to PTFS when he left us.. he still works on it but pushes to our repo now
13:08 AndrewIsh oleonard:  Oh, I know what this is!
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13:08 AndrewIsh oleonard:  Sorry, my mistake, I should have told you to use this tag on the FreeForm repo:[…]eeForm/tree/17.11
13:08 LeeJ magnuse: I did not see a Koha/Illbackends in the koha github :P
13:09 ashimema it's only added when you add a backend LeeJ ;)
13:09 LeeJ ahhhh
13:09 oleonard LeeJ: Please read the test plan on Bug 7317
13:09 LeeJ that would be a good reason :)
13:09 magnuse or, you have to add it to add a backend
13:09 ashimema hense my link
13:09 * ashimema must get around to fully documenting Ill for the manual
13:09 ashimema that would really help with conversations like this.
13:09 LeeJ haven't had my caffeine yet
13:10 * LeeJ agrees with ashimema ;)
13:10 ashimema hehe
13:11 AndrewIsh Agreed ashimema - then things like oleonard not knowing which repo tag to use and me forgetting it even existed wouldn't happen ;-)
13:11 LeeJ oleonard: to be fair, there's so much going on in that ILL bug it's hard to identify what to read from lol
13:12 oleonard Agreed LeeJ
13:12 * LeeJ thinks he might build an ILL backend for the Pennsylvania ILL consortium
13:13 AndrewIsh The more the merrier LeeJ !
13:13 LeeJ just have to get access permissions from the company to test the connection when it's ready
13:14 LeeJ ashimema: so am I understanding it correctly that the FreeForm github you linked to could be considered the "boilerplate" for ILL backends?
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13:20 * magnuse roots for bug 19605
13:20 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=19605 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , ILL backends should be pluggable through regular Koha plugins
13:20 LeeJ magnuse++
13:21 * LeeJ glances at khall
13:21 LeeJ xD
13:36 oleonard AndrewIsh: Thanks again -- this time my data loaded correctly.
13:37 AndrewIsh oleonard:  Excellent
13:45 magnuse oleonard++ for testing
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14:10 marcelr bug 20819 is open for testing
14:10 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=20819 enhancement, P5 - low, ---,, Needs Signoff , GDPR: Add a consent field for processing personal data in account menu and self-registration
14:10 marcelr GDPR for Europeans..
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14:45 * LeeJ is sick of all the GDPR emails he gets bombarded with
14:46 * oleonard is sick of the United States treating privacy like a joke
14:52 LeeJ oleonard: agreed!
14:52 LeeJ #securethenet
14:55 marcelr LeeJ: find a new meaning for these GDPR letters !
14:55 marcelr characters
14:55 LeeJ >.<
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15:04 marcelr htg
15:06 lavamind
15:07 reiveune bye
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15:16 lavamind hey folks
15:16 lavamind is still valid ?
15:16 lavamind if so, why are there four keys in there, plus two that seemingly have nothing to do with Koha packages %
15:17 lavamind this is what's in the gpg.asc you distribute
15:27 LeeJ hi lavamind
15:28 LeeJ I'm not sure personally
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16:11 Joubu oleonard: 20641 and 19709 conflict with each other and are both waiting for QA. Could you rebase one on top of the other?
16:13 oleonard Yes
16:21 Joubu oleonard: about bug 20779, we need an other version to signoff then?
16:21 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=20779 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, Signed Off , Style refresh for patron detail page
16:22 oleonard Yes. I changed to "assigned."
16:23 Joubu thanks
16:27 eythian lavamind: historical reasons allowing transition, mostly
16:27 eythian my old one seems to have expired. I should probably renew that.
16:27 eythian (not for the koha key though, drojf probably should clean that to whatever has been used for the past six months or so.)
16:28 Joubu lavamind: drojf is Mirko, I sent you his email address ;)
16:28 eythian @later tell drojf the Koha packages GPG keyring ought to be cleaned out to only what is actually used these days.
16:28 huginn eythian: The operation succeeded.
16:29 eythian I also see that after me carefully creating a key and distributing it properly to appropriate people, everyone lost it and they had to make a new one :)
16:31 lavamind eythian: thanks for looking into that
16:31 lavamind I also sent Mirko an email about it earlier
16:31 eythian ah right
16:32 lavamind for the latest release, you only need 0x3EA44636DBCE457DA2CF8D823C9356BBA2E41F10
16:32 lavamind probably the other ones can be stripped out
16:32 * LeeJ never understood/took the time to learn about GPG keyrings
16:32 eythian oh, that's the one I made years back. Looks like someone did find it again in the end.
16:33 lavamind unfortunately many people will keep these extra keys in their apt keyring indefinately
16:33 lavamind (which is one reason not to distribute useless/unneeded keys)
16:34 lavamind LeeJ: I used Enigmail most of the time, it takes some of the pain away :P
16:34 lavamind if you want to get started you should have a look at[…]gp/best-practices
16:40 LeeJ thanks lavamind!
16:40 LeeJ our campus is on summer break so I actually have time to read more stuff until August :)
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16:49 LeeJ random question...but perl comments are only # correct? it doesn't support multi-line like /* */?
16:49 Joubu only #
16:49 LeeJ that's what I thought
16:49 Joubu vertical selection is your friend
16:49 LeeJ think I discovered a syntax coloring bug in Sublime
16:50 LeeJ it highlights /* */ as a valid comment...just wanted to make sure I wasn't seeing things
16:51 * LeeJ shurgs
16:51 ashimema you can fudge multiline comments using pod:[…]gn=google_rich_qa
16:51 * LeeJ shrugs
16:51 ashimema but it's not exactly encouraged ;)
16:51 ashimema and I'm not sure I've ever seen it in koha ;)
16:51 LeeJ ashimema: nor will you as long as Joubu is on the job ;)
17:03 * cait waves
17:06 * LeeJ waves to cait
17:06 cait :)
17:09 ashimema hehe
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17:20 cait ashimema++ !
17:26 ashimema 😀
17:26 ashimema About time I started being useful again aye Cait 😉
17:28 cait Joubu: do you have an idea what could have happened on bug 20880?
17:28 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=20880 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, RESOLVED INVALID, Upgraded 17.11 to 18.05: Malformed Bootstrap Theme Filenames
17:29 cait says package installation but no rewrite rules... are we supposed to update manually always?
17:30 Joubu when you update, apt asks you what to do with config files (keep yours, take new ones, see a diff, etc.)
17:30 Joubu I guess they picked the wrong choice
17:34 cait ah
17:34 cait what would you recommend? diff?
17:40 Joubu I will comment on the bug
17:52 cait thx
17:58 cait and learned something again :)
18:03 * magnuse updates to 17.11.06
18:06 * LeeJ cheers on magnuse
18:06 magnuse thanks!
18:11 cait go magnuse go :)
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18:21 cait khall++ taking care of the highlighted elasticsearch bug :)
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18:28 oleonard Joubu: Bug 20641 is now rebased on top of Bug 19709.
18:28 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=20641 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, Signed Off , Switch single-column templates to Bootstrap grid: Various, part 2
18:28 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=19709 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, Signed Off , Move template JavaScript to the footer: Labels
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19:11 caroline I need interpretation help
19:11 caroline I'm filling out an RFP for a ministry and they have the following requirement:
19:12 caroline The system must be able to create templates for new records with mandatory and option fields, including user/subject guides and FAQ and announcement pages
19:12 caroline To me it looks like two different requirements in one (MARC Framework and CMS capabilities)
19:13 * LeeJ waves to caroline
19:13 LeeJ caroline: let's see..
19:13 oleonard That's my interpretation too caroline
19:13 caroline Am I reading this wrong? It doesn't seem connected at all
19:13 caroline Hi LeeJ!
19:13 LeeJ caroline: the "user/subject guides and FAQ..." throws me off a bit
19:13 oleonard caroline: I don't know if this still works, but... https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]iki/Koha_as_a_CMS
19:14 caroline Thank, oleonard
19:14 LeeJ oleonard: from what I've seen on the activity in the Facebook Koha groups it seems to be used frequently
19:15 caroline It just seems so weird that they would put these two things in one requirement
19:15 LeeJ indradg or mtompset would probably have a better idea since they deal with questions there more
19:15 LeeJ caroline: it appears it wasn't written by developers then ;)
19:15 caroline LeeJ: Not librarians either! ;)
19:16 caroline Must be some government employee who has no idea how a library works
19:16 LeeJ caroline: HAHAHAHAHA
19:16 LeeJ caroline: if it's anything like here, then that defines all of them :)
19:17 oleonard caroline: Based on what I've heard you're actually underestimating the craziness of library RFPs
19:17 LeeJ oleonard: our library director has been involved in quite a few RFPs and he can confirm the craziness lol
19:19 caroline I'm wondering if the "templates for new records" are referring to templates for CMS pages
19:25 LeeJ caroline: I wish they hadn't picked "records" as their word of choice since it has multiple meanings :)
19:44 ashimema Lol
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20:11 lavamind filed a bug about memcached https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=20884
20:11 huginn` Bug 20884: minor, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , Stale data remaining in cache after koha-remove
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20:15 Joubu lavamind: if it's ready for signoff you should change the status accordingly
20:25 lavamind Joubu: it would make sense to put flush_cache() into
20:33 Joubu lavamind: yes, definitely. But we will need to adapt it. koha-translate is different than other koha-* scripts (because of the --dev options)
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20:37 lavamind right
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21:09 wizzyrea LeeJ do you know of anyone using course reserves in Koha?
21:12 cait2 some of ours use it
21:14 wizzyrea I have a library having a hard time conceptualising what the deaprtments are for
21:15 lavamind I'm considering writing a Koha Puppet module, I need one for my own purposes but perhaps it may be of use to others?
21:16 lavamind specifically targetted at Debian-package installations
21:17 rangi we'd definitely take a look at that lavamind
21:17 lavamind I've been using an in-house one up until Puppet 4 but now am rewriting my Puppet manifests anyway
21:17 lavamind so I'd just need to make it a bit more generic
21:18 lavamind rangi: OK, I'll keep you posted
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21:26 rangi wizzyrea: i use patreon, but thats only good for monthly things
21:26 rangi might be good
21:26 wizzyrea hm that seems promising
21:26 rangi because you can set linode to take bill from paypal
21:26 rangi and ko-fi can pay into paypal
21:26 wizzyrea yes good
21:27 rangi (thats how i do it with patreon currently for the server)
21:27 rangi but i like the one offness of ko-fi better i think
21:28 wizzyrea *nod*
21:29 rangi if you get it set up, ill make sure to add it to my talk for kohacon too ;)
21:32 wizzyrea :)
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22:43 cait
22:43 cait wizzyrea: i think we use it like faculties
22:43 cait wizzyrea: it's a little bad it's mandatory, some only put in a standard default value i think
22:43 wizzyrea yeah I think they were getting hung up on the word
22:43 wizzyrea "WTF is a 'department?!'"
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22:45 wizzyrea lovely :)
22:47 wizzyrea cait++
22:48 cait glad it helped, can't really figure out how to explain in English
22:48 cait for one it's the professorship (?)
22:48 cait the are that the professor teaches
22:49 cait area
22:49 cait subject
22:49 cait ok, brain fails, time to sleep :)
22:49 cait night all
22:49 wizzyrea yeah I get you :)
22:49 wizzyrea sleep well <3
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