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00:33 nagakit_ joined #koha
00:41 nagakit_ hello everyone!
00:50 zenkit joined #koha
01:05 sen nagakit_: hi, it's really best to ask here rather than privately messaging random people :)
01:07 zenkit :) Thank you!
01:08 zenkit i have a problem installing koha in ubuntu xenial. Won't work with mysql. could you please help?
01:35 sen zenkit: can you expand on "won't work"? what error are you getting?
01:36 sen also, what version of koha and mysql?
01:37 zenkit koha 17.11
01:37 zenkit mysql 5.7
01:37 wahanui https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]ackages#Ubuntu_16.04_and_MySQL_5.7
01:39 zenkit yes i followed procedure as an in the link
01:42 zenkit i came across a post: "koha 17 won't work with mysql 5.7" rather use mariadb
01:43 zenkit can mysql be resolved, since it shows error in the koha web installer
02:10 LeeJ joined #koha
02:10 * LeeJ waves
02:10 LeeJ hi again #koha
02:26 sen zenkit: to confirm, you restarted mysql after the config changes? what error are you receiving?
02:36 LeeJ @later tell kidclamp was looking through my old bugs and discovered that Bug 18899 is no longer relevant
02:36 huginn LeeJ: The operation succeeded.
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15:01 zenkit joined #koha
15:13 zenkit Hello, Is there a way to install koha version 16.x using koha-common instead of the latest version?
15:14 zenkit sorry! if my question is correct!
15:19 zenkit instead of using git
15:44 zenkit joined #koha
15:57 zenkit joined #koha
16:03 zenkit hi sen thank you. I'm reinstalling again. may be i'll use the link which @wahanui refered...
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19:52 zenkit hello @sen
20:10 cait joined #koha
21:44 sen sorry, I'm working today so mostly not paying attention. if you leave a question someone can try to respond, but it may not be right away

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