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06:04 drojf hi #koha
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06:25 alex_a bonjour
06:25 wahanui hello, alex_a
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06:33 reiveune hello
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07:07 fridolin hi there
07:07 wahanui privet, fridolin
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07:14 * cait waves
07:19 drojf hi fridolin and cait
07:21 ashimema anyone else have issues forking the Koha repo on gitlab?
07:21 cait the koha main one?
07:21 cait that#s not on gitlab
07:23 fridolin ashimema: you mean your own gitlab ?
07:23 ashimema mm
07:24 ashimema i.e. going to and hitting the 'Fork' button
07:24 ashimema I can of course easily clone down and push back up from a local.. but I wanted to keep the fork links intact ;)
07:25 * ashimema is slowly migrating his local efforts from github to gitlab
07:28 cait ashimema: hm we are not using this, so I don't know
07:29 cait maybe it's turned off to dicourage people from doing merge requests
07:29 ashimema no worries.. it's no big issue
07:30 fridolin oh looks like framagit
07:30 ashimema I bet it's just the mahoosive size of the repo and a gitlab issue
07:30 fridolin tuxayo: do you know that ^
07:31 ashimema framagit is just another hosted gitlab is it not
07:33 tuxayo ashimema, cait: I have a fork since some time :
07:34 ashimema oh.. third time lucky it's worked
07:34 ashimema :)
07:34 ashimema and now so do it :)
07:34 tuxayo fridolin: ashimema: is the main instance running the non libre version. And framagit is a third party one running the libre version. (and framasoft are really great people! :D)
07:35 tuxayo ashimema++ for moving out of GitHub
07:35 magnuse Joubu++ community++
07:36 fridolin tuxayo: but on gitlab its a miror of github :(
07:37 ashimema I have scripts that keep the ptfs github repos mirrored to commnity.. if the gitlab community repos are much behind I'll just repurpose my scripts to keep my own fork up to date ;)
07:39 tuxayo fridolin: It's more symbolic than a real dependency en GitHub.
07:39 tuxayo fridolin, ashimema: I have another repo which mirror the main Koha repo
07:39 tuxayo I don't remember why I ended up with two repos...
07:39 drojf now that the new lts ubuntu 18.04 is supported, should we drop support for 16.04?
07:40 tuxayo I think I wanted to remove the mirror of the main one and only keep koha-community/Koha to have a forks link?
07:40 drojf or rather, not advertise to install on 16.04
07:40 fridolin tuxayo: you can not push branches on the mirror I bet
07:41 fridolin drojf: i hope support on 16.04 xenial will exist for some years more
07:41 fridolin its LTS unitl 2020 something
07:41 fridolin all our server have it
07:41 tuxayo drojf: are people running 18.04 in production yet? Not sure is 18.04 has been field tested with Koha
07:41 tuxayo *tested enough
07:42 tuxayo fridolin: doesn't mean we have to support 16.04 until it's end of life.
07:42 drojf tuxayo: i added the missing dependencies to the repository. i don't use ubuntu, i did not test more than installation
07:42 fridolin indeed but a bit more
07:43 fridolin we will test at biblibre, we like Ubuntu
07:43 drojf fridolin: it's based on stretch, it will likely work for a while
07:43 fridolin drojf: with one ? 16.04 ?
07:43 drojf we probably drop support for jessie before that
07:43 drojf yes. isn't it?
07:43 fridolin ah indeed
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07:50 gaetan_B hello
07:50 drojf 18.05.00 package done, new repository structure done. i think i'll have a break and a coffee before i publish. to create more suspense :D
07:50 * drojf makes suspensy ooooooh-sounds
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08:00 tuxayo drojf++
08:01 cait drojf++
08:05 magnuse drojf++
08:08 eythian ++drojf
08:08 kidclamp drojf++
08:21 drojf done
08:21 drojf i hope there won't be any explosions
08:22 * kidclamp feesl like that is a reasonable expectation of reality most days
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08:37 marcelr hi #koha
08:37 kidclamp hi marcelr
08:37 marcelr hi kidclamp
08:37 marcelr are you in function now as RM?
08:38 * cait waves
08:38 marcelr hi cait
08:38 marcelr cait: anyone working on GPDR stuff currently?
08:38 marcelr GDPR
08:38 kidclamp II guess so :-)
08:38 * kidclamp gulps
08:38 cait marcelr: there are only a few things marked to be activley worked on yet
08:38 cait let me find the link
08:39 magnuse GDPR?
08:39 wahanui GDPR is, like, bug 18081 and https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]nd_patron_privacy
08:39 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=18081 new feature, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, In Discussion , [omnibus] GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)
08:39 cait ah yep
08:39 cait if there is a bug number and a name the chances are good, other things we still need people for
08:40 marcelr nobody is adding a consent field somehwere in the patrons info?
08:40 * ashimema has had to write a local cleanup script to get customers happy for GDPR and intends to port it back up to community once I've got my head around all the bugs
08:40 cait do you think about self reg? because i just ran into that problem...
08:40 magnuse ashimema++
08:40 marcelr we need to register the consent somewhere
08:40 ashimema I've not been doing that one marcelr
08:41 cait marcelr: for registrations at the desk we are using a patron attribute
08:41 marcelr and if people do not give consent, should we disallow login or so ??
08:41 cait you shoudl not store theirdata if they don't consent
08:41 drojf which means you can't store their nonconsent
08:41 marcelr yeah
08:41 marcelr no consent == no account
08:42 ashimema I intend on doing bug 11983 (and enhancing it with some additional filtering options whilst I'm in there)
08:42 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=11983 normal, P5 - low, ---, gmcharlt, NEW , code to select patrons to purge needs to be centralized
08:42 drojf so no field needed. easy :D
08:42 marcelr well too easy
08:42 ashimema that's the piece I've been doing.. I'll also test bug 19008
08:42 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=19008 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, fridolin.somers, Failed QA , More database cleanups
08:42 marcelr we need to provide proof that they gave consent
08:42 ashimema then move on to the othe GPDR if they've not already been solved ;)
08:42 marcelr so i would propose to add it as a datetime
08:43 marcelr ashimema: so you would just purge after a few weeks?
08:43 ashimema mm.. we've been using an attribute too cait ;)
08:43 ashimema hense less of a rush for us.
08:44 ashimema on that particular bit.. but we do have loads of customer who have decided they need to do a massive cleanup.. hense the work I'm doing now
08:44 cait usually they sign something here when registerng
08:44 cait and that is the consent
08:44 ashimema marcelr: the script I've written is an enhancement on the existing delete_patrons one
08:44 cait i think a library could upload that file (which we don't do)
08:45 marcelr so it should be added to self registration
08:45 cait but i was told they need to constent before you store them
08:45 cait which means we need something for patron self reg
08:45 marcelr yeah
08:45 cait you can add patron attributes there, but you can't make them mandatory
08:45 cait ... and that's an issue
08:45 cait also translatons, it would be nice to have something that can be turned on by default
08:45 ashimema only instead of dates it accepts numbers of days and it also filters on ammount outstanding and a bunch of other filters optionally
08:46 cait ashimema: so which patrons are you deleting?
08:46 cait not the expired ones?
08:46 ashimema cait.. is there a requirement to refresh that consent regularly?
08:46 cait I don't think there is
08:46 cait but you can't keep expired ones forever
08:47 cait as some would like...
08:47 marcelr no but they should be able to remove the consent again
08:47 ashimema or does consent mean consent forever.. I never found that bit in the massive ream of legal speak
08:47 cait i don't think they shoudl be
08:47 cait i think they need to be able to ask the library to delete their data
08:47 marcelr it should be as easy to remove consent as to add it
08:47 ashimema cait.. my script takes the following filters
08:48 ashimema days_since_expired, days_since_issued, days_since_seen, on_list, zero_current_issues, fees_outstanding, branchcode, categorycode.
08:48 ashimema so you can optionally filter on any/all of those with various values
08:49 cait marcelr: in my mind it makes no sene to remove consent.... but it might be misunderstanding
08:49 cait i think we shoudl offer a clear option to ask for deleting all data instead
08:49 marcelr yeah it means the same
08:49 marcelr but we like to make a distinction
08:50 ashimema indeed
08:50 marcelr we will not remove all data rightaway in certain situations
08:50 * ashimema needs some breakfast
08:54 marcelr drojf [off] please remove me from the blacklist
08:55 magnuse cait: how do you add patron attributes to self reg?
08:57 cait magnuse: it's 17.11 feature i thin,k but the problem is you need to turn off email verification (why i have no idea)
08:57 cait you set a checkbox at the patron attribute to be editable in opac
08:57 cait and there is a note it doesn't work with email verification for selfreg
08:58 cait that is the first problem... not being able to make it mandatory is the other
08:58 cait i've just investigated that yesterday for a library
08:59 marcelr why did  everyone start working on GDPR yesterday :)
08:59 drojf marcelr: it came out of nowhere :P
08:59 marcelr right just like the euro
08:59 magnuse thanks cait, i'll have to look into that again
09:00 drojf ouch. looks like the libhttp-oai-perl drama is not solved completely
09:01 drojf damn
09:05 cait marcelr: you could file a bug an dlink it on the table maybe?
09:05 cait for further discussion
09:15 marcelr cait: i probably will
09:17 eythian don't forget with the gdpr stuff, consent for what? e.g. consent for sharing data with third parties is required, and opt-out mustn't degrade the service.  Probably consent for being emailed. Also, these things must be able to have said consent removed/updated at any time.
09:18 eythian (also, things must be opt-in, not opt-out.)
09:18 eythian etc. etc.
09:52 marcelr eythian: consent with processing personal data in the first place
10:05 reiveune bye
10:05 reiveune left #koha
10:08 cait thx marcelr
10:08 cait marcelr++
10:08 marcelr cait++
10:08 marcelr the management was a nice one
10:10 cait thx :)
10:10 cait tried to clean up some old permission related bugs for a vacation project
10:11 cait i personally think the renaming acq permissions one is nice too (biased)
10:15 marcelr yeah i ran out of time
10:15 cait np :)
10:15 cait i am sure that one is not too scary too pass at some point
10:15 marcelr going back to gdpr now..
10:17 marcelr kidclamp: the new RM should ask why Joubu did not push 19436; he did not want to tell me ;)
10:17 cait hm I was wondering about that one
10:18 kidclamp I can ask
10:19 marcelr he might respond now since he can read the logs again :)
10:19 marcelr having time..
10:26 marcelr htg
10:28 eythian marcelr: you don't need consent for that if it's integral to the functioning of the service.
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12:13 tcohen morning
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12:21 tcohen @later tell marcelr we really need a way to auto-populate the SRU mappings for the end users
12:21 huginn tcohen: The operation succeeded.
12:46 Joubu hi
12:46 wahanui niihau, Joubu
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13:46 * LeeJ waves
13:46 LeeJ hi #koha
13:46 caroline Hi LeeJ!
13:46 LeeJ morning caroline :)
13:47 caroline LeeJ: Did you ever find out what the problem with loc z39.50 was?
13:47 LeeJ going to try it now
13:49 LeeJ caroline: didn't come up that it timed out but now it says no results found for a title search of Harry Potter..
13:50 caroline :/
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13:59 LeeJ caroline: I'm going to do everything I can to finish the 18.05 taiga tasks today
13:59 caroline OK, I will do some this afternoon. Let me know if there is anything you want me to do
14:00 caroline I already started on the authorized values for unimarc
14:00 LeeJ I saw! Much appreciated
14:00 caroline you can assign some tasks to me if you want
14:00 LeeJ let me know when you're going to be starting on things this afternoon and I'll see what I have done by then :)
14:00 caroline will do!
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14:07 cait bye all, have a nice weekend!
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14:51 caroline Does anyone know what "_SESSION_ATIME" and "_SESSION_CTIME" mean in the sessions table?
14:52 drojf joined #koha
14:59 LeeJ caroline: hm?
14:59 LeeJ caroline: are they attribute names?
14:59 caroline in the database, I have a table called sessions
15:00 LeeJ in devbox? or production?
15:00 caroline production, but it's a 16.05 I didn't check if it was still there in the newer versions
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15:01 LeeJ caroline: I only see two attributes (columns) in sessions for any version...`id` and `a_session`
15:02 caroline exactly, but in a_session there is more
15:03 caroline _SESSION_ATIME: '1504208335'
15:03 caroline _SESSION_CTIME: '1504208335'
15:03 caroline _SESSION_ID: 006d5c5852e3816bdacc88f6a2dfdcf6
15:04 caroline _SESSION_REMOTE_ADDR:
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15:04 LeeJ caroline: I have to go cover the front desk..I'll take a look when I get back :)
15:04 caroline no prob
15:04 LeeJ should be back in 5
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16:59 huginn News from kohagit: Koha 18.06 - It's Adventure time! <[…]2caefdfaa1e06006f>
17:05 kidclamp have a great weekend all!
17:11 LeeJ kidclamp: so it's safe to say you're starting your duties? :P
17:18 LeeJ anyone happen to have a screenshot of the OPAC routing list tab? :)
17:30 LeeJ caroline: around? :)
17:36 Guest3141 Project Koha_Master_D8 build #494: SUCCESS in 33 min: https://jenkins.koha-community[…]ha_Master_D8/494/
17:36 Guest3141 Nick Clemens: Koha 18.06 - It's Adventure time!
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17:51 LeeJ @later tell caroline to expedite signing off the 18.05 manual epic as completed, I'm moving your typo tasks into the 18.11 epic for continuity :)
17:51 huginn LeeJ: The operation succeeded.
18:01 caroline Hi LeeJ I'm back! I just need to change my config to point to the new remote and I'll start
18:01 caroline Do you need me to do something in particular?
18:02 LeeJ hmm
18:03 LeeJ well I'm moving some things over to the 18.11 epic. Even though they belong in the final 18.05 I feel they'd be better served after we re-organize the sections we're going to work on
18:03 LeeJ let's see..
18:04 LeeJ caroline: I'm working on the missing auth values right now so if you could start chipping away at the missing sysprefs and I'll pick up where you left off after the auth values are done?
18:05 drojf have a nice weekend #koha
18:05 caroline LeeJ: Alrighty!
18:05 LeeJ caroline++
18:06 caroline LeeJ: can I take #276 and #285 from you?
18:08 LeeJ caroline: take whatever you want
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18:20 caroline :q
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18:49 caroline For the preference OPACDisplay856uAsImage the manual says that some values are not implemented yet. Is that still true?
18:55 LeeJ caroline: that's a good question..
18:56 LeeJ let's see
18:56 caroline LeeJ: I added a task for it, so we don't have to look at it today
18:56 LeeJ caroline: did you add it to 18.11?
18:56 caroline yes in Housekeeping
18:56 LeeJ yay :)
18:56 caroline so we don't have to look at it today
18:57 LeeJ I'm very happy about that lol
18:58 caroline It seems that me too because I wrote it twice, lol!
18:59 LeeJ caroline: BTW for your own knowledge I found more info on the ETAT auth value
18:59 LeeJ it appears to be for item status
19:00 LeeJ caroline:[…]orised_values.sql
19:00 caroline Yes, I was not sure why it's there because the values are almost the same as NOT_LOAN
19:00 LeeJ at least it's cleared up for our purposes..adding it in now :)
19:07 LeeJ caroline: FYI...I did some digging in the French SQL install script for auth values and it turns out that LANG is designated as ISO 639-2 language codes
19:08 caroline ah, ok, good to know. I compared the list to the on in wikipedia and some codes weren't the same. But maybe wikipedia was wrong
19:09 LeeJ I'm going by the comment in the SQL file :)
19:14 LeeJ caroline: also for your knowledge about RELTERMS[…]_relatorterms.sql
19:37 LeeJ caroline: how are you making out? I just got done with authorized values
19:38 caroline I'm doing ok. I'm at RESTDefault page size
19:39 caroline But I'm also correcting things that are already there, but incomplete, so I'm not as fast as if I just went straight to the sysprefs
19:47 LeeJ caroline: I'll work from the bottom
19:47 caroline I already did RESTOAuth2...
19:47 LeeJ okay :)
19:48 LeeJ caroline: can you change the status to closed for the ones you've gotten to so far?
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20:04 caroline LeeJ: ok one sec
20:04 LeeJ caroline: thanks :)
20:05 caroline LeeJ: done. I'm at UseACQ
20:07 LeeJ caroline++
20:08 LeeJ I'll work from Protect and go up
20:09 caroline LeeJ: I'm not sure what UseACQ does. I can't find the corresponding bug. Do you know what it is?
20:11 LeeJ caroline: one sec..
20:12 LeeJ caroline:[…]docs-1805/task/77
20:12 LeeJ I remember that from doing the new feature
20:12 caroline LeeJ: Thanks!
20:12 LeeJ :)
20:16 caroline LeeJ: Moving to CanMark
20:19 LeeJ just finished ProtectSuperlibrarians
20:21 LeeJ caroline: I have to help a student sign up with can I leave UpdateItem to you as well? :)
20:22 caroline LeeJ: Of course!
20:22 wahanui of course is team work, but I thought it was worth saying it
20:22 LeeJ caroline: thank you very much! :D then let me know when they're done/merge request sent and I'll schedule with rangi to break off of master
20:30 LeeJ caroline++ caroline++ caroline++ caroline++ caroline++
20:30 LeeJ cait++ davidnind++
20:31 caroline hehehe!
20:31 caroline LeeJ: So you received my request?
20:31 LeeJ caroline: looking at it now
20:31 caroline LeeJ: I'm imagining you with cheerleading pompoms ;)
20:32 LeeJ caroline: you have no idea
20:34 caroline LeeJ: Should we move all 18.05 housekeeping tasks to 18.11 housekeeping?
20:36 LeeJ caroline: yes, I'd say so. If you look at what I did here[…]ocs-1805/task/439
20:36 LeeJ I did what I'd consider a recursive linking so we keep a persistent "paper trail"
20:36 caroline okidoki
20:37 LeeJ :D
20:44 caroline I wish there was a way to easily move tasks from one user story to the next
20:51 LeeJ caroline: apparently you can do it from the backlog/taskboard
20:51 LeeJ haven't tried it yet though
20:54 LeeJ @later tell rangi 18.05 manual is finished! but for some reason the pipeline keeps failing :( so after the pipeline succeeds feel free to split off master then we can start working on 18.11 as soon as the patches roll in
20:54 huginn LeeJ: The operation succeeded.
20:55 LeeJ alright I'm heading out...thank you again so much caroline I'll be in touch :)
22:23 caroline left #koha

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