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09:06 zenkit is koha going to embrase mariadb rather than mysql?
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20:25 rangi hey even
20:25 rangi heh
20:26 rangi @later tell leej it will be because the repo was moved, without moving the secrets with it, so it can't copy the files to the server ill look now
20:26 huginn rangi: The operation succeeded.
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22:06 sen zenkit: i'm running 17.11.03 on mariadb here without any issues, for what it's worth. you haven't given us any actual error messages or anything so it's really hard to help at this point.
22:09 zenkit thanks @sen. I tried installing mariadb but it shows error message of dependencies issues
22:10 sen on what OS/distribution?
22:10 zenkit ubuntu lts server ed.
22:10 zenkit 16.04
22:13 sen okay, i'm on 16.04.4 here as well. you probably have to remove mysql packages before installing mariadb, would be my assumption on why you're getting those dependency errors
22:14 zenkit yes i did remove mysql-server
22:15 sen okay, can you pastebin whatever the actual error you're receiving is?
22:19 zenkit sorry @sen! I'm not around my server m/c right now. Let me check later and inform you about it.
22:19 sen okie
22:23 zenkit Hey @sen. I installed mariadb 10.3 through apt repository. Any issue on that?
22:24 sen i'm on 10.0.34 here, but I doubt that will make a difference, what is showing you an error, apt or koha?
22:25 zenkit dependencies error in apt. Sorry, i don't remember the error message
22:25 sen okay, let me know what it is whenever you get it and i'll see if i can help :)
22:26 zenkit Thank you @sen
22:26 zenkit see ya

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