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06:32 reiveune hello
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06:48 fridolin hi there
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06:58 alex_a bonjour
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07:27 gaetan_B hello
07:30 clrh hello koha
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09:04 ashimema mornin' koha
09:10 andreashm hey ashimema
09:10 wahanui ashimema is on qa now .)
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09:27 AndrewIsh Hey all. Does anyone know if there is a recognised Koha objects way of testing whether an object has a given accessor or whether the schema has a given column. I'm making some changes to one the ILL backends but want to make sure that it doesn't break for users who don't have the ILL core enhancement I'm working on.
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11:32 oleonard Hi all
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11:46 Dyrcona identify Kk@78jkl
11:47 Dyrcona OOps!
11:49 * oleonard steals Dyrcona's identity
11:53 Dyrcona heh. I'm trying to remember how to change it. Then, think I'll see about setting up auth with a cert. :)
11:55 Dyrcona Trouble is, you can't ask for help from NickServ in an IM context, you have to do it from a channel.
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12:17 oleonard Thinking about an update to the preferences interface:
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12:29 Dyrcona meh. Pidgin can't do certfp and there are no readily available plugins.
12:30 Dyrcona Guess that's something I'll have to work on in my not-so-copious free time. :)
12:34 ashimema subtle but nice change oleonard
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12:40 LeeJ hi #koha
12:44 oleonard Hi LeeJ
12:44 LeeJ hiya oleonard :)
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12:50 cait oleonard: looks nice
12:50 cait just a thought
12:50 cait would it be possible to mark the ones you changed on a page?
12:50 cait you see when you save, but it might be nice to have them stand out while editing
12:51 oleonard Yeah that's a good idea
12:58 * LeeJ waves to cait
12:58 * cait waves to LeeJ
13:20 LeeJ cait: working on finishing the new features now :)
13:21 LeeJ cait: I think for CAS single logout I'm just adding it to the description of the syspref..can't think of anywhere else that would be a better location
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13:33 tcohen morning
13:37 LeeJ morning tcohen
13:37 LeeJ #endmeeting
13:37 tcohen :/
13:37 tcohen heheh
13:37 LeeJ :)
13:39 cait LeeJ: we don't have a CAS chapter yet so that makes sense :) thx!
13:40 LeeJ tcohen: I'm working on adding the REST api new features to the 18.05 docs...any preference as to how they get formatted? :)
13:40 LeeJ cait: sure! My goal for 18.11 is to have everything broken up as necessary :)
13:41 LeeJ cait: didn't we used to have a REST section..? it appears to be gone..
13:42 cait yes
13:42 cait tcohen never answered my question on updating it
13:42 cait it was not about Koha's REST
13:42 LeeJ ooh
13:42 cait it was about a Biblibre development way back
13:42 * LeeJ shakes fist at tcohen
13:42 cait hehe
13:42 cait separate program
13:42 LeeJ ah
13:42 cait like an extension you could use with Koha, but I don't think that's around stil
13:42 cait so i rmeoved it
13:43 LeeJ I have to re-add a REST section?
13:43 LeeJ :D
13:44 LeeJ or I can just skim from the 17.11 section
13:44 LeeJ still going to wait for tcohen to reply though ;)
13:45 cait i might have just left him a later
13:45 cait LeeJ: it was in web services before
13:45 LeeJ cait: well I left him a now-er :)
13:45 cait easy to add back
13:45 tcohen hey, what about the API
13:46 LeeJ tcohen: look back from 09:41:47 down
13:46 tcohen rangi: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
13:46 LeeJ tcohen: basically I'm working on the new REST features and cait and I need some direction
13:47 LeeJ @later tell rangi Happy Birthday!
13:47 huginn LeeJ: The operation succeeded.
13:48 cait tcohen: that's what i killed from the manual[…]6c50c226e13_63_46
13:48 LeeJ tcohen: we had a REST section in the 17.11 doc but cait decided to remove it..should I re-add it back in as-is then add the new features? or do you have an idea how to change it?
13:48 cait no current link and old versions, i think we need to start fresh for Koha's REST
13:49 cait no ont as is
13:49 cait it's describing a totally different thing
13:49 cait the information is wrong
13:49 LeeJ cait: understood :)
13:49 cait you can reuse the spot and heading :P
13:52 tcohen we should stop calling it REST
13:52 tcohen and name it the API
13:52 LeeJ tcohen: so Koha API?
13:52 tcohen ashimema: what do you think?
13:52 cait i tihnk REST should still appear in descriptions
13:52 cait it's what people search for
13:53 cait but not against giving it a 'name'
13:53 Joubu Koha's REST API
13:53 oleonard I think we should name it KAPI the HAPI API
13:53 tcohen ok
13:54 tcohen hola Joubu
13:54 Joubu o/
13:54 tcohen will you be in Buenos Aires next w-e?
13:55 tcohen I'm planning a family trip to test the car
13:55 Joubu maybe, not sure yet
13:55 tcohen ok
13:55 tcohen I'll keep you informed
13:55 tcohen we might want to go temaiken
13:55 LeeJ oleonard: I like it lol
13:57 cait brb - making late lunch
14:00 tcohen alex_a: around?
14:00 alex_a tcohen, yep
14:00 oleonard khall around?
14:01 * ashimema reads back
14:01 tcohen alex_a: have you seen https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]ines_endpoint_RFC
14:02 alex_a tcohen, any developments since last week?
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14:04 huginn News from kohagit: Revert "Bug 20073: Move Elasticsearch configs to yaml files and improve the default... <[…]f8f3f153a715796ef>
14:04 huginn News from kohagit: Revert "Bug 20073: Remove perlcritic error" <[…]e22c317006f0f73ff>
14:04 huginn News from kohagit: Bug 20792: (bug 18789 follow-up) Fix patron edit page if TranslateNotices is set <[…]aef2592c3e764ae46>
14:04 ashimema Is there not a Koha API's chapter in the manual then?
14:04 ashimema which include /svc, ils-di and others?
14:05 Joubu LeeJ: FYI 20073 has been reverted and won't be part of 18.05
14:06 tcohen alex_a: only the RFC
14:06 tcohen but I made changes to it
14:06 ashimema hmm.. I was thinking of 'Other API's and Protocols'.. but that's a horrible chapter
14:06 LeeJ so tcohen: what direction should I go with the API? trying to get as much done as I can today
14:06 LeeJ ashimema: I'm sure we've had worse names ;)
14:06 LeeJ thanks Joubu!
14:06 tcohen I think we should officially add something like
14:06 ashimema haha.. I'm sure we have ;)
14:06 tcohen and publish the spec in there
14:07 tcohen and add an intro to the docs, and point there
14:07 ashimema is ils-di not in the manual at all to date.. I can't see it
14:07 ashimema I agree tcohen
14:07 LeeJ tcohen: so you're thinking keep it removed from the docs and the docs would just have a link to the URL?
14:07 LeeJ ashimema: I don't think so..? not familiar with what it is/does to be perfectly honest
14:07 ashimema I do think there should be mention of it in the manual though.. with a link to a versioned api doc page that allows download of the spec file pertaining to your koha version
14:08 tcohen the docs should have a description of the REST api
14:08 tcohen and a link
14:08 ashimema (or that says where to find it in your own setup)
14:08 ashimema ah.. ils-di is another api that exists in Koha
14:08 ashimema https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]ed_by_Koha#ILS-DI
14:08 LeeJ tcohen: I'm perfectly fine with that..just give me a link and what description you want and I'll get it right in
14:08 ashimema self documenting
14:09 ashimema much like the rest api will be/is?
14:09 tcohen the problem with that self-documenting approach
14:09 Joubu LeeJ: new version of Taiga, we can now assign a task to several people!
14:09 tcohen is that the only way to access that documentation is enabling the service
14:09 LeeJ Joubu: :D THAT'S AMAZING
14:09 LeeJ Joubu: I'm still waiting on the day that we get to sort tasks >_>
14:10 ashimema mm.. that's true.. I hadn't thought about that tcohen
14:10 LeeJ then seems like a web link might be better tcohen ashimema
14:10 cait ashimema: there is also a web services chapter and contribs very welcome
14:11 LeeJ ashimema: yes...VERY welcome ;)
14:11 LeeJ tcohen ashimema so is this something we are able to get done for the release tomorrow?
14:12 * ashimema currently has his head deep in aquisitions for a customer but is certainly intending on doing some doc sprints when time permits
14:12 ashimema does anyone else find the sphinx search a bit lacking
14:12 LeeJ it's appreciated ashimema :)
14:12 ashimema searching for ils-di yiedls nothing.. yet going direct to the Web Services section it's plainly there.
14:12 ashimema very odd
14:13 LeeJ where are you looking exactly? have a link?
14:14 ashimema[…]ences.html#ils-di
14:15 cait hm
14:15 cait maybe it's a problem witht he sphinx version again
14:15 cait that shoudl work
14:15 LeeJ I'll take a look in a sec..
14:15 cait back to cooking
14:18 ashimema :)
14:25 LeeJ ashimema: working on a client problem right now..will look at searching issue as soon as I'm done :)
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14:29 tcohen @later tell drojf are the package issues solvable for tomorrow's release?
14:29 huginn tcohen: The operation succeeded.
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14:38 cait tcohen: i'd email him
14:39 tcohen Joubu: we should've bundled HTTP::OAI in the Koha source tree
14:40 Joubu I emailed him this morning
14:40 Joubu we sh
14:40 Joubu we s
14:40 Joubu erk... keyboard issues apparently
14:41 * Joubu suggests wahanui a new jar for "should"
14:42 Guest3141 Project Koha_Master_D8 build #490: SUCCESS in 33 min: https://jenkins.koha-community[…]ha_Master_D8/490/
14:42 Guest3141 * Jonathan Druart: Bug 20792: (bug 18789 follow-up) Fix patron edit page if
14:42 Guest3141 * Jonathan Druart: Revert "Bug 20073: Remove perlcritic error"
14:42 Guest3141 * Jonathan Druart: Revert "Bug 20073: Move Elasticsearch configs to yaml files and improve
14:42 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=20792 blocker, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Pushed to Master , Can't go to patron record with TranslateNotices active
14:42 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=18789 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, RESOLVED FIXED, Send a Koha::Patron object to the templates
14:42 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=20073 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, ere.maijala, Signed Off , Move Elasticsearch settings to configuration files
14:42 Joubu Thanks jenkins
14:43 Joubu it was not the moment for a random failure :)
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14:49 LeeJ tcohen Joubu what should we do about the API for the release...are we going with adding a new URL to house the API spec and just link to it in the doc?
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14:53 tcohen LeeJ: I've sent an email to Chris (rangi) requesting an DNS entry
14:53 tcohen and will put the current (tiny) spec in there
14:54 LeeJ tcohen: thankssssss :D
14:54 ashimema :)
14:54 tcohen so, we need a small text to put in there
14:54 tcohen on the docs
14:54 tcohen I'm not a native speaker, so other please step in
14:54 mveron Hi again #koha
14:55 LeeJ tcohen: well since you are one of the few who know the API best, want to write something up and I'll be more than happy to "English-ize" it? :)
14:55 LeeJ hi mveron long time no see
14:55 mveron Yes, sorry, I could not take much time for Koha in recent months...
14:56 LeeJ mveron: well welcome back :)
14:56 tcohen mveron: nice to see you around!
14:56 mveron I' d like to upload at least de-CH translations, but I have troubles
14:56 mveron It says something like X-Pooltle-Path Header missing
14:57 mveron e.g. "X-Pootle-Path Header fehlt in Datei 'de-CH-staff-prog.po' "
14:57 LeeJ tcohen: so as far as the REST API bugs I created tasks for I can close them since that will all be included in the api subdomain?
14:57 cait mveron: did you download them from Pootle?
14:58 mveron cait: yes, German version, then renamed files, then replace stuff, then upload
14:58 cait i haven't uploaded a file with the new pootle :(
14:58 Joubu tcohen: why put the doc on instead of the wiki?
14:58 tcohen we still need the introductory paragrpah
14:58 tcohen because it is used
14:58 cait hm did you take a look at the beginning of the file where the headers are?
14:58 tcohen and also, because its an HTML?
14:58 cait tcohen: were you thinking about one of those prtty automated docs?
14:59 cait something like
14:59 tcohen yes, I was thinking of swaggerui
14:59 tcohen until we figure something better
14:59 cait so we could still have general docs in wiki/manual, but have the endpoints auto-documented
15:00 LeeJ just let me know what I'm adding to the manual :)
15:01 mveron Cait: Hmm, what to do... I always did it via download of de-DE, then change stuff, then uplaod as de-CH...
15:01 reiveune bye
15:01 reiveune left #koha
15:01 cait what do the files read at the top?
15:01 cait maybe pootle complains because of a mismatch of information
15:01 cait they might still refer to de-DE or something
15:02 mveron msgid ""
15:02 mveron msgstr ""
15:02 mveron "Project-Id-Version: German Koha Translation\n"
15:02 mveron "POT-Creation-Date: 2018-05-10 00:42-0300\n"
15:02 mveron "PO-Revision-Date: 2018-05-21 16:44+0200\n"
15:02 mveron "Last-Translator: mveron <>\n"
15:02 mveron "Language-Team: \n"
15:02 mveron "Language: de\n"
15:02 mveron "MIME-Version: 1.0\n"
15:02 mveron "Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8\n"
15:02 mveron "Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit\n"
15:02 mveron "Plural-Forms: nplurals=2; plural=(n != 1);\n"
15:02 mveron "X-Generator: Poedit 2.0.7\n"
15:02 mveron "X-Poedit-SourceCharset: utf-8\n"
15:02 mveron "X-POOTLE-MTIME: 1526629301.441663\n"
15:02 cait hm no x-Pootle-path
15:02 mveron cait: Neither in de-DE...
15:02 cait you could try emailing bernardo
15:03 cait
15:03 cait that is your error
15:03 mveron Oh, I will have a look...
15:05 cait no solution ther,e just they telling that the path is neded
15:05 cait but i have no idea what needs to be put there
15:05 LeeJ Joubu and/or tcohen am I correct that Bug 20402 would also be documented within the spec (wherever it ends up residing)? or should I add it to the manual somewhere?
15:05 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=20402 new feature, P5 - low, ---, julian.maurice, Pushed to Master , OAuth2 client credentials grant for REST API
15:06 cait LeeJ: it would not be in the automated docs i think
15:06 cait too Koha specific
15:07 LeeJ cait: then where to put it? :)
15:08 cait maybe back in web services?
15:19 LeeJ so I'm trying to correctly word the client credentials grant...someone care to give a laymens synopsis? :)
15:24 tcohen LeeJ: the OAuth2-related tokens are documented, yes
15:25 tcohen we would need to explicitly document it in the docs
15:26 LeeJ tcohen: thanks for clarification :) now I'm just trying to decypher how to describe it since I'm not familiarized with how it interacts with koha yet :)
15:27 tcohen LeeJ: let me that part of the docs
15:27 tcohen I'll sketch something
15:27 tcohen then we ask ashimema to add there
15:27 tcohen and you polish it
15:27 tcohen ok?
15:27 tcohen about REST API and the implemented OAuth2 grants
15:28 tcohen agreed?
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15:33 LeeJ tcohen: thank you very much :)
15:38 LeeJ cait: what am I doing wrong for external links? :( I'm trying to use the format...
15:38 LeeJ `link text<url here>`_.
15:38 LeeJ but it's not displaying correctly..thoughts?
15:40 LeeJ nevermind..just realized I'll just use the URL itself
15:42 cait i did tht in another part
15:42 cait otherwise i tihnk put a space before <
15:42 cait maybe
15:42 cait oh
15:42 cait and probably something like :ref:?
15:42 cait not sure
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15:52 LeeJ cait: I'll just keep it consistent with the wiki link in intro.rst :)
16:14 LeeJ tcohen: is a list of bugs that I have tasks created for in taiga for REST...20568, 20402, and any here that start with task # - REST api (didn't want to flood chat with numbers)[…]ohadocs-1805/us/7
16:14 * ashimema is happy to take a look.. sorry.. as ever it's uber busy but I will fit this in.
16:15 tcohen LeeJ: excellent job!
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16:21 LeeJ thank you both ashimema tcohen :)
16:21 LeeJ I find this kind of organization much easier to manage
16:22 LeeJ I'll make a new status of 'On Hold' to assign to the rest tasks until either of you tell me to do something with them :)
16:23 tcohen LeeJ: I see things relating to REST but they are basically descriptions for the release notes?
16:24 tcohen let me put it in a different way
16:24 tcohen where do I write that description of the REST API?
16:25 LeeJ tcohen: I just made a new task :)[…]ocs-1805/task/441
16:26 LeeJ tcohen: and yeah, I create a separate task for each bug from the release notes
16:27 pastebot "tcohen" at pasted "testing MARC records can be deserialized" (42 lines) at
16:31 tcohen LeeJ: great, that way you don't miss anything, good thought
16:31 LeeJ tcohen: thanks! so far we've found it to be extremely efficient
16:32 tcohen LeeJ: can you add me to the team?
16:32 tcohen so I can assign to myself
16:32 LeeJ sure!
16:33 LeeJ tcohen: done!
16:34 LeeJ tcohen: it took me a minute because I kept trying to search for you by typing "Th" haha
16:34 tcohen thx
16:34 tcohen will work on that after lunch!
16:34 LeeJ tcohen: thank you! :D
16:34 LeeJ a friend is visiting me from out of state shortly so after she leaves I'll try to finish as much as I can
16:40 LeeJ Joubu: how long after tomorrow's release will you wait until you start pushing to master for 18.11? Just curious to know my window before continuing :)
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16:48 Joubu I do not think 18.05 will be released tomorrow, maybe more wednesday. 18.05 will then be branched and kidclamp will start pushing to master whenever he wants. Anyway you can update the manual even when 18.05 is released :)
16:56 LeeJ Joubu: okay...I just like having timelines and so on :)
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17:34 cait oleonard++
17:34 cait bgkriegel++
17:39 cait kidclamp++ :)
17:41 oleonard cait++
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17:41 oleonard tcohen++
17:41 oleonard LeeJ++
18:02 cait :)
18:02 cait karma party
18:02 wahanui party has karma of 4
18:02 cait party++
18:12 LeeJ karma LeeJ
18:12 wahanui leej has karma of 77
18:12 LeeJ :O
18:13 LeeJ karma cait
18:13 wahanui cait has karma of 995
18:13 LeeJ O.O
18:22 cait *hides*
18:23 cait LeeJ++
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18:31 LeeJ cait++
18:31 LeeJ cait++
18:31 LeeJ cait++
18:31 LeeJ cait++
18:31 LeeJ karma cait
18:31 wahanui cait has karma of 1000
18:31 LeeJ :D
18:31 LeeJ I like even numbers :)
18:32 * cait explodes
18:32 cait LeeJ++ LeeJ++
18:32 cait karma LeeJ
18:32 wahanui leej has karma of 79
18:32 cait LeeJ++
18:32 cait fixed
18:32 LeeJ :D
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18:59 oleonard Bye #koha
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19:44 LeeJ is there any list (brief or extensive) of what modules use DataTables for documenting Bug 18791?
19:44 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=18791 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, kyle, RESOLVED FIXED, Add the ability for librarians to easily copy, download or print DataTables based tables in Koha
19:53 LeeJ @later tell cait I'm creating an epic for 18.11 and starting a missing sections, etc. for it
19:53 huginn LeeJ: The operation succeeded.
19:53 rangi morning
19:53 rangi ill try do the dns stuff shortly
19:54 rangi LeeJ: thanks :)
19:54 LeeJ thank you rangi..I've been pestering tcohen all day because I'm trying to get the taiga tasks closed :)
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20:06 cait morning rangi
20:16 rangi hey cait
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20:36 LeeJ so much clean up for 18.11 >.<
20:37 rangi for the manual?
20:37 rangi (doing that dns now)
20:40 LeeJ rangiL te
20:40 LeeJ wow..
20:40 LeeJ rangi: ye
20:40 LeeJ *yes
20:40 * LeeJ apprently cannot type
20:41 LeeJ rangi: the more I go through it the more sections I notice are missing
20:43 rangi *nod* lots out of date too, I think we need to do a big recruitment drive
20:43 rangi its way too much for only a few people
20:43 rangi ok api is a cname to
20:44 rangi so i can set up a site there, is it just for static html
20:44 rangi ?
20:44 alexbuckley alexbuckley, changeme
20:44 rangi heh
20:46 cait rangi: tcohen said he was thinking about something earlier, sec
20:46 cait swaggerui
20:46 LeeJ rangi: yes..tcohen would be the one to check with since it was his idea :)
20:47 rangi tcohen: are you about?
20:47 cait - might be static
20:47 cait js
20:47 rangi k ill make a static site for now
20:47 rangi and he can put the files in
20:49 LeeJ you're the best rangi :)
20:51 LeeJ cait rangi I think I'm going to make the executive decision to hold off on adding some of the 18.05 enhancements until we can update/correct/add the necessary sections
20:52 cait hm?
20:52 cait can you give an example?
20:52 cait rangi++ (really the best)
20:52 LeeJ I've already created an 18.11 epic in Taiga so I'll try to move the necessary user stories/tasks under 18.11
20:52 LeeJ cait: one sec..
20:53 LeeJ cait: like this[…]ocs-1805/task/168
20:53 LeeJ since there's no separate fines section
20:53 LeeJ which is unnerving..
20:53 LeeJ I think it's silly to pop the info in somewhere under circ randomly
20:54 cait huh
20:54 cait there is nothing for paying fines?
20:54 cait i think it's in patrons probably
20:54 cait but the search was behaving odd earlier alrady
20:55 LeeJ cait: right
20:55 cait[…]light=fines#fines
20:55 LeeJ cait: my thought is for us to make it so the table of contents can display each sub section if that makes sense
20:55 cait it's here
20:55 LeeJ can do a find from table of contents and locate Fines
20:56 cait it would be gigantic
20:56 LeeJ hm true
20:56 cait but i wonder if every patron permission needs to be in the toc...
20:56 rangi
20:56 cait generally the structure still needs work
20:56 cait maybe another template could work better too
20:56 LeeJ cait: exactly..which is why I think it's best for us to re-think the layout for 18.11
20:56 LeeJ that will be the big project
20:57 cait i kinda hate by now that the search form is at the end of the toc
20:57 cait it would be nice to have it always on top
20:57 LeeJ agreed
20:57 rangi @later tell tcohen you can put the files up for api docs in the same was as uploading for a release except /home/uploads/api instead of /home/uploads/files
20:57 huginn rangi: The operation succeeded.
20:58 cait i am ont sure how we can experiment with templates best
20:58 LeeJ rangi: tcohen is helping me write the API section of the manual
21:01 Francesca joined #koha
21:03 kellym joined #koha
21:03 rangi hi Francesca and kellym
21:03 kellym hi
21:03 wahanui bonjour, kellym
21:03 Francesca hey
21:04 Francesca did you have a nice birthday @rangi?
21:05 rangi LeeJ: cool, its now on https too all ready to have files uploaded
21:05 rangi Francesca: yes thanks
21:05 LeeJ rangi: sweet!
21:05 LeeJ even if it kills me the manual will be corrected by 18.11 ;)
21:06 rangi yay!!
21:06 cait LeeJ: not worth losing your life over it
21:07 cait but i like your dedication :)
21:07 LeeJ cait: hah
21:07 LeeJ well I'm out for the night..see you all tomorrow
21:08 kidclamp joined #koha
21:38 Francesca joined #koha
21:55 Francesca joined #koha
22:51 AnnaBoten joined #koha
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