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10:10 * Francesca waves
10:10 Francesca hey folks
10:10 Francesca been a while
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16:26 * LeeJ waves
16:26 LeeJ hi #koha
16:28 LeeJ does anyone happen to be running a devbox with ES enabled/running? I need a screenshot of the About > System information page with the ES status displayed
16:29 cait what's it supposed to show?
16:30 cait i tihnk maybe it's hte server information tab?
16:30 cait system information doesn't show anything elasticsearch for me, but the server informatoin oes
16:31 LeeJ cait: ah! I knew there was supposed to be some sort of information displayed for ES in About
16:31 LeeJ cait: THANK YOU! :D
16:32 LeeJ now I just need to replace the server information screenshot
16:32 cait you are welcome :)
16:32 LeeJ cait: thank you for all the merge requests..they're done now :)
16:33 LeeJ I'm trying to get as much done today as I can so the work is easier tomorrow
16:38 LeeJ take care all :)
16:46 cait @later tell LeeJ sorry, was on the phone
16:46 huginn cait: The operation succeeded.
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17:29 LeeJ cait: so I just noticed something silly about the RST names...
17:30 cait ohoh
17:30 cait what is it?
17:30 LeeJ cait: the about Koha and Plugins system pages have the same names...
17:30 cait hm?
17:30 LeeJ shouldn't they be separate?
17:31 cait sorry, don't understand yet
17:31 LeeJ[…]html/plugins.html
17:31 cait oh ou are right
17:31 cait they are in the same file
17:31 cait but that wasn't me i think
17:31 LeeJ I just wanted to make sure I wasn't going out of my mind :)
17:32 cait search history is in there too
17:32 cait we could move search history to search somewhere
17:32 cait not sure about about
17:33 LeeJ I'm not concerned about fixing it today..that can be done tomorrow. Today I'm focusing on narrowing down what content is actually necessary to add to the docs (skipping behind the scenes things like small CSS changes, etc.)
17:33 LeeJ just needed a second pair of eyes to make sure what I saw was correct :)
17:35 LeeJ cait: I'll be back on tomorrow morning so we can figure out how to split it up then :)
17:36 cait sure
17:36 cait have a nice day :)
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20:17 rangi morning
20:17 cait morning rangi
20:18 rangi @later tell joubu i don't really mind, maybe ask the docs team?
20:18 huginn rangi: The operation succeeded.
20:19 rangi hmm no paul
20:20 cait sunday night :)
20:20 rangi ah of course
20:21 cait and tomorrow is a holiday here, maybe france too
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