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02:19 mtompset rangi++ # mentioning Nanuvut :)
03:01 mtompset @later tell Joubu I'm trying to test 20757 and the patch seems to work, but I'm having to get the selenium tests to run smoothly period.
03:01 huginn mtompset: The operation succeeded.
03:01 mtompset @later tell Joubu I'm trying to test 20757 and the patch seems to work, but I'm having trouble getting the selenium tests to run smoothly period.
03:01 huginn mtompset: The operation succeeded.
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06:20 fridolin hie there
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06:39 reiveune hello
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06:41 * andreashm waves
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06:45 alex_a bonjour
06:45 andreashm salut alex_a
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07:19 tuxayo hi #koha o/
07:23 calire hi tuxayo
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07:25 gaetan_B hello
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07:43 ashimema mornin'
07:50 magnuse kia ora ashimema
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08:02 cait morning #koha
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08:12 magnuse kia ora cait and sophie_m
08:17 sophie_m hello magnuse
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08:35 cait good morning magnuse :)
08:36 cait looking at some old bugs
08:36 cait can bug 9749 be closed?
08:36 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9749 normal, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , Placeholders in koha-conf.xml generated by the Debian packages
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08:47 magnuse cait: no, i think that is still relevant
08:48 cait needs more info then :)
08:49 cait the koha-conf.xml on my devbox is alright
08:49 cait ony placeholders are in commened sections as Robin pointed out
08:50 magnuse ah, ok
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08:57 magnuse looking at one of my oldest sites that is true there too, all placeholders are in commented section, so maybe it can be closed after all
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09:05 * magnuse CLOSED WONTFIX'ed it
09:05 magnuse cait++ for doing archeology
09:19 cait sorry for bothering you :)
09:28 magnuse cait++ for bothering
09:29 magnuse @karma
09:29 huginn magnuse: Highest karma: "Joubu" (643), "cait" (564), and "tcohen" (353).  Lowest karma: "failed" (-37), "-" (-36), and "ie" (-35).  You (magnuse) are ranked 15 out of 829.
09:35 drojf ie--
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09:42 cait drojf - 2 days in a row! :D
09:42 cait ie--
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09:49 tuxayo Hi cait, Follow up about documenting after the release things like upgrade times, needed disk space, failure causes [1]
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09:49 tuxayo Technical issues lead to most of the discussion not being in the meeting log.
09:49 tuxayo So can we (I) create a wiki page for such issues?
09:49 tuxayo https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]to_share_feedback.2Finfo.2Ftips_about_upgrades.3F
10:03 drojf wow fridolin really loves RMainting :)
10:03 fridolin indeed
10:03 fridolin i like beeing a star
10:03 drojf you are!
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10:42 ashimema nice one fridolin
10:43 ashimema any hints of tips greatfully recieved ;)
10:45 fridolin i will do minium on 17.05.x but il will be useful it security release occures
10:47 tuxayo _oftc_ashimema[m]: there are a lot of people still on 17.05
10:47 tuxayo Are your customers among these?
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11:49 oleonard Hi all
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11:54 oleonard_ Okay that wasn't ideal.
11:54 * oleonard_ 's Windows blue-screened
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12:06 ashimema _oftc_tuxayo[m]: We have a real mix of versions tuxayo
12:06 ashimema but likely not many are on hea.. I never really did manage to sell it to them enough for them all to enrole
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12:19 cait fridolin++
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12:22 tuxayo _oftc_ashimema[m]: We have it very minimally for most clients (sysprefs, country, no name), it was done opt-out with a notification to explain how it works.
12:22 tuxayo And we didn't hear about any issue about this strategy.
12:22 tuxayo Reporting at least the version is important because that's what motivated Fridolin to continue RMaint-ing the 17.05
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12:23 marcelr hi #koha
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12:26 cait hi marcelr
12:26 marcelr o/
12:26 cait do you have time to qa 2 patches maybe?
12:27 marcelr im doing one
12:27 marcelr no not more
12:27 cait then 20706 please
12:27 cait the other would have been 19862 (2 minute thing)
12:27 marcelr no i am doing 20724
12:28 marcelr critical..
12:28 wahanui hmmm... critical is higher.
12:28 cait help links is critical too - have to ask people because i wrote them
12:28 cait but the holds one is good too
12:29 cait thx
12:29 marcelr 20706 is already pqa
12:33 cait ah great, i think imissed it
12:33 cait kidclamp++ thx
12:36 * oleonard hands out all his votes for everyone to redistribute as needed during the meeting
12:36 marcelr something funny in master; i edit items and the search results column in staff says No items but when I click edit items, they are there
12:36 cait hm?
12:37 cait marcelr: is the record indexed yet?
12:37 marcelr i reindexed twice i think
12:37 marcelr and with the daemon it should be very fast
12:38 cait hm can't replicate right now
12:38 cait was ist a new record?
12:38 marcelr no existing
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12:40 cait i tried both, the item shows up immediately for me
12:41 marcelr cait: yet another reindex now resolves it ??
12:41 marcelr strange stuff
12:42 cait maybe a problem with indexing related to your data/setup
12:42 cait devbox appears ok
12:42 marcelr let´s say it is the data, than it is not master ;)
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12:50 * LeeJ waves
12:50 LeeJ hi #koha
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12:52 cait hi LeeJ :)
12:52 LeeJ hi cait!
12:52 LeeJ cait: I just merged bernardo's request
12:53 cait cool :)
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12:54 caroline Good morning everyone!
12:54 cait hi caroline
12:55 * kidclamp waves
12:57 LeeJ cait: and yours too now :)
12:57 cait thx
12:57 cait marcelr++
12:57 cait i wanted to give it a try, but glad you are looking at this bug now
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12:57 * andreashm waves
12:58 andreashm meeting soon?
12:59 barton andreashm: yep.
13:00 kidclamp #startmeeting General IRC meeting 16 May 2018
13:00 huginn Meeting started Wed May 16 13:00:18 2018 UTC.  The chair is kidclamp. Information about MeetBot at
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13:00 Topic for #koha is now  (Meeting topic: General IRC meeting 16 May 2018)
13:00 huginn The meeting name has been set to 'general_irc_meeting_16_may_2018'
13:00 kidclamp #topic Introductions
13:00 wahanui #info wahanui, a bot that has become sentient
13:00 Topic for #koha is now Introductions (Meeting topic: General IRC meeting 16 May 2018)
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13:00 ashimema #info Martin Renvoize - PTFS Europe
13:00 kidclamp #info Nick Clemens, BYWater Solutions
13:00 caroline #info Caroline Cyr La Rose, inLibro
13:00 LeeJ #info Lee Jamison, Marywood University
13:00 marcelr #info Marcel de Rooy
13:00 andreashm #info Andreas Hedström Mace, Stockholm University Library
13:01 barton #info Barton Chittenden, bws
13:01 BobB #info Bob Birchall, Calyx, Australia
13:01 thd #info Thomas Dukleth, Agogme, New York City
13:01 cc__ #info Colin Campbell, PTFS-Europe
13:01 cait #info Katrin Fischer, BSZ, Germany
13:01 mng #info Mengu Yazicioglu, Devinim, Turkey
13:01 drojf #info Mirko Tietgen, Berlin, Germany
13:02 kidclamp #topic Announcements
13:02 Topic for #koha is now Announcements (Meeting topic: General IRC meeting 16 May 2018)
13:02 kidclamp anyone?
13:02 wahanui hmmm... anyone is free to organize one at any time :-)
13:03 kidclamp Joubu?
13:03 wahanui Joubu is dealing with 40 patches to push but waiting for answers on some of the reports
13:03 kidclamp RMaints?
13:03 wahanui well, RMaints is kidclamp (17.11), fridolin (17.05), rangi (16.11)
13:03 kidclamp QAteam?
13:03 kidclamp QA_team?
13:03 wahanui i heard QA_team was alex_a jajm marcelr khall kidclamp tcohen josef_moravec
13:03 tcohen morning
13:03 LeeJ I got something from docs team :)
13:03 cait only a few patches tagged with release_candidate_18_05 now
13:03 cait we are almost there
13:03 tcohen #info Tomas Cohen Arazi
13:04 LeeJ documentation team is currently in the middle of a docs sprint for 18.05
13:04 kidclamp go ahead LeeJ
13:04 kidclamp :-)
13:04 khall #info Kyle M Hall, ByWater Solutions
13:04 kidclamp #info documentation team is currently in the middle of a docs sprint for 18.05
13:04 kidclamp should people contact you/cait if they want to help?
13:04 tcohen LeeJ++
13:04 LeeJ certainly :)
13:05 cait better LeeJ :)
13:05 cait but if around willing to help of course where I can
13:05 kidclamp #info contact LeeJ (or cait) if you want to help
13:05 kidclamp anyone else?
13:05 cait LeeJ and davidnind filled a Taiga with a ton of documentation tasks ready to be grabbed
13:05 LeeJ :D
13:06 kidclamp link cait?
13:06 LeeJ one sec..
13:06 LeeJ[…]adocs-1805/epic/6
13:06 fridolin "info Fridolin Somers, Biblibre France
13:06 cait #link[…]son-kohadocs-1805 Taiga for documentation
13:07 kidclamp #chari cait
13:07 kidclamp #chair cait
13:07 huginn Current chairs: cait kidclamp
13:08 kidclamp anyone else ffor announcements?
13:08 tcohen here
13:08 Brooke joined #koha
13:08 kidclamp go for it
13:09 tcohen I want to start some conversation about the official docker image for 18.05
13:09 tcohen people with docker experience AND interested on contributing ideas, please contact me
13:09 kidclamp +1
13:09 khall \O/
13:09 kidclamp #info tochen wants to start discussion on official docker image for 18.05
13:09 kidclamp #info people with docker experience AND interested on contributing ideas, please contact me
13:09 kidclamp #info people with docker experience AND interested on contributing ideas, please contact him
13:09 cait heh
13:10 kidclamp #topic Update on releases
13:10 Topic for #koha is now Update on releases (Meeting topic: General IRC meeting 16 May 2018)
13:11 kidclamp is 16.11 being maintained? I think it is done?
13:11 Joubu #info Jonathan Druart
13:11 Joubu (soooory)
13:11 cait i think rangi said last meeting that it was retired now
13:11 fridolin #info Fridolin Somers, Biblibre
13:11 tuxayo #info Victor Grousset, Biblibre France
13:11 kidclamp 17.05 updates frido?
13:11 fridolin yep
13:11 fridolin I reverted  Bug 20234
13:11 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=20234 normal, P5 - low, ---, tomascohen, RESOLVED FIXED, Make maintenance scripts use koha-zebra instead of koha-*-zebra
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13:12 fridolin sorry for that i missed the dependancy, will be in this release
13:12 fridolin i hope it did not much pain
13:12 Joubu I do not think you should backport the deps
13:12 kidclamp #info bug 20234 reverted, dependency had been missed, frido apologizes, we forgive him
13:13 fridolin the deps ?
13:13 wahanui the deps are a pain
13:13 bag #info Brendan Gallagher ByWater
13:13 Joubu the koha-zebra scripts
13:13 fridolin the patches on debian you mean
13:13 Joubu but we can talk about that later
13:13 fridolin oki
13:14 kidclamp #info kidclamp is pushing more stuffs to 17.11, if you have any priorities or corrections let him know
13:14 kidclamp that's all form me^
13:14 kidclamp Mr RM?
13:14 kidclamp updates for 18.05
13:15 Joubu please watch the 18.05_candidate list
13:15 Joubu focus must be on these ones
13:16 Joubu criticals have been fixed it seems
13:16 Joubu so, it should be ready on time.
13:16 kidclamp #info please watch 18_05 candidate list and focus efforts there
13:17 cait #link https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]l_18_05_candidate tagged for release
13:17 Joubu So please test the release candidate, a rc2 is planned for the next few days
13:17 kidclamp cait++
13:17 davidnind joined #koha
13:17 kidclamp #info rc2 planned in next few days
13:17 Joubu nothing else from me
13:17 marcelr link does not work cait
13:17 cait Joubu: do we have a link for release notes too?
13:17 cait misplaced it
13:18 cait marcelr: maybe permissions sec
13:18 Joubu[…]
13:18 Joubu maybe I will include them for the rc2
13:18 cait #link https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]=run&sharer_id=13 alternate
13:19 andreashm That works nicely
13:19 marcelr thats better
13:19 kidclamp #link[…] Prelim release notes
13:20 kidclamp #topic Elections for 18.11 release
13:20 Topic for #koha is now Elections for 18.11 release (Meeting topic: General IRC meeting 16 May 2018)
13:20 kidclamp #link https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]i/Roles_for_18.11 Roles for 18.11
13:21 kidclamp any discussion?
13:21 LeeJ no complaints
13:21 kidclamp vote on the whole shebang?
13:21 cait just a fridolin++
13:21 marcelr yes
13:21 cait ok
13:21 LeeJ sure
13:21 BobB yes please
13:21 thd +1
13:21 fridolin thanks a lot
13:22 kidclamp #startvote Should we accept the roles for 18.11 as proposed on https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]/Roles_for_18.11?
13:22 huginn Begin voting on: Should we accept the roles for 18.11 as proposed on https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]/Roles_for_18.11? Valid vote options are Yes, No.
13:22 huginn Vote using '#vote OPTION'. Only your last vote counts.
13:22 thd #vote Yes
13:22 mng #vote Yes
13:22 drojf #vote Yes
13:22 fridolin feel free to make a putch ;)
13:22 BobB #vote Yes
13:22 LeeJ #vote Yes
13:22 * ashimema just hopes he can do half as good a job of RMaint as previous maints.
13:22 cait #vote yes
13:22 andreashm #vote Yes
13:22 fridolin putsch
13:22 barton #vote Yes
13:22 marcelr #vote Yes
13:22 cc__ #vote Yes
13:22 fridolin #vote yes
13:23 barton ha! (fridolin)
13:23 caroline #vote yes
13:23 khall #vote Yes
13:23 ashimema #vote Yes
13:23 TGoat joined #koha
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13:23 Joubu #vote yes
13:23 kidclamp #vote Yes
13:23 tuxayo #vote Yes
13:24 jajm #vote yes
13:24 tuxayo _oftc_ashimema[m]: too late
13:24 kidclamp last call
13:24 tuxayo the net is on you
13:24 kidclamp #endvote
13:24 huginn Voted on "Should we accept the roles for 18.11 as proposed on https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]/Roles_for_18.11?" Results are
13:25 kidclamp #info results unanimous, roles accepted
13:25 bag #vote yes
13:25 kidclamp khall wasn't on QA list, do we need a formal vote to add him?
13:25 cait can I suggest adding kidclamp as module maintainer for elasticsearch befor he has a chance to escape?
13:25 bag (too slow)
13:25 kidclamp or can I start abusing my powers and just appoint him
13:25 cait heh
13:25 tuxayo cait++
13:25 LeeJ I doubt anyone here expects khall to NOT be on QA list
13:26 cait ah maybe rm and elasticsearch is unfair,... didn't think about the new powers :)
13:26 Joubu #info next RM already is abusing his powers
13:26 LeeJ whoops wrong phrasing xD
13:26 khall Lol
13:26 ashimema there's always one bag ;)
13:26 LeeJ everyone expects him to be :P
13:26 cait khall: put yourself on the wiki now or I will have to stop sending you my lovely crafted emails ;)
13:26 drojf is huginn still doing calculations?
13:27 drojf it ends with "results are" for me
13:27 * khall does not remember when he was not on the qa team
13:27 kidclamp I put him in and added me for module maint - if anyone has complaints please speak now and we cna vote
13:27 kidclamp otherwise your acceptance is assumed
13:27 LeeJ no complaints!
13:27 andreashm we accept oh dear leader. =)
13:27 khall Can do cait!
13:27 * ashimema thought that a while ago then suddenly realised he'd let it slip when he went to do a qa ;)
13:27 marcelr there he is
13:28 kidclamp #info khall added to QA team kidclamp for ES maint - if you desire a vote post on next meeting :-b
13:28 tuxayo hail kidclamp
13:28 fridolin our code is ours dear leader ;)
13:28 andreashm hehe
13:28 LeeJ hail!
13:28 BobB droif, me too
13:29 kidclamp :-D
13:29 fridolin 42
13:29 andreashm this turned out to be an interesting meeting. =)
13:29 kidclamp #topic Next meeting
13:29 Topic for #koha is now Next meeting (Meeting topic: General IRC meeting 16 May 2018)
13:30 kidclamp June 13, 20UTC?
13:31 cait usually first week i tihnk
13:31 cait june 6th?
13:31 kidclamp ah, I ws going 1 month, first week better
13:31 kidclamp June 6th 20 UTC
13:31 thd +1
13:31 caroline +1
13:32 kidclamp #info Next meeting: 6 June 2018, 20:00 UTC
13:32 LeeJ kidclamp++
13:32 kidclamp #endmeeting
13:32 Topic for #koha is now Welcome to #koha this channel is for discussion of the Koha project and software
13:32 huginn Meeting ended Wed May 16 13:32:27 2018 UTC.  Information about MeetBot at . (v 0.1.4)
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13:32 huginn Minutes (text): http://meetings.koha-community[…]8-05-16-13.00.txt
13:32 huginn Log:            http://meetings.koha-community[…]16-13.00.log.html
13:32 tuxayo _o< quack!
13:32 wahanui !bang
13:33 cait kidclamp++
13:33 BobB good night folks
13:33 bag kidclamp++
13:33 cait good night BobB!
13:33 cait ah too slow
13:33 kidclamp Joubu++
13:33 fridolin kidclamp++ ashimema++
13:33 andreashm kidclamp++
13:33 kidclamp ashimema++
13:33 kidclamp fridolin++
13:33 LeeJ everyone++
13:33 kidclamp koha++
13:34 cait now back to work! :P
13:34 andreashm or icecream. whichever you prefer.
13:36 kidclamp Joubu++
13:37 tcohen kidclamp++
13:37 tcohen Joubu++
13:37 tcohen cait++
13:37 tcohen koha++
13:37 tcohen :-D
13:44 kellym joined #koha
13:47 marcelr Joubu: 20724 is for you
13:49 Joubu marcelr: yep, thanks. What about $holds_to_place_count?
13:49 Joubu I do not remember checking that
13:49 marcelr i think it is a theoretical problem only
13:49 Joubu ok, I will double check
13:49 Joubu I think I will move the update DB entry to its own bug report
13:50 marcelr you can
13:50 marcelr it is very simple query
13:50 marcelr just to have something
13:54 Joubu marcelr: yes, at first glance, then you note that date_add is a mysqlis
13:55 Joubu as well as now, that should be cast as date
13:55 marcelr yeah i was afraid so
13:55 marcelr couldnt find it in updatedatabase but it is in the codebase still
13:57 Joubu marcelr: what about ReservesMaxPickUpDelay?
13:57 marcelr delay to expire?
13:58 Joubu the maximum delay
13:58 marcelr yeah this is a pragmatic approach
13:58 marcelr we need something in that date
13:58 marcelr and this will not hurt people
13:59 Joubu there are also ExpireReservesOnHolidays and ExcludeHolidaysFromMaxPickUpDelay, but will be hard with sql queries only...
13:59 marcelr see commit msg no holidays
13:59 marcelr thats why i started with now instead of waitingdate
14:00 Joubu marcelr: maybe we need an alert and a script then?
14:01 marcelr you could copy 12063 again but then you have Koha objects in a dbrev
14:01 Joubu well, that's why I wanted to move it to its own bug :)
14:01 marcelr no problem
14:01 marcelr but then it will probably not reach the release
14:02 mng left #koha
14:03 deb-CSPL joined #koha
14:05 Joubu cait: bug 19014, did they test the patch?
14:05 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=19014 major, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Needs Signoff , Patrons should not get a on_reserve notification if the due date is far into the future
14:24 edveal joined #koha
14:27 oleonard So no one signed me up for anything during the meeting?
14:28 calire left #koha
14:29 tuxayo oleonard: do you want to RMaint 17.05 ?
14:30 oleonard No thank you :)
14:45 reiveune left #koha
14:50 marcelr bye
14:53 edveal joined #koha
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15:29 huginn News from kohagit: Bug 20724: (QA follow-up) Remove two obsolete comment lines <[…]53742a3d9acea1f64>
15:29 huginn News from kohagit: Bug 20706: Fix bad HTML link to help file <[…]1c21a19a002be778c>
15:29 huginn News from kohagit: Bug 20706: Adds en language code to the links to the manual <[…]5b3d3e251864336ca>
15:29 huginn News from kohagit: Bug 20724: Add tests for ReservesNeedReturns <[…]78b4e20174ee1ea58>
15:29 huginn News from kohagit: Bug 20724: Move the ReservesNeedReturns logic to AddReserve <[…]1c0b7c3360ea8dd51>
15:29 huginn News from kohagit: Bug 20724: Correctly mark an hold as waiting - ReservesNeedReturns <[…]61211501897cec0bf>
15:29 huginn News from kohagit: Bug 20706: Fixes the links to the manual to reflect chanced chapter file names <[…]044b6f614db218a55>
15:42 tuxayo cait still around?
15:48 tuxayo kidclamp: around?
15:50 cait joined #koha
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16:15 huginn News from kohagit: Bug 7143: Update about page for documentation team <[…]f8495675248e50102>
16:23 Joubu jenkins?
16:23 wahanui jenkins is probably
16:24 Joubu tcohen: jenkins left, do you know why?
16:28 Joubu paxed: Please add release notes to bug 11674
16:28 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=11674 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, pasi.kallinen, Pushed to Master , Configuration for MARC field doc URLs
16:28 Joubu oleonard: Please add release notes to bug 15922
16:28 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=15922 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, Pushed to Master , Show authorized value description in staff client search results for lost, withdrawn, and damaged
16:29 Joubu khall: Please add release notes to bug 18791
16:29 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=18791 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, kyle, Pushed to Master , Add the ability for librarians to easily copy, download or print DataTables based tables in Koha
16:58 tcohen Joubu: I can take a look
16:59 Joubu tcohen: master is failing with a new error, not related to the last push, weird
16:59 Joubu ho, there is a ""
17:02 tcohen Joubu: someone else is using the jenkins nickname on OFTC
17:23 tuxayo lol
17:39 caroline LeeJ: do you still have the link to the "style guide" cait mentionned the other day?
17:40 LeeJ caroline: sure one sec..
17:40 LeeJ caroline: https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]-_Tips_and_Tricks
17:40 caroline LeeJ: thanks!
17:40 LeeJ caroline: I'll be updating it a bit after I get some work finished
17:41 caroline oh, it doesn't answer my question ^_^;;
17:41 LeeJ caroline: what's your question?
17:41 caroline Do you know what the rules are for wrapping the lines?
17:41 caroline I use vim
17:42 LeeJ caroline: so your workflow is via command line?
17:42 caroline yes
17:42 LeeJ :O
17:42 caroline I know!
17:42 LeeJ I didn't know of anyone who had been lol
17:43 LeeJ caroline: my suggestion would be use existing entries as a vertical guide as to where to wrap
17:43 LeeJ if that makes sense
17:43 caroline 6 months ago, I would never have thought I would be working in command line lol!
17:43 caroline yes, it does. That's what I've been doing, but I was wondering if there was a rule
17:44 LeeJ we haven't had one but we'll probably add one in the future
17:44 LeeJ I'd actually love for you to improve the "Editing the manual" for the command line section because cait and I had been struggling with it last release :)
17:45 caroline I'll have to find a text editor to wrap the lines for me when we have a rule
17:45 LeeJ caroline: try looking here..this might help
17:46 caroline Ok, I'll try to add to the wiki for command line. I still have to ask my colleagues how to do git stuff like pulling from a different remote though
17:46 caroline thank you for the link!
17:47 LeeJ caroline: sure! once that section gets updated I might start doing it as well :)
17:47 caroline I will work on the wiki after we get our taiga tasks down a little bit
17:48 LeeJ caroline: that's excellent :) my focus is certainly on the taiga work first :)
17:48 caroline yes, especially this week! ;)
17:48 LeeJ tell me about it! haha
18:26 oleonard Bye all
18:26 LeeJ caroline: I'm heading out..if you need anything just send an email :)
18:31 caroline Are there any librarians in the house? I have a MARC question
18:31 caroline MARC21 to be precise
18:32 z0k joined #koha
18:39 tcohen has anyone included t::t inside a perl script? I mean, without using an external .tt file?
18:47 caroline Or maybe a dev can answer my MARC question... Do you know if the 942 field is mandatory for Koha to run? I tried deleting it, but my zebra_rebuild gave me error. As far as I know, 942 is just a record-level version of 952 which is the item-level.
18:48 caroline If all the information is in 952, would 942 be redundant?
18:48 pastebot "tcohen" at pasted "khall" (171 lines) at
18:55 Joubu tcohen: take a look at C4::Letters::_process_tt
18:56 Joubu yes, what you pasted
18:56 tcohen thanks, Joubu
18:56 wahanui somebody said thanks, Joubu was going to update the wiki page to remove the confusion
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21:25 cait Joubu: haven't read the long comment on bug 19014 yet
21:25 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=19014 major, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Needs Signoff , Patrons should not get a on_reserve notification if the due date is far into the future
21:25 cait is is urgent?
21:27 cait @later tell LeeJ also working on command line, pushing up, then creating the merge request in the gitlab gui :)
21:27 huginn cait: The operation succeeded.
21:28 cait caroline: you can set 942 to not mandatory
21:28 cait caroline: some features like article requests and some hold scnearios use it
21:29 cait but for our libraries it's usually empty because of our union catalog workflow
21:40 davidnind left #koha
22:02 caroline cait: thanks! (sorry, I hadn't seen your message before)
22:03 caroline cait: is it super late in Germany now? It must be the middle of the night?
22:04 cait just around midnight
22:04 cait i am an owl kind of person :)
22:06 caroline :)
22:07 caroline LeeJ and I were wondering earlier if there is a rule for wrapping when we work in the .rst files
22:14 caroline Well, I must go, but I'm sure we'll talk later about it! ;)
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