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07:47 alex_a bonjour
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09:41 cait good morning #koha!
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10:11 magnuse o/
10:15 cait tcohen: why are you awake?
10:19 tcohen Manuel
10:19 tcohen Still has fever
10:20 cait oh no :(
10:20 cait hope he feels better soon
10:20 cait the patron api bug is in SO = ready for QA - was wondering if we should wait for you to finish your patch and QA them together
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10:35 magnuse fever--
10:51 tcohen cait, of we can QA it, better. I just implemented some changes we agreed with Joubu. I will implement the RFC today
11:02 cait ?
12:45 tcohen cait: no need to test them together, that's what I meant
12:45 cait ah
12:45 tcohen the bug itself needs some specific tests
12:47 tcohen we need to get rid of biblio-level itypes
12:51 cait tcohen: i am not following
12:51 tcohen bug 16330 can be tested on its own
12:51 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=16330 new feature, P5 - low, ---, benjamin.rokseth, Signed Off , REST API: add routes to add, update and delete patrons
12:51 tcohen bug 19784 I'm working on it, and testing it wil mean checking it matches the RFC
12:52 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=19784 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, tomascohen, ASSIGNED , Adapt /v1/patrons to new naming guidelines
12:52 tcohen bug 19884 makes me think we should get rid of biblio-level itypes
12:52 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=19884 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, glasklas, NEW , Improve performance of GetItem
12:52 cait ah!
12:53 cait yeah
12:53 tcohen there are other possible approaches to marking biblio records for other uses
12:53 cait i feel like we have deprecated it maybe... or should have
12:53 tcohen item types are for... items?
12:53 cait hmyeah but theere is the use case of records with no items
12:53 tcohen and GetItem should probably be dealt with in Koha::Item(s)
12:53 cait electronic resources, serials etc
12:54 tcohen what would we need itemtypes for, on a record without items?
12:54 cait search
12:54 cait people like to be able to search for serials easily like for their other itemtypes
12:54 tcohen lets have biblio_types
12:54 cait i'd love to move it out of the marc
12:54 cait but... meh search
12:55 tcohen kidclamp will fix it on ElasticSearch
12:55 cait we don't have 942 set for all but one use case because it gets overwritten all the time
12:55 cait not sure he will, our data is still teh same :)
12:55 tcohen it is just an extra index
12:55 cait my point was that you want it mixed in
12:55 tcohen we just need a biblio_type column in the biblio table
12:55 cait because circulation conditions
12:55 cait search
12:55 cait facets
12:55 cait ...
12:56 cait at the moment we have it on both levels, needs more thought than just killing or renaming
12:56 tcohen it is just more work, not a technical barrier
12:56 cait yeah but we need to gain something by it
12:56 cait atthe moment I don't see the gain
12:56 cait by renaming it, if you want the bheaviour to be the same :)
12:57 tcohen I'm not saying we should rename it
12:57 tcohen I'm saying we don't need to query the biblio-level itype when fetching each item
12:57 tcohen there's something wrong in there
12:58 cait we need the biblio level stuff
12:58 cait in some cases
12:59 cait like when determining if you have reached max of holds
12:59 tcohen so, have the same 'search' behaviour without making thing smore complicated than we need
13:00 cait *sighs*
13:00 cait we are talking around each other:)
13:00 tcohen we are on the same page, just different perspective
13:00 cait i am not sure wher GetItem is used - it probably shoudl be separate routines for soem cases where we need both
13:00 cait in some cases you need to look at both levels, so need to deal with that
13:01 cait and as long as item_level-itypes = biblio is a valid setting ther eis no itemtype to look up on item level
13:01 cait ever
13:01 tcohen the problem is not DBIC vs. plain DBI
13:01 tcohen it is the way we require some information
13:02 tcohen FTR: using DBIC is using an SQL building lib (SQL::Abstract) that transforms hashrefs into SQL, and then passes it to DBI. The only fat/slow part of DBIC is loading the schemas at startup time
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13:06 cait i feel like we are having at least 2 conversations at once
13:06 cait sorry, maybe i am just ot understanding today
13:06 tcohen I'm having several conversations at a time, that's correct :-P
13:06 cait but it's only the 2 of us...
13:07 cait are you alright?
13:07 tcohen I'm not sure
13:07 tcohen haha
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13:31 * kidclamp waves
13:48 tcohen hi kidclamp
13:48 kidclamp hi tcohen
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15:16 JesseDhammu HI guys, can I have the tutorial video link for serials entry in KOHA ?
15:53 cait bywatersolutions might have something
15:53 cait have you checked their website?
16:23 tcohen bywatersolutions? who's that?
16:34 Joubu KOHA? What's that?
16:44 kidclamp[…]erial-scriptions/
16:44 kidclamp We are BWS, we are legion
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18:16 tcohen later #koha
18:16 tcohen kidclamp hehe
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22:15 cait @later tell Joubu dev meeting and general meeting are both planned for 10 january 14 UTC
22:15 huginn cait: The operation succeeded.
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