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05:30 alexbuckley Hi all. Can anyone else replicate this bug: on up to date master branch run the t/db_dependent/Budgets.t test and it fails for 2 tests?
05:37 cait @later tell kidclamp - could you take a look at bug#5534 c#17?
05:37 huginn cait: The operation succeeded.
05:45 Amit_Gupta heya cait
05:45 cait hi Amit_Gupta
05:45 cait sorry, have to run - back to work this week
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06:02 alexbuckley hi Amit_Gupta I have tested your patch 19157 which worked as described so have signed off on it
06:03 Amit_Gupta thanks
06:04 alexbuckley No problem. Can you please try running Budgets.t test on an up to date branch to see if you can replicate the bug I described above?
06:07 mtj alexbuckley, fwiw, jenkins gives it a pass
06:07 mtj https://jenkins.koha-community[…]Build/consoleFull
06:08 mtj [11:26:52] t/db_dependent/Budgets.t ....................................... ok    19479 ms ( 0.03 usr  0.01 sys + 18.17 cusr  0.64 csys = 18.85 CPU)
06:09 alexbuckley hmm interesting, thanks mtj. For me it keeps failing on output of the GetBudgetByCode() function
06:13 mtj hmm, i get a pass too
06:14 Amit_Gupta sure
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06:16 pastebot "mtj" at pasted "prove -v ./t/db_dependent/Budgets.t ./t/db_dependent/Budgets.t .." (156 lines) at
06:17 mtj alexbuckley:  if you're curious.. ^
06:18 alexbuckley thanks mtj
06:18 mtj oops, bad cut/paste in that subject
06:20 mtj alexbuckley: can you git-bisect the error, perhaps?
06:20 alexbuckley yeah I've been doing that this afternoon and I found that the unit test patch for this bug report seems to introduce the bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=18941
06:20 huginn Bug 18941: normal, P5 - low, ---, nick, Pushed to Master , C4::Budgets GetBudgetByCode should return active budgets over inactive budgets
06:21 mtj do the tests pass, if you rewind back to the 17.5.0 tag ?
06:23 mtj hmm, restart memcache? (i did)
06:26 alexbuckley I've restarted memcached and still have the same issue here are the failed test outputs
06:33 mtj hmm, i tried with another database, and got another pass
06:34 mtj jessie 8.8
06:37 mtj oops.. /me upgrades :)
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06:47 cait morning #koha!
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07:07 gaetan_B hello
07:07 wahanui hola, gaetan_B
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07:16 alexbuckley mtj: I think GetBudgetByCode() function must be cached because even when I delete it from the Budgets.t test still returns a numerical output. However I have restarted memcached, and plack is disabled
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07:20 reiveune hello
07:20 wahanui what's up, reiveune
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07:31 josef_moravec morning #koha
07:32 cait morning josef_moravec :)
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07:40 * magnuse waves
07:40 josef_moravec hi magnuse cait
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08:28 magnuse huh, created a new instance of 16.11.09 and searching for SessioStorage among the sysprefs gives no results. it is in the db, though
08:28 magnuse *SessionStorage
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08:45 cait alexbuckley_++
08:45 cait alexbuckley++
08:52 eythian hi
08:52 wahanui hello, eythian
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09:41 josef_moravec cait1: I tried to fix bug 19116
09:41 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=19116 critical, P5 - low, ---, josef.moravec, Needs Signoff , Holds not set to waiting when "Confirm" is used
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10:17 * andreashm waves
10:30 andreashm Anyone know if the offline circulation plugin for Firefox is updated at all? Or if it is preferable to use the Windows (standalone) version instead?
10:46 josef_moravec andreashm: the plugin was last update January 2015, windows standalone application was last updated january 2016. But we do prefer to use the integrated offline client
10:46 andreashm ok, thanks! josef_moravec
10:47 andreashm The difference is the size of file that can be saved?
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11:01 josef_moravec andreashm: I don't think there is some limitation.... but I may be wrong ;)
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11:05 andreashm maybe khall knows? I saw that you built the windows application.
11:06 andreashm the manual talks of a file-size limitation for the integrated offline tool at least.
11:06 andreashm and since I work for a large library this might be a concern.
11:07 khall andreashm: the limit would be determined by the apache file size limit. I know if no other limits
11:09 andreashm khall: ok, thanks. The manual for 16.05 mentions a html localstorage size limitation for the integrated tool, but this might not be an issue then?
11:09 andreashm http://manual.koha-community.o[…]indowsofflinecirc
11:09 * kidclamp waves
11:10 andreashm wrong link, this is the right one: http://manual.koha-community.o[…]l#kohaofflinecirc
11:10 andreashm hi kidclamp
11:10 kidclamp hi a
11:10 josef_moravec andreashm: the localstorage could sized up by user if needed
11:11 andreashm josef_moravec: ok, great!
11:11 josef_moravec we have about 80 000 items and 3000 patrons and have no problems with the size of localstorage
11:11 josef_moravec koha does save just core data in localstorage
11:18 andreashm josef_moravec: we are somewhat bigger. 1 million items and ~ 200 000 patrons.
11:18 andreashm But offline circulation should only be for shorter times, and as you say only some core data is saved, so I don't know is size is actually a problem.
11:18 khall ah, I didn't realize you were talking about the html5 offline circ. yeah, I think there is a different limit per browser but I could be wrong
11:19 josef_moravec andreashm: nice ;)
11:19 andreashm The reason I'm asking is that we used to install the firefox plugin but it's not working with later verions of firefox
11:19 josef_moravec[…]calstorage-values
11:19 andreashm khall: ah, that explains it! =)
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11:20 tcohen morning!
11:20 josef_moravec the firefox is going to change is going to allow only webextensions in version 57, so pretty soon...
11:23 tcohen josef_moravec: what does that mean for us?
11:23 josef_moravec the offline circ firefox plugin will stop working i think...
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11:25 andreashm it's already stopped working. at least for us (v 54 I think)
11:27 * cait1 waves at andreashm
11:27 cait1 andreashm: we prefer the firefox plugin for ease of use/installation
11:27 josef_moravec and jsprintsetup will need update too, bud his author is going to do that update, just need some new API in firefox, today will be firefox dev meeting about the needed print api
11:28 cait1 andreashm: it still works fine for us with Firefox current ESR version
11:29 cait1 it has a glitch that you have to close and open it again after entering configuration for upload, but that's the only 'problem' we know about
11:29 cait1 josef_moravec++ :)
11:30 josef_moravec regarding the jsprintsetup:
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11:53 rsantellan good morning #koha
11:53 cait1 good morning rsantellan
11:56 rsantellan hi cait1! cait was used?
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11:57 marcelr hi #koha
11:57 cait just a login glitch i think
11:57 cait hi marcelr
11:57 marcelr hi cait
12:00 marcelr josef_moravec++
12:03 josef_moravec hi marcelr
12:03 marcelr thx for your signoffs
12:04 josef_moravec marcelr: Not at all, looking at and testing your patches is enjoyable ;)
12:04 josef_moravec marcelr++
12:04 * marcelr hides
12:04 josef_moravec ;)
12:11 tcohen #koha: first run of the test suite on docker containers https://jenkins.koha-community[…]Master/22/console
12:11 josef_moravec thocen++
12:27 rsantellan hi, I create a bug by mistake :( how can I delete it?
12:29 josef_moravec rsantellan: you can't, you just can close it with apropirate comment
12:29 rsantellan I set it on RESOLVED and a comment?
12:30 josef_moravec better to seti it "INVALID"
12:30 rsantellan I don't have the INVALID state
12:31 marcelr rsantellan: resolved / invalid
12:31 marcelr after that change resolved into closewd
12:32 marcelr closed
12:32 rsantellan marcelr: thanks
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12:53 marcelr thx again josef_moravec++
13:02 cait Joubu - around?
13:02 edveal morning #koha
13:03 tcohen cait: I think Joubu will be back by thursday
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13:17 marcelr hi edveal and tcohen
13:17 edveal Hello marcelr
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13:25 greenjimll One day I'm going to get a git patch right the first time round. :-)
13:26 marcelr this is your day, greenjimll
13:26 greenjimll :-)
13:31 edveal Anyone in here ever played around with Jupyter or Jupyter Notbook?
13:41 cait edveal: have to pass
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14:22 marcelr trivial but critical bug on master bug 19163
14:22 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=19163 critical, P5 - low, ---,, Needs Signoff , Critical typo in stage-marc-import process
14:22 marcelr please test
14:31 cait marcelr: eek, can't test now, but don't have the cusing bug in 16.11.x either :(
14:31 marcelr you will if you backport 19049
14:32 marcelr so you need them both
14:32 cait i know
14:32 cait but waiting for frido still
14:32 marcelr yes
14:32 marcelr one line fix
14:34 Joubu marcelr: should not we update the script indeed?
14:34 Joubu s/indeed/instead
14:34 marcelr hi Joubu it could be done in one of the two places
14:34 marcelr i chose the template
14:34 marcelr MARC reads better than ISO
14:34 Joubu prior to 19049 the script expected 'ISO2709'
14:34 marcelr why call the option MARC and set the value to ISO?
14:35 marcelr but it seems to be introduced earlier somewhere; still looking
14:35 Joubu misc/ $format = 'ISO2709';
14:43 marcelr Joubu: added and tested the other approach too; pick the best :)
14:44 marcelr have to go now
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15:21 reiveune bye
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15:54 * LeeJ waves
15:54 LeeJ hi all..been a while :)
15:55 tcohen hi LeeJ
15:56 LeeJ hi tcohen how's things?
15:56 tcohen things are going great so far :-D
15:56 tcohen what are you up to?
16:01 LeeJ tcohen working on some plugin projects for work and preparing for the start of the semester on Monday :(
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16:32 cait back
16:33 * LeeJ waves rapidly to cait
16:34 cait LeeJ!
16:34 cait was about to send a search party! ;)
16:34 LeeJ cait: missed you! :D
16:34 cait how are you doing?
16:34 LeeJ cait: ugh...I had a deadline of this morning to get a project ready to present at work
16:34 cait oh, how did it go?
16:34 LeeJ well enough I suppose
16:35 LeeJ after Monday I'm dedicating myself to the manual for several months ^_^
16:35 LeeJ our fall semester begins Monday so we all have to prep for that
16:36 cait ah sure
16:36 cait get ready, manual will be waiting for you :)
16:36 cait did you see my email?
16:36 LeeJ I saw you emailed me but I haven't gotten time to read it yet...hopefully later today I'll reply :)
16:37 LeeJ still working on that deadline unfortunately
16:41 LeeJ cait: aren't those cronjob pages a doozy? :)
16:41 cait it's a poll, should be quick :)
16:41 cait yeah, need some serious work
16:41 cait i just tried to fix the 'dupliate label' erros on the page, but it needs more than my somewhat hacky fix
16:43 LeeJ cait: just read your email...I don't see a poll attached :)
16:43 cait link?
16:43 wahanui link is both helpful/unhelpful
16:43 cait ugh
16:43 LeeJ there was no link or anything in your email
16:43 cait forgot the link
16:43 cait sec
16:43 LeeJ it happens all the time to me :)
16:43 cait dunno where my head is
16:44 cait wait for the third email from me...
16:44 LeeJ I feel the same way :)
16:48 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 17829: (follow-up) Fix import patron <[…]1c9d101483309871f>
16:53 cait LeeJ: i believe the last link i sent should work
16:53 LeeJ cait: will look at it now :)
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18:36 LeeJ cait: just finished voiting
18:36 LeeJ *voting
18:47 jenkins Project Koha_Master_D8 build #242: STILL UNSTABLE in 2 hr 4 min: https://jenkins.koha-community[…]ha_Master_D8/242/
18:47 jenkins Jonathan Druart: Bug 17829: (follow-up) Fix import patron
18:48 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=17829 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, RESOLVED FIXED, Move GetMember to Koha::Patron
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20:21 rangi @later tell mtj yes you are right about the x-remote i thought I had answered already, sorry about that
20:21 huginn rangi: The operation succeeded.
20:23 tcohen hi rangi!
20:25 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=15239 minor, P5 - low, ---, gmcharlt, NEW , Add multiple items fail on barcode
20:27 rangi umm
20:27 rangi wouldnt you just get teh item object
20:27 rangi and get branch from that?
20:28 rangi IE adding new sub routines seems a bad idea
20:29 cait yeah i think i made it worse
20:29 cait someone else pointing the right direction would be good
20:29 rangi we use Koha::Items already
20:32 tcohen Koha::Items->find( $id )->homebranch ?
20:32 rangi yeah
20:32 rangi that should work, i wont be able to update the bug with good words until after work. But if no one beats me i can try
20:33 cait thx!
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21:57 aleisha_ hi all
21:58 rangi hi aleisha_
21:58 wizzyrea hi
21:58 wahanui que tal, wizzyrea
21:59 aleisha_ working on an assignment, hopefully gonna come in later depending on how i go :)
21:59 rangi sweet, good luck
22:05 aleisha_ thanks will need it D:
22:05 wizzyrea :/
22:06 wizzyrea may the fates go with you
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22:32 edveal hello
22:52 rangi hi edveal
22:53 edveal hi rangi
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23:31 wizzyrea hi edveal
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