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03:12 Amit hi all
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05:43 amit_ heya cait
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05:44 huginn Amit_Gupta: cait was last seen in #koha 7 hours, 58 minutes, and 24 seconds ago: <cait> @later tell Joubu - it look slike the link to the meeting time poll is broken
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06:42 magnuse dødsing is the sport of vikings
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07:53 magnuse Joyeux anniversaire alex_a_
07:53 alex_a_ Merci magnuse :)
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09:15 eythian hi
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11:57 rsantellan good morning #koha
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12:07 marcelr hi #koha
12:07 rsantellan does anybody knows where I can look up for information on the items.restricted field. I don't understand the use of it on the circulation
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12:15 marcelr rsantellan: unfortunately the code sometimes is your best friend ;)
12:15 marcelr git grep
12:16 rsantellan marcelr: I'm doing that, also found this https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=10591 so I'm trying to see if that helps in my case
12:16 huginn Bug 10591: normal, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, In Discussion , Why do we allow holds on restricted items (952$5=Use restrictions)? Place a hold for reference?
12:17 marcelr it looks familiar to me :)
12:17 marcelr reported in 2013..
12:19 cait the last comment is interesting i think
12:19 cait i will mark it for the manual
12:23 rsantellan cait: the last comment is not working on 16.05, the item is still marked as restricted
12:24 rsantellan just try to do it!
12:31 rsantellan mm actually on the code it sound good, but for some reason it always load 1 for me when retrieving the item
12:33 cait i think the last comment is not about displaa
12:33 cait just about behaivour
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12:34 cait what do you mean with load 1?
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12:40 rsantellan I edit an item and set 952$5 to 0. It saves okay, on the db it shows 0 on the restricted column. I edit again the item and it is on 1. Also is not shown on the item information table
12:42 cait interesting
12:42 wahanui interesting is sometimes good and sometimes bad
12:42 cait how is your $5 set up?
12:42 cait do you have an empty value in the pull down?
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12:42 cait is a default set in the framework?
12:44 rsantellan the field is mandatory, no default value and use authorized values [-1, 0, 1]
12:45 cait hm i would remove mandatory
12:46 cait and try again, something is odd with the empty values and mandatory
12:46 cait same for itemtypes - it always picks the first instead of leaving it empty and letting you choose one (filed a bug for that)
12:47 rsantellan I remove the mandatory and now it doesn't show any value, the default empty and on the db is -1
12:51 cait remove the default empty
12:51 cait from the authorised values
12:51 cait and you are good
12:56 rsantellan where is the default empty?
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13:02 cait in authorised values
13:02 cait RESTRICTED
13:02 wahanui RESTRICTED is more than that, and needs to be retained
13:07 rsantellan I only have this: no remove the empty
13:10 cait hm
13:10 cait we usually delete the 0
13:10 cait because the empty already means without restrictions
13:11 cait but if you want to use the signal colors that won't quite work
13:12 rsantellan the colors where just for trying! I like the screenshot :)
13:12 rsantellan as you can see is not shown on the table above the $5 if I remove the items.restriction and add it to more_subfield_xml of the items it is shown.
13:13 rsantellan but is missing the purpose..
13:18 cait sorry, not understanding
13:20 rsantellan I can't see the 952$5 if I'm not editing the item. And editing it brings the wrong value. The items.restriction should not be seen on the items table of cataloguing/
13:21 cait maybe you coudl make a screenshot of the detail page and how it look swhen editing?
13:22 rsantellan is the second image on the link I send above
13:23 rsantellan sorry
13:23 rsantellan I attach the image to the link above
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13:25 cait hm and the detail page shows what?
13:26 rsantellan
13:27 rsantellan I added to the last link
13:31 cait i meant the details tab - not items :)
13:31 cait it's not visible on items
13:31 cait oh
13:31 cait small on top
13:31 cait sorry!
13:32 cait hm that's on top of the edit item form - to small to read
13:33 rsantellan yes that's on top
13:33 rsantellan I added the normal view
13:33 rsantellan I try to make it bigger the image
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13:57 oha github down?
14:06 rsantellan cait: I found out the problem... the default marc_subfield_structure is different... So I override for testing and now is working. I found out that the items table calls GetMarcSubfieldStructure without framework. That was my problem!! Thanks for all the help
14:10 rsantellan oha:
14:12 eythian "I felt a great disturbance in the internet, as if millions of node.js developers suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced."
14:19 clario Hello All, I'm going to be upgrading a Koha installation from version 3.16 to one of the latest versions. I've already tested this out on a VM and the process went fine. However the system I'm going to upgrade is a production one and I'm not sure which Koha version I should upgrade to. Is the most recent release (v17) stable or I should use the previous version? I've seen some companies online that upgrade to the 2nd most recent release in c
14:44 cait rsantellan: interesting!
14:44 wahanui i think interesting is sometimes good and sometimes bad
14:46 rsantellan now I have to fix the default marc framework :)
14:49 marcelr cait: the sip fix and the to_marc fix probably do not reach the stable releases yet ?
14:49 marcelr fridolin is not there for 17.05 ?
14:50 cait i am still waitin gfor fridolin
14:50 cait he said he weill be tomorrow
14:50 cait whatever he pushes, i will pick of course
14:50 marcelr ok
14:51 cait but it hink having both versions move apart is probably not what we want
14:51 marcelr no better keep in line
14:51 cait i was thinking about cherry-picking about master... but decided against
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16:09 GiuseppeP Hello, someone was able to use htpasswd with koha ?
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16:29 eythian[…]elarus-light-show
16:29 eythian GiuseppeP: when I looked at it about 4 or 5 years ago, it just worked
16:30 GiuseppeP I'm trying, I cna login but all action I do return me Can't use an undefined value as a HASH reference at /usr/share/koha/intranet/cgi-bin/ line 53.
16:31 GiuseppeP line 53 is the Context->userenve()->{'branch'}
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17:23 GiuseppeP ok, found out a way to bypass this error
17:23 GiuseppeP I just removed all the part of code regarding "Basic Authentication" method
17:24 GiuseppeP now htaccess do the basic authentication and koha require a second authentication, but in that way the login works
17:33 eythian GiuseppeP: ideally, the htaccess should provide the login to Koha. That's how it's supposed to work. You might be lucky and able to debug it easily.
17:45 GiuseppeP I spent 2 hours to debug it, but I can't understand how it is suppose to work. And that is not my target, my target was just close the staff area to all expect local IPs and trust users
18:01 cait @seen Joubu
18:01 huginn cait: Joubu was last seen in #koha 6 days, 2 hours, 54 minutes, and 49 seconds ago: <Joubu> yes
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18:32 eythian GiuseppeP: then I would use htaccess to just require a simple login, and/or IP restriction depending on your needs
18:32 eythian (like I guess you're doing)
18:40 pianohacker eclipse!
18:40 pianohacker hi :)
19:39 cait pianohacker: did it happen yet?
19:39 pianohacker cait: yup! a couple hours ago
19:39 cait ah cool, how was it?
19:41 pianohacker really cool :) I don't have the equipment to take good pictures, and we're only at 90% totality where I am, but it still got darker and cooler, and the sun was mostly covered up
19:41 pianohacker we had special glasses and a little pinhole projector
19:41 cait burn the pictures into your memory - is what a friend told me the other day :)
19:41 cait i had tried to photograph a beautiful pink sunset :)
19:42 pianohacker yeah... cameras are always bad at dealing with the sun
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20:08 eythian I was at NIWA doing something with Koha for the last one I saw
20:09 eythian Being NIWA, everyone was in the car park with pinhole viewers and other gear
20:22 rangi :-)
20:22 rangi that was a few years ago now eh
20:23 eythian Yeah
20:24 eythian 201[12] I think
20:26 eythian looks like Open Office (not LibreOffice) is dying
20:28 rangi ahh yeah, it does
21:16 pianohacker bbl
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22:53 edveal good evening #koha
22:54 pianohacker hi edveal
22:54 edveal Hi pianohacker
22:54 edveal Do you know anything about the kohadevbox and vagrant set up?
22:55 pianohacker edveal: no :/ I'm still on a very old school git setup
22:55 edveal Well that doesn’t help.
22:55 edveal LOL
22:56 edveal I upgraded and am getting wild errors on both staff and opac. But they are the same errors.
22:57 pianohacker well, I DO know a bit about dealing with crazy Koha errors
22:57 pianohacker edveal: paste that puppy
22:57 edveal
22:59 pianohacker edveal: you're missing a pretty early dependency; I don't know the lingo for vagrant, but you need to reinstall koha-perldeps. Check the documentation for something about a missing dependency
22:59 edveal OK. that helps a lot.
22:59 edveal Thanks
23:00 edveal Very strange because it was working fine until I upgraded. LOL
23:00 edveal I must have changed something else in the vagrant set up.
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23:16 pianohacker edveal: what did upgrading entail?
23:17 pianohacker (^ a mix of socratic debugging and me legitimately having no idea how any of this fits together)
23:17 bag hello
23:17 pianohacker bag!
23:17 pianohacker eclipse++ ?
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23:17 * bag saw the total eclipse today - it was unbelievable
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23:18 bag one of the greatest things I have ever seen in my life
23:18 pianohacker sweet :) I enjoyed the partial in colorado a lot, but I'm definitely headed to totality in 2024
23:18 bag do!  it’s amazing
23:19 bag pianohacker: Sonja and I had a bottle of Dom with us ;)  (I brought it back from France)
23:19 bag it actually is really amazing too ;)
23:19 pianohacker heheheh
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23:37 pianohacker ttfn
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