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01:57 * LeeJ waves
02:01 rangi hey LeeJ, thanks for all your work with the manual
02:01 LeeJ rangi it's been my pleasure!
02:02 rangi[…]docs/authors.html <-- you're on the leaders board now, that number will jump a bit when new stats get run
02:02 LeeJ rangi is there something wrong with the koha-community git? I can't seem to do a git fetch...
02:02 rangi i think its just overloaded
02:02 rangi its a bit underpowered
02:02 rangi and people sometimes run scripts against it etf
02:02 rangi etc even
02:03 rangi lemme see if i can login and look
02:03 LeeJ thank you! I'm getting the error message "Cannot obtain needed blob"
02:03 rangi oh interesting
02:03 wahanui i think interesting is sometimes good and sometimes bad
02:04 rangi the server looks ok
02:04 rangi 02:05:51 up 91 days, 15:42,  1 user,  load average: 0.63, 0.55, 0.50
02:04 rangi git fetch worked for me
02:04 LeeJ well that's unusual..
02:04 rangi ahhh
02:05 rangi apparently you can get that error after one has been interupted
02:05 aleisha i did a git fetch earlier today and it took super long but still worked
02:05 aleisha took maybe 10-15 minutes
02:05 aleisha i went and got lunch in that time
02:05 LeeJ ooh
02:05 rangi you could try a
02:05 LeeJ would a reset origin/master fix the issue?
02:05 rangi git fsck
02:06 rangi
02:06 rangi or a git gc
02:06 wahanui a git gc is fine
02:06 rangi
02:06 rangi id go with the fsck first
02:06 rangi that hopefully will fix it up and then you can fetch again
02:07 LeeJ hmm..I'll give it a try
02:07 LeeJ I thought it was my devbox so I ended up provisioning the devbox and it still returned the error
02:07 LeeJ will try now :)
02:09 * LeeJ presses Play on the Jeopardy theme song
02:09 LeeJ this is going to take a while...
02:09 LeeJ rangi: though the git fsck appears to be working for the moment
02:09 rangi cool :)
02:10 LeeJ I appreciate the assistance from such a legend :) haha
02:14 LeeJ by the way aleisha I would like to thank you for that notes for rules patch of yours...was super excited because our library has some goofy circ rules and that makes it easier to remember :)
02:16 aleisha woohoo, thanks!
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02:18 LeeJ oh booo
02:18 LeeJ rangi fsck didn't fix the problem..trying gc now
02:19 aleisha if you find that gc also doesn't work, try the top answer from this[…]rrupted-git-fetch
02:20 LeeJ aleisha that link is gold :D
02:20 LeeJ gc is processing now so fingers crossed
02:21 LeeJ that sad moment when you're bored and want to do some dev work but everything breaks
02:21 LeeJ well that's different..
02:22 LeeJ got the error "fatal: sha1 file '.git/objects/pack/tmp_pack_BxopVG' write error: No space left on device"
02:22 LeeJ going to try that link now..
02:23 rangi ah ha
02:23 rangi thats probably the problem
02:23 rangi do a df
02:23 rangi ?
02:24 rangi i've been meaning to do a merge request to up the disk size for the devbox
02:24 LeeJ I actually think the link aleisha provided has the solution..going to try that first
02:25 rangi cool
02:29 LeeJ I think that stackoverflow link is working! :D
02:29 LeeJ :(
02:29 LeeJ spoke too soon
02:30 LeeJ guess I'll just reset devbox..thank you both for the help :)
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02:38 LeeJ so one last question..I hear everyone saying to use SYNC_REPO..besides not having to clone the repo each time you spin up a box, is there some other benfit to it that no one mentions?
02:46 rangi you can work with whatever editor you like
02:46 rangi on your main box
02:46 rangi and changes show in your devbox
02:46 rangi so if you wanted to use and IDE or something say
02:47 rangi and=an
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02:49 LeeJ ooooooh
02:49 LeeJ welp...guess I know what I'll be trying to set up tonight :)
02:50 LeeJ thank you very much for your help rangi :)
02:50 LeeJ rangi++
02:53 LeeJ oh! can't forget aleisha++ for the help :)
02:53 LeeJ have a great night you two!
02:53 aleisha :) you too
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06:12 LibraryClaire morning #koha
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06:27 oha o/
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06:53 reiveune hello
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07:18 fridolin hie tehre
07:18 fridolin salut les gens
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10:55 PatrickD Hi I posted the question already on the list but didn't get the expected answer: is anybody aware of a integration of koha with ERM SAP? Or is anybody already working on this?
11:12 magnuse hm, are there problems with the structure of tables "club_enrollments" and consequently "club_enrollment_fields"?
11:13 magnuse when i try to create the first one i get "ERROR 1067 (42000): Invalid default value for 'date_created'"
11:13 magnuse and the second one gives "ERROR 1215 (HY000): Cannot add foreign key constraint" because the first one failed (as far as i can tell)
11:14 cait someone else reported this recently
11:14 cait having trouble to install koha 17.05 on mint/mariadb
11:14 cait interesting that you run into it too
11:16 magnuse looks like the problem is the default value provided in "date_created timestamp NOT NULL DEFAULT '0000-00-00 00:00:00',"
11:16 magnuse does it even make sense to give a default value for a timestamp?
11:20 magnuse yeah, guess it does
11:20 magnuse this works:
11:20 magnuse date_created timestamp NOT NULL DEFAULT CURRENT_TIMESTAMP,
11:20 cait can you make a patch? i will find the bug report
11:20 cait is this on mariadb?
11:20 magnuse no, mysql
11:20 cait 5.7?
11:20 wahanui 5.7 is not working
11:20 magnuse 5.7.18-0ubuntu0.16.04.1
11:21 cait you know you are not supposed to use that, right?
11:21 magnuse heh, guess not
11:22 magnuse this is the gitified install on my laptop, which i normally do not use
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11:22 cait 18836
11:22 magnuse if it works with the given default in other versions i won't bother doing anything about it, i think?
11:22 magnuse bug 18836
11:22 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=18836 normal, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , Patron login is erroring out after failing to find table
11:23 cait changing the title now
11:23 cait could you comment with your info?
11:26 magnuse it works in kohadevbox, with mysql 5.5
11:26 magnuse will add a comment
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11:42 oleonard Yo
11:43 magnuse yo yo yo, oleonard in da house!
11:44 magnuse time to get the party started!
11:45 oleonard No no, Yo as in the million-dollar startup which enables you to say "Yo" to people!
11:45 oleonard They took the world by storm I'm surprised you don't remember.
11:52 magnuse ah, no i do not remember that
11:53 eythian oh man, you missed Yo? Sucks to be you.
11:56 eythian Personally, I preferred the 'Hodor' app.
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12:34 tcohen morning
12:35 oleonard Yo
12:38 tcohen happy birthday, nengard!
12:38 nengard Thank you :)
12:40 kidclamp happy birthday nengard
12:44 * LeeJ waves to everyone
12:44 LeeJ heyyy happy birthday nengard!
12:45 nengard :)
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13:01 LeeJ @later tell cait for the 17.05 sysprefs you have a note next to AuthorityMergeLimit replaces dontmerge entirely, correct?
13:01 huginn LeeJ: The operation succeeded.
13:01 tcohen LeeJ: I don't think so
13:01 tcohen ah, yes! removed!
13:02 LeeJ tcohen so my statement was correct?
13:03 tcohen Yes
13:03 LeeJ tcohen thank you!
13:03 fridolin perf bug for huge catalogs Bug 18861
13:04 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=18861 normal, P5 - low, ---, fridolin.somers, NEW , branch_transfer_limits needs keys
13:04 tcohen hi fridolin!
13:04 * LeeJ waves to fridolin
13:04 LeeJ thank you very much fridolin!
13:04 tcohen fridolin: are you providing a patch for it?
13:05 tcohen LeeJ: there's something I don't understand
13:05 tcohen how can the feature be disabled?
13:05 fridolin tcohen: yep just done it
13:05 fridolin Bug 18861
13:06 LeeJ I think I'm confused somewhere.. haha
13:06 * fridolin waves back
13:07 tcohen LeeJ: I'm readng the bug (17913)
13:07 LeeJ tcohen that's a good question..I'd need to include that info in an Important note
13:08 tcohen LeeJ: the old behaviour was that there was an on/off switch (dontmerge)
13:09 tcohen it seems that by adding the option to control whether to syncronously update the linked biblios, we lost the ability to disable the behaviour
13:09 tcohen it might make sense, though. But I wasn't part of the disucssion, so need to read the bug
13:09 LeeJ tcohen my first question would be can it be "disabled" if the value is set to zero?
13:09 tcohen it might be a hidden feature (like  AuthorityMergeLimit =0 or similar)
13:10 LeeJ haha we were on the same train of though
13:10 LeeJ thought even
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13:10 oleonard If anyone has time I'd be very grateful if they could test Bug 17893
13:10 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=17893 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, Needs Signoff , Move JavaScript to the footer on staff client catalog pages
13:11 oleonard I think we can do a lot to improve the way Koha handles JavaScript, but it's going to be a slog.
13:12 LeeJ oleonard if I was more proficient in JS I'd assist but I'm still a novice rookie :)
13:13 oleonard LeeJ: You don't need to look at the JavaScript code to test, if that helps.
13:14 LeeJ oleonard I know :) I enjoy testing your patches because you always have good test plans :)
13:15 LeeJ tcohen I think I found the answer
13:15 LeeJ the unit test for Merge.t was changed in that bug
13:19 tcohen LeeJ: I'm all ears
13:25 LeeJ one of the first tests in it tests for the value set to zero it appears
13:40 tcohen if it is set to 0, then there's no limit for merging the auth info into biblios
13:43 LeeJ hmm...I see your point
13:46 tcohen so, limit=0, then proceed to merge into all biblio records when the user saves the changes
13:46 tcohen limit=n, then proceed to merge into all biblio records when the user saves the changes, if the amount of biblios is lower or equal to n
13:47 tcohen if the amount of biblios is higher than n, then the merge is skipped, but scheduled for when is ran by the cronjob
13:49 LeeJ not sure how to go about it now haha
13:49 tcohen well, that's the actual behaviour, and is explained on the sysprefs page
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14:00 LeeJ I suppose I could skip that for now putting it into the manual and go back to it later :)
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14:37 LeeJ oleonard there you go! signed off! :)
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14:45 oha mh? "Your membership in the mailing list Koha has been disabled due to excessive bounces"
14:45 oha am i that bouncy?
14:46 * LeeJ tries to throw oha against a wall to test bounciness
14:46 oha not too bad, ah?
14:46 oha more bouncy then expected
14:46 oha gotta go, hopefully it is just a glitch
14:47 LeeJ darn..was just about to grab a tennis racket :)
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15:02 LibraryClaire I got a mail about bounces from the list too
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15:45 reiveune bye
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17:04 tcohen_lunch In Pero
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17:21 * LeeJ waves to cait
17:29 * cait waves back
17:29 cait :)
17:30 * kidclamp waves about wildly, figures someone will receive one
17:31 eythian Friendly fire.
17:31 LeeJ haha
17:32 * LeeJ waves to kidclamp
17:32 LeeJ kidclamp: I can picture you doing that too haha
17:33 kidclamp it's not a stretch, many people have agreed I am likely to wear a romphim
17:33 LeeJ hahahahahahaha
17:36 tcohen is back online \o/
17:36 kidclamp huzzah
17:37 LeeJ I use automatically uploads haha
17:37 * magnuse adds to the waving
17:44 * LeeJ waves to magnuse
17:45 * magnuse waves back to LeeJ
17:46 LeeJ magnuse so how goes that authority work? haha
17:46 magnuse i have not had the time to look at it again yet
17:46 magnuse maybe tomorrow
17:46 LeeJ I know the feeling :)
17:47 magnuse is it possible to limit the fields that are used to generate authorities?
17:47 magnuse yeah, a very common feeling...
17:47 LeeJ hmm good question
17:47 LeeJ let's see...
17:48 LeeJ magnuse: which fields did you have in mind?
17:51 LeeJ I believe that they are generated from the 1xx fields..
17:52 magnuse my customer wants subjects from 653
17:52 LeeJ hmm...
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17:56 LeeJ I'm not sure myself to be honest
17:56 LeeJ still rather new to working with authorities but I do know a small bit
17:57 LeeJ our library doesn't use 653 that I've come across
17:59 * LeeJ grumbles still trying to figure out with SYNC_REPO won't work on Windows
18:03 LeeJ cait: so tcohen and I were having a discussion earlier...for the syspref AuthorityMergeMode you don't know of a way it can be disabled correct? I was going to work on the manual and wanted to verify if I should include an important note under it
18:04 tcohen LeeJ: did you install vbguest-additions?
18:04 tcohen LeeJ: sorry, vagrant-vbguest
18:05 LeeJ tcohen: I did! I don't know why I'm the only one having difficulty.
18:05 tcohen is the double backslash mandatory?
18:05 LeeJ tcohen: it is otherwise the file path is incorrect. Now I'm failing at a strange part
18:06 LeeJ[…]koha-instance.yml
18:06 tcohen where
18:06 LeeJ it was failing at line 7 column 3...I'm thinking it's because I didn't have koha_instance_name uncommented in user.yml
18:06 LeeJ so I'm trying that now
18:07 tcohen no
18:07 tcohen it picks from defaults.yml what you don't have in user.yml
18:08 LeeJ that's what I thought too..though then I don't understand why it's not found
18:08 tcohen maybe registering stdout is not working
18:08 tcohen ldjamison?
18:08 LeeJ ansible is failing on "koha-list '|' grep kohadev" saying no such file or directory
18:09 tcohen can you paste the exact output on the issue in github?
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18:11 mtompset Greetings, #koha.
18:11 mtompset @seen gmcharlt
18:11 huginn mtompset: gmcharlt was last seen in #koha 2 weeks, 4 days, 4 hours, 48 minutes, and 36 seconds ago: * gmcharlt waves back at cait
18:11 LeeJ tcohen it's the exact same error message each time
18:11 LeeJ
18:12 LeeJ and my user.yml is identical to what I posted there
18:13 LeeJ I'll add in the full ansible-playbook log now
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18:24 tcohen LeeJ: can you vagrant ssh
18:24 tcohen and tell me what Ansible version you got installed?
18:24 tcohen ansible --version}
18:24 LeeJ sure..just a sec
18:25 LeeJ tcohen:
18:29 cait LeeJ: just saw your later - yep
18:29 cait dontmerge has to be deleted, replaced by the other pref
18:31 LeeJ cait: okay :)
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18:36 LeeJ tcohen: not sure if it helps, but the same error happens on 3 Windows machines I've tried it on..2 are Windows 7 and 1 is Windows 8.1
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18:39 magnuse fun project of the day:
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18:44 tcohen @later tell lari I've added to tomorrow's agenda a REST api section, please join the discussion if you can, it would help a lot
18:44 huginn tcohen: The operation succeeded.
18:46 magnuse ah https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]ting_28_June_2017 14 utc
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18:59 lostcause Hello, I am a governor at a small infant school. They have a tiny library and of course, like all schools no budget. I am very comfortable with Linux, Mysql, Apache, Perl (LAMP!) and servers etc. but I have no library experience. Do you think Koha is a good suggestion for getting a system up and running at very low cost with barcodes, library cards, scanners etc? Before I get too far into it,
18:59 lostcause I'm wondering if it is too complicated/sophisticated a system for what is needed. Does Koha run on an external host/server perhaps or would you normally have a local in-house server for it? Thanks for any suggestions, encouragement etc. :)
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19:00 LeeJ lostcause: hello and welcome to the Koha community! :)
19:00 lostcause Thanks :)
19:01 LeeJ lostcause: with a little effort Koha is rather easy to navigate once you understand how it is structured
19:01 lostcause I was thinking of maybe just trying to set it up for my own books at home to see how it works first maybe.
19:02 LeeJ I come from an IT background and started out with zero library knowledge but Koha was VERY user-friendly to learn
19:02 LeeJ doing it for your own home collection is certainly one way to test it out!
19:03 LeeJ to answer your question regarding a server, either option is viable
19:03 lostcause In my head, the minimum starting costs are: usb scanner(s), barcode labels, library cards, and then possibly just use an existing computer/internet connection and connect to Koha running on a Virtual Machine somewhere
19:04 LeeJ that is more or less the gist of it :)
19:05 LeeJ are there any other specific questions you have?
19:05 lostcause Does Koha link to an ISBN database somewhere, or is there a plugin or easy way to scan in the existing books without having to type in all the titles etc?
19:05 LeeJ Koha offers something called a z39.50 client
19:06 lostcause Ah yes, I saw that, I have/had no idea what that was (I guess I could have googled that) in fact..maybe I'll google it now
19:06 LeeJ basically what that does it you provide an input parameter (title, ISBN, author, etc.) and the client queries "targets" for pre-existing book records
19:06 lostcause Are there good free sources/databases or is that another cost to factor in?
19:07 LeeJ Koha by default comes with the Library of Congress as a z39.50 no cost!
19:07 cait @later tell kidclamp yep, can chari
19:07 huginn cait: The operation succeeded.
19:07 lostcause Sounds a bit American, do you think it'll have UK kids books?
19:08 LeeJ Library of Congress (LOC) is the go-to source for most libraries for basic catalog records
19:08 LeeJ hmm..let me pull up ours..I believe we have a UK target..
19:08 cait irspy?
19:08 wahanui irspy is a good source for identifying Z39.50 targets. See
19:08 lostcause thanks, I'll look at that, very useful
19:08 cait they have a directory of other sources - you could see if you can find something there
19:08 LeeJ the library I work at uses the British Library as a target :)
19:09 lostcause So it does sound like this is a very good solution
19:10 LeeJ lostcause we wouldn't be here if we didn't believe in the utility of Koha :)
19:10 lostcause :)
19:10 LeeJ do you have any other concerns we might be able to address for you?
19:10 lostcause I just need to persuade my governing board. I don't feel it will be hard at the moment.
19:10 lostcause I'll be back if I think of something, I think I'll install it and have a look
19:10 cait you could set up koha on a laptop even
19:10 cait to show them
19:11 cait with a few of your books
19:11 cait i tihnk it has been done before :)
19:11 cait there is also demos available on the website
19:11 cait demos?
19:11 wahanui demos are or[…]ha_Demo_Databases
19:11 cait wahanui botsnack cookie
19:11 wahanui :)
19:12 LeeJ Koha also has a manual released with each version that provides robust information covering every aspect of Koha's functionality
19:13 LeeJ currently 17.05 is the most recent stable version..full upgrades are released twice a year (May and November)
19:14 cait we provide packages - so installing is super easy
19:15 LeeJ besides there is also a wiki available that provides more technical details as necessary
19:15 LeeJ wiki?
19:15 wahanui wiki is
19:16 lostcause nice
19:20 LeeJ have we addressed all of your concerns for the moment?
19:21 lostcause More than addressed them yes, very impressive community help thanks!
19:21 cait :)
19:21 LeeJ :)
19:22 LeeJ wahanui botsnack cookie for being a very helpful bot
19:22 wahanui :)
19:22 cait there is usually always someone around here, weekends are a bit quiet
19:26 lostcause The demos do make it look a bit scary though, loads of things going on. Is it possible to simplify the interfaces etc?
19:26 lostcause I guess I'll know that once I start installing it
19:27 LeeJ some parts/functions can be enabled/disabled
19:27 lostcause I guess the demos tend to have everything enabled
19:28 LeeJ usually they do so it's possible to see everything offered
19:29 eythian Yeah, keep in mind it can run a public library system with budgets and branches and stuff. You as the admin can see everything, but can disable parts for people who might be daunted by them.
19:29 LeeJ the staff client (intranet) is the busy end of things..for the most part the OPAC (also known as the stands for Online Public Access Catalog)
19:30 lostcause I don't want to scare them with it, although I can see some of those features becoming useful later
19:31 cait you can also use the permissions to hide a lot of things
19:31 cait users who don't have permission for using a feature, won't see it
19:38 LeeJ just a second and can show you a screenshot of a slimmed down version of the staff screen :)
19:38 lostcause great thanks
19:40 LeeJ[…]dbf7db83fde64f2f6
19:41 shakalaka_ joined #koha
19:41 LeeJ that would give a better indication of how "slim" the staff client can be
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19:42 lostcause Yes that's less scary. Can the words be changed easily? Like instead of Patrons some other word? I guess maybe with a language file?
19:42 LeeJ hmm..cait what are your thoughts?
19:43 barton joined #koha
19:44 LeeJ I believe with some programming tricks the labels could be changed but I'm not certain if there are some fields/options that cannot have the wording changed
19:44 LeeJ with that being said, I don't see why it wouldn't be possible with a little effort
19:45 lostcause It's no big deal really, I'm sure I can work around it one way or another
19:45 lostcause does "circulation" mean books in and out?
19:45 LeeJ that is correct!
19:45 lostcause I guess these are all general library terms that I just don't know
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19:46 lostcause I mean that looks exactly what I would want. And Lists is the catalogue of books?
19:47 LeeJ lists is actually something slightly different
19:47 LeeJ the catalogue of books can be accessed either through the cataloguing module or via the "Search the catalog" search field
19:48 lostcause ah yes I see
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19:48 lostcause is lists, like reports then?
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19:48 LeeJ the lists feature can be used by staff and (if allowed) patrons..they can be either private or public lists of books from the catalogue
19:49 lostcause ah right, yes I see
19:49 LeeJ for example, our library occasionally uses the lists feature to list catalogue items for History Months
19:49 lostcause Yes, a school could have reading lists for each class or something
19:49 LeeJ precisely!
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19:51 LeeJ quite a few of ours users take advantage of lists from the OPAC side when they log in where they can manage their own private lists as well (i.e. a "to read" list)
19:56 lostcause Yes the OPAC is interesting, so in theory I can link it to the school web site.
19:57 LeeJ that's also allows for other options as well
19:57 lostcause Although we are talking about a small number of books for 4-8 year olds here, not the British Library ;)
19:57 LeeJ a library is a library is a library ;)
19:59 LeeJ actually, this may prove useful to you in your case
20:00 LeeJ it provides more of a laymens walkthrough of sorts
20:00 cait sorry, just reading back
20:00 cait you could change it with jquery in the configuration
20:00 cait we can help with that
20:00 cait easier than the language files and will survive updates
20:00 LeeJ thank you cait :)
20:01 lostcause ah great
20:01 LeeJ so to confirm for you lostcause the text "Patrons" CAN be changed to something easier if desired :)
20:02 cait jquery = JavaScript
20:02 cait there IS a en-GB language version
20:02 lostcause OK and that would survive updates too
20:02 cait i am not sure if the terms are more familiar there
20:03 cait but it'ssomething you could try out
20:03 cait at least should give you 'better' spelling :)
20:03 lostcause Ah right, yes maybe the GB version will be terms that make more sense to me :)
20:07 LeeJ at one point in time we've all had the experience of having to learn Koha from scratch..we know how you feel :)
20:08 lostcause Yes, I'm reading the newbie guide at the moment, useful
20:08 magnuse except rangi, he had to write it from scratch ;-)
20:09 LeeJ hahaha magnuse I was going to say that but decided not to :)
20:09 cait :)
20:09 magnuse i couldn't help myself ;-)
20:09 cait it's something beautiful about this project
20:10 cait to have the very first people, like jo and rangi and the newer ones and people from everywhere...
20:10 magnuse yay for all the people!
20:10 cait yay for community :)
20:10 * LeeJ raises his hand for being one of the newest
20:10 cait lostcause: where in UK are you?
20:12 rocio joined #koha
20:13 lostcause I'm in Surrey
20:13 rangi omg
20:13 lostcause Ugh, I just got to the section on Frameworks and my head is starting to hurt
20:13 * rangi just read the ugraded from ubuntu 11.10 to 12.04
20:13 rangi why
20:13 rangi why would you do that
20:14 cait rangi: don't scare lostcause
20:14 cait :)
20:14 cait lostcause: go there later
20:14 rangi oh im just puzzled why someone would upgrade to 12.04 ...
20:14 cait lostcause: it's basically just... forms
20:14 rangi its 17 now
20:14 cait for cataloguing
20:14 cait and you can make them easier by hiding everything you don#t need
20:15 LeeJ lostcause: since you said that the materials in question are books then you probably only need to work with the Books Framework :)
20:15 cait or downsize the default one :)
20:16 lostcause Yeah that makes sense
20:17 lostcause Simplicity is the aim here ;)
20:17 LeeJ then you've come to the right community ;)
20:17 lostcause Just upgrading my laptop from 14.04 to 16.04...
20:18 lostcause So should be ready to try installing in an hour or two I guess :/
20:18 lostcause brb
20:18 LeeJ well I'll probably be back on shortly..time to leave work and head home haha
20:19 cait have a nice evening LeeJ
20:20 LeeJ tcohen: by the way..I spent the past while trying to troubleshoot my sync_repo problem..vagrant ssh shows that the kohaclone is syncing correctly but it still fails at koha-instance.yml. BUT if I disable sync repo and only change the sync repo line of user.yml vagrant up completes
20:21 LeeJ you too cait! Was trying to troubleshoot a devbox problem but I'll be manual writing in the morning again :)
20:21 cait np, thx for the help!
20:21 LeeJ of course!
20:22 jzairo joined #koha
20:24 * LeeJ waves bye
20:32 tcohen @later tell LeeJ maybe there's something about the way you pass the SYNC_REPO variable... you could try the inline form: SYNC_REPO="C:\" vagrant up
20:32 huginn tcohen: The operation succeeded.
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21:23 magnuse joined #koha
21:35 LeeJ joined #koha
21:36 * LeeJ waves
21:37 cait wb LeeJ
21:37 LeeJ thank you cait :)
21:37 LeeJ I hopped on my mac to see if I could get sync_repo working on it...I swear this will be the death of me
21:39 LeeJ might try to do a bit of manual work while I'm babysitting :)
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23:55 aleisha anyone else having an issue with patron clubs? can't create a club or go to the page at all if clubs exist? bug 18870
23:55 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=18870 blocker, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , Patron Clubs breaks when creating a club
23:57 mtompset Sorry, aleisha. Haven't tried. That seemed like a functionality that we'll never use.
23:58 mtompset aleisha: Did you see my comment on 14385? :) I was thinking that 10589 is actually an expansion of this, and I might reopen it.
23:59 aleisha you can resurrect if you'd like
23:59 mtompset 14385 or both?

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