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02:51 wizzyrea hi
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06:20 tcohen hi
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06:30 fridolin hie tehre
06:31 tcohen1 hi
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06:34 oha o/
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06:39 magnuse refresh?
06:39 magnuse refresh is
06:39 * magnuse waves
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06:45 tcohen :-D
06:45 * tcohen needs to sleep, later #koha
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06:47 reiveune1 hello
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06:53 marcelr hi #koha
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08:56 * cait waves
09:00 eythian hi cait
09:01 cait hi eythian
09:09 magnuse hiya cait and eythian
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09:35 cait :)
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11:02 cait quiet today
11:15 magnuse ssshhhh....
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11:24 marcelr no talking in the library
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12:21 * LeeJ waves
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12:55 magnuse wow, dbic makes for some pretty opaque error messages
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13:01 LeeJ hi magnuse!
13:01 wahanui kamelåså
13:01 magnuse hiya LeeJ
13:02 LeeJ what in the world ?
13:02 LeeJ is that a programmed response to saying hello to you? lol
13:02 magnuse so it is :-)
13:03 LeeJ haha I like it though I don't know what it says :)
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13:04 LeeJ magnuse did you have a go at those authorities? haha
13:06 * cait waves
13:09 * LeeJ waves to cait
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13:11 LeeJ cait: Chugging through the sysprefs as we speak :)
13:13 cait LeeJ++ :)
13:13 cait i started a general review - at the bottom of the list
13:13 cait some things need moving or contain outdated information
13:13 cait hope the notes make sense
13:14 LeeJ cait: they do make sense! Should have most of the prefs done by lunch (i.e. ~2.5 hours from now :) )
13:15 cait wow
13:15 * LeeJ is a machine
13:15 cait not checking that email account regularly at work - let me know if you want me to review something :)
13:15 LeeJ will do! This will be another large merge file instead of a bunch of tiny ones to make your life easier haha
13:16 magnuse LeeJ: yup, it worked with your settings and the script! but my customer just wanted to generate from some marc fields, so i'll have to look into that too
13:17 LeeJ cait: oh! I know what I forgot to ask! Are there specific "names" for each of the headers in the documentation? Working on writing a style guide to add to the Editing the Manual wiki page but I need to hammer down terminology first :)
13:18 LeeJ magnuse: that's great to hear! I'm glad it worked! Though you can thank ByWater as they were the ones who did it for my library and told me how it's done :)
13:19 LeeJ magnuse: perhaps we should document the process somewhere..I feel the process might be useful to others
13:21 magnuse bywater++
13:21 magnuse LeeJ: yeah, i have thought about adding it to the wiki, just want to make my customer happy first :-)
13:22 LeeJ magnuse: the customer always comes first in our line of work :)
13:28 LeeJ Koha's grammar rule about capitalizing the first letter applies to bulleted lists as well, correct?
13:31 magnuse LeeJ: yeah, i think so
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13:31 magnuse ¡tcohen!
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13:31 tcohen hi!
13:32 eythian ⸘tcohen‽
13:32 LeeJ magnuse: okay...and I'm assuming the same with periods? Found strings that need changing in the OPACXSLT sysprefs...they REALLY bother me
13:32 LeeJ I'll be filing a bug in a little while...going to see if there are any others while I'm at it
13:33 magnuse periods at the end of bulleted list items? not sure abut that one
13:34 LeeJ[…]799b43538567d82d3
13:35 LeeJ magnuse: there's a period only in the fourth bulleted item in each syspref...
13:35 magnuse hehe, local consistency is good, then at the very least :-)
13:36 * magnuse sprinkles commas around at random
13:36 * LeeJ is irrationally irritated and bothered by inconsistency
13:36 * LeeJ gasps at magnuse
13:36 LeeJ you monster!
13:38 LeeJ magnuse: but now the question periods get added to the others? Or remove the period altogether? I can't seem to find any reference on the wiki regarding periods..only spacing and capitalization
13:38 magnuse what is the oxford standard?
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13:38 LeeJ hmm..let's see
13:40 LeeJ magnuse "If the text that follows the bullet point is not a proper sentence, it doesn’t need to begin with a capital letter, nor end with a period."
13:40 magnuse "If the text that follows the bullet point is not a proper sentence, it doesn’t need to begin with a capital letter, nor end with a period." https://en.oxforddictionaries.[…]ion/bullet-points
13:40 LeeJ haha
13:40 magnuse hehe
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13:41 LeeJ magnuse: my concern is setting a predicent since there does not seem to be a pre-defined Koha grammar rule on could lead to hundreds/thousands of string changes potentially
13:41 LeeJ guess I'll just file a bug and let the chips fall where they may :)
13:42 magnuse +1
13:43 LeeJ hmm...I wonder if there's a regex/grep way of counting how many there are :P
13:50 cait LeeJ: capitalization rules should apply generally - i know the manual is an awful mix right now... but we have to start in some direction
13:50 cait LeeJ: I think it should apply for headings too
13:51 cait LeeJ: but not sure if that was your earlier question
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13:51 LeeJ cait: my earlier question to you was regarding what each "heading" in gitlab should be referred to as...
13:51 * magnuse wabders off to make tacos
13:52 cait LeeJ: sorry, not getting it
13:52 LeeJ cait: since each heading has a specific character underneath it (apostrophe, etc.) does each have its own term? Or just <h1> <h2> etc?
13:52 cait can you explain it a bit differently?
13:53 LeeJ trying to think of a clearer explanation
13:53 cait maybe an example?
13:54 LeeJ so let's take administration.rst as an example
13:54 LeeJ Global System Preferences has hyphens underneath it
13:55 LeeJ and Acquisitions has tilde underneath..each signifies a different header tag
13:55 cait oh
13:55 LeeJ does that make more sense?
13:55 cait are they the same level?
13:55 LeeJ no
13:55 cait i thought acquisitions is top level and global prefs is under admin
13:56 cait it seems to not care
13:57 cait To break longer text up into sections, you use section headers. These are a single line of text (one or more words) with adornment: an underline alone, or an underline and an overline together, in dashes "-----", equals "======", tildes "~~~~~~" or any of the non-alphanumeric characters = - ` : ' " ~ ^ _ * + # < > that you feel comfortable with.
13:57 cait An underline-only adornment is distinct from an overline-and-underline adornment using the same character.  The underline/overline must be at least as long as the title text.  Be consistent, since all sections marked with the same adornment style are deemed to be at the same level:
13:58 cait hm
13:58 cait so when they are on different levels i tmight be ok, i guess
13:58 cait looking at the sections paragraph here[…]t/quickstart.html
13:58 cait i think
13:58 cait possible acqisitions is 1 levesl so tilde and global system preferences is hyphens for 2nd level
13:59 cait looking at the example
13:59 LeeJ cait: I understand that...though from what I'm seeing, each indicates a specific tag
13:59 cait to having som enotes about what we use for which level makes sense
13:59 cait i think it depends on how you start it
13:59 LeeJ that's what I was getting at in a roundabout way
13:59 cait the firxt you use in your document will be connected to the top level
14:00 cait sorry, feeling a bit slow today :)
14:00 LeeJ I guess I'll draft it up and let you take a look after I jot it ideas make more sense when they're not swirling around in my head :)
14:01 cait ok :)
14:01 cait but i think sticking with whatever the conersion tool put us up with is probably good for now
14:01 cait just have to see what that is exactly...
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14:01 LeeJ I'm going to add it to the bottom of the framapad so everything's in one place
14:03 cait cool :)
14:03 cait we can move it to the wiki later on
14:04 LeeJ mhm!
14:05 cait or into the manual
14:05 cait still a lot to figure out
14:05 LeeJ I completely agree
14:05 LeeJ back to sysprefs for the moment :)
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14:06 cait but it's good to know you are a consistency freak too :)
14:06 cait we will get along I tihnk heh
14:07 LeeJ oh my word yes..typos and grammatical inconsistencies make me flip
14:08 cait feel free to always correct mine
14:08 cait non native speaker writing the manual is a bit of gamble
14:08 cait but doing my bet
14:08 cait best
14:08 LeeJ and you, mine
14:08 LeeJ your English is impeccable compared to some I associate with who are native speakers :)
14:09 cait aw :)
14:11 ashimema lol
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14:13 * cait glares ashimema
14:13 cait at... even
14:14 ashimema hehe
14:14 cait stop laughing, go write documentation! ;)
14:14 ashimema I was just thinking "I bet that 'some I associate with who are native speakers'" could easily include me ;)
14:17 cait you just talk funny *hides*
14:18 cait nah, just a real english accent is almost a bit unusual in the bigger Koha group I guess :)
14:19 LeeJ_documenting ashimema: well I don't believe we've encountered before so I don't think you could be included!
14:19 * cait sends cookies to LeeJ_documenting and ashimema
14:19 LeeJ_documenting cait: :D
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14:22 LeeJ_documenting cait: I just added a quick mockup to the bottom of the framapad if you wish to look it over when you get a chance :)
14:25 LeeJ_documenting cait: heirarchies are not very fun to design in plain text :)
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14:29 cait LeeJ_documenting: sorry, have to finish something at work now - but will later for sure!
14:30 LeeJ_documenting cait: just letting you know! I understand fully :)
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15:00 reiveune bye
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16:37 ggg What to do so that a non-librarian user has the option to print a quick receipt in KOHA, thank you very much for your valuable help
16:39 LeeJ_documenting hmm...
16:40 ggg What to do for a user to print a loan receipt, in koha
16:41 LeeJ_documenting ggg: what is the exact problem you're encountering? Is the print option not appearing on a patron record
16:41 LeeJ_documenting ?
16:41 tcohen ggg: you mean like in a self-checkout box?
16:46 ggg In the users my idea is that the option to print receipt, with the format of the receipts ISSUEQSLIP
16:48 LeeJ_documenting well if this is for patrons (customers) do you have a self-checkout setup? Or are librarians/staff members the only ones who perform the checkout?
16:49 ggg for customers
16:49 tcohen ggg: you need to provide more info, otherwise it's hard to say
16:50 tcohen can u explain what the checkout workflow woul dbe?
16:50 tcohen you should start by mentioning what page/screen who will be facing
16:53 * LeeJ_documenting shrugs
16:54 tcohen yeah, well
16:55 * LeeJ_documenting goes back to the bowels of the manual
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17:00 tcohen @later tell mveron ping
17:00 huginn tcohen: The operation succeeded.
17:04 LeeJ_documenting @later tell cait I submitted another merge request. This one covers the remaining 15 sysprefs added in 16.11..I'll work on the sysprefs for 17.05 between tonight and tomorrow
17:04 huginn LeeJ_documenting: The operation succeeded.
17:26 LeeJ_documenting before I forget..kidclamp++ for working with barton to improve the unit test wiki page :)
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17:51 barton kidclamp++
17:51 kidclamp barton++
17:51 kidclamp :-)
17:54 * LeeJ enjoys all the incremental love
17:57 kidclamp LeeJ++
17:57 kidclamp LeeJ++
17:57 kidclamp for doing quite a lot
17:58 LeeJ kidclamp: I appreciate it but compared to each of you I've done hardly anything! haha
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18:00 LeeJ how would one go about setting up SIP2 for dev purposes? It appears 3M's SIP emulator is non-existent
18:03 LeeJ I guess it would help to read the SIP2 documentation before I go asking questions ;)
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18:08 oleonard LeeJ: Like you said... incremental.
18:09 LeeJ kidclamp: so it appears ALL of the nightly builds are failed currently..
18:09 LeeJ kidclamp: it had been just master
18:17 LeeJ Not sure who maintains the wiki page, but the link on the Setting Up SIP page is dead https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]P_and_3M_machines
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18:18 oleonard LeeJ: You maintain it!
18:19 LeeJ oleonard: haha then should it just be marked with a strikethrough?
18:21 oleonard Could maybe check, although it's not working for me at the moment.
18:22 oleonard Otherwise a strikethrough is probably a good solution
18:23 LeeJ waybackmachine can't even query the page because the account was deleted
18:23 LeeJ strikethrough it is :)
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18:34 * cait waves
18:35 * LeeJ waves
18:35 cait LeeJ: takinmg a look at the merge request now :)
18:35 LeeJ cait: sweet :)
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19:03 cait LeeJ: got a question :)
19:03 cait for XSLTListDisplay you wrote 'In previous versions of Koha this was the setting that read
19:03 cait 'normally''
19:03 cait can you explain?
19:05 cait tired brain today
19:05 tcohen bye #koha
19:06 cait i think it's me - i am slow today
19:06 cait merged it in!
19:06 LeeJ sorry haha just got back! was afk
19:07 LeeJ I can edit it later if necessary :)
19:08 LeeJ I had actually put that in there because the other two XSLT options had mirrored statements..I figured might as well keep consistency
19:10 cait ah
19:10 cait ok
19:10 cait yeah slow brian
19:11 cait nothing else stood out - seemed all ok
19:11 LeeJ okay :)
19:11 LeeJ I noted in the framapad about replacing that fines pref completely FYI
19:16 cait hm?
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19:30 LeeJ cait: replaced RefundLostItemFeeOnReturn with RefundLostOnReturnControl because it appears to have replaced it since I can't find a bug that said otherwise and they appear to be virtually identical in functionality..can you confirm?
19:38 cait yep i think you are right
19:38 cait good trick is to search bugzilla with ALL
19:38 cait like ALL RefundLostOnReturnControl
19:38 cait it will also turn up closed bugs
19:39 cait bug 14048 is it
19:39 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=14048 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, tomascohen, CLOSED FIXED, Change RefundLostItemFeeOnReturn to be branch specific
19:44 LeeJ didn't know that trick :)
19:45 LeeJ glad I guessed right ;)
19:45 cait good work about the headings :)
19:46 cait that makes more sense now
19:46 cait we just closed a ton of bugs from 16.11 - so they are a bit harder to find without the bug number
19:46 cait LeeJ++
19:47 cait laundry.. bbiab
19:47 LeeJ have fun! I'll be leaving shortly myself
19:48 oleonard Oh speaking of leaving...
19:48 cait have a nice evening!
19:49 cait and oleonard escaped again without giving us a chance to wish him a good evening. tsk
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20:52 LeeJ take care all! Might be on later :)
20:52 * LeeJ waves
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21:18 francharb Hi
21:18 francharb Has anyone experienced issues with fines when updating to 16.05
21:18 francharb ?
21:19 francharb We upgraded the most of our clients to 16.05
21:20 francharb At least two has now issues
21:20 wizzyrea what kind of problem?
21:21 wizzyrea francharb^
21:22 francharb the amount the patron has to pay is negative
21:22 francharb I have no idea how to reproduce the issue
21:22 francharb I'll check the database
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21:23 francharb I was just checking if anybody else has had the same issue...
21:24 wizzyrea i havent seen that issue
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21:24 wizzyrea but I did see an issue that had to do with incomplete issuing rules doing weird things applying fines
21:24 wizzyrea I don't *think* it would end up with them being negative
21:25 wizzyrea and I don't know for sure if it's new behavior
21:25 wizzyrea but on your two that have problems
21:25 wizzyrea I'd check the rules and make sure they're not doing something weirdly complex
21:26 francharb thanks @wizzyrea
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