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01:42 jmsasse Pretty quiet around these parts today.
01:42 jmsasse Almost too quiet...
01:56 jmsasse BobB: Hello. How goes it in Sydney?
01:56 wizzyrea hi jmsasse
01:56 jmsasse hi wizzyrea.
01:57 jmsasse What's shaking?
01:57 wizzyrea thankfully not wellington :)
01:57 jmsasse Good to hear.
01:57 wizzyrea how about you?
01:58 jmsasse Same old, same old.
01:58 wizzyrea (because we have earthquakes ya? :))
01:58 jmsasse Yes, I've heard of a few in the news.
01:58 * wizzyrea guesses that means that the library is doing well and things are ticking along
01:59 jmsasse Yes, ticking is a good way to describe things
01:59 wizzyrea hopefully not ticking you off ;)
02:00 jmsasse Studying for Linux+ and LPIC-1 certs
02:00 jmsasse Well...
02:00 wizzyrea oh that's fun, the certs, not the ticking.
02:01 jmsasse Yeah, I'm looking to improve my lot in life.
02:04 jmsasse How are you and the hubby?
02:04 wizzyrea doin good :)
02:07 jmsasse rangi: Howdy again
02:15 rangi hey again :)
02:17 jmsasse I heard today a system in Oregon is putting a bid to host KohaCon next year.
02:18 rangi cool
02:20 jmsasse It'll be nice to catch up with all of you overseas folks again.
02:24 jmsasse :)
02:24 wizzyrea has it really been 3 years since there was one in the US?
02:24 jmsasse Coming up on 4 years this Oct.
02:25 jmsasse If there's anything left of America then...:(
02:27 wizzyrea :(
02:29 jmsasse Koha-US will be in Idaho this year. Everyone seems to favor the west.
02:31 jmsasse OMG, Windows Cortana is talking to me!
02:31 wizzyrea super creepy when that happens
02:32 jmsasse It really startled me. Installing Win10 virtual machine and bam!, there she was
02:48 dcook Oregon, eh? That's Pacific Northwest enough to basically be its own country. Maybe I could come to that.
02:48 wizzyrea you could go to vancouver and wave to kohacon
02:49 wizzyrea but don't try to take your laptop :P
02:50 dcook hehe
02:50 dcook Right timezone so I could follow along I'm sure from the library or something
02:50 jmsasse I think Canadians are safe. Yoour from Regina,right dcook?
02:52 dcook Yep. Good memory.
02:52 dcook Or good Googling :p
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02:54 jmsasse Nah, I remember.
02:58 dcook What versions of Debian are we supporting again?
02:58 dcook Jessie and Wheezy or just Jessie?
02:58 dcook Probably Jessie and Wheezy
02:58 wizzyrea not squeeze, wheezy is getting close to going out
02:58 wizzyrea and whatever the next one is
02:59 jmsasse I switched from Jessie to Deb 9 testing, SId I think.
02:59 jmsasse Not sure if they have a codename for it yet.
03:00 wizzyrea Sid, that sounds right
03:01 BobB hi jmsasse still about?
03:01 jmsasse BobB: yes I am.
03:02 BobB hey
03:02 jmsasse Coming to the States this August?
03:03 BobB hmmm
03:03 BobB still hoping to, but its not looking completely positive
03:03 BobB we will be going to LA in October to meet a new grandchild, all being well :)
03:04 BobB will you be in Idaho jsaasse?
03:04 jmsasse It would be a treat to see you and Irma again.
03:04 jmsasse Yes, I will.
03:04 BobB cool
03:04 BobB we'd love to come
03:05 BobB irma has family in Seattle area too
03:05 BobB so fingers crossed, but will have to see
03:05 jmsasse Congrats on your grandchild :)
03:05 BobB #1 is 18mths old now and we are overdue for a cuddle
03:05 dcook Hmm where's eythian when you need him
03:05 BobB and #2 is due in Oct
03:06 dcook rangi: Are you still around? I'm sure you'd know the answer..
03:06 dcook Actually, maybe I'll just poke around
03:06 wizzyrea i wish my parents would have the "overdue for a cuddle" feeling
03:06 BobB aw wizz
03:06 jmsasse :)
03:06 wizzyrea but they require me to bring the cuddle to them
03:06 wizzyrea which is spendy :/
03:07 BobB are they in Kansas?
03:07 wizzyrea yeah
03:07 BobB QF put LA on sale yesterday, but yeah, still spendy
03:08 dcook So librdf-trine-perl_1.011.orig.tar.gz contains the original original source...
03:08 dcook Then librdf-trine-perl_1.011-2.debian.tar.xz will contain any patches that maintainers have made?
03:09 BobB joel I'll let you know when we decide ok?
03:09 jmsasse BobB: I envy your ability to be on a plane that long.
03:09 jmsasse I would need to be be sedated.
03:09 BobB well its never fun, its just to be endured, for a purpose
03:09 BobB alcohol works :)
03:10 BobB though I avoid it, dehydrating
03:10 jmsasse With all the incidents on US airlines lately, that may not be the best idea
03:11 BobB yeah is it still safe to come to US?
03:11 BobB today we heard of an aussie guy got detained for overstaying his visa 90 minutes
03:11 jmsasse That's a good question..
03:12 BobB Immigration people are never friendly, now it seems they have license to be even more overbearing
03:13 jmsasse I saw that a person is suing an airline for being stuck between two obese people on a flight from Austrailia to US
03:13 BobB i always try to get an aisle seat, so at least can escape for a while
03:13 jmsasse Aussie, I believe. Claims back injury, etc.
03:13 dcook BobB: That's old news. I think he got released today after two weeks in prison :).
03:14 BobB anyhoo, customers waiting, will keep you updated jsasse
03:14 jmsasse I go for the aisle too.
03:15 jmsasse Thanks, Bob. Let me know if there is anything I can do for you in August.
03:15 BobB two weeks! crikey
03:15 BobB will do, thx
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03:16 dcook Hmm looks like the RDF::Trine in Jessie is buggy...
03:17 wizzyrea plane rides aren't so bad, basically think of it like a really uncomfortable sleepover.
03:17 wizzyrea long ones anyway
03:17 dcook I don't even mind the long ones so much
03:17 wizzyrea you get on, they give you food
03:17 dcook I had a 10 month old baby on the last one
03:17 wizzyrea you eat it, go to sleep
03:17 wizzyrea wake up, they feed you
03:17 dcook Mind you, they slept 7.5/15 hours, so that wasn't so bad
03:17 wizzyrea you feel excited because there are only 4 more hours, watch a few movies
03:18 jmsasse I'm not able to sleep in public and am a bit claustrophobic.
03:19 jmsasse Tall as well, so scrunched too.
03:20 jmsasse Complete sedation from start to finish would be for me.
03:20 jmsasse They do it for dental work, maybe they'll start for long flights:)
03:22 dcook Hmm maybe drojf will be on tonight..
03:34 jmsasse Koha, I bid you adieu. A bientot.
03:43 dcook If we do use RDF::Trine, that means we'll have to roll a newer version ourselves... I think this has come up before..
03:51 dcook Oh man... bulk ops must never have worked with RDF::Trine::Store::SPARQL..
03:51 dcook Although my latest patch makes it work :D
04:30 dcook Attean might be an alternative to RDF::Trine but it has a lot of dependencies...
04:30 dcook It is in Debian though..
04:30 dcook Hmm ancient version though maybe
04:31 dcook Whatever. I'll chat to drojf about it.
04:44 dcook Ahh I forgot that fredericd was interested in RDF...
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05:17 josef_moravec morning #koha
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05:25 * dcook waves to folk
05:25 dcook Hmm trying to remember how to get Debian to update their packages..
05:26 dcook I know eythian raised an issue on Zebra 2.0.59 with[…]rt.cgi?bug=777515
05:26 dcook But I don't think anyone ever answered or updated the package..
05:28 dcook Same maintainer does libmarc-record-perl apparently...
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05:43 dcook @later tell fredericd I recall you having an interest in RDF? Let me know if you're still interested. I'm doing some work with magnuse on this topic.
05:43 huginn_ dcook: The operation succeeded.
06:04 * magnuse waves
06:05 dcook heya magnuse
06:06 magnuse howdy dcook
06:06 magnuse is there a typical australian greeting?
06:06 magnuse or a canadian-australian one?
06:07 dcook Mmm g'day is traditional for Australians I think
06:07 dcook As for Canadians..
06:07 * dcook ponders
06:07 dcook I think we just say "hey"
06:07 dcook Or heya like I do when I'm feeling extra casual
06:13 dcook Hmm
06:13 dcook @search rdf
06:13 huginn_ dcook: There were no matching configuration variables.
06:13 dcook Right
06:13 dcook @query rdf
06:13 huginn_ dcook: Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=10787 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, gmcharlt, NEW , Linked Data/RDF Omnibus
06:13 huginn_ dcook: Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7236 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, magnus, NEW , Add "Save as RDF" option to the OPAC
06:13 huginn_ dcook: Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=10788 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, magnus, NEW , Add a Linked Data/RDF browser to the OPAC
06:13 * dcook breaks everything
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06:26 reiveune hello
06:26 wahanui bidet, reiveune
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07:46 marcelr hi #koha
07:53 josef_moravec hi marcelr
07:53 marcelr o/
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08:00 cait morning #koha
08:00 cait magnuse: around?
08:00 josef_moravec hello cait
08:00 magnuse yup
08:00 marcelr hi cait magnuse
08:01 cait hi josef_moravec and marcelr
08:01 magnuse if i can remember how to edit it...
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08:05 cait magnuse++
08:05 cait i think the other jobs can be moved to archive
08:06 cait for the logs .)
08:08 * magnuse moved the old jobs to old jobs
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08:38 ashimema koha-jobs is a new one on me
08:41 cait seems germany is in the lead with Koha jobs :)
08:48 eythian hi
08:49 LibraryClaire hi eythian
08:49 wahanui LibraryClaire++
08:49 LibraryClaire ^^
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08:54 cait hello eythian
08:55 eythian hi LibraryClaire, hi cait
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09:58 fridolin hie tehre
09:58 * cait waves+
10:09 cait jajm++
10:10 jajm hi :)
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11:32 sonOfRa Hello Folks. I'm currently looking for a solution to manage our institute's library (around 4000 books). Currently there is no real management system. There's a "wikindx" instance, which just lists what books should be *theoretically* available, but it has no facilities to manage books that are currently in the hands of a certain user.
11:33 sonOfRa Would koha be suitable for this? I don't have any strict requirements like deadlines etc, the only reason for the installation would be a "who has which book" registry
11:33 sonOfRa Things that would be nice: LDAP user management (as far as I can tell, koha is capable of this), and LaTeX exports of citations
11:41 eythian sonOfRa: because everyone else seems to be at lunch or something, the short answer is "yes"
11:41 eythian It'll do a whole lot more too, but whether you use that is up to you.
11:43 sonOfRa Awesome.
11:43 wahanui That'll be NOK 10 for the awesome jar, sonOfRa
11:43 sonOfRa wahanui: do you pass the turing test?
11:43 wahanui sonofra: wish i knew
11:44 sonOfRa Well, I'll get to installing a test instance and see if any questions arise in the process. Thanks!
11:44 eythian np
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11:49 oleonard Hi all
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12:10 sonOfRa So, I got a test instance up and running, and clicked my way through the web setup wizard. After it was done, it proceeded to log me out. Now I can't log back in, the data I used for logging in when starting the wizard is rejected
12:10 sonOfRa https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]e_a_Koha_instance I followed this guide
12:13 oleonard sonOfRa: You should be able to confirm the correct credentials by looking at koha-conf.xml
12:14 oleonard In the <config> section look for <user> and <pass>
12:15 oleonard sonOfRa: What version did you install?
12:17 sonOfRa koha-common/stable,now 16.11.06.
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12:18 oleonard Okay, so at this point you will only have the database user available to log in. So my suggestion above should work.
12:19 sonOfRa Verified the credentials in the koha.xml file: (don't worry, the instance isn't publicly reachable, the passwords visible in the screenshot won't help anyone)
12:20 sonOfRa Aha, it works with the *other* password, listed under <serverinfo> rather than <config>
12:20 sonOfRa I suppose the one in <config> is the password for the mysql-user to access the database.
12:22 oleonard I wouldn't have expected the <serverinfo> credentials to work.
12:22 oleonard But you're in?
12:23 sonOfRa Yep
12:24 sonOfRa Now it's telling me to create a user, library, patron types etc. Excellent
12:27 sonOfRa Is it generally recommended to have 2 accounts for a user who is both a staff member *and* a patron who can borrow books? Or can I safely borrow books as a staff member?
12:27 oleonard You can borrow books as a staff member
12:28 oleonard You'd only need more than one account if you wanted to test how the different permissions work
12:29 oleonard As long as you at least have an account with "superlibrarian" permissions you have the minimum required to work with the staff client.
12:29 oleonard And by "work with" I mean "test"
12:29 oleonard Of course you don't need to be a "superlibrarian" to do day to day operations.
12:30 sonOfRa Yeah, I just gave myself superlibrarian status, going to play around with adding books and people now.
12:33 sonOfRa https://perldoc.koha-community[…]th_with_ldap.html hmmm, do you happen to know if this supports TLS to connect to LDAP?
12:33 sonOfRa It seems to take just an LDAP host, but no protocol specifier
12:34 ashimema host can include protocol
12:34 ashimema ldaps:// I beleive from memory
12:34 sonOfRa Great
12:34 sonOfRa Yeah. Might have to set that up properly, because currently we only have starttls set up, I believe (which connects to the ldap:// port, but then upgrades to TLS)
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12:39 tcohen hola #koha
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12:45 sonOfRa I'm completely ignorant of how *professional* libraries are managed, but is there a simpler UI to add new books (or other records) than the rather complicated-looking UI under the Cataloguing menu?
12:45 sonOfRa I don't even know what half these fields *mean*
12:45 oleonard It's okay most librarians don't either ;)
12:46 oleonard sonOfRa: One good method is to use the Z39.50 search to import existing records which match the titles you have
12:47 oleonard I don't know if you imported all the sample data? Some Z39.50 servers should have been included in that I think
12:47 sonOfRa Ah, I haven't seen any sample data. I suppose I can try finding those.
12:47 sonOfRa The search told me I didn't have any targets to search, I suppose that's because I didn't import any search servers
12:48 oleonard sonOfRa: The installation process should have given you the option of including some sample data
12:48 sonOfRa Must've missed that or skipped it
12:50 oleonard[…]f2cb92cfeab74.png
12:51 pastebot "oleonard" at pasted "sonOfRa: Sample Z39.50 server data" (12 lines) at
12:52 magnuse or use the Fast Add framework if you can't import records
12:53 magnuse can i do another ncip call in 38 minutes ?
12:54 sonOfRa oleonard-away: thanks, that looks helpful
12:55 sonOfRa Fast Add framework also sounds good. I'll look into these things
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12:59 sonOfRa Connection to the library of congress servers fails. Are those only available to american IP addresses, by chance?
13:04 tcohen marcelr: oops :-D
13:04 marcelr assumptions--
13:05 tcohen UNIMARC--
13:05 tcohen joking
13:05 sonOfRa Hm. Don't see a fast add framework in this instance. Is there a way I can limit this to essentially "Enter a Title, an Author, and an ISBN(if present)", and that's it? I'm afraid the person who will end up adding all these fields will be quite overwhelmed with the many fields
13:05 marcelr joking++
13:06 sonOfRa Some of the entries may not even be classified with anything, because they might be internal papers, unpublished dissertations, all kinds of things
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13:19 eythian hi tcohen, marcelr
13:19 marcelr hallo eythian
13:21 eythian I hope you got the Rijskmuseum cleaned up.
13:21 tcohen hi eythian
13:21 wahanui tcohen++
13:21 tcohen hahaha
13:26 eythian wahanui feels that people need more positive reinforcement.
13:26 wahanui eythian: excuse me?
13:26 eythian wahanui: you heard me
13:26 wahanui eythian: what?
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13:48 Joubu mtj: could you take a look at bug 18066? It would be great to have it backported to all stable versions for the next releases
13:48 huginn_ Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=18066 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Pushed to Master , Hea - Version 2
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13:55 Joubu @later tell mtj: could you take a look at bug 18066? It would be great to have it backported to all stable versions for the next releases
13:55 huginn_ Joubu: The operation succeeded.
13:56 mtj hiya Joubu, yep, i do plan to  :0)
13:57 Joubu thx
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14:09 oleonard sonOfRa still around?
14:11 Joubu cait, jajm, mtj: bug 18442 should be backported for the next release
14:11 huginn_ Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=18442 critical, P5 - low, ---, alexbuckley, Pushed to Master , Permission error when logging into staff interface as db user
14:11 Joubu oleonard: it sounds like it is the bug sonOfRa described earlier
14:12 oleonard Interesting. But why could they log in as the zebra db user?
14:13 eythian hi mtj, aren't you up late?
14:14 oleonard hi eythian
14:14 wahanui oleonard++
14:14 eythian hi oleopard
14:18 mtj hiya eythian, yeah, is late here.. i just happened to be up, having a little snack :)
14:19 eythian fair enough :)
14:19 oleonard snacks++
14:19 snacks hi eythian
14:19 wahanui snacks++
14:19 eythian heh
14:20 Joubu oleonard: the zebra db??
14:21 Joubu I did not read everything carefully, just a quick backlog
14:21 oleonard the user and password in <serverinfo id="biblioserver">
14:24 Joubu I do not recreate that
14:25 oleonard Yeah I don't know what was going on there.
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14:38 CrispyBran bag: are you there/
14:38 CrispyBran ?
14:41 oleonard @seen bag
14:41 huginn_ oleonard: bag was last seen in #koha 16 hours, 53 minutes, and 23 seconds ago: <bag> if there is baseball I’m there :P
14:41 eythian <-- bag, there's a museum for you here.
14:43 oleonard Where is a museum of all the leopards.
14:43 eythian (with a bit of a Duchlish exhibition name at the moment, of course.)
14:45 eythian <-- best I can do, sorry oleopard
14:45 eythian oleopold, that is
14:45 kidclamp http://www.retemusealebelicina[…]o-del-gattopardo/
14:46 oleonard #koha comes through
14:46 eythian ah, good find
14:47 LibraryClaire gattopardo :D
14:47 * oleonard would definitely check out the Leopold Museum
14:48 eythian It's a horse made of gateau
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14:49 oleonard "The considered one of the most important novels in modern Italian literature." Never heard of it. Curse my American public education.
14:57 LibraryClaire left #koha
14:58 oleonard When LibraryClaire gets back from reading The Leopard I'll have to ask her how she liked it.
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15:40 reiveune bye
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15:47 Joubu @later tell drojf ping!
15:47 huginn_ Joubu: The operation succeeded.
15:51 * Joubu is going to write a script to automatically fail QA when changes are not covered by tests...
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16:02 ashimema :)
16:17 CrispyBran @seen bag
16:17 huginn_ CrispyBran: bag was last seen in #koha 18 hours, 29 minutes, and 23 seconds ago: <bag> if there is baseball I’m there :P
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17:46 oleonard Why does the staff client have a means of displaying a suggestion's "patronreason" but the OPAC doesn't have a way for the patron to give it?
17:50 edveal_lunch oleonard, sounds like backend dev before front end dev. Or just, "oh well,we don't really need their reson"... LOL
17:51 oleonard Luckily git is around to blame ME FROM 2011 :(
17:52 oleonard I hate that guy, he was the worst.
17:53 edveal LOL So you wern't really interested in the reson why they made the suggestion where you?
17:55 oleonard Ah never mind oleonard from 2011, you're off the hook. "patronreason" will only display authorized values.
17:57 CrispyBran what does it mean when I do a git pull and the fetch failed?
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18:03 oleonard CrispyBran: Did it fail with an error message?
18:04 CrispyBran error: Unable to find 375ee2663ab254ad4bfc5ce4166b02cc6d4b20d9 under
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18:07 oleonard Sorry CrispyBran I don't know
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18:12 CrispyBran Cannot obtain needed tree blah while processing commit blah.  Seems to think I am processing a commit
18:16 oleonard Bug 18584 is a good idea Joubu
18:16 huginn_ Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=18584 trivial, P5 - low, ---, gmcharlt, ASSIGNED , Our legacy code contains trailing-spaces
18:17 * oleonard shakes his fist at trailing spaces
18:19 Joubu It will be used in conjunction with the didactic tutorial I am writing
18:19 oleonard I like it
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20:57 kellym back
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22:01 CrispyBran anyone having trouble doing a git pull today?
22:03 rangi nope
22:04 CrispyBran :/ Okay then.  Back to the drawing board.
22:06 rangi did you google the error? sounds like your local repo is a little messed up
22:08 CrispyBran Yes I did.  Trying to figure out how to fix it.
22:09 rangi have you tried a git gc
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22:10 CrispyBran No.  I don't know that one.
22:14 CrispyBran Hmmmm.... No space left on device
22:14 CrispyBran dir
22:14 rangi ah ha
22:14 rangi theres your real problem ;-)
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22:46 CrispyBran Anyone know how to get more space on the kohadevbox?
22:48 rangi yeah, its not easy
22:49 rangi but alexbuckley wrote it all up
22:49 rangi 2 secs
22:50 rangi https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]izing_your_devbox
23:05 CrispyBran rangi thanks.  I'll have to pick alex's brain on this.  Some of the commands are not recognized.
23:05 CrispyBran have a good night all
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