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02:08 tcohen hi
02:13 tcohen @seen rangi
02:13 huginn` tcohen: rangi was last seen in #koha 1 day, 6 hours, 29 minutes, and 21 seconds ago: <rangi> morning
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06:52 * magnuse waves
06:56 * cait waves
07:04 ashimema mornin' #koha
07:12 magnuse bonjour ashimema
07:12 magnuse ...and cait
07:13 * magnuse mumbles something about lazy hackfesters
07:29 cait hehe
07:29 cait morning ashimema
07:29 cait ... and magnuse
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07:49 matts hello !
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07:52 ashimema lol
07:54 * kidclamp waves
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07:58 marcelr hi #koha, bonjour marseille
07:59 * ashimema wants an almond croissant now :(
07:59 marcelr too bad
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08:06 drojf bonjour
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08:12 gaetan_B hello
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08:13 reiveune hello
08:17 oha o/
08:18 LibraryClaire1 hallo
08:21 * magnuse waves again
08:21 * magnuse denies ever having said anything about lazy hackfesters
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08:38 drojf hei magnuse, lazy home-stayer
08:38 cait good morning drojf
08:38 drojf hi cait
08:39 sophie_m hi #koha
08:48 marcelr hi sophie_m
08:49 sophie_m hi marcelr :)
08:49 marcelr drojf: i have two nice upload patches in the queue ; interested?
08:51 marcelr apparently not :)
08:51 cait they are probably still waking up
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08:54 magnuse or off discussing something
08:54 marcelr or eating pizza
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08:55 magnuse or cheeeeese
08:55 magnuse nah, not drojf
08:55 drojf marcelr: i have seen one (clean tmp storage i think)
08:55 marcelr hey drojf
08:55 drojf hi marcelr
08:55 drojf hehe no cheese please
08:55 marcelr yeah i added one for delete missing
08:55 drojf i try to find time to look at it while i am here
08:56 marcelr ok ok
08:59 cait kidclamp: there is a meeting tomorrow - noticed by accident this morning - updated the wiki
09:00 kidclamp thanks cait, out of the office too much and not caught up
09:00 drojf brb
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09:02 bag hehe whoops
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09:02 drojf you miss him?
09:02 drojf lol
09:02 bag @seen brendan
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09:05 fridolin hie there
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09:09 marcelr hi fridolin and bag
09:10 bag heya marcelr
09:10 wahanui somebody said marcelr was talking with tcohen about it
09:10 marcelr still talking..
09:10 fridolin hie marcelr
09:10 bag hehe
09:20 magnuse bag: HI
09:20 wahanui kia ora, magnuse
09:20 magnuse @seen magnusenger
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09:45 eythian https://git-man-page-generator[…]026c2a21cc02c1466 <-- useful
09:48 magnuse "reflog the files of various refs that are reverted
09:48 magnuse "
09:49 magnuse lokaltog = local train
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10:01 Joubu Hi #koha
10:02 LibraryClaire bonjour Joubu
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10:24 * cait waves
10:24 cait what's for lunch today
10:24 cait ?
10:24 cait :)
10:40 Joubu Hackfesters, what are the plans for today?
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10:44 cait Joubu: they appear absent - but there is a page on the wiki witht he schedule
10:44 cait i think ILL in the afternoon?
10:44 LibraryClaire today there is cheese
10:44 LibraryClaire this morning we were shown coral
10:44 LibraryClaire this afternoon is ILL
10:45 Joubu When is signoff time?
10:46 LibraryClaire all time is signoff time
10:46 LibraryClaire you mean the HEA patch or?
10:47 Joubu and all the others, yes :)
10:47 Joubu ashimema: on QA today?
10:47 Joubu ashimema?
10:47 wahanui ashimema is on qa now .)
10:47 Joubu ha great
10:47 Joubu so ashimema you should take a look at bug 15854
10:47 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=15854 normal, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Signed Off , Race condition for sending renewal/check-in notices
10:47 ashimema haha.. that one is also on my list
10:47 LibraryClaire I thought maybe someone was looking at HEA yesterday but am now not sure
10:48 LibraryClaire maybe they are still looking at it
10:48 Joubu Yep, jajm is on it apparently
10:48 LibraryClaire yes
10:50 jajm yes, i'm trying to fix the map positioning in admin interface
10:52 Joubu marcelr: something wrong in the patch list of bug 14535
10:52 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=14535 normal, P5 - low, ---,, Signed Off , Late orders does not show orders with price = 0
10:53 marcelr what went wrong?
10:53 Joubu jajm: really hope you will manage to fix it :) I gave up
10:53 Joubu jajm: I asked oleonard but he did not have time
10:53 Joubu marcelr: only 1 patch is ok?
10:54 marcelr hm m let me check again
10:54 marcelr ok you are right
10:54 Joubu marcelr: sounds like the 1st one has been obsoleted
10:54 jajm Joubu, I think I found a solution, however if the screen is too small, the map overlaps with the form, and I don't know what is the best solution to fix that
10:55 marcelr should be better now. thx Joubu
10:55 Joubu marcelr: thx
10:55 Joubu jajm: nobody has small screens anymore
10:55 jajm :)
10:55 Joubu (unfortunately this is wrong...)
10:55 LibraryClaire lol
10:56 Joubu marcelr: what about tests?
10:57 marcelr test plan asks you to run t/db_dependent/Acquisition.t
10:57 bag magnuse: CHEESE DAY!
10:57 wahanui i think cheese day is awesome
10:57 magnuse awwww...
10:57 LibraryClaire wahanui botsnack cheese
10:57 wahanui :)
10:58 marcelr Joubu: did not see a real need to change the current tests for this trivial change
11:02 jajm Joubu, https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]61361&action=diff
11:07 matts Sweet dreams are made of cheese / Who am I to dis a brie?
11:07 Joubu jajm: indeed the map is on top of the form :)
11:08 cait bbl
11:10 jajm Joubu, ah I removed some useful code just before attaching the patch... (css('right', 0))
11:11 Joubu not perfect but much better, thanks!
11:11 jajm Joubu, new patch attached
11:14 Joubu jajm: looks even better if the fieldset has a min-height of 400px
11:15 Joubu that way if "Libraries informations" is off, the map fit the fieldset
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12:14 oha hello again
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12:36 francharb Good morning #koha
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13:19 oleonard Hi al
13:19 oleonard l
13:19 cait hi oleonard:)
13:21 LibraryClaire hi oleonard
13:21 wahanui hi olé onard
13:21 LibraryClaire oleopard!
13:21 wahanui oh! leopard!
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13:24 Joubu marcelr: it seems that you did not see the last patch on bug 18298
13:24 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=18298 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Signed Off , Enforce password complexity
13:25 marcelr Joubu:  I saw the commit message saying: It is used only once (self-registration) but could be useful later.
13:25 Joubu yes, that's why I created a sub :)
13:26 marcelr Joubu: looking for [^a-zA-Z0-9] should not be that hard to add
13:27 Joubu marcelr: talking about special chars?
13:27 marcelr sure
13:27 Joubu marcelr: that does not sounds that easy
13:27 marcelr how so?
13:28 oha Joubu: hi! yesterday we were talking (me and paul_p, with ashimena, cait and others) regarding C4::Auth. my understanding is that we will have a quick chat here while they are in marseille, are you in?
13:28 Joubu I did not think about exluding alphanum actually
13:28 Joubu more to list them
13:28 oha actually, benjamin is here too
13:29 Joubu oha: not sure how I can be useful in C4::Auth discussions, but yes sure
13:29 Joubu marcelr: ideally we could let the library define what is a strong password
13:29 Joubu but that was outside the scope of the initial need
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13:29 cait Joubu: why lmit to latin?
13:29 cait ah marcelr
13:30 marcelr hmm everybody has its own specialism; librarians are not strongest on security
13:30 Joubu we could add 3 more pref "how many \w, \d and others"
13:30 cait we could offer different options/modes maybe
13:30 marcelr or make your own regex lol
13:30 oha Joubu: i'm trying to raise a bit of awareness on this, since I believe it will save lots of time to rewrite most of C4::Auth
13:31 cait marcelr: just thinking people might be using umlauts in their passwords
13:31 Joubu marcelr: I initially thought about that, but forgot the idea quite quickly
13:31 cait anything that is available on a local keyboard
13:31 marcelr cait: you misunderstood something
13:31 cait ah ok
13:31 marcelr i actually argue to include one special character
13:32 marcelr ^is the not sign
13:32 cait oh
13:32 cait i read it as 'begnning - blame notepad++
13:32 marcelr inside a [ ] it means not
13:33 Joubu oha: I'd like to hear your plans, definitelly
13:33 cait thx for explaining
13:33 oha Joubu: i just can't see paul_p
13:34 oha so not sure if i should wait or what :)
13:34 benjamin Joubu, et al : hope you're all well, sorry not to be able to attend hackfest this time, will be watching from here tho
13:35 benjamin oha has cooked up a nice transition plan for C4::Auth and session management, quite sure you'll be interested
13:36 benjamin I am, at the least...
13:37 Joubu I am too
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13:39 benjamin should we discuss ideas here, or in a sep channel for anyone interested?
13:40 Joubu You can shoot here I think
13:40 Joubu we have logs :)
13:40 benjamin aight ;)
13:40 oha ok good
13:40 oha so here a bit of the plan that i have in mind, and what i did:
13:41 oha reimplement Session in Koha::Session, with subclasses for DB, memcache
13:41 oha (done)
13:41 oha reimplement C4::get_template_and_user in Koha::Auth (done)
13:42 oha reimplement how the authentication work in Koha::Auth (sort of done, just simple auth for now)
13:42 oha in this regard, Koha::Auth have subclasses that can check or require specific actions to authenticate
13:43 oha i also started to change the logic of the whole session/auth
13:43 oha instead of being script-driven
13:44 oha it is handled upfront by plack middleware
13:44 Joubu Where is the code?
13:44 wahanui well, the code is kept at
13:44 oha iow, now, something BEFORE even running the script verify if you have a session, and if you have authentication stuff
13:44 * magnuse waves to benjamin
13:44 oha Joubu: i have something pushed out on github on a fork, hold on
13:45 oha[…]_session_refactor
13:45 oha it's a bit old, should push the new changes, but it's enough to grasp the concept
13:45 benjamin hi magnuse!
13:45 wahanui kamelåså
13:46 magnuse lulz
13:46 oha what i ended up doing is to basically do lots of ugly namespace rewriting in Middleware/Session to short-circuit the new code
13:46 oha without changing any script and very little of C4::Auth
13:47 oha so basically, apache still use the old stuff, while by enabling the M::Session in plack, you get the new stuff
13:47 oha another side effect is that i'm slowly removing CGI as well, it's almost gone now
13:48 oha that's sort of all, i guess... missed something benjamin ?
13:49 benjamin well, just the simple genious of it
13:50 oha oh yes, i did to mention what should be done after
13:50 benjamin we just started testing it, and so far it looks very promising. and the fact that it makes for a possible (invisible) transition
13:50 oha 1) implementing CAS and shib
13:50 oha 2) ditch apach2
13:50 oha 3) remove the ugly middleware and move the cgi scripts as function
13:50 oha the 1) is the ugly one
13:51 * ashimema feels he should read back in a few minutes after his meeting
13:52 oha ehehhe, yup. i had the same feeling ashimema :-P
13:53 magnuse there is a nz guy who has been thinking along the same lines, i think
13:53 magnuse can't find the bug now
13:53 benjamin well, good thing is, we'll be the happy testers anyway, since we run live on fresh code (no longer master, but not far from it...)
13:57 magnuse ah, bug 15562 is the one i was thinking of
13:57 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=15562 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, srdjan, Needs Signoff , Make Koha more suitable for shared hosting with plack
13:57 magnuse not sure if it similar or something else entirely...
13:58 oha magnuse: checking...
13:59 Joubu oha: did you have a look at bug 7174?
13:59 huginn` Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7174 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, olli-antti.kivilahti, BLOCKED , Authentication rewriting
13:59 Joubu oha: any chances to push the fresh code?
13:59 AdamB joined #koha
13:59 oha magnuse: it is very related, Context is another "ugly" one :)
13:59 cait hm no LibraryClaire?
13:59 oha Joubu: I didn't. checking now
13:59 oha Joubu: our fresh code?
14:00 Joubu yes
14:00 * ashimema would love to see auth reworked/rewritten.. one of his key requirements would be simple clear code as far as possible
14:01 * ashimema won't have time to actually delve into the code any time soon though :(
14:01 oha sure, omw
14:01 oha regarding 7174, it's part of what i'm doing, but i need to check all the patches and see about ldap
14:01 oha about ldap and other implementation.... the task is huge
14:04 Joubu oha: so basically there are 2 checks, so one from the middleware and the one from the script
14:05 oha Joubu: not really, anything the script does is permission
14:05 Joubu you cannot apply it for scripts that do not need auth, like opac
14:05 oha why not?
14:05 oha if you are not logged in, there will be no userid in session
14:05 ashimema ooh.. you've split authentication and authorization.. excellent
14:05 ashimema unless I just misheard you
14:05 oha ashimema: yes :) and session and permission
14:06 oha authentication happpens before the scripts are invoked
14:06 oha authorization depends on the scripts
14:06 oha or at least, i tried to do that
14:06 oha but bear in mind i cut lots of corners, i have forgot lots of things that i must add back
14:06 oha i just want to see if i can make it work
14:06 Joubu ok got it
14:07 oha it actually collapsed LOTS of code away. you can't see it from the diff, since i haven't removed anything from C4::Auth, but just to keep compatibility for apache
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14:22 oha Joubu: pushed the latest fixes
14:23 oha but we are working 4 hands, so i haven't merged back benjamin's ones
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14:32 magnuse oha++ for charging into dark corners
14:32 oha don quixote is the new pink
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14:33 oha question is, who will dare to join me for the QA and code reviews?
14:33 docker Hi, anyone has some experience with Koha on Docker? (I can't seem to find anything online who has written about their experience)
14:33 oha and even more, helping with shib and cas?
14:34 oha docker: benjamin :)
14:34 docker thanks
14:35 magnuse oha fingers crossed for Joubu and ashimema
14:35 magnuse it might be a good idea to sign off other peoples patches in the meantime - goodwill never hurts :-)
14:36 oha magnuse: eheheh :) not sure if i know the system enough for that, but will have a look
14:36 Joubu magnuse: I can help for code review, not testing
14:36 magnuse Joubu: awesome!
14:36 wahanui That'll be $1 for the awesome jar, magnuse
14:36 Joubu I've always preserves myself from cas and shib
14:36 Joubu d
14:37 oha Joubu++
14:37 magnuse oha: don't be afraid to ask :-)
14:37 magnuse testers are always welcome
14:37 Joubu you will need help from matts and ashimema for testing cas and shib
14:37 * docker slaps benjamin around a bit with a large fishbot
14:38 eythian poor benjamin
14:38 * oha slaps magnuse around a bit with a large fishbot
14:38 benjamin for what its worth, I'm running our entire integration tests now against oha's rewritten Auth, and so far no glitches.
14:38 matts Joubu, I currently don't have any test CAS server
14:38 Joubu matts: no worries, it's not for now
14:38 benjamin ah, there came the first, borrower permissions test fails, no wonder since we didnt implement that yet
14:38 matts Joubu, okay. I will try to set up another one at some point.
14:39 oha benjamin: good. permission are probably borked
14:39 oha question, is anyone using CAS or shib which use plack? because if you don't, there is no point
14:39 oha or actually, maybe it will be the point since it might enable them to use plack
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14:41 Joubu well, regarding bug 17776 I guess not a lot of people are using shib & plack
14:41 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=17776 normal, P5 - low, ---, gmcharlt, Needs Signoff , Shibboleth Authentication is broken in plack
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14:42 andreashm oh, stumbled into a discussion about auth. (hides)
14:42 * docker slaps benjamin around a bit with a large fishbot
14:42 oha Joubu: i would like to setup some SSO here, and do a test implementation on Koha::Auth
14:43 oha i have the feeling tha reimplementing CAS or shib might be easier than detangle the current code from C4::Auth
14:43 oha but the next big thing i need to fix is permissions, right now it trust anything, still have to refactor that back in
14:44 Joubu That's often the way to go for our legacy code, yes
14:45 oha the Koha::Auth now let implementation code to either modify the session, OR, returns a custom response (likely a redirect)
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14:46 oha but i have little experiences on SSO et simila.
14:46 oha and honestly, i was happy to avoid that (thinking about OAuth2 and co)
14:48 eythian you're really going to want to rope someone who has a test environment in. They're painfully fiddly things to work with.
14:48 Joubu oha: checked out your branch, added the enable statement in my psgi file, restarted plack
14:49 Joubu hitting my staff interface page I get Use of uninitialized value $sessionID in printf at /home/vagrant/kohaclone/Koha/Middleware/ line 153.
14:49 Joubu and a non styled page
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14:58 Joubu oha: cannot add to a list, get a js error "ReferenceError: vShelfAdd is not defined"
14:58 Joubu do you have a list of "what's next?", things to fix, etc.?
14:58 Joubu what do you expect from us/me?
15:04 * docker slaps benjamin around a bit with a large fishbot
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15:05 * oleonard doesn't understand the culture of fishbot-slappers
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15:05 * CrispyBran doesn't understand oleonard
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15:08 ashimema I'm still slowly moving towards an OAuth Server implementation based on the Mojo api's
15:09 ashimema if/when I get any time I will try to push into this.. but time is always a real issue here at the moment.. (has been for nearly 2 years now :( )
15:13 Joubu just don't sleep
15:13 * oleonard would take that option if possible
15:16 benjamin Joubu: think oha left, and so do I, but thanks for feedback! and hope to get further soon..
15:16 benjamin left #koha
15:16 oleonard Sure doesn't look like Delicious is still a thing:
15:18 eythian > This link recently saved by eythian on April 17, 2010
15:19 eythian It works, but I don't think it's really doing much these days.
15:21 oleonard Bug 18313
15:21 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=18313 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, NEW , Remove Delicious icon from OPAC social network links
15:21 eythian I can still add stuff
15:21 eythian I mean, it seems to be functioning.
15:22 eythian the shop thing is pretty weird
15:24 oha Joubu: sorry, had to talk with a colleague
15:24 oha i think i might have killed many stuff on the way (virtual shelves, not sure how to test them)
15:25 oha same for permissions, they are not checked now, i must add them back
15:25 oleonard eythian: Here's what I see on the site:
15:25 oha then i need to see opac, never used it (we don't use opac here)
15:26 oha from you, i wonder if you have just feedback about it. see any pitfalls, then i guess we need to figure out how to proceed together
15:28 oha Joubu: maybe the next step for me is to reply to myself on the dev ML and add a bit of what we said today, plus some ideas on how to proceed?
15:30 Joubu oha: if you have a clear idea of the different steps, you could open a new bug report which depends on other ones. The main bug will be an umbrella for others and you will show the community how far you are
15:31 Joubu and what still needs to be done
15:31 oha Joubu: i have good hunches, but lots of questions as well
15:31 oha especially regarding opac
15:32 oha so before i can say with a good degree of confidence what to do next, i guess i need to learn more about opac
15:32 oha i guess what i want to do today is to just understand if there is interest in doing this community wise
15:32 oha and i guess there is :) i was a bit worried since none replied to my email in the ML
15:33 Joubu people are always interested but busy as well...
15:33 eythian oleonard: what am I looking at, I'm not sure that's the right link :)
15:34 oleonard
15:34 Joubu oha: Regarding the bad bug we had last week I think everybody agrees that C4::Auth is even worst than we thought
15:34 Joubu and that it needs to be rethink
15:34 Joubu so yes, if you do such a job, please share
15:34 oha i will
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15:34 eythian oleonard: yes, but the zivot link only shows things that are years old.
15:35 oha maybe it is worth having a feature branch instead of bugs?
15:35 Joubu but also please do it intelligently :)
15:35 oha ohhhh you are asking WAAAAAAY to much now, man
15:35 eythian[…]s/Zy9vvzbPGWuTP9N <-- oleonard, what I see is this.
15:35 Joubu means that kivilahtio already tried to redo everything, but got stuck just because he submitted everything in one go
15:36 Joubu without following community needs/guidelines
15:36 oha right now, here, i'm testing both a community version of koha, and our internal patched version.
15:37 oha but yes, i agree. and don't be shy but tell me if i'm missing anything
15:38 oha ok, gotta go. will be back tomorrow.
15:38 Joubu oha: no worries, not my attitude :)
15:38 oha thanks Joubu, magnuse, ashimema
15:38 Joubu bye oha
15:38 oha maybe if someone is in marseille, and can share this :)
15:39 magnuse have fun oha
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15:46 andreashm note to self: spell-check before commenting on Bugzilla.
15:48 Dyrcona :)
15:48 * Dyrcona needs to spell check commit messages, too. :)
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15:55 magnuse spellcheck all the things!
16:03 andreashm since moving the marcxml out of biblioitems, how do it get to it (using reports)?
16:06 kholt joined #koha
16:08 Joubu andreashm: bug 17898?
16:08 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=17898 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Needs Signoff , Add a way to automatically convert SQL reports
16:11 cbrannon_ joined #koha
16:21 reiveune bye
16:21 reiveune left #koha
16:42 kholt joined #koha
16:48 Scott-CSPL joined #koha
16:59 JesseM joined #koha
17:58 dar-co joined #koha
18:03 misilot Hi, is there an easy way to delete ~70k bib records? The Web Interface times out. Thanks!
18:13 fridolin left #koha
18:27 oleonard /join #bws-partners
18:27 oleonard nice
18:29 cbutosi joined #koha
18:32 cbutosi Hi all, I just had a question about the script in Koha 16.05 - I'm having trouble constructing a WHERE clause in that script. I'd like to limit it to only running on 5 biblios based on biblionumber. What is the syntax for such a WHERE clause?
18:39 Joubu cbutosi: you can try "1 LIMIT 5"
18:39 Joubu the relevant lines from the script are:
18:39 Joubu 65 if ($whereclause) {
18:39 Joubu 66    $whereclause = "WHERE $whereclause";
18:39 Joubu 67 }
18:41 Joubu misilot: you can try small chunks, like 10k?
18:41 misilot Joubu: i am doing that now, just time consuming
18:41 Joubu misilot: or write a script :)
18:42 misilot Joubu: without having a test system, kind of don't want to risk anything yet
18:42 Joubu then dump before!
18:50 Joubu cbutosi: based on biblionumbers! So should be "biblionumber in (x, y, z)" with x, y, z your bibnums
18:52 cbutosi Joubu: Ah okay. So /path/to/script/ --where="biblionumber in (3,5,7,8,9)". Essentially the same syntax as an SQL query.
18:54 Joubu yes, the where argument you pass to the script with be appended to the SQL query
18:55 cbutosi Joubu: Brilliant. That's all I needed. Thanks for your time! Much appreciated.
18:56 Joubu you are welcome :)
19:00 cbutosi left #koha
19:07 magnuse Joubu++
19:10 kmlussier joined #koha
19:22 ashimema ok, so it's evening not morning anymore.. but I think i've finally got through fully testing bug 17736.. time to add that magic passed qa line
19:22 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=17736 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Signed Off , Move GetReservesFromBiblionumber to Koha::Biblio->holds
19:28 magnuse ashimema++
19:34 * ashimema helps himself to a suitably french beer from the garage.. not many of them left.. time for another visit to france
19:36 Francesca joined #koha
19:37 Joubu you can buy Belgian beers in France ;)
19:39 ashimema haha.. indeed.. this one happened to be french..
19:39 ashimema think I've drunk all the belgian one's.. ;)
19:39 kholt joined #koha
19:39 ashimema next trip is may time for me.. may need to build a little list of good beers to bring home
19:40 AdamB joined #koha
19:40 ashimema or organise myself a little dev meeting with alex at his place
19:40 ashimema sorry for the delay on 15854 btw Joubu.. just doing that one now.. that first one took me a while ;)
19:42 ashimema mm.. fun.. transactions :(
19:45 Joubu ashimema: the good thing is that it is easy to recreate :)
19:45 ashimema haha..
19:45 ashimema well.. I'm happy the code appears to work.. now I'm just trying to wrap my brain around how..
19:45 ashimema I like to try to understand that when doing a qa.. perhaps i'm too keen sometimes ;)
19:46 ashimema we basically have to do it this way because there's a mix of dbic and non-dbic code right..
19:47 Joubu Nope, because the queries are async
19:48 Joubu so you can checkin item A, B, C, ...
19:48 Joubu and 2 are processed at the same time
19:49 Joubu the algo is:
19:49 Joubu Check there is already 1 message in table
19:49 Joubu If so append the second one, then insert
19:49 Joubu otherwise generate is and insert it
19:49 Joubu it*
19:50 Joubu ashimema: got it or I continue?
19:50 ashimema well I got to that point
19:50 Joubu the select + append + insert op should lock the table
19:51 Joubu to make sure nothing will be added between append and insert
19:51 ashimema yup.. I see now
19:51 ashimema brain was getting cnofused between transactions
19:51 ashimema thanks
19:52 ashimema ok.. think I'm happy as a whole now
19:52 Joubu patch 1 makes code less stupid
19:52 Joubu and bring the different operations close together
19:52 Joubu patch 2 adds the lock
19:53 ashimema yup
19:54 ashimema I love patch 1.. and nwo I've wrapped my head around patch 2 I understand it entirely :)
19:54 ashimema thanks
19:54 ashimema passed
19:56 ashimema 17737 is my next target.. but I think it's time to clock off..
19:56 ashimema will do that one first thing whilst my head is in the right space
19:56 ashimema have a good (night | appropriate time of day) #koha
19:58 Joubu good night ashimema
19:58 Joubu Thanks!
20:25 bshum joined #koha
20:36 * Francesca waves
22:37 dilan joined #koha
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