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00:24 aleisha_ hi all
00:25 eythian Hi aleisha_
00:25 wizzyrea howdy aleisha
00:25 aleisha_ hi wizzyrea and eythian
00:25 aleisha_ hows things
00:26 wizzyrea things are ok :)
00:26 wizzyrea ow are your things
00:26 wizzyrea how even.
00:26 eythian Surprisingly wintery tonight
00:26 wizzyrea it's nearly hot here
00:26 wizzyrea @wunder nzwn
00:26 huginn` wizzyrea: The current temperature in Wellington, New Zealand is 19.0°C (1:00 PM NZDT on March 22, 2017). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 88%. Dew Point: 17.0°C. Pressure: 29.83 in 1010 hPa (Steady).
00:26 eythian Wow
00:27 eythian @wunder Jordaan, ams
00:27 aleisha_ lots of heavy sighs and sadness on my end
00:27 huginn` eythian: The current temperature in Geuzenbuurt Amsterdam, Amsterdam, Netherlands is 5.2°C (1:26 AM CET on March 22, 2017). Conditions: Partly Cloudy. Humidity: 86%. Dew Point: 3.0°C. Windchill: 5.0°C. Pressure: 29.91 in 1013 hPa (Rising).
00:27 wizzyrea ! aleisha_ !
00:27 aleisha_ its warm but it was drizzling before
00:27 wizzyrea oo that's pretty cold eythian
00:28 wizzyrea yeah it wasn't so pleasant this morning
00:28 eythian Yeah, it was nice for a week. But changing spring I guess.
00:30 wizzyrea have you gotten your head around your backwards seasons yet?
00:30 wizzyrea ^.^
00:30 wizzyrea i tease.
00:31 eythian Shit's weird
00:31 wizzyrea hehehehe
00:31 wizzyrea can relate.
00:31 wizzyrea no museum trips lately!
00:32 eythian We got snow, but the locals were sad due to no elfstedentocht this year
00:33 eythian Yeah, the next one is the Heineken Experience
00:33 eythian I need to find someone to do it with
00:33 wizzyrea elfstedentocht < what's that?
00:34 eythian a 200km skating tour, when the canals freeze well enough
00:35 eythian "eleven city tour"
00:35 wizzyrea whoooooah
00:36 wizzyrea has it ever been done since you've been there?
00:36 eythian Heh no
00:37 eythian It only happens once every ten or twenty years or so
00:38 wizzyrea oh so it's a thing for an especially cold winter
00:38 wizzyrea makes sense
00:38 eythian Yeah. I think 1997 was the last time
00:38 wizzyrea ok that's ages ago.
00:38 wizzyrea lol
00:38 eythian Climate change not helping
00:38 wizzyrea yeah nah :(
00:39 wizzyrea didn't the netherlands recently outpace electrical demand with wind supply though?
00:39 wizzyrea I feel like I read that, I gave you a long distance mental fistbump.
00:40 eythian Hmm, i think i saw something like that
00:40 wizzyrea anyway well done there.
00:40 eythian Keeping in mind that a lot of heating is still gas, so...
00:40 wizzyrea yeah that's less good.
00:41 eythian They have a plan to get rid of that
00:41 wizzyrea I wish they'd do something about wood fires here
00:41 eythian In a few decades
00:41 wizzyrea i know they're very cozy
00:41 wizzyrea but wood smoke is not good in a city.
00:41 eythian No, wood fire is pretty smelly
00:42 eythian And smoggy
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07:05 * magnuse waves
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07:11 ashimema morning #koha
07:12 * cait waves
07:16 magnuse kia ora ashimema and cait
07:16 * magnuse is doing a final migration/go live today
07:17 cait cool:)
07:17 cait what kind of library?
07:18 magnuse swedish public library
07:21 * ashimema hopes to do a few more QA's today... between my other work :(
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07:41 * magnuse cheers ashimema on
07:41 magnuse kia ora aleisha_ and laurence
07:41 aleisha_ hi magnuse
07:41 wahanui kamelåså
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07:52 reiveune1 hello
07:52 magnuse bonjour reiveune1
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07:58 oha o/
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08:03 matts hello !
08:03 LibraryClaire bonjour
08:03 wahanui salut, LibraryClaire
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08:05 gaetan_B hello
08:07 oha is overdrive something optionally installable?
08:08 oha because it is required by svc/overdrive and 500, but i don't think i enabled it. OTOH i might be slightly behind master
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08:28 bag morning
08:29 magnuse bag: HI
08:29 bag magnuse: knuckles
08:29 magnuse bag: knuckles, indeed!
08:33 magnuse bag: having fun?
08:33 bag indeed :D
08:33 bag great hiking out on the islands yesterday afternoon
08:40 magnuse ah, cool!
08:40 magnuse frioul?
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08:58 cait ao quiwet
08:58 cait quiet even
08:58 cait where are our hackfesters? :)
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09:05 ashimema drojf about?
09:05 ashimema not yet
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09:11 magnuse cait: sleeping?
09:13 bag cait wake up :D
09:15 cait ?
09:15 cait bag: where is everyone?
09:15 wahanui i guess everyone is doin' the hot new dance the Cracked Out Kitty Tail Shiver
09:16 bag here cait :)  just busy in little conversation
09:16 bag s
09:18 bag also the internet keeps going in and out cait
09:18 ashimema bag.. if drojf is there today could you poke him to get on irc pretty please ;)
09:18 bag he’s not in yet ashimema
09:19 * ashimema goes to dig out a long lost branch from pianohackers repo
09:19 bag but once he’s here I will tell him to ping you
09:19 ashimema cheers bag
09:20 cait kidclamp: are we doing the dev meeting today?
09:20 ashimema bag.. you don't happen to know if any of your sites have the shibboleth autocreation stuff in production do you?
09:20 ashimema it's a patch I shamelessly stole from pianohacker to submit to community (with his permission of course) way back..
09:21 ashimema I can't see how it has ever worked.. so am trying to dig out the history
09:21 kidclamp lemme check ashimema
09:21 bag yeah we aren’t sure either ashimema
09:21 bag pianohacker does have that magic black boxiness from time to time ;)
09:22 * ashimema is sure he tested it at the time
09:22 ashimema perhaps the logic of it has got completely lost over the mass of rebases since it was first written
09:22 eythian hi
09:22 ashimema it's this line that makes not sense to me:
09:22 ashimema `$borrower{$key} = ( $entry->{'is'} && $ENV{ $entry->{'is'} } ) || $entry->{'content'} || '';`
09:24 bag so we think we found the site that has it in production - but we never here from them about it
09:24 bag s/here/hear
09:24 kidclamp other than that plack broke shib
09:24 bag so we aren’t sure if it is working
09:24 bag for autocreate
09:25 ashimema kidclamp.. see my plack patch for shib
09:25 ashimema I'll be rebaseing all the other shib patches on top of it today.. with the hope the plack fix gets in soon
09:25 ashimema ok.. thanks bag and kidclamp
09:26 ashimema I'm sure drojf told me he had the autocreate stuff working too.. will be interested to see what he says when he gets in
09:26 kidclamp I will try to do some testing on those when I get back if drojf doesn't beat me to it, need to get my ssh dev site running
09:27 kidclamp up to you cait, I'd rather not chair today but can try to attend
09:28 kidclamp there is nothing on the agenda
09:29 cait i just notices
09:29 cait noticed
09:29 cait we could cancel it, but should set a new date then probably
09:30 cait i had told some people to put stuff ont he agenda - but then noticed no wiki page :)
09:31 ashimema aha.. I think i've nailed that line.. it does do what we want it to do..
09:31 ashimema it's just aobut the most obtuse way of writing it I've ever come accross though :(
09:32 ashimema however.. the tests still fail with it..
09:32 ashimema and the way they fail is confusing the heck out of me :(
09:35 talljoy miss you cait!
09:36 cait miss you all too - hope to see you again soon :)
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10:14 magnuse anyone else get an error when they click on the "show checkouts" button in 16.11.05? the data is loaded from the server, but the "Loading..." message never goes away and the JS console says "Uncaught TypeError: Cannot use 'in' operator to search for 'length' in lost"
10:14 cait have you tried browsercache?
10:15 magnuse only shift+reload
10:16 cait hm plack restart?
10:16 magnuse cait: whaddaya mean by browsercache?
10:16 cait the datatables things sometimes have proven to look broken after updates
10:16 cait until you delete your browser cache, but shift reload shoudl do the same i guess
10:17 magnuse plack restart did not help
10:17 cait hm translations?
10:17 wahanui translations is
10:18 bag memcached
10:18 wahanui memcached is running, but I dunno it Koha uses it.
10:18 cait might be ar real error, but don't have a 16.11.05 available to test right now :( just trying to rule out the usual traps
10:18 bag always memcached ;)
10:18 cait heh yeah, we don#t run memcached yet, so that's not on my list so far
10:18 cait (with 3.22 - will when update probably)
10:19 bag as kidclamp says - when in doubt - always restart memcached :)
10:19 magnuse yeah, no memcached on this server actually
10:19 magnuse it happens both with english and swedish
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10:21 magnuse bleurgh, it works on another 16.11.05
10:21 magnuse so probably a data problem
10:24 bag stand on one foot and sing - then it will work
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10:28 * magnuse tries that
10:28 cait photo?
10:28 cait can someone please hack magnuse webcam? :)
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10:32 eythian cait: done.
10:32 eythian ooh, I can't share that.
10:32 huginn` New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 18284: [QA Follow-up] Add test descriptions <[…]bbb003e4b710344e3> / Bug 18284: (bug 17196 follow-up) Move biblio metadata when a biblio is deleted <[…]9bbb2282c3b2bfcb5>
10:32 eythian geez magnuse
10:32 * magnuse stops
10:33 Guest922 Hi, we are a university in India. We would like to give an internship to a student during the summer break, in which he will work on koha. A proposal is given here: Can a deleloper go though this, and share his/her openion it feasibility of this idea?
10:36 eythian Guest922: on the surface, it seems like a good thing. If I were you I'd take it to the mailing list, that's probably the best place for this sort of feedback.
10:37 Guest922 eythian: Actually i sent it over to koha-devel list first. I did not get any responses. Maybe it did not properly get posted in the list.
10:37 eythian ah, in that case, nagging some people in IRC is a good thing :)
10:38 Guest922 Can someone confirm if a mail subjected "Proposal to give summer internship to students for working on Koha" did reach the list otherwise I'll resend the email.
10:39 eythian http://lists.koha-community.or[…]rmail/koha-devel/ I can't see it in these archives, fwiw
10:40 cait Guest922: did you subscribe and confirm?
10:40 cait it might be stuck in moderaton
10:44 gaetan_B anyone running 3.22 on ubuntu ?
10:44 gaetan_B xenial xerus
10:45 Guest922 ah, it was a mistake from my side. I had subscribed to "koha" and send the email to "koha-devel"
10:45 Guest922 I am resending the email. :)
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10:57 Infra_3600 hello ! Does koha work on Debian Stretch?
11:04 josef_moravec1 joined #koha
11:05 cait Infra_3600: not sure that has been tested yet - most are on stable
11:06 Infra_3600 thanks
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11:48 oleonard Hi all
11:51 meliss joined #koha
11:56 bag heya oleonard
11:56 wahanui oleonard is still here, if you just wish hard enough. or Koha's master UI designer
11:58 oleonard I think it's mostly been wishes lately wahanui
11:58 bag time for more cheese ;)
11:58 oleonard :|
11:59 eythian yeah, I think wednesday is cheese day at lunch here
11:59 eythian so much cheese
12:00 * ashimema decides to have cheese for lunch today
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12:13 * LibraryClaire_ is struggling to look at any more cheese
12:13 LibraryClaire_ ooh an underscore, how exotic
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12:14 marcelr hi #koha
12:14 eythian hi LibraryClaire
12:14 eythian hoi marcelr
12:15 marcelr hey eythian
12:15 LibraryClaire hullo
12:15 wahanui eythian is a kiwi smartass, or so pianohacker says.
12:15 eythian wahanui: pianohacker can't even spell arse right, what would he know
12:15 wahanui eythian: i haven't a clue
12:15 eythian exactly
12:18 oleonard Send surplus cheese my way please.
12:18 * LibraryClaire posts stinkiest cheese to oleonard
12:18 marcelr ashimema: thx for your qa; dare to add the followup of Jonathan too (17737) ?
12:19 ashimema 'tis next on the list
12:19 jenkins Project Koha_Master_D8 build #129: STILL UNSTABLE in 1 hr 36 min: https://jenkins.koha-community[…]ha_Master_D8/129/
12:19 jenkins * brendan: Bug 18284: (bug 17196 follow-up) Move biblio metadata when a biblio is
12:19 jenkins * brendan: Bug 18284: [QA Follow-up] Add test descriptions
12:19 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=18284 blocker, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Pushed to Master , Biblio metadata are not moved to the deleted table when a biblio is deleted
12:19 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=17196 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, RESOLVED FIXED, Move marcxml out of the biblioitems table
12:19 ashimema just trying to get my head around this failing shibboleth test at the minute..
12:19 marcelr did you see mu comment
12:19 ashimema sorry for the cockup on that bug btw.. i've restored your patches
12:19 marcelr i changed BUG to Bug etc
12:19 ashimema bloody git bz
12:20 marcelr applying them from gitbz may be better than applying local ones (outdated?)
12:20 * ashimema blames git bz when it was likely actually user error
12:20 marcelr you should blame something
12:20 oleonard git bz burned my toast this morning.
12:21 marcelr git bz can have it
12:21 ashimema yeah.. i'll be pulling them down again as soon as I've fixed my gitbz install on this test server.. i made the mistake of 'lending' my main dev server to one of the team here to test somthing.
12:21 ashimema now I'm dead in the water for a few hours whilst they use it unless I can get this other server working again :9
12:21 marcelr lending a server lol
12:21 ashimema haha.. yup
12:22 ashimema jsut to check.. the failure you're getting on those tests is ldap related..
12:22 ashimema just want to make sure we're seeing the same thing
12:23 ashimema I have no idea why ldap is getting initialised at all after the patches.. it shouldn't be :(
12:23 ashimema cd
12:33 marcelr ashimema: added a comment
12:33 ashimema cheers
12:34 ashimema yup.. that corresponds.. thanks
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13:04 Joubu hi #koha
13:04 Brooke hi!
13:06 ashimema Hi Joubu
13:11 drojf joined #koha
13:11 drojf bonjour!
13:11 Brooke Bonjour
13:11 wahanui hello, Brooke
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13:17 * drojf waves at ashimema
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13:17 ashimema hi drojf
13:18 ashimema I'll be working on that shib autoprovisioning again later.. the test failure is so far completely baffling me though :9
13:19 drojf ashimema: we got an rdf talk now, i will look at it when we are done. don't remember tests failing for me
13:19 ashimema no worries
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13:19 ashimema enjoy the talkf
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13:34 francharb Hi #koha
13:34 Brooke hi :)
13:45 marcelr Joubu: bug 12026 Just want to ask you why? :) If we understood, it would certainlyu help us..
13:45 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=12026 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, martin.renvoize, Failed QA , Shibboleth auto-provisioning
13:46 Joubu marcelr: I have no ******* idea
13:46 Joubu you wrote the patch I mention :p
13:46 ashimema haha.. yeah, i was very confused
13:46 Joubu you should know, don't you?
13:47 marcelr no se nada
13:47 Joubu I would answer "circular dependencies"
13:47 ashimema there's another minor followup I need to add to that bug beyond just that btw
13:47 Joubu and bad import/export
13:47 ashimema before anyone goes ahead and continue to work on it ;)
13:47 Joubu that's why I revive bug 17600 yesterday
13:47 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=17600 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Signed Off , Standardize the EXPORT
13:47 * ashimema really wants his server back now
13:47 marcelr ashimema: that why we have statuses
13:47 Joubu resurect*
13:47 Joubu I faced it again
13:47 marcelr yes I saw it Joubu
13:48 marcelr we will probably generate some bugs
13:48 Joubu probably
13:48 Joubu but it definitely worth the try
13:53 oha Joubu: fixed the warning about undef sessionID
13:53 oha also, removed Plack::App::CGIBin and instead using a completely cgi-free environment now
13:53 oha just pushed the changes out
14:03 marcelr ashimema: i have no objection to SO if you did not turn it upside down
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14:03 ashimema drojf when you're ready those shib patches are now back up to date
14:03 marcelr ashimema: ^^
14:03 drojf ashimema: i just found like 30 emails about changes on that bug ;)
14:03 ashimema brill.. thanks marcelr
14:04 ashimema haha
14:04 marcelr drojf: just delete them ;)
14:04 drojf ha all different since i looked before the presentation. :D
14:04 ashimema I found a tiny bug in your rebase.. I say bug.. it wouldn't actually have mattered to be fair
14:05 ashimema https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]&attachment=61449
14:05 drojf ok so signoff is needed only for the last oatch?
14:05 ashimema nah, marcel is happy to qa as is :)
14:05 drojf patch
14:05 drojf oh. perfect!
14:05 wahanui rumour has it perfect is the enemy of good
14:05 drojf my work here is done :D
14:05 ashimema :)
14:06 drojf cool, thanks everybody
14:06 ashimema right.. I'm gonna go dive back into 17737.. looks good to me.. :)
14:07 ashimema then 17600
14:07 kidclamp joined #koha
14:10 ashimema hwo does the get it's monthly stats?
14:10 ashimema seems stuck at January?
14:13 Joubu titles are updated manually
14:13 Joubu by rangi
14:14 ashimema Oh.. I see
14:15 Joubu numbers are ok, the titles are not
14:15 drojf @later tell tcohen[…]0321T110010Z.html
14:15 huginn` drojf: The operation succeeded.
14:16 ashimema hmm.. code no longer open on github
14:21 marcelr if dashboard would say Current month, you would not need that update anymore
14:23 bag but you would have to know what month it is :P
14:26 marcelr bag: maybe you can find it on another site?
14:26 Joubu rangi accepts pull requests ;)
14:26 marcelr yeah
14:26 marcelr and these patches pushed counts do not increase anymore?
14:27 marcelr or should we just push kyle a little bit :)
14:27 Joubu yeah, nothing pushed recently
14:28 jac joined #koha
14:28 cait would be good to get some bugfixes in until friday
14:28 cait if no string changes or bad enough i can push them before the next release on monday
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14:29 Joubu oha: we have 2 psgi files: debian/templates/plack.psgi and misc/plack/koha.psgi
14:30 oha what is the second one for?
14:32 Joubu one is for package install (debian/) the other one is for dev install (legacy)
14:33 oha ok, i was manually running the first to make development faster
14:33 oha will patch the other one too
14:33 oha (are they the same, or...?)
14:37 oha (they are very not, mh...)
14:39 Joubu quite the same...
14:41 Joubu the thing is that the first one has interesting options for debugging
14:41 oha i always used the first one for my tests
14:41 Joubu we should move them and remove the lagecy file
14:43 bag hey Joubu
14:43 oha I think i should remove the ugly redefs and instead modify C4::Auth to allow hijacking
14:43 bag missed you here - last night we did a jagermeister shot in your name  - cheers dood
14:43 oha at first, i made it work with the sub foo { _foo() } wrappers, but since it fights with Exporter, i might do the "right" thing
14:43 Joubu bag: haha, thanks for that :)
14:44 Joubu I am gonna drink Fernet tonight in your names then
14:44 bag haha! excellent
14:48 cait Joubu: with coca?
14:50 Joubu I did not try it since I arrived actually. So it will depend on how my palate remembers it
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14:53 marcelr hi hackfesters: anyone willing to take a look at bug 18228; should not be that hard to test
14:53 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=18228 enhancement, P5 - low, ---,, Needs Signoff , Make list permissions easier to use/understand
14:54 bag JesseM ^^^
14:55 JesseM I can test
14:55 bag yeah marcelr I will be catching up on pushing the next two days
14:55 bag so we’ll see those pushed numbers jumped up a bit :)
14:55 marcelr bag++
14:56 marcelr bag: might be a problem too of the dashboard itself
14:56 bag I pushed one this morning :)
14:56 kellym joined #koha
14:57 marcelr life of these RMs got much harder after dashboards were introduced :)
15:00 marcelr drojf: maybe manually set your PERL5LIB and run the test again?
15:01 marcelr JesseM++ # hope to see you test it
15:01 drojf marcelr: will try
15:02 drojf marcelr: yep. thanks
15:06 marcelr Joubu: we could throw an exception in output_pref if you like that ;)
15:07 marcelr probably adding the name of the caller or so
15:12 cbutosi Hi all, I'm about manually reindex zebra (koha-rebuild-zebra -f -v {instancename}) on 16.05 package install, but haven't done it in a while. Running this script in koha-shell is probably the recommended way of doing this, right? I remember something about permissions breaking if running in root.
15:12 Joubu marcelr: yes that would certainly be better
15:13 eythian cbutosi: yep
15:13 Joubu cbutosi: yes
15:13 eythian well
15:13 tcohen joined #koha
15:13 eythian actually, for using koha-rebuild-zebra it should be fine
15:13 eythian it's when you use manually
15:14 eythian that you get problems
15:14 marcelr doesnt it include a sudo call?
15:14 marcelr or su -c or so
15:14 eythian yeah, it does
15:14 eythian (I'm fairly sure)
15:14 Joubu sudo -u "$instancename-koha"
15:15 andreashm joined #koha
15:15 * andreashm waves
15:15 cbutosi eythian: Ah, I see. I was planning on running the Debian command, rather than running it as /path/to/script/
15:16 eythian yeah, that's the best way
15:16 eythian it should take care of permissions for you
15:16 cbutosi Joubu: >>sudo -u "$instancename-koha" - Yes, this is what I was thinking, which looks the same as koha-shell {instancename}
15:16 andreashm how was the RDF talk at the hackfest today?
15:17 cbutosi eythian, Joubu: Thanks friends! Much appreciated, as always
15:17 eythian np
15:22 bag andreashm: it was good
15:22 bag quick demo on some ideas and then talljoy talked high level of what linked data is
15:23 bag kidclamp: showed his work
15:23 Joubu cbutosi: the sudo commands I pasted comes from the koha-rebuild-zebra script
15:23 talljoy kidclamp actually showed his manifestation
15:24 oleonard :|
15:25 cbutosi Joubu: Ok, thanks! I keep forgetting about checking the script for these things. *headsmack*
15:26 eythian ideally, all the koha-* commands should do the right thing and not give you broken stuff, and if they do, that's a bug for drojf to fix :)
15:26 andreashm bag: sounds good. to bad none from our team could be there.
15:27 bag :)  always next year :D
15:27 andreashm but magnuse said he hoped to have something to show later this week. perhaps it can also be shown at the hackfest?
15:27 andreashm bag: I've been saying that for two years in a row now! =)
15:27 andreashm talljoy: oh, nice!
15:28 talljoy :D
15:29 andreashm talljoy: sounds like you guys have come a long way then with your work?
15:30 talljoy in our minds perhaps, not so much in code.  hehe
15:30 drojf marcelr: thansk for helping with the test, i signed off on both upload bugs now
15:30 drojf *thanks
15:31 marcelr great drojf++
15:34 marcelr JesseM: eric gosselin signed off on one patch
15:35 JesseM okay I was just finishing the tests
15:35 JesseM :)
15:35 JesseM too slow
15:35 andreashm talljoy: =)
15:36 marcelr JesseM: would not be bad to have your signoff too on the report then
15:36 JesseM okay I will finish and submit
15:36 marcelr JesseM: sometimes adding a comment that you are working on a patch may help (if they read it)
15:39 kidclamp ashimema bug 18316
15:39 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=18316 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, gmcharlt, NEW , Add weighting/relevancy options to ElasticSearch
15:42 kidclamp Joubu: for concern about indexing code vs. descriptions (re bug 17500)  do you have any suggestions? My only thought is index code and description - use the description for sorting and the code for diplaying - so things at least look right if description changes and will be fixed on next index
15:42 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=17500 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, In Discussion , Use Elasticsearch to search for patrons
15:44 Joubu kidclamp: just index the code
15:44 Joubu and fetch the description for display
15:44 kidclamp but for sorting?
15:44 Joubu and... ok for sorting you will need something
15:44 kidclamp hehe
15:45 Joubu what would happen if a description changes from "aaa" to "zzz"?
15:46 kidclamp you would show "zzz" but it owuld sort like "aaa"
15:46 Joubu and not all occurrences have been updated in the ES index
15:46 kidclamp oh and some wooulds ort right
15:46 Joubu which description of what do you want to store in the index?
15:47 kidclamp I don't want store any, but it was an issue you raised, just trying to think on it
15:48 kidclamp :-0
15:48 kidclamp ;-)
15:48 * kidclamp is bad typing today
15:48 Joubu I raised it for AV
15:48 * Joubu is bad typing everyday
15:48 Joubu for AV you can fetch them from the DB
15:48 Joubu no need to ask ES to sort them out
15:49 kidclamp for borrower search do we need to sort in elastic, can't we just datatables sort?
15:50 Joubu nope we need ES sort
15:50 Joubu for libraries and patron categories at least
15:51 kidclamp ok, I will think more, just wanted to see if you had any solution
15:51 deb-CSPL joined #koha
15:52 Joubu kidclamp: I do not think there are any perfect solutions
15:52 Joubu we need to take a decision, either sort on codes or sort on descriptions but require a reindex when code are changed
15:53 kidclamp I prefer the second - but then we need a way for staff to initiate a reindex
15:53 kidclamp which I would like to see anyways
15:54 kidclamp changing mappings will require bib reindex too
15:54 Joubu marcelr: I do not understand why there are so much of your prose on bug 17866.
15:54 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=17866 normal, P5 - low, ---,, Signed Off , Change sender for serial claim notifications
15:54 Joubu really?
15:54 wahanui really is more trouble than she's worth.
15:55 Joubu kidclamp: I do not think we want that :)
15:55 Joubu full reindex on an already busy server can mess everything up :)
15:55 kidclamp then why give them a mapping tool? :-)
15:56 Joubu to configure/check/confirm the mappings
15:57 Joubu kidclamp: seen bug 18235?
15:57 wahanui I haven't seen 'bug', Joubu
15:57 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=18235 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Needs Signoff , Elastic search - Configurable facets
15:57 kidclamp I have, just keep getting distracted - done talking so should be more able to test tomorrow
15:58 kidclamp can't break your ES instance before you present it :-)
15:59 eythian a regular reindex with ES can be totally online, but yeah, code changing will require a drop and reload. A future solution might be to have a feature to schedule downtime automatically while it happens, so they can set it up and tell it to start running at midnight :)
15:59 eythian (or, load into another index and do a drop-rename dance. That might be possible.)
16:00 kidclamp yeah, we should be using aliases for reindex
16:00 Joubu Is it possible to update only 1 field of a record? Or do we reindex the full record?
16:00 Joubu or do we have to*
16:02 eythian Joubu: iirc you have to update the whole record.
16:02 eythian but that's not a big deal in general.
16:07 archer121 joined #koha
16:07 archer121 hi, currently, patrons in one branch can check out books belonging to another branch. How do I restrict this?
16:08 archer121 I don't see any relavent system preferences
16:10 drojf joined #koha
16:13 Joubu eythian: it is if you have to process and reindex all the records :)
16:13 Joubu would be much more quicker to update only 1 field
16:13 eythian yeah, but it's not terrible as it's all online, so it can run and the new/updated data will appear as the process runs.
16:14 eythian though, I'd suggest you check anyway. It's been a while since I've looked into it and things may have changed.
16:17 cait archer121: check your circulation conditions
16:17 cait hm
16:18 archer121 cait: Circulation and Fine rules?
16:18 cait it works for holds
16:18 cait thinking about checkouts
16:18 fridolin1 kidclamp: thanks a looooooooot : 5.x indeed
16:19 cait archer121: you can limit holds - so they can*t place holds on items from other branches
16:19 TGoat joined #koha
16:20 atheia joined #koha
16:20 archer121 cait: We don't allow holds at all.
16:20 cait I am actually not sure how to do it for checouts - if all branches use the same itemtypes/patron cateogiry
16:20 cait categories
16:20 wahanui categories are only coming up with special types
16:20 cait maybe something for the mailing list
16:25 archer121 joined #koha
16:29 cait oleonard++
16:32 reiveune bye
16:32 reiveune left #koha
16:44 kidclamp Joubu - i tried to rebase patron search and fix for ES5 - take a look if you have a chance
16:45 kidclamp bug 17500
16:45 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=17500 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, In Discussion , Use Elasticsearch to search for patrons
16:51 laurence1 left #koha
16:51 fridolin1 left #koha
17:00 cait left #koha
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18:21 edveal joined #koha
18:22 edveal Hello
18:43 rocio joined #koha
18:51 dar-co joined #koha
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19:56 rangi morning
19:59 cait morning rangi
20:04 Francesca joined #koha
20:06 andreashm joined #koha
20:06 andreashm bonjour
20:06 wahanui hola, andreashm
20:07 JoshB joined #koha
20:08 espen_ hi guys
20:09 espen_ recent koha convert joining in after a successful rollout (two weeks in)
20:16 cait welcome :)
20:16 cait where are you from?
20:17 espen_ I'm Norwegian but transplanted to the UK :)
20:18 espen_ I take it from the 'morning' some of you guys are well West of here!
20:21 barton welcome espen_!
20:22 espen_ thanks
20:23 barton espen_: we're from all over... rangi is in New Zealand.
20:24 barton here's a list of the regulars: ... some of the entries are woefully out of date.
20:25 espen_ well, that could be either East or West from here!
20:25 espen_ as you may imagine I have a some residual issues to consider after the roll out, so was hoping to pick your brains
20:26 barton well, you're in the right place :-)
20:26 espen_ that's what I figured from occasional lurking!
20:27 wizzyrea hi
20:27 barton what kinds of issues are you having?
20:27 barton hi wizzyrea!
20:27 wizzyrea sup :)
20:27 espen_ back-story is that had to crow-bar data from a Voyager system with holdings data from a separate circulation system (don't ask!)
20:27 wizzyrea nah we wouldn't judge.
20:28 barton oo, that sounds like ... um. fun?
20:28 espen_ basically it means I've spend a lot of time getting dirty in the items table
20:29 espen_ (basically I had lots of errr....ok'ish biblios that need matching to holdings data from a separate system)
20:29 espen_ no too bad; about 1000 items left from 15000 total to 'figure' out
20:30 espen_ but I've now spent so much time in the database I'm not sure if my next challenge is best approached there or somewhere else:
20:31 espen_ which is, all my patrons have cardnumbers that are dynamic (ie. its the UID on a mifare card which changes each time the card gets replaced)
20:32 wizzyrea oh ew
20:32 espen_ I need to decide how to best synchronise this
20:33 wizzyrea well in the simplest case, you just change the number in Koha and you're done.
20:33 wizzyrea how often do the cards get replaced?
20:33 wizzyrea i mean, it's quite standard to change card numbers when you get a new library card.
20:34 espen_ I'm aiming to automate this, and my first instinct (given the above) is to do this the database level (I can create table with the cardnumbers matched to the userid)
20:34 wizzyrea hey eythian - what should the pacific list be? or should it just be removed
20:35 espen_ I'm just wondering if I'm missing something on the 'tools' level which would be more 'polite' for updating user records
20:35 barton also, who's going to be changing them? Is this someting that would be handled at the circ desk on a patron by patron basis, or are you likely to have a list (if there are a zillion of them)
20:35 espen_ my aim is automation
20:36 espen_ I get a daily feed of card numbers keyed to what we use for the userid
20:36 wizzyrea oh you'll have to write code to do this
20:36 wizzyrea the batch import tool might help you though
20:37 wizzyrea actually you might just be able to use the batch patron import completely.
20:37 wizzyrea through the UI
20:37 barton yeah, that was the direction I was going.
20:38 wizzyrea but you'd still have to put hands on it
20:38 espen_ I'm hoping to do this on the CLI so I can do it through cron
20:38 wizzyrea if you wanted it fully auto, as in "someone puts a file somewhere on the server automatically and ^" that
20:38 wizzyrea you'll need to write code
20:38 espen_ I'm ok with that
20:38 wizzyrea but lucky for you there's already a batch importer
20:38 espen_ I'm just pondering the best path
20:38 wizzyrea so probably making it cli would be nice
20:39 wizzyrea to update the borrowers. I don't think anyone has done that yet.
20:39 barton I think there may be a bug open for a command line import tool, but it got stuck in discussion.
20:39 wizzyrea i mean maybe they have but it's not in core Koha.
20:39 wizzyrea seems likely :)
20:40 wizzyrea the patron import tool is in More -> tools, if you want to look at what the UI does
20:40 wizzyrea it'll lead you to the scripts too
20:40 wizzyrea word of warning, if you modify Koha too much without submitting your changes, you'll have a hard time in upgrades.
20:41 espen_ ok, I'm definitely not into overly customizing
20:41 espen_ my design goal is to stay up to date off the repo!
20:41 espen_ of
20:41 tcohen joined #koha
20:42 cait depending on the version you use, there might be something in the rest api
20:42 wizzyrea oh true
20:42 espen_ ok, so the borrow tool is the one in cgi-bin?
20:42 cait tcohen: is the patron rest api usable do you know?
20:42 espen_ borrowers
20:42 wahanui borrowers is InnoDB in oleonard's test system, FWIW
20:42 cait tools - patron import
20:42 espen_ aye
20:43 espen_ I've not seen the REST API; time to investigate
20:44 espen_ work still in progress?
20:44 cait[…]cb4d058f6a0c50e77
20:45 cait yes, but some parts are in 16.11.x
20:45 cait brb
20:45 cait joined #koha
20:46 espen_ hmmm....
20:47 cait there is more information about the rest api on the wiki
20:47 espen_ looking at this now
20:48 espen_ skipped over it earlier because it looked like work in progress
20:50 espen_ so, between this and my alternative plan of updating the borrows table directly in mysql (update/insert from my card database) what are the potential pitt-falls?
20:50 wizzyrea none really, koha only uses the userid/cardnumber for identifying the public face of the borrower
20:50 wizzyrea internally it uses a db assigned number.
20:52 espen_ should be 'safe' in that sense. one advantage I can see for the REST is that I could make it push from the card database in a single script
20:53 espen_ currently the card data is FEDERATED database/table so the logic that gets the data on to the koha server is separate from the script I need to write to actually do the update
20:54 espen_ because mysql doesn't have any other way of querying external databases..... which surprised me
20:57 espen_ so, on the subject of massaging the data directly in the tables, the only 'catch' I encountered with my items was that koha's itemtype seems to be stored in 3 different places?
20:58 espen_ biblioitems,items and.....this took me a while marc_xml 942c
20:58 wizzyrea yep
20:59 espen_ so...the canonical reference is the latter?
20:59 wizzyrea not sure what you mean by canonical reference. Biblioitems holds the biblio level item type
20:59 wizzyrea items holds the item level item type
21:00 espen_ but if I 'touch' either the 942c will override them?
21:00 wizzyrea it can
21:00 wizzyrea items is independent of the biblio level item type
21:00 wizzyrea marcxml and biblioitems should always be the same
21:01 espen_ ok, I probably didn't pick that up because we currently only have BK
21:01 wizzyrea there are tools in koha to fix up the marcxml if they get out of sync
21:01 wizzyrea for example
21:05 espen_ That's what I did in the end
21:05 wizzyrea you can have lots of item types, Adult fiction book, youth fiction books
21:05 espen_ Tools->Batch modify MARC
21:05 wizzyrea item type on the items is how you control circulation
21:05 wizzyrea you could have one bibliographic record for hamlet
21:05 wizzyrea and 10  items with different item types
21:05 meliss1 joined #koha
21:05 wizzyrea that wasn't the tool I was thinking of but yep that's another way to do it.
21:05 espen_ there is one that would have done it automatically?
21:05 espen_ the CLI tools did the inverse of what I wanted :-)
21:05 espen_ (all my BKs became NULLs!)
21:05 phasefx_ joined #koha
21:05 wizzyrea yeah you'd want to start with them set in the biblioitems table, and then do which should rewrite the xml from the data in biblio and biblioitems.
21:06 akilsdonk joined #koha
21:06 wizzyrea (it's been a while since I've had to do that, and I might be thinking of a tool in the migration toolkit anyway)
21:06 espen_ oh well, got sorted in the end, but that's useful to know
21:07 espen_ didn't affect our roll out, our cataloguer just got a bit annoyed that edits always required a visit to tab 9 to set the itemtype before saving
21:07 wizzyrea you can default that
21:08 espen_ I have that set
21:08 wizzyrea we can't make a default for it because a new Koha comes without itemtypes ;)
21:08 JoshB joined #koha
21:08 wizzyrea (unless you isntall the sample data, but we don't assume that.)
21:09 espen_ the default works for new items catalogued in koha, but not Z39.50 lookup
21:09 espen_ or the stuff I bulk-loaded
21:09 wizzyrea you set it in the default framework?
21:09 espen_ uhu
21:10 wizzyrea This surprises me.
21:11 espen_ hang on
21:11 espen_ you're right
21:11 espen_ I've set it somewhere as a preference
21:11 espen_ but not the framework
21:11 wizzyrea \o/
21:13 espen_ thanks
21:13 espen_ that's another thing off my snagging list
21:14 rocio_ joined #koha
21:15 jbeno1 joined #koha
21:16 * andreashm sent a mail to the mailing list. I wonder if that's a first, or if I've written before but forgotten?
21:17 andreashm It's seems I've writen to devel before, but not the general list. Interesting. (at least to me)
21:19 espen_ so, one more question; non-critical but puzzling: I can't get /usr/sbin/koha-foreach to work
21:19 wizzyrea what's the OS?
21:19 espen_ Ubuntu 16.04
21:19 wahanui Ubuntu 16.04 is the new LTS release.
21:19 espen_ :)
21:19 espen_ basically it runs of CLI
21:19 espen_ but never from cron
21:19 wizzyrea :)
21:20 wizzyrea rangi and i were looking at that one yesterday
21:20 espen_ if I take it out (I only have one library) everything's fine
21:20 espen_ so I'm not going nuts? :-)
21:20 wizzyrea something like Can't locate Authen/CAS/Client/Response/   ./Authen/CAS/Client/Response/
21:21 espen_ yeah...I started down that rabbit-hole
21:21 espen_ didn't get to a solution
21:21 rangi just add cd /tmp &&
21:21 rangi before the koha-foreach
21:21 wizzyrea https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=17717 here's the bug
21:21 huginn` Bug 17717: critical, P4, ---, gmcharlt, NEW , Can't locate Authen/CAS/Client/Response/
21:21 rangi its a permissions issue, something in perl 5.22 has changed
21:22 rangi its not actually a koha problem, there are a few perl modules that have the problem
21:25 espen_ ok....not just me then; I'll keep an eye on it an reintroduce the koha-foreach when a permanent solution is in place. Thanks for the tip rangi
21:26 espen_ (doesn't seem to be in the bug report)
21:26 wizzyrea it'd end up looking like this
21:26 wizzyrea */15 * * * * root cd /tmp && koha-foreach --enabled --email /usr/share/koha/bin/cronjob​s/
21:26 wizzyrea it was literally the last thing we did yesterday lol
21:27 wizzyrea at work. before locking our computers and walking out the door.
21:27 wizzyrea ^.^
21:27 espen_ good timing
21:28 espen_ so....I'm left with a question about Shibboleth but will save it for another session!
21:29 wizzyrea pass, I know exactly 0 about shib
21:30 espen_ may be something indirect, my URLs aren't rending correctly and I suspect a more generic variable isn't what it should be somewhere
21:31 espen_ but I'll poke around a bit more and let you know if I get stuck with something more specific
21:31 espen_ you've been very helpful; thanks!
21:31 wizzyrea no worries
21:33 espen_ have you good day ahead for those who've already started out! From this end it's g'night!
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22:32 dilan joined #koha
22:41 tcohen hi
22:41 tcohen drojf++
22:43 Dyrcona joined #koha
22:43 tcohen anyone willing to sign bug 17828?
22:43 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=17828 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, tomascohen, Needs Signoff , Koha::Patron::Attribute->store should raise an exception if unique_id is being broken
22:45 dilan joined #koha
22:45 Francesca joined #koha
22:47 dilan joined #koha
22:50 tcohen UTC+12 are very busy people
22:50 rangi ill take a look tcohen
22:51 tcohen he, thanks rangi
22:52 tcohen jonathan is testing/QAing 13757 which depends on several patches that are dependencies for this
22:52 tcohen it'd be great someone has tested this simple one, so he does QA on this one too
23:01 jamesb joined #koha
23:02 Francesca joined #koha
23:09 tcohen I managed to break an authority record by merging it in 16.11
23:14 rangi you should also take a look at bug 17717
23:14 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=17717 critical, P4, ---, gmcharlt, NEW , Can't locate Authen/CAS/Client/Response/
23:14 rangi i have a workaround, but it will hit in debian 9 (its already hit in ubuntu 16.04)
23:15 tcohen thanks for the pointer, rangi
23:16 rangi its something up with permissions when running under cron
23:16 rangi people have reported it for other modules too
23:18 cait hm the module is a bit outdated - not latest cas standard too
23:18 cait i should sleep :) night #koha
23:20 tcohen the problem with auth merge, is that it allows you to click the merge button while the merge result is not yet loaded
23:20 rangi ahh that would break stuff
23:22 tcohen we need to disable the button
23:22 tcohen until it is asynchronously loaded
23:25 rangi yep
23:34 JesseM joined #koha

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