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00:00 alexbuckley_ thought?
00:00 wahanui thought is, like, to have them check for stuff that academic libraries need so we can build a free national infrastructure
00:05 mtompset Sorry... swapped screens for a bit.
00:06 mtompset alexbuckley_: http://schema.koha-community.o[…]issuingrules.html
00:06 mtompset It's not onshelfholds.
00:06 mtompset it is opacitemholds
00:06 mtompset The field name is wrong.
00:06 mtompset change it, and all should be good.
00:06 wahanui mtompset: that doesn't look right
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00:09 mtompset oh wait...
00:09 mtompset inspecting page.
00:09 mtompset change your values.
00:09 wahanui mtompset: that doesn't look right
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00:09 mtompset yes = 1
00:10 mtompset 0 is any unavailable
00:10 mtompset 2 if all available
00:10 mtompset Simple fix.
00:12 mtompset Here.. I'll push it up alexbuckley_
00:12 mtompset -- after I test. :)
00:15 mtompset YAY!
00:16 mtompset alexbuckley_: Tonight is your lucky night.
00:17 mtompset test my appended patch and sign off.
00:17 mtompset I sign off everything.
00:17 mtompset We set this sucker to signed off, and then get QA to look it over.
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00:22 alexbuckley_ testing it now
00:27 mtompset Dont forget to go check to make sure the rule you created matches your settings. :)
00:42 pastebot "alexbuckley_" at pasted "This is the error when selecting a specific library" (1 line) at
00:42 alexbuckley_ mtompset: When I select a library to apply the circ rule to I get the error above
00:47 mtompset just a second...
00:50 mtompset okay... I'm here to focus now, alexbuckley_
00:50 mtompset Did you apply your 17955?
00:50 alexbuckley_ No so I'll do that now. As I thought I was just testing 17855
00:56 mtompset I forgot to remove 17955 when testing.
00:57 alexbuckley_ Its looking promising with 17955 as well
00:58 mtompset That's good to read
00:59 mtompset Oh the suspense is killing me.
00:59 mtompset Well?
01:01 mtompset Oh, and if you are having issues. I also applied 17260. ;)
01:02 alexbuckley_ It works with 17855 and 17955 so I'll just attach the commit in 17955 to 17855
01:02 mtompset That sounds fine to me.
01:02 mtompset And if there are other things to still clean up, you can do that on 17955 still.
01:03 alexbuckley_ yup and I'll just sign off now
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01:07 mtompset Have you attached the signed off copies yet?
01:07 mtompset I need to slap my electronic hancock on them too.
01:12 mtompset alexbuckley_: Have you signed them off yet?
01:13 alexbuckley_ yup
01:20 mtompset not quite.
01:20 mtompset I just checked.
01:20 mtompset you signed off yours.
01:20 mtompset the last one.
01:20 wahanui the last one is the first one if you look backwards.
01:20 mtompset I'm assuming you have the so alias?
01:21 mtompset git so 6
01:21 mtompset git bz attach -e 17855 HEAD^^^^^^..HEAD
01:21 mtompset Try again, alexbuckley_ :)
01:21 alexbuckley_ no I dont have so alias. But I'll do that second attach
01:22 alexbuckley_ this one: git bz attach -e 17855 HEAD^^^^^^..HEAD
01:22 mtompset You don't?!
01:22 mtompset Wait...
01:23 mtompset https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]ion#Signing_off_2
01:24 mtompset You'll obviously need to edit the "Your name" and email parts. :)
01:26 mtompset because the git rebase -i, changing them all to edit, and them git commit --amend so you can put signed off on them, git rebase --continue through all of them is a pain.
01:41 mtompset Well, alexbuckley_?
01:41 wahanui alexbuckley_ is using kohadevbox
01:41 * mtompset laughs.
01:41 mtompset Nice one, wahanui
01:41 wahanui mtompset: what?
01:44 mtompset alexbuckley_: Do you have any problems with my faking your sign off?
01:55 alexbuckley_ One moment I've got it now
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01:57 mtompset Let me check that...
01:58 mtompset Thankfully the order didn't affect things.
01:58 mtompset Now, I'll sign off.
01:59 alexbuckley_ Ive signed off your commit and my newest commit now
02:04 mtompset Well, I think it is done.
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02:09 mtompset Congratulations, alexbuckley_! You've added a really useful part to Koha. :)
02:10 mtompset Now we just need to bug QA folks to love it. ;)
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02:12 alexbuckley_ thanks
02:17 mtompset Hopefully I wasn't too much of a task master. :)
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02:28 BobB hi #koha
02:28 BobB its my great pleasure to introduce Dilan Johnpulle to you all
02:29 BobB Dilan will be working with Calyx whilst he completes his university studies
02:29 BobB we hope to get him involved in sign-offs etc before too long
02:30 dilan hi everyone
02:33 BobB cool, so we'll see Dilan about
02:34 liz Hi Dilan :)
02:34 dcook Interesting... if you add a record with 952s, they show up in biblio_metadata, but if you mod a record with 952s, they'll be stripped
02:35 dilan hi Liz
02:35 dcook hey dilan
02:35 dcook I'm in Australia too :D
02:36 BobB Sydney even :)
02:36 dcook Yeah!
02:36 dcook Which uni are you at dilan?
02:36 dcook Hmm, I'm not quite up-to-date with master, but I bet this is current..
02:37 dilan I'm at UTS :)
02:37 dcook Ah nice. Our office is just down the street from UTS :).
02:38 dcook Glad to have another person in this timezone working on Koha
02:39 dilan Haha
02:39 dilan Really? Down in Ultimo then?
02:40 dcook Yep :D
02:40 dcook I actually met BobB in the USA though, as North Sydney is just too far to go :p
02:42 dcook Hmm I wonder if Zebra is getting number the 952s then..
02:43 dcook Or maybe errors because I put in a bogus 952..
02:44 BobB dcook I once worked with a guy who boasted of not having crossed the harbour bridge for 7 years
02:44 BobB but you should try it some time ....
02:44 dcook In which direction? :p
02:44 dcook Oh, I get over every now and again
02:44 BobB not scary at all :)
02:44 dcook Although it's been a while now I think
02:44 dcook I actually quite like it on your side of the bridge
02:44 dcook There's actually room to breathe :p
02:44 dcook Reminds me more of North America
02:44 * dcook means that as a compliment
02:45 liz phew, I thought maybe you were going to say it was full of jerks.
02:45 BobB nah, all good
02:47 mtompset Greetings, dilan
02:48 * mtompset chuckles as liz's remark.
02:48 mtompset liz: Only south of the border. I'm Canadian, eh. ;)
02:48 liz touche
02:59 alexbuckley_ mtompset: its good learning, just hope QA folks will look at it soon
03:00 mtompset @later tell oleonard Sorry again.
03:00 huginn mtompset: The operation succeeded.
03:07 mtompset alexbuckley_: did you notice Joubu's comment on bug 17944?
03:07 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=17944 minor, P5 - low, ---, alexbuckley, Signed Off , Remove the sql code from administrative perl script
03:07 alexbuckley_ yup making the changes now
03:08 mtompset Let me know when you have that... I'll take a look.
03:08 mtompset Want to keep patches rolling. :)
03:09 alexbuckley_ yup
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03:15 liz mtompset++ alexbuckley_++
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03:15 liz good job fellas :D
03:15 mtompset @karma mtompset
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03:15 mtompset @karma alexbuckley_
03:15 huginn mtompset: Karma for "alexbuckley_" has been increased 2 times and decreased 0 times for a total karma of 2.
03:16 mtompset @karma alexbuckley
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03:16 mtompset @karma
03:16 huginn mtompset: Highest karma: "cait" (424), "Joubu" (412), and "tcohen" (276).  Lowest karma: "failed" (-33), "ie" (-33), and "<-" (-27).  You (mtompset) are ranked 23 out of 678.
03:16 mtompset Indeed, cait is awesome.
03:17 mtompset And Joubu is a machine! :)
03:23 mtompset Thank you, liz
03:23 mtompset All the effort goes to alexbuckley_, though. Just me nagging about nitpicking details until it was just perfect. :)
03:25 alexbuckley_ thanks liz and mtompset
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04:00 mtompset Do we have a nice way to pop up failure messages?
04:01 mtompset We are not currently checking the return value of store() in the smart-rules.
04:01 * dcook was going to say something cynical but then realized that his wife is right about him being overly negative
04:01 mtompset It's okay, your wife still loves you, even if you are cynical.
04:02 mtompset I mean overly negative.
04:02 mtompset Anyways... :)
04:02 mtompset I was curious... what happens currently when we click save on a debian box for circulation rules with nothing entered?
04:06 dcook I don't use debian for work so no idea
04:07 alexbuckley_ mtompset: I've attached a new commit with changes for 17944
04:12 mtompset uh... I don't get the second block, alexbuckley_. Why? What was wrong with that code?
04:13 mtompset Also, $_[1]... yuck. I prefer my ($self, $var) = @_;
04:14 mtompset And last... Joubu was suggesting tests. Where are the tests? :)
04:15 rangi the tests cant come
04:15 rangi until we modularise the code
04:15 mtompset alexbuckley_: He did modularize it.
04:15 rangi in the new patches yes
04:15 mtompset He put the function as a method in Koha::ItemTypes.
04:15 rangi but lets just get this in first
04:16 rangi before it scope creeps forever and never gets done
04:20 mtompset okay, just commented on the part that doesn't make sense.
04:23 mtompset alexbuckley_: I think you just needed to change it from ItemTypes to ItemType and leave it as a find.
04:24 alexbuckley_ yup ok I see where the mistake was made I'll fix that now
04:30 alexbuckley_ Right changed it ItemTypes->find
04:32 mtompset singular, not plural, because you put the code in the singular.
04:33 mtompset Can you remove the 's'?
04:33 mtompset I'll sign off.:)
05:03 mtompset There we go. I also squashed your three unsigned patches together.
05:04 mtompset signed off, alexbuckley_  :)
05:05 alexbuckley_ good thanks
05:05 alexbuckley_ I'll head home now
05:06 alexbuckley_ see you tomorrow
05:14 mtompset alexbuckley_++ # thanks for letting me have some sign offs. thanks for writing useful code. :)
05:41 mtompset Have a good day (24 hour period), #koha rangi alexbuckley_ dcook wizzycray
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07:20 LibraryClaire morning #koha
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08:06 drojf morning #koha
08:06 sameeenz gidday drojf
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08:06 sameeenz what's cracking?
08:07 LibraryClaire moin drojf
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08:22 * magnuse waves
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09:11 eythian hi
09:16 drojf hi eythian magnuse LibraryClaire sameeenz
09:18 drojf @wunder berlin, germany
09:18 huginn drojf: The current temperature in Berlin, Berlin, Germany is -0.5°C (10:01 AM CET on February 01, 2017). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 100%. Dew Point: -0.0°C. Windchill: 0.0°C. Pressure: 30.18 in 1022 hPa (Steady).
09:18 eythian @wunder ams
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10:07 LibraryClaire @wunder konstanz
10:07 huginn LibraryClaire: An error has occurred and has been logged. Please contact this bot's administrator for more information.
10:08 drojf sorry, i took all the weather available for germany
10:18 eythian LibraryClaire: yesterday you just had no weather conditions, today it's spread so that asking for the weather doesn't even make sense.
10:20 LibraryClaire nothing makes sense anymore
10:21 * drojf does
10:38 Joubu drojf: did you see my question on bug 17111?
10:38 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=17111 normal, P5 - low, ---, mirko, Signed Off , Automatic debian/control updates (oldstable/16.05.x)
10:38 Joubu and hi #koha!
10:38 cait hi Joubu
10:38 drojf Joubu: no, will have a look
10:40 LibraryClaire hi Joubu
10:43 magnuse @wunder enbo
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10:44 LibraryClaire @wunder konstanz
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10:45 drojf @wunder berlin, germany
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10:50 * LibraryClaire falls asleep
10:53 cait hm
10:53 drojf Joubu: my first guess is that file is obsolete, but i'll look a bit more into it
10:55 Joubu drojf: yep, same for me. It seems the same for install_misc/*.packages
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11:27 Joubu @later tell tcohen you forgot to attach the follow-up on 13757!
11:27 huginn Joubu: The operation succeeded.
11:41 drojf @later tell tcohen do install_misc/ and the related .packages files still have a use case? it seems to me they're obsolete
11:41 huginn drojf: The operation succeeded.
11:44 Joubu @later tell tcohen Can I have your opinion on bug 18028 (remove install_misc dir)?
11:44 huginn Joubu: The operation succeeded.
11:47 drojf Joubu: we could change the file to just print a link to the latest install information ;)
11:48 Joubu drojf: I have finally suggested to remove the whole install_misc dir
11:48 drojf yes i know, i was referring to "yes it could be confusing as well to execute a file that does no longer exist"
11:49 Joubu drojf: I'd prefer to remove the directory :)
11:50 drojf works for me
12:03 Joubu drojf: you PQAed 17111, mistake?
12:04 drojf Joubu: no, i usually do that because it is just a generated file
12:04 drojf normally the bot does the file and i just have a look
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12:44 oleonard Hi all
12:45 drojf hi oleonard
12:45 wahanui hi olé onard
12:46 LibraryClaire hey oleonard
12:46 wahanui well, oleonard is still here, if you just wish hard enough. or Koha's master UI designer
12:51 magnuse ¡olé o'nard!
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12:54 marcelr hi #koha
13:01 oleonard alexbuckley++ # for sticking it out through a lot of QA
13:03 magnuse hm, i have a plugin (in the kpz sense) that receives some data from an external call, saves it in the db and displays it to users. the data looks good in the db, but when they are displayed in koha they have encoding issues. however, if i use a report to display the data they look ok. so... is that a problem with the plugin-system-code in koha or with my code in the plugin?
13:04 magnuse yeah alexbuckley++
13:05 tcohen joined #koha
13:05 kidclamp magnuse: yes
13:05 kidclamp :-)
13:05 magnuse cool, thanks ;-)
13:06 kidclamp plugin on github? or viewable somewhere?
13:06 tcohen morning
13:06 magnuse kidclamp:
13:07 magnuse ¡hola tcohen!
13:08 kidclamp is it character encoding magnuse?
13:08 tcohen Joubu: I attached them to 13737 hahaha
13:08 magnuse kidclamp: um, is what character encoding?
13:09 kidclamp the display issue, no w I reread, yes :-)
13:09 magnuse it looks like "Ines min själs älskade"
13:11 kidclamp I think maybe you just need to add to the the print $cgi->header(); like in this commit to coverflow
13:11 kidclamp[…]3acb1ac283cd1a7db
13:13 magnuse ah yes, definitely worth a try!
13:14 oleonard tcohen: have you ever seen a problem vagrant where it always says "Run 'vagrant plugin install vagrant-cachier' to speed up provisioning." even if you have vagrant-cachier installed?
13:16 magnuse kidclamp++ thanks a ton, that fixed it!
13:16 kidclamp np, knew it was familiar
13:18 tcohen oleonard: nope
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13:30 edveal Hello
13:31 kidclamp hi edveal
13:34 tcohen kidclamp, magnuse what are you talking about?
13:35 magnuse tcohen: my qyestion was: hm, i have a plugin (in the kpz sense) that receives some data from an external call, saves it in the db and displays it to users. the data looks good in the db, but when they are displayed in koha they have encoding issues. however, if i use a report to display the data they look ok. so... is that a problem with the plugin-system-code in koha or with my code in the plugin?
13:35 magnuse kidclamp helped me figure out the problem was on my side
13:51 tcohen yes, the problem is on your sige
13:51 tcohen side
13:51 tcohen he
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14:05 thd Is there a meeting shortly?
14:05 tcohen nope
14:05 tcohen ah, maybe
14:05 tcohen wednesday
14:05 wahanui rumour has it wednesday is fine for me
14:06 thd https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]g_1_February_2017
14:07 Manny joined #koha
14:08 kidclamp ah, indeed, I have been focused on the Dev meetings and forgot the general
14:08 kidclamp do we have a crowd?
14:09 schnydszch here
14:10 schnydszch sorting out some cards before the gen. meeting
14:10 kidclamp who is here for meeting #koha?
14:10 Manny I'm also here
14:12 Joubu o/
14:12 kidclamp alirght, maybe it will be short and there can be a folowup email to the lists
14:13 kidclamp #startmeeting General IRC meeting 1 February 2017
14:13 huginn Meeting started Wed Feb  1 14:13:22 2017 UTC.  The chair is kidclamp. Information about MeetBot at
14:13 huginn Useful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #startvote.
14:13 Topic for #koha is now  (Meeting topic: General IRC meeting 1 February 2017)
14:13 huginn The meeting name has been set to 'general_irc_meeting_1_february_2017'
14:13 kidclamp #topic Introductions
14:13 wahanui #info wahanui, a bot that has become sentient
14:13 Topic for #koha is now Introductions (Meeting topic: General IRC meeting 1 February 2017)
14:13 kidclamp #info Nick Clemens, ByWater Solutions
14:13 schnydszch #info Eugene Espinoza Philippines
14:14 thd #info Thomas Dukleth, Agogme, New York City
14:14 tcohen #info Tomas Cohen Arazi, Theke Solutions
14:14 Manny #info Manny Tamayao Tulong Aklatan
14:15 * kidclamp pokes Joubu
14:15 kidclamp #topic Announcements
14:15 Topic for #koha is now Announcements (Meeting topic: General IRC meeting 1 February 2017)
14:15 kidclamp Open for anyone
14:15 drojf #info Mirko Tietgen, Berlin, Germany
14:16 kidclamp #topic Update on releases
14:16 Topic for #koha is now Update on releases (Meeting topic: General IRC meeting 1 February 2017)
14:16 kidclamp Any maintainers around? Khall and cait seem to be away
14:17 barton #info Barton Chittenden, BWS, Louisville KY USA
14:17 NateC joined #koha
14:17 drojf we had a security release for all maintained branches. rmaints, qa and packaging tried to get a simultaneous release and that went quite well
14:18 drojf i htink none of them is here
14:18 drojf think
14:18 kidclamp #info Security patch pushed, coordinating across releases went well
14:18 kidclamp #topic Kohacon
14:18 Topic for #koha is now Kohacon (Meeting topic: General IRC meeting 1 February 2017)
14:19 talljoy joined #koha
14:19 kidclamp schnydszch: take it away
14:19 kidclamp thanks drojf
14:19 schnydszch so yeah we're here
14:19 ashimema joined #koha
14:19 magnuse #info Magnus Enger, Libriotech, Norway
14:19 schnydszch to announce that the kohacon2017 website is now up
14:19 JoshB joined #koha
14:19 schnydszch
14:20 schnydszch call for presentations/papers here: http://kohacon2017philippines.[…]/call-for-papers/
14:20 schnydszch Deadline is March 15, 2017
14:20 kidclamp #link WEbsite for kohacon
14:20 schnydszch Call for sponsors is still up: http://kohacon2017philippines.[…]dex.php/sponsors/
14:20 talljoy #info Joy Nelson ByWater Solutions
14:20 kidclamp #link http://kohacon2017philippines.[…]/call-for-papers/ Call for presentations
14:20 kidclamp #link http://kohacon2017philippines.[…]dex.php/sponsors/ Call for sponsors
14:21 schnydszch here is the page for the Organizers and sponsors: http://kohacon2017philippines.[…]ers-and-sponsors/
14:21 kidclamp #link http://kohacon2017philippines.[…]ers-and-sponsors/ Organizers and sponsors
14:21 schnydszch We still have two available slots for KOHAnep/major sponsors. :)
14:21 Joubu #info Jonathan Druart, France
14:22 schnydszch Manny will discuss the venues for main conference and hackfest
14:22 kidclamp #info Still two slots for major sponsors
14:23 Manny The Hackfest will happen in a different venue
14:23 rsantellan joined #koha
14:23 NateC #info Nate Curulla BWS
14:24 rsantellan good morning #koha
14:24 Manny Asian Institute of Management is 700 meters away from the main Conference venue
14:24 schnydszch here is the google maps:[…]5961!2d14.5517842
14:25 kidclamp #info Hackfest will be in the Asian Institute of Management (700 m from conference site)
14:25 schnydszch still in the same area, in Makati City
14:25 kidclamp #link[…]5961!2d14.5517842 Venue info
14:25 kidclamp anything more?
14:26 kidclamp #topic Update: Marketing Group or Committee for spreading word about Koha
14:26 Topic for #koha is now Update: Marketing Group or Committee for spreading word about Koha (Meeting topic: General IRC meeting 1 February 2017)
14:26 schnydszch we'd like to ask previous organizers or the koha community on the projected bandwidth that can be used up during kohacon
14:26 schnydszch sorry
14:26 kidclamp np
14:27 kidclamp I would send that out on the lists
14:27 kidclamp schnydszch^
14:27 schnydszch so please email the Koha organizers regarding this so we can give the data to the venue sponsor
14:27 NateC Not much to report on the marketing front, i put in a press release for editing regarding Koha's performance in the Perceptions Survey
14:27 NateC Koha did well
14:27 kidclamp schnydszch - can you send that out on listserv
14:28 schnydszch yep, we'll gonna send it, either me or Manny :)
14:28 kidclamp #info Koha did well in the annual perceptions survey
14:28 Manny We will
14:28 NateC The conversation about putting a map on the community site showing who is on Koha died, there was a lot of backlash against the idea of using Marshall Breedings already existing map, so thats out, but no one came up with a better alternative so I guess we will do without
14:28 NateC and thats about all
14:29 kidclamp #link Perceptions Survey (Marshall Breeding)
14:29 kidclamp #action Kohacon organizers will email lists about bandwidth usage at conference
14:29 cait #info Katrin Fischer, BSZ, Germany
14:29 cait sorry, we had another meeting
14:29 kidclamp np cait
14:30 kidclamp want to give an update on 16.11?
14:30 LibraryClaire #info Claire Gravely, BSZ, Germany
14:30 kidclamp thanks Manny schnydszch NateC
14:31 kidclamp #topic Update on 16.11 (current release)
14:31 Topic for #koha is now Update on 16.11 (current release) (Meeting topic: General IRC meeting 1 February 2017)
14:31 Manny you're welcome kidclamp
14:31 Joubu I have suggested an alternative
14:31 Joubu for the map
14:31 kidclamp cait:
14:31 Joubu bug 17802
14:31 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=17802 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, wizzyrea, NEW , Hea - Add geolocation information
14:31 Joubu nobody jumped in
14:31 cait sorry, was reading back still
14:31 schnydszch you're very much welcome kidclamp! :)
14:31 kidclamp np
14:32 kidclamp what do you need there Joubu, just feedback/opinion?
14:32 cait 16.11 just had a security release - still have to review some of the bugs that I asked feedback for
14:32 cait but it's all on track
14:32 cait I think :)
14:32 Joubu kidclamp: yes
14:32 kidclamp #info 16.11 is on track
14:32 cait still 15th for string freeze and 22nd for release
14:33 kidclamp #info string freeze on Feburary 15th, release on February 22nd
14:34 cait thx kidclamp
14:34 kidclamp #topic Request for comments on bug 17802
14:34 Topic for #koha is now Request for comments on bug 17802 (Meeting topic: General IRC meeting 1 February 2017)
14:34 kidclamp #link https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=17802 Add geolocation to hea
14:35 huginn Bug 17802: enhancement, P5 - low, ---, wizzyrea, NEW , Hea - Add geolocation information
14:35 kidclamp #info please comment on the bug with support or questions
14:35 kidclamp anyone else want to add to meeting?
14:36 kidclamp last call :-)
14:36 thd Yes
14:36 thd Follow up from the December meeting.
14:37 thd KohaCon18 wiki page is up and call for proposals has been announced on the mailing list.
14:37 thd A couple weeks later than proposed as my time ran into leaving for ALA.
14:37 kidclamp #topic KohaCon18
14:37 Topic for #koha is now KohaCon18 (Meeting topic: General IRC meeting 1 February 2017)
14:37 kidclamp #info KohaCon18 wiki page is up and call for proposals has been announced on the mailing list.
14:38 kidclamp #link https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]haCon18_Proposals Call for proposals
14:38 kidclamp thanks thd
14:38 kidclamp and cait :-)
14:39 kidclamp okay, last call again...
14:40 caboose_ joined #koha
14:40 kidclamp #topic Next meeting
14:40 Topic for #koha is now Next meeting (Meeting topic: General IRC meeting 1 February 2017)
14:40 caboose_ #info michaelcabus BWS princeton New Jersey
14:40 thd 1 March is also a Wed.
14:41 kidclamp March 1, 20 UTC?
14:42 kidclamp any opposed?
14:42 caboose_ sounds good
14:42 kidclamp #info Next meeting, March 1, 20UTC
14:42 kidclamp thanks all
14:42 kidclamp #endmeeting
14:42 Topic for #koha is now Welcome to the #koha IRC chat | Code of conduct -[…]/code-of-conduct/ | Please use for pastes | Installation guide for Koha is
14:42 huginn Meeting ended Wed Feb  1 14:42:44 2017 UTC.  Information about MeetBot at . (v 0.1.4)
14:42 huginn Minutes:        http://meetings.koha-community[…]-02-01-14.13.html
14:42 huginn Minutes (text): http://meetings.koha-community[…]7-02-01-14.13.txt
14:42 huginn Log:            http://meetings.koha-community[…]01-14.13.log.html
14:43 LibraryClaire kidclamp++
14:43 barton nice expedicious meeting :-)
14:43 talljoy :)
14:45 kmlussier joined #koha
14:45 Manny TY :)
14:47 magnuse kidclamp++
14:47 kholt joined #koha
14:48 tcohen joined #koha
14:48 tcohen hi
14:48 wahanui hi, tcohen
14:51 MKuhn joined #koha
14:51 magnuse hiya MKuhn
14:51 MKuhn Hi Magnus, I'm a little late...
14:52 magnuse yeah, the meeting just ended, if you wanted to be in time for that :-)
14:52 * magnuse wanders off to make dinner
14:52 MKuhn Well, yes, I almost thought so... have a good dinner! ;-)
14:59 Manny joined #koha
14:59 ashimema joined #koha
15:08 oleonard oh dang I missed a meeting because I was in a meeting :(
15:09 LibraryClaire I missed most of it too, same reason
15:09 drojf meetinception
15:12 jac joined #koha
15:12 barton joined #koha
15:13 drojf later #koha
15:29 oleonard tcohen: I'm having some Zebra trouble in my kohadevbox and I don't know what to do about it. Do you have a moment?
15:29 tcohen shoot
15:30 kidclamp don't shoot tcohen! at elast until he finished the rest endpoints, then you can
15:30 oleonard I've started a new kohadevbox instance and loaded an existing Koha database. When I run "sudo koha-rebuild-zebra -v -f kohadev" nothing happens. No output at all.
15:31 tcohen oleonard, can you try adding -a -b ¡
15:31 tcohen sudo koha-rebuild-zebra -f -a -b -v kohadev
15:31 tcohen ah
15:31 tcohen marcelr
15:31 tcohen ha
15:32 tcohen sudo misc4dev/
15:32 tcohen and THEN
15:32 tcohen you can sudo service koha-common restart
15:32 tcohen and rebuild-zebra
15:35 tcohen oleonard: ok?
15:35 tcohen ah, and also
15:36 tcohen add <dev_install>/home/vagrant/kohaclone</dev_install>
15:36 tcohen to /etc/koha/sites/kohadev/koha-conf.xml
15:36 tcohen sorry I was not aware of those upcoming changes on packages
15:37 tcohen so I didn't fix that on kohadevbox in time for the change
15:40 oleonard Ah cool, now it's looking like it's working.
15:40 tcohen I'm really sorry :-(
15:47 oleonard No problem, I'm just happy it's working (and that I didn't break something)
15:47 drojf joined #koha
15:53 dani joined #koha
16:12 jbeno joined #koha
16:12 drojf joined #koha
16:15 LibraryClaire laters #koha
16:15 LibraryClaire left #koha
16:28 reiveune bye
16:28 reiveune left #koha
16:42 cait tcohen: still here?
16:42 wahanui here is where I work
16:44 cait or maybe someone else knows - if you want to use koha-indexer instead of the every 5 minutes - how to activate it?
16:45 drojf cait: it is on by default in recent versions. since 16.05 i think
16:45 drojf otherwise there is a koha-indexer command
16:45 drojf not sure when that came into koha
16:46 cait drojf: looking for the bug that made it default
16:46 cait so it's no longer dependent on the tamil index dep?
16:46 drojf you may have to turn off the cron job manually if it is still on
16:46 fridolin left #koha
16:46 cait because bug 8773 mentions to install it manually
16:46 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8773 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, tomascohen, CLOSED FIXED, Add per-instance koha-index-daemon in .deb setup
16:47 cait looking for a way in 3.22 actually
16:47 drojf eythian packaged it
16:48 drojf https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8774
16:48 huginn Bug 8774: major, P5 - low, ---, robin, CLOSED FIXED, make a deb package of Koha::Contrib::Tamil::IndexerDaemon
16:49 cait hand tomas pushed 8773 in 2014 - so should be in 3.22
16:49 drojf do you have koha-indexer?
16:49 cait can't check on the server
16:49 cait looking for instructions to pass on to u.
16:50 drojf ah
16:50 drojf people without server access
16:50 drojf :/
16:50 cait was trying not to say that :)
16:50 cait but i have repo access
16:50 cait checking ther enow
16:51 drojf git blame debian/scripts/koha-indexer or where that is
16:51 cait i think we got it
16:51 drojf i think you should
16:51 cait it's in koha-common.defualt at least
16:51 cait do i just have to say   20 USE_INDEXER_DAEMON="no" yes?
16:51 drojf i think making it default was in 16.05. so it must have been around longer
16:51 cait and then make sure the other cronjob is gone?
16:52 cait yeah newer versions say 'yes'
16:52 drojf koha-indexer --enable instance. i guess. wiki does not load for me
16:52 cait oh nice
16:52 drojf https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]ages#koha-indexer
16:53 cait so just the cronjob sand that possibly?
16:53 drojf turn it on, check fro the cronjob. that should be it
16:53 drojf you will find out if it is not :P
16:54 drojf ps aux | grep zebra should show the server and the indexer
16:54 drojf ah no server access :P
16:54 cait mean
16:54 drojf u will manage
16:54 drojf you or u
16:54 drojf :D
16:54 cait u
16:54 cait heh
16:57 cait so, activate using koha-indexer
16:58 cait check it's running
16:58 cait deactivate cron
16:58 cait test
16:58 drojf yes
16:58 cait does the indexer start up automatically later on?
16:58 cait in 16.05?
16:59 drojf only for new installs, i suppose
16:59 cait do we need to change it here?[…]406c0291442a71b37
17:00 drojf that is only relevant when you create new instances
17:01 drojf i think :P
17:01 rocio joined #koha
17:01 gaetan_B bye
17:02 drojf don't know what onionshare is exactly but i want it in koha
17:02 drojf lol
17:02 cait ?
17:02 drojf[…]p-administration/
17:04 cait oh
17:06 drojf it's more a 1:1 thing i guess
17:06 barton hey #koha, I just added a section to the SQL reports library detailing the values of 'user', 'action', 'objeect' and 'info' for action_logs: https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]brary#action_logs ... the table is very incomplete, and I'd love some input there.
17:07 cait oh
17:07 cait hadn't seen that https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]Library#Using_svc.2Fbarcode_in_reports
17:07 cait sounds neat
17:08 barton yeah, I've been addig goodies to that page :-)
17:08 cait barton++
17:08 cait hm what i don't quite understand
17:08 cait it seems Brooke started tomove reports
17:09 cait like holds
17:09 cait but did not delete them from the main page?
17:09 cait https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]SQL_Reports_Holds
17:09 cait hm also looks like differently sorted
17:10 barton right ... I think that we need to move things out of the sql reports library and leave a link.
17:10 cait hm yeah
17:10 cait and clear those duplicates
17:10 cait i think most people missed the move out page, so possibly 2 versions of some reports now
17:11 cait thee links to those pages are just above the toc
17:11 barton oh, that's a shame -- I didn't even *see* those links.
17:12 cait yep
17:12 cait exactly
17:12 barton I think that a couple of people, working together, could probalby fix everything in an afternoon.
17:12 cait hm yeah maybe
17:13 cait working together on separate pages :)
17:13 barton right.
17:13 cait but yeah, it's doable
17:13 cait maybe start by deelting those that are the same on the moved-out pages?
17:13 cait and then when all moved, delete heading
17:14 barton the first thing we should do is move the links under their respective sections.
17:14 barton ... I'll do that right now.
17:14 cait maybe copy?
17:14 cait i think for now... more is better
17:14 cait until things are tidied
17:15 barton fair 'nuff.
17:16 LibraryClaire joined #koha
17:26 tcohen koha-indexer is a handy way to call -d
17:26 josef_moravec left #koha
17:26 barton cait: check out https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]rts_Library#Holds -- I've done the same for patrons and circulation.
17:26 barton the old links are still at the top.
17:30 cait cool - barton++
17:30 cait left #koha
17:38 barton @later tell cait in case you haven't seen this, it's under 'Shared resources' on the front page of the wiki: https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]ces_And_Libraries
17:38 huginn barton: The operation succeeded.
17:39 tmcmahon joined #koha
17:41 tmcmahon On earlier versions of Koha, the dialog box for holds during a return had an option to cancel the hold.  Is that gone now or is there a setting I need to change to get it back?
17:54 oleonard I think you are misremembering tmcmahon
17:55 oleonard There is an option to cancel a hold if you're checking an item out to a patron and the item has a hold for another patron
18:07 tmcmahon oleonard: I haven't used the feature in a while, but I remember using it before.  I had a co-worker point it out to me a couple days ago.
18:08 oleonard tmcmahon: Which version of Koha?
18:08 wahanui Which version of Koha are you using?
18:09 tmcmahon 16.11.02
18:13 tmcmahon oleonard: Here's a patch where the button was renamed from "Cancel" to "Cancel hold"[…]50f80961d1653c49e
18:14 tmcmahon I was looking for it in git history to see if I was misremembering.
18:15 oleonard tmcmahon: That instance of the "cancel" button is still in Koha, but it only appears if you are confirming a hold which has already been marked waiting
18:15 oleonard (I'm pretty sure, based on looking at the template)
18:19 tmcmahon Thanks.  I'll check things again after lunch.
18:30 JesseM joined #koha
18:42 mtompset joined #koha
18:42 mtompset Greetings, #koha.
18:42 mtompset @seen marcelr
18:42 huginn mtompset: marcelr was last seen in #koha 5 hours, 47 minutes, and 43 seconds ago: <marcelr> hi #koha
18:44 mtompset @later tell marcelr What do you think of the tests I added on bug 17982? :)
18:44 huginn mtompset: The operation succeeded.
18:56 mtompset Hey, tcohen I think I was playing with delete $hash->{key} while trying to get smart-rules to work nicely under Xenial.
18:57 tcohen sorry, I can't blame me even if I now want to :-P
18:59 mtompset :)
19:21 kathryn joined #koha
19:29 tmcmahon Thanks oleonard.  I guess we were trying to cancel holds that weren't confirmed.  I'm surprised we didn't run into this before.
19:36 CrispyBran joined #koha
19:37 magnuse joined #koha
19:38 CrispyBran Got a question for the room.  How does one cancel a hold for an item from Library A that is waiting at Library B without triggering a transfer, but still routes the item back to Library A when checked in at Library B?
19:40 CrispyBran More specifically, how does one get Holds awaiting pickup to not apply a transfer when a hold is cancelled.  A transfer is not applied when the hold is cancelled at the item record itself.
19:41 josef_moravec1 joined #koha
19:42 mtompset Greetings josef_moravec1
19:42 * mtompset shrugs, "I don't know, CrispyBran." :(
19:44 mtompset Glad to see you signed off bug 17942 josef_moravec1
19:44 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=17942 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, Signed Off , Update style of the web installer with Bootstrap 3
19:44 mtompset oleonard++ # making installation pretty.
19:47 tcohen later #koha
19:51 cait joined #koha
19:56 mtompset josef_moravec1: Care to look at bug 17982
19:57 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=17982 minor, P5 - low, ---,, Needs Signoff , Fix the use of uniq in sub themelanguage
20:13 josef_moravec1 mtompset: yes, I'll look at it
20:13 Francesca joined #koha
20:14 mtompset Thanks. :)
20:14 mtompset josef_moravec1++
20:21 kmlussier joined #koha
20:34 josef_moravec1 mtompset: marcel was faster then me, I realize the same, see marcel's comments...
20:37 mtompset Shoot.
20:37 mtompset I forgot that fr-FR might not exist.
20:48 dani joined #koha
20:58 magnuse kia ora dani
20:58 bag magnuse: HI HI HI
20:58 magnuse bag: knuckles knuckles knuckles
20:59 tmcmahon Earlier today oleonard helped me figure out why I wasn't getting the "Cancel hold" button when I check in a reserve, but now that I'm getting the button, it's not working.
21:07 Rutherie joined #koha
21:53 josef_moravec1 good night #koha ;)
21:53 josef_moravec1 left #koha
22:00 rangi this is handy https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]izing_your_devbox
22:06 rocio_afk joined #koha
22:15 tcohen joined #koha
22:18 JoshB left #koha
22:19 tcohen hi
22:19 mtompset Yes it is, rangi. :)
22:19 mtompset Greetings, tcohen
22:20 tcohen hi rangi
22:21 rangi heya tcohen
22:25 wizzycray hi
22:27 alexbuckley joined #koha
22:27 alexbuckley joined #koha
22:31 tcohen hi wizzyrea
22:31 aleisha joined #koha
22:35 mtompset Greetings, wizzycray -- What is up with the wizzycray nick?
22:36 wizzycray I have IRC things that I need to sort out
22:36 wizzycray and I've been too busy/stressed/lazy to do it
22:36 wizzycray /not a priority
22:40 Francesca joined #koha
22:48 magnuzzz joined #koha
22:48 * mtompset nods.
22:48 mtompset Evening, alexbuckley
22:49 mtompset Greetings, aleisha
22:49 alexbuckley_ hi mtompset
22:49 aleisha hiya mtompset
22:49 * mtompset sighs.
22:49 mtompset Test::Mock::FileSystem is not easily installed. :(
22:50 tcohen oops:
22:51 mtompset oh man... perldoc is broken?
22:53 tcohen you can always perldoc -f grep
22:53 tcohen but hey
22:53 tcohen perldoc is down!
22:53 tcohen the same day gitlab got down
22:54 tcohen laters #koha
22:54 dcook later tcohen
22:54 rocio joined #koha
23:09 dilan joined #koha
23:10 irma joined #koha
23:50 papa joined #koha

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