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05:19 mtompset Have a great day (24 hour period), #koha.
06:05 * magnuse waves
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06:40 magnuse kia ora cait
06:40 magnuse @wunder enbo
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06:40 magnuse brrr
06:40 cait good morning magnuse!
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06:41 cait you win... but i still think it's cold
06:41 magnuse i would say you win ;-)
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07:42 fridolin hie there
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08:15 gaetan_B hello
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08:29 cait good morning #koha
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08:52 kivilahtio khall_away: I rebased Bug 15253 and deployed the change I proposed. I had to manually rebuild the first and thrid patch because they were quite out of sync vs master.
08:52 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=15253 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, kyle, ASSIGNED , Add Koha::Logger based logging for SIP2
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11:35 * paul_p is away: Indisponible ou absent / unavailable or AFK
11:36 cait ok
11:39 drojf happy new year anyone
11:39 drojf also, coffee
11:39 drojf or, everyone
11:39 wahanui everyone is doin' the hot new dance the Cracked Out Kitty Tail Shiver
11:40 * drojf broke his english
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12:28 * eythian is back in the tropics
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12:29 * magnuse takes the dog for a quick & short walk
12:29 drojf hi eythian and magnuse
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12:41 cait kidclamp++
12:41 * cait waves at eythian
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12:44 eythian hi cait, drojf, magnuse, oleopard
12:44 cait did you have a good trip home?
12:44 oleonard Hi
12:59 wilfrid c
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13:09 oleonard So, the help for "Required match checks" under Record matching rules says: "??"
13:09 oleonard Anyone know how required match checks work or what they do?
13:10 oleonard I'd like to try to get a record matching rule that uses ISBN + a portion of the control number
13:11 oleonard Can I do that with two match points? If so, what value do I put for "Search index?"
13:14 magnuse @quote get random
13:14 huginn` magnuse: Error: 'random' is not a valid id.
13:14 wahanui i already had it that way, huginn`.
13:14 magnuse @quote get
13:14 huginn` magnuse: (quote get [<channel>] <id>) -- Gets the quote with id <id> from the quote database for <channel>. <channel> is only necessary if the message isn't sent in the channel itself.
13:14 magnuse @quote random
13:14 huginn` magnuse: Quote #190: "<jcamins> Hehe. Guillotine: the revolutionary card game you win by getting a head <asaurat> lol <asaurat> I mean mdr" (added by slef at 03:46 PM, February 28, 2012)
13:28 eythian cait: it was pretty uneventful, which I think is good :)
13:31 cait yep, uneventful ist good
13:33 oleonard I'll bet kidclamp knows
13:34 * kidclamp blinks
13:34 kidclamp morning oleopard
13:34 oleonard morning clampants
13:35 oleonard kidclamp: Do you know if it's possible to set up a match point for control number? And if so, what is the search index called?
13:36 kidclamp controlnum I believe
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13:36 kidclamp or at least cribbing from another site
13:36 cait Control-number
13:37 kidclamp is it these cait? http://manual.koha-community.o[…]earchindexes.html
13:37 kidclamp but, you know, a more recetn version
13:37 cait we always match on that for import :)
13:37 cait so yep, totally possible
13:39 cait kidclamp: hm?
13:39 kidclamp does that page give the indexes to use for match points in general
13:39 kidclamp http://manual.koha-community.o[…]earchindexes.html
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13:41 cait I think every index should work
13:41 cait there is nothing special about them to be usable for match points
13:41 cait afaik
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13:44 kidclamp I meant in terms of correct names :-)
13:45 oleonard "Control-number" works for me
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14:21 oleonard If I set a matchpoint component offset to 0 and length to 3, should it just look at the first three characters when matching?
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15:03 tcohen morning
15:04 oleonard Hi tcohen
15:04 tcohen hey oleonard
15:04 wahanui oleonard is not really here.  He said so.  He did!
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15:21 archer21 hi, one of your patrons have asked me to set up a koha API so that he can create an android app. He has asked me to install the "New_REST_API". Is this new API stable inough to be used in production?
15:22 archer21 Also can someone share their experience using KOHA APIs?
15:23 oleonard archer21: What would the app do?
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15:29 archer21 oleonard: It will display a map of the library and point the user to the location where the book can be found.
15:29 archer21 A live map, using beacons.
15:30 oleonard Interesting. What kind of data would it expect to retrieve from Koha?
15:31 cait archer21: the new api doesn't cover a lot yet I think - it's still work in progress
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15:32 archer21 oleonard: search for books. get a list of available books, get their call numbers etc.
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15:33 archer21 cait: As a sysadmin, all I want to know is if it is okey to install it on the prodcuction system.
15:33 cait there is nothing to install
15:33 cait if you are using newer versions
15:34 cait but it might not cover what you need yet:[…]23177c76062be84cc
15:34 cait so for bibliographic data using another api than the restful new one might be more helpful
15:35 archer21 cait: So, how do I start using it? Do I have to enable something?
15:35 oleonard archer21: I'm curious how you're going to go from bibliographic data to physical location
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15:46 archer21 oleonard: I am not a person from library science backgorund, my questions might seem silly, please bear with me. So call number is part of item information?
15:47 oleonard archer21: Yes. Call number is typically printed on the spine of the book in order to facilitate locating it on the shelf
15:48 oleonard archer21: It sounds like your app dev needs to provide you with more specifics about what kind of data is required for the project
15:49 archer21 So is there an API that provides call numbers of books?
15:49 cait yes, but ont the 'new api'
15:49 cait you could use SRU
15:50 cait or Z39.50
15:50 cait the new api only supports holds, patrons and cities right now afaiks
15:51 archer21 Thanks, this is all I need.
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15:56 tcohen but to me it failed in Configuration 1: 1 1
15:56 tcohen haha
15:56 tcohen ashimema: around?
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16:08 ashimema am now
16:08 ashimema ish ;)
16:08 ashimema there's always an ish ;)
16:10 ashimema tcohen?
16:10 wahanui hmmm... tcohen is 122
16:11 ashimema mrenvoize?
16:11 ashimema ashimema?
16:11 wahanui i guess ashimema is on qa now .)
16:11 ashimema lol
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16:15 mtompset @seen Joubu
16:15 huginn` mtompset: Joubu was last seen in #koha 1 day, 3 hours, 31 minutes, and 59 seconds ago: <Joubu> like views, and additional conditions on join
16:15 mtompset Greetings, #koha.
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16:18 mtompset Greetings, laurence
16:22 mtompset laurence: Are you able to do a sign off? :)
16:28 reiveune bye
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16:36 laurence mtompset: not now but tomorrow ... which one ?
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18:05 Librarian_at_7G Hi, I"m really hoping someone can help me with Koha... We've messed up our mapping!
18:05 tcohen when did that happen¡?
18:06 Librarian_at_7G maybe a month ago? we had a librarian who didn't know what they were doing and they wanted to make the import process faster by reducing the amount of required feilds
18:06 Librarian_at_7G now we can't import anything at all.. we get an error message
18:08 drojf hi tcohen
18:08 tcohen hi drojf
18:11 Librarian_at_7G my "Koha to MARC mapping" has a field that's blank... i'm assuming that's the problem. but i don't know how to correctly map it.. it's the field "frameworkcode" we have nothing filled in for tag or subfield
18:11 tcohen can you take a screenshot and paste it somewherE?
18:11 tcohen like in
18:12 tcohen i'm not promising help, but it will be easier
18:14 Librarian_at_7G okay i'm trying... having trouble capturing the image for some reason.. one sec..
18:14 tcohen what operating system?
18:15 Librarian_at_7G ubuntu
18:15 tcohen then Ctrl+Shift9+Print screen
18:15 tcohen then choose the screen region
18:15 tcohen and ctrl+v on
18:15 drojf i only have two shift keys :'(
18:16 tcohen ha
18:16 tcohen Ctrl+Shift+Print screen
18:16 * cait waves
18:18 Librarian_at_7G control, shift, 9, print screen... right? it's not working for me
18:18 tcohen forget the '9'
18:18 tcohen it was a typo :-D
18:18 Dyrcona Meta-Alt-Ctrl-Shift-x-y-z-9
18:19 Librarian_at_7G oohhhh haha sorry.. i'm on a school computer and feeling a little clumsy. yeah control shift printscreen wasn't working. i tried pasting into a doc and wasn't getting anything
18:19 tcohen You don't need to press them at once
18:19 Dyrcona Just Print Screen should work on Ubuntu.
18:19 eythian yes
18:19 eythian just printscreen
18:20 Librarian_at_7G tried that too.. shoot, idk why this isn't working.. just a sec, I can grab someone..
18:20 * tcohen loves Ctrl+Shift+Print screen
18:20 Dyrcona Then you click on the window you want.
18:21 eythian or install "shutter", that's what I use
18:21 tcohen Shift+Print screen lets you choose the region
18:22 tcohen and Ctrl puts the screenshot on the paste buffer
18:22 Dyrcona I recently added "Screenshot" to my application bar.
18:22 Dyrcona Yeah.
18:23 Librarian_at_7G okay i might need to use one of those.. i've been trying to work on this from home through remote desktop... any chance someone is on here at night??
18:23 Dyrcona Maybe that's why it seems to not be working. The pick should be in the clipboard.
18:23 Librarian_at_7G oh..
18:24 Librarian_at_7G nothing
18:24 Dyrcona What version of Ubuntu?
18:24 Dyrcona And what window manager?
18:24 Dyrcona That could be it, too. The window manager might not know Print Screen.
18:25 Librarian_at_7G i really wish i knew.. that's why i'd like to do this in the evening with my husband. he's in software and could give me these answers...
18:25 Librarian_at_7G this is my first time on here.. can i usually find someone? if i try another day with the schooll's software guy?
18:26 Librarian_at_7G btw thank you for talking to me!!! we're pretty desperate at this point
18:27 tcohen make_schema_at sucks
18:27 Dyrcona Oh, remote desktop.... That might be the issue.
18:28 Librarian_at_7G well that's not setup right now.. i was using that a few weeks ago
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18:29 Librarian_at_7G i'll sort out the screenshot issue soon... if i jump back in on friday will someone be here?
18:29 Dyrcona Yes, most likely someone will be here.
18:30 Librarian_at_7G oh wait i found it!!
18:30 Librarian_at_7G ok screenshot is on my clipboard
18:31 tcohen
18:32 Librarian_at_7G
18:32 Librarian_at_7G i'm assuming that blank field is my issue?
18:38 oleonard Librarian_at_7G: My production system has no tag mapped to frameworkcode either
18:39 Librarian_at_7G oh okay.. i was just guessing that was the problem
18:39 drojf Librarian_at_7G: maybe you broke the standard framework
18:39 oleonard Librarian_at_7G: No idea what was changed?
18:39 tcohen Librarian_at_7G: what about other table mappings? not just biblio
18:39 Librarian_at_7G you should see my framework test.. its a disaster because i think my whole left column should read "OK" yes?
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18:40 tcohen Librarian_at_7G: yes
18:41 Librarian_at_7G well THANK YOU again for being willing to help! we're dismissing now so i actually have to leave.. i'll be back on friday afternoon with much more time. hopefully someone can offer some advice then
18:41 Librarian_at_7G if i had our software guy reinstall Koha would everything default back to the proper mapping?
18:42 Librarian_at_7G and would we lose all the books in our library currently?
18:43 oleonard Librarian_at_7G: Since mappings can be edited in the staff client, they must be stored in the database. Therefore a restore of your db to a new installation would restore the broken mappings.
18:43 * cait agrees
18:43 drojf but a restore of the original standard framwork may fix things. if breaking it is the problem
18:43 Librarian_at_7G awesome! would we lose the books currently in our library though?
18:43 cait that's true
18:44 * oleonard was just about to say what drojf said
18:44 drojf no. you would take a backup, the insert the sql into the db for the framework
18:44 drojf and then in the best case it just works
18:44 Librarian_at_7G okay so i have hope.. thank you!
18:44 tcohen Librarian_at_7G: you could even import the default framework we ship with Koha
18:45 cait there is definitely hope
18:45 tcohen someone can export it for you to re-import it
18:45 cait but better not catalog anything until things are fixed
18:46 Librarian_at_7G thank you all so much.. i'll talk to someone about doing that
18:46 drojf if nothing helps, export the records and import them in a new installation. but you will lose all settings and stuff
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19:12 rangi eythian: travellers is great, thanks for the recommendation
19:26 oleonard Have you watched The OA rangi?
19:29 rangi I have
19:29 rangi have you?
19:30 oleonard Yeah.
19:31 cait om my
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19:31 cait now i have to watch even more things
19:31 rangi heh
19:31 tcohen !
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19:39 tcohen i'll try to join the meeting later, cya #koha
19:39 tcohen picking Manuel!
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19:50 eythian rangi: yeah, started watching it on the train back yesterday, finished watching it today.
19:50 rangi nice
19:50 rangi i do love the download feature
19:51 eythian Yep
19:52 rangi i can download a bunch of stuff on the vpn, then as long as my device is not connected to the internet I can watch it, so get around the geoblocking stuff too
19:53 oleonard rangi is a leet haxor
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19:53 rangi heh
19:53 Brooke hi
19:53 wahanui hola, Brooke
19:53 eythian Yeah, found that in Germany, if I disconnected from the WiFi I could see the stuff that can't be played there.
19:53 eythian Which is a lot, because Germany.
19:53 rangi yeah, not as much as nz tho
19:54 eythian It's a very different set of stuff, ime
19:54 rangi interesting
19:54 wahanui i guess interesting is sometimes good and sometimes bad
19:54 Brooke different WIPO zone
19:54 eythian I need to get a VPN thing set up again one of these days.
19:55 eythian Brooke: well, compared to NZ yes, but it's also a moderately different collection compared to NL.
19:55 eythian Market sizes and what's sold where is my guess.
19:55 Brooke it's two pronged
19:56 Brooke if you want to sit through some seriously dull lectures, I can send you info for stuff in the US if you trek through here ;)
19:56 phred_ Hi Brooke
19:56 eythian No, I think I'm OK without :)
19:56 * Brooke hugs phred
19:57 Brooke IP lawyers are good drinkers, though
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19:57 phred_ I have a Region 2 DVD heading my way. Now I just have to figure out how to play it in the US. :-)
19:58 eythian phred_: a Linux computer.
19:58 rangi by a dvd player from nz, they arent zoned
19:58 thd joined #koha
19:58 rangi :)
19:58 eythian Or a region 0 player
19:58 cait meeting time i guess :)
19:58 eythian rangi: not sure that's true these days
19:58 phred_ I have a few linux computers hanging around my house...
19:58 oleonard that's my cue to quit. Bye all
19:59 cait #startmeeting General IRC meeting 4 January 2016
19:59 huginn` Meeting started Wed Jan  4 19:59:01 2017 UTC.  The chair is cait. Information about MeetBot at
19:59 huginn` Useful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #startvote.
19:59 Topic for #koha is now  (Meeting topic: General IRC meeting 4 January 2016)
19:59 huginn` The meeting name has been set to 'general_irc_meeting_4_january_2016'
19:59 cait #topic Introductions
19:59 wahanui #info wahanui, a bot that has become sentient
19:59 Topic for #koha is now Introductions (Meeting topic: General IRC meeting 4 January 2016)
19:59 cait please introduce yourself using #info
19:59 rangi #info Chris Cormack, Catalyst IT, NZ
19:59 cait #link https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]ng_4_January_2016 today's agenda
19:59 cait #info Katrin Fischer, BSZ, Germany
19:59 thd #info Thomas Dukleth, Agogme, New York
19:59 phred_ #info Fred King, Washington Hospital Center
19:59 Joubu #info Jonathan Druart, France
19:59 NateC #info Nate Curulla, ByWater
20:00 lisettelatah #info Lisette Scheer, Latah County Library District, Idaho
20:00 bag #info Brendan Gallagher, ByWater
20:00 davidnind #info David Nind, Wellington, New Zealand
20:01 cait waiting a moment longer...
20:01 wizzyrea #info Liz Rea, Catalyst IT
20:02 talljoy #info joy nelson bywater solutions
20:02 cait I knew someone was missing
20:02 drojf #info Mirko Tietgen, Berlin, Germany
20:03 cait #topic Announcements
20:03 Topic for #koha is now Announcements (Meeting topic: General IRC meeting 4 January 2016)
20:03 cait any announcements?
20:03 rangi Catalyst academy starts next week
20:03 cait cool
20:03 rangi with project work the week after, please tag/file bugs you think they could work on
20:04 cait #info please tag easy bugs with the keyword Academy as the Catalyst academy starts next week!
20:04 cait if they are like last year, you can tag non-easy too :)
20:05 cait anything else?
20:05 wahanui anything else is just being crap
20:05 cait #topic Update on releases
20:05 Topic for #koha is now Update on releases (Meeting topic: General IRC meeting 4 January 2016)
20:05 cait no khall_away, bag maybe?
20:06 bag no update really
20:06 bag just pushing - there isn’t much of a back log
20:06 bag we’ll get on top of it when we see stuff…
20:06 bag things that we are interested in
20:06 bag ES 2.4
20:07 bag the messages that Joubu has been sending have been great for areas to look at for sign-offs etc
20:07 bag kidclamp_away: just got 2.4 ES working with Koha - so we should see some sort of news from him soon
20:07 bag (he had to leave early today)
20:07 cait #info 17.05 - things are moving along. Interesting things are: ES 2.4, Joubu's emails for sign-offs etc
20:07 bag that’s it cait
20:08 cait #info 16.11 - 16.11.01 was released on December 22nd, we hope packages will be available by end of the week
20:09 Joubu bug 17817 needs QA asap. It seems critical for 16.11. Should be in next 16.11.x
20:09 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=17817 critical, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Signed Off , Repeat this Tag (cloning) not working
20:09 cait trying to be strict - not always easy :)
20:09 cait I will try to always call for string freeze on 15th and release on 22nd
20:09 cait and inform if that won't be possible for some reason
20:10 cait #info bug 17817 needs QA asap - critical for cataloguing
20:10 cait moving on?
20:11 cait #topic KohaCon
20:11 Topic for #koha is now KohaCon (Meeting topic: General IRC meeting 4 January 2016)
20:11 cait is someone around from the Philippines?
20:11 rangi they sent a mail to the list about sponsorship
20:11 rangi afaik nothing else has changed
20:11 cait #info A call for sponsors has been sent to the mailing list
20:12 cait the last item on the minutes was canceled - so we can skip over to set a date for the next meeting
20:12 cait #topic Set date for next meeting
20:12 Topic for #koha is now Set date for next meeting (Meeting topic: General IRC meeting 4 January 2016)
20:12 cait February 1st maybe?
20:13 Tate joined #koha
20:13 cait the last one was 14 UTC - would that be ok?
20:13 rangi oh hey
20:13 rangi has there been a CFP yet?
20:13 thd CFP?
20:13 cait i don't remember one
20:14 cait call for papers i think
20:14 Tate left #koha
20:14 thd Someone should remind them to start that process early as they are not here.
20:14 Tate joined #koha
20:15 cait is someone volunteering?
20:15 Brooke joined #koha
20:15 thd I am working on my email system, so I will not volunteer to send private messages for some time.
20:15 Tate_ joined #koha
20:16 cait ok, noone commented on date and time
20:16 cait going to log it *threatens*
20:16 thd rangi: May we volunteer you for CFP message?
20:16 cait #agreed Next meeting will be February 1, 14 UTC
20:16 cait i think it has been mentioned to them at earlier meetings
20:17 rangi nope
20:17 thd rangi: I presume that 14 UTC is too early for you?
20:17 rangi well if i see them on irc i will
20:17 rangi but im not going to be going writing an email or anything
20:18 thd Fair enough.
20:18 cait we are shifting times - as nz is opposite to europe it's hard to be nice to both at the same time
20:19 thd cait: I am trying to distinguish nice from possible.
20:23 phred_ joined #koha
20:23 bag I think this meeting is done ;)
20:23 cait #endmeeting
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20:23 huginn` Meeting ended Wed Jan  4 20:23:47 2017 UTC.  Information about MeetBot at . (v 0.1.4)
20:23 huginn` Minutes:        http://meetings.koha-community[…]-01-04-19.59.html
20:23 huginn` Minutes (text): http://meetings.koha-community[…]7-01-04-19.59.txt
20:23 huginn` Log:            http://meetings.koha-community[…]04-19.59.log.html
20:23 cait thx all for attending
20:23 davidnind cait +1
20:23 drojf cait++
20:24 paul_a left #koha
20:24 talljoy cait++
20:24 thd cait: Sometime next week or so I am going to try to draft a message for the list appealing to people to fill in some gaps in the survey of irc times preferences for time which are a possibility but not favoured which may help a better selection of meeting times.
20:24 Brooke nice busdriving :)
20:24 thd s/time$/times/
20:24 thd oops
20:25 thd s/time /times /
20:26 drojf good night #koha
20:27 eythian Bye drojf
20:30 tcohen joined #koha
20:30 cait tcohen: too late :P
20:30 tcohen hi
20:30 tcohen ouch!
20:38 mtompset @seen jobou
20:38 huginn` mtompset: I have not seen jobou.
20:38 mtompset @seen Joubu
20:38 huginn` mtompset: Joubu was last seen in #koha 29 minutes and 11 seconds ago: <Joubu> bug 17817 needs QA asap. It seems critical for 16.11. Should be in next 16.11.x
20:38 tcohen hi mtompset
20:38 Joubu mtompset: hi
20:39 mtompset Greetings, not really here. Just wanted to see if Joubu saw my follow up. :)
20:39 tcohen Boo
20:39 * tcohen was about to send NSO stuff to mtompset
20:39 mtompset ha ha ha, tcohen
20:40 mtompset bug 17846 needs someone else to check my followup.
20:40 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=17846 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Needs Signoff , Remove C4::Koha::get_infos_of
20:40 mtompset I signed off Joubu's portions.
20:40 jirislav joined #koha
20:41 Joubu mtompset: yes, it's trivial, you can switch it to SO
20:42 mtompset Okay. Done. Now to go pick up my wife from work.
20:43 josef_moravec2 joined #koha
20:56 jirislav joined #koha
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