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03:07 bbsiu there is an error when i
03:08 bbsiu insert a new patron category
03:08 bbsiu like that : the patron category might already exist
03:08 bbsiu but there is no data
03:09 bbsiu so i'm looking for help ..thank you
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04:25 * sameeenz waves
04:25 sameeenz what up fam?
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07:04 LibraryClaire morning #koha
07:25 eythian @wunder Jordaan, ams
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07:26 eythian Oh
07:27 LibraryClaire huginn still on holiday?
07:27 LibraryClaire wahanui?
07:27 wahanui LibraryClaire?
07:27 LibraryClaire wahanui botsnack
07:27 wahanui :)
07:28 eythian Looks like it, yeah.
07:28 eythian I thought the big advantage of robots is that they didn't take holidays.
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07:36 * magnuse waves
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07:45 reiveune hello
07:47 LibraryClaire hi reiveune
07:47 LibraryClaire guten morgen magnuse
07:48 magnuse guten morgen BüchereiKlara, wie gehts?
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07:56 LibraryClaire gut danke :)
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08:18 gaetan_B hello
08:29 Joubu Good morning
08:29 wahanui the only good morning is a dead one
08:31 LibraryClaire wow wahanui is optimistic today
08:32 LibraryClaire hi Joubu
08:32 LibraryClaire and hi gaetan_B
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08:33 fridolin hei tehre
08:40 LibraryClaire hi fridolin
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08:49 cait morning #koha
08:51 * LibraryClaire waves
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09:08 pastebot "ashimema" at pasted "example subquery for Joubu" (3 lines) at
09:13 magnuse guten morgen cait
09:14 cait god morgen magnus
09:16 eythian hi *
09:19 ashimema morning
09:21 LibraryClaire hi ashimema
09:21 magnuse hiya ashimema
09:33 cait hi ashimema and eythian
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11:00 * ashimema is wrapping his brain around OAuth flows again.. damn these things melt my brain every time I dig into them
11:00 * ashimema blames tcohen
11:22 Joubu `git grep GetMemberDetails` => no result :)
11:30 gaetan_B Display856uAsImage says "Note: The corresponding XSLT option must be turned on. " but which option is it ?
11:34 Joubu gaetan_B: the xslt prefs I guess
11:35 * magnuse would guess so too
11:37 cait yep
11:37 cait corresponding - results or detail depending on your setting
11:38 gaetan_B Joubu: well it's a bit weird because this text is in the syspref precisely
11:38 cait gaetan_B: hm?
11:39 gaetan_B ok i think i got it
11:39 gaetan_B it doesn't work with the non xslt display
11:39 gaetan_B you need to have a q subfield too, with a value that matches what's defined in the xslt
11:40 cait sounds right
11:40 cait i think you cn just type img.. irrc
11:40 cait iirc
11:46 gaetan_B ok need to go, bye :)
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12:49 oleonard Hi all
12:49 LibraryClaire hi again #koha
12:49 LibraryClaire and oleopard
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12:52 tcohen bonjour
12:53 LibraryClaire hi tcohen
12:54 tcohen hey LibraryClaire
12:54 wahanui well, LibraryClaire is the monster under my bed
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12:58 marcelr hi #koha
13:00 LibraryClaire hi marcelr
13:00 marcelr hi LibraryClaire
13:01 * cait waves
13:01 marcelr hi cait
13:04 druthb cait!
13:04 cait druthb!
13:10 Joubu khall: bug 17796
13:10 khall thanks!
13:10 Joubu khall: would be good to have it quickly, that way I will submit follow-ups for patches in SO and PQA
13:11 Joubu Bug 17796 - Koha::Issues should be moved to Koha::Checkouts
13:11 khall sounds like a plan!
13:16 marcelr khall: morning, byg 17790 is for you too
13:16 marcelr s/byg/bug/
13:19 khall thanks marcelr!
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13:19 marcelr np
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13:27 marcelr hi tcohen: what would be your opinion on fixing bug 17785 (problem related to mounting point of Plack)
13:27 tcohen yeah
13:27 tcohen i've seen it
13:27 tcohen it is not related to the mount point per-se
13:28 tcohen it is a bug on how SCRIPT_ALIAS aND PATH_INFO are set
13:28 tcohen we should move away from hardcoding those URLs
13:30 marcelr they call self_url
13:30 marcelr from CGI here
13:30 marcelr it returns bad urls under plack
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13:37 tcohen marcelr: ProxyPass is supposed to set X-FORWARDED-* stuff
13:37 tcohen and Plack::Middleware::ReverseProxy is supposed to set stuff correctly
13:38 marcelr ok
13:38 tcohen that's where we should look for solutions IMHO
13:38 tcohen so, Dumper(%ENV) to check what's wrong
13:38 tcohen on the other hand
13:38 tcohen we might start doing a move I've wanted to have time to do for a while
13:38 tcohen instead of having
13:39 tcohen OPACBaseURL
13:39 wahanui OPACBaseURL is probably used for linking between intranet and OPAC.
13:39 tcohen have
13:39 tcohen OPACBaseURLProto://OPACBaseURL/OPACBasePath
13:39 tcohen sysprefs
13:39 wahanui sysprefs is one
13:39 marcelr we could simply override self_url in the meantime, but is not nice
13:39 tcohen marcelr: ‎I think we do that in some other places
13:40 marcelr not sure
13:40 tcohen so if khall is not against, I think that could be done
13:40 marcelr we override some other cgi stuff
13:40 tcohen exactly
13:40 marcelr also not nice
13:40 tcohen if we provided a way to build the URLs like I mentioned above
13:40 tcohen we wouldn't care anymore
13:41 marcelr yeah, but is a bigger change
13:41 eythian tcohen: then you can run an OPAC on gopher!
13:41 marcelr maybe we never come there
13:42 tcohen marcelr, I don't think it is that hard :-D
13:42 marcelr time will tell :)
13:43 * tcohen loves bets
13:45 tcohen marcelr: please do
13:45 tcohen git grep 'script_alias'
13:46 tcohen you will notice we are mangling it in several places
13:46 marcelr no hits?
13:48 marcelr only apache confs for ScriptAlias
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13:51 tcohen booo
13:51 tcohen script_name hehe
13:52 tcohen if you find the way to hardoce the right path, just do it
13:53 tcohen also
13:53 tcohen look at Koha::AuthUtils::get_script_name
13:53 tcohen maybe it is just a matter of adding
13:53 tcohen $ENV{SCRIPT_NAME} = get_script_name();
13:54 tcohen somewhere
13:54 marcelr will have a look
13:57 marcelr yeah: tcohen this is the stuff that we actually would like to get rid off (in AuthUtils) but yeah..
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14:15 Joubu oleonard: I see "content script start" in my JS console for a few days
14:15 Joubu I don't get any problems, but I am not sure if it can have side-effects
14:15 oleonard Joubu: In Chrome?
14:15 Joubu Firefox
14:16 Joubu I don't get it with chromium
14:17 oleonard Firebug or Firefox dev tool?
14:17 Joubu firebug
14:18 Joubu ho wait
14:19 Joubu sandbox.js does not sound like a Koha file
14:20 oleonard I removed Firebug so that I could get used to the built-in tools, and I don't see the error
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14:22 Joubu ok seems like it comes from a new extension, sorry about the noise
14:22 blou hola koha!
14:22 Joubu for the noise...
14:22 Joubu hi blou
14:22 blou Bonjour Joubu!
14:22 blou You're the man I was looking for :)
14:23 blou I need procedure recommandations on bug 17418
14:24 oleonard Still no huginn eh?
14:24 blou how to I wake up the bot?
14:24 * oleonard chants gmcharlt's name three times
14:24 LibraryClaire think huginn went on holiday
14:24 blou BUG 17418!
14:24 blou :)
14:24 LibraryClaire wasn't around yesterday wither
14:24 Joubu may be fixed by bug 17790
14:24 oleonard Yes, I think you're right Joubu
14:25 tcohen gmcharlt
14:25 wahanui gmcharlt is, like, gone - he could restart
14:25 tcohen gmcharlt
14:25 wahanui gmcharlt is packaging that this weekend
14:25 tcohen gmcharlt
14:25 wahanui gmcharlt is gone - he could restart
14:25 tcohen hm, didn't work, oleonard
14:25 oleonard wahanui knows what we always ask him for :)
14:25 wahanui wish i knew, oleonard
14:25 LibraryClaire you upset wahanui though
14:25 LibraryClaire wahanui botsnack
14:25 wahanui :)
14:26 oleonard We should teach wahanui to prepend all his statements with "Well, actually..."
14:26 blou Joubu: nice, I'll ask Bouzid to test that immediatly
14:26 Joubu blou: 17790 has just been pushed, fetch, rebase and try again ;)
14:27 blou That's effective procedure, I like that :)
14:27 Joubu blou: otherwise the procedure is to reopen a new bug report and link them
14:28 blou Ok.  If so, should I put "Blocker" ?  That breaks cataloguing
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14:28 oleonard blou I don't think you'll need a new bug
14:29 blou :)
14:29 oleonard marcelr++
14:29 oleonard Joubu++
14:30 Joubu blou: if it's blocker yes, "blocker" is the appropriate status ;)
14:32 marcelr khall++
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15:13 jenkins Project Koha_Master_D8 build #69: SUCCESS in 1 hr 45 min: https://jenkins.koha-community[…]oha_Master_D8/69/
15:13 jenkins kyle: Bug 17790: Fix js error on undefined autocomplete(...).data(...)
15:13 blou joubu, oleonard : All is good, 17818 is fixed.  Thanks a lot!
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15:43 tcohen marcelr: you mean guilty for the XSLT
15:43 marcelr heh?
15:46 tcohen "Adding in cc some people involved in recent oai changes."
15:46 tcohen hhe
15:46 tcohen joke
15:47 marcelr you were already in cc for the plack question ;)
15:47 marcelr as father of the mounting point :)
15:47 tcohen and the one who introduced the XSLT
15:47 tcohen you cannot stop blaming haha
15:47 marcelr did not go that far..
15:48 tcohen thanks for taking care!
15:48 marcelr this fix can last until you add the grand solution
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16:00 reiveune bye
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17:08 jenkins Project Koha_Master_D8 build #70: SUCCESS in 1 hr 40 min: https://jenkins.koha-community[…]oha_Master_D8/70/
17:08 jenkins * kyle: Bug 17796: Replace Koha::Issue[s] with Koha::Checkout[s]
17:08 jenkins * kyle: Bug 17796: Move Koha::OldIssue[s] to Koha::Checkout[s]
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19:03 * oleonard wonders why tab completion is so slow in his kohadevbox
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19:06 rangi morning
19:08 oleonard Hi rangi
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19:22 * cait waves
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19:50 oleonard Bug 16239 signed off, with one small follow-up which needs someone else's signoff.
19:51 oleonard Upgrade Bootstrap in the staff client https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=16239
19:51 oleonard josef_moravec++
19:54 oleonard Bye all
20:01 jirislav yup, but 16239 has still status Needs SignOff
20:37 kidclamp brb
20:39 rangi what a dick
20:47 * kidclamp hopes he missed some context^
20:47 rangi heh, mailing list, you'll see it :)
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20:47 JesseM :)
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20:50 kidclamp almost afraid to read the mailing list now
20:52 rangi heh, not that bad, just mr breeding defending his business model, of course he wants us to use his closed data registry, thats how he makes his living
20:52 kidclamp at least it's not a plug for koha 3.8
20:53 rangi heh :)
20:53 rangi well he did pop up with some change your stuff to 777 advice before, so he's been active too
20:56 ibeardslee rangi: Don on the mailing list? ;)
20:56 rangi heh don't think so :)
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22:04 rangi *sigh*
22:09 rangi really, i really have to spend the week before christmas explaining with open data is better than closed data ... really??? ffs
22:09 rangi im fucking over this
22:09 rangi </vent>
22:10 rangi had to get that out of my system regular programming will now commence
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22:16 rangi in some good news 16.11 is a lot faster than 16.05 was when it was first released
22:16 rangi i think mostly because the caching works
22:17 cait cool
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