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07:42 LibraryClaire morning #koha
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07:46 reiveune hello
07:46 wahanui salut, reiveune
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07:48 alex_a bonjour
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07:53 marcelr hi #koha
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07:59 * LibraryClaire waves
08:03 marcelr hi LibraryClaire
08:03 LibraryClaire hey marcelr :)
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08:32 * magnuse waves
08:32 LibraryClaire hi magnuse
08:33 magnuse guten morgen BüchereiKlara!
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08:33 magnuse kia ora paul_p
08:33 LibraryClaire guten morgen ^^
08:35 magnuse and happy belated birthday LibraryClaire \o/
08:36 LibraryClaire oh thanks :D
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08:43 gaetan_B hello
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08:48 magnuse bonjour gaetan_B
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08:55 eythian hi
08:55 wahanui que tal, eythian
09:36 ashimema anyone out there using koha::objects able to tell me how to do a subquery based query
09:36 ashimema i.e in dbic I would ->as_query.. then pass that into the second resultset search
09:38 ashimema or.. failing that.. anyone know the 'best' way to get a ::objects set where your limited to the set where the corresponding row in a join table exists.
09:45 * ashimema watches the tumble weed float by
09:58 LibraryClaire weeeeeeeeee
10:00 cait Joubu: ping
10:00 cait quiet pre-holiday season :)
10:18 ashimema mm
10:19 ashimema @seen Joubu
10:20 ashimema does seen no longer work?
10:20 ashimema @huggin
10:21 ashimema not there.. interesting
10:25 marcelr @huginn
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10:37 eythian[…]08435369977020417 <-- heheh
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10:42 drojf hi #koha
10:43 eythian good almost lunchtime drojf
10:43 drojf thanks eythian, to you too!
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11:44 eythian @later tell wizzyrea[…]10659647774486528
11:48 * cait waves
11:48 drojf hi cait
11:49 eythian huginn?
11:49 wahanui huginn is going sentient in order to help wahanui with the bot revolution
11:49 eythian huginn?!
11:49 wahanui huginn is a bot, not a person.
11:50 cait hi drojf
11:52 eythian @later tell huginn welcome back!
11:52 eythian that'll fool it!
12:01 drojf hehe
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12:22 tcohen morning
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12:23 rsantellan good morning #koha
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12:24 LibraryClaire hi tcohen
12:26 cait hi tcohen
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12:28 cait any rmaint around who can give mesome hints for creating release notes?
12:28 tcohen khall: ?
12:29 khall cait: I updated the wiki for that
12:29 cait tcohen: do you know if the new tools till uses the template files?
12:29 khall https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]the_release_notes
12:29 cait hm where? i was working on it last night
12:29 cait hm huh
12:29 tcohen it generates markup
12:30 cait i think it can do htmltoo
12:30 tcohen you can convert
12:30 cait i looked at it last night, but got a little lost
12:30 tcohen I think
12:30 cait khall: where does it pulll the version number from?
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12:31 cait and how did i miss that, gah.
12:31 khall cait: i think it's a git tag
12:31 cait i probably thought, ah, release notes and used the way it used to work
12:31 cait khall: don't think so
12:31 cait it gave me 3.22
12:31 khall maybe tcohen can recall
12:31 cait does it still use the template files?
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12:32 cait and do i need to copy and crate all fo them then for 16.11?
12:32 tcohen fredericd: around?
12:33 tcohen cait: the code looks like it is taking it from
12:33 tcohen that doen't work for newer versions
12:34 tcohen maybe it needs to get fixed
12:40 cait khall: did you fix it all manually for the 16.11 notes?
12:40 khall cait: yep
12:40 tcohen needs to be patched
12:40 drojf cait: preparing for your first baby? :D
12:40 cait trying to
12:40 drojf so exciting :)
12:41 cait but I am not sure I really want one yet
12:41 cait too many... issue
12:41 cait s
12:41 cait tcohen: could you help me fix it? or khall? not sure who can push a fix
12:41 tcohen 'issues' like 'bugs' with 16.11?
12:41 drojf you are never ready, they just arrive and everything will work out some way :)
12:42 cait khall: do you have 16.11 template files you choudl share?
12:42 cait for release team etc? it's not in the repo
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12:48 oleonard Hi all
12:48 drojf hi oleopard!
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13:04 tcohen jajm: what do u use for the 3.22.x release notes¡
13:05 jajm tcohen, i use bin/koha-release from release-tools.git
13:06 tcohen jajm: are you ok with us forking the release-tools repo so you will use the 3.22.x branch?
13:06 tcohen otherwise we could just patch lib/Koha/ to pick version number from a different place
13:07 jajm tcohen, yes, no problem
13:11 jajm is being removed ?
13:13 tcohen no, but it doesn't contain the version number
13:13 tcohen it's been moved to
13:23 oleonard Any one seen this before? Patron has an item checked out which also shows as being on hold and waiting for them.
13:24 oleonard The hold was placed before the item was checked out.
13:25 cait hm odd
13:25 cait the only thing i could imagine would be when the hold was not triggered
13:25 cait is there still an entry with W in the reserves table?
13:25 cait are you using multiple holds? i saw some bugs related to that
13:28 oleonard Yes there is an entry in the reserves table with W, no we are not using multiple holds.
13:28 cait hmmm
13:28 cait i haven't seen it
13:29 cait but it sounds no fun
13:29 cait is that 16.11=
13:29 LibraryClaire oleonard were there any self service units involved?
13:29 oleonard LibraryClaire! A belated happy birthday to you!!
13:29 cait :)
13:29 LibraryClaire ooh thank you :D
13:29 * LibraryClaire feels old
13:30 oleonard LibraryClaire: No matter how old you are, there will always be people around you who are older and will tell you to quit your whining
13:30 LibraryClaire ;)
13:30 oleonard And no, we employ no robots at our libraries.
13:31 oleonard I will pass my issue on to a lucky ByWater support representative.
13:34 kidclamp oleonard, any chance the hold was on a preorder bib that got merged with a better bib? I think merging can cause duplicated holds
13:35 cait we need merge logs :)
13:36 oleonard Interesting question kidclamp. It's unlikely to be the case with this item because we don't pre-order DVDs.
13:36 kidclamp or just merged records in general, open a ticket and if I am lucky I will think more about it :-)
13:36 kidclamp did you see the bug I assigned your way this morning oleonard oleopard
13:37 oleonard Not yet. Still wading through Monday morning emails.
13:38 marcelr oleonard, kidclamp : see bug 17790
13:39 marcelr same js error
13:39 kidclamp ta marcelr
13:39 marcelr maybe the severity should be higher
13:44 magnuse hm. plack problem. i can log into the intranet and i can see /index.html but anything else gives "Service Unavailable The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems. Please try again later." restarting with koha-plack --restart does not help
13:44 magnuse any tips?
13:47 magnuse restarting apache does not help either
13:48 marcelr stop them first and check your logs?
13:48 drojf magnuse: memcached
13:48 wahanui memcached is running, but I dunno it Koha uses it.
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13:49 magnuse i restarted memcached, but that does not help either
13:49 drojf you could try disabling it. i think i had something like that
13:50 magnuse i did, stopped, disabled, enabled, started. no luck
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13:56 drojf have you restarted koha-common?
13:57 magnuse no
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13:57 magnuse i just stopped plack, disabled and restarted apache. then the site gets served without plack at least
14:01 magnuse drojf: what does restarting koha-common do? i never got my head round that
14:07 magnuse drojf: from doing "sudo service koha-common status" it looks like koha-common is related to sip2 and the indexer daemon?
14:14 magnuse @wunder enbo
14:14 magnuse ah
14:16 drojf magnuse: it re-reads the config, among other things. which makes sense to do after upgrade, especially with caching involved
14:20 magnuse drojf: i'll give it a shot next time i run into this, thanks!
14:25 drojf magnuse: the package should just do that. it's on my list. somewhere
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14:40 tcohen @later tell ashimema what is the status of bug 17694?
14:41 ashimema awaiting time to work on it
14:42 oleonard Poor huginn, we only notice he's gone when he doesn't wait on us promptly enough
14:42 ashimema did I not link to an example of such documentation on that bug somewhere?
14:43 tcohen you poninted us the rebus::list 2 API docs
14:43 tcohen on a dev meeting if i remember correctly
14:44 ashimema ah yeah..
14:44 ashimema I thought I'd stuck it on the bug too
14:44 ashimema so basically... it just needs as template applying to the json schema file
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16:40 reiveune bye
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16:48 oleonard Does kohadevbox execute some configuration to make emails work? For instance, for testing notices?
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18:58 alexbuckley #interns
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19:15 eythian oleonard: y'know what would be an interesting feature, something that overrides all destination emails and sends them to one person for testing.
19:15 oleonard Agreed.
19:16 tcohen oleonard: they go to the root user i think
19:16 tcohen and there's mutt for that
19:17 oleonard tcohen: Is that something you (or someone) had to bake into the box configuration?
19:17 tcohen I think you just need to set root@localhost as the email address
19:17 tcohen on the patron, for testing
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22:19 tcohen hi
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