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00:36 wizzyrea that's nice, I can't get them to install.
00:36 wizzyrea plus, I feel dirty thinking about bash on windows
00:36 wizzyrea how does that even work with their backwards path notation. Just no.
00:37 wizzyrea don't forget your c:\ herp derp.
00:54 kidclamp hah
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02:13 dcook wizzyrea: Probably same as cygwin I guess
02:13 wizzyrea just can't.
02:13 dcook hehe
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02:54 dcook I've been wondering how one tests changes to koha-conf.xml or an external configuration file: https://bugs.koha-community.or[…].cgi?id=14167#c36
02:55 huginn Bug 14167: enhancement, P5 - low, ---, kyle, RESOLVED FIXED, Add Koha::Logger based on Log4perl
02:55 dcook I still think it would make more sense just to do "make; make upgrade;" but..
03:38 dcook Interesting...
03:38 wahanui interesting is probably sometimes good and sometimes bad
03:38 dcook DBIX::Class is returning different data than what I'm seeing in the database...
03:38 dcook 99% of the row is correct, but the timestamp is off...
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03:38 dcook Oh wait... no it's not
03:38 dcook lolz
03:38 dcook An example of where I'm using a foreign key to fetch a different object and I didn't realize it until now >_>
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03:39 dcook If something seems like magic, you're probably looking in the wrong place...
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06:58 reiveune hello
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07:08 schnydszc Hi! anyone privy here of how many languages is the Koha ILS already translated into?
07:09 schnydszc just need the numbers for a proposal. thanks!
07:12 dcook
07:12 eythian wahanui: translations
07:12 wahanui i think translations is
07:13 dcook Good timing, eythian
07:13 * dcook waves and heads off for pizza
07:13 eythian Indeed :)
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07:28 schnydszc thanks for this. why this not showing when Koha translations is searched :P
07:29 schnydszc oops sorry it was
07:29 schnydszc oh well, that's what you get if you go from one task to another task :P
07:31 schnydszc so far, 94 thanks a lot
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07:32 gaetan_B hello
07:32 wahanui bonjour, gaetan_B
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07:47 Joubu @later tell rangi I have already submitted a patch on bug 17372. eythian confirmed me that it should have been moved under the same namespace
07:47 huginn Joubu: The operation succeeded.
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09:11 drojf @later tell bag ping me when you are around
09:11 huginn drojf: The operation succeeded.
09:13 cait @later tell bag me too :P
09:13 huginn cait: The operation succeeded.
09:13 drojf heh
09:14 Joubu Is there a way to see the issue history for a given item?
09:14 Joubu @later tell bag hi! see you soon ;)
09:14 huginn Joubu: The operation succeeded.
09:15 Joubu cait: around?
09:23 eythian @later tell bag I don't mind if you ping me or not, I have nothing to contribute.
09:23 huginn eythian: The operation succeeded.
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09:46 Joubu fredericd: I would not have pushed 16519
09:46 Joubu too many changes for a backport
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09:48 * Tylathos waves
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09:58 cait Joubu: yep
09:58 cait well kind of
09:58 cait Joubu: go to detail page - items tab - look there
09:59 cait but i think the other tab with the history is better - you can then search for the barcode and it's easier to see
09:59 cait for checkouts... or did you mean changes to the item?
10:08 Joubu cait: see bug 6271 comment 10
10:08 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6271 normal, P5 - low, ---, fridolin.somers, Failed QA , GetItemIssue(s) : renewals in both items and issues tables
10:09 Joubu it seems that catalogue/ is designed to a parameter 'itemnumber'
10:09 Joubu which will display a table with the wrong number of renewals
10:09 Joubu but this parameter is never passed from the Koha code
10:09 Joubu or I missed something
10:19 fridolin yep hugly bug, it may be critical with DBIx::Shema
10:20 fridolin one could rename items.renewals into items.itemrenewals
10:20 fridolin hugly correction but its like items.itemcallnumber
10:20 fridolin item inside column name
10:24 Joubu what about biblioitems.biblioitemsbiblioitemnumber?
10:24 Joubu ;)
10:26 * ashimema is horrified every time I dig into the koha schema ;)
10:26 * ashimema would love to see some rules applied throughout.. but they would kill lots of already in use reports and things along with requiring extensive coding
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11:01 kidclamp Joubu: what needs to be tested for 14899? I can add fields to an index, not sure what else to try
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11:18 cait Joubu: sorry, phone calls - i will try to look later when i go through the bug ermail
11:18 cait my brain doesn't get it right now
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11:37 Joubu @later tell kidclamp: add/edit/delete fields. Make sure only the mappings for your marcflavour are updated. That's all
11:37 huginn Joubu: The operation succeeded.
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11:42 akawa Is order or marc fields (of record) matters in opac normal view?
11:44 oleonard akawa: The normal view in the OPAC is not affected by the order of MARC fields in the record
11:44 oleonard akawa: The normal view in the OPAC is usually defined by an XSLT stylesheet, unless you have XSLT turned off for some reason.
11:47 cait hm i thin it does matternow
11:47 cait the xslt got a bit more flexible in some cases
11:47 cait it will display as catalgoued
11:47 cait we recently had that case for a library with corporate authors
11:47 akawa oleonard: Yeah, im trying to modify the xslt cause a have a really strange problem. When viewing a record, at "Subject - Topical Name" it saws the authid and not the text. If i go at authority -> edit and just save the authority the problem i solved! thank you from your answer!
11:47 cait not for all fields, some are hardcoded
11:48 akawa is*
11:48 cait akawa: hm sequence shouldnot matter in this case - have you taken a look at the plain marc view before editing the record? from the opac for example?
11:48 cait oh
11:49 akawa cait: yes, and the only difference is the order and the 152 field.
11:49 cait 152?
11:49 cait @marc 152
11:49 huginn cait: unknown tag 152
11:50 akawa oops sorry, not the 152. only the order
11:50 akawa the 152 field hold the authority type that I defind in koha.
11:51 cait hm ok so that is a customization
11:52 akawa im using unimarc
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12:47 cait akawa: oops
12:47 cait sorry
12:47 cait i know nothing about the unimarc XSLT files, they might work differently or most likely do
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12:56 LibraryClaire afternoon #koha
12:58 kidclamp :-)
13:00 eythian hi LibraryClaire
13:00 LibraryClaire hi eythian :)
13:00 eythian or should I call you ServiceProviderClaire now?
13:00 LibraryClaire hah
13:01 LibraryClaire I just spent an hour getting lost in a supermarket
13:07 cait LibraryClaire: did you find bacon?
13:07 cait LibraryClaire: m. swears there should be like 4 different sorts
13:08 LibraryClaire i found some yes
13:08 LibraryClaire i also found Yorkshire tea :D
13:09 LibraryClaire no need to ration what I brought with me now ^^
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13:11 drojf hi again
13:12 cait yay :)
13:12 cait hi drojf
13:12 drojf hi cait. heard from bag? ^^
13:13 eythian LibraryClaire: I struggle with new supermarkets in cities I've lived in for years, supermarkets in foreign countries are a whole nother level of challenge.
13:13 cait heh not yet
13:13 cait he is probably scared
13:13 drojf i should probably know how our time zones work by now
13:13 cait i think he is kind of a late afternoon for us
13:13 cait maybe even evening
13:13 eythian (doubly so when they're in a weird moon language too.)
13:14 LibraryClaire eythian: I speak the moon language, but still had no idea. Took me like 15mins to choose which salt to buy...
13:15 cait heh
13:15 eythian heh, when my parents were here, my father picked up a jar of something to put in his coffee. Turns out reading "zout" is fine for me these days, but not necessarily for other people.
13:15 LibraryClaire :D
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13:16 eythian (being salt, ofc.)
13:16 LibraryClaire figured ;)
13:17 eythian (perhaps not helped by the fact it actually says "oerzeezout", which I like to translate literally as "primordial sea salt", but I suspect means something slightly different.)
13:17 LibraryClaire sounds like a legit translation to me :D
13:19 rsantellan good morning #koha
13:19 eythian[…]-14-years-stolen/ <-- I presume they couldn't sell it because they couldn't pronounce "Scheveningen", which is a ridiculous word.
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13:45 dani good morning
13:45 wahanui the only good morning is a dead one
13:45 dani good morning, Koha community
13:47 Radius_CZ good afternoon from CZ :-), just testing Adium as IRC client for the first time
13:47 dani morning Radius_CZ  ... where is CZ?
13:47 cait hi Radius_CZ
13:48 dani Oh, cait, you are here! Hello
13:48 dani I have a question you might be able to answer, I think it's quick
13:48 cait sure
13:49 dani is the batch item modification tool dynamic or static? It's not like a individual item editor that can be changed with framework adjustements, right?
13:49 cait hmm
13:49 cait i think it reacts to the fields in the items to be bacth edited somehow
13:49 cait that's how i remember it
13:49 cait or maybe the default framework
13:49 cait i am nto completely sure tbh
13:50 dani going to check if that is the default framework adjusted, I think it is.
13:50 dani back in a sec
13:52 dani a library is using the stocknumber field in a non-standard way, but they want to be able to batch edit that field, but ... it doesn't show up in batch mod of items
13:52 dani it is default framework
13:53 cait is it showing now?
13:53 cait maybe try to add the stocknumer to one of the items
13:53 dani no
13:54 cait to see if that makes a difference
13:54 cait stocknumber here is unique - it could be that it's not supposed to show
13:54 cait but i'd try that next
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13:54 mveron Hi #koha
13:54 cait hi mveron!
13:55 drojf hi mveron :)
13:55 mveron Hi cait and drojf :-)
13:55 dani no that didn't work
13:55 cait out of ideas, sorry :(
13:56 drojf mveron: i just saw today that you have not been here for five weeks
13:56 mveron I have troubles when editing / creating staff members, categoies of type Staff do not show up in form
13:56 drojf nice to see you :)
13:56 cait it might be that they kept it from showing up because batch editing for the normal use case makes no sense
13:56 Radius_CZ dani, cait, CZ is in the heart of Europe, Czech Republic. Thank you both for reactions, I will surely return later. Going off for now.
13:56 mveron drojf: I had not to much time...
13:56 drojf mveron: the same as on the ml?
13:56 cait bye Radius_CZ
13:56 drojf there was a question about patron types
13:56 dani agh, bye Radius_CZ
13:56 Radius_CZ left #koha
13:56 dani right, cait
13:56 wahanui i heard right, cait was looking in the rong play anyway
13:56 mveron drojf: It seems that I missed it.
13:56 cait my guess would be wrong mysql version actually
13:57 cait hs someone asked that yet?
13:57 drojf mveron: check the archive, it was just today or yesterday i think
14:14 mveron drojf:Does editing an existing staff member work at your site? - Do you see staff categories in the drop down (Section Library management)? - I have only category types Child, Adult, Professional and Organization, but no Staff
14:17 cait odd
14:25 dani mveron you don't have a branch limit on the categorycode do you and are logged into another branch?
14:26 mveron dani: No, category has  "No limitation" (Branches:  All branches)
14:28 dani strange
14:30 drojf mveron: i would not know how to reproduce the problem. i just tried a 16.05.03 and opening the editing page for a staff user is no problem
14:31 drojf and i see the staff category
14:32 mveron drojf: Thanks for digging. It happens here on current master.
14:32 drojf what os are you on?
14:32 drojf ah
14:32 drojf ok
14:32 drojf i did not try that
14:33 drojf i had an installation where things where missing once. i dont know if dev or stable. i had to install again, never found out what happened
14:33 drojf blamed a glitch in the mysql universe
14:34 drojf but yours is probably just a bug in master then
14:37 drojf ha
14:37 drojf mveron: my staff account is now juvenile
14:37 drojf in master
14:37 drojf so i have the same problem
14:38 mveron Yes. It's the same with me.
14:38 mveron I mean: With my account :-)
14:38 * mveron feels juvenile with 61
14:38 drojf i have the category in administration
14:39 drojf but cant choose in patron account
14:39 mveron Yes. that's it.
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14:49 Radius_CZ Hi, may I ask somebody for an advice how to update about 60.000 of biblio records at a time? I know, there's Batch record modification tool in conjunction with Modification templates, but I feel it's for smaller batches. Should I use mysql's UpdateXml and then koha-rebuild-zebra? Is this the right approach for so huge update? I need to fill 044$a with some default values.
14:51 dani you could overlay in batch import with corrections using Marc Templates
14:51 mveron drojf:It seems to be related to members/ line 252, Koha::Patron::Categories->search_limited  . The sub restricts search to current library (Koha/Patron/ line 40)
14:53 Radius_CZ dani: good idea, thanks!
14:53 dani just export them and make sure you have the 999c in that export and import matching on that (make sure you have that matching rule set up)
14:54 Radius_CZ yes, yes, I understand the point. Thanks for the suggestion.
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15:07 mveron drojf: I filed Bug 17384
15:07 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=17384 major, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , Staff categories no longer visible in patron editing form
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16:10 reiveune bye
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16:36 drojf oleonard++
16:37 cait oleonard++
16:50 mveron yes, oleonard++
16:51 oleonard talljoy++ too
16:51 talljoy aw shucks.
16:51 talljoy :-D
16:51 talljoy what'd i do?
16:51 talljoy oleonard++
16:51 talljoy ah  huginn told me.  did you find it?
16:51 talljoy cait helped?
16:52 * talljoy should really talk more in #koha
16:52 drojf talljoy++
16:53 drojf indeed
16:53 mveron drojf: I found the solution for Bug 17384.
16:53 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=17384 major, P1 - high, ---, veron, Needs Signoff , Categories do not display in patron editing form if they have only one category assigned
16:53 drojf mveron: awesome!
16:53 wahanui That'll be $1 for the awesome jar, drojf
16:54 drojf mveron++
16:54 drojf awesome_jar++
16:58 * mveron gos to make dinner. Öpfelwäie (Apfelwähe):
17:04 cait talljoy: huh? sorry, i think i forgot what i asked?
17:04 talljoy huginn tells me it was about a bibframe presentation
17:04 huginn talljoy: downloading the Perl source
17:05 cait talljoy: sorry, my brain is not working today
17:05 talljoy it is Friday!
17:05 cait ah,... that's why!
17:19 cait bye all!
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18:48 LibraryClaire evening #koha
18:56 * kidclamp waves
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19:30 drojf evening
19:40 * mveron waves
19:40 mveron @wunder Allschwil
19:40 huginn mveron: The current temperature in Holderweg, Binningen, Switzerland is 17.2°C (9:31 PM CEST on September 30, 2016). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 73%. Dew Point: 12.0°C. Pressure: 29.98 in 1015 hPa (Steady).
19:42 * mveron missed OPAC notes on SCO screen, so he added them... Bug 17386
19:42 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=17386 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, veron, Needs Signoff , Add opac notes for patron to self checkout screen
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20:30 drojf @wunder berlin, germany
20:30 huginn drojf: The current temperature in Berlin Tegel, Germany is 13.0°C (10:20 PM CEST on September 30, 2016). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 94%. Dew Point: 12.0°C. Pressure: 29.95 in 1014 hPa (Steady).
20:30 drojf brr
20:34 mveron Good night #koha
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21:07 drojf uploading package for 3.22.11
21:09 drojf done
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22:04 tcohen hi
22:04 wahanui privet, tcohen
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23:34 eythian @wunder ams
23:34 huginn eythian: The current temperature in Schiphol, Badhoevedorp, Netherlands is 12.3°C (1:23 AM CEST on October 01, 2016). Conditions: Drizzle. Humidity: 86%. Dew Point: 10.0°C. Pressure: 29.83 in 1010 hPa (Steady).
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