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01:57 tcohen hi
02:01 wizzyrea hi tcohen
02:03 tcohen hi wizzyrea
02:07 jcamins tcohen!
02:07 jcamins Argentina this week!
02:13 tcohen yeah!
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05:44 cait @seen Joubu
05:44 huginn cait: Joubu was last seen in #koha 6 days, 16 hours, 53 minutes, and 27 seconds ago: <Joubu> tcohen: don't forget to :smile
05:59 * magnuse waves
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06:19 fridolin hie there
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06:29 drojf morning
06:36 magnuse moin drojf
06:36 drojf hei magnuse
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06:58 reiveune hello
06:58 wahanui kia ora, reiveune
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07:05 ashimema mornin'
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07:19 magnuse hiya ashimema
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08:10 * cait waves
08:20 magnuse kia ora cait
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08:41 magnuse kai ora paul_p
08:41 magnuse s/kai/kia/
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09:03 drojf huiiii
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09:11 * cait waves at drojf and LibraryClaire
09:11 * LibraryClaire waves
09:12 drojf hi cait and LibraryClaire
09:12 magnuse hi cait and LibraryClaire
09:12 cait hey magnuse
09:13 cait picking up jransom today?
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09:40 magnuse cait: nah, i only travel to oslo tomorrow :-(
09:40 cait ah ok
09:40 cait have fun :)
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10:21 eythian hi drojf, magnuse, and cait
10:24 drojf hi eythian
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10:31 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 17336: Add api_secret_passphrase entry in packages setup <[…]d52ff402e0a77d604> / Bug 17332: Remove memcached config from apache files <[…]e133b6c7250005435> / Bug 17332: Include memcached configuration in koha-conf files <
10:41 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 17085 - Specify libmojolicious-perl min version <[…]7fcd05f63a1e5fdf1> / Bug 17316: Do not display the list's name if the user does not have permission -... <[…]fe5f84c31b46feefc> / Bug 17316: Do not display the list's name if the user does not have permi
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10:51 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 17144: Fix variable scope issues in <[…]89c2cbef28b7f3cb3>
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11:11 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 16816: Do not copy parameters used when duplicating a report <[…]e6a6603e7705fd28d> / Bug 17307: Smaller counter-patch <[…]7587319d41d2ef01b> / Bug 17300: Fix serials search <[…]=613c83f4e3e92d9f
11:11 eythian <axhn> TIL: Before 5.24, you could write "my ($foo, my $bar)"
11:17 Joubu eythian: recursively? :)
11:17 eythian I ... don't  know.
11:18 Joubu ha yes...
11:18 Joubu my ($foo, my ( $bar, my ($foobar)));
11:18 eythian tests say yes
11:21 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 14707: Update existing installations and correct wrong values <[…]df53f91c77953b30f> / Bug 14707 : Replace UsageStatsCountry syspref from free text to a dropdown list. <[…]b17231a234387d3c9> / Bug 13405 - System information has misleading information abou
11:33 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 9896 - Show vendor in subscription search when creating an order for a subscription <[…]6a5520bcaaf7afe2e> / Bug 17331 - Show holding branch in holds awaiting pickup report <[…]68b317cbf16922bb1> / Bug 17304: Introduce C4::Matcher::_get_match_keys unit te
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12:10 magnuse kia ora petter!
12:10 petter hei magnus!
12:11 * cait waves
12:11 magnuse wassup?!? coding away like crazy?
12:11 magnuse go live could have been tomorrow! :-)
12:11 petter ja, trying to fix a million broken things
12:14 magnuse hehe, fix all the things!
12:16 petter Any Finnish libraryfolks here today?
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12:25 magnuse petter: they don't tend to hang out here a lot, i think
12:25 drojf it's a bit embarassing that koha still has encoding problems when showing the results of patron imports
12:26 drojf but it's fun to see it displays the ones correctly that come broken out of the database i am migrating
12:26 Joubu drojf: please fill a bug and assign it to me
12:26 petter magnuse: ok, thanks. I was curious about something I just found out - that authors in Finnland get paid per checkout of their books.. So it means Koha must ship statistics to some book-keeping organization...
12:27 magnuse nice
12:27 drojf Joubu: i will if i don't forget. have to fix the data problems first
12:28 drojf and thanks!
12:28 magnuse i think they do something similar in sweden. not sure it is connected to payouts, but viktor wanted a report for isbn and number of checkouts
12:32 liw petter, based on what I've read in the news over the years, I _think_ what's actually happening is that it's not paid per checkout, but that authors get a share of a pot of money (collected from taxes) in proportion to how many times their books are borrowed, not that it's an important detail as such
12:32 drojf i wonder if vg wort does that in germany. cait do you know?
12:40 drojf Joubu: bug 17359. i hope the description makes sense
12:41 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=17359 normal, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, ASSIGNED , Patron import results use wrong encoding
12:41 petter liw: interesting, thanks!
12:41 Joubu drojf: yes it does, thanks
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12:46 rsantellan good morning!
12:46 wahanui well, it's morning somewhere, yes
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12:48 tcohen bonjour
12:48 wahanui hola, tcohen
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12:53 Joubu khall: could you have a look at bug 16554 please. Three patches have not been pushed (tar.gz)
12:53 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=16554 critical, P5 - low, ---, bgkriegel, Pushed to Stable , Web installer fails to load i18n sample data on MySQL 5.6+
12:53 khall will do Joubu!
12:54 Joubu 17216
12:55 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 14435: Add the ability to store result's report <[…]9797d0fd178940e1f>
12:57 cait sorry, not really here, drojf
12:58 drojf ok
12:58 cait hm pass
12:58 rkrimme1 10
12:58 cait i know there is someting like a fixed amoutn for printers and copiers or so?
12:58 cait but even that might be wrong :)
12:58 rkrimme1 sooorry.
12:59 rkrimme1 i meant 11.
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13:05 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 15975 (QA Followup) Fix colspan for footer <[…]8935f2acdb1bd81a6> / Bug 15975 - Add Owning Library Column to Checkouts <[…]43e88a3a1f20afffd> / Bug 14668: (follow-up) JSON fails if single quotes are used <[…]web/?p=koha.git;a
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13:08 andres_ Hello everyone
13:08 magnuse hiya andres_
13:09 andres_ hi
13:09 andres_ I need some help
13:10 andres_ When we are modifying holdings (items) of a register koha uses the default framework, is there a way to change this
13:10 andres_ we notices that if you first edit the register with a diferent marc framework and then choose save and edit items it continues using the framework that you choose
13:11 andres_ but if you go directly to edit or add new items it uses the default framework
13:11 andres_ and we do not want to change the default framework
13:11 andres_ can anyone help me?
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13:16 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 17301: Follow-up - Standardize headings <[…]845ee77020a309afb> / Bug 17301 - Add callnumber to <[…]78b6ddb4335064a3f> / Bug 17083: Remove more event attributes from tools templates <[…]/?p=koha.git;a=co
13:28 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 16273 - DBRev <[…]ca7852a332d4b3c3e> / Bug 16273: Add the ability not to display the login details for newly registered... <[…]a295638aba3f8fdf4> / Bug 16273: Add the new pref PatronSelfRegistrationPrefillForm <
13:30 kidclamp I don't think I understand andres_
13:31 kidclamp it sounds like your records have been originally saved in the default framework
13:32 kidclamp so that is what is being used
13:32 andres_ They where imported
13:32 kidclamp imported using the default framework?
13:32 andres_ so koha saves what framework was used to create the records?
13:33 kidclamp yes, when adding a new record or importing records you should have the option to choose which framework is used
13:34 andres_ we used the script to import more than 145000 marc records
13:35 andres_ it did not ask for a framework but I assume it uses the default framework
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13:37 kidclamp it takes a fraemwork option - uses default if not
13:39 andres_ I did not know that, damn
13:40 andres_ thanks a lot kidclamp
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13:40 kidclamp np andres_
13:40 kidclamp https://perldoc.koha-community[…]lkmarcimport.html
13:40 cait andres_: you can change the framework with sql
13:40 cait i think
13:41 cait if you want to associate another with your iported records
13:41 andres_ do you know which table do i have to modify?
13:42 cait hm biblio or biblioitems i think - i'd try it with one first
13:42 cait but beware
13:42 andres_ let me try that in our development server
13:42 cait if you have fields/subfields missing from the new framework, that data will get lost once the record is saved/edited in koha for the first time
13:44 kidclamp cait++
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13:50 rsantellan I have a question withe script: $KOHA_PATH/misc/migration_tools/​22_to_30/
13:50 rsantellan there is a lot of problem with: no mapping found for [0xD3] at position 7 in COM DEPÓSITO g0=ASCII_DEFAULT g1=EXTENDED_LATIN at /usr/share/perl5/MARC/ line 308.
13:51 rsantellan and I'm trying to search for it on google or the line of and I don't have a clue why? is a character problem?
13:52 andres_ cait
13:52 andres_ if the field/subfield exists but is hidden, will that data be lost?
13:55 kidclamp that case should be okay I believe andres_
13:56 andres_ thanks a lot kidclamp and cait, it worked, I ran an update on the table "biblio"
13:56 andres_ you guys rock
13:57 Joubu oleonard:
13:57 Joubu oleonard: looks ok here, could you paste your output?
14:00 cait andres_: hidden should be ok
14:00 pastebot "oleonard" at pasted "Joubu: git bz apply 17196" (46 lines) at
14:02 Joubu rsantellan: What's the value of 100?
14:03 Joubu oleonard: hum, weird
14:03 rsantellan Joubu: the value is COM DEPÓSITO
14:04 Joubu it does not look like a valid 100
14:05 Joubu The pod says "  2 # This script finds and fixes missing 090 fields in Koha for MARC21
14:05 Joubu thanks...
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14:08 rsantellan yes, buy I have a lot of spanish names on the 100^a that brakes on the script
14:19 Joubu rsantellan: at first glance the script is not really well written and might need adjustements to handle specific cases
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14:23 rsantellan Joubu: all right, so the best thing for me is not use it on a 22 to 3 migration?
14:25 Joubu rsantellan: Are you following a migration process tuto?
14:26 rsantellan yes, https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]iki/Upgrading_2.2
14:28 Joubu rsantellan: Are you using MARC21 or UNIMARC?
14:28 rsantellan marc21
14:28 Joubu ha :)
14:28 Joubu so you can forget this script
14:28 Joubu it deals with unimarc 100$a leader
14:28 rsantellan good :)
14:29 rsantellan thank you Joubu!
14:31 * Joubu updated the wiki page
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15:22 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 17352 - Patron search type is hard coded to 'contain' in circ/ <[…]f5915d55507c7d821>
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15:37 tcohen hi
15:39 oleonard tcohen++
15:39 oleonard ...because it's not that time-consuming to file a bug report :P
15:39 tcohen hehe
15:40 tcohen oleonard: will meet soon!
15:48 cait hm CAS
15:48 cait who is expert for CAS?
15:48 * tcohen hides just in case
15:48 cait heh
15:48 cait do you know it?
15:49 tcohen nothing about it
15:50 cait hm... hiding... suspiciou
15:50 cait s
15:53 rocio joined #koha
15:54 * cait waves at rocio
15:55 rocio hellooooo!
15:56 kidclamp if i remember right cait it is the easiest auth method to setup
15:56 kidclamp cause it is  mostly handled on other end
15:57 cait login does, have some issues with logout .)
16:02 kidclamp Joubu around?
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17:33 reiveune bye
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18:22 barton afternoon #koha! I've got a quick question about koha-email-enable / koha-email-disable -- do those work by turning on and off for a given instance, or is entry into the message_queue itself disabled?
18:23 tcohen barton: it is not related to the script itself
18:23 tcohen (
18:23 tcohen )
18:23 tcohen it just makes koha-list --email return only those with
18:23 tcohen email enabled
18:24 tcohen so, entry into messaga_queue itself disabled
18:24 tcohen because the cron wont be ran
18:25 barton ahh. ok, that makes sense.
18:25 barton ... disappointing, but it makes sense. ;-)
18:25 tcohen yes
18:26 tcohen the packages scripts are not (yet) tightly coupled to koha's business logic
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19:33 * cait waves
19:33 cait someone volunteering to send a meeting reminder for tomorrow?
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20:44 rangi https://library-matters.blogsp[…]-development.html
20:54 rsantellan see you tomorrow #koha!
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20:58 cait hm not all of germany...
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22:59 mtj hey #koha, does anyone know a good way to manually apply a troublesome patch, in git?
23:00 mtj $  git am -iu3  /tmp/bug-xxx.patch
23:01 mtj ^ is there a better way than that?
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23:16 wizzyrea oh hm
23:16 wizzyrea depends on in what way it's troublesome
23:19 mtj its the 1st patch from bug 17196, fyi
23:19 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=17196 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Needs Signoff , Move marcxml out of the biblioitems table
23:20 mtj im curious as hell that 2 people can apply the patch ok - but i cant
23:22 mtj the bug only has 1 dep. patch.. 10455
23:23 wizzyrea how's the state of your index
23:23 wizzyrea i.e. is it up to date with current master, and clean
23:23 wizzyrea and so on
23:23 wizzyrea have you pulled recently
23:24 mtj this is a fresh clone, master branch etc
23:24 wizzyrea hum.
23:24 * wizzyrea tries
23:27 mtj my master branch is up to date
23:28 mtj 56da7be Bug 17352 - Patron search type is hard coded to 'contain'
23:28 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=17352 minor, P5 - low, ---, kyle, Pushed to Master , Patron search type is hard coded to 'contain' in circ/
23:29 mtj $ git bz apply 10455
23:29 mtj OK
23:29 mtj $ git bz apply 17196
23:29 mtj FAIL
23:29 mtj $ git am -iu3   /tmp/Bug-17196-Move-marcxml-out-of​-the-biblioitems-tabl-9YHbYm.patch
23:29 mtj FAIL
23:32 rangi you want to do git apply at that point
23:32 rangi not am
23:34 rangi of course it depends on what it is failing for too
23:37 pastebot "mtj" at pasted "git apply" (22 lines) at
23:37 mtj hi rangi, its this error..
23:37 mtj fatal: sha1 information is lacking or useless (C4/
23:37 mtj Repository lacks necessary blobs to fall back on 3-way merge.
23:37 * mtj has always found that error mysterious
23:38 rangi and you are sure it has all its dependencies
23:38 wizzyrea usually it means that the patch you are applying depends on something your clone doesn't have
23:38 rangi it means the patch was made against changes that dont exist
23:38 wizzyrea ^
23:38 rangi yep what wizzyrea said
23:38 rangi normally it means another patch needs to go first
23:38 wizzyrea or that you don't have everything from upstream
23:38 rangi sometimes people miss putting the dependencies in
23:39 wizzyrea (but in your case it's probably not that)
23:39 wizzyrea (mine, not rangi's, more likely his)
23:39 rangi its much easier for the person who created the patches to fix, than someone applying them
23:41 rangi did you try a git apply  (not git bz apply) on the leftover patch file
23:42 rangi if that doesnt work and you really want to apply it
23:42 rangi patch -p0 file
23:42 rangi might do it
23:42 mtj yep i did rangi ^ a diff. error this time
23:43 mtj ..but progress
23:43 pastebot "mtj" at pasted "git apply 2" (9 lines) at
23:44 wizzyrea oh that's pretty much the same error afaict
23:44 rangi yeah id just set it to patch does not apply if you are sure you have all the dependencies listed on the bug
23:45 mtj yes, will do
23:46 mtj thanks for the correction re: s/git-am/git-apply/
23:46 mtj interestingly... i've been using git-am 'incorrectly' for a good few years now...
23:48 rangi if you get the patch from bugzilla, am is fine
23:48 mtj git-am seems to be smart enough to use git-apply in certain situations? :)
23:48 rangi git am always uses git apply
23:48 rangi its just designed for applying a patch that has been sent as mail
23:49 rangi strips all the extraneous stuff off
23:49 rangi and passes it to git apply
23:49 rangi but with git apply you can do more options
23:49 mtj
23:49 rangi like --build-fake-ancestor
23:49 rangi etc
23:59 wizzyrea build fake ancestor doesn't sound creepy at all.

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