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03:56 * Francesca waves
04:32 dcook c4?
04:32 wahanui c4 is a high explosive :-) or "Cheap & Cheerful Copy of (the ILS program HLT used to use)"
04:32 dcook hehe
04:32 dcook Well there you go
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07:05 * magnuse waves
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07:07 gaetan_B hello
07:07 wahanui privet, gaetan_B
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07:08 magnuse bonjour gaetan_B laurence
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07:09 laurence hi magnuse
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07:17 reiveune hello
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07:21 morgane hi #koha
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07:41 marcelr hi #koha
07:44 magnuse hiya marcelr
07:44 marcelr hi magnuse
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08:27 cait hm strange phenomenon in 3.22.10
08:27 cait we change an authorised value description, but the change is not visible in the OPAC
08:27 cait memcache should not be configured
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08:32 LibraryClaire morning #koha
08:32 marcelr hi LibraryClaire
08:32 LibraryClaire hi marcelr :)
08:32 marcelr and cait
08:43 Joubu cait: does it work on master?
08:45 cait Joubu: can't test on master atm
08:45 Joubu which AV did you test?
08:50 magnuse sounds like a caching problem...
08:51 cait oh
08:51 cait i found it
08:52 cait if you have an ITEMTYPECAT code that is the same as a ccode earlier in the table
08:52 cait things get confused
08:52 cait it shows you the description of the collection instead of that of the group
08:56 eythian hi
08:58 LibraryClaire hi eythian, hi cait
08:58 cait hi LibraryClaire :)
09:05 magnuse hi eythian and LibraryClaire
09:05 magnuse cait: that sounds confusing
09:06 LibraryClaire hi magnuse :)
09:06 magnuse LibraryClaire: booked that ticket for marseille yet? :-)
09:07 LibraryClaire magnuse: it is being done
09:07 magnuse woohoo
09:07 * magnuse wants to meet all the people
09:08 magnuse Very Cool that joann will be there
09:08 LibraryClaire :)
09:10 cait :)
09:13 eythian don't forget to swing by Amsterdam on your way back.
09:35 * magnuse will spend a couple hours at schipol
09:38 cait coffee at the airport?:)
09:40 magnuse :-)
09:48 eythian not impossible, depending on exactly when
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10:37 drojf hi #koha
10:38 LibraryClaire hi drojf
10:40 drojf hi LibraryClaire
10:46 eythian[…]qz518bo1_1280.jpg
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11:49 oleonard Hi all
11:49 cait hi oleonard :)
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12:21 eythian hi oleonard
12:21 wahanui hi oleopard
12:22 oleonard that was just for wahanui's benefit wasn't it?
12:22 * LibraryClaire waves
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12:29 tcohen bonjour
12:29 wahanui bidet, tcohen
12:31 tcohen cait: I'm glad you like it
12:31 eythian oleonard: of course not!
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12:37 LibraryClaire catch you later #koha
12:37 tcohen bye LibraryClaire
12:37 cait bye LibraryClaire :)
12:38 * LibraryClaire runs off to the shops
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13:10 nengard morning all
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13:18 oleonard Is SessionStorage in memcached recommended over using MySQL?
13:20 magnuse i think so, oleonard
13:20 magnuse should be more light weight, i think
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14:04 Joubu oleonard: we found problem with sessionstorage=memcached, so you should use mysql isntead
14:05 oleonard Joubu: Thanks. Is there a bug for that?
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14:06 Joubu oleonard: I don't think so, and I am not sure it's still valid. tcohen could you clear me up?
14:07 eythian[…]41089564329054208 <-- map-reduce
14:09 tcohen oleonard, Joubu: I don't remember :-/
14:12 Joubu ha
14:13 Joubu it's because C4::Context does not init memcached correctly
14:13 Joubu and default to file
14:13 Joubu with perm issues
14:13 Joubu something like that
14:15 tcohen true
14:15 tcohen I don't remember if we filled it
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14:34 tcohen Joubu: git grep Cache::Memcached
14:34 tcohen you'll see it is not on the deps, but C4::Context requires it
14:35 Joubu Cache::Memcached::Fast
14:35 Joubu if you have it, you don't need Cache::Memcached
14:35 tcohen doesn't look suspicious to you? that we are having issues with sessions in memcached, and Cache::Memcached is not being pulled by the deps?
14:37 Joubu It seems that what I told just before is wrong
14:37 Joubu tcohen: I have it installed and got the issue last month
14:37 drojf when i try to add an EDI account in 16.05 i get an internal server error. is that how EDI works?
14:38 Joubu not undef plack
14:38 Joubu under
14:40 Joubu drojf: bug 16514 comment 2
14:40 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=16514 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, colin.campbell, Signed Off , Force scalar cotext where param assumes a list incorrectly in admin/edi scripts
14:40 Joubu (yes I should have opened a bug report)
14:42 drojf Joubu: ah, thanks
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14:47 * drojf wants a magical catmandu biblio data upload thingy in koha so the marcedit ads go away
14:49 oleonard A patch for Bug 17216 already! Exciting. Joubu++
14:49 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=17216 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Needs Signoff , Add a new table to store authorized value categories
14:50 Joubu yep but there are some odd things in it
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15:01 pastebot "oleonard" at pasted "Joubu: Output after running" (4 lines) at
15:02 oleonard Is that to be expected?
15:02 Joubu not really
15:02 Joubu ha
15:02 Joubu they have not been executed in the correct order
15:03 Joubu the table should be created and populated first. But it seems that you get an error with it too
15:04 Joubu oleonard: you can try and execute the different sql queries directly in the cli
15:04 Joubu to know which one is wrong
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15:25 nengard amyk-afk!!!!
15:25 amyk hi nengard!
15:25 nengard :)
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16:00 Joubu oleonard: did you find the error?
16:00 oleonard Joubu: I'm just now getting back to it after an interruption
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16:05 oleonard Joubu: Looks like there is a missing semicolon in bug_xxxxx-add_fk_marc_sf_structure_AV.sql on line 3
16:06 oleonard I'm also getting an error from bug_xxxxx_AV_cat_table.sql
16:06 oleonard ...from the "Update the FK" section
16:06 oleonard #1064 - You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'ADD CONSTRAINT `items_search_fields_authorised_values_category` FOREIGN KEY (`au' at line 1
16:08 Joubu oleonard: yes line 45, should be a comma instead of a semicolon
16:09 oleonard I still get "#1025 - Error on rename of './koha_kohamaster/items_search_fields' to './koha_kohamaster/#sql2-543-18c' (errno: 152) "
16:20 Joubu oleonard: I have reuploaded the patches. You will need to undo manually the changes or reinsert the structure (from master) to retest the DB update process
16:22 Joubu tcohen: FWIW I do not recreate the issue with sessionStorage=memcached (but sure I did earlier today! ....)
16:24 Joubu bye #koha
16:25 oleonard Thanks Joubu. See you later
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17:47 oleonard I wonder how many Koha libraries use the built-in offline circulation tool.
17:48 oleonard 135 libraries reporting to Hea have it enabled, at least.
17:50 eythian Breaking News: there's a hot air balloon floating around outside my window.
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18:44 tcohen back
18:44 cait hi
18:46 tcohen hi cait!
18:47 cait :)
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19:20 * magnuse waves
19:21 * cait waves
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19:25 tcohen @later tell paul_p ping
19:25 huginn tcohen: The operation succeeded.
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19:45 nengard @seen paul_p
19:45 huginn nengard: paul_p was last seen in #koha 3 weeks, 3 days, 10 hours, 46 minutes, and 11 seconds ago: <paul_p> atheia I'll send an email to nick immediately about that...
20:12 magnuse kia ora nengard
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20:33 tcohen damn, this is tricky!
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