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01:06 craigbutosi Hi all, Was wondering if anyone was around to help me with a weird Perl error in Koha 16.05.03
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12:09 * cait waves
12:57 cait hm, i can't log into the OPAC in my installation with plack?
12:57 cait all i get is another log in form :(
12:59 jcamins cait: I heard you liked logging in so now you can log in again?
13:02 cait indefinitely :(
13:02 jcamins cait: infinite times the fun!
13:03 cait hm infinitely
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13:06 tcohen hi
13:06 wahanui bonjour, tcohen
13:08 cait hi tcohen .)
13:08 cait maybe you can help me? i can#<t log into the opac anymore in my plack installation
13:09 tcohen beware, sessions are shared between staff and opac
13:09 tcohen under plack
13:09 tcohen how is your setup?
13:09 jcamins tcohen: I'm pretty sure this is a feature to enable cait to have more fun with logging in.
13:09 cait it kicks me out of intranet when i try to log into opac
13:09 tcohen jcamins: it was an easter egg!
13:09 cait hmpf
13:09 jcamins I had a feeling.
13:09 tcohen cait: use a private tab
13:10 jcamins P.S. In just over a month I'll be in BA!
13:10 tcohen jcamins: I'm trying to arrange things to be there!
13:10 jcamins :D
13:10 cait git installation with the plackup script
13:11 * tcohen is not really aware of how plackup does stuff
13:11 cait it does not log an error
13:11 tcohen so you are still not running the devboX!
13:11 tcohen ha
13:11 cait you can help me fix that in october
13:11 cait it was not for lack of trying
13:13 tcohen boo
13:13 tcohen it works out of the box!
13:13 tcohen sometimes if fails building Test::DBIx::Class (dunno why)
13:13 tcohen you just run
13:13 tcohen vagrant provision
13:13 cait it always gave me errors
13:13 tcohen to finish the job
13:14 cait you can help me do that in marseille, ok? :)
13:14 cait could some recent change have broken the login?
13:14 tcohen on packages, the plack setup is not aware of interfaces
13:14 tcohen ah
13:14 tcohen are you trying the REST api?
13:15 tcohen bug 17050
13:15 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=17050 major, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Pushed to Master , Accessing the REST API through Plack kicks the session out
13:15 cait i am jsut trying to get into the opac :(
13:15 tcohen :(
13:15 jcamins :(
13:15 cait does it work for you?
13:15 tcohen i've just launched a devbox
13:15 tcohen let me check
13:16 jcamins I'm going to want to remember the time 8:59:18 in a couple of minutes. And now that it's in the logs, I'll be able to.
13:16 tcohen hmpf
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13:17 tcohen cait: you are right
13:17 tcohen and I am right
13:17 cait don't sound like a riddle please
13:17 cait :)
13:17 jcamins I bet I know!
13:17 jcamins As soon as you log in, it calls an API.
13:17 tcohen remember what I told you about plack reusing the same session if you switch from opac to intranet
13:18 tcohen jcamins: don't think so
13:18 tcohen it would be the best explanation
13:18 tcohen what I see now is that I log into the intranet
13:19 tcohen and then open the OPAC and I am logged as the same user
13:19 tcohen so maybe you are logging into the OPAC and logging the other user out of the intranet
13:19 cait it used tow ork like that for me too
13:19 cait it's the same user
13:19 cait and login neverhappens in the opac
13:20 jcamins tcohen: oh, well, it sounded like a good guess to me.
13:20 cait hm the error is session timed out
13:20 tcohen unless something slipped in without my knowledge (or cait's) the API is still not used on the UI!
13:20 tcohen cait, until we figre
13:21 tcohen disable the RestricSessionByIP syspref :)
13:21 cait tcohen: just to verify - it does not happen for you?
13:21 tcohen i'm logged as tcohen at the three interfaces right now
13:21 tcohen plack disabled
13:21 tcohen ha
13:21 cait no change
13:22 tcohen need to enable plack :-D
13:22 cait it works fine without plack on my other laptop
13:23 tcohen ok, plack enabled, i'm logged into both
13:23 tcohen if I log out of the OPAC it will kick me out of intranet
13:23 cait gah.
13:23 tcohen is that right?
13:23 cait yeah that is right
13:23 cait the right behaviour
13:23 cait but not what i see
13:23 cait i have no way to get logged into the opac
13:23 cait not by logging in from staff
13:24 tcohen and I logged into the opac, and got logged into intranet
13:24 cait and not by logging into the opac itself
13:24 cait yep - that's like it shoudl be if you run both on the same domain
13:24 tcohen ok, no difference on the three interfaces (including the /api endpoint)
13:24 tcohen it works for me
13:24 tcohen BUT
13:24 tcohen i'm not using
13:24 cait could it be that the script needs to be updated?
13:25 tcohen we usually patch both
13:25 tcohen but plackup injects the MEMCACHED server
13:25 cait hm
13:25 tcohen try setting sessionStorage to mysql
13:25 tcohen for testing purposes
13:25 tcohen be back in a minute
13:26 cait it's already set ot mysql
13:26 tcohen so, latest master
13:27 tcohen dev setup running plackup
13:27 tcohen are you running plack on all interfaces?
13:27 tcohen becasue that script needs to be run on each interface
13:27 tcohen (that's the main difference with the packageS)
13:28 * tcohen would love to ban its use as devs tend to use it, and it doesn't match production code :-D
13:28 tcohen but this is a democracy, so no ban :-D
13:29 cait hm sec
13:30 cait using this
13:30 cait an now - i didn't come up with it :)
13:37 cait and no...
13:38 tcohen cait: I'm sorry I don't have the same setup to check it myself, I can only guess
13:39 cait it's ok
13:39 cait maybe i have to ask Joubu
13:40 cait just annoying... it's more fun to work with plack :)
13:40 cait i will switch to the other setup to do some more qa
13:40 cait1 here
13:43 cait1 hm i saw nothing in the logs
13:43 cait1 bu twondering if it might not be plack but something with the new ubuntu/mysql again?
13:44 cait1 i guess it could be multiple things going wrong there
13:45 * tcohen keeps his mouth shut
13:45 tcohen cait1: maybe try maria?
13:45 tcohen that's the main problem with 16.04 (Ubuntu)
13:46 cait1 i have shut down the laptop for now
13:46 tcohen ha
13:46 cait1 the new one *sniff*
13:46 tcohen !!!
13:46 cait1 i am on the old with old ubuntu and working login now without plack
13:46 tcohen congrats!
13:46 cait1 ?
13:46 tcohen new laptop? already being used?
13:47 cait1 ?
13:47 cait1 i bought a new laptop before greece, it has the new ubuntu version on it that is troublesome
13:47 cait1 but it's been working ok after some changes in the setup - deactivating the new stricter modes
13:47 tcohen we'll fix that soon cait :-D
13:48 cait1 hope so
13:48 cait1 i will bring only the new one to marseille
13:48 cait1 it has several issues i need to look into
13:48 cait1 like i have not been able to make apache automatically start so far
13:49 tcohen update-rc.d apache2 defaults
13:49 tcohen doesn't work anymore on systemd?
13:50 * tcohen expected them to make it work to keep backwards compatibility
13:50 cait1 i thought i did that
13:51 cait1 *shrugs*
13:57 jcamins Good thing I put that time in the logs.
13:58 tcohen they look moto-g-ish
13:58 cait1 ?
14:00 jcamins cait1: phones.
14:03 * cait1 dives into finding out what it is about apache
14:18 cait1 hm I think i fixed the apache issue, just not sure how
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14:52 cait @later tell tcohen can't get past
14:52 huginn cait: The operation succeeded.
15:05 cait gah.
15:05 cait stuck the same as i was the last 2 times i tried :(
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15:14 * LibraryClaire waves
15:16 * cait waves
15:16 cait @later tell tcohen my home directory is encrypted ... it might be that
15:16 huginn cait: The operation succeeded.
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15:36 cait @later tell  tcohen moving VAGRANT_HOME=/path/to/vagrant out of my home directory helped some
15:36 huginn cait: The operation succeeded.
15:36 cait i am curious how far i will get this time
15:50 cait @later tell tcohen yep, that was it - moving the koha repository too and now i am in :)
15:50 huginn cait: The operation succeeded.
16:18 cait @later tell tcohen ... and activated plack - ok, once you get over the errors, this is fun :)
16:18 huginn cait: The operation succeeded.
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16:37 drojf evening
16:42 drojf hm
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16:47 cait ... drojf?
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16:48 cait drojf: back?
16:48 wahanui and forth.
16:48 drojf hmm that is kind of revealing :p
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17:04 cait hm
17:04 * cait wishes tcohen would return
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19:21 cait tohen++
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19:40 cait @later tell tcohen I think I am converted
19:40 huginn cait: The operation succeeded.
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20:00 eythian Woah, slef
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20:29 rangi hi kivilahtio
20:42 jcamins Whoah, that's a lot of netsplits.
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21:13 cait seems things are a bit unstable tonight
21:44 kathryn eythian i just made a really bad joke and you missed it
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22:09 eythian kathryn: aww
22:09 eythian Repeat it for me!
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22:11 kathryn eythian well....just imagine there being some cold coffee, enough for one, and me trying to fold in a "race condition" joke, kinda awkwardly :D
22:11 kathryn anyway, I felt your eyes roll from here
22:11 kathryn then realised you weren't in that channel :)
22:12 kathryn the only thing better than a bad joke, is trying to explain it to someone who wasn't there...doot do doo
22:12 eythian I'm impressed by you attempting a race condition joke, successful or not.
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22:13 eythian Continue in that vein and you'll be a programmer.
22:13 eythian Bad jokes are compulsory.
22:14 kathryn :)
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22:15 cait #koha!
22:15 * cait is glad to be back home
22:17 eythian You never even came to visit, cait.
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22:17 cait i never even had vacation
22:17 kathryn hi cait  :)
22:17 cait hi kathryn :)
22:19 cait bug 12586 - unit tests... doable?
22:19 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=12586 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, olli-antti.kivilahti, Failed QA , Record matching rules - Required match checks doesn't work with MARCXML
22:20 eythian cait: no excuse
22:20 cait :P
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23:25 dcook @help
23:25 huginn dcook: (help [<plugin>] [<command>]) -- This command gives a useful description of what <command> does. <plugin> is only necessary if the command is in more than one plugin.
23:25 dcook Well that's not overly helpful
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23:30 dcook @last
23:30 huginn dcook: [23:25:54] <dcook> Well that's not overly helpful
23:30 dcook @last --with dcook
23:30 huginn dcook: Error: I couldn't find a message matching that criteria in my history of 1000 messages.
23:30 dcook :/
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23:31 dcook Turns out huginn doesn't like more than 12 commands per minute :p
23:32 dcook Oh well. Whatever someone had to say to me couldn't be that important in channel
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