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04:46 cait mag
04:46 cait hm no magnuse
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06:30 fridolin hie
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06:40 morgane hi #koha!
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06:49 gaetan_B hello
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07:21 marcelr hi #koha
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07:26 marcelr hi magnuse
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07:37 LibraryClaire morning #koha
07:37 marcelr hi LibraryClaire
07:37 LibraryClaire hi marcelr :)
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08:10 drojf morning #koha
08:11 marcelr hi drojf
08:12 drojf hi marcelr
08:12 LibraryClaire guten morgen drojf
08:12 drojf guten morgen LibraryClaire
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09:33 * cait waves
09:33 LibraryClaire morning cait
09:34 cait morning LibraryClaire
09:42 Joubu drojf: Is the patch on bug 17084 waiting for a signoff?
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09:42 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=17084 trivial, P5 - low, ---, mirko, ASSIGNED , Nightly build bot bug
09:42 drojf Joubu: yes. as you can clearly see from the status that i updated a second ago :P
09:43 drojf oh no it clashed
09:43 drojf now
09:45 drojf hi cait
09:45 drojf and Joubu :)
09:45 Joubu hi #koha
09:46 Joubu drojf: Is there a reason not to continue the 1 package per line structure in control[.in] files?
09:46 Joubu https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]ment.cgi?id=54192
09:46 * cait waves again
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09:47 Tylathos Hey Koha <waves>
09:47 * cait waves some more
09:47 Tylathos Is a patch medium or small, when just a new value can be written in the sql db?
09:48 drojf Joubu: the most part is perl dependencies, they are added on the fly from the perl modules, listed one per line. those are misc and other ;) and it just was like that when i took over, so i added the font dep in the same style
09:48 cait is it just a new option for an exiting pref or areal new entry?
09:48 Tylathos new option :)
09:49 drojf Joubu: it's a different part of the file which is not created by a script but added automatically
09:49 drojf err
09:49 cait hm small might be ok
09:49 drojf added manually
09:49 Joubu drojf: ok thanks
09:49 cait does it include a database update script?
09:49 Tylathos cait: not needed (i think)
09:50 eythian happy birthday magnuse
09:50 magnuse thanks \o/
09:50 Tylathos oh happy birthday magnuse <set everybody such silly partyhad's on> ^^ And now party hard ^^
09:51 magnuse \ô/
09:52 cait heh
09:52 cait happy birthday :)
09:52 cait Tylathos: then small shoudl be fine
09:53 Tylathos cait: thx ^^
09:54 LibraryClaire magnuse: happy birthday :)
09:55 magnuse thanx! thanx!
09:55 * Joubu sends cheese to magnuse
09:56 drojf happy birthday magnuse!
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09:59 * cait sends chocolate
10:06 Joubu drojf: bug 14629 adds libbusiness-issn-perl, which is in jessie only. Should I add "nowheezy" in the keyword list or you prefer to do it yourself when it's pushed?
10:06 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=14629 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, nick, Signed Off , Add aggressive ISSN matching feature equivalent to the aggressive ISBN matcher
10:06 drojf Joubu: please do
10:08 drojf Joubu: it seems to be available for wheezy?
10:08 drojf rmadison libbusiness-issn-perl
10:08 drojf libbusiness-issn-perl | 0.91-2 | wheezy          | source, all
10:08 Joubu[…]usiness-issn-perl
10:08 Joubu I used to check on
10:09 drojf when you follow the link it has wheezy too[…]usiness-issn-perl
10:09 drojf maybe their search is stupid
10:10 Joubu ha!
10:10 drojf or you searched for jessie :)
10:10 Joubu[…]usiness-issn-perl
10:10 Joubu I see it there
10:10 Joubu suite=stable!
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10:14 Joubu drojf: so if a patchset adds a deps, we wait for the bot to update control files?
10:14 Joubu (sorry, too many questions)
10:16 drojf Joubu: we push the patch the normal way and then the bot will pick it up. and either complain about a missing dependency (if it is not in jessie) or send a patch. if that works as expected for a while we could ask khall_away or bag to just push the control file updates when they appear
10:16 drojf *push the patch: the one that adds the dep, not the control file
10:17 Joubu yep ok
10:17 drojf otherwise i would do the same thing the bot does, but manually and so not every day, but once a month or something. meaning packages would not work in between
10:18 drojf it just updates apt and apt-file and then runs debian/update-control
10:18 drojf and sends a patch for debian/control if there was a change which is not "EEEK" (unmet dependency)
10:19 drojf i will add that for 16.05 and 3.22 too
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11:42 Joubu drojf: there are 2 EEEK on the last patch of bug 17084
11:42 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=17084 trivial, P5 - low, ---, mirko, Passed QA , Nightly build bot bug
11:44 drojf Joubu: oh thanks. that went to the wrong bug i think
11:45 drojf i wanted ti set it uo for stable, that should not be there
11:45 drojf i'll obsolete it
11:46 drojf wow i suck at typing today
11:46 drojf *wanted to set it up
11:48 drojf oh yes i changed the bug number everywhere, just not in the git attach line :P
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11:56 oleonard Happy birthday magnuse!
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12:31 magnuse thanks oleonard
12:31 tcohen morning
12:34 drojf hola tcohen and oleonard
12:35 LibraryClaire hi tcohen
12:36 tcohen hi LibraryClaire
12:37 * cait waves some again
12:37 cait heh
12:37 cait locating mistakes in xslt can be unfun
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12:40 drojf cait: same for pbuilder. want to switch?
12:44 cait not really
12:44 cait but grr
12:46 tcohen drojf: is it possible that the missing master deps are on the stable pocket and not the unstable?
12:46 tcohen (libswagger2 and mojo)
12:48 drojf you mean the files are missing, not the declarations?
12:48 drojf then i misunderstood you :) sorry
12:49 drojf libswagger2-perl:
12:49 drojf 0.77-1~kohadev+1 0
12:49 drojf 500 unstable/main amd64 Packages
12:49 drojf that should be high enough
12:49 tcohen the files are there, but are not declared to be available on the master/nightly pocket
12:50 tcohen ah
12:50 * tcohen will retry installing the nightly on kohadevbox
12:50 drojf ah. the nightly server only has the koha-common packages. you need to use the regular repo together with it
12:50 drojf otherwise i would have to repack everything
12:50 tcohen yes, kohadevbox sets both repos, and gives the nightly higher priotiry
12:51 drojf hm ok. then it should work as far as i can tell
12:51 tcohen you just need to set koha_pin_custom_repo: true
12:52 drojf libmojolicious-perl:
12:52 drojf *** 6.15+dfsg-1~kohadev+1 0
12:52 drojf 500 unstable/main amd64 Packages
12:53 tcohen drojf:
12:53 tcohen vagrant up & get_some_coffee ; back to desktop
12:54 tcohen hehe
12:54 drojf tcohen: but that has the official repo disabled?
12:54 tcohen nope
12:54 tcohen sorry
12:54 tcohen that's the user.yml file, that overrides the default file
12:55 tcohen so no override for the default on the official repo
12:56 tcohen
12:56 tcohen i plan to change my nightly for yours
12:56 tcohen *in favour of yours*
12:56 drojf ah ok
12:56 drojf now i get it
12:58 tcohen drojf: if you are aware of deps that are not already packaged but required, please let me know so I update kohadevbox to use cpanm on them
12:58 tcohen we might agree on such a workflow
12:59 drojf i hope to get dependencies done before they are in master. which sould work if devs tell me about it when they add it and are not too fast with the qa process
12:59 drojf *should
13:00 drojf in theory, things with unmet dependencies should not be pushed. IMHO
13:03 tcohen drojf: can u sign 16885?
13:03 tcohen sorry, 16974
13:03 tcohen well, maybe both
13:03 wahanui maybe both are related
13:06 drojf tcohen: i will try to test it tonight. code looks ok
13:08 tcohen drojf:
13:09 tcohen hahahahaha
13:09 wahanui hmmm... hahahahaha is there someone else we should ask?
13:09 tcohen bummer
13:09 tcohen on pinning
13:09 tcohen I set priority for the nightly repo to 610
13:09 tcohen and community's to 10
13:10 tcohen so libmojolicious is picked from debian's
13:10 drojf ha
13:10 drojf yeah
13:12 drojf if you do not set any priority, it should just work, right? :P
13:13 tcohen i'm not sure
13:13 tcohen it might pick the master package from unstable?
13:14 oleonard wahanui: forget hahahahaha
13:14 wahanui oleonard: I forgot hahahahaha
13:14 drojf it should use the ones with the highest number. which should be nightly. at least that is the idea. else it is an error
13:14 ashimema remind me anyone.. can you configure the public z/sru server to hide the hidden items from results.. for instance remove any results where 942$n=1?
13:14 ashimema my z config foo hasn't been stretched hard of late ;)
13:15 tcohen i'd say you can accomplish that by using an XSLT
13:17 ashimema coolios... I'd forgotten that the publix z server goes through XSLT for the output
13:17 * ashimema tries to remember how this all fits together
13:18 tcohen you can run more than the declared publicserver
13:18 tcohen you can define your own on different sockets, with different XSLTs
13:18 tcohen that'd be my approach
13:19 tcohen i'm even thinking of removing Z39.50 support adn just stick to SRU (through apache :-P)
13:20 ashimema I think we're actually binding on SRU come to think of it in this case.
13:21 tcohen I basically didn't  want to keep track on multiple instances ports
13:22 tcohen so I added this to my
13:23 pastebot "tcohen" at pasted "ashimema: this" (58 lines) at
13:23 tcohen ;-)
13:24 tcohen ashimema: does it make sense?
13:24 * ashimema is reading it
13:25 tcohen http://sru.famaf.biblio.unc.ed[…]ordSchema=marcxml
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13:26 tcohen famaf's site was configured using that
13:26 ashimema i see
13:26 ashimema it's the proxypass at the bottom that's interesting to me for this case.
13:26 tcohen i think we should definitely drop support for Z39.50 at some point
13:26 ashimema took me a while to get down there ;)
13:27 drojf we should add SRU import for auth before that
13:27 drojf just a thought :P
13:27 tcohen marcelr will write it, eventually
13:27 marcelr heh
13:28 tcohen also, this is why i mention it:[…]search-plugin-sru
13:29 tcohen oh, removed!
13:30 eythian marcelr:[…]ch-King-and-Queen ... at least they have a Koha a library there
13:30 marcelr hoop doet leven :)
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13:31 tcohen or reuse this[…]n/Catmandu/
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13:31 Tylathos Ah now :D
13:31 eythian I dunno, I don't feel that I would hope to go to Foxton really...
13:46 drojf is anyone using nullmailer and does it actually work?
13:46 tcohen drojf: it works for relaying emails
13:47 drojf it never worked for me for anything, but it gets in the way a lot
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13:49 Tylathos Nice ^^ actualy change made with no problem, but now the last items are no longer displayed :D #reasonswhyiloveperl
13:50 drojf i doubt that is perl's fault :P
13:52 Tylathos i know ^^
13:52 Tylathos but maybe it's not even my fault, and i just found a bug :D
13:54 drojf that happens. sometimes
13:54 Tylathos i will test it.
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14:06 Tylathos Nevermind, hasn't restart the apache :D
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14:35 bag magnuse: Happy Birthday!!! knuckles ;)
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14:44 tcohen magnuse: happy birthday!
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15:25 morgane bye #koha !
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15:37 Oak magnuse, Happy birthday!!!
15:48 magnuse thanks bag tcohen Oak
15:48 magnuse bag: HI
15:48 wahanui hi, magnuse
15:49 bag you’re welcome magnuse
15:49 magnuse \ô/
15:51 Oak :)
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17:54 drojf bug 15200
17:54 wahanui bug 15200 is the last one needed to get true nightly master builds
17:55 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=15200 normal, P5 - low, ---, mirko, Passed QA , t/Creators.t fails when using build-git-snapshot
17:55 drojf @later tell khall_away could you push 15200 please? it's the last one missing for nightly builds
17:55 huginn drojf: The operation succeeded.
17:57 oleonard @quote get random
17:57 huginn oleonard: Error: 'random' is not a valid id.
17:57 wahanui i already had it that way, huginn.
17:58 oleonard @quote random
17:58 huginn oleonard: Quote #47: "pianohacker bah, go collision attack the front of a moving car" (added by brendan at 10:15 PM, November 16, 2009)
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18:32 beatsforthemind Hello
18:32 wahanui what's up, beatsforthemind
18:33 beatsforthemind I have some experience with using the Zebra SRU and adding indexes
18:34 beatsforthemind I am looking to do a Zebra SRU search (through an API URL) on the 650$9 field
18:34 beatsforthemind this is a authority controlled field
18:35 beatsforthemind If anyone has any knowledge on how to do that I would appreciate any help
18:36 beatsforthemind I have been able to add search indexes with the help of the Koha WIKI, however this 650$9 field I am having trouble with
18:39 beatsforthemind Also, I am wondering if, in general, the work you guys are doing on elasticsearch will some day replace the Zebra SRU API for searching Koha through an API?
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20:48 rangi joubu++
20:49 rangi beatsforthemind: eventually maybe but not in the short term future
20:49 cait Joubu++
20:49 cait ?
20:49 rangi beatsforthemind: maybe for 17.05 release
20:50 beatsforthemind Will elasticsearch have an API?
20:50 rangi apart from the one it already comes with?
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20:51 beatsforthemind apart from Zebra, yes?
20:52 rangi you wouldnt search elasticsearch indexes via zebra?
20:52 rangi elastic comes with an api built in
20:52 rangi we store data in it, and search it using that api
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20:53 beatsforthemind ah ok
20:53 rangi so in theory you could build a shim, that converts SRU queries into elasitc ones
20:53 rangi and you would have an SRU server over top of elastic
20:53 beatsforthemind i haven’t worked with the elasticsearch api, but i would wager it might be easier to work with than the sru
20:53 rangi its a lot easier
20:53 beatsforthemind awesome
20:54 beatsforthemind i patiently wait :)
20:54 rangi elastic deals in json
20:54 rangi[…]earch-search.html
20:54 beatsforthemind sounds great to me
20:55 rangi so what the work we have done so far is, convert marc to json, store in elastic search, add routines to fetch the data back from elasticsearch
20:55 rangi so in Koha when you turn elasticsearch on it stores the data in both zebra and elastic, but your searches in the opac and staff site now search elastic
20:56 rangi the really cool thing is, it doesnt care what type of data you store in it, as long as you describe it
20:56 rangi so its not just limited to marc, in the way that zebra is
20:56 rangi the reason we left zebra though, is that we dont want to have to write a z3950 server just yet
20:57 * rangi has to go now, i hope that makes some sense
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21:44 atcher121 Hi, I have the cardnumber with me in a javascript/jquery variable, and would like to move to his particular batch checkout page. How do I do this?
21:44 atcher121 (from jquery)
21:50 andreashm a (hopefully) quick question: is there anything I need to do to be able to test the rest api with kohadevbox?
21:56 atcher121 How do I check from within jquery wheather I am in the batch checkout page?
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