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11:43 Tylathos Hey :)
11:45 drojf moin Tylathos
11:48 Tylathos Just got a new question :D
11:49 Tylathos Is it possible to active the renew option in the opac?
11:55 drojf what are you trying to do?
11:59 drojf you can of course renew from the opac. if you are logged in and you have circulation rules that allow it
12:02 Tylathos In the staff interface i see it to where i can renew. But at the OPAC, where the user log in and then can search, i don't see this option
12:02 drojf have you set circulation rules?
12:03 Tylathos yes :)
12:06 drojf have you checked the sysprefs? search for renewal, there are a lot of options that may prevent it
12:06 drojf like allow at all, allow with fines, etc.
12:06 Tylathos ok i will look at it :)
12:07 Tylathos ah i foun dit :D
12:07 Tylathos found it :D
12:09 drojf what kind of library are you working on? i guess it's not your main job when you do it after hours/ on weekends?
12:11 Tylathos Well :D i'm working for a public libary which is managed by a club and is nonprofit
12:11 drojf cool
12:12 Tylathos My main job is working by a labor union :D
12:13 drojf whats the library? (if it's ok to ask). always curious to see how koha is spreading in germany
12:15 Tylathos OK thats now a hard question :D Becaus the library once was a branch office, for 4 year it's taken over by the club. So we get money from the city, but are nonprofit, and we are located in Maichingen ( Sindelfingen )
12:15 drojf oh my vm is still set to greek repositories. lol. and i wonder why it's so slow
12:17 drojf do you have a system so far? or will you have to migrate from a card catalogue or excel or something similar?
12:18 Tylathos we got a system, which is probably programmed befor i was born :D
12:18 drojf lol. possible. there are a lot of old systems around
12:19 drojf i keep finding more and more i never heard of. what is yours called? can you export marc21? (probably not)
12:20 Tylathos and the main problem is, it used an non standardized format to save the books :D so we got to make a completly new inventory -.-'
12:21 Tylathos no we cannot export to marc21 and its called ps-biblio
12:21 drojf you could try to convert whatever you get out of it
12:21 drojf depending on how much records you have, it may or may not be worth it
12:22 Tylathos I probably would do it, but they want to make a sort out of many books. And it would be about 15k records
12:23 drojf sounds like a fun project :D
12:24 Tylathos Yes it's really funny, becaus most of the staff is older than 50 :D
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12:36 drojf eythian: around?
12:43 eythian Yeah, sup?
12:43 eythian drojf: ^
12:45 drojf i wonder… when i want to build things like catmandu, with a lot of dependencies… i would do that in testing, install all deps that are in testing and then start building everything that is missing and hand that in?
12:46 eythian Pretty much, work your way from the bottom.
12:47 eythian If you remember dependency hell from the early days of Linux, you'll get flashbacks.
12:48 drojf hm yeah i built like 40 packages for catmandu 1.02. but that was not suitable for submission
12:49 drojf well, 40 including catmandu-sru which is the true nightmare
12:49 drojf that had probably 20
12:49 eythian Erk
12:49 drojf but that was in jessie, i think. may be better in testing
12:49 eythian Good luck :-)
12:49 eythian Probably will be.
12:50 drojf just playing with that, no really starting yet
12:50 drojf but i have to do some packaging or i will forget everything
12:50 eythian Also, backporting from testing is usually easy
12:50 eythian Good plan
12:50 eythian (sometimes it's not easy though, when things need newer versions of other things.)
12:51 drojf thats the next question. "somewhere" (probably the wiki) i read we have packages for all three release pockets. so do you set up three vms for that, three pbuilder environments or how does that work?
12:51 drojf or just copy it over and see if it needs something else?
12:52 eythian No, I kept all pockets the same except for the Koha version, so all that's needed is changing the version and pocket name in the changelog
12:52 drojf (also they are not the same as debian releases, so i wonder if that quesion makes sense at all)
12:53 drojf ok
12:53 eythian I scripted that
12:53 eythian (you can't have a package with an identical version string in multiple pockets at once apparently.)
12:54 drojf ah ok
12:55 eythian That's why there's ~1koha1 on the versions
12:55 eythian Etc
12:56 drojf yeah i see
12:58 eythian Read up on how Debian compares versions, too. I tried to set it up so that if the package existed in Debian, that would be preferred over the Koha one
13:03 eythian Debian policy makes for good bedtime reading
13:03 drojf packaging nightmare. yay
13:10 drojf should i build stuff like catmandu in pbuilder too? i will probably lose track of what i installed myself soon otherwise. or i would really have to do all deps one by one and wait until they are in testing, but that would take ages if there is a lot
13:11 eythian To start with, I wouldn't, but it's good to at some point to ensure you have the dependencies declared right
13:11 eythian You could make a local repo with the other packages and add that to your environment
13:12 drojf oh that sounds like a good idea
13:12 drojf thanks
13:18 cait eythian++ drojf++
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13:22 Tylathos -.-' wrong tab closed :D
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13:44 * cait waves at rocio )
13:44 cait :)
13:44 cait eythian: proper english? This vendor has no contact selected for sending orders to or is missing an e-mail address.
13:48 rocio morning cait!
13:50 cait how are you doing? :)
13:53 cait rocio: does the sentence above make sense for an error message?
13:53 rocio That makes sense to me!
13:54 cait thx!
13:54 cait working on my order e-mail feature in my favourite bookstore cafe :)
13:54 rocio I'm doing well cait! sorry I missed that. It's migration weekend for me
13:54 rocio oooo nice!!
13:54 cait ah busy - good luck!
13:55 rocio that sounds lovely!
13:55 cait one of my favourite places in Konstanz :)
13:56 rocio not so busy, no worries. I'm just importing bibs at the moment!
13:56 rocio what is the cafe called?
13:56 cait hm doesn't have a name
13:56 cait just the cafe in the bookstore x :)
13:56 rocio ah cool!
13:56 cait have to go - cya later!
13:56 rocio enjoy!
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15:24 drojf done testpackaging catmandu 1.02. wasn't hat bad. 5 dependencies to build for testing, one of them won' be fun
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15:26 drojf (but that is without marc and elasticsearch)
15:26 eythian @later tell cait sorry, on a canal
15:26 huginn` eythian: The operation succeeded.
15:29 Tylathos drojf: And why did you done this?
15:30 Joubu Tylathos: drojf loves packaging stuffs
15:30 Tylathos Ah ok :D
15:38 liw packging is fun and usually easy! it's a wholesome, healthy hobby for all ages! (and I may be a /little/ biased)
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15:44 drojf Tylathos: i will be doing the koha debian packages soon. also what Joubu and liw say :D
15:51 Tylathos drojf: package making is fun :D
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16:53 * drojf is making friends on the maling list
16:53 drojf hi LibraryClaire
16:54 LibraryClaire Waddup
16:54 drojf not much
16:54 eythian Spent the afternoon on a rented boat pottering around the canals. Recommended.
16:55 drojf oh. nice
16:55 LibraryClaire I've been at a vineyard
16:56 LibraryClaire Drinking prosecco now
16:57 drojf drinking beer soon
16:58 drojf @wunder berlin, germany
16:58 huginn` drojf: The current temperature in Berlin Tegel, Germany is 21.0°C (6:50 PM CEST on June 11, 2016). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 21%. Dew Point: -2.0°C. Pressure: 29.86 in 1011 hPa (Steady).
16:58 LibraryClaire If I knew where I was I'd check the weather
16:58 eythian LibraryClaire: also sounds like a good afternoon
16:58 eythian @wunder ams
16:58 huginn` eythian: The current temperature in Schiphol, Badhoevedorp, Netherlands is 20.2°C (6:50 PM CEST on June 11, 2016). Conditions: Partly Cloudy. Humidity: 68%. Dew Point: 14.0°C. Pressure: 29.83 in 1010 hPa (Steady).
16:58 LibraryClaire @wunder Alfold, uk
16:59 huginn` LibraryClaire: Error: HTTP Error 404: Not Found
16:59 LibraryClaire Hehehe
16:59 eythian @wunder dunfold, uk
16:59 huginn` eythian: Error: HTTP Error 404: Not Found
17:00 eythian @wunder dunsfold, uk
17:00 huginn` eythian: Error: HTTP Error 404: Not Found
17:00 eythian OK, you're nowhere
17:00 LibraryClaire Seems so
17:00 LibraryClaire @wunder Dunsfold, uk
17:00 huginn` LibraryClaire: Error: HTTP Error 404: Not Found
17:00 LibraryClaire Meh
17:01 LibraryClaire Basically it's warm and kinda cloudy and i might have got sunburn earlier
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17:24 drojf test
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17:26 Tylathos paased
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21:59 drojf1 /msg test bla
22:00 drojf1 n0pe l0l
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22:32 drojf meh
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