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04:51 rangi anyone awake in greece!
04:51 rangi ? even
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05:47 drojf morning
05:47 drojf think i will try and find breakfast, anyone awake?
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06:16 eythian Sorts awake.
06:16 eythian Sorta
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06:45 eythian drojf: where is breakfast found?
06:46 drojf eythian: it's in the restaurant part where we almost entered when we arrived yesterday. so go down to the lobby and to the right, then right again arounf the corner
06:46 drojf *around
06:47 drojf you'll find cait and rangi sleeping in the lobby probably
06:58 eythian Yep they are
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13:02 drojf hello there
13:12 drojf finally got a quiet room, time to crank up the music
13:13 eythian My balcony gets the afternoon sun. No chance of doing work here.
13:16 drojf you tried, that's all you could do
13:16 drojf i bet it works for drinking beer
13:17 eythian Yeah, I think it would suit that just fine.
14:57 eythian drojf: rangi: anyone else: thinking of hitting up the Hoppy Pub in a little bit, keen?
15:10 eythian bag: ^
15:10 Joubu JesseM_away: actually 16088 adds a Koha::Cache::Memory::Lite module
15:11 Joubu eythian: sounds good but not ready now
15:21 eythian Joubu: I might head down anyway soon. It's conveniently close to where we're meeting later anyway.
15:36 eythian Actually, what time were we meeting? 7 or 8?
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16:08 drojf1 slept a little. i think i will have to go out for dinner on my own or i will not get my slides done
16:37 bag alright awake!
16:37 drojf1 i can hear that
16:37 bag so pianohacker and I are ready to go - hopefully see you at the white tower?  or should we meet downstaits
16:37 bag downstairs
16:38 drojf1 rangi tweeted they'd meet 7:30 in the lobby. i'll do my presentation and catch up or go out on my own later. think it will take a while
16:39 drojf1 but now i am actually concentrated :)
16:39 bag ok ok good lcuk
16:39 bag luck
16:39 bag man I have THE typo
16:39 drojf1 thanks. make rangi tweet where you go for dinner, maybe i'll find you later
16:41 bag cool :)
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17:31 marcelr_greece hi #koha from thessaloniki
17:40 drojf1 hi marcelr_greece
17:40 drojf1 where are you staying?
17:40 marcelr_greece hi drojf
17:41 marcelr_greece i am in olympia
17:41 drojf1 ah excellent!
17:41 drojf1 we are a lot here :)
17:41 marcelr_greece ok
17:42 drojf1 i think most people are out for dinner. i am preparing my talk
17:42 drojf1[…]36974719111417856
17:42 marcelr_greece i will eat something here now
17:43 drojf1 the breakfast is good, so the dinner should be too
17:44 drojf1 i'm back to slides or i won't get dinner tonight ;) do you plan to go out later or sleep?
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18:05 marcelr_greece drojf1 the food here is very good
18:06 marcelr_greece i had a very early start today and a long walk in the town so it will not get that late :)
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20:31 eythian Hi liz, kathryn
20:31 liz hi! how's kohacon?
20:31 kathryn hi!
20:31 kathryn you're late for kohacon eythian!
20:33 drojf1 hi eythian, how was dinner?
20:33 drojf and/or the beer place
20:34 eythian Kohacon hasn't started.
20:35 eythian drojf: dinner was fine, beer place was really good.
20:35 eythian I think last night's place is the best so far.
20:36 drojf i hope they are open all night
20:36 drojf but i doubt it
20:42 drojf i should have gotten a bottle of emergency tsipouro
20:43 eythian Heh yeah
20:43 eythian @later tell rangi[…]28377391890857985
20:43 huginn eythian: The operation succeeded.
20:45 liz O.o
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21:25 drojf oh hello there, wifi
21:25 drojf nice to have you back
21:26 eythian Hello wifi my old friend. I've come to talk through you again.
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22:30 drojf eythian: do we have plans on when to go to the conference location? getting lost is more fun in a group
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