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01:52 tcohen hi
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07:38 brinxmat Hi all, anyone up to letting a newb tag along in Thessaloniki tonight?
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08:19 drojf morning
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08:33 mveron Hi #koha
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08:45 drojf hi mveron :)
09:12 mveron hi drojf :-)
09:12 * mveron was distracted...
09:25 drojf i should start packing if i want to go to greece
09:25 liw I should findout if I should register to go to the hackfest
09:25 drojf i'm happy i don't have to organize anything there. three days of hosting an event was enozugh for now ;)
09:26 drojf liw: they know you will be there and you are doing a workshop, i think that will do :)
09:27 drojf i don't remember if it was part of the general registration form, but that is probably not available anymore
09:27 liw drojf, I'm going to assume that and not worry about it :)
09:28 drojf that sounds like the right approach
09:59 mveron lunchtime...
09:59 wahanui i think lunchtime is a terrible time for a meeting
10:09 drojf @wunder thessaloniki
10:09 huginn drojf: The current temperature in Thessaloniki, Greece is 24.0°C (12:50 PM EEST on May 28, 2016). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 50%. Dew Point: 13.0°C. Pressure: 30.01 in 1016 hPa (Steady).
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11:56 Joubu drojf: the temperature is rather around 30 :)
11:58 drojf Joubu: that's what my german waether page said too :)
11:58 drojf *weather
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12:11 tcohen Καλημέρα #koha
12:14 drojf hi tcohen
12:14 Joubu Kaliméra tcohen :)
12:14 drojf i should have leanred the script and basic stuff before going ;)
12:14 drojf well, still time on the plane :D
12:18 tcohen hehehehehehe
12:18 tcohen hi Joubu
12:29 drojf now that i actually slept a few hours i'm already in the mood to organize the next hackfest :D
12:35 tcohen :-D
12:39 tcohen drojf: do u remember how to add a .deb to multiple distros with reprepro?
12:40 drojf tcohen: ask me again when i am in greece. it was quite easy, but i got to pack the laptop now :)
12:40 drojf see you later #koha
12:41 tcohen @later tell drojf nevermind! i just needed to reprepro copy!
12:41 huginn tcohen: The operation succeeded.
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13:03 rocio1 hey everyone, who's in Greece and wants to come to dinner with Joy and I?
13:03 rocio1 rangi?
13:03 wahanui I like cupcakes, cupcakes are good.
13:47 rocio1 joy and ME, bad english
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13:49 talljoy hola #koha
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14:15 tcohen hola talljoy
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19:24 kivilahtio is anybody on?
19:24 kivilahtio What is happening in Thessaloniki tomorrow?
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19:51 tcohen @later tell gmcharlt beware the new deps in 3.22.x
19:51 huginn tcohen: The operation succeeded.
20:20 tcohen anyone?
20:20 wahanui Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?
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21:46 eythian tcohen: sup
21:47 tcohen hi eythian
21:49 eythian drojf and cait and I had a very nice dinner, and then drojf and I drank a lot of a spirit I can't spell.
21:50 tcohen jaeger?
21:50 eythian No
21:50 eythian Starts with the letter T but the sound S
21:51 tcohen some greek name?
21:57 eythian Yeah
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21:59 drojf it was tsipouro ;)
21:59 drojf and hello
21:59 * drojf already loves greece
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22:04 drojf oh i actually booked breakfast, i should have listened to the guy telling me when it is
22:09 eythian drojf: from 7
22:09 eythian Until 10 on weekends I think.
22:14 * Joubu prefers ouzo
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22:22 drojf the hotel wifi is not capable of opening the hotel website :D
22:24 drojf i can hear all the bar people shouting. i booked because it said i would get a quiet room. meh
22:24 drojf Joubu: where are you staying?
22:25 eythian I think their site is down
22:25 Joubu drojf: an airbnb place
22:26 Joubu quite close to the olympia hotel
22:26 Joubu go to bed, see you tomorrow maybe :)
22:29 drojf good night Joubu
22:29 drojf eythian: i thought 10 was more lik the duringtheweek-time.
22:29 drojf but not sure
22:29 drojf eythian: do you hear the bar people up there?
22:30 eythian I'm currently sitting on the balcony, so definitely.
22:31 eythian Inside with the door closed, yes but it's faint
22:32 drojf here its more like they are sitting next to me. but it seems like they just closed it, or kicked out the girl that has been screaming for the last half hour
22:32 eythian Haha
22:33 drojf the tsipouro worked nicely, i could eat again
22:33 eythian Yeah, might have to revisit that place.
22:34 drojf tonight? :D
22:35 drojf house tsipouro 0,25l 3,70€ (bar list)
22:35 eythian That's just the excessive amount of strong booze talking, drojf
22:35 eythian That was so cheap
22:36 drojf thatsthe hotel. i think it was cheaper there
22:36 eythian Oh right
22:36 eythian Still
22:37 drojf it's the only thing on the hotel bar list i would order it seems
22:37 drojf tsipouro was 4,50 there, according to the photo i took
22:38 eythian The hotel one is 4 according to the list I have
22:38 drojf then i prefer my list
22:38 drojf oh yes you are right
22:38 eythian Perhaps it's like the English menu yesterday
22:38 drojf 3,70 is the ouzo
22:38 drojf yes lol
22:39 eythian I think I might go to bed
22:39 eythian Later!
22:39 drojf that's what i was thinking
22:39 drojf good night!
22:39 wahanui Don't go, drojf. Stay a while. Stay forever.
22:39 drojf wahanui: have a tsipouro!
22:39 wahanui drojf: sorry...
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