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00:32 barton evening #koha, I have a debian wheezy box with zebra 2.0.44-3 installed via standard wheezy/main amd64 Packages ... I need to upgrade  to 2.0.59-1... I'm trying to figure out which repo to pull from
00:40 * dcook shudders at the mention of 2.0.59
00:40 barton oh?
00:40 dcook ICU bug :/
00:40 barton ick.
00:41 dcook I don't think you can install 2.0.59-1 for wheezy?
00:41 dcook I think it's only available for Jessie?
00:41 dcook
00:41 dcook If you're upgrading though, I'd just use the Indexdata Debian repo and get 2.0.62 :D
00:41 dcook *upgrading Zebra only and not the whole OS
00:41 dcook Honestly, I don't know why we don't use the Indexdata repo for it...
00:42 barton well, this is a test box, and I'm trying to upgrade to see if I can replicate an issue, so...
00:42 dcook O_o
00:42 dcook I'm not sure I follow
00:43 dcook What system is having the issue?
00:43 dcook A Jessie system?
00:43 barton Yep.
00:43 dcook I'd recommend using Jessie then :)
00:44 dcook barton: Failing that, you could probably just download the .deb from
00:44 dcook[…]indexdata_all.deb
00:45 barton mmm. yeah... I guess that makes sense... I've got a pretty hefty database loaded on that instance, so I was hoping to avoid that.
00:45 barton ah,  that sounds like the path of least resistance.
00:46 dcook hehe
00:46 dcook Although you might need to download a few packages I think
00:46 dcook You might want to set upt he Indexdata repository and then try somethign like this:[…]ith-exact-version
00:47 dcook Trying to just install that first one might lead to failures when it can't resolve certain dependencies?
00:47 dcook I have that repo set up on a server... let's see if I can fetch specific info..
00:49 dcook Ah, except someone misconfigured that server during an upgrade... *facepalm*
00:49 barton gotta hate that.
00:50 dcook Yep, especially when I have other fish to fry..
00:53 barton actually, let me run the underlying issue past you really quick -- when I have querystemming enabled, a search containing a single letter word, e.g. the 'a' in "To kill a mockingbird" takes about 2 minutes to complete.
00:53 dcook Yikes
00:54 dcook I would check to see what query is being generated
00:54 dcook I'm not sure what version of Koha has improved Zebra verbosity settings though...
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00:55 dac hmm
00:55 barton Yeah. Now that's on a very slow file system ...
00:56 dcook "To kill mockingbird" works fine though?
00:56 barton yep.
00:56 dcook I suppose there might be an issue with the stemmer then?
00:56 dcook I think this is the one we use:[…]/Stem/
00:57 barton It also catches the 't' in "don't"
00:57 dcook "catches"?
00:58 barton The problem occurs on words like "don't" ...
00:58 barton where the final 't' is apparently searched for separately.
01:00 dcook Ahh
01:00 dcook Bizarre
01:00 barton I don't think it's the stemmer... I reproduced the problem in zebra.
01:00 barton er yaz-client.
01:00 dcook Ah, good one
01:00 dcook That sounds very strange...
01:01 dcook Can you use pastebin for your inputs/outputs for yaz-client?
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01:02 barton I think that it's a disk I/O issue... pianohacker was watching that, and we're also having horrible issues when indexing.
01:03 barton 100K bibs and their authorities take ~12 hours to index.
01:03 barton there are things glusterfs is good for, and apparently zebra isn't one of them.
01:06 barton dcook, I'll see if I can find those yaz-client examples, there's been a bit of water under the bridge since I did that part of the trouble-shooting.
01:07 dcook Well, I have a reboot coming. Bbiab
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02:34 barton @later tell dcook I added the wheezy idzebra repo... it had 2.0.59-1, but there were just too many un-met dependencies. (thank you apt-get --dry-run)
02:34 huginn barton: The operation succeeded.
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06:45 reiveune hello
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06:55 reiveune hello
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07:09 sophie_m hello #koha
07:09 fridolin hie there
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10:33 drojf hi #koha
10:34 drojf cait: ah thanks, i checked in somehwere at the front
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11:08 cait drojf: didn't pick a seat, no idea what c is, but i think either window or aisle
11:11 drojf window is a and f
11:11 cait ah cool :)
11:11 cait i wanted an aisle seat anyway :)
11:14 cait drojf: the encryption thing is acting up again
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11:44 oleonard Hi All
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11:51 drojf hi oleonard
11:52 drojf very little emails today.  something is fishy
11:54 * oleonard signs drojf up for all the newsletters
11:55 drojf i get enough of those. but they end up in the junk folder automagically
11:57 oleonard Shouldn't the QA tool warn about something like this? '<a href="[% IF ( budget_period_id) %]/cgi-bin/koha/admin/'
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13:06 kidclamp hi all
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13:15 oleonard Joubu did you see my question above about the QA tool?
13:16 Joubu oleonard: nope
13:16 oleonard Shouldn't the QA tool warn about something like this? '<a href="[% IF ( budget_period_id) %]/cgi-bin/koha/admin/'
13:16 oleonard an [% IF %] inside <a> ?
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13:17 Joubu oleonard: this is checked in a xt script
13:17 Joubu we could add that check to the QA tools
13:18 oleonard Oh okay, that's just my misunderstanding.
13:19 Joubu hum actually it already should
13:19 Joubu oleonard: could you open a bug report and assign it to me please?
13:20 oleonard Yes
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13:38 oleonard Joubu do you have a moment for another question?
13:39 Joubu oleonard: yep :)
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13:40 oleonard I was looking at aleisha patch for, and noticed that it's not possible to do [% IF ( libraries.size ) %] to check for the existence of libraries before showing the table.
13:41 oleonard [% libraries.size %] returns 1 even if there are no libraries.
13:41 oleonard Is there a better way to do it? Why doesn't it work?
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13:42 cait1 oleonard: not sure
13:42 cait1 actually dunno :(
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13:42 tcohen late morning
13:42 cait1 (15:41:09) oleonard: [% libraries.size %] returns 1 even if there are no libraries.
13:42 cait1 (15:41:33) oleonard: Is there a better way to do it? Why doesn't it work?
13:42 cait1 tcohen - doyou know?
13:43 tcohen i'd ask khall
13:43 tcohen i'm not sure about the context
13:43 oleonard I've asked Joubu since it's his code :)
13:43 * cait1 grumps about flags not having an id /something in memberentrygen
13:44 oleonard cait1: ?
13:44 Joubu oleonard: it depends what "libraries" is
13:45 cait1 i got a library that does not want to use the gone no address /lost card
13:45 cait1 and hiding it is hard
13:45 cait1 so i grump :)
13:45 cait1 $('label[for="yesgonenoaddress"]').​parent().parent().parent().hide(); < works, but is not really nice? :)
13:46 Joubu oleonard: if it's an array, size will return the number of elements
13:46 Joubu but in your case it's certainly an object (from Koha::Libraries), in this case size will always return 1
13:46 Joubu it should be count
13:47 Joubu but I think I have fixed this one, let me check
13:50 Joubu hum, I don't find it
13:52 Joubu oleonard: anyway, libraries.count should work
13:53 oleonard yes it does, thanks!
13:53 oleonard Joubu++
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14:02 oleonard cait1: If they don't want either of those flags can't you hide the whole fieldset?
14:03 cait1 yeah - but it has nothing to identify it nicely with
14:03 cait1 and doing by index seemed not a good idea
14:03 cait1 the fieldset only has a class 'rows' - but this is 3.22,not master
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14:07 oleonard cait1: which 3.22?
14:07 cait1 hmsec
14:08 cait1 ah, 05 i think
14:08 cait1 yep
14:08 cait1 going to update to 7 when it's out
14:11 cait1 oleonard: i will try to remember to check on master - and file a bug if it's still not there
14:11 cait1 a good beginner patch
14:11 oleonard cait1: How about this in IntranetUserCSS: #memberentry_userid+fieldset { display: none; }
14:11 oleonard cait1: It's fixed in master and the latest 3.22.x
14:12 cait1 aah
14:12 cait1 just missed it then
14:12 cait1 hm why userid?
14:12 cait1 is plus the next?
14:12 oleonard It selects the next fieldset after  #memberentry_userid
14:12 cait1 !
14:12 cait1 something new :)
14:13 cait1 works nicely
14:13 cait1 thx oleonard1
14:13 cait1 oleonard++
14:13 cait1 there is another small thing i did with jquery in the past
14:14 cait1 when you are on the details page
14:14 cait1 and try to hide alternate contact
14:14 cait1 you can hide the fields with the id #patron_alternative-contact - but the edit link after it remains
14:14 cait1 hm guess the same woudl work there
14:15 cait1 ... and it does work
14:15 cait1 thx a lot
14:16 oleonard I wonder why BorrowerUnwantedField doesn't work for those flags
14:16 cait1 not sure
14:16 cait1 i checked the template, it looks like it ends just above it
14:18 oleonard Maybe just an oversight.
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14:24 cait1 or thinking it shoudl not be hidden - but i don#t see why not
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15:22 Joubu oleonard: I have just used the less-watch tools (very useful btw!) and it created mixins.css and responsive.css
15:22 Joubu does that means we could remove the less files for these 2 ones?
15:23 Joubu and print.css, right-to-left.css have been updated, it could come a diff in the versions used, or a divergence between the css and the less files
15:23 Joubu from*
15:27 oleonard Joubu: You're asking should we remove mixins.less and responsive.less?
15:28 Joubu yes
15:28 Joubu actually no, I do not care :) Just to make sure they are not used
15:28 Joubu I think I have already asked you
15:28 oleonard No, because when Less processes opac.less it imports mixins.less and responsive.less
15:29 Joubu ha yes, that was your answer :)
15:29 oleonard The configuration should probably be modified so that mixins.css and responsive.css are not generated
15:31 oleonard the batch modification template includes markup for a job progress bar, but it never appears. I wonder it is supposed to.
15:32 oleonard Sorry, no, the batch deletion template.
15:32 Joubu maybe move the imports in an import dir, than start less-watch-compiler with less/*.less
15:32 Joubu if it accepts a list of files instead of a dir
15:34 Joubu oleonard: no the progress bar is not implemented for this tool
15:36 reiveune bye
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15:38 oleonard Okay, so it's safe to remove the progressbar markup and js
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16:50 jim_ hello
16:50 jim_ any one here
16:50 oleonard Hi jim_
16:50 jim_ Hi leo
16:50 jim_ Can you tell me can Koha work on LAN?
16:52 oleonard Koha is like any web site. It can be accessed anywhere you want it to be, depending on your network setup.
17:00 jim_ i see
17:01 jim_ So will it work on LAN
17:01 jim_ without internet
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18:41 * Dyrcona has a community-related question.
18:41 Dyrcona How is the Kaitiaki chosen/determined?
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18:44 Dyrcona The only reference on the web that I can find returns a 404.
18:44 Dyrcona Ok, well, the reference from wikipedia.
18:46 oleonard Dyrcona: We don't have a procedure for it anymore. There hasn't been one for ages.
18:47 Dyrcona oleonard: Thanks. I was looking at some pages about the Horowhenua Library Trust Koha Committee and wondered about it.
18:55 Dyrcona I think this page could may be use an update:[…]ect-organization/
18:56 Dyrcona But I really don't know.
19:00 oleonard Bye all
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20:16 * andreashm waves
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20:22 * cait waves
20:25 * kchris waves
20:27 kchris Does anyone have suggestions starting to get family with the Koha codebase and programming for Koha? I finally have Koha in a development environment working with git.
20:28 Dyrcona kchris: Are you already familiar with Perl?
20:28 kchris No. More familiar with Java and a little Python.
20:30 kchris Dyrcona: Would you recommend I start by getting more familiar with PERL, or the Template Toolkit?
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20:31 Dyrcona kchris: Well, if you look into Template Toolkit, you might get more familiar with Perl along the way.
20:31 Dyrcona It helps to be proficient with Perl, but you don't need to be an expert.
20:32 Dyrcona By proficient, I mean comfortable with reading and writing programs in the language.
20:34 Dyrcona But that's about as much advice as I could give, since I don't really work on or with koha.
20:34 Dyrcona I work on another, similar project, and I check on the koha code now and then.
20:35 kchris Okay, thanks for the advice.
20:40 kidclamp template toolkit is a good place to start and then dipping into the perl kcrhis
20:41 kidclamp I really recommend doing as many sign offs as possible as a good method of learning, it makes you look at the front and back end and start to think about how they are wokring together
20:45 kchris kidclamp: thanks for the pointers. I will keep on the sign offs.
20:45 Dyrcona Yeah, reviewing patches is probably better than just trying to dive into code head first.
20:46 kidclamp sign offs are also a good way to garner karma and goodwill :D
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23:50 cait no luck installing koha on ubuntu 16.05
23:50 bag master?
23:50 cait i am still running into  'using a password on command line interface can be insecure'
23:50 cait yep
23:51 bag git install?
23:51 cait yes
23:51 cait but shouldn't matter
23:51 cait it's the web installer
23:51 cait and the new mysql in ubuntu
23:51 bag hmmm…   I haven’t seen that message before
23:52 cait it won't let you get beyond step 3 :(
23:52 bag plack?
23:52 cait yeah i though bug 16402 would fix it
23:52 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=16402 critical, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Pushed to Stable , DB structure cannot be loaded in MySQL 5.7
23:52 cait no plack
23:52 cait not related to plack :)
23:54 eythian so, the package mysql tools may need to be tweaked to work with newer mysql not permitting passwords on the command line
23:54 cait maybe
23:54 eythian I don't know for sure if that's a thing or not, but it possibly is
23:54 cait but i am not using packages
23:54 eythian ah
23:55 cait i am just trying to run the good old web isntaller
23:55 cait and it failes when suppsoed to create the tables
23:55 cait the issue seems to be kohastructure.sql is my guess
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23:55 eythian then that may be a warning and not an error
23:56 eythian though I'm surprised you see it in the web installer, unless it invokes mysql directly to do things.
23:56 eythian perhaps I'll have a stab at that in Berlin if no one beats me to it :)
23:56 cait see the bug above
23:56 cait woudl be good, but until someone fixes this... this qa is out of order
23:56 cait and that's nto really practical
23:57 bag heya eythian
23:57 eythian hi bag
23:58 cait it lookslike it added the table still - but i can't load sample data
23:58 eythian cait: so I've spent the past several days in Leipzig.I have to say it's a nice to be back in a country now where I can read the signs. I didn't realise that'd be a thing coming back here.
23:58 cait ?
23:59 eythian well, I can't read them in Germany. I can in the Netherlands. It surprised me.
23:59 eythian I didn't realise i was translating so well automatically.
23:59 eythian I also kept answering people asking me things in German in Dutch.
23:59 eythian That got annoying.
23:59 cait hehe

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