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01:02 dcook Morning folks. Anyone around who uses the kohadevbox?
01:06 wizzyrea sup
01:06 dcook Oh, it's all right. I noticed that kohadevbox uses koha-gitify :/
01:07 dcook Then I thought about having a whinge but thought it might be more useful if I just improved koha-gitify :p
01:07 dcook Although that's easier said than done...
01:07 dcook As koha-gitify doesn't seem to be able to test changes to Zebra files or koha-conf.xml...
01:09 wizzyrea not yet, no
01:10 dcook Not for that last few years :p
01:10 dcook I'll take a little look right now to see what I can do...
01:10 wizzyrea that's about how long it's been since cjh was working on koha
01:10 dcook Yarp
01:10 * dcook playfully shakes his fist in cjh's general direction
01:12 dcook I think I might be able to do some of the Zebra stuff but don't know about the koha-conf.xml file...
01:12 dcook Since that needs to go through the source build process...
01:17 dcook Hmm a person might be able to cheat though...
01:19 dcook Ooooh yes... that might work, precious...
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01:21 dcook '$prefix = $ENV{'INSTALL_BASE'} || "/usr";'
01:21 dcook That can't possibly be right...
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01:34 dcook I guess you can't really test koha-conf.xml in this case...
01:34 dcook Too many things rely on the package install...
01:41 dcook wizzyrea: Alas, I think it will proceed without that functionality
01:41 dcook I'm tempted to make an alternative to kohadevbox which does a git dev install...
01:41 rangi how exactly would that be different?
01:42 dcook rangi: It would update the Zebra files and the koha-conf.xml file
01:42 rangi nope it wouldnt
01:42 dcook Yes it would
01:42 rangi not unless you ran make install
01:42 dcook That's how I do it
01:42 dcook Right
01:42 dcook Well, make upgrade
01:42 rangi so how is that different
01:42 dcook ?
01:42 rangi its just a git install
01:42 rangi both of them
01:42 * dcook shakes his head
01:42 dcook It's not
01:42 rangi just one has conf files in a different place
01:42 rangi it so is
01:43 dcook It's a partial git install
01:43 dcook And a partial package install
01:43 rangi you can set a bunch of values and do a make upgrade
01:43 * dcook ponders
01:43 dcook That would probably be a bad idea, no?
01:43 dcook You'd overwrite the package install
01:44 rangi no you wouldnt
01:44 dcook Unless you're pointing somewhere else
01:44 rangi you'd be doing exactly the same as upgrading the package
01:44 dcook Except you wouldn't be upgrading the package
01:44 rangi which is the proper way to do it, debian/build-git-snapshot
01:44 dcook And the OS would still think it's installed Koha 3.whatever
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01:45 rangi dpkg -i packagename
01:45 rangi done
01:45 dcook Yeah, I was thinking of doing debian/build-git-snapshot
01:45 dcook My point is that it currently is a manual process
01:45 dcook I'm trying to find a way for a non-developer to be able to test Zebra and koha-conf.xml changes
01:45 dcook Who is using kohadevbox
01:46 rangi but they could do a perl Makefile.PL and a make upgrade?
01:46 dcook No, that's what I do myself
01:47 dcook And what I'd do in an alternative to kohadevbox
01:47 rangi i just don't see that this is any more manual than that
01:47 dcook ?
01:47 dcook What's "this" and "that" in that sentence?
01:48 rangi building and upgrading a package
01:48 rangi vs make upgrade
01:49 dcook I suppose people might be more familiar with installing packages
01:49 dcook Whereas make upgrade is scarier
01:49 dcook And if you're doing it on a kohadevbox system...
01:50 rangi at least that way it will catch if you have manually edited files too, and warn you, and give the option to overwrite or keep yours, and give a diff etc
01:51 dcook Mmm that's true
01:51 rangi also a really good way to catch if some snuck a dependency in
01:51 * dcook is totally sneaking a dependency in
01:52 dcook I keep thinking that ashimema made some really good changes for Koha and Zebra actually...
01:52 dcook Although I'm not sure they'll be enough
01:53 dcook I guess to get the packaged Zebra to work you have to use /etc/koha/sites/$instancename/koha-conf.xml
01:55 dcook rangi: Sorry, I still don't get what you're trying to get at
01:55 dcook But it's lunch time
01:55 * dcook vanishes
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03:22 dcook @later tell oleonard any thoughts on "paging" for https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]rns#Page_layouts?
03:22 huginn dcook: The operation succeeded.
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06:27 fridolin hie all
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06:53 reiveune hello
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07:20 rajesh hello\
07:20 rajesh anybody is online
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07:29 rajesh hello
07:30 rajesh hello janpasi
07:46 rajesh hello
08:18 ashimema I did?
08:18 ashimema dcook still around?
08:20 * ashimema thinks he needs to get back into koha some time soon.. can't wait 'till me epic migration marathon is over come the summer
08:21 ashimema morning #koha
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12:15 oleonard Hi #koha
12:16 kidclamp morning
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12:32 tcohen hola #koha
12:32 kidclamp hi tchoen
12:32 kidclamp tcohen even
12:33 tcohen heh, hi kidclamp
12:33 tcohen Joubu: can you paste the error you get with kohadevbox?
12:34 kidclamp ssh corpus
12:34 Joubu tcohen:[…]6-05-13#i_1822127
12:36 tcohen Joubu: thanks, I don't have a Jessie box to try myself
12:36 tcohen Joubu: you are on latest master, right? (kohadevbox:master)
12:37 Joubu yep
12:37 Joubu tcohen: which version of ansible are you using
12:37 Joubu ?
12:37 tcohen it is
12:38 tcohen well, on 16.04, on O$ X
12:39 tcohen which is yours?
12:39 tcohen 2.2?
12:44 Joubu tcohen: yep 2.2.0
12:45 tcohen can you paste the error?
12:45 tcohen how did you get that version? using pip?
12:46 Joubu `make deb` from src
12:47 pastebot Someone at pasted "==> jessie: Mounting NFS share" (28 lines) at
12:48 Joubu maybe `git submodule update --init --recursive`then make deb again
12:50 tcohen bgkriegel mentioned me some issues too
12:50 tcohen and it seemed to be fixed by the --recursive
12:50 tcohen flag
12:51 tcohen Joubu: can't you use Ubuntu's PPA for Ansible on Jessie?
12:52 tcohen[…]ve/ubuntu/ansible
12:56 Joubu seems better with the submodule update
12:57 kidclamp oleonard, can you take a glance at 16527 - you know a bit about the calendar plugin i think
13:03 oleonard Yeah I can try to take a look
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13:29 Joubu On, I'd say that the link for "Koha: a full featured open source library system" is wrong
13:37 oleonard Joubu: Very very wrong!
13:40 oleonard Of course getting a change made to the page is made as difficult as possible[…]org/msg01615.html
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13:51 Joubu oleonard: we will see :)
13:51 oleonard Joubu++
13:52 tcohen Joubu++
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14:07 oleonard kidclamp: I think the highlight issue is a red herring. I think it always highlights the current date
14:07 oleonard kidclamp: But I confirm the problem with the date not being remembered
14:09 kidclamp oleonard: in 3.18 at least the selected date was marked selected/highlighted white while the curdate was yellow
14:10 oleonard 'Show checkouts' is broken for me in master. JS error.
14:11 Joubu oleonard: looks of here
14:12 Joubu ok*
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14:47 oleonard Joubu: Turns out I had a book checked out which didn't exist. Not sure how that happens, but I'll blame it on "test system."
14:51 oleonard kidclamp: Did you try git-bisecting to find an origin for that bug?
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14:56 kidclamp not yet oleonard, I looked at the history and nothing jumped out
14:57 oleonard kidclamp: The jQuery upgrade seems like a place to start if you're looking for the highlighting issue.
14:59 cait khall:could you take a look at rebasing the F/FU patch?
14:59 khall will do cait! do you have the bug number handy?
15:00 cait bug 14390
15:00 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=14390 normal, P5 - low, ---, kyle, Patch doesn't apply , Fine not updated from 'FU' to 'F' on renewal
15:01 reiveune bye
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15:01 cait thx!
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15:02 kidclamp thnx oleonard
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15:26 bag morning
15:27 oleonard Hi bag
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15:39 * cait waves
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16:03 oleonard druthb: Conferencing today?
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16:03 druthb oleonard:   yup!  Now through Thursday.  :)  press_pass++
16:04 * druthb is part of the liberal FOSS media now.
16:05 oleonard Three cheers for the liberal FOSS media!
16:05 * druthb blames nengard
16:07 oleonard nengard's lavish lifestyle has shown you how lucrative the liberal FOSS media business is.
16:08 druthb Indeed.  Our editor sends out Cool Swag.  :)
16:08 druthb Plus, they get me media passes to cool conferences.  :)
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17:11 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 16402 - DBRev <[…]e9698f6fb349b8b7d> / Bug 16402: (QA followup) <[…]ea43e730db74a528a> / Bug 16402: Fix fox existing installations <[…]100ef535c7da56285> / B
17:22 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 16288: (QA followup) Remove the syspref INSERT line <[…]f0985feda37e819e7> / Bug 16288: Remove unused EDI Shipping Budget syspref <[…]1bf99e80ffe3e4cac> / Bug 16288: Remove Reference to obsolete EAN syspref <
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17:32 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 16481 - Report menu has unexpected issues <[…]123a0f6e213efa5f1> / Bug 16259: Replace CGI->param with CGI->multi_param in list context - part 2 <[…]eb3abd8cbc88a81e9> / Bug 1859: Do not display < > if an entry without value is selected <http://git.koha-co
17:42 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 16385: Fix breadcrumbs when ordering from subscription <[…]2eddbc5dcd84c04ed> / Bug 15086 - DBRev <[…]6f585fb45616ee3d1> / Bug 15086: Creators layout and template sql has warnings <[…]git;a=commitdiff;
17:42 oleonard jajm: Do you think your new plugin system should replace the existing one? Or is there some reason to have both?
17:44 jajm oleonard, no reason to have both, but if we choose to use the new, they can coexist until all existing plugins are "migrated"
17:47 cait jajm: translatable plugins? *hopeful
17:49 jajm cait, using https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=15395 we could easily have translatable strings in plugin (even with the current plugin system)
17:49 huginn Bug 15395: enhancement, P5 - low, ---, julian.maurice, Needs Signoff , Allow correct handling of plural translation
17:50 cait ah
17:51 jajm interested in signing off ? :p
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17:52 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 16382: Update German web installer sample files for 16.05 <[…]587bb56a939fec561> / Bug 16501: Remove some unneeded warns in Upload.t <[…]b2488dc9568ab642f> / Bug 16471: Translatability: Fix issues in <http://git.koha-community.or
18:02 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 16470: Update MARC21 es-ES frameworks to Update 22 (April 2016) <[…]1a58b0f91997059c3> / Bug 16460: Update MARC21 frameworks to Update No. 22 (April 2016) <[…]a89938c4387836f48>
18:59 oleonard Bye #koha
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19:34 * andreashm waves
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19:37 andreashm hi cait
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19:43 andreashm_ ok, I've probably asked this before, but in that case I've forgotten the answer. But what triggers predue notices to be sent (how, when?). overdue notices have its status triggers, but what of the other notice types?
19:45 cait there is a cronjob
19:45 cait predue is sent x days before the loan period ends
19:45 cait advance_notices checks the due dates of your items and the setting for the messages (how many days) and that triggers the notice
19:45 cait due notices are sent on the due date
19:45 cait same cronjob
19:48 andreashm_ thanks cait.
19:49 andreashm_ but what if you have automatic renewals scheduled (we will use that feature). Will predues be sent at all? and how do you decide how many days before the end of the loan period the mail should be sent?
19:50 cait andreashm_: take a look at th emessage settings
19:51 cait what you could do, and i think the library who wrote this does:
19:51 cait you set the period for when an item can be renewed in the circulation rules to a higher day value, than you set the predue notice too
19:51 cait this way a predue notice will only be sent out if the automatic renewal fails
19:51 cait for example:
19:51 cait allow renewal 7 days before end of due date (circulation conditions)
19:52 cait sent predue notice 5days befor ethe end of due date
19:52 cait make sense?
19:52 andreashm_ yup. that's clever.
19:53 andreashm cait: we'll look into that! thanks a bunch!
19:53 andreashm cait++
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20:08 tcohen bye #koha
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23:29 * dcook waves
23:30 dcook gmcharlt: I don't suppose you're still around?
23:30 dcook Just a packaging query
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