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02:51 * Oak waves
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03:01 Oak wizzyrea thank you! I'll try your solution now.
03:01 wizzyrea hi oak :)
03:01 Oak :)
03:02 wizzyrea the other option is to clone devbox from my github
03:02 wizzyrea which has fixes for that
03:02 wizzyrea and a couple of other things
03:02 wizzyrea (but that's not a requirement)
03:03 wizzyrea (yes, I know I need to submit those patches but I've messed up somehow and have to untangle it all...)
03:05 Oak Oh cool. I did not know. I'll check your github repository now.
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03:49 Oak magnuse
03:51 Oak wizzyrea, destroying vagrant vm and re-creating with webinstaller enabled in config worked!
03:52 Oak @later tell drojf destroying vagrant vm and re-creating with webinstaller enabled in config worked! Issue re-solved.
03:52 huginn Oak: The operation succeeded.
03:52 wizzyrea \o/
03:52 Oak \o/ :)
03:52 wizzyrea that was one of those "oh oh I know how to fix that" moments :)
03:52 Oak heh
04:01 * Francesca waves
04:01 Francesca \o/ for fixing stuff
04:04 Oak hello Francesca :)
04:04 Francesca hey Oak
04:04 Francesca sup
04:05 Oak playing with the git install using vagrant
04:06 Francesca fun
04:07 Oak lots
04:07 Oak sup yourself?
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04:43 Francesca whoops wasn't looking at my chat
04:44 Francesca just uni work
04:45 Oak cool
04:56 Francesca my cat is asleep on my feet
04:57 Oak :)
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06:17 Oak wizzyrea, I'm having this issue[…]5-07-05#i_1698120
06:18 Oak Do you remember how you solved it?
06:36 Oak running prove t/ outputs stuff... and at many locations says "Couldn't open /etc/koha/sites/kohadev/koha-conf.xml"
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06:42 Joubu hello
06:42 wahanui niihau, Joubu
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06:48 reiveune hello
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07:00 * magnuse waves
07:00 Oak magnuse
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07:04 alex_a bonjour
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07:12 gaetan_B hello
07:13 Oak Hello alex_a, gaetan_B
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07:21 drojf morning
07:21 Oak morning drojf
07:21 drojf hi Oak
07:22 drojf Oak: ah you are on a kohadevbox! i did not understand that
07:22 drojf but good to hear it works!
07:22 Oak yeah :) now trying to make qa-test-tools work
07:28 Joubu drojf: hi! Why did not you switch the status of bug 15303 back to needs QA?
07:28 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=15303 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, mirko, Failed QA , Letsencrypt option for Debian package installations
07:28 drojf oh sorry, i forgot
07:29 drojf it was not intended
07:36 magnuse Oak
07:37 drojf Joubu: should i roll a package with the last patches?
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07:38 magnuse anyone tried koha with cperl? said to be twice as fast as "regular" perl
07:38 magnuse heard about it here[…]3?autostart=false
07:39 Oak what will this command do: git format-patch -s --subject-prefix='PATCH] [SIGNED-OFF' origin/master
07:39 Oak it created a .patch file I can see.
07:40 Oak what's the next step... login to bugzilla and make bug signed off, and add a useful comment.
07:40 Oak And attach the .patch file?
07:42 drojf i wanted to build "a few" packages to try catmandu 1.0 in koha. i ended up building like 40 and don't even have all catmandu modules i want to have yet. if anyone wants to play/break their koha+es setup…
07:43 eythian yep, catmandu gets quite the chain of modules going
07:43 Joubu drojf: no, I will update the files manually
07:44 drojf eythian: catmandu-sru was really nasty
07:44 drojf no
07:44 drojf catmandu-rdf i think
07:44 drojf one needed a lot of stuff
08:18 drojf eythian: could koha do something like "apt-get install -t jessie-backports letsencrypt" for a certain dependency? it seems like LE from backports complains about missing deps unless you tell debian to pull the deps from backports. it would be nice if people won't have to set the priority manually in /etc/apt/preferences
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08:34 ashimema no cait yet today?
08:34 ashimema morning #koha
08:34 eythian drojf: I'm pretty sure you can't do that
08:35 eythian it would be better perhaps to put it in the koha repo instead.
08:35 eythian also, many people won't have backports configured as a source anyway
08:37 drojf eythian: i forgot it's not a dependency atm. at installation you are asked about it if there is a candidate. i will make it use backports with -t jessie-backports in the case they are actually on jessie.
08:38 eythian oh right
08:38 drojf we don't force LE, so making it a dependency while it is not available everywhere does not make sense
08:38 eythian if it's a script doing it, that's OK
08:38 eythian sure
08:38 drojf yep but i really wondered about doing it for a dependency
08:39 eythian you can't, because you have no control over what sources a server has configured.
08:40 drojf yeah and that is probably a good thing ;)
08:40 eythian yep :)
08:48 drojf is lsb_release a standard debian thing or do i just happen to have that from testing stuff?
08:49 eythian it's standard
08:49 eythian at least, it is in ubuntu
08:50 drojf related question, how do i check if it is? :)
08:50 eythian see what package it is, and see what depends on it
08:51 eythian trace the tree upwards until you find a package marked critical or however that works
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09:06 magnuse kia ora cait
09:06 cait morning magnuse and #koha
09:07 Oak heya cait
09:08 cait mveron++
09:14 Oak what did he do cait ?
09:16 cait translate
09:16 Oak mveron++
09:22 magnuse gah, it's that time of the month again
09:23 Oak dang
09:23 Oak what time of the month?
09:25 drojf translation time ;)
09:25 drojf hei magnuse and cait
09:25 drojf cait: so we are done already?
09:35 cait not sure if it was updated yet
09:36 magnuse nb-NO has new strings, at least
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11:46 oleonard Hi #koha
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12:14 kidclamp Joubu - I keep poking those tests on 10612, have not been able to recreate
12:14 Joubu kidclamp: that's weird, they fail randomly
12:14 kidclamp The OldIssues test is for 'not borrowed since'
12:15 Joubu that does not comfort me, I suspect an hidden bug somewhere
12:15 Joubu kidclamp: yep but the tests pass when I comment it
12:15 kidclamp and don't when it is uncommented?
12:15 Joubu yes they also pass if it's uncommented :)
12:16 Joubu I've just managed to make them fail once
12:16 Joubu but forgot to dump the DB before!
12:16 kidclamp Always happens that way
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12:36 tcohen morning!
12:37 magnuse ¡hola tcohen!
12:37 tcohen hey!
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13:52 drojf @later tell bag the bywater demo on is broken
13:52 huginn drojf: The operation succeeded.
14:04 tcohen khall: wb :-D
14:04 khall thanks!
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14:04 tcohen :-D
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14:21 cait wb khall :)
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14:22 khall thanks!
14:27 oleonard Hi khall
14:27 khall mornin oleonard!
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14:37 drojf oleonard: when i repeat a field in the cataloguing editor, the random numbers for field names don't get replaced, but concatenated. while i don't see a problem, i wonder if that is intentional or by accident? (we may get the same number again otherwise, in theory?)
14:37 drojf tag_600_subfield_b_933551_731050
14:37 drojf tag_600_subfield_b_933551_73105048777
14:37 drojf tag_600_subfield_b_933551_7310504877785736
14:38 oleonard drojf: It doesn't sound like it's intentional. It's been ages since I've looked at that code though.
14:38 oleonard Does git blame me?
14:38 drojf don't know, i just assumed its oleonard stuff :)
14:39 oleonard I can put it on my to-do list if you'd like me to take a look.
14:39 drojf i have not looked at the code yet, just found it in firebug
14:39 drojf not really, i don't think it matters or dies any harm. i just wondered if its intended
14:39 drojf *does
14:41 drojf is there a limit on the length of a name attribute for an input? it might matter in that case, if you got a lot of fields
14:41 drojf (not sure if it dies the same when you open a record where the fields are present already)
14:41 drojf does
14:45 Joubu drojf: I had a look at that problem, but don't remember the conclusion...
14:46 Joubu I think it finished with "no matter, it works and is too cryptic to fix it"
14:47 drojf :)
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14:56 cait Joubu: fwiw - the tests always passed for me :(
14:57 Joubu cait: hum, weird
14:58 Joubu it did for me actually, but retested today and if failed once
14:58 cait hm frameworkcode...
14:58 wahanui frameworkcode is, like, _usually_ ''
14:58 cait that's not mapped to any marc field is it?
14:58 cait ah no pianohacker
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15:02 oleonard pianohacker: Did you hear cait's call?
15:03 pianohacker poking the huginn
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15:03 pianohacker the huginn is silent
15:03 pianohacker so no, oleonard :)
15:03 cait hi pianohacker :)
15:03 cait i was just wondering - frameworkcodes and rancor....
15:03 cait i think it's always setting default, is that about right?
15:03 oleonard pianohacker: She mentioned you moments before you appeared, so I thought maybe you saw the pianohacker signal
15:03 pianohacker yup
15:04 pianohacker oh hahahaha
15:04 cait hm... that's an idea...
15:04 cait but we have solar panels on the roof... so might be hard to fnd a good spot for it
15:05 pianohacker just noodle on a piano
15:05 cait so no frameworkcodes when using rancor?
15:06 pianohacker oh, right, an actual question
15:06 pianohacker correct
15:06 cait cool thx
15:06 pianohacker I thought it preserved the frameworkcode in the underlying DB (could be wrong about that), but it DOES always use the mandatory/repeatable rules of the default framework
15:07 cait hm but if you add a new record
15:07 cait you can't set a frameworkcode it hought?
15:07 cait Bug 6906        - show 'Borrower has previously issued $ITEM' alert on checkout
15:07 cait is the one this is about
15:08 cait the question is 'how to or not how to check if something is a serial'
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15:09 pianohacker cait: correct.
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15:11 oleonard So, just to be sure: The new feature checks whether any item on the biblio has been checked out? Not just that one item?
15:16 ashimema correct oleanard
15:16 ashimema it's bibliographic level
15:16 ashimema rather than item level
15:18 oleonard Thanks ashimema, and hi :)
15:19 ashimema idea being that "if you've read harry potter and the philosophers stone once, you don't want to get it again the next week just because you've not read that particular copy of it'
15:19 oleonard Makes sense
15:19 ashimema :)
15:20 ashimema that works fine except for the serials case.. where lots of place catalogue a single serial at the bib level, then each issue at the item level :(
15:20 ashimema which we didn't think about
15:26 bag morning
15:28 * oleonard wonders if biblio.serial is used anymore
15:30 cait oleonard: i checked some of our most recent dbs... nothing there
15:30 cait no idea
15:30 cait always assumed it might be UNIMARC
15:30 cait becuase there is this one serial view feature for the OPAC that only works for UNIMARC
15:38 magnuse now that there are moer/different people around: anyone tried koha with cperl? said to be twice as fast as "regular" perl
15:38 magnuse bag: HI
15:39 bag heya magnuse
15:39 wahanui somebody said magnuse was afraid that we added another 10000 bugs while he was eating pizza.
15:40 cait hm i have a question too
15:40 cait we have a weird import/reindexing problemin one of our databases
15:40 cait the import finiehs perfectly
15:40 cait but some records are not searchable
15:40 cait in the zebra_queue they are marked as done
15:40 magnuse maybe they are just shy?
15:41 cait when i put them in the queue again by doing some change - they get 'indexed' (zebra_queue) - but are still not searchable
15:41 cait the only success we had is using the zebra_queue script with a where condition and the biblionumber
15:41 cait but right now we only know that like 30 are missing... and we can't locate them
15:41 cait any idea what could cause this?
15:44 pianohacker cait: would these be really large records?
15:44 pianohacker or ones with encoding problems?
15:47 cait unlikely
15:47 cait they are all from the union catlaog
15:47 cait i have checked... i can't see anything out of the usual
15:47 cait and they are not especially big
15:47 cait 2 items
15:47 cait not a lot of info like abstract or anything
15:47 pianohacker then your best bet is to run rebuild zebra in double loud mode (-v -v)
15:48 cait the db is our biggest
15:48 cait 870.000 records
15:48 cait i wonder if it reaches some kind of limit somewhere?
15:49 cait we tried - nothing shows
15:49 cait well nt for the nightly import as that would be really loud, but when i had added them back in the queue
15:51 cait we had something reported sometimes, that i am not sure is related - looking for the email
15:52 drojf have you tried importing some of the relevant records into an empty db?
15:52 cait drojf: not yet, but it's an idea
15:52 cait see if they cause trouble there too
15:53 drojf good luck :)
15:53 * drojf heads home
15:53 drojf later #koha
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15:58 cait the zebra message was smething... not comitted
16:02 cait it only started a few days ago... didn't happen the first few months
16:02 cait previous transaction didn't reach commit ..
16:05 pianohacker probably zebraidx crashing
16:05 cait that doesn't sound nice
16:05 pianohacker we've run into issues with that
16:05 cait did you solve it?
16:06 pianohacker for us, it was an "indexing too many things at once", and only came up on full rebuilds (so we could solve it with the sliced rebuild)
16:06 pianohacker sounds different than yours
16:06 cait hm yeah
16:06 cait about 1000 records in the import a night
16:06 cait tops
16:07 cait and that wouldn't explain why a manual reindex during the day still doesn' thave an effec
16:07 cait t
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16:30 drojf back
16:31 cait drojf: problem still unsolved
16:32 atheia left #koha
16:34 pianohacker I disagree, I've given you at least two or three shamanic rituals to hand to your sysadmin to appease Zebra
16:34 pianohacker :P
16:45 cait well yeah.. but i can only try to that tomorrow
16:45 cait and it was only one?
16:45 cait sliced?
16:46 cait and -v -v but we tried that
16:46 cait ah hun
16:46 cait huh
16:46 cait i edited it
16:46 cait and now it IS searchable
16:50 cait is there some size limit for the zebra index/commit whatever we could be running into?
16:50 cait as this started only a while ago and the nubmers seem to increase
16:52 drojf i guess you checked that your disk is not full? (that would look worse…)
16:53 cait yeah disk is not full
16:53 cait i wonder if it oculd be a zebra setting
16:53 cait something like this
16:53 cait https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]ment.cgi?id=32656
16:53 drojf what do those settings say?
16:54 drojf on your server i mean
16:54 cait hm checking our defaults, but not sure what#s on the server
16:54 cait making a list of things for the admin tomorrow
16:54 drojf won't hurt to turn that up and try
16:54 drojf but i would expect all new records failing then
16:55 drojf and some kind of message about it
16:55 cait some might just be an overlay.. not sure if that would make a difference
16:55 cait 20G for biblios
16:55 cait not sure how big it is
16:55 cait it goes on the list to check
17:02 drojf i had 5,2gb for ~500k GND authority files. depending on the size of the records, getting to 20gb may be an option
17:06 reiveune bye
17:06 reiveune left #koha
17:08 cait pianohacker:, drojf: made a list with all things suggested - thx all
17:09 cait left #koha
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17:53 magnuse wb
17:54 cait khall_away: still around?
17:54 cait ah.. guess not :)
17:55 magnuse he might be...  away :-)
17:56 drojf or he is… a way
17:56 cait anyway...
18:08 oleonard Oh hey remember list sharing? I wonder why we don't have that in the staff client?
18:17 cait not usre :)
18:17 * cait waves at oleonard :)
18:17 cait i am working on a patch for multiple routing lists
18:18 cait i have one screen that could use your magical touch there i think
18:18 cait but need to do more testing to see if it works
18:21 oleonard Follett acquires Baker & Taylor:
18:27 tcohen #koha: should frameworkcode have a FK on biblio ?
18:36 pianohacker tcohen: what currently happens when a bib has a nonexistent framework?
18:36 tcohen it breaks, badly
18:36 tcohen that's why i asked
18:36 tcohen i want to write a patch
18:36 tcohen and I'm not sure what's the best approach
18:36 tcohen - fallback to default (and probably notify the user with a warning)
18:37 tcohen - enforce it at DB level, and provide a warning during upgrade
18:37 tcohen ashimema: ¡
18:38 tcohen what do u feel about it pianohacker ?
18:39 pianohacker hmm.
18:40 pianohacker tcohen: if we create the foreign key with ON DELETE SET NULL, will that set frameworkcode to NULL for bibs with nonexistent frameworks?
18:40 tcohen sounds correct
18:41 pianohacker well, and I'd argue that's probably the right behavior anyway
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19:01 tcohen later #koha
19:01 tcohen pianohacker: look at 16288
19:01 tcohen is related to 16258
19:02 tcohen bag^^
19:05 bag :)
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19:34 * elkin slaps elkin around a bit with a large fishbot
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19:59 * cait waves
19:59 bag hi cait
19:59 cait :)
20:00 paul_p hi bag & cait
20:00 cait hi paul_p
20:01 bag hi paul_p
20:01 paul_p bag = the funding meeting is here or via Hangout ?
20:01 bag let’s do hangout I thinks
20:01 paul_p bag = and it's supposed to start now, isn't it ?
20:02 bag yes paul_p
20:02 bag I just sent an invite
20:04 paul_p bag = no invite in my mailbox still :(
20:05 rangi heh, someone just offered to sell me a list of registered koha users ..
20:06 BobB hi bag, paul_p
20:07 paul_p hi BobB
20:07 BobB fundraising meeting?
20:07 BobB I seem to be in a google hangouts channel on my own
20:07 paul_p hi rangi
20:07 rangi hey paul_p :)
20:08 paul_p just for kidding : do you know : ?
20:08 BobB bag's call came through to my mobile phone but I lost it
20:08 BobB hi rangi
20:08 bag @wunder 97215
20:08 huginn bag: The current temperature in Kittyland Love Center, E Tabor, Portland, Oregon is 28.8°C (1:07 PM PDT on April 18, 2016). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 27%. Dew Point: 8.0°C. Pressure: 30.05 in 1018 hPa (Falling).
20:08 rangi heh
20:08 bag BobB: pm’d you the link
20:09 rangi lol product of nz
20:09 rangi with kangaroo
20:09 rangi someone is confused
20:09 rangi Exotic Proteins From New Zealand
20:09 BobB ok got it, will drop the call I'm in and initiate the other
20:09 rangi Wild Kangaroo Entree
20:09 rangi lol
20:10 rangi appareently you can buy it in the US bag
20:10 bag heh
20:10 bag Wild Kangaroo
20:12 rangi it probably came across the sydney harbour bridge, which is also the auckland harbour bridge
20:12 paul_p BobB = do you hear me ?
20:12 paul_p BobB your mike is muted on google hangout
20:13 paul_p BobB move your mouse on your hangout window, a toolbar should appear on top of it. muting/unmuting is the most left icon
20:19 tcohen paul_p: LOL
20:25 drojf lol
20:28 drojf btw, my coworking thingy bought a "spreedbox" and it does decent webrtc video conferencing. i think it is supposed to be up to 6 people per conference only and the software should be available under a free license, maybe that would be an alternative to google for such meetings?
20:31 drojf hackfest email to koha-de sent. either there will be a million emails tomorrow or none ;)
20:32 drojf liw: around?
20:39 florent joined #koha
21:09 drojf rangi: if you feel adventurous:
21:12 JoshB left #koha
21:13 rangi oh cool
21:14 drojf it's not all i want to have, but it's a lot. including catmandu-rdf, which almost drove me nuts with deps ;)
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22:35 drojf good night #koha
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