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06:22 * magnuse waves
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06:57 Joubu hi
06:57 wahanui kia ora, Joubu
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06:59 reiveune hello
06:59 wahanui que tal, reiveune
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07:00 marcelr hi #koha
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07:07 Dangu Hello everyone. I'm trying to customize a koha installation (which is 3.22 btw). I saw that there should be an option named OPACSMALLIMAGE, but it's nowhere to be found either in opac preference setting or by searching the option with the "search-field"
07:07 Dangu do you have any ideas ?
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07:20 Joubu Dangu: What is supposed to do this option?
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07:25 cait morning #koha
07:27 marcelr hi cait
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07:28 gaetan_B hello
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07:37 LibraryClaire morning
07:37 cait morning all :)
07:44 Joubu v
07:45 magnuse wasn't OPACSMALLIMAGE removed when we got the bootstrap theme for the opac?
07:47 cait hm shoudl be, why?
07:49 magnuse someone was asking about it earlier
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08:51 cait @later tell drojf did you get changed flight times too?
08:51 huginn cait: The operation succeeded.
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09:03 atheia hello #koha :-)
09:03 cait hi atheia :)
09:12 Joubu Could someone delete that page https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]an_Squeez_Script?
09:12 Joubu I emptied it but it seems that I don't have the rights to delete it
09:15 cait me neither it hnk
09:16 cait you can use an Obsolete thing maybe
09:16 cait i think it was something like {{obsolete}} or similar - shoudl be on other pages too
09:16 eythian that was a seriously useless page. Why are there "sudo halt" statments everywhere?
09:18 cait huh
09:19 cait ok, why would one database sort bilbionumber asc and the other biblionumber desc if the sort criteria is the same otherwise?
09:20 eythian are they sorting at all?
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09:22 drojf hi #koha
09:22 drojf cait: yep got a new time
09:23 drojf more time for sight seeing in berlin ;)
09:23 eythian drojf: Stone Brewery is opening a brewbar type thing in Berlin
09:23 drojf not sure what that is?
09:25 drojf their web page says that a) they value sustainability and b) they distribute beer in cans. lol
09:26 magnuse "Debean Squeez Script" has been deleted
09:26 eythian they're a good brewery
09:26 eythian also, cans are better for beer than bottles, Germany is a bit behind on the good beer front these days :)
09:27 drojf if they make beer from stones, that should work for me. stones are gluten free, right? :)
09:27 eythian yep
09:27 ashimema what's the science behind cans being better than bottles for beer then eythian?
09:28 drojf i think that is a lie :P
09:28 eythian ashimema: lower oxidation rate due to a better seal, and less light let in primarily.
09:28 ashimema me too ;)
09:28 ashimema the light I can understand
09:28 eythian they're also more efficient as they pack better.
09:28 ashimema never would have guessed the seal was better especially though
09:28 eythian it's really a lot better
09:28 drojf hm yeah sustainability is not shipping your beer around the world :P
09:28 ashimema mwah.. I still like bottles.. but I'm not snobby against cans really
09:29 eythian drojf: that's why they're making a brew bar in berlin
09:29 ashimema just usual don't have good beer in them to start with in this country ;)
09:29 drojf eythian: good point
09:29 wahanui I know! The blade went right through that child!
09:29 ashimema they deffo pack better though.. I'll give you that
09:29 eythian in NZ cans are getting more and more popular due to the improvement in quality
09:30 eythian especially if it's something you're storing.
09:30 ashimema there's aren't many good ales in cans over here.. and I'm not the biggest lager drinker.. though it has it's time and place too
09:30 magnuse good point?
09:30 wahanui I know! The blade went right through that child!
09:30 magnuse wahanui: forget good point
09:30 wahanui magnuse: I forgot good point
09:30 drojf i never liked canned beer
09:31 drojf i am a bottle child
09:31 magnuse good point?
09:31 drojf that is probably something only working in german :D
09:31 drojf flaschenkind
09:31 magnuse hehe
09:31 magnuse flaskebarn in norwegian
09:31 drojf i would not mind glutenberg bringing over their cans though. from canada to berlin would make more sense in cans
09:31 eythian drojf: well, you're held back from good quality beer by 500 years of silly tradition anyway :)
09:32 eythian also, you put your beer into a glass unless you're some sort of heathen.
09:32 drojf ugh
09:32 drojf fancyshmancy
09:33 drojf we drink our beer from the bottle. right in the street
09:33 drojf or at the construction site we work at ;)
09:33 eythian[…]cts-alcoholic-art <-- also, you get better designs
09:38 magnuse gotta love it when the link to detail view looks like this[…]p_col_id%3Dcolumn
09:38 magnuse -2%26p_p_col_pos%3D2%26p_p_col_count%3D4%26facet_​queries%3D%26search_item_no%3D0%26sort_advice%3Df​ield%253DRelevance%2526direction%253DDescending%2​6search_item_id%3D57847%26agency_name%3DASE100189​%26search_type%3Dsolr&facet_queries=&search_item_​no=0&sort_advice=field%3DRelevance%26direction%3D​Descending&search_type=solr&arena_member_id=36035​4316&search_item_id=57847&agency_name=ASE100189
09:38 drojf lol
09:40 Joubu eythian: the "Aro noir" looks great :)
09:41 eythian Joubu: I have the t-shirt of that one
09:43 drojf is anyone using catmandu to create marc recods from non-marc sources?
09:43 Joubu rangi brought some nice cans in Cordoba, I tasted a Saison which was really good. I Don't remember the name, but the can was nice
10:04 drojf a few days ago i accidentally installed koha insteads of koha-common. that made me wonder what we are going to do with that?
10:04 drojf does it work at all? does anyone use it? what is the difference to koha-common?
10:05 Joubu N: Unable to locate package koha
10:07 drojf Joubu: when you build your own you get one
10:07 Joubu ha, never heard about that package
10:08 drojf i can upload one if you like ;)
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10:30 Joubu @later tell tcohen Tomas, wake up!
10:30 huginn Joubu: The operation succeeded.
10:48 jcamins drojf: it was never really finished.
10:49 drojf jcamins: the koha package? what was it supposed to do differently?
10:50 jcamins drojf: it can only be used for a single instance, which is preconfigured.
10:51 drojf hm ok… so it is limited to a part of what koha-common can do? or is there something that only koha can do?
10:52 drojf is there a use case when you would want koha instead of koha-common, because you can't achieve what you want to do with koha-common? or would it just be simpler to set up maybe? (less options)
10:54 drojf uh that coffee made me want to do a lot of stuff… simultanously
11:02 jcamins drojf: no, koha-common is more functional, and easier to set up since koha didn't quite work the way it was planned.
11:02 jcamins At least, that's how I see it.
11:03 drojf we should probably get rid of koha completely and eventually rename koha-common to koha?
11:06 jcamins Yes, that's something that I thought about during 3.12.
11:39 drojf C4/Auth_cas_servers.yaml.orig is driving me nuts. how the hell can i make it not get deleted all the time?
11:39 drojf whenever i commit something, that damn file is going away
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11:51 cait sorry, meeting...
11:51 cait drojf: bit anoying - now it will get late until we get to thessaloniki
11:53 Joubu drojf: that's funny, I noticed its existence this morning!
11:54 drojf Joubu: did it get deleted accidentally for you too?
11:55 Joubu drojf: yep exactly
11:55 drojf cait: how much later is it now? i did not spend much attention
11:55 drojf Joubu: did you find a way to make it stay? or will we delete it because it wants to die?
11:56 cait i think we get in after eight now
11:56 cait i can check sec
11:56 Joubu drojf: it happened when I was playing with pbuilder
11:56 drojf oh!
11:56 cait yeah
11:56 cait 17:15 - 20:45
11:56 drojf what was the old one?
11:56 cait 16:00
11:57 drojf oh thats really late
11:57 cait so would have been 19:30 i think?
11:57 drojf with getting the luggage, getting to the hotel and all :/
11:57 cait yeah
11:57 cait puts a dent in dinner plans
11:57 drojf you already had dinner plans for thessaloniki?
11:57 cait do you know if somene else is ont hat flight now too?
11:57 cait no... but there would have been the option :)
11:58 drojf zeno is not going to greece. not sure which flight pianohacker is going to take. eythian maybe?
11:58 eythian I haven't booked yet, lazy.
11:59 cait and atheia
11:59 cait but he wnted to return in between i think?
11:59 cait eythian: tsk
11:59 eythian this weekend
12:01 drojf cait: the early flight is not really a better option i think. but paying the night without any time in the evening is annoying
12:02 drojf so we have to party that evening!
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12:02 cait we can still go out and party ;)
12:02 cait hehe
12:02 drojf :D
12:02 cait well we will start the party at the airport
12:02 cait and hope everything works out there
12:02 cait please ask me if i checked in online...
12:02 cait i hope i don't forget that
12:03 cait and not now.... in Berlin ;)
12:03 drojf i was just starting to type that
12:05 cait mabe they will change times again... there is still time for that
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12:10 drojf but now we made party plans!
12:14 drojf Joubu: true, the files gets deleted by the build process. don't know where, but at least i know why now, thanks
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12:14 drojf brb
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12:49 cait eythian: the sorting is right - but it's all the same as far as i can tell - same year
12:49 cait and then it falls back to biblionumber... but one catalog does asc and the other desc :(
12:51 eythian are you sure it's falling back, and not doing database order (which is to say, undefined)
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12:53 oleonard Hi #koha
12:54 tcohen hi oleonard #koha
12:55 tcohen morning Joubuy
12:55 tcohen morning Joubu
12:57 cait eythian: the bilbionumbers appear nicely sorted
12:57 cait eythian: but biblionumbers are database order....
12:57 oleonard Only Joubu's special friends get to call him Joubuy
12:57 eythian cait: only if you're lucky, it's not a promis
12:57 eythian e
12:57 cait hmmm
12:57 cait how could i check that?
12:58 cait is the order in mysql workbench the one it should be in? without sort?
12:58 cait well without any order by
12:58 eythian maybe, probably
12:58 cait eythian: i will check that
12:58 cait thx!
12:58 eythian though, is this a search through zebra? because that could be different again.
12:58 cait yeah zebrea
12:59 eythian but, rule of thumb is that unless you're asking for an ordering with anything, there's no promised ordering.
12:59 cait the searches i compare are both searches for rcn with an identifier - so pretty similar
13:00 cait eythian: it just appears strange that the sorting seems so perfect... just the other way around
13:00 cait i'd expect it to be not sorted etc.... but that seems odd
13:00 eythian yeah, that would be surprising
13:01 cait the instances run on the same server and koha code... so I thought it was configuration,b ut comparig prefs... it looks identical so far
13:02 cait identical zebra config files too
13:03 cait all search prefs identical
13:03 cait *sigh*
13:06 tcohen oleonard: poor-typing-skilled friends you mean
13:08 eythian cait: log zebra queries and see what it's doing there.
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13:15 cait eythian: not really an option right now
13:15 cait i will think some more about it - thx for the help
13:26 eythian <-- this is handy, btw
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13:59 * magnuse calls it a week - have fun #koha!
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14:02 oleonard Happy weekend magnuse
14:15 oleonard It would be super-awesome if someone were to swoop in and fix Bug 15816
14:15 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=15816 major, P3, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , Timeout login redirects to home page
14:16 Joubu +1 :)
14:19 oleonard[…]ultu3qo2_1280.jpg
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15:01 eythian wahanui: better is better than not better at all
15:01 wahanui ...but better is "take cover." :)...
15:01 eythian wahanui: better is also better than not better at all
15:01 wahanui okay, eythian.
15:02 reiveune bye
15:02 reiveune left #koha
15:11 tcohen oleonard: how awesome in a 1-10 scale?
15:11 oleonard I said *super* awesome, so like 11 or 12.
15:12 tcohen hehe
15:12 tcohen @later tell Joubu shouldn't you sign 16221?
15:12 huginn tcohen: The operation succeeded.
15:13 tcohen problem with that oleonard is that it requires black magic
15:14 Joubu tcohen: keeping the QA token
15:14 oleonard Hm. I am reluctant to sacrifice a goat for a bug fix tcohen
15:14 tcohen oleonard: what about 'for the ability to understand whats going on under the hood'?
15:15 tcohen Joubu: I can QA it
15:27 oleonard Bug 6906 test plan says "Regenerate Koha Schema files." How do I do that?
15:27 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6906 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, alex.sassmannshausen, Needs Signoff , show 'Borrower has previously issued $ITEM' alert on checkout
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15:31 tcohen oleonard: you need a clean DB
15:31 tcohen (no tables)
15:31 tcohen say > CREATE DATABASE dbic;
15:32 tcohen then you do
15:32 tcohen mysql dbic < installer/data/mysql/kohastructure.sql
15:32 tcohen and finally
15:32 tcohen perl misc/devel/ --db_name dbic
15:33 tcohen if your user needs a password for the DB
15:33 tcohen misc/devel/ --help will tell you the params
15:33 tcohen ah, run it on your top-level koha source tree
15:34 oleonard top-level koha source tree?
15:35 tcohen git clone .../koha.git kohaclone ; cd kohaclone
15:35 tcohen ?
15:38 oleonard Thanks tcohen
15:39 Joubu the script does not take db_user and db_passwd as parameter, you will have to manually edit the file
15:40 oleonard It says it does
15:40 Joubu ha yes, indeed
15:42 Joubu I have tried to make it use KOHA_CONF automatically some weeks ago
15:42 Joubu but found that it was the original behavior and it was considered as a bug
15:44 pianohacker ?
15:44 pianohacker why?
15:45 Joubu pianohacker: e0b0ae20531736ede2cd1113baf16323cb69b3d9
15:45 Joubu The purpose of this is to intentionally put up a roadblock to reduce
15:45 Joubu the chance that a developer (or release manager) accidentally updates
15:45 Joubu the schema files to include local testing cruft such as temporary
15:45 Joubu tables.
15:45 pianohacker ...
15:45 pianohacker this feels like one of those unnecessarily high speedbumps
15:46 Joubu same for me
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15:56 gaetan_B bye
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16:01 ianb_ Hi. Is Joy (Nelson) there? I was wanting to check who might know the authority search config on Heather Hernandez's system
16:02 bag morning
16:02 bag talljoy1 ^^^^
16:03 ianb_ Hi. forgive me if slow: I've not used irc for years
16:03 talljoy i'm here.
16:03 talljoy wasn't expecting you so soon ianb_  i understand it is close to 'clocking out' time!
16:03 talljoy you must be in england.
16:03 talljoy no worries.
16:04 ianb_ Not only clocking out time but got to find cat and dog and take to the vet soon :-(
16:05 ianb_ Arte
16:05 ianb_ ...Are you the right person to know the setup on that system for matching authorities for import/overlay?
16:06 talljoy i'll be reviewing the set up over the weekend (i'm on weekend duty) and i'll have a better sense of the setup/issues/config/etc next week if you want to ping me
16:06 talljoy and i am the person you are looking for!
16:07 drojf Joubu++
16:08 ianb_ great. Thank you for this.  I looked quite deeply into it on our system a month or two back but didn't crack it at the time.  We thought we had tried most things.  Have a good weekend and look forward to chatting next week.
16:14 beatsforthemind What would be the Zebra SRU equivalent of doing a ‘Search the catalog’ search?
16:15 beatsforthemind Recreating a ‘Search for 'kw,wrdl: term’’ search
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16:18 beatsforthemind Doing a Zebra ’searchRetrieve’ with a single ‘query’ term returns different results (or at least in a different order) than doing a ‘Search the catalog’ search with the same term.
16:23 Joubu see you #koha, have a good wwek-end!
16:28 oleonard Bye Joubu
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16:53 drojf woah
16:53 drojf @wunder berlin, germany
16:53 huginn drojf: The current temperature in Berlin Tegel, Germany is 12.0°C (6:50 PM CEST on April 15, 2016). Conditions: Thunderstorm. Humidity: 88%. Dew Point: 10.0°C. Pressure: 29.59 in 1002 hPa (Steady).
16:54 drojf so much for shopping
17:03 pianohacker beatsforthemind: the query sent off to Zebra by Koha is actually rather complex, with a lot of extra stuff to do relevance ranking and (if desired) fuzzy searching, query stemming, etc
17:04 beatsforthemind I would love to be able to recreate the default ‘Search the catalog’ Zebra query
17:04 pianohacker beatsforthemind: you comfortable with Perl?
17:05 beatsforthemind I’m decent with PHP, haven’t done much with Perl
17:05 beatsforthemind I’ve been looking at
17:06 pianohacker beatsforthemind: is where you'll want to look
17:06 pianohacker specifically parseQuery
17:06 drojf "want"
17:06 drojf good luck
17:06 drojf throw breadcrumbs to find your way out again
17:06 beatsforthemind Where can I find that file?
17:07 drojf do you have access to the server?
17:07 beatsforthemind I do
17:08 drojf rain stopped, gotta go. later #koha
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17:16 pianohacker beatsforthemind: where on your server is
17:17 beatsforthemind /usr/share/koha/opac/cgi-bin/opac
17:17 pianohacker beatsforthemind: should be in /usr/share/koha/lib/C4/ , then
17:19 beatsforthemind thanks
17:19 beatsforthemind I am looking through it
17:25 * cait waves
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17:30 beatsforthemind This is a fairly complicated file
17:31 eythian <-- teehee
17:39 beatsforthemind It would be nice if there were more examples of how to use @attr
17:39 beatsforthemind or that query type
17:39 beatsforthemind x-pquery?
17:46 beatsforthemind Is there anyway to log the exact query that is being built?
17:49 oleonard eythian: I find that comic to be completely unrealistic.
17:49 oleonard The printer works?!
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18:01 oleonard beatsforthemind: I'm sorry you're having such bad luck getting answers. I wish I knew what to suggest.
18:02 oleonard Also, saying "This is a fairly complicated file" about is quite the understatement.
18:02 beatsforthemind It’s ok, this chatroom has been helpful
18:02 oleonard Many a Koha developer has wished for's death.
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18:57 * oleonard whispers, "Happy weekend everyone"
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19:10 tcohen @later tell mtompset please check what happened to t/db_dependent/Filter_MARC_ViewPolicy.t that seems to completely fail here
19:10 huginn tcohen: The operation succeeded.
19:12 tcohen later #koha
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19:43 beatsforthemind Is there anyway to use to return results outside of Koha?
19:53 cait beatsforthemind: what's your goal?
19:53 cait i mean, what are you trying to do?
19:54 beatsforthemind Looking to more less replicate the ‘Search the catalog’ search through a URL query of the Zebra SRU.
19:56 beatsforthemind So building a URL alonf the lines of[…]ordSchema=marcxml
19:56 cait hm yeah, but waht for?
19:56 cait i mean, what do you want to use it for?
19:56 cait maybe we could suggest something if we have a better idea about your project
19:57 barton beatsforthemind: I think that I would be leaning toward elasticsearch.
19:57 beatsforthemind A client (non-profit enviromental org) is looking to query their Koha database and use the records on another website (WordPress).
19:58 beatsforthemind They want to get the results of a kw,wrdl search and place them on a different site.
20:00 beatsforthemind Using Zebra I was parsing the MARCXML response with this ->
20:01 beatsforthemind They also want to be able to return records by tag, I’ve figured this out.
20:02 cait hm
20:02 cait yeah sru should be right then
20:02 beatsforthemind But, they also want to do a general search on records that have a specific tag
20:02 cait but maybe it's not so bad if you don#t get a perfect replicate
20:03 cait as someone pointed out earlier, there is some logic in that you probably can't replicate with sru - but might not have to
20:04 beatsforthemind I guess my skills as a developer might not be were they need to be for me to replicate what is going on there.
20:07 beatsforthemind Does elastic search implement another server tech like Lucene or Solr?
20:08 drojf ES uses lucene. like solr does
20:08 drojf i think
20:10 pianohacker_DND yup
20:13 drojf i used a public report in koha for a webapp once. that gave me JSON of my query result to use in the webapp. maybe that is an option here too
20:15 beatsforthemind How do you generate this JSON?
20:16 barton beatsforthemind: if you make the report public, it's available as a web service. I forget how the url is constructed off hand.
20:17 cait drojf: depending on the size of the db it might be a bit slow
20:17 barton or  depengng on the query ;-)
20:17 cait but it could work... but works direclty on the mysql database then
20:20 drojf[…]a/svc/report?id=1
20:20 barton drojf++
20:22 drojf yes it uses sql queries. so it's not going to be a copy of the zebra search
20:22 beatsforthemind This might work
20:25 drojf it's probably easier to work with than zebra ;)
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20:30 beatsforthemind It sort of gives me what I’m looking for. It doesn’t replicate a general search and the flat json might be little hard to work with.
20:31 beatsforthemind The repo I linked for parsing marcxml works pretty great
20:32 drojf you can make the sql query output whatever you need. inclusing the marcxml blob
20:32 drojf *including
20:34 beatsforthemind At that point query the database directly might be a decent option as well.
20:34 beatsforthemind querying*
20:49 beatsforthemind Actually, is the MARC data for records that Zebra is indexing stored in the database?
20:50 cait biblioitems.marcxml
20:53 beatsforthemind ah, thanks
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22:44 DooRooK Hey Koha IRC.
22:44 DooRooK Has anyone already tried to install the CoverFlow plugin ?
22:45 kidclamp Many times DooRooL
22:45 kidclamp Many times DooRooK
22:45 DooRooK I'm having issue trying to make it works
22:45 kidclamp Where are you having problems?
22:46 DooRooK i'm following this tutorial :[…]coverflow-plugin/
22:46 kidclamp so you have plugin installed as per directions here:[…]-plugin-coverflow
22:46 kidclamp ?
22:47 DooRooK it seems that the files where the plugin should be installed are not there. /var/lib/koha/mylib/plugin remain empty
22:47 DooRooK and nothing appear in my OPAC
22:47 kidclamp Are the permissions for the directory set right?
22:48 DooRooK hmmm, haven't checked, the directory was made by koha
22:48 kidclamp Try the github directions
22:48 kidclamp make sure that apache can access and write the pluginsdir
22:48 kidclamp if on jessie you need to add
22:48 kidclamp the stanza mentioned in github instructions
22:49 kidclamp and I am leaving for the weekend, but email the listserv or find me on monday
22:49 kidclamp if you still have issues
22:49 kidclamp good luck DooRooK
22:52 edveal joined #koha
23:05 DooRooK Well, I still have no clues, the permission are set, the report is made, plugin seems to be installed (Can see it made the opacuserjs) and the alias are also set in the apache2 file my library
23:49 drojf left #koha

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