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00:00 rangi you can check the query that is generated on the opac i guess and compare the diff
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00:05 bag yeah the fast indexing is awesome pianohacker
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00:20 pianohacker hm.
00:20 pianohacker I have no search fields
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00:25 pianohacker bag: I have some bugfixes for ES, where do I put them?
00:25 bag rangi ^^^ where do  you want them
00:27 wizzyrea he's afk at the mo
00:27 pianohacker no worries, will poke things tomorrow
00:28 pianohacker bye all
00:32 oleonard Hi wizzyrea
00:33 drojf good night
00:33 wahanui I'll be waiting for you to come back, drojf.
00:35 wizzyrea hi oleonard
01:07 oleonard Is there some rule about when a BLOCK / PROCESS pair can and can't be in separate INCLUDE files?
01:07 oleonard I thought I was doing this the same way now in the staff client as it is working in the OPAC, but I keep getting a file error
01:08 oleonard define a BLOCK in the header... PROCESS in the footer.
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01:44 rangi @later tell pianohacker you can either put them as patches on that main bug and as they get signed off ill shift them to the branch or you can make new bugs .. wahtever makes more sense to you
01:44 huginn rangi: The operation succeeded.
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02:08 chrisvella Hi. Does anyone know if development has been done to allow commenting on items without a Koha account? i.e. social media integration
02:09 rangi you can allow anonymous comments
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02:20 chrisvella cheers rangi
02:21 dcook Has anyone actually tried looking at the results of a search with 10,000+ results?
02:21 dcook I'm on page "200.98"
02:21 dcook No idea what that even means
02:22 dcook Record 7000 is on page 141...
02:22 dcook Record 9001 on page 181..
02:23 dcook Ahh, I bet it's because I hacked the offset parameter...
02:23 dcook Because Record 10000 is now on page 200..
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02:23 dcook Yep.. if I do offset 9951 instead of 9950, I get page "200.02"
02:24 * Oak waves
02:24 rangi its gotta work it out on the fly, because you can define how many results you want per page
02:24 dcook Can you as a user?
02:24 dcook I didn't see that :S
02:25 dcook I thought that was only a syspref thing
02:25 rangi no, the syspref
02:25 dcook Ahh
02:25 dcook I suppose that's still on the fly enough though, eh?
02:25 rangi yep
02:25 dcook Makes me appreciate persistent environments and configuration files more..
02:26 dcook Nice for librarians to have flexibility though..
02:26 dcook I didn't really notice any differences sorting 1000 vs 10000 records..
02:26 rangi nope thats done in zebra
02:26 dcook page load times were similar, the search was still performed by Zebra in .009 seconds... so I probably wouldn't even notice the memory use
02:26 rangi yep
02:26 dcook Zebra is actually a lot better than we credit it sometimes I think
02:27 rangi i always say that
02:27 rangi we make it do dumb stuff
02:27 dcook We really do
02:28 dcook *sadface*
02:36 dcook Btw, rangi, that "yeah,nah" thing is great
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02:57 wizzyrea I can't recall did it get into the "yeah nah yeah"
02:59 wizzyrea hehe no.
02:59 wizzyrea sok.
03:01 dcook "yeah nah yeah" always throws me for a loop!
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06:19 * magnuse waves
06:23 Francesca sup
06:23 * cait waves
06:23 cait bbiab
06:23 Joubu hi
06:23 wahanui hi, Joubu
06:24 * magnuse rounds off breakfast with a lovely pain au chocolate from his local bakery
06:27 Francesca yum
06:27 Francesca i love pain au chocolate
06:30 * magnuse too
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06:32 drojf mrnng
06:33 magnuse hll, drjf
06:33 drojf h mgns
06:34 drojf i dreamed of letsencrypt renewal. i'm scared now
06:38 magnuse lol
06:38 magnuse rangi++ for signing off the letsencrypt patch
06:38 drojf yeah!
06:38 drojf rangi++
06:39 magnuse drojf: i have a couple of letsencrypt certs. then i got an email remainder to renew. i renewed, but i got a couple more remainders all the same. has that been your experience too?
06:40 drojf is --onecerttorulethemall a good name for a parameter to have a single cert for all LE-enabled instances?
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06:43 Joubu magnuse: got the same
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06:55 reiveune hello
06:55 wahanui que tal, reiveune
06:57 magnuse drojf: yes
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07:05 marcelr hi #koha
07:11 drojf hi marcelr
07:13 marcelr drojf: I am interested in your letsencrypt patches, but finding sufficient time is as always the problem
07:15 dcook drojf++
07:15 drojf marcelr: i know that problem very well :/
07:15 dcook time--
07:15 drojf time--
07:16 drojf oh no, now we got even less time
07:16 drojf :P
07:16 drojf hi dcook
07:16 dcook Appreciate your tests on my oai stuff, drojf :)
07:16 dcook also hi :)
07:16 dcook I have more changes coming down the pipe... just need to find time myself!
07:16 marcelr time++ perhaps?
07:16 dcook Balancing projects >_>
07:16 drojf time++
07:16 dcook marcelr: There's the problem. Too many us of running time-- ;)
07:16 dcook Anyway, got to bolt
07:16 dcook Have a good day, euro-folk :)
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07:29 drojf mveron++
07:29 drojf looks like he signed off on half the stuff that Joubu had in his email
07:32 marcelr mveron++
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07:47 LibraryClaire morning all
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08:14 magnuse mveron++
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09:14 eythian wahanui: hello
09:14 wahanui hola, eythian
09:15 magnuse kia ora eythian!
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09:34 Francesca hello
09:34 wahanui hola, Francesca
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11:49 oleonard Hi #koha
11:49 drojf lousy letsencrypt having several ways to renew now. i hate options
11:49 drojf hi oleonard
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11:57 marcelr drojf: what about 500 prefs in Koha?
11:57 drojf marcelr: excellent idea!
11:58 marcelr if it was just an idea.. :)
11:58 cait drojf: pick one?
11:59 drojf cait: one works only with LE packages (and seems better in that case), one works for systems that don't have packages but a manual clone…
12:00 cait manual clone = git or tarball?
12:00 drojf git clone of LE
12:00 drojf koha-wise i am only doing it for packages
12:00 drojf looking into what is needed for others is not a priority
12:03 drojf oh look, a weird data format i have never seen before. nice :)
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12:14 oleonard drojf: You should collect weird data formats. What a fun hobby!
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12:18 drojf oleonard: indeed!
12:18 cait .)
12:23 * oleonard offers cait an eye patch
12:23 cait thx :)
12:23 cait with the hay fever... not too far off
12:26 oleonard I guess you can't define a T:T BLOCK in one include file and PROCESS it in another include file used by the same template. Too bad.
12:27 oleonard I was hoping to be able to start moving JS to the footer in the staff client without too much disruption
12:30 nengard morning all
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12:32 Joubu oleonard: Are you sure?
12:32 Joubu ../includes/ [% PROCESS '' %]
12:32 tcohen morning
12:32 oleonard Joubu: I didn't work for me.
12:33 oleonard Joubu: In that example is an actual file, right? I wanted to be able to define a BLOCK. But I think using an actual file is what I need to do.
12:34 Joubu oleonard: there is a BLOCK defined in
12:36 cait morning nengard and tcohen
12:36 tcohen hi cait
12:36 cait oh oleonard - your coding guideline was approved - but you also got actioned to add it :)
12:36 oleonard cait: I saw that, thanks. You guys are far too trusting :)
12:37 cait probably )
12:37 nengard ha
12:37 cait but your proposal gave as a note of productivity at this meeting
12:38 oleonard Next time I will propose that we resolve that kittens are cute, just to have something to approve.
12:38 cait sounds good :)
12:38 cait puppies are cute too...
12:40 Joubu #vote no
12:40 cait what kindof person are you?
12:44 Joubu I always vote yes!
12:44 cait so youwanted to vote no once? :)
12:47 Joubu exactly
12:47 cait ok
12:47 Joubu (and I am exhausted to safe kitten all day long)
12:47 cait i understand
12:47 Joubu save
12:48 cait why do they alwaysg et themselves into such trouble?
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12:49 Joubu Maybe I have something to do with it...
12:50 Joubu drojf: I will try and QA the LE patches before tomorrow
12:50 Joubu have to run right now
12:50 magnuse drojf++
12:51 cait bye Joubu
12:51 cait Joubu++
12:52 drojf Joubu++ thanks!
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13:09 oleonard Every time I pull on a string, everything unravels.
13:11 * cait knows the feeling
13:11 cait oleonard: testing your display changes resulted in 2 edifact bug reports
13:11 cait hm 3 actually
13:12 marcelr edifarct
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13:16 oleonard "My" new coding guideline provides me with 162 new items on my to-do list.
13:38 cait oleonard: that was... clever?
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13:40 oleonard I wonder if there is a way to append the contents of a T:T BLOCK to another
13:41 cait marcelr: lol
13:41 tcohen Joubu: around?
13:42 cait (14:50:23) Joubu: have to run right now
13:49 oleonard ...or maybe a way to define a list with T:T directives which can be output with a FOREACH?
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13:55 oleonard_ I guess I could do [% SET foo = foo _ bar %]
13:58 oleonard Ah yes now that oleonard has left I can take his place!
13:59 * oleonard checks oleonard's to-do list and reconsiders his plan
14:08 tcohen oleonard: i think you can do it with perl code?
14:09 tcohen my $vars = {
14:09 tcohen people => [ 'Tom', 'Dick', 'Larry' ],
14:09 tcohen };
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14:09 tcohen[…]n_List_References
14:12 oleonard In the template? Even if so, that would feel...wrong.
14:13 oleonard The problem I'm trying to solve: Templates and includes embed multiple <script> blocks wherever they want to. How to "collect" those so that they can be output in the footer?
14:14 oleonard Idea: Set a T:T variable with each <script> block as its value and output those variables at the end of the page.
14:15 oleonard But how to do that for an unknown set of variables unless they are 1) In a list which can be looped over, or 2) All appended together in one variable.
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14:26 tcohen paul_p: i'm not sure how to help with that
14:26 tcohen someone from the UNIMARC side of the world should check it
14:26 paul_p hello #koha
14:26 paul_p tcohen ???
14:26 wahanui tcohen is 122
14:26 oleonard Hi paul_p
14:27 oleonard tcohen: You look great for 122.
14:27 tcohen paul_p: sorry, lacking context
14:27 paul_p tcohen if you're talking about ES & unimarc, yes, probably someone from the unimarc side of the world must test ;-)
14:28 tcohen ok
14:28 tcohen what i see, is that master has the same wrong behaviour than ES
14:28 tcohen just sent you an email
14:28 tcohen someone should check ASAP if master is broken in UNIMARC
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14:33 lds hello
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14:42 tcohen hi lds
14:42 * oleonard_ wonders what the heck is going on with his connection today
14:43 lds strange error on : \tmain::__ANON__('Can\\'t bless non-reference value at /home/koha/src/C4/ItemTyp...') called at /home/koha/src/C4/ line 65, referer:
14:43 lds hello tcohen
14:44 lds and apache BOOM 500 Error
14:44 lds error after upgrade from 3.18 to 3.22.05
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15:05 reiveune bye
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15:24 tcohen any UNIMARC user aroudn?
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16:11 pianohacker "Template process failed: undef error - round() overflow. Try smaller precision or use Math::BigFloat at /home/feoh3/p/koha/Koha/Number/ line 44."
16:11 pianohacker what the heeeeeck
16:16 jeff somsone scanned a barcode into a price field? ;-)
16:22 beatsforthemind In the Zebra SRU does anyone know the difference between ‘@attr 1=title test’ and ‘dc.title = test’ ?
16:24 beatsforthemind For forming a query
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17:59 oleonard So many JavaScript rabbit holes...
18:03 oleonard Remember back when we didn't have git-bz and we lived like filthy animals?
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18:15 drojf oleonard: did i get that right that the new jquery version is needed for a bootstrappy staff client?
18:15 oleonard Yes
18:16 oleonard drojf: Why do you ask?
18:17 drojf i'm just slightly afraid of all that could break :)
18:17 oleonard Which, the jquery upgrade or the bootstrappy staff client?
18:17 drojf the jquery update
18:18 drojf but i would love to see people cataloguing in koha on their smartphones!
18:18 oleonard The jquery migrate plugin seems to do its job very well. That gives us cover while we fix the deprecated code.
18:20 drojf how does it work? does it tell us where to fix stuff or does it fix thngs by itself? (with magic and stuff)
18:22 oleonard it works as a shim to make old code work okay with new jQuery. If you edit the template to use the unminified version of the migrate plugin it will fill your js console with warnings about things you need to fix.
18:23 oleonard Right now the warnings are way too much, because it complains so much about the older version of Bootstrap we use.
18:23 oleonard So there is a lot of noise.
18:24 drojf so we need to upgrade bootstrap so the plugin gives more useful output, but we need to upgrade jquery to upgrade bootstrap?
18:25 * drojf draws a chart
18:25 oleonard 1. Upgrade jquery (and add migrate plugin). 2. Upgrade Bootstrap. 3. Fix jquery upgrade problems. 4. Remove migrate plugin.
18:27 drojf ok i get it now, thanks :)
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18:43 oleonard Sometimes I think I want to understand the point of basket groups and then I think I probably have better things to do.
18:45 cait oleonard++
18:51 drojf "Correctly configure a memcache server and confirm that the memory cache is not initialize."
18:51 drojf how do i do that?
18:52 cait no idea
18:53 drojf ok then it's not me and i'll ask on the bug :)
18:55 oleonard Okay, so I guess I didn't fix everything today. I'll try again tomorrow.
18:56 oleonard If anyone fixes everything first, let me know.
18:56 cait we will
18:56 oleonard Bye #koha
18:56 cait have a nice evening oleonard :)
18:56 drojf i voted yes for oleonard and he did not even fix everything today
18:56 drojf damn
18:56 cait hehe
18:58 pianohacker what did we vote yes to oleonard for?
18:58 pianohacker fix all the buttons?
18:59 cait something about onclick things
18:59 cait not sure
18:59 cait we decided to trust him blindly
18:59 drojf trust him to fix stuff. now!1
18:59 cait drojf: give him another chance tomorrow, will you? :)
19:00 cait pianohacker: i filed more edifact bugs
19:00 drojf hmmmkay
19:00 cait one is evil
19:00 cait actually i am pretty unhappy about that one
19:00 pianohacker yessss
19:00 pianohacker death to onclick
19:00 pianohacker cait: wuzzat
19:01 cait https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7736
19:01 huginn Bug 7736: new feature, P5 - low, ---, colin.campbell, Pushed to Master , Edifact QUOTE and ORDER functionality
19:01 cait 16256
19:01 cait try adding a library ean without filling in description
19:02 pianohacker oh, that's a dup I think
19:02 cait and then to edit it
19:02 pianohacker bug 16208
19:02 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=16208 normal, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , Can't delete a library EAN if the EAN value is empty
19:02 cait hm shoul dbe linked
19:02 pianohacker been on my list to fix
19:02 cait it was not
19:02 cait please switch to using the id
19:02 cait it's worrysome the way it is
19:05 cait ah
19:05 cait it was depends on but shoudl be blocks
19:14 drojf bugs don't want to be tested, i'll call it a day. good night #koha
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20:02 rangi morning
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20:12 cait morning
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20:21 magnuse night
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20:39 barton goodness.
20:43 barton I have a *strange* zebra issue... we just upgraded one of our libraries to After the upgrade, keyword searches containing the letter 'a' (e.g. "Once upon a time", "To kill a mockingbird") stopped returning results. The title searches work. When I turned off QueryStemming, the searches work. I can't replicate the issue on master.
20:44 barton QueryStemming = 0 => keyword search works.
20:47 barton find @attr 4=6 @attr 1=1016 "once upon a time"
20:48 barton gives no results.
20:49 beatsforthemind What does the first ‘@attr 4=6’ mean?
20:49 barton oh, let's see -- I copied that from pianohacker's notes...
20:53 pianohacker word search (same as wrdl)
20:54 beatsforthemind so that whole thing means do a wrdl on everything with "once upon a time” ?
20:55 barton right ... in yaz-client.
20:56 beatsforthemind It could look the same in x-pquery in the SRU API?
20:57 barton apparently I need to take up music to understand zebra ... ;-)
21:07 cait @wunder Konstanz
21:07 huginn cait: The current temperature in Friedrichshafen, Germany is 7.0°C (10:50 PM CEST on April 14, 2016). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 76%. Dew Point: 3.0°C. Pressure: 29.89 in 1012 hPa (Steady).
21:10 beatsforthemind Is there a way with Zebra to match two different fields with two different strings?
21:14 barton beatsforthemind: like a boolean expression on two search strings? I think *zebra* can do it, but I'm not sure that is smart enough to pass that through... but be forewarned that I'm talking with *very* little to back me up there...
21:15 beatsforthemind Yeah, like this field has this word and another field has this word.
21:15 barton beatsforthemind: take a look at
21:17 beatsforthemind I’ve been staring at that for awhile and I’m still not sure how to do what I want.
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21:20 cait you mean something like ti=sth and au=someone
21:20 cait ?
21:21 beatsforthemind Yes
21:21 beatsforthemind I think
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21:25 beatsforthemind I’m building a Zebra SRU API URL in PHP
21:25 barton beatsforthemind: try going to the advanced search, and choosing a couple of the pull-downs, then inspect the URL
21:25 barton ah.
21:26 beatsforthemind so I am building the ‘query’ GET variable
21:27 barton right. I'm not sure about SRU.
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