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00:00 rangi theres ways around it, ... and better ways than ENV
00:00 pianohacker_DND agreed
00:00 pianohacker_DND but where does the config go, given that the use-case assumes multiple virtualhosts sharing one koha-conf.xml?
00:01 rangi i think setting headers
00:02 pianohacker_DND yeah, that seems reasonable enough, assuming there's some way we can filter out those headers in external traffic
00:02 pianohacker_DND there's no way we can make this backwards compatible with existing setups though, no?
00:02 rangi well you could remove, and add a new
00:02 rangi to make sure its only ever the header we set
00:03 pianohacker_DND yeah
00:03 rangi not easily no, we made the bad decision to use ENV variables in the past .. can't go back to that really
00:04 pianohacker_DND I think I'll end up implementing this and submitting it since it seems like a workable patch and we have customers looking to test plack
00:04 rangi yep
00:04 * rangi goes to eat pizza
00:05 * Francesca wishes she could have pizza too
00:06 pianohacker_DND I think I need stress pizza
00:06 pianohacker_DND this is giving me a headache
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00:12 Francesca @bartender pianohacker_DND
00:12 * huginn` fills a pint glass with Allagash 10th Anniversary Ale, and sends it sliding down the bar to pianohacker_DND (
00:12 dcook Nothing like finding an infinite loop which has been running for 10 days..
00:12 dcook And progressively negatively impacting server performance :D
00:13 Francesca just the thought makes me want to vanish
00:13 dcook It's why they pay me some bucks :p
00:13 * dcook is going to eat a cookie as a reward for fixing all the things
00:14 * Francesca sends dcook a virtual cookie for fixing all the things
00:14 dcook :)
00:15 dcook rangi: How would you do it without using ENV variables?
00:15 dcook Presuming I know what the conversation was about... I assume DSpace manages because it embeds the configuration code in the source code..
00:16 dcook Err... same directory that is
00:16 Francesca I think rangi is eating pizza
00:16 dcook Ah, fair enough
00:16 dcook I have other stuff to do anyway >_>
00:16 dcook Oh hey, I'm listening to music. When did that happen..
00:16 dcook You know your brain has been working too fast when..
00:19 wizzyrea hum, did we change it so that if the xslt loading fails it doesn't die with an ugly error
00:22 dcook Yeah I don't think it has an ugly error anymore
00:22 dcook I think it just doesn't really show anything
00:23 dcook Like... you'll get a list of 20 entries with nothing but star reviews or sutin
00:23 dcook Huh... this is totally the reason why I use "sutin":[…]ne.php?term=Sutin
00:29 wizzyrea yeah, that's what I'm seeing
00:29 wizzyrea I wish the errors in the log were a squidge more verbose :P
00:29 * dcook likes verbosity
00:30 pianohacker_DND dcook: the planned workaround that I'm going to slap together will use HTTP request headers set in the apache conf
00:30 dcook pianohacker_DND: Admittedly, I don't even know entirely what we're talking about. What data are you trying to send?
00:32 pianohacker_DND dcook: so, you know how you can use SetEnv MEMCACHED_SERVERS, OVERRIDE_SYSPREF_*, OPAC_LIMIT_OVERRIDE, etc. to override settings per-virtualhost with a shared koha-conf.xml?
00:33 gandalf
00:34 dcook pianohacker_DND: Yep
00:34 pianohacker_DND dcook: that doesn't and likely can't work in Plack
00:34 dcook Interesting
00:34 wahanui i think Interesting is sometimes good and sometimes bad
00:34 wizzyrea \o/ awesome gandalf
00:35 dcook I guess because Apache is just the reverse proxy..
00:35 pianohacker_DND yup
00:35 pianohacker_DND exactly
00:35 dcook How does it manage with KOHA_CONF and PERL5LIB?
00:35 dcook Or are those values stored elsewhere with Plack?
00:35 pianohacker_DND any environment variables set when the plack server is launched will be kept
00:35 pianohacker_DND so yeah
00:36 dcook ?
00:36 dcook So they're just exported before starting up the plack server?
00:36 pianohacker_DND dcook: yeah
00:36 pianohacker_DND the package plack scripts take care of that
00:36 dcook I have wondered how that works for multiple sites..
00:36 dcook Ahh, darned package scripts :p
00:36 dcook I think I'm doomed to forever be around the curve not using Debian-based OSes for Koha
00:36 pianohacker_DND and that still works for multiple instances because it starts a plack server for each one
00:37 dcook I figured it must but I was curious
00:37 dcook That must be pretty memory intensive I would guess
00:37 dcook Depending on how many instances you have on your serverf
00:37 dcook server*
00:37 pianohacker_DND *shrug* no idea
00:37 * dcook was thinking about this while waiting for a traffic light the other day
00:37 pianohacker_DND but regardless, none of this allows the virtualhost-specific settings...
00:37 dcook I guess it depends on what Plack loads when starting up
00:37 dcook Right
00:38 pianohacker_DND so we're thinking of a hack using RequestHeader in place of SetEnv (and a patch to make Koha respect that)
00:38 dcook Why not move them to the same place as KOHA_CONF and PERL5LIB?
00:38 dcook I guess that's a bit tougher as it's more individualized
00:38 dcook Less predictable..
00:38 dcook For the package scripts
00:39 * dcook understands rangi's point now
00:39 wizzyrea pianohacker_DND: papa was looking at that
00:39 pianohacker_DND oh?
00:39 wizzyrea yeah, I don't know where he got to, actually.
00:39 * pianohacker_DND looks at papa
00:40 wizzyrea dcook - it'd be a pain but worth it to switch to debian :P
00:40 pianohacker_DND dcook: it's not even a package script issue. If you have two virtualhosts on the same koha instance and you want different CSS for each one, they need different values for OPAC_CSS_OVERRIDE
00:41 * pianohacker_DND needs a break
00:41 pianohacker_DND night all
00:41 wahanui goodnight pianohacker_DND. You'll be back.
01:06 dcook I can't believe I've never done "man man" before
01:07 dcook @later tell pianohacker I just meant that I don't have access to the Debian Koha package scripts on openSUSE :P
01:07 huginn` dcook: The operation succeeded.
01:07 dcook wizzyrea: Yeah, I really should advocate a switch to Debian one day..
01:07 dcook Also, who knew that "man 2 syslog" was the way to get the 2nd section?
01:07 dcook I've always wanted to do "man syslog 2" or "man syslog(2)" or "man syslog (2)"
01:07 dcook "man man", man
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01:45 reza phew, I have 3.10 to 3.20
01:45 reza upgraded
02:19 wizzyrea dcook it's a real shame there's no 'man babies'
02:19 wizzyrea hm. that was unintentionally funny in like 4 different ways.
02:20 dcook hehe
02:20 dcook I feel like I want to giggle in 4 different ways
02:23 dcook I feel like I was doing something a moment ago..
02:27 wizzyrea you were. I distracted you, I'm sorry.
02:27 dcook man babies... hehe
02:34 wizzyrea hehe
02:44 dcook This is the week from hell
02:45 dcook Server crashes on Monday, DNS crash right now..
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03:11 reza how can I check what is my Koha instance name
03:11 reza is it in koha-config?
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03:34 * Francesca waves
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03:37 wizzyrea reza: sudo koha-list --enabled
03:43 * Francesca waves at wizzyrea
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03:48 reza_ wizzyrea: thanks
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05:07 reza I used sudo koha-list --enabled to gt the koha instance
05:07 reza but it's not returning anything
05:16 mtj reza: perhaps its not enabled?
05:17 mtj if you have a problem with that instance... just make a new one :)
05:18 mtj ..then dump/load the database into your new koha
05:20 reza how can i find out what is the instance of running koha
05:20 reza cos koha is up and running
05:21 mtj koha-list
05:21 mtj koha-list --enabled
05:21 reza returning nothing
05:22 mtj well... thats a problem hey
05:22 mtj koha-create --create-db koha1
05:22 reza i have to say this is a new upgraded koha
05:23 mtj make a new koha instance, then load your db into that
05:24 reza it's on production
05:25 reza does it make a downtime?
05:25 mtj yes, will take you a few hours to work thru the process
05:25 reza any instruction ?
05:26 mtj its your 1st time, and you will be careful :)
05:26 reza yeah :D ,
05:29 mtj reza: run this command after you load your old db into your new koha...
05:29 mtj koha-upgrade-schema mykoha101
05:30 mtj ..its the command-line version of the 'web upgrade' process
05:32 mtj[…]nuary/038307.html
05:32 reza mtj: thank  you :)
05:32 mtj ^ ..thats a good email, with instructions
05:33 mtj 5. sudo koha-mysql library  < backedup.sql
05:33 mtj 6. sudo koha-upgrade-schema library
05:34 mtj then...
05:34 mtj 7. sudo koha-rebuild-zebra -f library
05:35 mtj all finished :0)
05:35 reza another question is when i install a new koha besides the koha-conf.xml is there any other file that store the necessary information?
05:37 reza in case if I install a fresh koha and just point it to a DB?
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07:54 reiveune hello
07:54 wahanui what's up, reiveune
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08:03 Francesca hey
08:04 Joubu hi
08:07 schnydszch hello!
08:09 schnydszch am I right in saying that searching by publication date range in Koha default installation (indexes not fixed), 008 date range is the one in used?
08:10 schnydszch this as well for sorting
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08:18 gaetan_B hello
08:23 Francesca hey
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08:56 LibraryClaire morning #koha
08:56 LibraryClaire @wunder LCY
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08:56 LibraryClaire practically tropical out...
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09:00 esdaniel hello, anyone using docker on a single cloud vps for koha with 2 containers, 1 for httpd and 1 for mysql, or is this a bad approach for a single svr solution?
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10:50 * cait waves
10:59 LibraryClaire hi cait
10:59 cait on a train today - might fall off now and then
11:03 LibraryClaire not advisable to fall off trains
11:03 LibraryClaire it hurts
11:08 cait very true :)
11:08 cait also hurts when you got no internet... sometimes
11:09 LibraryClaire hehe truer
11:10 LibraryClaire going soewhere nice at least?
11:22 cait visiting my dad for the weekend :)
11:22 LibraryClaire ooh nice :D
11:27 cait yep :)
11:35 cait time to switch trains
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12:41 oleonard Hi #koha
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12:49 LibraryClaire hi oleonard
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13:11 oleonard What is the difference between unchecking a notice in patron messaging preferences and checking the "do not notify" box?
13:11 oleonard Or is it just a shortcut for unchecking all the boxes in that row?
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13:14 oleonard Bug 5501
13:14 huginn` Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5501 minor, P5 - low, ---, kyle.m.hall, Failed QA , Improve the 'do not notify' option
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13:24 tcohen hi
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15:26 geek_cl Hi #koha guys o/
15:26 geek_cl here again with a issue:
15:26 geek_cl
15:26 geek_cl trying to
15:27 geek_cl in the table biblioitem, we add some "other" fields
15:27 geek_cl where i can add those field in order to o delete them ?
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16:02 reiveune bye
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17:32 pianohacker[…]e_messages#Server
17:43 * oleonard sets off into the snowstorm
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17:58 npls Hello. Does anyone know if it is possible to search by bib. number to produce a direct link to that record? There seems to be no search by bib. number in the catalogue search and the only thing I can think of is using an SQL query each time, which is not practical...
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18:47 mtompset Greetings, #koha.
18:47 mtompset Where would submit a suggestion for the perlcriticrc for the koha qa test tools?
18:48 mtompset Specifically adding:
18:48 mtompset [InputOutput::RequireCheckedSyscalls]
18:48 mtompset functions = :builtins
18:48 mtompset exclude_functions = print
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18:54 bag there could be a bug for that
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20:53 mtompset tcohen: Greetings!
20:54 mtompset bag: Not sure about that. I just made a bug for it: bug 15646
20:54 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=15646 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, mtompset, Needs Signoff , koha qa test tools
20:54 bag mtompset: leave an at later for Joubu
20:55 mtompset @later tell Joubu Could you look at bug 15646 please?
20:55 huginn` mtompset: The operation succeeded.
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22:05 * Francesca waves
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22:23 huginn` New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 15606: Fix spelling mistake in MARC21slim2OPACDetail.xsl <[…]eb014abe9a4822ddd>
22:25 pianohacker cait: have we stopped keeping sysprefs.sql in sync?
22:31 cait pianohacker: nope
22:31 cait if something is mssing that's bad
22:31 pianohacker :(
22:31 cait what is missing?
22:31 wahanui missing is usualy library only, an item that's not out
22:31 bag oh roh
22:31 cait hm?
22:31 * bag ears perk up
22:31 bag hi cait
22:31 cait hi bag :)
22:32 pastebot Someone at pasted "cait, bag: sysprefs.sql out of sync" (123 lines) at
22:33 pianohacker some of these are intentional, but not most
22:34 bag hmm wanna send up a patch to get them in sync pianohacker ?
22:34 pianohacker I can, but probably won't be able to for a bit. Backlog of other stuff
22:35 cait some of those look suspiciuos
22:35 cait HoldsInNoIssuesCharge?
22:36 cait hm
22:36 cait yeah a patch would be good
22:37 bag yeah pianohacker understood - I know making elk stew definitely gets in the way
22:37 pianohacker pfft
22:38 pianohacker and pavlova!
22:38 pianohacker chocolate pavlova
22:43 cait what did i miss here? :)
22:44 pianohacker cait: we're talking about cooking in #bywater
22:44 pianohacker pavlova++
22:44 pianohacker second best thing in my life to come out of New Zealand
22:46 Francesca joined #koha
22:48 cait heh
22:49 * cait had some in nz :)
22:49 pianohacker it's not too hard to make if you have a mixer, and it's friggin amazing
22:49 pianohacker I've made friends with it
22:50 bag umm…  shouldn’t you use flower pianohacker ?
22:50 bag flour*
22:50 bag even
22:51 cait pianohacker: i'd like to talk about bug 15647 sometime
22:51 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=15647 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, jweaver, ASSIGNED , Allow selection of destination email address for print overdue notices
22:51 cait but not when it's late :)
22:51 pianohacker cait: You'll have a patch to look at soon ;)
22:51 cait there is another spot you might want to change
22:51 pianohacker bag: in the pavlova?
22:51 bag well I know you shouldn’t use friends
22:51 pianohacker pfft
22:52 cait if this is a similar problem than we have
22:52 pianohacker cait: kk. Poke me, definitely :)
22:52 cait for us we use branchemail with a bsz service address
22:52 cait because hosting... and spam... and it's too complicated
22:53 cait wonder if it's similar for you
22:54 pianohacker cait: I think we're in exactly the same situation, that's the motivation for this
22:54 cait it causes a problem for overdues
22:54 cait and another notice
22:54 cait but i don't remember now - i fixed it on our branch
22:54 cait so i need to go and look it up monday probably :)
22:54 cait it might be nice to have a general setting
22:55 cait on what the 'branch' email is of the three
22:55 cait one thing that also comes to mind is the emial address shown on the error mages
22:55 cait error pages
22:55 cait we are using branchemai in a lot of places - i remember i fixed that one with jquery, but overdues and another i had to patch
22:56 pianohacker yeah, some which make sense and some which don't
22:56 pianohacker very overloaded
22:56 pianohacker This patch will probably just fix overdues, as it's kind of urgent, but I'll try to lay the Koha:: groundwork to make the rest easy
22:57 cait maybe.. the problem is basically that the library email ends up in reply-to... and you don't want people to write to the one in branch email
22:57 * Francesca waves
22:57 * pianohacker sevaw
22:57 cait ok, caused enough confusion for tonight .)
22:57 pianohacker cait: yeah, and you need to sleep
22:57 pianohacker see ya monday
22:57 cait have a good weekend all :)
22:58 pianohacker you too
22:58 cait I will  :)
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23:06 Francesca pianohacker: why the backwards wave
23:06 pianohacker I was waving back!
23:08 Francesca joined #koha
23:08 cait lol
23:08 cait night :)
23:08 cait left #koha
23:12 Francesca so pianohacker - how go things on your side of the planet
23:13 pianohacker Francesca: ^ I've got a lot of cooking this weekend (forgot to mention gumbo too), and a salsa dance class
23:13 pianohacker life is exciting
23:13 pianohacker how about you?
23:13 Francesca ohh salsa dance
23:13 Francesca sounds fun
23:13 pianohacker hopefully :)
23:14 Francesca I'm sick so missed out on what would have been my first beer o'clock as an employee yesterday - weathers nice but its gonna be a quiet long weekend for me
23:14 pianohacker Francesca: as an employee?
23:15 mtompset Have a great weekend, #koha.
23:15 Francesca oh right
23:15 Francesca me?
23:15 wahanui you are a junior developer with koha (suprise)
23:15 Francesca pianohacker: suprise

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