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00:00 Francesca yay 53 kittens saved
00:02 wizzyrea rangi: which version specifically
00:02 wizzyrea if you know
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00:22 huginn` New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 15607: batch patron mod - do not update dates if not given <[…]76d53a416b5f92bfb>
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00:32 rangi wizzyrea: don't actually care :) he would never upgrade anyway
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00:33 gmcharlt !bug add "implement Koha::TARDIS"
00:33 gmcharlt jes' sayin' ;)
00:34 Francesca omg
00:34 Francesca TARDIS?
00:34 wahanui well, TARDIS is so going
00:34 Francesca Im in
00:34 Francesca whovians of the world/ #koha unite
00:35 gmcharlt Francesca++
00:37 Francesca aw yeah karma for doctor who
00:37 Francesca I'm defiantly in the right place
00:37 gmcharlt :D
00:39 mtompset rangi: Where did our favorite Paul post such that you made that dare?
00:39 rangi mailing list, don't actually do it though :)
00:40 rangi he'll reply with some FUD
00:40 rangi its best to just ignore him
00:40 dcook Don't feed the trolls :D
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00:40 mtompset But I didn't get the mail... That's the thing that bothers me.
00:41 mtompset I know not to feed trolls... but if I didn't see it, then perhaps my mailing list settings are buggy.
00:43 Francesca gmcharlt: are you by any chance the galen who manages the wiki
00:43 gmcharlt Francesca: yep
00:43 Francesca sweet
00:43 Francesca do you think the wiki needs a favicon?
00:44 Francesca rangi said he'd ask you
00:44 Francesca I got the academy students to have a favicon off yesterday
00:44 gmcharlt sure, wouldn't hurt
00:45 Francesca not sure that rangi and I ever decided on a winner but when we do I can write the code and send you the file?
00:45 gmcharlt sure! I'll PM you the email address to use
00:46 Francesca thanks
00:47 Francesca gandalf remind me: did you win the competition yesterday?
00:48 rangi i think either gandalf or bree
00:48 rangi maybe we could try both see which looks better
00:48 Francesca ok can you send me brees
00:49 Francesca I have gandalfs I think
00:49 rangi i dont have any of them
00:49 rangi bree: can you email Francesca your favicon
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00:50 rangi pianohacker++ #thanks for pushing
00:50 Francesca bree: I'll pm you my email now
00:50 bree thanks!!
00:51 pianohacker rangi: yw :)
00:55 gandalf Francesca: not sure, think the competition is still raging haha
00:55 Francesca gandalf: we're gonna try yours and brees to see which works best
00:55 Francesca so hang tight while I get the right format and wrtie the code
01:08 Francesca gmcharlt: if you're still there I sent you the favicons
01:18 Francesca gandalf, rangi: look at the wiki
01:19 gmcharlt Francesca: I've put the first favicon in place
01:19 Francesca yup I see it
01:19 Francesca rangi is helping me judge so hopefully he sees it too
01:19 Francesca and gandalf cas thats his favicon
01:21 Francesca @seen rangi
01:21 huginn` Francesca: rangi was last seen in #koha 31 minutes and 5 seconds ago: <rangi> pianohacker++ #thanks for pushing
01:21 Francesca @seen gandalf
01:21 huginn` Francesca: gandalf was last seen in #koha 26 minutes and 39 seconds ago: <gandalf> Francesca: not sure, think the competition is still raging haha
01:23 rangi gandalf:[…]u_are_a_developer
01:23 Francesca rangi: what do you think of gandalfs favicon
01:23 rangi i like it
01:23 Francesca alright lets try brees one then
01:24 gmcharlt switched
01:24 Francesca gmcharlt: can we see what the other favicon looks like?
01:24 Francesca ok cool
01:24 Francesca might take a few mins to show up
01:25 Francesca I see it now
01:25 Francesca bree: check out your favicon on the wiki
01:26 Francesca hey rangi what do you think
01:26 Francesca also gmcharlt - got a favourite?
01:26 gmcharlt I like both, with a mild preference for bree's
01:27 Francesca rangi: got a preference?
01:31 Francesca gmcharlt: I suggest leaving the current favicon up until rangi's decided his preference - they both look pretty good to me
01:31 Francesca well done bree and gandalf
01:31 gmcharlt Francesca: sounds good
01:45 Francesca gmcharlt: I don't know how long it'll take so I'll get back to you when we have a winner
01:45 gmcharlt no worries; my IRC proxy is always on :)
01:47 Francesca okey doke :)
01:56 dcook TFW the time you're testing something just so happens to coincide with a massive scheduled task
01:56 dcook ;;
02:09 rangi hmm i don't know
02:09 rangi they both look good
02:12 Francesca in that case gmcharlt had a mild preference for brees
02:12 rangi lets go for that
02:12 Francesca 1 kitten to bree
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02:12 Francesca congratulations bree you win the favicon off
02:13 Francesca you want to tell her rangi
02:16 Francesca good work on all the kitten saving guys
02:16 Francesca gmcharlt: we decided on bree for the winner so just leave her favicon up
02:17 gmcharlt ok
02:17 rangi thanks gmcharlt
02:18 Francesca thanks for the help gmcharlt
02:18 gmcharlt you're welcoe
02:18 gmcharlt welcome, even
02:18 Francesca lol
02:23 clover awesome job bree
02:23 Francesca it looks really good
02:23 Francesca and now the wiki has a favicon!
02:23 bree aw yay! :)
02:23 bree rolling in the kittens
02:24 Francesca I think you all are
02:24 Francesca twitter told me that you got kitkat brownies for 50 bugs fixed
02:25 Francesca I'm jealous
02:25 Francesca KitKat brownies sound amazing
02:26 Francesca yay 55 kittens saved!
02:28 dcook Is that fewer kittens than before or more?
02:28 * dcook is also debating between eating more cookies or having a sandwich
02:29 Francesca more kittens
02:29 Francesca and eat more cookies
02:31 dcook :D
02:31 dcook I don't need to model good eating behaviours to children for a little while yet...
02:32 Francesca nope so eat the cookies
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03:26 rangi gandalf:
03:33 rangi
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03:36 Francesca rangi you're everywhere on the internet I swear
03:41 Amit_Gupta hi all
03:43 dcook @seen blouzid
03:43 huginn` dcook: I have not seen blouzid.
03:43 dcook @seen bouzid
03:43 huginn` dcook: bouzid was last seen in #koha 6 weeks, 1 day, 12 hours, 59 minutes, and 58 seconds ago: <bouzid> Joubu : thanks for informations
03:43 dcook bouzid++
03:44 dcook Tsk, eythian needs to change his line at
03:44 dcook Or we could change it to something awesome..
03:45 dcook cjh too!
03:46 dcook Not that he's a regular no more :;/
03:46 wizzyrea stop I'm gonna cry.
03:46 dcook Sorry :(
03:46 dcook If it helps, cjh seems to be doing well over here
03:46 wizzyrea I know :)
03:46 dcook And I'm sure eythian is enjoying his museums :p
03:47 dcook Plus, eythian has to come back sometimes I'm sure
03:47 Francesca i inherited his desk
03:47 dcook There's a joke to be made about that but I don't know what it is
03:47 dcook eythian would have something clever to say about it though
03:47 dcook Sorry, wizzyrea :(
03:47 Francesca i havent actually told him yet
03:48 wizzyrea well I suspect he will know soon ;)
03:48 Francesca maybe wahanui will beat me too it
03:48 Francesca wahanui Francesca
03:48 wahanui you are a junior developer with koha (suprise)
03:48 Francesca that made me laugh
03:48 wizzyrea gah spelling.
03:49 dcook I wasn't going to say anything :p
03:50 Francesca out of curiosity who set it
03:50 Francesca not that im complaining
03:50 Francesca I like being officialy offical
03:51 dcook officially official is good :)
03:51 Francesca officially official is awesome!
03:52 wizzyrea pass
03:53 Francesca heh
03:53 dcook You're probably going to surpass my commits any day now..
03:53 Francesca me?
03:53 wahanui you are a junior developer with koha (suprise)
03:53 * dcook looks at[…]ster/authors.html
03:53 dcook :o wizzyrea has overtaken magnuse
03:54 wizzyrea O.o
03:54 * Francesca is still looking for dcooks name
03:54 dcook You can cross reference with
03:54 dcook :D
03:55 dcook It's lower than it should be given how long I've been officially official :p
03:55 dcook Also want to do an email merge for Marc Veron as he should be higher than he is..
03:55 * dcook likes numbers
03:55 dcook Srdjan too
03:55 wizzyrea oh I should go
03:55 dcook Laters wizzyrea
03:55 * dcook needs to focus some more as well
03:55 Francesca bye wizzyrea
03:56 Francesca dccok: I already knew you were a david
03:56 dcook Ah, that's true
03:56 Francesca you got added to the long list of davids I know
03:56 dcook That's what I'm often told
03:56 dcook I don't think I know any other Davids
03:56 Francesca my dad is a david
03:56 dcook My grandpa was one, but when he passed away he made the list lower
03:57 Francesca so is my godfather and my brothers godfather
03:57 dcook I thought your dad was a david
03:57 Francesca and my stepdad
03:57 Francesca he is a david
03:57 dcook I personally know no Davids at all
03:57 Francesca i went to school with 2
03:57 dcook Ah, I was thinking your stepdad
03:57 dcook Is your stepdad Canadian?
03:57 Francesca yip
03:57 dcook Thought so
03:57 Francesca he is also a dc
03:57 wahanui okay, Francesca.
03:57 dcook DCs are awesome
03:57 Francesca not a dcook though
03:57 dcook That would be weird, although there are lots of dcooks
03:57 dcook My mum is a dcook
03:58 dcook My grandpa was a dcook
03:58 dcook The people whose confidential emails I sometimes used to get were also dcooks
03:58 Francesca I havent met another francesca on here yet
03:58 dcook Our midwife educator was a Frankie (short for Francesca)
03:58 Francesca oh lol
03:58 dcook And we thought about it as a possible baby name, as it's a rad name
03:59 Francesca very italian
03:59 dcook I think one of the people int he class was a Fran (short for Francesca?)
03:59 dcook Hmm, well I'm about as not Italian as they come
03:59 Francesca same
03:59 dcook haha
03:59 Francesca seriosuly my mums dad was british and through my dad I'm 1/32 maori
03:59 dcook Oh, you might like this
04:00 Francesca no italian
04:00 dcook Our bub's middle name is going to be Storm
04:00 Francesca nice
04:00 dcook Short for Stormageddon
04:00 dcook From Doctor Who >_>
04:00 * Francesca high fives dcook
04:00 dcook hehe
04:00 Francesca that is awesome
04:00 dcook I don't even know what I am anymore
04:00 Francesca if its a girl you could use clara?
04:00 dcook Well...
04:00 Francesca or TARDIS but claras a bit more normal
04:00 dcook This is why fans shouldn't talk to each other :p
04:00 Francesca hahahaha
04:00 * dcook isn't a huge Clara fan
04:01 * Francesca doesnt mind
04:01 Francesca Idris is what they called the human TARDIS
04:01 dcook I wonder how many Kylos there will be in the coming years
04:01 dcook human TARDIS?
04:01 Francesca hahahahaha
04:01 wahanui somebody said hahahahaha was there someone else we should ask?
04:01 Francesca
04:02 Francesca dcook: human TARDIS
04:04 Francesca tell me what you think
04:14 dcook Huh... I'm sure I must've seen that once upon a time
04:15 Francesca you must of
04:15 Francesca i hope
04:15 Francesca its a really good episode
04:15 dcook Sixth series..
04:16 dcook I think I binge watched that late night with a friend once
04:16 dcook Maybe I should revisit
04:17 Francesca indeed
04:34 * Francesca is tired
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07:43 marcelr hi #koha
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07:49 reiveune hello
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08:01 alex_a bonjour
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08:15 reza Hello
08:15 reza anyone here can help me with my notice problem?
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08:19 TCP Hi
08:24 Joubu hi
08:27 reza anyone to help me?
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08:36 reza ?
08:44 Joubu reza: what is your problem?
08:45 reza the patron notices just disappear
08:45 reza notice goes trough queue and it sends the email
08:45 reza but somehow after one hour the notice disappear from the patron' profile
08:46 Joubu disappear?
08:46 reza yes, it's just not there anymore!
08:46 Joubu like in mission impossible?
08:46 reza :D
08:46 reza yeah
08:46 Joubu did you check the DB? in the message_queue table
08:46 Joubu if the notices are still there
08:47 reza Checking now
08:48 Joubu reza: the can entries from this table if --mail is passed
08:48 Joubu remove*
08:50 reza but shouldn't I have in in cron?
08:50 Joubu yes, but it could happen :)
08:51 reza I just checked in a new book
08:51 reza the message_queue added a record
08:52 reza but after sometimes it remove the record!
08:52 reza is it cos of the
08:52 Joubu please define "the record"
08:53 reza the record status was pending and now is sent
08:53 reza the patron which is my email received the email
08:56 reza how shall I define the record?
08:56 Joubu I did not get what you called "the record"
08:57 Joubu yes, check if you don't have the cronjob set
08:58 reza new record in the message_queue table in koha database
09:00 reza no cronjob for
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09:04 Joubu reza: which version of Koha are you using? Is it a fres
09:04 Joubu a fresh install ?
09:05 reza 3.10
09:05 reza no
09:05 reza I have 10GB database :)
09:05 Joubu And it's a new behavior?
09:05 reza yes
09:05 Joubu 3.10 is not supported anymore, you should plan an upgrade ;)
09:05 reza I know
09:06 Joubu I have no idea why the notices are removed, but there is no way to remove it from the interface
09:06 Joubu so you should have a script somewhere
09:06 Joubu (or there is a bug, but hard to say on 3.10)
09:06 reza too old (coughing)
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09:12 LibraryClaire hello
09:12 wahanui hey, LibraryClaire
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09:26 CoOl-TriP hi all
09:29 CoOl-TriP can´t anyone tell me how can i solve this problem. After i install (everything ok) i try to login and gives me this error "Can't use an undefined value as an ARRAY reference at /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/perl5/5.20/ line 2064."
09:42 reza Joubu: since I have disable the message_queue no message(notice) is missing!
09:46 Joubu reza: I really would like to help you, but 3.10 is too out-dated, sorry
09:47 Joubu reza: all I can say is that it's not the expected behavior :)
09:48 drojf CoOl-TriP: basic questions: installed what version, on what os, with which installation method?
09:54 reza <Joubu> I have tried to upgrade but Koha goes to maintenance page after upgrade
09:54 reza do you any idea about what to do ?
09:54 Joubu reza: Are you upgrading a production install?
09:54 reza :D no
09:55 reza I've copied the VM to my local machine
09:55 reza making sure that nothing happens if I upgrade the production
09:55 Joubu reza: phew :)
09:55 reza yeah
09:56 reza :D
09:56 Joubu reza: to upgrade you have to log in with the DB user/pwd (the one defined in the koha-conf.xml) on the staff interface
09:57 Joubu but 3.10=>3.22 is a really big gap, plan a good test period
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09:58 reza yeah
09:59 reza I'm asking librarian to check on a test server before i push on production
09:59 reza but is there any database schema changes from 3.10 to 3.20
09:59 reza ?
10:00 Joubu yes, a lot
10:02 reza hmmm, I was thinking to install a fresh one on a server and just copy the config and template..
10:02 reza the OS that is hosting the current Koha is a mess...
10:02 reza Ubuntu 11 ....
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10:06 ashimema install fresh.. clone db over, run the db update
10:10 reza how can I run the db update?
10:11 reza in upgrade process?
10:12 reza database is big and I get Gateway Time-out while upgrading from web installer
10:12 Joubu you can do it 'manually' with perl installer/data/mysql/
10:12 Joubu and redirect the outputs, you will need it!
10:13 reza I'm just writing my scenario
10:13 reza tell me if I'm wrong
10:14 reza I'm gonna install a new fresh latest version of koha in a machine running a fresh installed ubuntu. then I'm gonna point the new installed koha to the old database and run the
10:14 Joubu yep
10:15 Joubu + config
10:15 Joubu zebra, cronjob
10:16 reza copy the koha-config.xml - zebra cong and crontab from the old to the new one
10:16 reza correct?
10:18 Joubu I'd say not copy, but adapt
10:19 Joubu koha-conf.xml has changed between 3.10 and 3.22 so if you erase it, you might have problems
10:19 drojf the config is quite different now. and you have to switch to dom indexing too
10:20 reza what is dom indexing?
10:20 wahanui well, dom indexing is a lot faster than GRS-1.
10:20 reza is it a replacement for zebra?
10:25 drojf no, its a different indexing mode within zebra
10:26 drojf to change an old config you would have to do this​i/Switching_to_dom_indexing
10:31 drojf[…]g_to_dom_indexing even
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10:39 drojf hi paul_p
10:40 paul_p hi drojf (& others)
10:40 drojf paul_p: any news about coral? :)
10:41 paul_p drojf not yet, sorry. In the last 2.5 weeks, I had 8 days of presentation for the huge tender (8 different groups, one for each topic: circulation, acquisition, costs, planning,...)
10:42 CoOl-TriP drojf i´m reinstalling OS Debian 8.1 i think it was a problem with the intranet suffix and i install in opac instead of intranet
10:42 CoOl-TriP *debian 8
10:51 drojf paul_p: that sounds like a lot of work. i'll try to be patient :) the ERM question is coming up in every discussion lately
10:52 drojf should the new user email from koha go out immediately? i thought it used to be like that, but i don't get anything
11:00 Joubu Could someone confirm that when updating a guarantor we expect the guarantee's address to be updated as well?
11:00 Joubu It seems that it's the expected behavior, but looking at the code, it's broken since bug 5379
11:00 huginn` Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5379 critical, PATCH-Sent (DO NOT USE), ---, cnighswonger, CLOSED FIXED, fails with db insert/update errors
11:01 Joubu pushed in... 2011
11:05 drojf Joubu: i would expect different addresses to be possible. they do not necessarily have to live together?
11:05 drojf but having the option and ask about it would probably be good
11:05 Joubu drojf: yes, but looking at the code, something is broken
11:08 drojf that is possible of course
11:09 drojf new user emails don't work for me in master. i get the checkout mails and the syspref is enabled. anything else i could have missed?
11:14 Joubu drojf: AutoEmailOpacUser?
11:14 wahanui i think AutoEmailOpacUser is the one to look at
11:16 drojf yes, that is enabled
11:16 drojf email is set for instance and branch
11:16 drojf other emails work (like checkout)
11:18 Joubu The ACCTDETAILS template is defined in the 'members' module?
11:18 Joubu Do you get the "Email has been sent"  info?
11:18 drojf yes i just checked, going through the code
11:19 drojf where? in the staff client after setting up the account?
11:19 Joubu yes
11:19 drojf i did no tsee such thing
11:20 Joubu drojf: ha yes... The param is passed to the template but there is a redirect, so it's never displayed...
11:22 drojf but i got an email not for another account i created. is it possible that it fails if the account has existed before?
11:22 drojf *now
11:22 drojf i created and deleted the other account a few times while setting up postfix. a completely new one seems to work
11:26 drojf ah. i think i did not enter login and password, and then there is no email
11:26 drojf but nice you found the other bug now ;)
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11:28 * cait waves
11:28 LibraryClaire hi cait
11:28 drojf hi cait
11:34 Joubu drojf: 381         if ( C4::Context->preference("AutoEmailOpacUser") == 1 && $newdata{'userid'}  && $newdata{'password'}) {
11:35 cait :)
11:35 drojf if there are error messages it should probably include something about that too ;)
11:36 cait reading the logs, is the question about guarantor still open?
11:36 cait if we get to change it, maybe the alternate contact should be filled with the guarantors address - just an idea :) (and probably would need a switch...)
11:36 drojf it makes sense not to send account details if they dont exist, but the email template may be different and just a welcome, or something
11:36 cait and for ACCTDETAILS you need to have filled out the userid/password for it to send
11:40 drojf anyway i forgot what i started all the email stuff for in the first place
11:41 drojf ah, bug 15280 and related. maybe another time
11:41 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=15280 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, kyle, Needs Signoff , Switch default CHECKOUT notice to Template Toolkit
11:41 Joubu cait: I have sent an email to koha-devel about the guarantor/guarantees
11:41 cait cool
11:42 Joubu cait: but the code has always been broken
11:42 Joubu cait: so it won't be a good idea to fix it :)
11:42 cait yeah :) probably woudl have to be an option now
11:43 cait author of the year three days in a row - i think you get to keep the trophy now - Joubu :)
11:43 cait aah, 2016... it's still on
11:43 Joubu nobody needed this option for the last 10 years, not sure it's worth to implement it
11:43 cait there might be a bug somewher about it already
11:43 cait at least about email
11:43 cait but in general... true
11:46 drojf but i'm set up to work on the gpg patch too with working email. heh
12:01 CoOl-TriP can anyone tell me if the instalation must be using intraport ou opac?
12:04 drojf CoOl-TriP: a regular (non-local) installation should use port 80 for both and two different (sub)domains
12:05 drojf or 443, with https
12:05 drojf if you want to run it locally to test and just have an ip, you can use two different ports to distinguish between opac and staff client
12:07 CoOl-TriP i did that. I installed debian 8, run all the procedure. Now i´m trying to access from web and says mantenance (can´t install)
12:08 drojf thats ok
12:08 drojf you need to go to the staff client
12:08 drojf and do the setup
12:08 drojf you need to log in with the database user. you can find that in your koha-conf.xml
12:09 CoOl-TriP shows the same thing. I´m using port 8080 for staf (INTRAPORT)
12:09 CoOl-TriP can i sent you link in pm?
12:10 drojf that sounds like your apache config is not correct
12:10 drojf is 8080 in the apache config for koha, and did you put listen 8080 in apaches ports.conf file?
12:11 CoOl-TriP any suggestion?
12:11 CoOl-TriP i´ve add listen 8080 to ports.conf
12:16 CoOl-TriP using lynx it allows install but shoudn´t be able to do it from browser?
12:18 CoOl-TriP drojf it´s mandatory use lynx?
12:27 cait the maintenance message only shows for the opac - not for the staff side
12:27 drojf lynx is a browser. but it should work in firefox or the like
12:27 drojf clear your cache
12:28 CoOl-TriP i+ve installed from there it worked
12:28 CoOl-TriP but i can´t access staff from web browser only from lynx
12:28 cait what's the error in the browser?
12:28 cait there should be no difference
12:29 cait or dou you mean lynx on the server itself and web browser from anothr computer?
12:30 CoOl-TriP i´m installing on another computer throught ssh
12:32 CoOl-TriP if i use a wrong password it says password wrong if i do it right it gives this error on OPAC "Can't use an undefined value as an ARRAY reference at /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/perl5/5.20/ line 2064."
12:33 CoOl-TriP when use lynx is from ssh so it´s same machine as instalation
12:37 drojf did you do a koha package installation?
12:37 tcohen joined #koha
12:37 drojf undefined value as ARRAY reference sounds like there is no database set
12:37 drojf did you install mysql-server too?
12:38 tcohen morning
12:38 drojf hi tcohen
12:38 drojf later #koha
12:40 CoOl-TriP yes, all installed
12:40 CoOl-TriP proceed to instalation ok
12:41 CoOl-TriP i think is something wrong with outside requests
12:47 CoOl-TriP on server ir shows page
12:47 CoOl-TriP i mean locally
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12:55 oleonard Hi #koha
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12:58 * LibraryClaire waves
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13:07 CoOl-TriP drojf i can access OPAC but can´t access Staff login page. Only if i+m locally i can access staff page
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13:14 therover joined #koha
13:16 LibraryClaire Does anyone know if there has been anything put up about KohaCon 16 yet? I've seen the dates and location
13:16 drojf LibraryClaire: CFP and stuff is supposed to come this week
13:17 drojf there was some talk about it at the last meeting
13:17 drojf CoOl-TriP: soory, but that sounds like some network problem i can't help you with
13:17 drojf *sorry
13:17 LibraryClaire drojf: coolio, thanks. We're starting to look into who we can send, if anyone and it clashes with half term week so flights are not cheap already
13:18 barton joined #koha
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14:45 * oleonard invites comments on Bug 15558
14:45 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=15558 normal, P5 - low, ---, chloealabaster, In Discussion , To rename the patron expiration date field in patron screen
14:53 amyk joined #koha
14:56 drojf1 joined #koha
15:00 Joubu ashimema: it seems that we are not the only ones having issues with the github workflow: :)
15:03 ashimema interesting
15:03 wahanui it has been said that interesting is sometimes good and sometimes bad
15:06 drojf1 cait: do we have a translation issue with expiration? i think it does not matter for us
15:07 drojf1 regarding oleonards question
15:07 ashimema interestingly.. those are not my top 'anoyances' with github ;)
15:08 drojf1 i was going to answer "i don't care how you call it, i translate it anyway" before i read the second part of the posting ;)
15:10 oleonard drojf1: As I understand it lots of English-speakers have problems with default terminology choices and some of those people rely on custom translations to solve the problem.
15:10 oleonard So I'm no sure why a global change is suggested here.
15:12 drojf1 that could be done with jquery too
15:12 drojf1 i guess.
15:16 drojf1 gotta go. later #koha
15:17 cait oleonard: in german the translation for expiry date seems not to cause any problems
15:17 cait i think the suggested change translated directly could lead to more confusion... would need to think more about it
15:30 alex_a_ joined #koha
15:37 Joubu bye #koha
15:59 TGoat joined #koha
16:01 reiveune bye
16:01 reiveune left #koha
16:14 drojf joined #koha
16:21 bag morning
16:21 bag bug 15295
16:21 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=15295 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Pushed to Master , Move the C4::Branch related code to Koha::Libraries - part 2
16:27 oleonard Hi bag
16:27 bag take a few days off and the queue is upto 90 PQA
16:27 bag busy few days ahead for me :)
16:27 bag hi oleonard
16:30 pianohacker joined #koha
16:32 cdickinson_ joined #koha
16:38 kidclamp joined #koha
16:38 kidclamp joined #koha
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17:25 cait left #koha
17:35 npls joined #koha
17:38 npls joined #koha
17:38 npls I wonder if it's a global systems setting i need to change...
17:39 npls does anyone know why the 242 tag in our default framework is not showing up when cataloguing in the cataloguing module?
17:43 oleonard Did you edit the framework to change the visibility of the tag npls?
17:44 oleonard npls: Looks like it's hidden in the default framework
17:52 cait joined #koha
17:55 npls ah problem solved. subfields were all hidden :)
17:55 npls thank you oleonard.
17:56 npls much appreciated
17:58 bag oleonard++
18:03 edveal joined #koha
18:14 LibraryClaire joined #koha
18:47 mtompset joined #koha
19:28 clover joined #koha
19:38 rangi clover: in your terminal (not in vagrant)
19:38 rangi cd Koha
19:38 rangi git remote add gitlab
19:40 rangi git fetch gitlab
19:40 bree joined #koha
19:40 pianohacker rangi: you guys setting up a gitlab?
19:41 rangi thats my gitlab, ive had it for a while
19:41 rangi it's where i put stuff that I work on in my own time
19:42 rangi pianohacker:
19:42 oleonard Hi rangi and pianohacker
19:42 rangi i have it testing builds too
19:42 pianohacker sweet
19:42 pianohacker hi oleonard
19:43 oleonard pianohacker: Question on Bug 15600
19:43 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=15600 minor, P5 - low, ---, chloealabaster, In Discussion , System preferences broken toolbar looks broken
19:43 pianohacker oleonard: yar, lemme take a look
19:43 rangi but for today, we are using it, because I have an academy branch, which has all the students patches on it, so we can run gource over it
19:44 oleonard pianohacker: Particularly my last comment
19:44 pianohacker oleonard: oh dammit :/ I see that
19:44 pianohacker of course I would overzealously break something I'd worked on
19:44 pianohacker do you think just adding back in the selectors for #toolbar would fix that?
19:45 gandalf joined #koha
19:45 oleonard Yes. I just wanted to make sure you didn't have a reason to argue otherwise.
19:46 pianohacker oleonard: lemme check what rancor is doing
19:47 pianohacker I know I needed to make that change because I had multiple toolbars on the page, and thought I had checked it wouldn't break other things
19:47 pastebot "rangi" at pasted "for the students" (6 lines) at
19:47 rangi clover: there is some more stuff in that url
19:48 pianohacker oleonard: yeah, we need to just add the selectors back in. I thought everything with #toolbar had .btn-toolbar as well, but it turns out that's very wrong
19:51 kathryn joined #koha
19:51 pianohacker (the original change was done because there are multiple toolbars in the rancor interface within modals)
19:52 oleonard I figured you had a reason pianohacker
19:58 rangi[…]90245506732163072
19:58 rangi[…]72157663606132212
20:00 liw "backup that, and that, and that..."
20:04 rangi :)
20:16 natasha joined #koha
20:17 rangi natasha:
20:29 geek_cl joined #koha
20:29 gandalf clover:[…]_bug.cgi?id=15637
20:29 huginn` Bug 15637: trivial, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , Spelling mistake in
20:32 geek_cl Hi guys , what means this creating the first issuingrule
20:32 rangi what version geek_cl ?
20:33 wizzyrea and how was it installed
20:33 rangi looks like a database update didnt run or somthing, the code is out of sync with the database anyway
20:33 geek_cl rangi,
20:34 geek_cl was a fresh install of 3.22.01
20:35 rangi students: in you Koha dir run git branch
20:35 rangi students: check you are on the academy branch
20:36 rangi students: if so, then run gource --start-date '2016-01-18'
20:43 rangi wget[…]_0.43-1_amd64.deb
20:44 rangi ok
20:44 rangi so in your terminal run cd
20:45 rangi git clone
20:45 rangi cd Gource
20:45 nengard left #koha
20:46 geek_cl rangi,
20:47 geek_cl chargeperiod_charge_at field not exist
20:47 rangi dont have time to look geek_cl
20:47 rangi im teaching students today
20:47 geek_cl oh, ok. sorry class ;)
20:50 drojf1 joined #koha
20:52 cait geek_cl: hm it should exist
20:52 cait this was a new installation you said?
20:53 geek_cl cait, how to check the version of the schema ?
20:53 geek_cl yes
20:53 cait this sql is used to generate a new database - and the column is there[…]416b5f92bfb#l1166
20:53 cait are you using translated templates?
20:54 rangi git log --pretty=format:user:%aN%n%at --reverse --raw --encoding=UTF-8 --no-renames --after=2016-01-18
20:54 aleisha joined #koha
20:58 geek_cl cait, yes es-ES
20:58 cait can you try and see if the error appers on the enlgish pages as well?
20:59 geek_cl give me some minutes
21:00 geek_cl cait can i add that column manually,  right?
21:00 cait hm would be good to find out why you are missing it
21:00 cait it's in kohastructure... so that should not happen for a new installation
21:02 geek_cl ok. thanks ;)
21:03 rangi git log --pretty=format:user:%aN%n%at --reverse --raw --encoding=UTF-8 --no-renames --after=2016-01-21 | gource --log-format git -a 1 -1920x1080 -o gource.ppm -
21:07 pastebot "wizzyrea" at pasted "This is interesting. And probably not necessary." (2 lines) at
21:07 wizzyrea geek_cl: did you update your translations?
21:07 geek_cl looks like not
21:11 rangi ffmpeg -y -r 60 -f image2pipe -vcodec ppm -i gource.ppm -vcodec libx264 -preset ultrafast -vf scale=1920:1080 -pix_fmt yuv420p -crf 1 -threads 0 -bf 0 gource.mp4
21:13 rangi sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mc3man/trusty-media
21:13 rangi sudo apt-get update
21:22 rangi students:
21:23 Francesca joined #koha
21:29 amyk joined #koha
21:33 cait hm bug 15579 looks like an easy sign off :)
21:33 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=15579 blocker, P5 - low, ---, veron, Needs Signoff , records_batchmod permission doesn't allow access to batch modification
21:41 rangi students: we'll work on this until about 12, then we will tidy up and do some quick notes for the presentation, then pizza at 1, presentations, then the capture the flag
21:47 Francesca joined #koha
21:47 bree joined #koha
21:47 Francesca rangi: sounds like a great day - wish I was there
21:58 edveal joined #koha
22:03 clover
22:14 clover
22:16 rangi ^^ check that out
22:16 wizzyrea nice1
22:16 wizzyrea !
22:16 reza joined #koha
22:30 clover oh hai all
22:31 * clover is bad, leaving my laptop unlocked
22:31 dcook Mmm pizza at 1
22:31 clover please tell me off
22:31 dcook hehe
22:32 clover oops
22:32 Francesca hahaha
22:32 * Francesca would like pizza too\
22:33 dcook I was really craving pizza yesterday as well >_>
22:33 Francesca lol
22:33 dcook Surely no one would notice if I got on a quick plane to Wellington and back..
22:33 Francesca well I'm home sick or else I would be at the academy today
22:33 dcook Ah right. Darned sickness
22:33 Francesca dcook: I wish you well in getting on a plane just to get pizza
22:39 cait students++
22:44 pianohacker_DND does anybody remember why plack is restricted to Apache 2.4.8+?
22:44 cait hm shoudl be in one of the bug discussions
22:44 cait pianohacker_DND: try to talk  to tcohen
22:44 cait I think he will know for sure
22:45 pianohacker_DND yeah, found it on the bug:[…]ment.cgi?id=41866
22:49 JoshB left #koha
23:02 reza joined #koha
23:07 dcook Francesca: Too busy now dealing with horribleness
23:07 Francesca oh dear
23:07 Francesca what kind of horribleness?
23:07 dcook Closed source system... makes me wish everything was open source...
23:07 Francesca wow
23:07 Francesca you sound like you need pizza
23:07 Francesca or something like this
23:07 clover I'm back doing silly things
23:07 Francesca @bartender dcook
23:08 * huginn` fills a pint glass with Dos Equis Special Lager, and sends it sliding down the bar to dcook (
23:08 Francesca clover: what kind of silly things
23:08 clover ian likes to hack peoples xchat when they forget to lock it
23:09 clover aka me
23:09 Francesca nice
23:09 Francesca hi ian
23:30 NateC joined #koha
23:37 clover would anyone know why there would be a code to strip the white space only with the transforms?
23:38 rangi clover: you  mean transfers?
23:38 clover yes
23:42 pianohacker_DND ... is it a known bug that MEMCACHED_SERVERS isn't passed into plack, or am I doing something crazy?
23:50 pianohacker_DND O_o
23:51 kathryn joined #koha
23:51 pianohacker_DND rangi: plack prevents anything that depends on SetEnv from working, correct?
23:53 rangi pretty much
23:53 pianohacker_DND oh god
23:54 pianohacker_DND well, that means we've lost not just memcached but branch-specific css and search limits
23:54 pianohacker_DND kind of a showstopper for deployment :/
23:54 pianohacker_DND (and syspref overrides)
23:55 * pianohacker_DND goes back in hole
23:55 rangi you can check it, be just warning $ENV
23:56 rangi maybe with data::dumper
23:56 rangi sorry warn Dumper \%ENV;
23:56 rangi see what is actually set
23:57 pianohacker_DND I think I have, and it kind of makes sense that it'd be broken. We're just doing an HTTP proxy, there's no reason starman's ENV would be affected by apache's
23:57 rangi in just or something .. then it should be in the plack error log .. in theory :)
23:59 rangi yeah
23:59 papa joined #koha

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