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00:04 cait night all
00:04 wahanui goodnight cait. You'll be back.
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01:07 wizzyrea[…]n=run&sharer_id=1
01:07 wizzyrea alex_ ^
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01:25 * francesca waves
01:56 francesca @wunder wlg
01:56 huginn francesca: The current temperature in Wellington, New Zealand is 19.0°C (2:30 PM NZDT on December 02, 2015). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 83%. Dew Point: 16.0°C. Pressure: 30.27 in 1025 hPa (Steady).
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01:59 aleisha e
01:59 aleisha oops sorry wrong chat heh
02:00 francesca No usable default provider could be found for your system.
02:00 francesca ahh wrong window
02:00 * francesca facepalms
02:00 wahanui http://buikitty.files.wordpres[…]120202-094434.jpg
02:31 wizzyrea
02:33 wizzyrea
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03:24 * dcook missed having eythian around in his own time zone
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06:33 * magnuse waves
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06:43 magnuse dcook!
06:43 dcook magnuse!
06:43 wahanui hmmm... magnuse is afraid that we added another 10000 bugs while he was eating pizza.
06:43 magnuse i thought you snuck out just before i joined :-)
06:43 dcook I wish :p
06:43 * dcook never leaves
06:43 dcook Trying to do too many things..
06:43 dcook Thought of another problem with the OAI-PMH harvests...
06:44 dcook So writing about that at the moment, even though I shold've left work 44 minutes ago..
06:44 dcook Basically, it is all done synchronously, which means it'll be too slow for what andreashm and cait have in mind..
06:45 dcook I am using an asynchronous framework though (POE)... but getting stuck on blocking HTTP requests...
06:45 dcook So might need to discard HTTP::OAI and use a non-blocking HTTP request POE module to do all the API calls..
06:45 magnuse yeah, i always thought of oai-pmh as a onec-a-night kind of thing, more than a several-times-a-minute thing
06:45 dcook Me too :/
06:46 dcook Maybe even a few times a day
06:49 dcook I tested a download of 21 records and it took 4 seconds... which is longer than the 2-3 quoted by andreashm and cait..
06:50 dcook Although that's using the HTTP::OAI module..
06:50 dcook Actually, 5 seconds in the browser..
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06:56 dcook I suppose my tests might be bad...
06:56 dcook That they might include too many records..
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07:23 fridolin hie there
07:24 dcook Yo fridolin
07:26 dcook @later tell cait could you look at bug 10662 when you're free?
07:26 huginn dcook: The operation succeeded.
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07:30 dcook Anyway, finally going this time :p
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07:41 reiveune hello
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07:55 alex_a bonjour
08:07 Joubu hi
08:07 wahanui salut, Joubu
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10:19 hagud_ good morning, there is no chat or I have problems with the IRC?
10:25 magnuse hagud_: i think it is just very quiet :-)
10:25 hagud_ ok, thanks I thought I was out of this IRC ;)
10:26 hagud_ just one issue, anybody has installed koha 3_22 or koha 3_20_6 from packages, I think they're not published, right?
10:26 magnuse no, they were not there when i checked yesterday
10:27 magnuse we have a new package manager, so he might need some time to get set up, i guess
10:27 hagud_ ok, thanks!
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11:54 drojf hi #koha
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11:58 drojf does bug 15218 mean the stage marc records problem is gone for now with plack in 3.22?
11:58 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=15218 major, P5 - low, ---, tomascohen, Pushed to Master , Make processes that rely on background jobs run in CGI mode
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12:00 Joubu drojf: yes
12:00 * cait waves
12:00 Joubu it should be (I haven't testà
12:00 Joubu )
12:02 drojf great, thanks
12:02 drojf hi cait
12:03 cait Joubu++
12:04 cait hi drojf
12:04 cait travelling without laptop again - but will be back tomorrow :)
12:05 drojf woohoo
12:05 drojf to the office… later #koha
12:10 cait Joubu: are you around tomorrow and fridayß
12:10 cait ?
12:10 Joubu cait: not on friday, I will met PTFS-E guys in Aston :)
12:10 cait oh nice
12:11 cait at the customer day?
12:13 Joubu yes
12:21 magnuse sounds like fun! please give ashimema and atheia a pat on the back from us :-)
12:22 cait exactly that please :)
12:22 cait and also the others
12:22 cait C. and J. ... :)
12:23 cait time to catch my bus home
12:23 cait bye all
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12:26 tcohen morning
12:31 magnuse kia ora tcohen
12:32 tcohen kia ora magnuse
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12:39 magnuse moin drojf
12:39 drojf hei magnuse
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12:59 oleonard Hi druthb
12:59 druthb Hi, oleonard! :)
13:01 magnuse hiya druthb and oleonard
13:01 oleonard I was just thinking about you while I read the numerous translation-related bugs which have come up lately :|
13:01 druthb Nice to be thought-of.  :)
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13:22 magnuse i have a library that wants to use SearchWithISBNVariations, but then they have to turn off UseQueryParser. it is not clear to me what, if anything, they loose by doing that. anyone know?
13:25 drojf what did they/you turn it on for? :)
13:26 magnuse they want to be able to search for isbns with and without hyphens, so if you search for the hyphenated version you get a hit on the version without hyphens and vice versa
13:26 magnuse that can be achieved with SearchWithISBNVariations, but in order for that to work, UseQueryParser must be off
13:26 drojf i mean what did you turn on the queryparser for? (trying to find what you may lose without it) ;)
13:27 drojf or is it default now?
13:28 drojf[…]earch_Rewrite_RFC#.28b.29_Adopt_the_Evergreen_QueryParser
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13:29 magnuse hm, good question
13:29 drojf or[…]earch_Rewrite_RFC#.28g.29_Replace_Koha.27s_h​omegrown_query_parsing_code
13:30 magnuse looks like the default for UseQueryParser is 0
13:30 magnuse i can't remember turning it on for any specific reason
13:30 magnuse maybe just that it was supposed to be better...
13:30 drojf the last time i turned it on somewhere search did not work and i never got back to trying it
13:31 drojf it probably is better :)
13:32 drojf i should try the speed testing with it maybe
13:45 Joubu fredericd: around?
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15:13 drojf we have master and 3.20 on the manual webpage. when will there be a 3.22 link, and is that a manual or a website question? :)
15:16 drojf nengard: is there an "official" 3.22 of the manual already?
15:16 nengard yes
15:16 nengard it's not finished though
15:16 drojf thats what i meant, sorry :)
15:16 nengard
15:16 nengard oh sorry - i still have about 10 things I need to add to it
15:16 nengard so it's pretty darn close!!!
15:16 drojf ah the link works already. perfect!
15:16 nengard yes :)
15:16 nengard it's not 100% complete in terms of new functionality
15:17 * nengard puts on her friendly nagging hat
15:17 nengard and I didn't get to document youtube :(
15:17 nengard hehe
15:17 drojf thats all i need. i am re-doing the template for the info i hand out with free koha instances. and they will be 3.22 soon. so i should ditch the 3.18 link ;)
15:17 * nengard is teasing
15:17 nengard yes you should!
15:17 nengard ditch it
15:18 drojf true, i even fixed the video upload link before :/ so many things to do :(
15:20 nengard hehe
15:20 drojf on the plus side, i moved to a new computer and all is 1000x faster now. once i migrate the old vm i can send a sketch of the patch. it could have million options for things like video format, i left it at one. its more a proof of concept atm really. i lost the fist version of the patch
15:20 nengard wow!!
15:20 nengard good
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15:24 drojf oh the desktop version of the 3.22 manual does not exist yet? works, but http://translate.koha-communit[…]/en/html-desktop/  does not
15:24 nengard it kind of does
15:24 nengard it's the master URL
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15:24 nengard http://translate.koha-communit[…]/en/html-desktop/
15:24 nengard but you're right
15:25 drojf i was not sure if putting the master url was a good idea. how often is that changed? meaning, how soon will it have a lot of cool stuff that does not apply to 3.22 anymore?
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15:30 JRJMLDirector Is Koha having any problems this morning?
15:31 JRJMLDirector We are running so slowly we keep timing out
15:31 JRJMLDirector checking logs now
15:32 fredericd Joubu: Anything I can do with bug 14939?
15:32 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=14939 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, frederic, Needs Signoff , OAI Server classes must be modularized
15:33 drojf JRJMLDirector: do you mean your koha installation? i'm afraid we would not know that. your IT or your service provider shoudl know ;)
15:33 Joubu fredericd: any idea why it does not pass for me?
15:33 oleonard JRJMLDirector: Wrong channel?
15:33 fredericd Version of HTTP::OAI
15:35 Joubu fredericd: 4.03
15:37 fredericd I have 3.27
15:38 fredericd Is it a package or cpan install?
15:38 Joubu package from jessie
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15:41 fredericd I've just tried installing HTTP::OAI 4.03 from cpan on a Debian Wheezy
15:41 fredericd And I get your error message: Can't call method "start_element" on an undefined value at /root/.cpanm/work/1449070949.9257/HTTP-OAI-4.03/blib/lib/HTTP/OAI/ line 53
15:43 fredericd[…]ay.html?id=102010
15:45 Joubu hum, not good...
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16:08 reiveune bye
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16:28 oleonard does the koha-translate command not work with gitified installations?
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16:51 drojf nengard_chicktech: done
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16:56 * drojf heads home
17:02 oleonard DataTables ColVis plugin "retired" :
17:06 pianohacker ... this really seems like we'll have to recreate a lot of colvis on top of buttons, but I'm not that deep into the docs yet
17:07 pianohacker oh nvm:
17:08 pianohacker my only worry is that we'll need to convert code to the new datatables api to use this
17:10 oleonard Current list of nightmare upgrades: jQuery, DataTables, Bootstrap.
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17:13 oleonard Can't upgrade Bootstrap because of jQuery. Can't upgrade jQuery because of ColVis. Can't easily upgrade DataTables because DataTables.
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17:24 pianohacker we can switch colvis over with one centralized change, no?
17:24 pianohacker to
17:24 xarragon Is there an elegant way to check XML returns in tests?
17:25 xarragon beacuse instantiating a parser and running xpath is a bit messy
17:25 oleonard pianohacker: I'm not familiar with it
17:27 xarragon Something like this for example:
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17:48 Joubu bye #koha
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18:00 drojf when i have an authority record linked to a biblio and i search for an author name that is in the authority record… should the biblio turn up? or does that only work for authority search?
18:02 drojf something like alternative spelling
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19:11 cait evening #koha :)
19:18 rangi morning
19:20 drojf noon
19:21 wnickc 2pm
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19:28 mveron Hi #koha
19:38 cait hm irc meeting tonight?
19:39 cait did someone send a reminder?
19:39 rangi nope
19:39 rangi not that i saw
19:43 cait[…]g_2_December_2015
19:43 cait i think it's in 20 minutes
19:43 pianohacker d'oh right when I have to leave to teach
19:45 cait might be a quiet one
19:45 cait should we postpone if noone is here?
19:47 drojf oh another month gone already?
19:47 drojf +1 for postponing
19:48 drojf not really time for a meeting :/ and did not prepare anything regarding voting riules
19:48 drojf *rules
19:49 drojf we should have an automatic email reminder
19:50 drojf what would one use to set that up?
19:52 cait no idea
19:52 rangi yeah postponing sounds good
19:52 rangi i dont think any of the RM or Rmaint will be there
19:53 cait let's wait a few minutes and then postpone if we don't get suddenly overrun :)
19:57 drojf do we have time critical stuff to discuss?
19:58 drojf does not look like it. apart from greece… it would be nice to have a date set
19:59 cait yeah that's true
19:59 drojf usually the dates are anounced shortly after voring, aren't they? may is not too long away
19:59 drojf *voting
19:59 cait maybe we should email and ask nicely
19:59 rangi thats a good idea
19:59 drojf i can do that
19:59 cait who volunteers? :)
19:59 cait aah
20:00 cait i love self-volunteering volunteers :)
20:00 drojf they might show up too
20:00 drojf for the meeting i mean
20:00 drojf no idea
20:00 drojf maybe i could invite them to join the next ;)
20:00 cait they have been at meetings before
20:00 drojf yes
20:00 cait next meeting will be january - wouldn#t mind a date on the mailing list before that :)
20:01 drojf i think not having a reminder is really a problem. a real one, like a day or two before, not 30 minutes. i would have missed all meetings lately if i would not hang around here
20:01 cait hm not sure
20:01 cait i just put the meeting on my calendar
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20:01 cait like i would with all other work related meetings
20:02 cait like I do...
20:02 drojf that would be an option too. lol. but my phone broke so i have not used it much
20:02 cait i use thunderbird lightning
20:03 drojf i tried that at some point and… dont remember. did not work? i did not use it then. i had a caldav in owncloud until that decided to not work properly and i did not have time to move it
20:03 drojf my whole life is stuff that does not do things like i want them to, piled up to heaven. i always find other stuff to break
20:04 cait paper calendar?
20:04 cait nothing wrong with that really
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20:05 cait and reminders are good - i just don't count 'no reminder' as a totally valid excuse :)
20:06 drojf its no excuse, but i doubt the meeting is the most important thing to a lot of people. we are really just a few people most of the time. if we catch 1 or 2 with a reminder that would not hurt
20:08 thd Has the meeting started?
20:10 thd cait: Have not enough people appeared for the meeting?
20:10 cait thd: most people around voted to postpone
20:10 cait we are waiting a bit longer, but i think it might be the best
20:11 * thd was a little late after handing a nice baby back to his parents.
20:13 cait babies can be nice?
20:14 thd Playing with babies has kept me from many things in the past three years, but has been very satisfying.
20:15 thd Is there any experience with auto-generating email messages for meeting reminders etc.?
20:15 cait i think it could be a problem that our meetings are not regular
20:16 cait so someone would have to touch it every time
20:16 drojf can't that be done with wiki magic?
20:16 Dyrcona Hey! We just postponed/skipped a meeting over in #evergreen on freenode, too.
20:16 cait heh
20:16 thd Obviously, it could not be a traditional cron job but something triggered programmatically.
20:16 cait shoudl we schedule another in december?
20:17 drojf the reminder i mean. is there something calenderish for mediawiki that we could use for dates and reminders?
20:17 thd I will still be here in a week.
20:18 cait shoudl we move it to 9th?
20:18 thd drojf: People would still forget what was on the "pick your calendar".
20:18 cait hm i might have a christmas party that day
20:18 Dyrcona We use Google calendar for Evergreen meetings. Just throwing that out there.
20:18 drojf thd: not if it would send an email ;)
20:18 thd drojf: Yes of course ;)
20:19 cait ... people?
20:20 cait i will leave it open
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20:21 thd Dyrcona: Google calendar is non-free software.  We should have a FOSS solution.
20:22 Dyrcona thd: Yes. I generally agree with that.
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20:22 drojf i tried to follow the discussion about an email alarm in owncloud but gave up after five pages redirecting somewhere else
20:23 cait i have added a comment to th emeeting wiki page
20:23 rangi cait: thank you
20:23 cait maybe bag will want to pick the next meeting date
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20:25 thd If we would not have a meeting until January, then ALA midwinter meeting schedule will be an issue.  It is in early January for a change.
20:25 cait our RM is travellig until 10th... maybe we can find a date in between
20:26 thd left #koha
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20:32 * thd is going to a presentation about voting methods at MOMATH, this evening.
20:34 thd Back to backups.
20:36 drojf thd: are you going to present a summary at the next meeting for the kohacon votings?
20:43 liw mmm, backups. backups are awesome.
20:43 rangi[…]troubled-library/
20:46 rangi i didnt realise it was in trouble
20:46 drojf where do i put a non-mandatory dependency in debian/control? or do i put it there at all?
20:46 tcohen joined #koha
20:47 tcohen talljoy++
20:47 rangi debian/control should be generated by a script
20:47 liw drojf, I think you mean what Debian calls a "Recommends" or a "Suggests"
20:47 talljoy :-)
20:47 rangi i forget the name of the script
20:47 tcohen debian/update-control + debian/rules
20:48 rangi ah yep
20:48 rangi thanks tcohen
20:48 tcohen the latter is called by the first one
20:48 tcohen that should go to the release maintenance wiki
20:48 cait hm i am emailing the list about the member expiry notice :)
20:48 tcohen because we tend to forget, and the packaging manager has extra job
20:49 rangi good point
20:49 wahanui I know! The blade went right through that child!
20:49 rangi ahh eythian
20:49 cait lol
20:50 wizzyrea hehe
20:50 wizzyrea oh speaking of wahanui
20:50 drojf rangi tcohen ok, but where do i put the dependency then? or does the script generate it from the file i use it in?
20:50 wizzyrea I think the bot's running under his account somewhere on one of the community servers
20:51 tcohen drojf: dependencies go to C4::Installer::PerlDependencies
20:51 drojf tcohen: oh just there? i did that :)
20:51 rangi runs on my server wizzyrea
20:51 wizzyrea coooool
20:51 tcohen if you are writing a patch leave teh control file to the rm/rmaint
20:51 rangi when/if it dies i can restart it under my user
20:51 wizzyrea excellent
20:52 drojf tcohen: ok so i'm done when its in PerlDependencies? awesome
20:52 drojf thanks
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21:09 rangi cait++ # for knowing everything
21:09 cait um.
21:10 wizzyrea cait++ for knowing many many things
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21:18 eythian[…]en_nuggets_daddy_ <-- rangi
21:19 rangi hehe
21:19 cait eythian: go to bed :P
21:19 eythian cait: :-P
21:19 wizzyrea YES
21:19 wizzyrea hehehehe
21:20 eythian I should soon, still trying to sleep off this cold
21:24 drojf1 when i have an authority record linked to a biblio and i search for an alternative author name that is in the authority record… should the biblio turn up? or does that only work for authority search? something like alternative spelling.
21:24 cait there is a pref for that
21:25 cait drojf1: IncludeSeeFromInSearches
21:25 wahanui i think IncludeSeeFromInSearches is something else entirely, but DidYouMeanFromAuthorities shouldn't be there anymore.
21:25 cait butyou need to reindex
21:27 drojf1 ok then i am not crazy. i was sure that worked at some point :D
21:27 drojf1 cait++
21:28 cait there should be a koha quiz show on tv... :)
21:28 wizzyrea hehe
21:28 rangi mastermind
21:28 rangi you get to pick your subject
21:28 cait heh
21:28 rangi i dunno if that show even exists anymore though
21:28 wizzyrea so the zebra facets don't seem to currently be working out of the box in devbox
21:28 wizzyrea is there a config that needs to be made to make them work?
21:29 cait hm anything on the about page?
21:29 wizzyrea GOOD QUESTION.
21:29 Francesca joined #koha
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21:29 rangi apparently yes, it still does exist
21:29 Francesca morning
21:29 cait hi Francesca :)
21:29 wizzyrea nope
21:29 rangi hi Francesca
21:30 wizzyrea oh wait
21:30 wizzyrea 1mo let me turn them on again
21:30 wizzyrea no, nothing in the about page
21:30 cait hm
21:31 cait are they activated in the koha-conf.xml file?
21:32 wizzyrea yep
21:33 wizzyrea nothing in the log either
21:34 cait hm reindexed since activation?
21:34 wizzyrea I'll try that but these records would have been indexed with it on
21:34 wizzyrea i.e. I added them, and they would have been indexed then, with the facets on.
21:34 pianohacker What's the current procedure for patches that use Koha::Database on tables they introduce? Is the patch expected to include the new autogenerated files in Koha/Schema/Result, to ease testing?
21:35 cait pianohacker: you can, but please in a separate patch
21:35 wizzyrea nope that didn't fix it.
21:35 cait easier when rebasing and easier for th etester, because they don't need to remember to run the script
21:35 pianohacker cait: makes sense.
21:36 cait and makes it sandbox testable
21:36 pianohacker right
21:36 cait so some pros to including it
21:36 wnickc thanks cait++
21:37 cait wizzyrea: no facets showing up at all on your searches?
21:37 wizzyrea nope
21:37 wizzyrea neither interface
21:38 cait hm
21:38 cait you could also check the dom config files
21:38 cait to see if the facet entries are there
21:39 pianohacker wizzyrea: cleared memcached?
21:39 wizzyrea on devbox?
21:40 BobB joined #koha
21:40 wizzyrea memcached: unrecognized service
21:41 pianohacker hm, guess not
21:41 pianohacker "memcache", maybe?
21:42 wizzyrea there's no config for memcached on the devbox, it's not a thing that comes with an out of the box devbox.
21:43 Francesca joined #koha
21:45 pianohacker :/ I wish it did... there's issues that can only be tested with memcached like 14735
21:45 pianohacker but at least it's not your problem :)
21:45 wizzyrea true
21:45 pianohacker bug 14735
21:45 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=14735 critical, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Pushed to Master , cache_expiry is not saved when updating a SQL report
21:46 pianohacker (also, unrelated, paging through Z39.50 search results in Rancor is DOG slow without memcached, as it has to refetch all the results every time)
21:46 wizzyrea that sounds terrible.
21:47 rangi makes sense though
21:47 rangi at least in a non persistent environment
21:47 pianohacker yeah, too slow to paginate client-side, unfortunately
21:47 rangi yeah
21:48 pianohacker so yeah, rangi, it uses Koha::Cache, which'll of course fall back to Cache::Memory which is o/c only useful in plack
21:48 Francesca joined #koha
21:48 rangi yeah
21:48 pianohacker yeah
21:48 rangi MMap is pretty cool
21:48 rangi[…]Cache/
21:48 rangi you can use that with Koha::Cache too
21:49 pianohacker do you need any config, or will it just fall back to that before Cache::Memory if the module's installed?
21:49 rangi i think yeah if its installed uses it
21:49 pianohacker sweet
21:49 rangi it's been a while since i tried it
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22:27 tcohen bye
22:30 wizzyrea later
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22:54 * cait1 needs someone to make her tea because she keeps forgetting
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