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00:11 alex__ Is it just as valid to use ("git format-patch -s --subject-prefix='PATCH] [SIGNED-OFF' origin/master") as ("git commit --amend -s " and "git bz attach -e xxxx HEAD") for signing off a patch to a bug because the result of the former resultant code is a bit ambiguous as to whether the patches have been signed off successfully as It just lists the patches below it.
00:14 wizzyrea I'm not sure I follow but it could be because I haven't eaten :)
00:14 wizzyrea example?
00:14 wahanui i heard example was probably a status change
00:15 wizzyrea forget example
00:15 wahanui wizzyrea: I forgot example
00:22 wizzyrea rangi - is there something funky with bugzilla still? git bz seems cross
00:23 rangi nope seems fine
00:24 cait1 fine for me too
00:29 drojf i could not attach a patch earlier tonight. it worked eventually, after trying a few times
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00:31 drojf koha 3.16.15 with grs1 indexing and plack needs ~9 seconds for 1000 results on a raspi 2
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00:33 cait1 drojf: do I even want to ask about 3.22?
00:34 drojf > 30. but i had it to 20 with some tweaks
00:34 drojf koha 3.16.15 with grs1 and plack on a pi zero… :D … ~25 seconds for 1000 results
00:35 drojf cait1: i have not tried grs1 indexing on 3.22, that will probably be s few more seconds
00:35 dcook drojf has all the toys :p
00:35 * dcook thought grs1 indexing wasn't even possible anymore
00:36 dcook Or did we just not make it the main option?
00:36 dcook Probably that..
00:36 wahanui probably that is an issue with missing dependencies.
00:36 drojf dcook: do[…]g_to_dom_indexing backwards ;)
00:36 drojf maybe the relevant file is not there anymore in 3.22
00:37 pianohacker I really hope the fix for these speed concerns isn't switching to grs1...
00:37 pianohacker very painful tradeoff
00:37 drojf pianohacker: bug 15262 i think
00:37 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=15262 enhancement, P2, ---, mirko, NEW , Run Koha Run. Koha search should be fast again.
00:38 drojf it is not. in the long run tcohen has better ideas, but there is probably more small stuff that could be done now
00:40 drojf unfortunately it takes ages to go through and find shortcuts for all the stuff that is done two or three times now
00:41 cait1 drojf++
00:42 drojf in the end… i think kohas performance is pretty ok on a regular server. and i don't know how relevant it is to optimize with today's hardware
00:42 dcook ew
00:42 drojf lol. indeed
00:43 dcook Surely DOM can't be the problem, as Zebra is actually quite fast when using DOM.
00:43 dcook It's definitely Koha that is slowing things down..
00:43 dcook Err
00:43 dcook Probably not definitely..:P
00:43 * dcook doesn't want to talk in absolutes
00:43 * dcook waves to pianohacker and cait1
00:43 dcook cait1: Did you see my post about the OAI stuff?
00:43 pianohacker hi dcook
00:44 dcook pianohacker: I don't have any relevant technical things to mention but hey!
00:44 cait1 dcook: there has been so many...
00:44 cait1 i haven't reviewed them yet
00:44 dcook cait1: It's the only way I know how :p
00:44 drojf XSLT processing seems slow. dbix also slows things down apparently, but it is less than what we lost in search speed after 3.16
00:44 dcook cait1: tl;dr. Basically, does the harvest really need to be done every 2-3 seconds?
00:44 pianohacker drojf: I think plack is going to be a mixed blessing, as it'll make the OPAC fast enough in general that the inefficiencies in search feel more painful
00:44 dcook ^
00:44 cait1 it's what the people i have talked to said was a normal range
00:45 dcook LibXML can be pretty slow, so that might be where some pain is
00:45 dcook DBIX is also pretty damn slow..
00:45 wahanui okay, dcook.
00:45 dcook cait1: Which people were they?
00:45 cait1 but I think wht was meant was: check for changes
00:45 dcook cait1: Because downloading 21 records takes 4 seconds in itself
00:45 cait1 if you then queue them and they take a bi tlonger to get into Koha...
00:45 dcook At least hitting a Swedish server from Aus
00:45 drojf pianohacker: search got slow independent of plack. there was a huge speed improvement with plack in earlier versions. for search it is much less today
00:45 cait1 it migh talso depend on how big the downloads are
00:46 dcook cait1: Yeah, the downloads are of an arbitrary size. I think 4 records took about 1 second.
00:46 cait1 i am still a bit confused by the need to query multiple targets...
00:46 dcook So in theory, small downloads could be done quite quickly
00:46 cait1 i think i'd only wnat that for non-overlapping record sets
00:46 cait1 like we do
00:46 dcook Yeah, that'll be a main use for it I think
00:46 cait1 for example the national serials database is harvested into the unoin catalog via oai
00:46 dcook Well, and other types of records
00:46 dcook Having endpoints for biblios, holdings, auth
00:46 cait1 but that means that the record is only changed in the national database
00:46 pianohacker drojf: right, but I'm saying that because plack will make everything else faster, search will seem even slower in comparison; that's why I think this is so important :)
00:47 dcook drojf: What were the major causes for the slow downs?
00:47 drojf ah i see :D
00:47 dcook I know I saw a patch or two which seemed like good fixes..
00:47 dcook Like fetching sysprefs once in stead of 20 times
00:48 dcook Although surely that wouldn't have changed since 3.16..
00:49 dcook Might be able to do some of the XSLT stuff at the Zebra end too... which would use libxml directly I imagine rather than going through LibXML Perl modules..
00:49 * dcook stops rambling
00:49 drojf dcook: we have a cache flushing issue apparently, due to a patch related to plack. it throws away all marc structure stuff (or the whole cache) all the time. at least that is waht it looked like. i gained 1/5 in search speed without it. the other thing was getting the sysprefs related to search for every result in a search instead of once per search
00:49 dcook Ahhh right
00:49 drojf with both i gain 1/3
00:49 dcook Wow..
00:49 dcook drojf++
00:50 drojf but on a raspi, so YMMV on a real server ;)
00:50 dcook True true
00:50 dcook Although surely those gains on a raspi would translate quite well
00:50 pianohacker shouldn't it in theory be the job of the very few things that update sysprefs/frameworks to perform cache invalidation so the above is safe?
00:50 dcook ^
00:51 rangi yeah sysprefs should be cached forever, or for a long time at least
00:51 rangi and when you change them
00:51 rangi inject the value into the cache
00:51 cait1 that ^
00:51 cait1 pleeease.
00:52 drojf yeah i think the problem was that marc structure was cached and when you changed a framework, it did not show. but then _that_ is the moment to flush _exactly that_ after a change, not everything and not all the time :)
00:52 rangi you dont need to invalidate and make it refetch, you can just put the new value in, when you change it, stick it in the db, and in the cache in one go
00:52 drojf or even better, do what rangi says
00:53 rangi that was always my plan, but .. time
00:53 dcook Sounds reasonable to moi
00:53 dcook time is a jerk
00:53 drojf we don't have a maintainer for 3.16 anymore, do we?
00:53 pianohacker rangi: I think that's 100% what we should do for sysprefs, but I'm worried that the complexity of the marc framework crap would make doing it more trouble than it's worth
00:54 cait1 don't think so
00:54 drojf damn. now that i figured out it is _the_ raspikoha version :D
00:54 cait1 pianohacker: but we could invalidate it totally then maybe?
00:54 cait1 still better than throwing it out every time
00:54 pianohacker oh agreed
00:55 rangi i think we save it as an object in the cache?
00:55 rangi so we could just stick the new framework object in
00:55 rangi ie, dont try to be clever and cache it as bits
00:55 rangi if that makes sense?
00:56 pianohacker hmm. Come to think of it, is that what we do now?
00:56 * cait1 nods
00:57 drojf installing koha on a pi zero gave me segmentation faults. but a pre-installed sd card works. and its half the size of an arduino
00:58 pianohacker and you can have a koha server inside an xbox controller :)
00:58 pianohacker konami code to do a full zebra reindex
00:58 drojf lol
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01:02 drojf i have not even tried nginx yet. that might help too
01:03 drojf what timezone is letsencrypt in? that should be going live today
01:03 cait1 hm thought it already was?
01:03 drojf san francisco
01:03 rangi the beta is live cait1
01:04 drojf it was closed beta, now its open beta
01:04 cait1 ah ok
01:04 drojf so we can do all the hundreds of subdomains for our kohas :)
01:04 rangi :)
01:04 dcook :D
01:08 drojf the other paul has a 3.8.24? i am pretty sure i could not find anything after 3.8.23
01:09 rangi[…]7212dee3f5c955e64
01:09 rangi was the last one
01:10 pianohacker good night all
01:11 drojf alright. was not really announced, was it? i only find paul referring to it
01:12 drojf anyway "Works perfectly in 3.8.24 ... " is a really bad answer in almost 2016 :/
01:13 cait1 yeah
01:13 cait1 my first question would be if she searches by location code
01:13 cait1 and the second is, that only filling out the second field will always do a keyword search
01:13 cait1 because that's a known bug
01:13 rangi yyeah, hes the only one
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01:14 wizzyrea I'm going to call him on it.
01:15 rangi im not sure it will make any difference
01:15 drojf oh i wanted to write an email to greece. 2:15 is the best time for that
01:15 cait1 bug 7607
01:15 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7607 major, P5 - low, ---, gmcharlt, NEW , Advanced search: Index and search term don't match when leaving fields empty
01:15 wizzyrea It won't but it might discourage others from doing the same.
01:15 drojf did we agree on a date? now we agreed on waiting for the rm to be back and pick a date in december, right?
01:15 drojf sorry, did 1000 things after that
01:16 drojf for next meeting i mean
01:16 cait1 yeah kind of agreed on that
01:16 cait1 but need to let the RM know I guess :)
01:16 drojf i silently agreed ;)
01:16 drojf i want to have a pi zero koha self check machine for greece, so they better set a date ;(
01:16 drojf ;)
01:17 dcook hehe
01:17 * dcook wants to go to Greece, but thinks baby is going to prevent him from doing that
01:17 dcook Too many things to do in 2016
01:17 * dcook is a bit jealous of those folks who have "unlimited vacation"
01:18 cait1 retired people?
01:18 dcook The folk at Wordpress apparently have unlimited vacation
01:19 dcook Well, the parent company Automattic
01:20 dcook Although I think it's widely known th at "unlimited vacation" actually usually means less vacation overall
01:20 wizzyrea I'm sure that if someone turned up 1 day a week and claimed the rest as vacation they'd not be cool with that.
01:20 dcook As you're always thinking, "I can vacation any time I want" and then you never do
01:20 dcook wizzyrea: I keep wondering if it's unlimited paid vacation... or just unlimited vacation
01:20 dcook Need to message those guys again... haha
01:20 wizzyrea yeah, probably more "you won't get fired if you're gone for 3 months"
01:21 wizzyrea "but we may not pay you for all of it"
01:21 dcook No idea. I think most people just work all the time.
01:21 dcook Although I want to say they mentioned one guy who did seem to work a bit more spottily
01:21 * dcook would love to go to Greece and Canada next year..
01:21 dcook But I think the motherland is going to win out
01:22 dcook Interesting:[…]nd-or-fatherland/
01:24 drojf email regarding kohacon 2016 dates sent
01:24 dcook \o/
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01:41 drojf Time in San Francisco, California, United States 5:40 PM Wednesday December 2, 2015
01:41 drojf meh
01:42 cait1 drojf: go to bed :)
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01:47 jstapleton new install did come with a default list of Z39.50/SRU targets.  is there a quick/easy way to add?
01:49 jstapleton typo…  left an important word out:  new install did NOT come with a default list of Z39.50/SRU targets.  is there a quick/easy way to add?
01:49 cait1 if you have access to your mysql database you could just load the file with the sample servers
01:50 cait1 but it's probably almost as fast to manually configure them
01:54 drojf good night #koha
01:56 chrisvella Hi. Does anyone have any experience connecting VuFind to Koha?
01:57 dcook Mmm ages ago
01:57 dcook I think ashimema is a good one to talk to
01:57 dcook I think he might even have contributed to the Koha connector?
01:57 chrisvella Yea. Trying to figure out how to use that now
01:58 chrisvella Not a lot of documentation around
01:58 dcook Hmm
01:58 dcook I recall the documentation being fairly good I thought
01:58 dcook Maybe not for the connector, although I thought I used that too
01:58 chrisvella yea
01:58 dcook Can't recall for certain as it was years ago now I think
01:58 dcook Long story short, I'm of no
01:58 chrisvella the main installation documentation is good, but I can't find anything current on the connector
01:59 dcook And ashimema won't be awake for ages I suspect
01:59 chrisvella thanks anyway dcook
01:59 dcook No worries
01:59 dcook I suspect it either uses ILS-DI or is super heavy handed
01:59 dcook and just goes right to the database
01:59 chrisvella seems to connect via the mysql database
01:59 chrisvella but I am not sure
02:00 dcook What's the trouble?
02:00 wahanui somebody said the trouble was it seems to always give a false positive on a few fields
02:00 chrisvella I am trying to use the initial configuration wizard
02:00 chrisvella Its failing on two steps, ILS and Solr
02:00 chrisvella No idea what is causing either to fail
02:02 chrisvella As far as I can tell, the driver for Koha connects via mysql as it uses port 3306
02:02 chrisvella I have got my koha server mysql setup remotely accessible
02:02 chrisvella and its still failing
02:02 dcook Ahh
02:02 dcook That could do it
02:02 dcook I think it's hard-coded to only use MySQL on the same machine
02:03 dcook At least, I think that's what my boss noticed at the time
02:03 chrisvella damn
02:03 dcook Worth double-checking, but that might be it
02:04 chrisvella well it references a host, user and password in the config
02:04 dcook Hmm, maybe it improved
02:05 dcook It doesn't have any logging to say why it's failing? That would be annoying
02:05 chrisvella yea. I really can't tell
02:05 dcook Time to examine the source code I guess
02:05 chrisvella looking into logging still
02:07 cait1 hm I am not sure if the newer driver is in vufind yet
02:07 cait1 does someone know? because the old one was pretty horrible
02:08 cait1[…]ernal_Integration < maybe helpful
02:14 chrisvella thank you cait1
02:40 francesca bug 15287
02:40 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=15287 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, NEW , Use font-awesome on the OPAC
02:41 wizzyrea francesca++
02:41 francesca woo I made a bug
02:41 francesca exciting
02:42 wizzyrea :D
02:43 dcook Thought you meant you were the cause of a bug rather than making a bug report :p
02:44 francesca no not my fault
02:44 francesca I didnt break anything
02:47 wizzyrea everyone introduces bugs.
02:47 wizzyrea :)
02:48 francesca ok better wording - I havent broken anything YET
02:48 dcook Everyone totally introduces bugs
02:48 dcook I wrote one that triggered infinite loops under certain conditions...
02:48 dcook That was fun
02:49 dcook Not in Koha but another system
02:49 dcook Fortunately caught early and reverted like...
02:49 dcook Something which is reverted quickly
02:49 dcook I think that was down to a typo as well... I think the fix I wrote later was maybe 2 characters
02:50 dcook Cool story, bro
02:50 francesca I got one of my websites last year stuck in an infinite redirect loop
02:50 dcook Ouch
02:50 francesca yeah I fixed it like the night before it was due
02:50 dcook Nicely done
02:52 francesca alright I'm off
02:52 francesca see ya later #koha
02:52 rangi cya
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03:07 alex_ I have an error message "Failed to attach patch to bug 15252, status=200"  after I try to attach patch to bug in order to sign bug off. I have tried resetting kohaclone and tried to attach the patch to the bug multiple times with this same error message appearing each time.  Also not much online about this just that it something to do with not being logged in ([…]ug.cgi?id=990275)
03:07 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=15252 normal, P5 - low, ---, fridolin.somers, Signed Off , Patron search on start with does not work with several terms
03:07 huginn Bug 990275: could not be retrieved: InvalidBugId
03:08 rangi i wonder if the config is wrong
03:09 wizzyrea it's working for me now
03:10 rangi it doesnt need the username/password to apply
03:10 rangi only to attach
03:10 rangi so it could be that the git bz config is wrong
03:10 alex_ How do you get to the configuration for git bz?
03:11 wizzyrea I got that message once earlier too, trying to attach to a test bug
03:11 wizzyrea but the next time it worked
03:11 rangi try
03:11 rangi git config
03:12 rangi git config -l
03:12 wizzyrea it's a devbox eh alex_
03:13 alex_ Yes
03:14 rangi shouldn't matter
03:14 rangi config will be in the same place
03:15 rangi when you run create the instance, it uses the config file to set the config in git, but from then on its all in git config
03:16 wizzyrea ~/.gitconfig
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03:17 wizzyrea this is what my bz section looks like
03:17 wizzyrea (no that's not really my password)
03:17 dcook not anymore
03:17 dcook :P
03:17 wizzyrea heh
03:19 alex_ I have "bz-tracker.bugs.koha-comm​
03:19 alex_
03:19 alex_ bz-tracker.bugs.koha-communit​"
03:21 alex_ So same as yours except  "" before path, user, and password.
03:22 dcook alex_: mine looks like yours too
03:22 dcook with "git config -l" at least
03:22 dcook I think wizzyrea was looking in ~/.gitconfig directly
03:23 wizzyrea I was
03:23 dcook I also have these lines:
03:23 dcook
03:23 dcook bz.default-product=Koha
03:23 alex_ When I try to do ~/.gitconfig I get  "permission denied" message
03:23 dcook alex_: Did git bz show you anymore than just that? Could you paste the whole message?
03:23 dcook Ahh
03:23 dcook Oh wait. Nix that "Ahh"
03:24 dcook Sounds weird though
03:24 wizzyrea wait when you try to say, less ~/.gitconfig?
03:24 dcook less++
03:24 dcook Just typing "~/.gitconfig" would be telling the system you want to execute .gitconfig
03:25 dcook And you'll get permission denied as it shouldn't have an execute bit set
03:25 dcook Plus it wouldn't do anything anyway..
03:26 wizzyrea git bz attach 6473
03:26 wizzyrea git bz attach 6473 HEAD
03:26 wizzyrea even
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03:41 chrisvella_ alex_ did you recieve my pm?
03:42 wizzyrea probably but he's been jabbering irl with me :)
03:43 chrisvella_ haha np
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04:14 dcook A great Christmas present would be someone overhauling the Inventory/Stocktake tool...
04:14 * dcook thinks Santa and his elves need to learn Perl
04:25 Francesca lol
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04:29 dcook Wow... that's an interesting inventory error message..
04:32 dcook Error in tempfile() using template /tmp/XXXXXXXXXX: Could not create temp file /tmp/JGgK9lPOOh: No such file or directory at (eval 70) line 66.
04:33 dcook I'm going to try that Carp trick to get a stack trace..
04:34 dcook Is it bad to quote myself?[…]ck-trace-in-perl/ :p
04:35 dcook Dang, that's really useful
04:35 dcook Interwebs said the error was from File::Temp, but nothing obvious seemed to use it
04:36 dcook I did suspect maybe it had to do with the file upload... and the stacktrace seems to confirm something along those lines
04:43 dcook Weird... rebooting Apache did the trick
04:53 dcook Hmm... surely not checking "Compare barcodes list to results" should mean that it just tries to process uploaded barcodes and not look up results...
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04:55 Amit_Gupta hi rangi
04:55 Amit_Gupta rangi around?
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07:33 reiveune hello
07:33 wahanui privet, reiveune
07:35 fridolin joined #koha
07:35 fridolin hie there
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07:58 Joubu hello #koha
07:58 alex_a joined #koha
07:59 alex_a bonjour
07:59 wahanui privet, alex_a
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08:23 * magnuse waves
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09:02 cait @wunder Konstanz
09:02 huginn cait: The current temperature in Konstanz, Germany is 4.0°C (10:00 AM CET on December 03, 2015). Conditions: Light Fog. Humidity: 94%. Dew Point: 3.0°C. Pressure: 30.52 in 1033 hPa (Rising).
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09:04 mveron-away Hi #koha
09:04 cdickinson_ @wunder lower hutt
09:04 huginn cdickinson_: The current temperature in Waterloo, Lower Hutt, New Zealand is 16.7°C (10:00 PM NZDT on December 03, 2015). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 84%. Dew Point: 14.0°C. Pressure: 30.01 in 1016 hPa (Steady).
09:06 magnuse @wunder boo
09:06 huginn magnuse: The current temperature in Bodo, Norway is 5.0°C (9:50 AM CET on December 03, 2015). Conditions: Scattered Clouds. Humidity: 76%. Dew Point: 1.0°C. Windchill: -1.0°C. Pressure: 29.39 in 995 hPa (Steady).
09:07 * magnuse sends a "neener neener" in the direction of konstanz
09:19 Joubu cait: hi! Just remembered your later
09:19 Joubu Why do you want a check on C4::Dates?
09:19 Joubu (in qa script)
09:19 cait i just don't want to miss it :)
09:20 cait i know it shoudl probably show up in testng too, if it's in a patch
09:20 Joubu but the compilation pass will fail if a script/module try and use C4::Dates
09:20 Joubu and it does not exist
09:20 Joubu So I don't think we need a special check for that
09:22 cait ah ok :)
09:22 cait makes sense
09:22 cait same if it uses a function from C4::Dates?
09:22 cait without reintroducing the use line?
09:23 Joubu no
09:23 Joubu but I won't list all the subroutines of the modules :)
09:24 cait will be careul with the old patches then :)
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09:36 magnuse moin drojf
09:36 drojf hei magnuse
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10:09 magnuse wow, it's dark outside...
10:10 cait similar here
10:10 cait foggy
10:12 bumby joined #koha
10:12 magnuse yeah, we got rain, hail, dark low hanging clouds and even lightning and thunder. quite dramatic...
10:12 June joined #koha
10:13 June Hello
10:14 cait oh nice
10:14 cait i like a good thunderstorm :)
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10:17 * Francesca hates thunderstorms
10:18 drojf hi June
10:18 June hi drojf
10:19 June I would like to ask something about KOHA SIP2
10:19 June does anyone know
10:19 cait you have to ask first :)
10:20 June I am able to checkout from command line by connecting SIP2
10:20 magnuse cait: this is not a proper thunderstorm, we had 2-3 lightning flashes. but thunder is rare up here, so we notice
10:21 June the problem is that the item status is still showing available
10:21 magnuse is down?
10:26 June you can see the screenshot[…]/edit?usp=sharing
10:27 June the first item is checked out using SIP2  and the 2nd item is checked out using KOHA web
10:40 cait hm
10:40 cait the availableis strange yes
10:41 cait i am not sure how that could happen- we are using sip with a few libraries using 3.18 currently
10:44 June this is checkout message 11NN20151202    08062920151227    030629AOmylib|AAthida|ABB1246857|AC|
10:47 June this is the Institution policy in SIPconfig.xml   <policy checkin="true" renewal="true" checkout="true" status_update="true" offline="false" timeout="100" retries="5"/>
10:51 mveron-away Lunch...
10:51 wahanui i guess lunch is a good idea :)
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11:04 cait June: maybe askng on the mailing list would be a good idea - more sip experts might read
11:04 cait also will neeed the exact Koha version you are using
11:05 June how can I contact from mailing list
11:05 June I am using ver 3.2
11:09 cait oh
11:09 cait 3.2 is very very old
11:10 cait it might be hard to help you with that version
11:10 cait the sip code has been changed a lot since
11:14 drojf 3.2 is 4,5 years old i think. it's a dinosaur :)
11:14 June really
11:15 June I am newbie and I just install according to the KOHA manual
11:15 drojf do you mean 3.20 maybe?
11:15 June yes
11:15 June 3.20
11:15 drojf which is something different from 3.2
11:15 drojf alright then, that's much better :)
11:17 June :)
11:17 June btw, do we need a license to use KOHA for commercial or government use.
11:19 drojf no. koha is gplv3, free as in freedom. no license fees. if you like you can add yourself to the koha wiki in the users section so people know about you
11:21 June oh Thanks.
11:21 wahanui hmmm... Thanks. is "Configure and Start apache" a page on the Koha wiki?
11:22 drojf wahanui: forget thanks
11:22 wahanui drojf, I didn't have anything matching thanks
11:22 drojf wahanui: forget Thanks
11:22 wahanui drojf, I didn't have anything matching thanks
11:22 drojf hm
11:23 drojf wahanui is a bot, don't listen to it ;)
11:25 June am I eligible to sell the library service as a package including KOHA ILS?
11:25 cait you can't sell the software, but you can sell services around it
11:38 June Alright, I understand now. thanks again.
11:39 June left #koha
11:44 petter joined #koha
11:45 petter hi #koha
11:47 cait hi petter :)
11:48 petter Anyone knows when debian packages for 3.22 will be published?
11:48 petter
11:49 cait maybe today
11:49 drojf today or tomorrow
11:49 petter great, thanks!
11:49 cait gmcharlt is taking over as packaging manager from eythian currently
11:49 cait he send an email to the list yesterday i think :)
11:50 petter Ah, understand, I forgot eythian was the one managing all that
12:03 * magnuse waves to petter
12:04 petter hei magnus!
12:32 alex_a joined #koha
12:41 oleonard joined #koha
12:44 tcohen joined #koha
12:47 meliss joined #koha
12:51 vfernandes joined #koha
12:51 vfernandes hi
12:51 vfernandes :)
12:51 oleonard Hi #koha
12:52 vfernandes one quick question: after upgrading my Koha from 3.16 to 3.20 some column names on the saved sql reports page appears with wrong encoding
12:53 vfernandes for example "Número de cartão" appears " Número cartão"
12:53 vfernandes there is any reason to this encoding problem?
12:57 vfernandes looks like its a double encoding
13:03 tcohen vfernandes: is that 3.20.4?
13:03 vfernandes it subversion makes difference?
13:03 vfernandes *the subversion
13:05 pastebot "vfernandes" at pasted "mysql database config" (13 lines) at
13:05 vfernandes the database config it's correct right?
13:06 drojf joined #koha
13:06 drojf @wunder berlin, germany
13:06 huginn drojf: The current temperature in Berlin Tegel, Germany is 11.0°C (1:50 PM CET on December 03, 2015). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 58%. Dew Point: 3.0°C. Pressure: 30.36 in 1028 hPa (Steady).
13:10 vfernandes tcohen: i'm using 3.20.1
13:10 oleonard @wunder 45701
13:10 huginn oleonard: The current temperature in Heatherstone, Athens, Ohio is 0.9°C (8:09 AM EST on December 03, 2015). Conditions: Overcast. Humidity: 79%. Dew Point: -2.0°C. Windchill: 1.0°C. Pressure: 30.20 in 1023 hPa (Rising).
13:10 pastebot "vfernandes" at pasted "mysql database config" (16 lines) at
13:12 vfernandes tcohen: the exported CSV also has the utf8 double encoding on the headers
13:13 tcohen vfernandes: I think that's already fixed in 3.20.5
13:15 vfernandes tcohen: are you talking about this?[…]_bug.cgi?id=14817
13:15 huginn Bug 14817: normal, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Pushed to Master , Encoding issues in columns.def
13:15 Viktor joined #koha
13:16 vfernandes that bug fix doesn't solve my problem
13:17 vfernandes after running a custom report the column names appears with wrong encoding
13:18 tcohen vfernandes: and data on the DB is not wrong
13:18 tcohen right?
13:19 vfernandes everything is right instead of column names
13:19 drojf joined #koha
13:20 pastebot "vfernandes" at pasted "SQL example" (5 lines) at
13:20 vfernandes tcohen look at this SQL exemple
13:20 tcohen yeah
13:20 tcohen i'm on it
13:20 cait maybe you are thinking of a different thing?
13:21 cait the bug only resolved issues when using guided reports
13:22 tcohen vfernandes: it is a bug, report it
13:22 * cait waves at tcohen
13:23 tcohen vfernandes: in the bug report mention the CSV export has the same problem
13:23 tcohen hi cait!
13:26 oleonard Hi cait!
13:26 cait hi oleonard! :) i misssed your comeback!
13:26 cait you are back for good now... right?
13:26 druthb hi, cait! :)
13:26 vfernandes bug #15290
13:26 oleonard It's okay cait, there wasn't a party
13:26 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=15290 major, P1 - high, ---, gmcharlt, NEW , SQL reports encoding problem
13:26 cait what... no party???
13:26 cait there hsould have been one :)
13:26 cait hi druthb :)
13:27 oleonard cait: Barring unforseen catastrophes I am back, not just visiting.
13:27 oleonard ...and feeling very behind.
13:27 vfernandes tcohen++
13:27 vfernandes now the 1 million question: how to solve this bug?
13:28 cait oleonard: you will be up to speed in no time again :)
13:29 cait oleonard: how did your other project turn out?
13:29 magnuse oleonard: you just have to learn go, since we rewrote koha in it while you were away
13:29 oleonard magnuse: :P
13:30 oleonard cait: My project turned out well. A Drupal-to-Wordpress conversion of my library's web site. Not that much change on the surface though.
13:30 cait probably harder to do :)
13:31 * magnuse wonders if there is a MARC module for go yet
13:31 cait don#t get ideas
13:33 tcohen magnuse, we should make MARC::Record for Perl6 first
13:34 drojf oleonard: why did you switch from drupal to wordpress?
13:34 druthb tcohen, as the Perl nerds say, "Well Volunteered!"  You're nominated for a MARC module for Perl 6, merely by speaking its' name...
13:34 drojf tcohen: we should do Perl6 a favour and bury MARC instead ;)
13:35 fridolin joined #koha
13:35 oleonard drojf: Wordpress's focus on usability for content-creators, easier upgrades
13:35 tcohen druthb: i'm pretty sure gmcharlt made it forward-compatible already
13:36 drojf oleonard: thanks. i have not used drupal but it may happen in the future. i think its part of islandora as a frontend for the fedora repository. probably not an option to change that to wordpress, but still interesting to hear reasons for a switch
13:37 drojf i would prefer to switch from wordpress to a handmade website for my koha stuff, but no time to do it :/
13:37 oleonard drojf: I consider my reasons fairly specific and probably fairly personal as well. I wouldn't use my choice as a data point necessarily.
13:38 druthb tcohen: gmcharlt is awesome like that.
13:38 oleonard drojf: I was on a Drupal 6 installation. Migrating to Drupal 7 would have been just as much work as migrating to Wordpress, and Drupal 8 and another massive migration was just around the corner
13:38 drojf oleonard: i hardly worked with any of these things really. so choices of people with more experience are very welcome :)
13:39 tcohen druthb: you bet
13:39 drojf oleonard: upgrades being migrations sounds like a very good reason to switch to wordpress
13:40 drojf i think i did not ever more than press a button. but i have no customisations and i am probably not a very typical cms user
13:40 drojf *do more
13:40 nengard joined #koha
13:42 drojf druthb!
13:43 druthb drojf!
13:43 wahanui rumour has it drojf is from Germany and developing Koha on a raspberry pi
13:43 druthb wahanui:  druthb?
13:43 wahanui She's really more trouble than she's worth, you know?
13:43 druthb mmm-hm.
13:44 drojf oh i have not tried git on the pi zero yet :D
13:44 cait cait?
13:44 wahanui go to bed
13:44 cait hmpf
13:44 druthb lol
13:45 drojf what? that is the best one. and much better than "do your slides" :D
13:46 druthb gmcharlt?
13:46 wahanui hmmm... gmcharlt is an expert in all things library technology.
13:46 druthb mhm.
13:46 druthb gmcharlt++
13:53 drojf slides?
13:53 wahanui get back to writing them, cait!
13:53 drojf yes, write my slides cait!
13:53 druthb lol
13:54 cait no more slides this year
13:55 drojf lucky you
13:56 cait have to write an article tho
13:57 drojf about koha?
13:57 Dyrcona joined #koha
13:59 phasefx joined #koha
14:00 Viktor joined #koha
14:01 magnuse tcohen: yeah, perl6 is much closer to my heart than go. it was just a moment of idle curiosity...
14:02 mveron-away joined #koha
14:07 oleonard does the koha-translate command not work with gitified installations?
14:08 cait hm i have never tried actually
14:09 oleonard I just want to install some other translations, not sure the best way in this gitified package install
14:09 drojf oleonard: what does "not work" mean in that context?
14:10 oleonard drojf: I ran the command, but the translation doesn't show up in preferences, templates weren't generated
14:10 drojf koha-translate might update the files in the /usr/share/koha path and you want to use those in git?
14:10 tcohen oleonard: i don't think so
14:10 drojf have you checked where the po files end up?
14:11 JoshB joined #koha
14:12 oleonard Oh yeah they are in /usr/share/koha
14:12 oleonard So instead I should run the regular script from my git repo.
14:12 drojf oleonard: have you tried running koha-translate from the git path?
14:14 cait oleonard: i think that might work
14:15 drojf it has /htdocs/ hardcoded
14:15 drojf so i think it won't. you may have to copy the files manually
14:16 oleonard Okay thanks everyone
14:18 wilfrid joined #koha
14:19 cait hm would be good to fix that
14:20 tcohen vfernandes: did u fill the bug?
14:22 tcohen @wunder cordoba, argentina
14:22 huginn tcohen: The current temperature in Bo Altos de San Martin - NW, Cordoba city, Cordoba City, Argentina is 27.1°C (11:20 AM ART on December 03, 2015). Conditions: Scattered Clouds. Humidity: 48%. Dew Point: 15.0°C. Pressure: 30.04 in 1017 hPa (Steady).
14:22 NateC joined #koha
14:28 liw @wunder torrevieja
14:28 huginn liw: The current temperature in Acequion, Torrevieja, Spain is 17.1°C (3:28 PM CET on December 03, 2015). Conditions: Partly Cloudy. Humidity: 67%. Dew Point: 11.0°C. Pressure: 30.39 in 1029 hPa (Falling).
14:28 cait @wunder Konstanz
14:28 huginn cait: The current temperature in Bodensee Konstanz City, Konstanz, Germany is 3.9°C (3:27 PM CET on December 03, 2015). Conditions: Overcast. Humidity: 99%. Dew Point: 4.0°C. Windchill: 4.0°C. Pressure: 30.42 in 1030 hPa (Steady).
14:31 drojf lol. i just had to install a search tool in KDE and then disable it, to make simple folder search work.
14:32 drojf and over that i forgot what i was searching for
14:34 wilfrid joined #koha
14:35 oleonard I find it confusing that there are three different ways do offline circulation.
14:37 oleonard And someone is supposedly going to share a new tool written in Java?
14:38 cma joined #koha
14:38 xarragon Is there a way to perform transactions and rollback in Zebra, so that I can write test code that interacts with it safely?
14:39 drojf oleonard: agreed. i don't really know what the reason for that is or wha tthe pros and cons of the options are. but i doubt offline circulation is such a complex thing that we need various tools for it
14:40 vfernandes tcohen: yes, bug 15290
14:40 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=15290 major, P1 - high, ---, tomascohen, Needs Signoff , SQL reports encoding problem
14:40 oleonard As far as I can tell: The cons for the built-in offline circ feature and the Windows client are that they have to be synchronized with the database.
14:41 oleonard The con for the Firefox addon is that it doesn't know anything about the Koha database
14:41 oleonard (and that it's unmaintained and currently broken?)
14:41 cait i think not unmaintained
14:41 cait and worked last time i tested it
14:41 oleonard I guess needing to synchronize with the database is fine if you know *when* you're going offline. Not so much if you don't.
14:42 cait yeah
14:42 cait biblibre maintains it still i think - just need to know if something is broken
14:42 oleonard cait: I was basing my comment on the discussion on the koha list back in October
14:42 oleonard I haven't tested it recently
14:42 cait ah
14:42 xarragon When I look at t/Search I only see a test for History functions
14:42 cait oleonard: i am nto sure someone has verified
14:43 vfernandes tcohen++
14:46 cait xarragon: what were you looking for?
14:46 cait and have you checked t/db_dependent too?
14:47 tcohen vfernandes: i didn't fix the csv export (tab export and ods work fine)
14:47 * mveron waves
14:47 tcohen i need to focus on other problem right now
14:52 tcohen Joubu: why do we use Text::Csv::Encoded?
14:53 Joubu tcohen: to get a correctly encoded csv?
14:54 Joubu ha, didn't see the backlog
14:54 Joubu tcohen: I can have a look later, but not now sorry
14:56 tcohen Joubu: it is like that lib is intended for conveniently handling encoding changes in/out etc, but here we have decoded ut8, always, i'm not sure
15:04 rocio joined #koha
15:21 wnickc joined #koha
15:22 tcohen joined #koha
15:33 tcohen joined #koha
15:37 fridolin left #koha
15:38 xarragon So once I have developed something and created bugs for it with the patches attached, should I also send it to koha-patches?
15:39 xarragon In order to get some feedback etc for less-than-perfected patches?
15:39 xarragon Or is that just spamming? I saw that signed-off patches are encouraged to be sent.
15:41 oleonard I thought we weren't really using the patches list anymore.
15:41 oleonard Anyone else know?
15:45 talljoy joined #koha
15:46 amyk joined #koha
15:46 cait oleonard: i'd say that's correct
15:46 Joubu nobody uses it anymore
15:46 cait yep
15:48 xarragon Ah, ok. Explains why I have not gotten much emails from it then. :-)
15:48 cait i think it kind of predates the attaching patches to bugzilla
15:49 cait and git bz - so we stopped using it
15:49 cait xarragon: there is a bugs list tho... if you want to know what people are working on :)
15:51 cait could i get a quick signoff maybe on my terminolgy follow-up for bug 10154?
15:51 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=10154 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, eivin, Signed Off , Add collection, location, and callnumber filters to report for most circulated items
15:53 amyk joined #koha
15:58 pianohacker joined #koha
16:01 khall joined #koha
16:16 cait thx oleonard!
16:21 cait ah oleonard - the next bug I am looking at has a bit of a stlye problem
16:21 cait bug 12395 - the modal with the new information
16:21 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=12395 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, julian.maurice, Signed Off , Save order line's creator
16:21 cait would you mind taking a look maybe?
16:22 oleonard Sure.
16:22 cait oleonard?
16:22 wahanui oleonard is still here, if you just wish hard enough. or Koha's master UI designer
16:22 cait ... took a while wishing!
16:22 oleonard Being away from #koha made me grumpy.
16:22 cait i am kind of glad to hear that :)
16:24 reiveune bye
16:24 reiveune left #koha
16:44 oleonard We're doing database updates differently now? How does that work when testing patches?
16:44 cait ah we have atomicupdates now
16:44 cait the sql is put into a separate file
16:44 cait you can just run updatedatabase from command line as before
16:44 Joubu oleonard:[…]
16:45 Joubu oleonard: but actually, when testing patches it's the same :) perl ./path/../
16:45 Joubu bye #koha!
16:46 cait oleonard: also worth noting - the RM will create the updatedatabase entry then like we always did - so it's not a big change in the end, only for testing/developing
16:48 cait bye Joubu :)
16:49 oleonard Thanks cait and Joubu
17:00 cdickinson_ joined #koha
17:12 xarragon Hmm, for web frontend changes to both OPAC and Staff, should I file two separate bugs?
17:12 xarragon Since they have separate categories in BZ?
17:14 oleonard xarragon: It's not required that you file two bugs. Use one bug if the changes are dependent on each other.
17:15 tcohen joined #koha
17:17 BobB_ joined #koha
17:18 xarragon oleonard: Ok
17:18 xarragon Thanks for the advise
17:27 xarragon oleonard: In this case it is a single-line fix in the JS to adjust a date range.
17:27 mveron joined #koha
17:28 xarragon oleonard: They do not need each other, but are logically the same fix in two places.
17:33 oleonard I would probably file one bug but submit two separate patches.
17:36 * cait agrees
17:43 geek_cl joined #koha
18:03 janPasi__ joined #koha
18:04 tcohen joined #koha
18:05 jwellner joined #koha
18:06 oleonard_ joined #koha
18:07 * oleonard_ glares at oleonard
18:08 oleonard_ Anyone know why I get this error when running the qa test tool? "Attempt to reload Koha/Template/Plugin/ aborted. Compilation failed in require at /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/pe​rl5/5.20/Template/ line 206."
18:09 cait hm
18:09 cait maybe a mising sepdency
18:09 cait missing dependency even
18:09 cait hm, no
18:09 cait which patch is that?
18:09 wahanui i already had it that way, cait.
18:13 oleonard cait I'm testing a follow-up I wrote for Bug 12395
18:13 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=12395 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, julian.maurice, Signed Off , Save order line's creator
18:14 cait oleonard: i am not sure - maybe a missing USE?
18:27 * mveron waves
18:27 mveron @wunder Allschwil
18:27 huginn mveron: The current temperature in Grenchen, Switzerland is 1.0°C (7:20 PM CET on December 03, 2015). Conditions: Fog. Humidity: 100%. Dew Point: 1.0°C. Pressure: 30.45 in 1031 hPa (Steady).
18:31 mveron cait: Column headers 'Feld' 'Vom' 'An' on page 'Benutzer aktualisieren' really looked weird :-)   Bug 15300
18:31 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=15300 minor, P5 - low, ---, veron, Needs Signoff , Translatability: Replace ambiguous 'From' and 'To' in
18:31 cait Agreed
18:52 oleonard When I run the qa tool it fails on acqui/ when running 'valid_template'
18:52 oleonard That's when it gives the error message.
18:53 oleonard ...but it doesn't give the error when processing the other template I changed in my patch (acqui/
18:58 pastebot "oleonard" at pasted "QA test tool error output" (22 lines) at
19:00 pianohacker oleonard: does prove xt/tt_valid.t show anything more useful?
19:00 oleonard Another consequence of using a gitified package install?
19:04 janPasi__ joined #koha
19:04 cait oleonard: does it fail before your changes too?
19:06 pastebot "oleonard" at pasted "QA test tool error output on previous 3 commits" (31 lines) at
19:08 cait hm i will run them on my installation
19:08 cait one second
19:10 cait hm no problems here
19:12 cait i have a git installation
19:13 oleonard I thought a gitified package install would be good in order to avoid hassles with Zebra, but so far it has created more problems than it has solved.
19:14 cait i haven't really worked with one so far
19:14 cait are you using a self-gitified or a kohadevbox?
19:15 oleonard self-gitified. I don't know what a kohadevbox is.
19:18 cait kohadevbox?
19:18 wahanui it has been said that kohadevbox is at
19:19 cait i think it has all the dev tools already set up... but I haven't tested it yet
19:21 oleonard Wow. Neat.
19:22 alex_ joined #koha
19:23 oleonard So now I'm afraid to say anything is broken for fear it's just me. However... Patron searches failing on members/ in master?
19:25 cait i can try
19:25 cait a specific search term?
19:27 cait hm searches seem ok to me so far
19:27 oleonard Ugh.
19:28 cait error message or just no results?
19:30 oleonard The page loads, but the datatable never does. Firebug shows what looks like the correct response header and there is no error in the console.
19:31 burdsjm joined #koha
19:37 janPasi__ joined #koha
19:45 oleonard Well anyway, I went ahead and submitted my follow-up to Bug 12395.
19:45 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=12395 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, julian.maurice, Needs Signoff , Save order line's creator
19:47 cait thx :)
19:47 cait but weird error...:(
19:48 pianohacker oleonard: did that tt_valid spit out anything more useful? Curious if the qa tools are saying "bad template" but are just bad at communicating
19:49 oleonard pianohacker: Running "prove xt/tt_valid.t" doesn't work at all (lots of errors) and I assume it has something to do with my environment but I can't debug right now.
19:50 oleonard I'm going to try again tomorrow.
19:50 pianohacker hrm :/ okay
19:50 pianohacker good luck
19:57 Viktor joined #koha
20:08 geek_cl joined #koha
20:30 eythian Hi
20:31 pianohacker hi eythian
20:32 sophie_m joined #koha
20:41 drojf joined #koha
20:51 NateC joined #koha
20:52 meliss joined #koha
21:00 drojf1 joined #koha
21:01 drojf1 joined #koha
21:07 janPasi__ joined #koha
21:13 huginn` joined #koha
21:14 kathryn joined #koha
21:15 kathryn_ joined #koha
21:15 barton Does anyone know of a bug whereby setting any branch specific notice trigger disables the 'default' trigger? ... I thought that khall or I had filed one, but I can't find it in bugzilla.
21:25 Francesca joined #koha
21:28 cait barton: ?
21:28 drojf joined #koha
21:28 cait i think the code should be so that it uses the specific branch trigger if exists and the default one if there is no specific one for that branch
21:28 cait there was a bug ages ago, but i haven't seen one recently
21:33 barton hm. well, I've been around since 3.10, so this would have been after that. :-)
21:33 geek_cl joined #koha
21:42 rangi morning
21:45 cait morning rangi
21:58 drojf1 joined #koha
21:58 drojf1 left #koha
21:59 cait1 joined #koha
22:01 Viktor joined #koha
22:12 * dcook wavse
22:13 dcook waves*
22:13 wnickc Hi dcook
22:15 francesca joined #koha
22:20 geek_cl joined #koha
22:23 dcook hey wnickc
22:34 francescam joined #koha
22:39 francesca joined #koha
22:58 francescam joined #koha
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23:20 jwellner joined #koha
23:40 mveron-away Good night / daytime #koha
23:49 tcohen joined #koha

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