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00:01 tcohen joined #koha
00:01 tcohen hi
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14:07 drojf hi #koha
14:34 eythian Hi drojf
14:36 drojf hey eythian
14:36 drojf getting adjusted to your new surroundings? :)
14:43 eythian Somewhat. Ended up with a throat bug today though, which sucks. Hopefully it's improving tomorrow as I have so much to do.
15:05 drojf does the new job start on the 1st or do you have a little holiday time?
15:22 eythian drojf: it starts tomorrow
15:23 eythian but, I also have appointments to do things like apply for my residents card, etc.
16:10 drojf oh yes, all the bureaucracy fun!
18:22 cait joined #koha
18:29 cait hi #koha
18:39 cdickinson_ joined #koha
19:47 cait fredericd++ :)
20:07 paul_p joined #koha
20:42 wizzyrea hi
20:42 wahanui hello, wizzyrea
20:44 * cait waves
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21:46 * Francesca waves
21:47 Francesca hello
21:47 wahanui bidet, Francesca
21:53 wizzyrea hi Francesca
21:53 Francesca hey wizzyrea :)
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21:57 tcohen joined #koha
22:06 eythian Hi
22:06 wahanui bidet, eythian
22:07 wizzyrea :D
22:07 eythian I'm on a tram.
22:08 eythian After a giant dinner with a uni friend who visits here every so often.
22:15 * Francesca waves at eythian
22:16 dcook joined #koha
22:18 wizzyrea so today, every time I hear someone saying "I'm on a X transit" I think of
22:18 Francesca lol
22:19 eythian Hi Francesca et al
22:19 wizzyrea and immediately I think of "I'm on a m-f-in tram!"
22:19 wizzyrea giant_dinners_with_friends++
22:19 * dcook waves to eythian
22:19 wizzyrea dcook: I hope you are prepared to receive cjh :)
22:20 dcook That wording...
22:20 dcook But yes!
22:20 dcook Sort of!
22:20 wizzyrea hm.
22:20 wizzyrea hehe
22:20 dcook I've failed to remember the timeline, but I think he's scheduled to arrive soon?
22:21 wizzyrea he flies today
22:21 dcook That's what I was thinking..
22:22 dcook Can never be too sure
22:22 eythian Said friend lives in Thessaloniki
22:23 Francesca that is an epic name
22:26 dcook Apparently also referred to as Salonika by some
22:26 dcook Perhaps less epic
22:28 wizzyrea aw! lucky!
22:28 wizzyrea you'll have someone to stay with for KohaCon :D
22:28 * wizzyrea is evil
22:29 eythian That's what he suggested.
22:29 wizzyrea yussss
23:16 BobB joined #koha
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