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11:03 drojf hi #koha
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16:00 eythian Hi drojf
16:03 eythian Hmm, I need to change the timezone of my irc bouncer or I'll be constantly confused.
16:22 mtompset joined #koha
16:22 mtompset Greetings, #koha.
16:23 mtompset Giant thanks to the community for existing. Finally got another branch of ours online. :)
16:23 mtompset They even decided to have cake.
16:23 mtompset[…]2009-58-39(1).JPG
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17:25 drojf hi eythian. i like your new timezone :)
17:25 drojf hi mtompset
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17:26 drojf koha cake, nice :)
17:26 mtompset Greetings, drojf.
17:27 mtompset I thought so.
17:27 mtompset I think that picture is going in my next newsletter if I can get permission. :)
17:27 mtompset I helped install the Koha they are using. :)
17:28 mtompset We just upgraded to 3.20.x from 3.14.x -- silly customizations were a pain to get updated.
17:28 mtompset But less now, since many were accepted into Koha. :)
17:29 mtompset Though we seem to be having datatable loading issues.
17:29 drojf do it the community way, or do it a few times and then do it the community way :P
17:30 mtompset Yep. That's what happened.
17:30 mtompset We started at 3.6.3
17:32 drojf i think most people start that way. "yay, free software, lets change everything in the source code". and then it is less fun every upgrade. i started that way too ;)
17:33 mtompset Well, there's a learning curve.
17:33 mtompset Install from source, what a pain.
17:33 mtompset Install from packages, cool, but what about updates? a git install?
17:33 mtompset rolling my own packages?
17:34 mtompset all the while, how do I fix this then? Okay, I've got the git install, git-bz? bugzilla? signing off? QA?
17:34 mtompset What do you mean it won't be in there until 6+ months from now?
17:35 mtompset Security updates?! What? I have to upgrade again?
17:35 mtompset So, having moved to 3.20.x, I can breathe a little easier now.
17:36 drojf but 3.20 is old now :P
17:37 mtompset old stable is fine for us. :P
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20:47 bag afternoon
20:47 wahanui well, afternoon is good
21:30 Sirenia joined #koha
21:38 xarragon Hmm, when writing database-dependant unit tests that involves zebra, is there something similar to test::builder?
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