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00:05 dcook Blarg... always new dependencies...
00:06 dcook Why are we using SOAP...
00:06 dcook NorwegianPatronDB? Boo..
00:08 dcook And Crypt::GCrypt isn't building..
00:11 dcook Oh sweet jesus..
00:11 dcook The hell...
00:11 dcook Why is Koha failing to load when Crypt::GCrypt isn't required...
00:17 dcook eythian: Did you build Crypt::GCrypt for Koha or was it already in Debian?
00:18 eythian looks like it was already there.
00:19 dcook I thought that might be the case..
00:19 dcook I wonder if they fixed it up themselves. The version from CPAN won't build at all... blarg
00:20 dcook Another question...
00:20 dcook Does "require" load the module but not export anything?
00:20 dcook Crypt::GCrypt appears to be required even though it's marked as not required in the perldeps
00:21 eythian you're using the word "require" with two definitions, I'm no longer sure what you're asking :)
00:21 dcook I'm guessing uses Koha::Borrowers::Discharge which uses Members which requires Koha::NorwegianPatronDB
00:22 eythian but yes, "require" is like use without the exports I'm pretty sure
00:22 dcook And that's causing not to compile because I can't install the Crypt::GCrypt which Koha::NorwegianPatronDB uses
00:22 dcook That's what I thought :/
00:23 dcook Looks like I'm not the only one Crypt::GCrypt won't work for:[…]lay.html?id=97201
00:23 dcook I suppose I could force install it but I really rather not do that..
00:24 eythian[…]kg-perl/packages/ <-- you can probably find any debian patches for it in here
00:24 dcook Just investigating a similar angle now :)
00:24 dcook Damn... yeah that might be the only option..
00:26 dcook Hmm nothing special at a glance
00:26 dcook Looks like they're skipping tests
00:26 dcook Ah, and a patch to compile with libgcrypt 1.6
00:26 dcook That would be the vital one
00:27 dcook At least for Crypt::Gcrypt 1.26..
00:27 dcook But Wheezy has 1.25..
00:28 dcook Well 1.25-1
00:30 dcook Maybe I'll get lucky and someone at openSUSE will have packaged it..
00:30 dcook Or this is when I learn to package RPMs so I can distribute to my other servers :p
00:35 eythian how hard could it be ;)
00:35 dcook hehe
00:36 dcook Well, in this case, I imagine it shouldn't be too too bad
00:37 dcook Not that I have time for this...
00:37 dcook I suppose I better make time or else no more Koha development which will definitely be a wrench in the works
00:38 dcook Have to wonder a bit about using a crypto library that hasn't been updated in over 2 years though...
00:38 eythian yeah
00:38 dcook Well, I guess it's an interface, but still
00:38 dcook Hmm, the author is active on Github...
00:39 dcook Maybe he doesn't pay attention to CPAN anymore
00:39 rangi in that case i think magnus had to have one that works with what they are expecting at the national library end
00:40 dcook rangi: Yeah, I figured that was probably the case
00:40 dcook I think we've had to do things like that on the Athens side of things
00:40 eythian it sounds like the best solution for now would be to only load that module on demand
00:40 dcook ^
00:40 rangi theres a patch for that
00:41 rangi it just failed qa, but needs a couple of simple fixes
00:41 rangi using module::conditional::load
00:41 dcook Interesting... how does that work?
00:42 dcook Oh, I see..
00:42 dcook Interesting
00:42 wahanui Interesting is sometimes good and sometimes bad
00:43 rangi we use it for Koha::Cache and a few other places already
00:43 rangi its better than the if, require import
00:43 rangi old way of doing it
00:43 dcook Yeah, the if/require seems like you wouldn't know a problem exists until much later
00:43 dcook Whereas with this you probably get something in the logs if it doesn't load?
00:45 rangi if you want yep
00:45 dcook Handy
00:45 dcook rangi: Do you recall that bug number off the top of your head?
00:45 rangi if (! can_load (list of modules)) {
00:45 rangi warn "its broken";
00:45 rangi etc
00:45 * dcook is also going to see if alexrj will update cpan and github...
00:46 rangi nope
00:46 dcook I guess this is my week of reporting bugs upstream
00:46 cait 15182
00:46 dcook cait: You're the best
00:46 dcook bug 15182
00:46 cait it broke my installation...
00:46 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=15182 blocker, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Failed QA , make test fails immediately on 3.22.00-beta due to missing Crypt::GCrypt which is optional
00:46 cait i failed it yesterday
00:46 rangi its using load
00:46 dcook Wow... someone else using openSUSE... wild
00:46 rangi which it doesnt need, can_load loads if it can
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01:16 dcook Huh... I wonder why it wouldn't work for Cait..
01:16 dcook Both Module::Load and Module::Load::Conditional are in core..
01:17 dcook I guess that should be Module::Load::load rather than just load...
01:17 dcook But then why it would work for others..
01:18 rangi you dont need it
01:18 rangi can_load does the load
01:18 rangi loading it twice is just silly
01:19 dcook Ahh, neato burrito
01:19 dcook Are you going to comment to that effect?
01:20 rangi not today im not
01:20 dcook Cool. I can convey that for you then, if you don't mind?
01:20 rangi yep thats fine
01:20 dcook Cool. Thanks :)
01:28 dcook Hmm... hmmm haww
01:31 dcook Booywah
01:31 dcook Booyah*
01:31 dcook Cheers rangi
01:31 dcook and cait
01:31 dcook And all the people
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02:09 dcook Anyone know where Zebra ouputs info with the packages?
02:09 dcook I'm guessing it is...
02:10 dcook -> /var/log/koha/instance/zebra-output.log
02:10 dcook I guess no time like the present to see if my VM still works..
02:11 dcook Huzzah..
02:12 eythian it's there, but it logs bugger all
02:13 dcook Yeah... that's... weird
02:13 dcook The Zebra log I have on openSUSE is awesome
02:13 eythian I don't know if it's just that loglevels are set badly or what
02:13 dcook Sure makes you wonder
02:13 dcook Let's see if I can find a quick answer..
02:14 dcook It looks a bit odd..
02:14 pastebot "dcook" at pasted "zebra related processes on Debian" (6 lines) at
02:14 dcook Oh wait, I was reading that wrong
02:14 dcook So the daemon starts the zebrasrv process
02:14 dcook We log straight out from zebrasrv..
02:15 eythian well, those logs are (I presume) catching stderr, stdout.
02:15 eythian or something along those lines
02:16 dcook That's what you'd hope
02:16 dcook Hmm
02:16 dcook Yeah we use zebrasrv -l
02:16 dcook Ah, maybe we do up the log level
02:16 dcook Let's see...
02:16 dcook Nope...
02:18 dcook H'okay... what starts zebrasrv in the first place?
02:19 dcook Let's say the shell command..
02:21 dcook Ahh, I don't think we're outputting stderr
02:21 pastebot "dcook" at pasted "Zebra stuff" (24 lines) at
02:21 dcook errlog is the daemon's error ou tput
02:21 dcook not the client's
02:21 dcook That's stderr
02:21 dcook --stderr*
02:22 dcook So we're doing the client's "output" and "stdout" but not "stderr"..
02:23 dcook That said, I do have a zebrasrv [warn] in my zebra-output.log.1
02:26 dcook Hmm --stderr doesn't really make much difference..
02:26 dcook errr... or maybe it would if the process actually changed..
02:28 dcook Very interesting...
02:29 dcook Not sure that "is_zebra_running" actually works..
02:30 dcook Possibly because we're using return codes like exit codes...
02:30 dcook Which I don't think you can do
02:31 dcook Well, then again..
02:33 eythian dcook: don't forget to pass these on to the packaging manager :)
02:33 dcook hehe
02:33 dcook Well, I was wrong about the return/exit code thing
02:33 dcook Can tell how strong my bash-fu is..
02:33 dcook It's been ages since I had to work with either
02:33 dcook But it looks like restarting the daemon doesn't restart the daemon...
02:33 dcook It restarts the child process
02:34 dcook But the actual daemon goes chugging along
02:34 dcook I suppose that makes a certain amount of sense..
02:34 dcook --restart             - Restart a named daemon client
02:34 dcook Bah..
02:35 dcook Not sure how to take down this daemon process without just killing it
02:37 dcook Ah, stopping it does it...
02:41 dcook ...this is so frustrating.
02:45 dcook Hello...
02:45 wahanui well, hello is there an official install guide? i couldnt find anything on the docs page of the site
02:47 dcook Well that's bloody useful
02:48 dcook eythian: Two things
02:48 wahanui Two things are being conflated here making it confusing.
02:48 dcook Apparently you have to use the -l flag
02:48 dcook for zebrasrv
02:48 dcook And second... it turns out that we were specifying a low logging level
02:48 dcook Which didn't show up when I looked up the process with ps...
02:48 eythian ah OK
02:48 * dcook twitches
02:48 dcook Of course, that probably makes sense
02:49 dcook As with full logging, you're logging every search
02:49 eythian we probably don't want that (but being able to turn it on would be nice)
02:49 dcook Yeah, being able to turn it on would be nice
02:49 dcook I suppose logs are rotated weekly... but still
02:51 eythian there's privacy implications among other things
02:55 dcook Got to love documentation that isn't correct...
02:55 dcook turns out "request" is a number log level which isn't documented..
02:56 dcook Yeah, I suppose privacy might factor in
02:56 dcook Although we're already storing that in the database in search_history
02:56 dcook I suppose that's optional though I think..
02:58 dcook Huh... turns out koha-restart-zebra will do something ot the zebrasrv process... but still doesn't touch the options..
02:58 dcook That is, a restart is not the same as a stop and start
03:13 dcook Hmm... turns out you don't need to add the "-l" flag after all...
03:13 dcook Just for some reason instead of going to stderr, it goes to output...
03:14 dcook It's only an additional three lines of content...
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04:14 Amit_Gupta hi all
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05:56 mveron Good morning / daytime #koha
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07:06 June Hi
07:07 June can please someone help me to explain how to deploy Solr in KOHA
07:08 June I do deployment according to this link[…]i/Solr_deployment , but I couldn't find SearchEngine folder
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07:29 fridolin hie
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07:43 reiveune hello
07:54 * magnuse waves
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08:02 alex_a bonjour
08:02 wahanui salut, alex_a
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08:31 gaetan_B hello
08:31 wahanui kia ora, gaetan_B
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08:37 ashimema June, solr is no longer supported in Koha
08:37 ashimema and hasn't for at least a couple of years
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10:40 ashimema quiet in here this morning
10:59 * mveron waves
10:59 mveron @wunder Allschwil
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10:59 * cait waves
11:03 ashimema @wunder Stevenage, uk
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11:04 cait @wunder Konstanz
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11:52 magnuse yesterday was freezing
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12:11 liw @wunder hel
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12:31 ashimema hi liw... nice of you to pop in :)
12:33 tcohen morning
12:33 magnuse kia ora tcohen!
12:34 magnuse tcohen: do you know when translations for 3.22 will be updated?
12:35 tcohen today i'm setting string freeze
12:35 tcohen there haven't been many string updates since the last update anyway
12:41 magnuse ok, thanks!
12:41 * magnuse sets aside thursday for translating
12:44 * cait does the same
12:44 cait tcohen: some bugs waiting for you to push them :)
12:44 tcohen hi cait
12:44 cait hi tcohen :)
12:45 * tcohen stares at his queue, *sigh*
12:46 tcohen where are the C4::Dates removal patches??
12:46 cait working on those next
12:46 cait but there were some red ones first
12:46 cait @later tell drojf rebel!
12:46 huginn cait: The operation succeeded.
12:47 tcohen magnuse: why don' tyou use debian/wheezy64 for kohadevbox?
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12:51 magnuse tcohen: not sure!
12:51 tcohen heh
13:04 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 15070: Update MARC21 it-IT frameworks to Update 21 (September 2015) <[…]0bea8192a1033e3d5> / Bug 15171: Display subscriptions which will expire in the future <[…]1a8e7d8baffe8a08c> / Bug 15114: Fix typo in opac-suggestion template <http://git.koha-communi
13:14 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 15185: Remove Check*Holidays subroutines in C4::Circulation <[…]1229951e61e8b23c4> / Bug 10067: decreaseLoanHighHolds messes with specify due date <[…]301aeffb2517bf753> / Bug 15175: Respect IntranetBiblioDefaultView syspref <
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13:44 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 15159: TestBuilder behaviour on AI values should be tested <[…]8a5518c089313894f>
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14:05 cait bug 11144 needs a sign-off... :)
14:05 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=11144 major, P5 - low, ---, katrin.fischer, Needs Signoff , Fix sequence of cronjobs: automatic renewal - fines - overdue notices
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14:12 * andreashm waves
14:13 * cait waves
14:13 * ashimema waves
14:13 * magnuse waves
14:14 * ashimema wonders if it's mexican style ;)
14:14 andreashm nice to see a lot of waving.
14:14 andreashm =)
14:14 cait :)
14:15 * ashimema just wrote a non-blocking covers request script.. should be fun to see how the supplier copes with that.
14:15 andreashm anyone know of an easy way to increase the size of Kohadevbox vagrant disk image?
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14:15 * andreashm is looking at you magnuse
14:15 ashimema magnuse.. your up
14:15 ashimema ;)
14:16 * ashimema should really look int devbox again at some point
14:16 * andreashm is trying to use a copy of our db... can't rebuild zebra because of disk space limit
14:16 ashimema I assume devbox is still using the gitify approach right.. in the end that's what put me off.. made a bunch of stuff harder to work with I found
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14:32 misilot is there a way to mark an item (or item type) for in library use only? so it states for use in library only to the staff member checking out the item?
14:32 misilot I am on 3.18 right now
14:32 cait in 3.18 it's not quite doable yet
14:32 cait what you are looking for are on-site checouts
14:33 misilot which are there
14:33 cait there are 2 prefs for that in 3.18
14:33 cait but you can't restrict to only allow on-site checkouts in 3.18 - that will work in 3.22
14:33 misilot ah, ok so in 3.22 we would be able to restrict items to be on-site checkouts only
14:33 misilot ?
14:34 cait yes, sec
14:34 cait bug 14045
14:34 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=14045 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Pushed to Master , Add specific quotas to on-site checkout
14:35 cait you could set a circulation condition to 0 normal checkouts allowed and x on-site checokuts allowed
14:35 misilot thanks cait :)
14:35 cait and then set the new pref to 'don't count on-site as normal chekouts'
14:36 misilot i think it will be a while before we get this :( though it is nice to know it is coming
14:37 magnuse andreashm: it should be documented somewhere around here:[…]ntfile/index.html
14:37 cait maybe set it to be 'for reference' for now... and then have circ staff handle it?
14:37 magnuse andreashm: i think you have to tweak this line:[…]r/Vagrantfile#L25 but not sure of the details
14:37 * magnuse runs off to make dinner
14:42 andreashm thanks magnuse
14:42 * andreashm is trying to clone the disk to vdi to be able to increase size. we'll see how it goes
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15:16 mveron Hi again #koha after a long meeting
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15:45 * cait waves at mveron
15:46 cait i need a rebase for the serials patch i am afraid
15:51 * mveron waves back, was distracted by a phone call
15:52 cait hm testing again
15:52 cait mveron: hmpf - patches apply now :)
15:52 cait sorry for the trouble
15:52 * mveron likes magic...
15:53 tcohen cait: you need to --hard reset before testing sutff :-P :-P
15:53 cait hmpf
15:53 cait don't annoy the qa person
15:53 cait i went for a walk outside... that could have helped a bit :)
15:54 tcohen heh
15:54 * mveron will file a bug for self healing patches :-)
15:55 tcohen mveron: that'd be awesome
15:56 cait some help with the dates patches would be good
15:56 cait ashimema: khall - ping? :)
15:56 khall what's up?
15:57 ashimema pong
15:57 cait i need help :)
15:57 cait 14960, 14946
15:57 cait 14954
15:58 cait they are still valid for 3.22...
15:58 tcohen indeed
15:58 * ashimema will try to look this evening if khall hasn't beat him to it.looking after not very well millie right now
15:58 khall I'll see what I can do!
15:58 mveron ...and bug 14870 needs sign-off
15:59 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=14870 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, veron, Needs Signoff , Delete C4/ from System
15:59 cait poor millie
15:59 cait hope she feels better soon
15:59 tcohen oh!
15:59 cait oh?
15:59 ashimema ?
15:59 * tcohen sends hugs to millie
15:59 cait mveron: did i miss another?
15:59 cait i am working on the serials one
15:59 cait so i didn't list that :)
16:00 mveron It is the final clean-up bug
16:00 ashimema millie's just a bit under the weather.. nothing serious.. just enough to make it so me working is near impossible..
16:00 ashimema one handed codeing whilst rocking baby in other arm is hard ;)
16:00 cait heh you can ask tcohen for tips
16:01 ashimema :D
16:02 cait but seriously - it would be great if we could finish the dates patches between us
16:02 * mveron about 25 years ago introduced an easter egg into a software that played a children's melody. It helped to smooth the baby  :-)
16:03 bag ha :)
16:03 bag I like that
16:03 cait you could do that now with the new sound alerts
16:03 mveron :-)
16:04 ashimema you see my pm bag?
16:04 rocio joined #koha
16:05 bag no I didn’t
16:05 bag could be on my office computer
16:05 ashimema no worries..
16:05 tcohen later, i'm starving :-D
16:06 ashimema I was congratulating you on rm.. and asking if you wanted me to stand for auth mm and qa team again.. as I totally missed the meetings and stuff
16:06 bag oh yes please :)
16:06 ashimema I'm hoping I'll have a bit more time this cycle.. though not likely for a few more weeks.. need to tie up some projects before I get back into the koha mindset
16:07 cait :)
16:14 cait ugh
16:14 cait I have a subscription... where generate next will only work every other time
16:14 cait so once it reloads the page not changing anything... and then the next time it does... and the issue number is +2 then...
16:15 cait and yes... master and with the patches
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16:42 mveron cait: I tested with 2 different serials, with and without patches, could not reproduce.
16:42 cait yeah i have t see if i can reproduce
16:42 cait the logs are empty
16:43 cait it might be something specific to this subscription... but it's really weird
16:43 mveron cait: Frequency?
16:43 cait 1/month
16:44 cait numbering pattern: number
16:44 mveron 1/day, will test new one with 1/month
16:44 reiveune bye
16:44 reiveune left #koha
16:45 cait thx!
16:46 cait i think it's not yoru patches... but it remains odd
16:47 cait i am using generate next on the serials collection page
16:48 mveron I did the same with a new serial, 1/month, then receive first one, then generate next on
16:49 mveron It behaves OK. But it takes about 4-5 sec to generate the next one.
16:50 mveron I tried to break it by hitting "Generate next" several times while it is not finished yet, but it behaved well.
16:51 mveron cait: I propose you file a bug for it, we then can explore it later (since it is the same with and without patches)
16:54 rocio1 joined #koha
16:55 cait yep i will
16:55 cait just finishing dinner first
16:55 mveron enjoy :-)
17:01 cait i will try to investigate more first.. might be sometin gin my database
17:03 bag some GIN in your database?
17:04 cait ?
17:04 cait oh
17:04 cait something :)
17:05 cait but of course drunken databases are best for testing
17:06 bag HA
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17:22 gaetan_B bye
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17:44 * trasheagle slaps trasheagle around a bit with a large fishbot
17:44 trasheagle whoa
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18:20 cait mveron: i think i figured it out, something weird in the prediction pattern - it creates different years each turn - so the generated issue for one appears hidden in the issues from last year..
18:40 cait mveron: still around?
18:41 cait founda problem with the acqui patches
18:41 mveron cait: Sorry, was distracted... Neighbours...
18:41 cait np
18:41 cait i will test continue testing the other pages
18:41 mveron cait: OK, will have a look at 14946
18:42 cait hm
18:42 cait it's weird - it also happens on the parcels page for me
18:42 cait ugh
18:42 cait give me a moment
18:42 cait forget it
18:42 wahanui cait: I forgot it
18:42 cait it's me
18:42 cait again
18:43 cait i think i disqualified for testing tonight...
18:43 cait i loaded an older database
18:43 cait and it has a different dateformat setting
18:43 mveron Ok, glad to hear :-)
18:43 * cait is embarassed
18:43 mveron And you are very qualified for testing :-)
18:43 mveron cait++
18:44 cait maybe not right now, i will take a break
18:44 mveron Do so...
18:44 * mveron sends some chocolate...
18:44 cait we are still a bit closer :)
18:44 cait thx!
18:54 tcohen what else?
18:54 cait tcohen: hm?
18:55 tcohen i want more patches to push!
18:55 tcohen bugfixes?
18:55 wahanui bugfixes are still fair game
18:55 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 15168: (followup) remove useless diags <[…]659d091d21aacbbac> / Bug 14960: Simplify the date management in staticfines <[…]00c521cb2087d1049> / Bug 14960: Remove C4::Dates from files in misc/cronjobs <[…]?p=koha.git;a=com
18:55 tcohen ehh
18:55 cait my brain is not working
18:55 cait i need a break!
18:59 tcohen bbl
18:59 tcohen bye!
19:00 trasheagle joined #koha
19:01 rangi magnuse:[…]i/Solr_deployment  <-- better
19:01 cdickinson_ joined #koha
19:01 rangi what you can do is add {{Obsolete}} to the top of the page, and it does that
19:02 cait i just read recently we were kicking out zebra for solr..
19:02 cait *sigh*
19:02 rangi who wrote that?
19:02 cait it was in a protocol from a meeting
19:03 cait i am not sure the obsolete is enough - maybe we should also put a note that it has not been implemened and there are currently no plans to do it?
19:04 trasheagle The change from Zebra to Solr would impact the project I am working on.
19:04 rangi it would if it was happening
19:04 rangi its not
19:04 rangi elastic search is being added
19:04 rangi but not replacing Zebra at least not in the next year or 2, only as well as
19:06 cait hm i switched[…]witch_to_Solr_RFC too
19:07 rangi cool
19:08 cait only took me like 5 tries to get it right... it#s good i stopped testing for now
19:09 cait[…]ene_Documentation too?
19:09 rangi yeah
19:09 rangi hopefully our newly elected wiki editor will do some tidying too ;)
19:16 rangi hmm people who evaluate software, by doing a literature search ... yeah .. that might work if software NEVER CHANGED
19:19 khall joined #koha
19:30 bag magnuse: HI
19:47 rocio joined #koha
20:43 wizzyrea[…]_bug.cgi?id=15188 well that's a pretty terrible bug.
20:43 huginn Bug 15188: normal, P5 - low, ---, gmcharlt, NEW , will delete all authorities if zebra is not running
20:43 bag wow
20:44 cait yep
20:44 cait but no patch yet
20:44 bag wonders how often that script is run?
20:44 * bag has never but that doesn’t mean someone hasn’t
20:44 wizzyrea this condition is probably not terrifically common
20:47 cait theoretically tho... someone could want to run it in cron
20:47 cait to clean up authorities they missed up deleting
20:47 wizzyrea right, but zebra has to be not running
20:47 wizzyrea and under normal circumstances it always is
20:48 wizzyrea so it wouldn't pop up thaaaat often
20:48 wizzyrea but if you cronned it, yeah it could be terribly dangerous.
20:48 cait yeah... but when it does... it's pretty terrible
20:48 cait only way to recover is from backups
20:48 wizzyrea yeah
20:48 wizzyrea very bad no good.
20:48 * cait nods
20:48 cait definitely worth fixing
20:59 xarragon So when I am manually usig yaz-client against the koha zebra database I get an error message about 'Default' being unavailable.
21:00 xarragon I assume this is the name of the default Database (not present) and I need to perform the equivalent of 'USE DATABASE koha' (from mysql), which should be 'base koha'?
21:00 bag I think it’s biblios
21:01 laurence joined #koha
21:01 xarragon bag: Ah, thanks! it works
21:01 laurence left #koha
21:01 bag sweet
21:01 cait bag++
21:01 cait also khall++ - thx for qa :)
21:01 bag yay!
21:01 xarragon bag++
21:01 bag khall++
21:03 cait I think i can finish bug 14946 later, but we still need qa for bug 12072, bug 14954 and sign off for 14870 then
21:03 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=14946 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Signed Off , Remove C4::Dates from files acqui/*.pl
21:03 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=12072 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, veron, Signed Off , New dateformat
21:03 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=14954 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, veron, Signed Off , Remove C4::Dates from holiday related files in folder tools
21:04 wizzyrea bug 14870
21:04 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=14870 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, veron, Needs Signoff , Delete C4/ from System
21:04 bag cait I’m going to go make lunch - but I’m your man after lunch to QA those 2 :)  (maybe sign off)
21:06 xarragon Ah, I can probably use the 'explain' facility to get the database names
21:07 cait bag: any help much appreciated :)
21:07 cait be a bit careful about the dependencies when you do the sign off
21:09 bag hmm ok I may ask for some help/clarification when I’m back
21:12 xarragon Got to love the section numbering of the Z39.59 (2003) spec:
21:12 xarragon " Database-names
21:13 xarragon Yes, it is 280 pages long.. But I almost thought it was a phone number at first glance :-)
21:14 bag :D
21:14 bag ha
21:16 cait heh
21:18 nengard left #koha
21:21 wizzyrea don't we keep the zebra database names in the koha-conf.xml
21:21 wizzyrea or are we talking about something else.
21:22 wizzyrea it's like biblios and authorities (aren't we creative)
21:31 xarragon wizzyrea: Yes, probably. it is also listed on the 'explain' page.. The default one
21:31 jcamins Yes, yes, and don't you know it? :)
21:31 xarragon It is just me being completely unfamiliar with yaz/z3* and zebra all at once
21:31 jcamins "And I shall call this land... land."
21:31 jcamins :)
21:31 wizzyrea :D
21:32 xarragon I am basically just trying out doing manual queries directly with the zebra server.
21:35 xarragon End goal being able to understand the syntax of z39.50 so that I can query a specific index/MARC-field from Koha
21:36 xarragon So I have bee digging through from the filesystem level up through the stack, doing some tutorials and generally abusing the indexer
21:36 xarragon I was looking the XSLT transformation stuff but got scared, having figured out that field 001 was seemingly actually being indexed already
21:36 magnuse hm, does plack and memcached not play well together?
21:37 rangi magnuse: they play together fine
21:38 magnuse rangi: not on my server... :-(
21:38 rangi what are the symptoms?
21:38 magnuse i can log in, but whatever i click on i get "session expired" and the login screen
21:39 rangi most likely our bug then
21:40 rangi because of the silly put memcached stuff in env variables in a apache
21:41 magnuse rangi: uh huh?
21:42 rangi so koha bug, not a memcached/plack one .. i bet the variables aren't being passed through, unless we removed it from the apache conf and put it back in koha-conf.xml where it belongs already
21:43 magnuse i have it both places, just to be sure...
21:44 magnuse but i guess koha expects it to be in apache config
21:44 rangi try
21:44 rangi echo "stats items" | nc 11211
21:44 rangi see if anything is actually set in your memcached
21:44 rangi or
21:44 bag what’s nc ?
21:44 rangi netcat
21:44 bag thanks
21:48 pastebot "magnuse" at pasted "stats items" (62 lines) at
21:49 * bag curious to see what you’re looking for
21:49 rangi you can then do
21:50 rangi echo "stats cachedump 1 100" | nc 11211
21:50 rangi and 6
21:50 rangi 7 8 20 etc
21:50 rangi to see whats actually in there
21:50 pastebot "magnuse" at pasted "stats cachedump" (3 lines) at
21:51 rangi right, so it's caching something
21:51 bag nice password magnuse ;)
21:51 bag just kidding
21:51 rangi id check each of those slabs (the number after items: is a slab id)
21:51 rangi see if you can find any that have session data
21:52 magnuse bag: huh what where? ;-)
21:52 bag HA
21:52 pastebot "magnuse" at pasted "maybe 6?" (22 lines) at
21:53 rangi yep, those look like them
21:53 rangi so it looks like it is at least setting them ok
21:54 magnuse similar stuff in 7 and 8
21:55 bag session storage is set to memcache?  or it doesn’t matter memcache just stores it anyways?
21:56 magnuse SessionStorage = memcached
21:56 magnuse huh, now it seems to be working...
21:57 rangi heh
21:58 magnuse yup, it's working
21:59 magnuse it could feel us getting closer, peering into the secrets of memcached, so it decided to behave (for now?)
22:00 bag don’t blink
22:00 bag or turn your back
22:00 bag step slowly backwards
22:00 magnuse well, i do plan to sleep pretty soon ;-)
22:01 bag just cache your sleep man
22:01 magnuse lulz!
22:01 * bag secertly proud of that one (self high five)
22:02 magnuse well deserved, i'd say!
22:02 magnuse knuckles!
22:04 magnuse rangi++ for memcached magic - i'll see if i can add it to[…]hooting_memcached in a coherent way in the morning
22:05 rangi cool
22:06 magnuse btw, when i discovered i had forgoten to install memcached on my experimental plack server i had more than 300k session files in /tmp...
22:07 rangi yep, its not pretty
22:07 magnuse moved a database from my production server to the plack server. in the database was SessionStorage = memcached, but no memcached on the server
22:07 eythian hi
22:07 wahanui hello, eythian
22:08 magnuse kia ora eythian
22:09 magnuse have fun #koha!
22:10 bag night night magnuse
22:11 dcook joined #koha
22:27 tcohen joined #koha
22:28 tcohen hi
22:28 dcook yo tcohen
22:32 tcohen volunteers to look at failing tests?
22:36 * cait hides
22:40 dcook I'm looking at issues with charmaps :)
22:40 dcook When I should actually be working on a different project all together >_>
22:40 dcook Btw, thanks for your comments on Bugzilla, cait :)
22:41 dcook I probably won't have time to respond until next week, but thanks :)
22:41 * cait thinks
22:41 cait oai?
22:41 dcook Yep
22:43 dcook The charmap one is tricky...
22:43 dcook Take the following example:
22:43 dcook equivalent ï(ie)
22:43 dcook map ïi
22:43 dcook It appears that this makes ï and ie equivalent... and ï gets mapped to i
22:44 dcook So searches for "siemon" are the same as searches for "sïmon" which as the same as searches for "simon"
22:44 dcook map seems to affect indexing and searching, while equivalent only affects searching
22:44 dcook As "sïmon" becomes "simon" in the indexes, while "siemon" stays as "siemon"
22:44 dcook But I can potentially understand the reasoning for the equivalent directive...
22:44 dcook Especially when I look at "equivalent å(aa)"
22:45 dcook Since 'aa' and "Ã¥" really are equivalent in Scandinavian languages I thin
22:45 dcook think*
22:45 dcook Of course, I suppose one should be using ICU for multilingual content, although I wonder if that same problem occurs there..
22:46 dcook Probably not... it probably doesn't handle that equivalence
22:46 dcook Unless you write your ICU chain for Scandinavian languages..
22:47 rocio1 joined #koha
22:50 bag @wunder 97215
22:50 huginn bag: The current temperature in Kittyland Love Center, E Tabor, Portland, Oregon is 11.8°C (2:50 PM PST on November 17, 2015). Conditions: Rain. Humidity: 98%. Dew Point: 12.0°C. Pressure: 29.88 in 1012 hPa (Falling).
22:50 bag wicked windy here - like 20 mph+
22:51 * dcook had forgotten that bag had moved
22:51 dcook Hurray for the pacific northwest :)
22:51 bag yay!
22:54 eythian bag: 20mph?
22:54 eythian that's not wind
22:55 eythian it's barely a breeze!
22:55 wizzyrea yeah, not wind.
22:55 wizzyrea >.>
22:55 bag sorry I will go back to being blown in the wind then
22:56 dcook 20mph...
22:56 dcook What's that in sane measurements..
22:56 dcook 32km..
22:56 dcook Bah :p
22:56 bag loud :)
22:57 bag I think you all are missing the plus that I added - + as in 20mph +  ;)
22:57 dcook Oh and "like"
22:57 eythian it's about 30kph here right now, which is to say, not windy at all :)
22:57 bag phew
22:58 dcook Google says 27km/h :p
22:58 dcook Can't recall the strongest wind speeds I've encountered...
22:58 dcook 60? 80?
22:58 eythian probably around 120-130 here.
22:58 dcook I mean being out in. I don't think I've gone out in the triple digits
22:58 bag ok so it says gusts up to 56 km/h
23:00 dcook[…]g=En&n=361F311D-1
23:00 dcook 22-27km, technically classed as a strong breeze
23:00 dcook 56-63 violent storm
23:00 dcook 64+ hurricane
23:00 dcook That doesn't seem right
23:00 eythian oh, it's a severe weather watch day here today.
23:01 dcook Ah, knots
23:01 dcook Not kms
23:01 dcook 22 knots is 40km apparently
23:01 eythian oh, for friday we're expecting it to be windy
23:01 dcook 56 knots is 103km
23:01 dcook 56km is 30 knots so..
23:01 dcook Near gale, bag ;)
23:02 bag nice that’s clarified for me :)
23:02 bag I wish this gale would quiet down
23:02 dcook But, being in the pacific northwest, you're allowed to complain
23:02 dcook unjustifiably allowed to complain*
23:02 dcook ;)
23:02 dcook My favourite thing visiting Vancouver in winter... all the mounds of salt from where people were freaking out about their 6 hours of ice on the roads
23:02 bag excellent - I shall take advantage
23:03 dcook Or the sound of snowplows taking off the top layer of asphalt in Vancouver after snow has fallen... and melted before the truck has even gotten there...
23:03 bag yeah
23:03 * dcook loves taking the piss out of west coast people in winter
23:03 eythian apparently 248kph is the highest in Wellington
23:04 dcook Fortunately, it's super cold and super windy in Saskatchewan in the winter and super hot in the summer, so we can justifiably complain all year round
23:04 dcook Nice, eythian
23:04 eythian and ~200 days of the year it's over gale force
23:05 bag nice 30 cm of snow up on mount hood - skiing time soon :)
23:19 tcohen eythian: can u take a look at 15200? that tests should be context-independent, maybe we introduced a bug
23:19 eythian bug 15200
23:19 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=15200 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, chris, NEW , t/Creators.t fails when using build-git-snapshot
23:19 tcohen btw, did you manage to build the beta? :-D
23:20 eythian tcohen: I'm not the 3.22 package manager! :)
23:20 dcook hehe
23:20 dcook tcohen: Thanks for pushing that conditional loading patch!
23:20 tcohen thanks for supporting it!
23:20 tcohen hehe
23:21 eythian tcohen: so the actual failure is those t/Creators.t tests
23:21 tcohen mirko filled that bug
23:21 eythian though, I guess if it can't find the fonts, that might be wierd
23:21 tcohen that's not jenkins problem right now
23:22 tcohen i only take care of jenkins hahahah
23:22 tcohen well, not there yet
23:23 eythian I'm not sure where it's getting the koha-conf that it uses for building from
23:23 eythian I thought it might have been the one in etc/ but that has full paths
23:25 tcohen eythian: that's pre-rules right?
23:25 eythian no
23:25 eythian well
23:25 eythian I'm pretty sure the rules stuff is applied first
23:26 tcohen k
23:30 tcohen f*ck
23:31 tcohen it is not mocking C4::Context :'-(
23:32 tcohen someone should fund rewriting the test suite, at least making it kosher and cover most of the code
23:33 bag done
23:33 bag how much?
23:33 * cait is curious about tcohen's reaction
23:33 tcohen i'm shocked
23:34 bag once we get the grants part of the “fund” done - that’s a good thing to apply for money for :D
23:34 dcook :D
23:34 * tcohen agrees 100%
23:35 bag bobb and galen are writing that part now :)
23:35 tcohen I remember when you mentioned in Reno
23:35 tcohen how difficult was to have libraries invest in "hidden stuff"
23:35 tcohen and several libraries raising their hands at once
23:35 tcohen saying they cared about the project maintainability
23:36 tcohen libraries++
23:36 bag def
23:36 bag libraries++
23:38 tcohen eythian: unset KOHA_CONF ; prove t/Creators.t => FAIL damn
23:40 eythian ah
23:40 eythian but, we do have a koha-conf when running tests I think, don't we?
23:41 tcohen i'm not sure, I don't think so
23:41 cait bag: are you testin g14954?
23:42 bag yes
23:42 cait i would take 12072 next then
23:42 bag yes 14954
23:42 cait hm my auto scroll stopped working agian
23:42 cait k thx :)
23:42 cait ah, i should probably do 14870 first
23:43 tcohen eythian: i don't see it happening, unless the env's KOHA_CONF is propagated into the pdebuild environment… which owuld point to a non-existing file hm
23:48 cait hm that's not looking good
23:48 cait oh
23:48 tcohen later #koha
23:49 cait just forgot one dependent patch
23:56 papa joined #koha

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