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10:20 * cait waves
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13:03 cait hi tcohen :)
13:04 cait i am about to dig into bugs
13:11 tcohen hi
13:11 wahanui bidet, tcohen
13:18 tcohen cait, I'm planning a bug squashing week starting tomorrow
13:18 cait i am gone monday -tuesday - back on wednesday
13:18 tcohen could you manage to join us in a hangouts session?
13:18 cait not on those days... after it depends on the time
13:19 cait more difficult from work than from home
13:19 tcohen kyle will be available, me too, I expect dobrica to join us on a plack-fixing sprint
13:19 cait ah - so he replied?
13:19 tcohen i think jonathan will be afk some days
13:19 tcohen yes
13:19 tcohen he said he's too busy, but that we should call him once we are on the hg session
13:20 cait what day/time were you thinking of?
13:20 tcohen whenever you are available of course
13:20 cait ah better not make it dependenton me
13:21 tcohen first we need to gather the bugs to work onç
13:21 cait i wanted to ask you if there is a current list on blockers?
13:21 tcohen it is not only fixing bugs, but finding them too
13:21 cait hm i see
13:21 tcohen no, that's the idea, to build that list
13:21 tcohen there are blockers for Plack only
13:21 cait i can try and build a list today - bugs already filed, plack and also relevant to the new feature
13:21 cait s
13:22 tcohen i filled a couple
13:22 cait or at least start to make one and send you a link?
13:22 tcohen that'd be awesome
13:22 tcohen thanks
13:23 tcohen cait: better have a Trello board for it
13:23 tcohen i can set it
13:23 cait you start one
13:24 cait i add? :)
13:26 tcohen done
13:26 tcohen 3.22 - Blockers
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13:27 tcohen did u get it
13:27 tcohen ?
13:27 cait looking
13:28 cait found
13:28 cait how do you define blocker?
13:36 tcohen data inconsistency
13:36 tcohen functionality broken
13:38 tcohen just put all u consider important
13:38 tcohen we'll all do the same
13:38 tcohen and then assgn priorities
13:39 cait ok
13:39 cait sme might be 'nice to have' in the end
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13:40 tcohen cait: sure"
13:40 cait time flies
13:40 bgkriegel Hello cait tcohen
13:40 tcohen and everyone will work on what they consider important
13:40 cait hi bgkriegel!!
13:40 cait bgkriegel++ # updated marc frameworks :)
13:40 tcohen i'll just try to push people to fix the important ones first
13:40 bgkriegel :)
13:40 tcohen bgkriegel++
13:40 cait and also bgkriegel++ for bug 15092
13:40 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=15092 blocker, P5 - low, ---, bgkriegel, Signed Off , item type descriptions not showing if no logo
13:40 cait working on it right now
13:41 bgkriegel cait: will you upload to Bug 15097?
13:41 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=15097 normal, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , Update MARC21 de-DE frameworks to Update 21 (September 2015)
13:41 cait yep
13:41 cait jut waiting for the files
13:41 cait i finished translation this morning
13:44 bgkriegel they are ready now :)
13:44 cait thank you!
13:44 cait and the bug passed qa too :)
13:45 bgkriegel thx :)
13:46 cait next is bug 15093
13:46 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=15093 critical, P5 - low, ---, bgkriegel, Signed Off , item type groups not saving
13:46 cait how are you doing bgkriegel?
13:47 tcohen are all the bugs for removing C4::Dates filled?
13:47 tcohen we could work on those too
13:47 tcohen so it is not only mveron's effort
13:48 bgkriegel cait: fine, it's a rainy day, strange spring here
13:48 * tcohen wants him to sleep too
13:48 cait tcohen: yep, i asked him - he said bugzilla is complete
13:48 cait but i think some help on some of those would be very appreaciated
13:48 cait i will add them
13:49 tcohen cait: thanks
13:49 cait bgkriegel: I remember the rain when you picked me up from the airport :)
13:50 bgkriegel that was huge!
13:51 cait so much water! was glad you were there :)
13:54 cait i hope to come back to argentina one day, it was really nice
13:56 cait *sigh* back to the bugs...
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16:23 mveron Good sunday evening (or daytime) #koha
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16:52 gmcharlt @quote random
16:52 huginn gmcharlt: Quote #252: "<@jcamins> Really the issues is that Anglo-American libraries have settled on a profoundly stupid format that utterly fails to express anything that patrons care about, while going on at great length about things patrons don't care about." (added by chris at 10:42 PM, May 26, 2013)
16:52 wahanui i already had it that way, huginn.
16:53 * cait waves at gmcharlt
16:53 gmcharlt hi cat
16:54 gmcharlt er, hi cait
16:54 * druthb waves at gmcharlt, to see if he'll mistype her name, too.  :P
16:55 gmcharlt druthb: your nick is six characters long, which represents the transition into tab-using territory for me :-P
16:55 * druthb giggles.
17:01 * druthb curses loudly and at length, and with much virtuosity.
17:08 cait *meows*
17:14 druthb Fricken' frackin' packages not available on jessie yet.  *grump*
17:14 * druthb goes to install a wheezy.
17:43 gmcharlt @quote random
17:43 huginn gmcharlt: Quote #220: "jcamins: Facebook may not like unspecified relationships, but rare books catalogers do!" (added by wizzyrea at 06:41 PM, October 19, 2012)
17:54 gmcharlt Linode is currently having some network connectivity issues in it's Atlanta data center, so if huginn disappears again, just imagine it eating too many boiled peanuts
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18:34 cait hope he is not allergic
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20:13 * wizzyrea figured out that your linode was having trouble when I got icinga checks for koha-community being down when it wasn't :)
20:20 * cait waves
20:21 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 15094: Update link to Windows Offline Circ <[…]2b6c6778cdda336e8> / Bug 14333: followup 2 - split line to ease translation <[…]c533f6d0c8c6a6c7f> / Bug 14333: followup - Fix labels <[…]tdiff;h=d37b15faf
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22:02 eythian hi
22:02 eythian no messages from huginn after a week? that's surprising
22:03 cait :)
22:04 eythian I do notice my name has been taken in vain a few times
22:04 eythian ftr, QueryParser should be kept and fixed, and if any of you had bothered to come to my talk, you'd know that :)
22:05 cait you didn't send me an invitation
22:06 cait are your slides online yet?
22:07 eythian not as such
22:07 eythian but I can put them somewhere
22:07 eythian also, you don't need me to invite you to a conference
22:08 eythian videos should be online in a week or so
22:12 rangi :)
22:13 eythian[…]s/fDoBkJApKDT5ark <-- cait (and anyone else), these are my slides
22:17 eythian (the firefox viewer doesn't seem to do a good job rendering some bits, best use a real PDF viewer.)
22:24 rangi @later tell joubu should be back now
22:24 huginn rangi: The operation succeeded.
22:29 cait eythian: i have the same problem in my owncloud
22:31 eythian I don't know that it's owncloud's fault
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22:31 * dcook waves to #koha
22:31 eythian hi dcook
22:31 dcook heya eythian
22:31 dcook I was wondering if you would be in this morning
22:34 eythian yeah, a bit late, got delayed flying out of syd just to the storm
22:34 eythian and then customs took forever in wellington for some reason
22:34 cait dcook: translations
22:34 wahanui i heard translations was
22:34 dcook cait: Hmm?
22:34 cait bug 7497 - changing the index names won't work
22:34 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7497 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, gmcharlt, NEW , "kw,wrdl" and variants should be replaced by something more explicit in search history
22:35 dcook Ahh, I think I getcha
22:35 dcook cait: Well, that's annoying :p
22:36 dcook eythian: That sucks :/
22:36 cait i think we need a mapping
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22:36 dcook and a query parser
22:36 wahanui a query parser is on, opacsuppression is on
22:36 dcook Without one, I think that way madness lies
22:36 eythian cait: dcook knows this because he went to my talk
22:36 dcook hehe
22:36 eythian cait: you didn't, because you're slack.
22:38 cait rijksmuseum library? :)
22:38 * cait is looking at the slides
22:39 eythian yeah
22:39 eythian so, at these conferences when I mention libraries, about 50% of people ask me if it's libraries on the computer, or libraries with books
22:40 eythian so I tend to open with that clarification
22:40 wizzyrea I watched your one from OSDC last year (dk why it took a frikkin year to watch it but there it is) and I think it's one of my favourite talks ever.
22:40 eythian :D
22:41 dcook I know I started the talk from last year but I don't know if I finished it... bad dcook
22:41 dcook Would've been interesting to hear another talk about upstreaming this year.
22:42 dcook A few talks from the heads of products but not contributors..
22:42 eythian yeah
22:42 wizzyrea I think I'd like to see that talk at a library conference
22:42 dcook ^
22:43 eythian It's a variant of one I did at kohacon in India
22:43 dcook eythian: Did you do a lightning talk about Github?
22:43 eythian I didn't in the end
22:43 wizzyrea no, at a library conference that isn't already about open source.
22:43 dcook I might steal that idea for next time then ;)
22:43 wizzyrea :P
22:43 eythian sounds good
22:43 dcook Or expand upon it for a bigger talk..
22:43 dcook I suppose I have time for thoughts to brew
22:43 eythian wizzyrea: well, I would do something at LIANZA, but I'm sure their CfP has already closed :)
22:43 wizzyrea :D
22:43 eythian dcook: yeah, that's a good idea
22:44 wizzyrea maybe I will fork your talk ;)
22:44 wizzyrea (with your permission)
22:44 eythian of course
22:45 eythian it'd be pretty silly of me to say you can't :)
22:45 wizzyrea lol.
22:45 eythian I should be putting the source of these into gitlab
22:45 eythian rather than my own bzr server
22:46 wizzyrea i like gitlab a lot
22:48 eythian[…]s/JDsBbkl3E3fvAaG <-- wizzyrea, the slides from last years, if you're interested
22:48 dcook Hmm, I thought gitlab ran over gitolite... are they separate now?
22:48 eythian gitlab runs gitlab, I'm pretty sure
22:48 dcook Looks like GitLab 4.2 was the last one to use Gitolite
22:49 eythian ah
22:50 dcook Hmm, maybe I should try out GitLab one of these days...
22:50 eythian It took over from gitorius
22:50 dcook Ahh, that does sound familiar
22:59 dcook So tempted to try out docker and the gitlab container...
22:59 dcook Maybe at home..
23:02 wizzyrea eythian: I am almost certain you would have a really excellent opinion about this:[…]_bug.cgi?id=15088
23:02 huginn Bug 15088: enhancement, P5 - low, ---, gmcharlt, NEW , Note in koha-remove help that --keep-mysql is how you remove instances with remote databases
23:03 eythian wizzyrea: sure, sounds good. However, what happens if you have a remote database and don't add that option? Does it fail and leave things in a half-broken state?
23:03 eythian because really, if we can catch that and output a warning but keep going, that'd be ideal.
23:03 wizzyrea it fails in a not super explicit way, but no I don't think it's half broken
23:03 wizzyrea tbh, I'd have to do more testing
23:03 wizzyrea bc I don't remember
23:04 wizzyrea I think it says "cannot remove database and user" and quites
23:04 wizzyrea quits*
23:04 wizzyrea which, too right.
23:05 eythian yeah, aborting there is not great
23:05 wizzyrea it goes on ok with --keep-mysql though, and seems to complete just fine
23:06 wizzyrea maybe change the error to say "cannot remove database and user - check permissions or run with --keep-mysql to remove an instance with a remote database"
23:07 eythian I kinda think just noticing that it didn't work is probably a better option. Requiring an option to distinguish local vs. remote is a bit odd.
23:08 wizzyrea idk how to word an option for "just don't bother with the database stuff"
23:08 eythian yeah, that's what I'm saying.
23:08 eythian we don't need an option
23:08 wizzyrea well that's basically what --keep-mysql does
23:08 eythian if the code can see what's happened and deal with it properly, that's better.
23:09 wizzyrea oh right
23:09 wizzyrea yes I feel ya now
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23:33 * Francesca waves

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