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01:04 dcook Oh wow... I didn't know about "git log --follow filename"
01:04 dcook That's beautiful...
01:11 eythian how does it differ from not having --follow?
01:11 eythian oh, tracks renames
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01:59 dcook Huh... my 3.20.3 is missing a table... I wonder if that was my doing..
01:59 dcook Also wondering why says but systempreferences says 3.2100030...
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02:15 eythian Sirenia: good band
02:20 eythian magnuse: from the kohadevbox, "Note: do not "apt-get install vagrant" on Ubuntu or Wheezy" ... what about jessie?
02:21 eythian @later tell magnuse from the kohadevbox, "Note: do not "apt-get install vagrant" on Ubuntu or Wheezy" ... what about jessie?
02:21 huginn eythian: The operation succeeded.
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02:26 jamesb does anyone know why the cover images from Google Books are only able to be displayed in the OPAC, not the staff interface?
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03:15 jamesb anyone know if there is a reason the Google Books cover images aren't displayed in the staff interface?
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05:40 dcook wth...
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05:40 * cait waves
05:40 dcook heya cait
05:40 cait hi dcook :)
05:41 cait just commented on 10306 too
05:43 dcook bug 10306
05:43 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=10306 major, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , Publication information can only be mapped to either 260 or 264 (RDA)
05:43 dcook Ahh, cool :)
05:44 cait I'd like to keep it storing things in the db if possible... but i guess you'd have to prioritize one field over the others then - also thinking about the new indicators
05:44 cait i thik that shouuld be possible with galen's suggestion, but not sure
05:44 eythian hi cait, dcook
05:45 dcook yo eythian
05:46 cait morning
05:46 dcook Ahh I totally misread what Nicole wrote
05:46 cait you both should go home i guess
05:46 dcook Almost time for this guy
05:50 cait dcook: the keyword mappings allow mulitple... it's a bit of a messy thing right now
05:50 cait the usual :)
05:51 cait not to get started about publicationyear vs. copyrightdate (MARC21 vs. UNIMARC standard mappings)
05:51 dcook Yeah I think the keyword mappings is about showing rather than storing though
05:51 dcook Rather not fiddle with that too much..
05:59 eythian cait: yeah, I'm planning slides for a talk
05:59 eythian well, at this stage I'm just planning the talk
05:59 eythian soon I'll be planning slides, but not today
06:01 cait what are you talking about?
06:02 eythian[…]/presentation/39/ <-- this is me
06:02 eythian aw, and I'm on at the same time as a workshop I want to go to
06:02 eythian rats
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06:04 dcook eythian: Which was that?
06:04 dcook The F-Droid one?
06:04 eythian yeah
06:04 dcook Yeah, it seems interesting
06:05 dcook I'm planning on coming to yours though ;)
06:05 eythian I also want to learn about ansible, so I'll go to that instead
06:05 dcook Hmm... they've added more to the schedule..
06:05 eythian excellent :)
06:05 eythian OK, time for me to go
06:05 eythian later
06:05 dcook I like to think I'm knowledgeable about Ansible but that's not a bad idea either..
06:05 dcook laters, eythian
06:06 dcook Hmm provocative description
06:06 dcook Time for this guy to head home too..
06:07 dcook Damn... didn't quite finish what I wanted to finish today...
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06:24 * magnuse waves
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06:36 marcelr hi #koha
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06:47 reiveune hello
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07:00 alex_a bonjour
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07:05 gaetan_B hello
07:05 wahanui what's up, gaetan_B
07:06 Joubu Hello #koha
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07:11 fridolin hie there
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07:43 kivilahtio good morning
07:43 wahanui well, it's morning somewhere, yes
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08:07 magnuse hiya kivilahtio
08:07 kivilahtio hi magnuse! How do you do?
08:07 magnuse doing good! and being busy...
08:07 magnuse and yourself?
08:07 kivilahtio good to hear
08:07 kivilahtio magnuse: is everybody in Norway already migrating to Koha?
08:08 kivilahtio magnuse: busy busy
08:08 magnuse nah, not all at once
08:08 magnuse not as fast as in finland, i think
08:08 kivilahtio magnuse: I got three university students doing a summer job and trying to migrate the last libraries so we have the whole province under Koha
08:08 magnuse oh, i saw somewhere there is now a koha company in finland? owned by the municipalities?
08:08 magnuse woohoo!
08:09 kivilahtio magnuse: not sure where you saw it...
08:09 kivilahtio magnuse: but we are forming it
08:09 kivilahtio magnuse: KohaSuomi Oy
08:09 kivilahtio magnuse: but looks like that the whole Finland will be running Koha in a few years
08:09 kivilahtio magnuse: well atleast half of it :)
08:10 kivilahtio magnuse: the bigger hald :)
08:10 kivilahtio magnuse: we are targeting next year to get all the municipalities to agree on an executive level and form the company
08:11 kivilahtio magnuse: it is a BIG PROCESS to get the paper stamped in dozens of small municipalities
08:14 kivilahtio magnuse: but luckily we have some very capable and strong willed individuals who have the nations interest at heart
08:16 magnuse sounds awesome!
08:17 magnuse let me check where i read it...
08:18 * cait waves
08:24 magnuse kivilahtio:[…]Item&itemid=16952
08:24 magnuse "För underhållet och utvecklingen av Koha ansvarar Koha-Suomi Oy som håller på att bildas."
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08:30 magnuse Viktor++ for the conf in Tylösand!
08:30 cait Viktor++
08:31 Viktor :)
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08:31 Viktor And magnuse++ and cait++ for great presentations
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09:05 magnuse rangi++ for blogging from kohacon15
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09:14 Francesca oh is that where he went
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09:44 drojf hi #koha
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10:09 Joubu rangi: nice beard :)
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12:27 tcohen morning
12:28 magnuse ¡hola tcohen!
12:30 tcohen magnuse: God kveld (?)
12:31 tcohen hi Joubu
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12:33 Joubu hi tcohen
12:34 tcohen Joubu: I haven't managed to get a counter patch working for 15005
12:35 Joubu khall: Hi! Have you seen my comment 40 on bug 7560?
12:35 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7560 minor, P5 - low, ---, kyle, Signed Off , SIP Self Checkout Ignoring Fines Thresholds for Not Being able to Check Out Books
12:36 Joubu hi tcohen
12:36 khall Joubu: I only saw comment 39, I'll have to address comment 40
12:36 Joubu tcohen: it's not so important, so workaround I have suggested should work
12:50 magnuse tcohen: nah not "kveld" yet, more like "ettermiddag" ;-)
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13:12 drojf i feel like kveld
13:13 magnuse drojf: "god natt" then :-)
13:14 drojf heh. i wish :)
13:15 drojf later #koha
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13:20 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 14990: Format the date template-side for moremember <[…]6a956495c06d628ce> / Bug 14617: Add fields to ISBN and ISSN indexes: 020$z, 022$y, 022$z <[…]d4dd9e20aebdbc7eb> / Bug 14926: Format the date according to the dateformat syspref <http://git.koha-commu
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13:38 Joubu ping tcohen!
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13:45 tcohen Joubu: hi
13:46 Joubu tcohen: bug 15028 will fix jenkins failures related to Letters.t
13:46 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=15028 major, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Needs Signoff , Jenkins is unhappy
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13:57 Joubu khall: the original status of bug 13409 was "in discussion", not NSO
13:57 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=13409 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, kyle, Needs Signoff , Add ability to purge old special holidays using
13:57 Joubu see comment 3
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13:59 khall ah, I see!
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14:27 Joubu @later tell rangi don't forget 14884 for the next 3.20 release please ;)
14:27 huginn Joubu: The operation succeeded.
14:53 Joubu 200         $date_due_in_time = $today->clone->set(hour => $today->hour + 1);
14:53 Joubu well... does not work if launched at > 23:00 :)
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15:01 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 14861: Accession date comparison does not work in advanced search <[…]348038fbb290e722b> / Bug 15028: Make t/db_dependent/Letters.t set the numbering pattern it needs <[…]8b4ed652a3c7ad0ba> / Bug 11298: Don't force the renew time to 23:59 <http://git.koha
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15:47 Joubu bye #koha
15:53 reiveune bye
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16:01 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 13636: DBRev <[…]1816b3c4e34f7a3fe> / Bug 10363: (follow-up) DB update - change in kohastructure.sql <[…]755a9df3f4f683e40> / Bug 13636: Change wording added vs inserted <[…]itdiff;h=8d4f39fb
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16:28 nitz0 hi
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16:49 * cait1 waves
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17:01 cait1 internet here is terrible
17:01 cait1 i have problems uploading patches to 14100 - will finish that later
17:02 tcohen hey cait1
17:02 * tcohen saw several uploaded
17:02 cait1 hey
17:02 cait1 already leaving again - dinner
17:03 cait1 yeah 2 still missing
17:03 cait1 but git bz keeps dying
17:03 * tcohen thinks cait just keeps hiding from us
17:04 cait1 i will try when back - just leave it like that for now
17:04 cait1 hm actually one missing
17:04 cait1 anyway - will finish later :)
17:04 cait1 nah
17:04 cait1 not true, i miss you all :)
17:04 cait1 bbl
17:05 ashimema was there a reason behind not using a cdn for jquery and bootstrap?
17:06 tcohen ashimema: I guess because we couldn't be sure of its availability, plus we use a baked bootstrap (i.e. it is not full bootstrap but something that can be generated, with less features)
17:08 tcohen ashimema: does that make sense to you?
17:09 pianohacker ashimema: also, we offered the option to either do local or hosted yui back in the day, but I don't think anyone ever made use of it
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17:34 ashimema i suppose that makes sense..
17:35 ashimema though as we still don't add cache headers it's a terrible waste of server resource
17:42 tcohen @later tell cait need your opinion on 14244
17:42 huginn tcohen: The operation succeeded.
18:01 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 8417: Make the order receive date editable <[…]030700b38641d4b9a> / Bug 8236: DBRev <[…]87b88c3a00fd9fd60> / Bug 8236: (QA followup) Tweak language, fix whitespace error <[…]itdiff;h=3aef0257
18:17 tcohen @later tell Joubu fun! the plack test server randomly sends you to the installer :-D
18:17 huginn tcohen: The operation succeeded.
18:36 jcamins ashimema: maybe High Security mode in IE?
18:36 jcamins Okay, not the real reason, but that's why I don't in my current projects.
18:40 magnuse tcohen: i have a public library in sweden testing koha in production, and they have also been sent to the webinstaller every now and then
18:43 tcohen magnuse: this is the reason
18:48 magnuse ah, that was what my gut feeling suspected
18:48 magnuse will it be fixed by the patches that fix things in that area?
18:48 magnuse i seem to remember one or more bugs about loosing connection to the db
18:48 tcohen magnuse: hopefully
18:49 magnuse fingers crossed, then
18:49 tcohen no one has dared to look at Jonathan's patches, though
18:49 tcohen we now have at least a positive reproducible environment to test it...
18:50 magnuse yay
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21:01 wizzyrea does someone have access to the plack test server who can reindex it
21:01 wizzyrea so people will stop thinking it's broken because it's got out of date indexes
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21:19 IceCube Hello, I'm having some trouble with my koha installation and I was wondering if anyone is in this chatroom who can help - I'm a noob, though, be warned.  Lots of experience in Windows but not much in linux or koha.  Just got put on this task by the company and need some guidance.
21:21 IceCube anyone online?
21:21 IceCube can someone PM me maybe?
21:27 wizzyrea IceCube: what kind of problem are you having?
21:28 wizzyrea (it might pay to say my name if/when you answer - I'm not always looking at this window)
21:29 IceCube ahh hello wizzy
21:29 IceCube thanks for your reply
21:30 IceCube Well I [thought I] followed the instructions on upgrading from 3.08.03 to 3.08.24 but when I did now I'm getting an error when I open the site
21:30 IceCube Software error:  Couldn't open /etc/koha/sites/koha/koha-conf.xml: Permission denied at /usr/share/perl5/XML/SAX/ line 75. BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at /usr/share/koha/lib/C4/ line 28. Compilation failed in require at /usr/share/koha/opac/cgi-bin/opac/ line 22. BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at /usr/share/koha/opac/cgi-bin/opac/ line 22.
21:31 magnuse joined #koha
21:31 wizzyrea hm, 3.8 is quite old
21:31 IceCube I had successfully upgraded to 3.03.03 a few days earlier and it worked fine
21:31 IceCube yeah well the company where I am working hadn't touched the server in a long time
21:31 wizzyrea fair enough :)
21:32 IceCube The physical box is having problems so we moved it to a VM and then they said they wanted the features of the newer releases so I got put on this task :)
21:32 wizzyrea so probably, you have a permission problem, Apache can't read the koha-conf file
21:32 IceCube Ok
21:32 IceCube And that would have happened during the upgrade?
21:33 wizzyrea shouldn't have, but moving things around might have done it
21:33 IceCube alright
21:33 wizzyrea 3.8, it's probably not a package install right?
21:34 wizzyrea i.e. you did it with a tarball?
21:34 IceCube yep
21:34 IceCube unpacked the tarball
21:34 wizzyrea right
21:34 IceCube I had to install a bunch of dependencies
21:34 IceCube with cpan
21:34 IceCube and then make install
21:34 wizzyrea yep, that's a blast from the past :)
21:34 IceCube the make went fine
21:34 IceCube haha
21:34 IceCube :)
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21:35 wizzyrea is this server itself modern? IE Debian Wheezy or greater, or ubuntu 14?
21:36 wizzyrea but yeah, anyway your issue there is that we can't read the config file
21:37 IceCube Debian 6.0
21:37 wizzyrea so, Koha 3.20 won't run on debian 6
21:37 IceCube well that's good to know
21:37 wizzyrea 3.18 will
21:37 wizzyrea (you'll want to bring that up to modern debian anyway)
21:37 IceCube The idea here was to upgrade it and then migrate the databases to a new server running a modern version of Deb and the latest koha
21:38 wizzyrea hm, well
21:38 wizzyrea do that in the opposite order
21:38 IceCube the curent server is acting weird lol - it has problems with routing tables
21:38 wizzyrea I would
21:38 IceCube Ok I can do that
21:38 IceCube in the meantime what permissions do the apache files need
21:38 wizzyrea i.e. bring up the new server using packages
21:38 wizzyrea dump the db from the old server, import it on the new
21:39 wizzyrea run the updater
21:39 IceCube Do you suggest bringing up a new server with the version of koha I'm curently using, then updating to newer ones?   Or can I migrate the databse into a new version?
21:39 wizzyrea you can migrate the database into a new version
21:39 IceCube Oh so I don't have to do each incremental upgrade?
21:39 wizzyrea shouldn't have to, no. The database updater handles that for you
21:39 IceCube There aren't going to be database structure changes that need to be made?
21:39 IceCube oh ok
21:40 wizzyrea there's one canonical file that has all of the schema updates in it
21:40 wizzyrea it runs whenever it detects that the db doesn't match the code
21:40 cdickinson that file must be fun to maintain...
21:40 IceCube Is there generally a prefernece of Debian or ubuntu or mint deb?
21:40 IceCube haha yeah I am sure it is, cdickinson!
21:40 wizzyrea cdickinson: you should look at installer/data/mysql/updatedatabase
21:41 wizzyrea debian-alikes are all pretty much ok. Ubuntu 14 has a problem with the task scheduler but it has something to do with the kernel/apache version combination
21:41 IceCube ok good to know
21:41 wizzyrea koha on debian?
21:41 wahanui[…]ki/Koha_on_Debian
21:41 wizzyrea ^
21:41 IceCube Well any idea about this permission problem? What permissions does it need?
21:42 IceCube wahanui thanks I'll check that out
21:42 wahanui bitte IceCube
21:42 wizzyrea I'm not sure it's been ages since I've run a tarball
21:42 * IceCube slaps clrh around a bit with a large fishbot
21:42 IceCube haha wow I haven't seen that in ages
21:43 IceCube ok ... I guess I'll have to keep digging.  I've searched google and got frustrated so I came here.
21:44 wizzyrea yeah, sec I'm looking :)
21:44 IceCube ok thanks wizzy
21:44 IceCube I should send you a beer
21:44 wizzyrea :)
21:44 wizzyrea that's alright
21:46 wizzyrea IceCube: does your config file actually live there?
21:46 wizzyrea in /etc/koha/sites/koha
21:47 IceCube yes there is a koha-conf.xml file there
21:48 wizzyrea what are the current permissions
21:48 IceCube There's also one in /etc/koha
21:48 wizzyrea on each of those
21:48 wizzyrea (Owner and r/w perms)
21:49 wizzyrea (it's been soooooo long since I"ve set up a tarball.)
21:50 IceCube looks like I have  -rw-r---- 1 koha koha ..... koha-conf.xml
21:53 eythian hi
21:53 IceCube hello
21:53 wahanui what's up, IceCube
21:57 IceCube wizzy?
21:57 wahanui hmmm... wizzy is not hiding jcamins.
21:58 wizzyrea ^.^ I'm doing work work too :)
21:58 IceCube Sorry!  I figured you were just checking
21:58 wizzyrea hehe sok
22:02 wizzyrea the only other time I see this particular problem, it's for koha 3.4, and the solution was chown -R koha:koha /etc/koha - I'm not sure that will fix it, but if your permissions on /etc/koha are not that, it might be worth trying
22:02 wizzyrea you do have a koha user on this system, right?
22:03 wizzyrea obviously you do, because koha-conf is owned by it.
22:03 dcook Don't we cheat with this on Debian systems
22:03 dcook Wouldn't the Koha files need to be owned by the Apache user
22:03 dcook Something like wwwrun or www?
22:03 cdickinson www-data I think it is
22:03 cdickinson wait
22:03 dcook wwwrun on opensuse. Not sure about Debian.
22:04 * wizzyrea goes away and leaves this to smarter people
22:04 dcook Noooo
22:04 dcook Not smarter
22:04 cdickinson everything in my Apache config on my Koha instances is owned by root
22:04 IceCube yes there is a koha user
22:04 IceCube hmm I don't know how that works with apache
22:05 IceCube this is really pushing past the limits of my knowledge
22:05 wizzyrea this isn't packages though
22:05 wizzyrea it's a tarball.
22:05 dcook ^
22:05 IceCube ok I'll just make it all owned by root?
22:05 dcook I don't think that would work either
22:06 dcook We don't use packages. We build from source and do "single" layout installs that we make Apache own.
22:06 jcamins I cannot help you with this, but for the love of whatever you hold dear, do not change the owner to root.
22:06 IceCube ok I won't :)
22:06 cdickinson /etc/koha/sites/koha should be owned by koha:koha
22:06 cdickinson /etc/koha/sites/koha/koha-conf.xml should be owned by root:koha
22:06 IceCube yeah it is
22:06 dcook IceCube, you have the layout /etc/koha/sites/koha?
22:06 IceCube yes
22:07 * dcook thinks this sounds like a package install, no?
22:07 IceCube I untar'd the file fromthe archives on the koha community site.
22:07 dcook When building from source, I've never used the "standard" layout, but I don't know if that would use that structure..
22:07 IceCube I was told by someone who works with this stuff that it needs to be incrementally upgraded
22:07 IceCube so that is what I was doing
22:08 IceCube I unpacked it and added dependencies and make install'd it
22:08 cdickinson oh
22:08 IceCube This is the third increment I've done and each of the prev 2 went fine, until this one.
22:08 IceCube If you need the error message again I can post it
22:08 dcook O_oo
22:08 IceCube wizzy told me that I don't need to do this incremental upgrade afterall o.O
22:09 wizzyrea it's my opinion that you don't, past 3.8
22:09 cdickinson well, if you are using a brand new database, yeah, you don't
22:09 dcook IceCube: Can you run the command: dpkg -l | grep "koha-common"
22:09 wizzyrea or apt-cache policy koha-common
22:09 * cdickinson is confused
22:09 IceCube sure gimme a sec
22:09 jcamins IceCube: I have upgraded from 3.6 directly to 3.12 FWIW, and I am sure I could've upgraded to 3.20 if it existed at the time.
22:09 jcamins And I've upgraded from 3.12 to 3.18.
22:09 IceCube ok this is good to know
22:09 wizzyrea the longest one I did was 3.8 -> 3.20
22:09 wizzyrea (just a couple of weeks ago)
22:10 jcamins wizzyrea: that makes me sad. There were so many awesome features in 3.12 that they could've had for years.
22:10 wizzyrea *nod*
22:10 eythian In theory the entire 3.x series should be fairly seamless, with a bump at 3.4
22:10 wizzyrea ^^^
22:10 jcamins eythian: 3.0->3.2 was a nightmare.
22:10 wizzyrea (but I've never done anything below 3.8, so I don't recommend it.)
22:10 wizzyrea (personally)
22:10 * jcamins did 3.0->3.2 once.
22:10 IceCube ii koha-common   3.5-1~git20110727142215.68f99cdf integrated (physical) library system
22:10 * jcamins shudders.
22:11 wizzyrea that, I bet was terrible.
22:11 dcook jcamins: 3.0->3.8
22:11 eythian how did you get 3.5 there?
22:11 jcamins dcook: ow?
22:11 wizzyrea O.o you have a special package?
22:11 eythian that is so not right
22:11 IceCube hahaha you guys have much more experience than I do with this but I've done similar things on other systems - I know the feeling anyways
22:11 IceCube welll..... that's what it saith.
22:11 wizzyrea yeah, fair enough.
22:11 eythian commit 68f99cdf980222dcb557667925bd6024640cda2a
22:11 eythian Date:   Tue Jul 26 14:22:53 2011 -0400
22:11 wizzyrea ouch.
22:11 IceCube No idea
22:12 wizzyrea so it looks like someone installed an unstable package sometime around 3.6
22:12 IceCube apt-cache gave me same result
22:12 IceCube sigh
22:12 IceCube of course
22:12 eythian so at some point someone added the unstable sources
22:13 eythian which doesn't seem to be the wisest idea, but that was over 4 years ago...
22:13 wizzyrea (also, he's debian 6, fyi)
22:13 IceCube yep deb 6
22:15 eythian oh yeah
22:16 eythian were you saying you're going to build a new server for it?
22:16 wizzyrea my feeling was "abandon ship and move the database"
22:16 eythian if so, I'd ignore your current one and at the last  moment drop the database in
22:17 Francesca joined #koha
22:17 IceCube I can do that if that's the best option
22:17 IceCube I'll just make a new VM
22:17 wizzyrea worst case, it doesn't work and you try again, just make backups of backups of your data
22:17 eythian yeah
22:17 eythian it's the best option
22:17 IceCube yeah I have a backup at least
22:17 IceCube just in case
22:17 IceCube I've learned
22:18 wizzyrea but yeah, I think you definitely don't need to do incrementals
22:18 wizzyrea koha on debian
22:18 wahanui[…]ki/Koha_on_Debian
22:18 wizzyrea use that guide
22:18 wizzyrea (and no other, it is the canonical one)
22:18 IceCube ok so given what I have now should I just go ahead and install the latest version of koha on the new machine?
22:18 wizzyrea yep, using the above link
22:18 IceCube ok I'll follow the guide
22:18 IceCube and then the guide tells how to move the database over and upgrade it?
22:19 wizzyrea and then, pop back if you need help importing the database, it's pretty straight forward
22:19 eythian well, you set up a clean instance
22:19 eythian and then drop your database backup into the new database
22:19 eythian and when you log in, it'll do the schema upgrade for you.
22:19 IceCube ahh ok
22:19 wizzyrea basically cat koha-backup.sql | sudo koha-mysql instancename
22:19 eythian yeah, that's how I do it
22:19 wizzyrea then log in
22:19 IceCube Ok
22:19 IceCube this has been educational and helpful
22:20 IceCube thank you guys
22:20 wizzyrea (with the database user, the credentials for which will be in koha-conf.xml towards teh bottom)
22:20 IceCube ok
22:20 IceCube dl'ing new debian now
22:20 wizzyrea good luck :)
22:20 IceCube thanks all for the input
22:21 IceCube thanks wizzy
22:21 IceCube Hopefully it will go smoothly but ... you might see me back here in a bit!
22:21 dcook We'll be here all day
22:21 wizzyrea my feeling is that you'll be fine because packages do not suck.
22:21 dcook ^
22:21 IceCube hahahahaha
22:21 wahanui i think hahahahaha is there someone else we should ask?
22:22 IceCube We like non sucking things
22:22 dcook I'm familiar enough with the Koha source where I can install from a tarball or git with ease, but it's certainly not the easiest thing for a newbie...
22:22 * dcook would never recommend it for someone starting out
22:22 IceCube yeah I'm new at this but not at tech support in general
22:22 IceCube so at least I have some advantage
22:23 IceCube Plus it's usually when stuff goes wrong that I learn the most so.
22:24 dcook Truuue that
22:24 wizzyrea it's been ages since I've done a tarball install.
22:24 wizzyrea aaaaages.
22:24 dcook If you run into indexing problems, this link will be your friend:[…]bleshooting_Zebra
22:25 wizzyrea lol shh you'll frighten him.
22:25 dcook hehe
22:25 IceCube lol nooooo :)
22:25 dcook Everything I wrote on there I learned from stuff going wrong I think
22:25 dcook Hopefully so that others don't have to learn it in the fashion I did
22:25 wizzyrea[…]1sgopr4o1_500.gif
22:25 dcook Although then you have to wonder... if they don't learn it through experience, do they understand it to the same degree...
22:26 dcook lol
22:26 dcook Yes, that.
22:26 dcook It'll be fine!
22:26 dcook What Zebra?
22:26 wahanui i think Zebra is a fielded free text indexing and retrieval engine with a Z39.50 front-end. You can use any compatible, commercial, or freeware Z39.50 client to access data stored in Zebra. or the search engine koha uses
22:26 wizzyrea wahanui will never let you forget, dcook.
22:26 wahanui wizzyrea: i'm not following you...
22:26 wizzyrea wahanui: <3
22:26 wahanui wizzyrea: huh?
22:26 dcook hehe
22:26 eythian dcook: also, if you go back in time and give Beethoven a copy of his symphonies, who really wrote them?
22:26 wizzyrea eythian: ^.^
22:27 dcook eythian: Exactly
22:28 dcook I wonder if we're damaging our credibility now...
22:28 dcook Trust us, IceCube. We totally know what we're talking about ;).
22:28 dcook Actually, since eythian is the package manager for Koha, you can especially trust him.
22:28 IceCube LOL it's all good.  I'm enjoying it
22:28 IceCube are you, eythian?
22:28 eythian yeah
22:28 IceCube wow it's great you can be on here to help
22:29 wizzyrea also he's very clever and knows heaps of stuff.
22:29 eythian IceCube: it's my work day, what else is there to do but be on IRC? ;)
22:29 cdickinson beer
22:29 eythian well, it's after noon somewhere...
22:29 IceCube it is here
22:29 cdickinson it is still but morning here for us NZers
22:30 dcook wizzyrea:
22:30 dcook Not that I'm implying that eythian would break
22:30 wizzyrea beer is <reply>
22:30 dcook Maybe if you tapped him against a counter...
22:31 * dcook peaces out for his forced Windows updates...
22:31 dcook joined #koha
22:32 dcook One more thing...
22:32 dcook I think Debian Apache stuff works the way it works because of the AssignUserID directive in the package's Apache files...
22:32 dcook Sorry, that was incoherent
22:32 wizzyrea but the packages deal with it so DON"T WORRY
22:32 dcook hehe
22:32 dcook True
22:32 dcook Just for everyone else's sake :p
22:32 wizzyrea (yes, that is how it works.)
22:33 * dcook actually peaces out now
22:33 wizzyrea but thinking about it, I think IceCube's problem is probably that he is looking at a 3.6 master package config file with a 3.8 codebase.
22:34 wizzyrea from a tarball.
22:35 IceCube What do you mean
22:35 wizzyrea it means go ahead with your new VM plan :)
22:36 IceCube setting it up now
22:43 * eythian uploads new master packages
22:44 dcook joined #koha
22:46 chrisvella joined #koha
23:05 cdickinson_ joined #koha
23:06 chrisvella left #koha
23:12 Francesca joined #koha
23:16 * Francesca looks up, spots doctor who reference, dies
23:17 Francesca @wunder wlg
23:17 huginn Francesca: The current temperature in Wellington, New Zealand is 17.0°C (12:00 PM NZDT on October 20, 2015). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 45%. Dew Point: 5.0°C. Pressure: 30.01 in 1016 hPa (Steady).
23:35 papa joined #koha
23:46 IceCube ok I'm back...
23:46 IceCube I was following the guide and I got to apt-get install koha-common
23:47 IceCube I have this error: "Depends: (and then a whole list of dependencies) and then Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages.
23:48 IceCube oh I might have figured that out
23:50 eythian joined #koha

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