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00:36 HelloHola " - Cheap, Affordable, Strong Output, Dedicated Servers. Best Booter on Market"
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01:53 wizzyrea gmcharlt++
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02:39 eythian 3.20.04 uploading
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03:14 wizzyrea eythian++
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03:59 pianohacker the funny thing about being in a long distance relationship is that you can be a bachelor and not at the same time
04:00 pianohacker ^ brought to you by the coder eating dominos in front of a computer while building packages at 10 at night
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04:09 wizzyrea you eat dominos?
04:10 wizzyrea oh you mean pizza.
04:10 wizzyrea ^ that was actually sincere, I was really confused.
04:26 pianohacker wizzyrea: some fine american cuisine is less memorable, eh? :)
04:27 wizzyrea hey we have dominos
04:27 wizzyrea I just... spaced it
04:27 pianohacker hehehe
04:27 wizzyrea :D
04:27 wizzyrea oh, have you heard of a bug whereby the indicator fields are not saved in the authority files when adding a new biblio record?
04:28 wizzyrea though, reading that
04:29 pianohacker still know less than I'd like about authorities, sorry
04:29 wizzyrea they must be talking about when biblioaddsauthorities being on
04:29 wizzyrea and the indicator not being passed on?
04:29 wizzyrea yeah it's ok
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04:29 pianohacker that's gonna be remedied soonish when I add support to rancor, but for now I'm blissfully ignorant
04:29 wizzyrea ok, so
04:29 wizzyrea how did you come up with that name?
04:30 wizzyrea because this is basically all I see in my mind when you refer to it: http://vignette3.wikia.nocooki[…]cb=20080220050200
04:31 pianohacker I think the website is screwy, it looks like it's supposed to be a picture of a star wars alien but all I see is a visual metaphor for MARC
04:31 wizzyrea <3
04:33 pianohacker The exact conversation has been lost to the annals of IRC or skype, but I think it was my suggestion versus khall's wolverine :)
04:33 pianohacker bag made an executive decision
04:33 wizzyrea Why not codename fluffybunny
04:33 pianohacker because lying to our customers is unethical?
04:33 wizzyrea[…]46574357108539392
04:34 pianohacker hehehehe that's amazing
04:35 wizzyrea[…]46578682757120000 This one is my real favourite.
04:35 eythian pianohacker: when I worked on a previous project, the wiki section we used to do quoting and reviewing of quotes was called "cake" so that we could lie to ourselves that it wasn't tedious.
04:35 wizzyrea cake reviews!
04:35 wizzyrea delicious.
04:36 eythian well it ended up as a verb. "Can you cake this for me?"
04:36 pianohacker that's the first time in like four years I've laughed at that joke, that's good stuff
04:36 pianohacker wizzyrea: that is quite good
04:36 wizzyrea i mean, it's not funny (well not supposed to be) but sweetly sincere.
04:37 eythian traceroute
04:37 wizzyrea hehe
04:37 pianohacker hehe
04:37 eythian actually, increase the MTU
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04:37 eythian TTL ratehr
04:39 wizzyrea ok, I hadn't appreciated the audio here (warning: swearwords)[…]KTR1Hrh7f8LCkKxZx
04:39 wizzyrea oh jesus that url.
04:40 pianohacker
04:49 Francesca ohhh hi
04:49 wahanui bonjour, Francesca
04:50 * Francesca waves at pianohacker and wizzyrea
04:51 pianohacker hi Francesca :)
04:51 Francesca hows it going?
04:58 pianohacker @later tell Francesca 's goin' great
04:58 huginn pianohacker: The operation succeeded.
04:58 pianohacker okay, that's enough midnight oil for one midnight. Good night, all
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06:10 * magnuse waves
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06:34 marcelr hi #koha
06:37 magnuse hiya marcelr
06:37 marcelr hi magnuse
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06:50 alex_a bonjour
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06:54 reiveune hello
06:54 wahanui hola, reiveune
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07:02 fridolin hie, g morning
07:02 * magnuse waves in french
07:04 marcelr hi reiveune fridolin
07:04 reiveune salut marcelr
07:04 marcelr and alex_a
07:06 alex_a salut marcelr
07:26 Amit_Gupta heya alex_a
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08:51 magnuse ala is a sponsor of - nice!
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09:18 xarragon_ I keep having these issues with TestBuilder:
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09:24 * Francesca waves
09:25 Francesca @roulette
09:25 huginn Francesca: *click*
09:26 Francesca @roulette spin
09:26 huginn *SPIN* Are you feeling lucky?
09:26 Francesca @roulette
09:26 huginn Francesca: *click*
09:26 Francesca @roulette
09:26 huginn Francesca: *click*
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09:44 Joubu hi #koha
09:48 Francesca wahanui dancing is also
09:48 wahanui OK, Francesca.
09:49 Francesca literal dancing
09:49 wahanui Francesca: dancing =is=
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12:37 tcohen morning
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12:42 tcohen hi Joubu
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12:44 Joubu Hi tcohen
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12:50 tcohen jajm: bonjour
12:50 tcohen jajm: I successfully tested your REST patches
12:50 jajm tcohen, hello
12:50 tcohen they look good to me
12:51 tcohen I used the HTTPRequester firefox plugin
12:51 tcohen to test all the features
12:51 tcohen with/without permissions
12:51 tcohen my only concern
12:51 wahanui tcohen, your only concern is technical debt
12:51 tcohen (only because I know too little about Mojo)
12:52 tcohen is that the (which it seems you introduced to run this on a CGI env)
12:52 tcohen might not be easily integrable with Plack
12:52 tcohen and by easily I mean that I tried to, and failed
12:52 tcohen not that it cannot be done
12:53 tcohen we could probably need something different for Plack (like not using Mojolicious::Commands)
12:53 jajm tcohen, i think the is only useful for CGI
12:53 jajm tcohen, and maybe we can use Koha::REST::V1 module directly with plack
12:54 tcohen I tried tweaking the plack.psgi to load Koha::REST::V1 on the /api endpoint
12:54 tcohen but I couldn't get it to run
12:54 tcohen the best result I got was some 'raptor' error
12:55 tcohen I'll keep trying after lunch. I will probably sign the patches anyway
12:55 tcohen but I really think we should have a followup for plack on the packages
12:55 jajm tcohen, did you try plackup ?[…]okbook#PSGI-Plack
12:56 tcohen jajm: we are using starman to load plack in the packages environment
12:57 tcohen please look at debian/templates/plack.psgi
12:57 tcohen that's what we use
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13:04 jajm tcohen, i'll take a look
13:06 jajm tcohen, at least with plackup it works on the first try :)
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13:13 jajm tcohen, how does starman work ? i start `starman plack.psgi` (a modified version of debian/templates/plack.psgi) and when i go to http://localhost:5000/intranet/ => Could not compile /home/koha/src/ Cannot find current script 'starman worker plack.psgi' at /usr/share/perl/5.14/ line 205
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13:17 mario morning
13:20 magnuse cheers mario
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13:38 jajm tcohen, this works
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15:04 reiveune bye
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15:31 tcohen jajm: thanks, it didn't work for me, but will retry :-D
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15:35 jajm tcohen, if you have the raptor error again, just try to change the url: http://localhost:5000/api/v1/borrowers was good for me
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15:38 tcohen jajm: based on that, I'll try on my own and provide a followup for koha-plack integration
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15:44 Joubu bye
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17:04 tcohen jajm: still aroudn?
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18:37 xarragon_ So is it completely retarded to use a foreign key to a field in the same table, or why doesn't TestBuilder seem to support it?
18:38 xarragon_ It just seems to proceed to create any foreign keys without considering the destination table. I guess adding a check could solve that.
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21:02 Francesca good morning
21:02 wahanui the only good morning is a dead one
21:04 pianohacker amen
21:05 Francesca hey piano hacker
21:05 Francesca pianohacker
21:05 wahanui regexes are AWESOME
21:05 Francesca lol
21:05 Francesca what are regexes?
21:05 pianohacker Francesca: :D !
21:06 pianohacker regular expressions!
21:06 pianohacker They're AWESOME
21:06 Francesca hahahaha
21:06 Francesca I'm learning angular JS at the moment
21:06 pianohacker they allow you to write patterns to match certain kinds of input
21:06 Francesca ohh that sounds cool
21:06 pianohacker US phone numbers? /[0-9]{3}-[0-9]{3}-[0-9]{4}/
21:07 pianohacker want to extend that to work with (xxx) xxx-xxxx? /([0-9]{3}-|\([0-9]{3}\) )[0-9]{3}-[0-9]{4}/
21:08 pianohacker they look weird but are very powerful
21:08 Francesca hahahaha ok
21:08 Francesca had any time for piano recently?
21:11 pianohacker yes!
21:11 pianohacker been playing lots! Hanon exercises, George Winston, Clair de Lune, etc
21:13 Francesca cool I've been getting ready for my test in 2 weeks
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21:16 pianohacker Francesca: what kind of test?
21:16 Francesca keyboard test
21:16 Francesca part of my theory paper
21:17 pianohacker sounds interesting
21:19 Francesca its kinda interesting i guess
21:19 Francesca just scales
21:19 Francesca and triads
21:19 Francesca and pieces and transposition
21:19 pianohacker do you have to do on the fly transposition?
21:20 Francesca we get 5 minutes to look at the piece
21:20 Francesca I have to put it up or down a 4th or 5th
21:21 pianohacker will it be as simple as C to F or G major or will they throw something hairier at you?
21:23 Francesca depends what key the piece is in I guess
21:23 Francesca could be easy
21:23 Francesca could be hard
21:23 pianohacker yeah, sounds about right
21:24 Francesca its kinda just prepare as well as you can then steel your will against what ever they throw at you on the day
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22:21 eythian hi
22:24 jcamins pianohacker: FYI, that actually allows a number of invalid phone numbers.
22:25 pianohacker oh yeah, was a toy example :)
22:25 pianohacker it's kind of like making an email validation regex
22:25 jcamins pianohacker: I love that one. You can *hear* people's minds imploding under the weight of the working one.
22:28 wizzyrea I think my favourite blog post ever was "assumptions programmers make when dealing with names"
22:30 eythian s/programmers/everyone/; s/(make)/$1s/
22:30 eythian I don't understand how people with long names deal with those immigration forms when you travel anywhere.
22:30 pianohacker That article makes me tremble every time I look at it
22:30 pianohacker Because you start with a coherent schema in your head and watch it get demolished faster than you can fix it
22:34 wizzyrea yes, I have a very short name and sometimes I can't fit it on paper forms.
22:35 wizzyrea who designed that
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22:43 jcamins eythian: it's really problematic.
22:44 eythian "jcamins" isn't very long though
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23:10 Francesca long names? I feel that pain every time I travel
23:10 * Francesca wonders why her parents decided on 3 very long names
23:13 ibeardslee to stop you travelling far from home
23:33 Francesca ha ha very funny ibeardslee
23:35 eythian he wasn't joking, Francesca
23:35 eythian he is always deathly serious
23:36 Francesca I don't believe you

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