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00:00 Doorook I guess that with the "Staged MARC Record Management" you import the documents once and for good. There is even a checkbox saying to "add the item" to the catalog each time during the process
00:01 Doorook Ty again.
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00:10 wizzyrea is your zebra running?
00:10 wizzyrea sudo koha-start-zebra instancename (whatever yours is)
00:10 jcamins wizzyrea: that sounds like a prank call.
00:11 wizzyrea totally is.
00:13 eythian[…]our_zebra_running.3F <-- happy, jcamins?
00:15 Francesca hahahahaha
00:15 wahanui i guess hahahahaha is there someone else we should ask?
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01:41 dcook @karma
01:41 huginn dcook: Highest karma: "cait" (261), "Joubu" (220), and "tcohen" (202).  Lowest karma: "ie" (-26), "<-" (-19), and "-" (-17).  You (dcook) are ranked 15 out of 476.
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01:44 eythian dcook: did you determine if you're going to OSDC?
01:44 dcook Oh, I thought the grapevine would've reached you
01:44 dcook Bought the ticket the other day, and just booked the hotel/flight this morning
01:44 dcook :D
01:44 eythian cool
01:44 dcook Made sure to make your talk too
01:45 eythian I just got that all confirmed yesterday/today too
01:45 dcook Taking the later longer flight as a result :p
01:45 eythian which flight?
01:45 eythian I need to book my sydney related bits
01:45 dcook Ahh
01:45 dcook It's the 6:10 with a layover in Melbourne
01:45 dcook Short layover
01:46 eythian the arrive at 9:25 one?
01:47 dcook Mmm the 9:55 one I think
01:47 dcook It was cheaper and only slightly longer
01:47 eythian ah yep
01:47 eythian I might grab that one too
01:47 dcook :)
01:48 dcook Seemed like the best bet
01:52 eythian Hobart Terminal D Fri, 30 Oct 2015 06:10 p.m.
01:52 eythian Sydney SYD Fri, 30 Oct 2015 09:55 p.m.
01:52 eythian booked in :)
01:53 eythian now to find a place to stay
01:53 eythian any recommendations on area?
01:53 dcook Sweet :)
01:53 dcook Hmm, I'm not sure. How long are you here for?
01:54 eythian leave lateish on the Sunday
01:54 dcook What do you hope to do while you're here?
01:54 wahanui here are some comments on it, problems we found: mailto:[…]org/msg00855.html
01:54 eythian dcook: wait
01:54 dcook ?
01:54 eythian did I get my days wrong?
01:54 dcook Wait...
01:54 dcook Yes
01:54 dcook Yes you did
01:54 eythian bugger
01:55 eythian lets fix that now
01:55 dcook Probably a good idea
01:55 dcook Or you'll miss the gig as well
01:55 * dcook is glad that you noticed the dates
01:55 eythian yeah
01:57 eythian I was intending to go during the day on the friday
01:57 eythian I forgot that bit
01:58 dcook Ahh that makes sense
01:58 dcook I had wondered a bit about that
01:58 dcook I'll be working on Friday, so I figured I'd get back on Thursday so I could have the full day back
02:02 dcook That feeling when you're sure you had a great query sitting around a while ago for diagnosing a problem and now you have no idea what it was..
02:03 dcook Bib records linked to the wrong authorities...
02:04 dcook Suppose this might be a job for
02:06 eythian their change booking form was confusing until I realised that it was just putting details into a form to be dealt with by a person
02:06 dcook Ahh, that does sound confusing
02:06 dcook I've found them quite good on the phone
02:07 dcook When I had to cancel last year's flights, they were very understanding
02:07 eythian webjet?
02:07 dcook Ah, not webjet
02:07 eythian was going to say, $50 per person to do stuff via the phone
02:07 * dcook went direct through virgin
02:07 dcook *sadface*
02:08 dcook That sucks
02:08 eythian but no fee to do it through the website
02:08 dcook \o/
02:08 dcook As for Sydney, I figure areas depend on what you want to do
02:08 dcook I only stayed here once as a visitor but I wouldn't recommend where I stayed..
02:09 dcook Mmm keep in mind that the bus system is changing here dramatically in the next few weeks
02:09 dcook I think the CBD is a bit overpriced, but anywhere on a transit line is probably good
02:10 dcook I think there's one place by Hyde Park which is surprisingly affordable but I don't know the name off the top of my head
02:11 wizzyrea is your work not paying for any of your trip to osdc?
02:11 eythian wizzyrea: the sydney part of it is my own trip
02:11 wizzyrea I meant dcook :)
02:11 eythian oh
02:11 wizzyrea but you too :D
02:12 dcook Hmm?
02:12 eythian dcook: is hyde park a convenient location to get to places?
02:12 dcook eythian: Hells yes
02:13 dcook There's a few train stations around there and a fair number of buses... and I think there are going to be more buses routed through there when you're here
02:13 eythian dcook: was the "Y Hotel" the cheap one you're thinking of?
02:13 dcook Also walkable to lots of places around the CBD
02:13 dcook No clue, unfortunately :(
02:13 dcook I just have a former instructor who always stays at the same place
02:14 dcook I might check my email to see if she mentioned it
02:14 eythian it's $300 where others are more like $600-$1000
02:14 dcook Hmm no clue
02:14 wizzyrea ...jesus
02:14 dcook Yeah, most around there are crazy
02:14 dcook Hmm I don't think it's that one but maybe
02:15 dcook Other areas...
02:15 dcook I'm not sure what the options are like in the Inner West as I think that's mostly residential..
02:15 * dcook will have a quick look
02:16 dcook Newtown would be all right
02:17 eythian I already live in Newtown.
02:17 dcook Hmm maybe not so convenient then :p
02:17 dcook Camperdown is ok for bus/car connections but not so great for trains
02:17 dcook I probably wouldn't go west of Camperdown or Newtown..
02:17 dcook Just for closeness
02:18 eythian I hate making these sorts of decisions, I'm going to go for this fairly cheap hyde park one.
02:18 dcook Hyde Park is a great location
02:18 dcook You'd be able to walk to/from the Metro on Friday as well
02:18 wizzyrea I love to travel. I hate to plan travel.
02:18 eythian (which does get a little more expensive when I decide I don't want a shared bathroom, but still on the cheaper end of the scale.)
02:18 eythian that'd be good
02:19 dcook What's the $300 for?
02:19 dcook Total or night?
02:19 eythian total, two nights
02:19 dcook Ahh two nights
02:19 dcook Maybe I put int he same thing..
02:19 eythian friday and saturday
02:19 dcook Righto
02:19 dcook $300 seems pretty good
02:19 dcook In fact, damn good
02:20 eythian $418 when I get my own bathroom, but that's still on the good side
02:20 dcook Yeah, that's still pretty good
02:20 dcook Well, from what I'm seeing at least
02:20 dcook There are cheaper options but they seem farther out
02:20 wizzyrea is that total or per night?
02:20 eythian <dcook> Total or night?
02:20 eythian <eythian> total, two nights
02:20 wizzyrea sorry sorry >.<
02:21 * wizzyrea has too many inputs
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02:22 wizzyrea isn't really an excuse, sorry :(
02:23 dcook eythian, I'm keen to hear how that stay goes. That seems to be one of the best bets in Sydney..
02:24 * dcook is trying to remember how much he paid for an AirBnB last time he was in Melbourne..
02:28 eythian
02:30 cdickinson the website looks so appropriate
02:32 eythian oh yeah, need to finish renewing my passport
02:32 eythian gah so many things
02:32 dcook All the things!
02:32 dcook I'm hoping that I can just use my driver's licence
02:32 * dcook doesn't like taking his passport to all the places... except for the nice stamps
02:32 eythian I can't really do that :)
02:32 eythian I don't get stamps for Australia
02:33 dcook Really? Hmm
02:33 dcook They're not very exciting anyway
02:33 eythian but my current one is getting close to expiry
02:33 * dcook prefers the Dublin stamps
02:33 dcook Nice big and green :D
02:40 wizzyrea dcook: I don't know why you'd need your passport for travel w/in AU
02:41 wizzyrea I feel so spoiled because I don't even have to show ID to get on a domestic flight here.
02:41 wizzyrea I just have to have a boarding pass and it is luxury, I tell you.
02:41 wizzyrea oh, and the boarding pass can be my phone.
02:41 cdickinson <wizzyrea> dcook: I don't know why you'd need your passport for travel w/in AU <-- this is the stupidest thing I've heard all dayu
02:42 cdickinson day*
02:42 wizzyrea you mean needing a passport for domestic flying?
02:44 cdickinson yeah
02:45 cdickinson it's not like there is much risk getting on an international flight without a passport anyway
02:45 wizzyrea you have to have some sort of ID to board a plane in the US, to the point they won't let you to the gate without one.
02:45 cdickinson "might as well be a passport", right?
02:45 wizzyrea it is, in fact, very daft.
02:45 wizzyrea ikr.
02:46 cdickinson the passport is easily the most expensive form of ID I can think of
02:46 ibeardslee is it?  After spending $$ on driving lessons etc, I'm not so sure
02:46 wizzyrea heh yeah. Well poor people don't travel, dontyaknow
02:47 cdickinson ibeardslee: here in NZ, a passport is something like $150, an NZ Learner driver's license doesn't require lessons and costs something like $90 and you need to pass a test
02:47 cdickinson actually, might be a little bit more, but it's still less than a passport
02:47 cdickinson but still, get a $30 18+ card and you're away
02:47 eythian $150?
02:48 cdickinson it was last time I got a passport
02:48 cdickinson admittedly, mine is now expired...
02:48 eythian ah
02:48 eythian so it is
02:48 eythian cheaper than I remember
02:48 cdickinson the 5 year passports we have here are dumb, makes them even more expensive
02:48 cdickinson my driver's license lasts longer
02:48 ibeardslee 5 years still? rather than the older (and coming back) more expensive 10 years
02:49 cdickinson they're coming back, but all the people that had to buy 5 year passports, I feel for them
02:50 cdickinson not that I'm going to be going overseas for a while
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03:21 tcohen hey
03:23 tcohen @later tell rangi please ping me about the s-bug
03:23 huginn tcohen: The operation succeeded.
03:24 cdickinson when is rangi coming back from overseas?
03:24 tcohen dcook: ?
03:24 northcottc End of October, I believe.
03:25 cdickinson ah, okay
03:25 dac Hmm?
03:25 dac Sorry, I got distracted by other things
03:26 northcottc tcohen: 12 October is the date I have.
03:26 dcook wizzyrea: Back in Canada you have to have photo ID to travel and I only recently got a Aussie driver's licence. Not sure if they would've accepted my old licence in the past so I used to use a passport
03:27 tcohen thanks northcottc
03:27 tcohen hi dcook
03:27 dcook heya tcohen :)
03:28 tcohen so someone liked my patch heh
03:28 wizzyrea tcohen: I've got the dbix stuff all sorted out I think
03:28 tcohen oh, it is passed!
03:28 wizzyrea thank you for the advice :)
03:28 tcohen wizzyrea: I'm looking at it
03:29 wizzyrea \o/ ty
03:29 dcook I recall liking a patch this morning but I can't remember why..
03:29 dcook Oh right!
03:29 dcook Private notes!
03:29 wizzyrea I really need "like" on bugzilla.
03:29 dcook hehe
03:29 wizzyrea it feels like a thing that allows the least possible amount of interaction.
03:29 wizzyrea while still saying something.
03:29 * dcook likes that
03:29 dcook ;)
03:29 wizzyrea :)
03:29 dcook !
03:38 dcook Yikes... looks like someone on AWS was trying to break into one of our servers..
03:38 wizzyrea typical.
03:38 dcook I think I've heard stories about people getting cheap time on AWS to launch attacks?
03:38 wizzyrea yeah, I've read about that tool;
03:38 wizzyrea too*
03:39 wizzyrea I am having serious trouble with the last bits of words today.
03:39 dcook That's no fu
03:39 dcook ;)
03:39 * dcook really needs to eat lunch
03:39 tcohen night #koha
03:40 dcook night tcohen!
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04:09 * eythian no longer has a passport
04:09 wizzyrea !
04:09 wizzyrea oh you had to send your old one
04:09 eythian hopefully the new one shows up in the expected time frame
04:09 eythian no, it's just effectively disabled apparently
04:09 wizzyrea I don't think there's anything worse than having your right to travel infringed.
04:09 eythian (i.e. they say "don't use it")
04:10 wizzyrea at least, not for people who are used to doing it
04:10 eythian yeah. new one should be here in a week or two, and I have a window of about 6 before I need it.
04:10 dcook You'll be right!
04:10 wizzyrea ^
04:10 dcook Hmm...
04:10 wizzyrea she'll be right, maybe?
04:10 wizzyrea or something.
04:10 wahanui something is sketchy
04:11 dcook I think both work
04:11 pastebot "dcook" at pasted "Zebra is fun..." (16 lines) at
04:12 dcook Hmm, I'm missing something..
04:12 eythian is it doing "terrorism", "and", "crime"?
04:12 eythian with an or between them?
04:12 dcook That's the guess, but that doesn't make sense with the Zebar output
04:12 dcook SearchResult-1: term=terrorism cnt=580, term=crime cnt=29841
04:12 dcook If it were using "and", it would show up as a temr
04:12 eythian oh
04:12 eythian true
04:12 dcook The count of "crime" is different between the two queries
04:12 dcook So I'm thinking it's taking proximity into account
04:13 dcook Although even then..
04:13 dcook Oh yes let's see..
04:13 dcook Yeah, I think that has to be it
04:13 dcook As the latter gets one hit
04:13 dcook The terrorism-crime continuum
04:14 dcook The CCL2RPN must take that into account..
04:14 dcook Something interesting is still happening..
04:15 dcook ti,wrdl=terrorism crime will get 11964 cnt for crime..
04:15 wizzyrea something interesting?
04:15 wahanui hmmm... something interesting is still happening..
04:15 wizzyrea excellent.
04:15 dcook while ti=terrorism and crime gets 29841 for crime
04:15 dcook wrdl should be making it do an implicit and..
04:15 * dcook is going to switch to rpn to see..
04:16 dcook eythian: It might be worthwhile adding "set_cclfile" and "querytype" to your Zebra tips
04:16 dcook querytype ccl2rpn
04:16 dcook Gah..
04:16 eythian can you? I'd probably put it in the wrong place because I don't really know what it is.
04:16 dcook set_cclfile /path/to/
04:16 dcook Sure thing. What's the URL again?
04:18 dcook[…]bleshooting_Zebra
04:18 dcook ?
04:18 eythian yeah
04:18 dcook Cool. Yeah, I'll add it there
04:18 dcook Handy for using your Koha's :D
04:19 dcook Oh... interesting..
04:19 wahanui interesting is probably sometimes good and sometimes bad
04:20 dcook It looks like I was right about that wrdl
04:20 dcook f @and @attr 1=Title terrorism @attr 1=Title crime returns the same thing as f ti,wrdl=terrorism crime
04:21 dcook f ti="terrorism and crime" will search "and" as well...
04:21 dcook SearchResult-1: term=terrorism cnt=580, term=and cnt=41970, term=crime cnt=11964
04:26 dcook Yeah it has to be adding proximity in there..
04:29 * dcook tries to remember the original question
04:31 dcook Mm "terrorism and crime" isn't really "terrorism" and "crime"...
04:31 dcook It's getting more results than it should..
04:36 dcook Oooo
04:37 dcook I think I may have cracked it
04:37 * dcook does a little dance
04:37 dcook It's so obvious in the end
04:37 dcook If you think about it from a grammar perspective rather than a crazy Koha perspective
04:37 dcook ti=terrorism and crime
04:37 dcook Is not the same as
04:38 dcook ti=terrorism and ti=crime
04:38 dcook ti=terrorism and crime is actually... ti=terrorism and kw=crime
04:38 * dcook does a little dance again
04:39 dcook Ohh it even works in Koha
04:39 dcook ti:terrorism and ti:crime
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04:44 eythian ah
04:44 eythian that makes sense
04:44 eythian hi cait
04:44 dcook I know, right?
04:44 dcook So obvious when you think about it
04:44 eythian cait: up early for more beer, is it?
04:44 dcook One reason why elliptical expressions suuuuuck
04:44 dcook beer!
04:45 eythian It's Oktoberfest there, after all.
04:45 eythian In september.
04:45 dcook I thought I saw something about there being a lot of beer in Konstanz at the moment
04:46 dcook I've heard stories of people drinking remarkably amounts of beer at Oktoberfest
04:46 dcook I always wondered if it meant the beer was watered down, or if it was actually just so good that you couldn't put it down
04:46 eythian I think they probably just get drunk
04:47 cait believe me - I would have liked to sleep longer :)
04:47 cait and nope no beer for me still
04:47 eythian still hungover from yesterday?
04:47 eythian you know the way to deal with that is more beer.
04:47 dojobo re: oktoberfest, i have heard that the waitresses will switch people to non-alcoholic beer without telling them
04:48 dojobo basically to cut them off
04:48 eythian heh, that's a good idea
04:48 dojobo they serve it by the liter
04:48 dojobo i'm going to munich this friday so i'll probably check out the fest
04:49 dcook hehe
04:49 dcook Non-alcoholic beer is actually pretty cheap
04:49 dcook Bought some recently so my wife could enjoy the taste even though she can't have alcohol at the moment
04:50 dcook Still tasted like beer :p
04:50 dojobo if she's pregnant, congrats
04:50 dcook thanks :)
04:51 dcook eythian: Now I'm getting ads for the Y Hotel :p
04:51 eythian haha
04:51 cait dcook: when is the date?
04:51 dcook cait: Mmm early/mid March
04:51 dcook So still a ways to go yet
04:51 dcook They're pretty big now though. I think last week they were the size of an avocado
04:52 dcook Not sure how big now..
04:52 cait they?
04:52 wahanui they are quite expensive at the moment. i should check that with electricity prices :)
04:52 dcook Ah, I mean it in a gender neutral way
04:52 cait ah
04:53 dcook Good ol' English :)
04:53 cait now i am slightly disappointed ;)
04:53 dcook :p
04:53 dcook I think I can only handle one at a time
04:53 dcook It's hard enough having two cats at the same time..
04:54 * dcook doesn't know how he's going to cope with 2 fur babies and one furless baby
04:54 cait i've heard the furless ones can be real trouble
04:54 dcook That's what I hear as well
04:54 dcook But I hear that when they reach about 15 years old, they get useful for manual labour
04:55 * dcook is looking forward to having someone else that can help him carry heavy stuff
04:55 dcook Also, they can fetch beer when they turn 18
04:55 * dcook thinks his priorities are pretty straight here
04:58 cait have to go... giving a presentation later today
04:58 cait wish me luck :)
04:59 dcook good luck!
04:59 dojobo Viel Glück
04:59 dcook What they said!
04:59 eythian g'luck :)
04:59 * dcook doesn't know the gender of dojobo so thought a gender neutral singular they would make sense
04:59 dcook Bonne chance!
04:59 dojobo :) male
04:59 eythian oh, I need to start thinking about my OSDC talk I guess.
04:59 dcook Bah!
04:59 dcook That's... oh wait
04:59 dcook I was going to say "that's quitter talk"
04:59 dcook But it didn't quite make sense
04:59 eythian no
05:00 eythian no it didn't
05:00 dcook :(
05:00 dcook If it helps, reading[…]erymodel-rpn.html helps
05:00 cait slides?
05:00 wahanui Slides are evil! Noone should be forced to write any!
05:00 dcook turns out that "phrase" is the default structure attribute
05:00 eythian slides?
05:00 wahanui Slides are evil! Noone should be forced to write any!
05:00 eythian slides?
05:00 wahanui Slides are evil! Noone should be forced to write any!
05:00 eythian hrm
05:00 eythian literal slides
05:00 wahanui eythian: slides =is= <reply> Slides are evil! Noone should be forced to write any!
05:00 cait :P
05:00 dcook Hence ti="terrorism crime" would be a phrase search because of the use of default values
05:01 eythian slides?
05:01 wahanui get back to writing them, cait!
05:01 cait gah.
05:01 cait bye :)
05:01 eythian later :)
05:03 dcook Maybe I should re-write some of the manual regarding CCL and Zebra searching...
05:17 * dcook thinks #koha is one of the reasons he enjoys his job so much
05:17 dcook You're rad folks, and helping each other and commenting together and stuff and things is nice
05:17 * dcook nods
05:18 dcook Hmm querytype  is already in the wiki...
05:18 * dcook wonders who added that
05:19 dcook Ahh it looks like it was magnuse
05:19 dcook magnuse++
05:19 dcook Hmm or maybe not..
05:19 dcook Oh well. Keep the karma!
05:40 dcook Hmm my bad... I don't think it defaults to "kw"
05:40 dcook I think it defaults to "term"
05:41 eythian what is term to zebra?
05:41 dcook term t=l,r  s=al
05:41 dcook t=l means left-truncated, s=al means each token in term is ANDed
05:41 eythian I'm kinda thinking of ES where term is a type of search you do on a field.
05:42 dcook type of search?
05:42 newbie|2 joined #koha
05:43 eythian well, "run spot run" becomes terms "run", "spot", "run" and so a term search will look for those individual words.
05:43 eythian roughly
05:43 dcook I'm thinking ",r" doesn't do anything..
05:43 dcook Hmm
05:43 eythian it's somewhat of an intersection between how you index and how you search.
05:43 dcook What's the operation between them?
05:43 laurence joined #koha
05:43 eythian default or I think
05:43 dcook ?
05:43 eythian but you can change that
05:44 dcook So "run spot run" gets tokenized into "run", "spot", "run", yeah?
05:44 eythian yeah
05:44 dcook Then the default will be "AND" or "OR"?
05:44 eythian yep
05:44 dcook Cool. At the moment, I think the default in Koha is kw,wrdl so ...
05:44 eythian actually, I'm over simplifying
05:44 dcook kw,wrdl="run spot run" would do a keyword search for each term and and them together
05:44 dcook and AND*
05:45 eythian but if you did a term search for "spot" it'd return that record.
05:45 dcook Hmm maybe I don't follow
05:45 eythian you can't do a term search for "run spot"
05:45 eythian but you can do an AND of "term: title: "run"" and "term: title: "spot""
05:46 dcook Hmm, so "term" would be like "word" I guess?
05:46 eythian (I'm not using this part of the API anyway though, except for authority searches.)
05:46 eythian typically yes
05:46 dcook A term being a single atomic term
05:46 eythian yeah, and you're looking for exact matches of them in ES-land
05:47 eythian a match query would let you do "run spot", it would tokenise it, and then use the results as terms.
05:47 eythian (again, roughly)
05:48 dcook Sounds a lot like the word list with Zebra
05:48 dcook Although I think a word list can only AND in Zebra..
05:48 eythian but, you kinda need to index things twice to make that work, but that can be done automatically.
05:48 dcook Yeah?
05:48 eythian[…]l-term-query.html <-- "should" is like saying "or"
05:48 eythian (and "must" is like saying "and")
05:49 dcook Wouldn't it tokenize "run spot" into "run" and "spot" do a search for "run" do a search for "spot" and then and them together?
05:49 dcook interesting
05:49 wahanui rumour has it interesting is sometimes good and sometimes bad
05:50 dcook Ohhh I think I follow
05:50 dcook Well.. maybe
05:50 eythian the best way to use ES really is to parse your search into a tree and then build an ES query out of that.
05:50 eythian which I'm not doing
05:50 dcook Unfortunately :(
05:50 dcook Yeah, I think the best way to use Zebra would be to parse the search into a tree and then build a PQF/RPN query out of it
05:51 eythian I'm using the function that lets you specify a lucene-style query instead
05:51 eythian as that pushes a lot of intelligence through to ES rather than me doing it myself.
05:51 dcook True that
05:51 dcook I suppose that would ignore a lot of system preferences, but that's not necessarily a bad thing
05:52 dcook Unless you make up for that
05:52 eythian oh, I can account for that
05:52 eythian I preparse the query myself
05:52 eythian which is ugly, but mostly works
05:52 eythian (using regexes etc, not doing it properly.)
05:53 dcook I know we've had this conversation before
05:53 dcook It's tough without there being a parser there for Zebra too
05:53 eythian yeah
05:54 dcook If I had all the time and money...
05:54 eythian what we need is some sort of thing that takes what the user types and turns it into a data structure that accounts for system preferences that describes what they really want :)
05:54 eythian then that can be translated into anything.
05:54 eythian some sort of ... query parser or something :)
05:54 dcook hehe
05:54 dcook That would be rad
05:55 dcook I feel like the query parser was so close...
05:55 eythian it'd be an interesting little project for an intern...
05:56 dcook That's true. It needs someone who can focus entirely on it.
05:58 eythian when I was at uni, doing a group assignment which was to build a man page searcher, one of the people (who happened to have a maths degree also) did pretty much nothing. Then one time when we were stuck, he sat down overnight and in the morning had built us a complete query parser.
05:59 dcook O_O
05:59 dcook Ain't that always the way?
05:59 dcook Well... sometimes the way
05:59 eythian certainly sometimes the way :)
06:03 eythian I should go, have a book launch to go to.
06:03 eythian later
06:04 dcook ta
06:04 eythian you're...welcome?
06:05 dcook I was going to say ta ta, but then I decided halfway through that I didn't want to say that and just hit enter :p
06:05 dcook later :p
06:26 * magnuse waves
06:29 p_vdk joined #koha
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06:38 Viktor joined #koha
06:49 reiveune joined #koha
06:49 reiveune hello
06:49 wahanui salut, reiveune
06:57 alex_a joined #koha
06:58 alex_a joined #koha
06:59 alex_a bonjour
07:04 ibeardsl1e joined #koha
07:05 dcook magnuse: I noticed you gave a bit of love to Troubleshooting Zebra
07:05 dcook I just created a new section:[…]es_when_using_CCL
07:05 Joubu hi
07:05 wahanui privet, Joubu
07:05 dcook Need to head off for the day, but might be worth looking at :)
07:07 paul_p joined #koha
07:08 alex_a_ joined #koha
07:09 sophie_m joined #koha
07:10 magnuse dcook++
07:10 Joubu @later tell pianohacker Didn't you know someone else using B&T?
07:10 huginn Joubu: The operation succeeded.
07:10 dcook magnuse: It took a bit of time to figure all that out, but super pleased with myself, haha
07:10 dcook Actually, the hardest part was finding evidence to prove my theories
07:16 dcook Anywho, night all
07:19 putti joined #koha
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11:07 khall joined #koha
11:14 magnuse it's oh so quiet...
11:30 putti magnuse, hello! :)
11:30 magnuse hiya putti
11:33 putti magnuse, how koha/serials/ -> "edit serials" should work? If one has already marked an issue received and then goes to edit it: changes status to something else like missing, but then changes it back to arrived there comes the item modification thingie.. should that come?
11:36 alex_a joined #koha
11:40 Viktor joined #koha
11:40 putti I think one should only be able to change the status not any information of the item.
11:44 magnuse putti: i am not sure, i'm not very familiar with the serials stuff
11:44 putti magnuse, okay, np.
11:55 meliss joined #koha
11:59 nengard joined #koha
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12:20 Viktor We're discussing how to implement protection av MARC-fields per source/user class.
12:21 jcamins Viktor: 1) get rid of MARC 2) celebrate 3) profit
12:21 Viktor Is there more places doing import than Z39.50, staging for import. Shellscripts?
12:21 Viktor jcamins Sound good. I like Science fiction :)
12:22 jcamins Viktor: me too.
12:24 Viktor Wondering if everything uses the same code and we can just insert the field-protection into a single field.
12:24 Viktor Or if we have to hunt around all sorts of places.
12:25 magnuse Viktor: the script
12:25 magnuse ?
12:25 magnuse and the svc api (or maybe not, i am not sure)
12:26 Viktor Thanks magnuse
12:26 magnuse but everything *should* use ModBiblio AddBiblio etc
12:27 Viktor Great news. If they all use ModBibliot AddBiblio then we should attack those for a single point (of success:)
12:27 Viktor Would it be best to do "per framework" or "systemwide" do you think?
12:28 Viktor We are thinking for case 1 just to throw unwanted fields silently.
12:28 magnuse my gut feeling says systemwide
12:28 Viktor Good.
12:29 Viktor Combined with the history patch xarragon did it could be useful when syncing with national catalogues etc.
12:29 Viktor Or letting cataloguers change all fields and regular librarians some fields.
12:34 NateC joined #koha
12:34 Viktor Does ModBiblio and AddBiblio have any idea right now of who is using them?
12:35 Viktor Only record och framework it seems.
12:37 Viktor So we would have to add _what_ source is using the script so we can handle differences between what source A, B, C is allowed to overwrite.
12:43 mveron joined #koha
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13:11 tcohen joined #koha
13:12 talljoy joined #koha
13:13 tcohen morning
13:14 tcohen Joubu: <--- Jessie
13:17 Joubu tcohen: well, just reinserted my DB for tests and it passes! Sorry about that
13:21 mario joined #koha
13:22 Oak joined #koha
13:26 magnuse Oak
13:26 tcohen Joubu: no worries, it was worth re-checking
13:26 reiveune1 joined #koha
13:28 Oak magnuse
13:29 Oak \o/
13:29 tcohen hi Oak
13:29 Oak hello tcohen !
13:30 cma joined #koha
13:30 Viktor joined #koha
13:49 mario_ joined #koha
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15:01 reiveune1 bye
15:01 reiveune1 left #koha
15:01 pianohacker joined #koha
15:07 tcohen jajm++
15:23 rocio joined #koha
15:25 tcohen jajm: i cannot figure how to translate the rewrite rules into the reverseproxy+psgi combo
15:26 tcohen any Plack gurus here?
15:27 tcohen or better, anyone here?
15:28 mario joined #koha
15:55 tcohen ashimema: around?
15:58 bag heya tcohen
16:15 Joubu tcohen: ?
16:16 pianohacker .
16:17 tmcmahon joined #koha
16:24 laurence left #koha
17:03 Joubu bye #koha
17:13 * magnuse waves
17:13 saiful joined #koha
17:15 nitz0 joined #koha
17:27 wnickc joined #koha
17:30 tcohen hi bag}
17:30 tcohen bag}
17:30 tcohen bag
17:30 tcohen heh, issues with the keyboard
17:30 tcohen i need a Plack expert
17:30 tcohen anyone?
17:30 wahanui hmmm... anyone is free to organize one at any time :-)
17:31 tcohen plack and/or mojolicious
17:41 mveron bye #koha
17:48 cdickinson joined #koha
17:49 cait joined #koha
17:50 mario joined #koha
18:10 * magnuse sets up another free koha instance for personal use
18:36 mario joined #koha
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20:10 cma joined #koha
20:12 tmcmahon I filed a bug last week about a problem I was having with keyboard shortcuts after my database was loaded into a new system.
20:13 tmcmahon Today I found out what was causing it (but not why, of course).
20:13 tmcmahon Do I edit the title and contents of the current bug or fill out a new one?
20:15 tmcmahon and if I fill out a new one, what do I do about the old one?
20:15 tmcmahon The current one is[…]_bug.cgi?id=14860
20:15 huginn Bug 14860: normal, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , Keyboard shortcuts not functioning correctly after loading database.
20:26 wnickc joined #koha
20:35 magnuse joined #koha
20:45 mario joined #koha
20:52 Doorook joined #koha
20:53 Doorook Hi
20:53 wahanui niihau, Doorook
20:53 Doorook yes ?
20:53 Doorook ohhh, niihau ! :)
20:53 Doorook xiexie
20:54 pianohacker Doorook: wahanui is a chatbot :)
20:54 pianohacker I am not, though. Hi!
20:55 Doorook Could someone explain me why I can't see any document in koha opac's catalog unless if this one is in a list ?
20:55 Doorook haha, ty for the tips pianohacker
20:55 pianohacker Doorook: could I ask for a bit more information? Catalog searching doesn't work?
20:55 Doorook Yes
20:56 Francesca joined #koha
20:56 Doorook To explain where I am : I scanned some ISBN and made a test .mrc with 10ish documents
20:56 Doorook Then I imported the .mrc, so I have the notices in the "reservoir"
20:56 Doorook and then I managed them via the import tool
20:57 pianohacker Doorook: did you install from packages?
20:57 Doorook but still, I have to say KOHA that I have an "exemplaire" of all the documents one by one and even then they are not listed in KOHA opac unless if they are on the public list I created
20:58 Doorook (my apologizes for the English and specific Vocab, i'm not a native english speaker)
20:58 pianohacker no worries, we get you :)
20:58 Doorook It's a live-CD I tweaked.
20:58 Doorook but everything else seems to work
20:58 pianohacker ah, kk
20:59 pianohacker have you rebuilt the search indices (zebra)?
20:59 Doorook there's no problem with zebra either since I can see the documents listed. (but still I did actualise it)
20:59 Doorook Yep
21:00 Doorook with koha-rebuild-zebra -b -v -f library
21:00 pianohacker and no errors?
21:00 Doorook and it returns that it exported the good number of documents
21:01 * Francesca waves
21:01 pianohacker Is the zebra daemon running?
21:02 Doorook I think so
21:02 Doorook ... :p
21:02 Doorook the output of : ps ax|grep zebra
21:02 Doorook 1121 ?        S      0:00 daemon --name=library-koha-zebra --errlog=/var/log/koha/library/zebra-error.log --stdout=/var/log/koha/library/zebra.log --output=/var/log/koha/library/zebra-output.log --verbose=1 --respawn --delay=30 --user=libr
21:05 pianohacker is that the only output? That's the script that starts zebra but not zebra itself
21:07 cait Doorook: does the intranet search work?
21:07 cait i mean, is there a difference between opac and intranet?
21:10 northcottc joined #koha
21:11 Doorook sry
21:12 Doorook hmmm, what do you call the intranet search ? I can access to the online catalog, but it tells me that there are no result found
21:12 Doorook unless if I go in the specific list "Publique" which contains the document I added manually (list and examplary)
21:12 pianohacker Doorook: please run ps ax | grep zebrasrv
21:13 Doorook pianohacker:
21:13 Doorook 1122 ?        S      0:00 zebrasrv -v none,fatal,warn -f /etc/koha/sites/library/koha-conf.xml  3332 pts/0    S+     0:00 grep --color=auto zebrasrv
21:14 Doorook So it does run
21:14 pianohacker Doorook: try stopping it and starting it again
21:16 Doorook koha-restart-zebra library return no error and it's still the same
21:21 nengard left #koha
21:23 Doorook cait pianohacker : any other idea than checking zebra ?
21:23 Doorook sry to bother you like that, but I have the impression that I'm turning in circle and I'd really like to make it work
21:23 cait the intranet would be the interface for the librarians - where you catalog
21:24 cait an idea would be to check the OpacSuppression system preference
21:24 cait if only the opac was affected
21:24 cait theproblem is that with a live dvd we don't know exactly how this is set up - it makes helping somewhat harder
21:25 Doorook hmmm, I have the code to access sql and all the setting
21:25 Doorook for the intranet, I can access it normally, no restriction
21:25 Doorook i'll take a look for Opacsuppression
21:28 Doorook it's set to "show"
21:30 tcohen1 joined #koha
21:30 tcohen1 hi
21:30 Doorook hi
21:30 wahanui privet, Doorook
21:37 cait hm if 'show' - it_s probably something else sorry
21:37 cait hi tcohen
21:38 pianohacker sigh... "this script is not intended to have a long lifetime"
21:38 pianohacker ^ introduced in a commit from 2008
21:40 cait i know
21:40 cait pianohacker: keep in mind we are getting better
21:41 pianohacker I know :)
21:41 wnickc hi and bye all!
21:43 wizzyrea longoverdue
21:43 wizzyrea it is sighworthy
21:45 tcohen1 hi cait
21:45 pianohacker Doorook: yes, once you've followed http://manual.koha-community.o[…]arceditexcel.html , you should see the records in Koha
21:45 pianohacker though note that that's a very old version of the manual
21:46 wizzyrea why the 3.2 ... yeah
21:46 wizzyrea you can just swap out the version.
21:48 Doorook i'm running the 3.12 now
21:51 tcohen1 3.12 was awesome
21:52 Doorook what's the difference with the actual one ? tcohen1
21:52 tcohen1 course reserves
21:52 wahanui well, course reserves is definitely something others have been interested in
21:55 tcohen1 Doorook: check
21:55 tcohen1 replace 14 for: 16, 18 and 20
21:55 tcohen1 to have an idea ;-)
21:55 tcohen1 bye
22:03 wizzyrea what is the word, it begins with d I think, that means "accented characters"
22:03 wizzyrea I simply cannot call this up, and I know I know it.
22:04 wizzyrea diacritic!
22:12 kathryn joined #koha
22:18 eythian hi
22:18 wahanui que tal, eythian
22:30 cait left #koha
22:46 Francesca joined #koha
22:52 NateC joined #koha
23:43 papa joined #koha
23:44 mario joined #koha
23:48 wizzyrea I'm... not sure how to advise someone to upgrade from koha 3.01
23:49 wizzyrea (also, I answered that guy but I forgot to send it to the list)
23:49 wizzyrea or just failed at email.
23:52 wizzyrea if anyone has advice for him on upgrading 3.01, please feel free to chuck your pennies in.
23:56 eythian I don't actually see that email
23:57 eythian oh
23:57 eythian what's odd there is his other email claims to have 3.20
23:57 eythian ah, different servers too
23:57 eythian looks like he's got an old one and a new one
23:58 Francesca joined #koha

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