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00:00 dcook I actually wanted to use a gender neutral word, but I don't know enough Spanish...
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00:01 dcook @later tell eythian That's awesome. I really need to book tickets and stuff for OSDC...
00:01 huginn dcook: The operation succeeded.
00:01 wizzyrea gente
00:01 dcook wizzyrea: gracias :D
00:01 wizzyrea súbditos
00:01 dcook That's funny as the French equivalent would be "gens" I guess
00:01 wizzyrea it's like "folk"
00:02 dcook Folk has to be one of my favourite words ever
00:02 wizzyrea gentes, probably
00:02 wizzyrea habitantes, also probably ok
00:02 dcook hehe
00:02 dcook I like that
00:02 wizzyrea which is like, population, people
00:02 dcook habitantes of #koha :D
00:02 wizzyrea we should ask tcohen ^.^
00:02 dcook How does one use "of" in Spanish?
00:02 eythian dcook: me too
00:03 dcook de in French... di in Italian?
00:03 dcook da?
00:03 * dcook lives in an Italian suburb... he should really learn Italian..
00:03 wizzyrea los maybe?
00:03 dcook Wouldn't that be a definite article?
00:03 wizzyrea yes. duh.
00:03 wizzyrea ah yea de
00:03 wizzyrea it's been ages since I thought about spanish
00:04 dcook los habitantes de #koha?
00:04 wizzyrea ^
00:04 wizzyrea close as I can get you
00:04 wizzyrea :)
00:04 dcook I think about French all the time, especially when my family post photos of commercial packaging which contains both French and English labels :(
00:04 * dcook gets sad over this
00:04 dcook thanks, wizzyrea :D
00:04 * dcook isn't so keen on the unilingual packaging here
00:04 eythian <-- dcook
00:04 dcook One reason why I love going to the "international" section at the grocery store
00:05 dcook Donde Esta La Pollo... is that like... Turkey is the chicken?
00:05 dcook Ahh "Where's"
00:05 dcook Dinde is French for turkey... I figured maybe..
00:05 pianohacker hahahahahahaha
00:06 dcook eythian: Where do you find this stuff? :p
00:06 eythian it's a classic NZ band
00:06 * dcook puts Portishead back on
00:06 dcook Ahh
00:08 eythian <-- dcook, I just assumed this was you
00:08 dcook eythian: It's actually surprisingly accurate
00:08 * dcook used to sail a boat on the Saskatchewan river
00:08 dcook True fact
00:08 eythian stealing wheat and barley and all the other grains?
00:09 dcook Nah, mostly we just ate meat and cheese and enjoyed the sun
00:09 dcook Except on the stormy days, but then it was mostly trying to not drown when you're nearly horizontal
00:09 dcook We already had our own wheat and barley back at the farm :p
00:10 dcook This song never gets old
00:10 eythian it doesn't
00:10 dcook Hehe. I don't know if I ever noticed the matey/metis line :p
00:12 dcook All right. While I'm distracted, I should see that latest political video...
00:13 eythian at least your're not in Austral....oh wait
00:13 dcook Yeah...
00:14 dcook Technically, I could live and work in New Zealand :p
00:14 pianohacker phew, that was the most time I've spent working on rancor in ages
00:14 dcook pianohacker++
00:14 pianohacker marc--
00:14 dcook pianohacker: Juggling a few projects, I'm guessing?
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00:14 dcook You're done your masters now, yeah?
00:14 pianohacker yes, finished in may and they'll give me the silly paper in december
00:15 dcook \o/
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00:15 pianohacker dcook: been working on a large variety of projects, but not much time on rancor (though that's soon to change)
00:15 pianohacker wnickc: just posted a followup you may be interested in on bug 11559
00:15 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=11559 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, jweaver, In Discussion , Professional cataloger's interface
00:16 pianohacker dcook: there's a circ rules editor/backend revamp Kyle and I will be posting an RFC for soon :)
00:16 pianohacker dcook: what have you been up to?
00:17 dcook pianohacker: nice one!
00:17 dcook Oh man...
00:18 dcook Splitting my time between a non-Koha project, the OAI-PMH harvester, and then regular Koha stuff like support/setups/etc
00:18 dcook I don't know how I've actually managed to stay sane :p
00:18 pianohacker I know the feeling :)
00:18 pianohacker what's the non-Koha project?
00:21 dcook Nothing too exciting. A legacy app that I keep chugging along, but it eats up time.
00:21 pianohacker yeah...
00:22 dcook I'm kind of hoping that there will come a time after I'm done that project and the harvester where I can just focus on regular Koha stuff again
00:22 dcook Test patches, upstream patches, have slow days... haha
00:22 * dcook misses slow days
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00:37 pianohacker all right, it's errands/dinner time
00:37 pianohacker bye all!
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01:08 BobB flaky internet here today
01:09 dcook Interesting.. my wifi has been playing up but ethernet is all right
01:19 BobB opposite for us
01:20 dcook Just noticed this out of the corner of my eye when looking through our local bug tracker:
01:20 dcook "The sex of patrons..."
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01:20 dcook For a second, I thought the librarians might be giving out too much information :p
01:21 dcook Actually that probably still works regardless of how you fill in that ellipsis..
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06:02 dcook eythian: Just had one of those lovely moments where you have an error for a package but it's so deeply buried that you have no hope in finding it..
06:02 * dcook guesses he'll start looking through every reference he has to DateTime..
06:04 dcook Well not really... just going to start inserting test strings until I find where it's dying..
06:06 dcook Ahh
06:06 dcook Had written "time" instead of "$time"
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06:21 * magnuse waves
06:28 magnuse community++ cait++ for a good gbsd!
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06:32 reiveune hello
06:32 wahanui hola, reiveune
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06:37 * dcook waves
06:49 * magnuse shouts ncip! ncip! ncip!
06:51 * Francesca waves
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06:58 alex_a bonjour
06:58 wahanui what's up, alex_a
06:59 irma I hear shouting all the way from the far north ...magnuse, is that you? What is so exciting about ncpi?
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07:00 Joubu good morning
07:00 wahanui well, it's morning somewhere, yes
07:00 magnuse irma: not exciting at all, just something i gotta get done
07:00 magnuse preferably today
07:00 magnuse bonjour alex_a Joubu
07:01 alex_a_ salut magnuse
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07:05 irma sounds interesting magnuse :) I am sending you a virtual lunch box with VEGEMITE sandwiches so you don't need to stop for lunch. Does that help?
07:07 Joubu I am sure he will need a break :)
07:11 magnuse thanks irma!
07:12 magnuse but yeah, there will be breaks
07:12 * magnuse usually walks the dog for half an hour before lunch
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07:23 magnuse bonjour cait sophie_m
07:23 sophie_m hi magnuse and #koha
07:23 cait hi all
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07:24 gaetan_B hello
07:29 Joubu hum, bug 14293 seems a bit bad, could someone confirm?
07:29 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=14293 normal, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , Error in the calculation of the suspension of users per day
07:30 Joubu Looking at the code, yes it's broken. But I am surprised that nobody raised this problem before.
07:30 Joubu It would exist in > 3.18
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07:46 * andreashm waves
07:47 magnuse tjänare andreashm
07:47 andreashm hej magnuse
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08:07 Joubu pianohacker: around?
08:07 cait Joubu: around? :)
08:07 * cait waves
08:07 Joubu hello cait
08:07 cait about the barcode bug
08:07 cait i tested in master without the patch for another barcode pattern -s ame results - but I didn't test in an earlier version
08:08 cait doy ou mean it used to generate the next number in older versions for multiple items?
08:08 Joubu cait: I want to know because if it's a regression I can try and fix it
08:08 cait i can test in a 3.18 if you give me amoment -we don't have libraries using the autobarcode
08:08 Joubu yes ofc
08:08 cait did you see my other comment on the on-site checkouts?
08:09 Joubu not yet
08:09 cait I failed to file a bug for it - but i think we should make on-site visible somewhere in the patron account
08:09 cait it only shows in the reading history, but no indicator on the current checkouts
08:10 Joubu cait: something else: pianohacker added a note on the column visibility for items bug: "that this development does not allow applying default settings to subfields that aren't mapped."
08:10 Joubu But the table already only displays the mapped fields
08:10 Joubu or I missed something
08:10 cait not sure i understand his comment
08:10 cait ah
08:10 cait i think what he means is having default columns visibulitiy in the columns settings?
08:11 cait not the defaults for the subfields
08:11 cait would that make sense?
08:11 Joubu ha maybe
08:11 cait in the columns administration
08:13 cait hm it appears to be broken in 3.18.8 as well .. the homebranch barcode
08:13 cait testing another
08:13 cait it generates the same number all over
08:14 cait but i agree... i kind of wonder if that has worked in older verseions
08:14 cait but probably earlier than 3.18 then?
08:15 cait bug 8425
08:15 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8425 normal, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, ASSIGNED , Autobarcode generates duplicate barcodes with AcqCreateItems = on order
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08:17 cait from 2012
08:17 cait there is also bug 10890
08:17 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=10890 normal, P5 - low, ---, dcook, Failed QA , Autobarcode "<branch>yymm00001" Fails in Acquisitions When Receiving Item
08:17 cait and bug 8684
08:17 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8684 major, P1 - high, ---, jonathan.druart, Pushed to Stable , Duplicate check for creating items on order broken
08:19 Joubu hum ok, will have a look again... but I think 8684 fixes a bug on the check for an existing item, not the one create in the same round
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08:20 Joubu cait: something else... sorry! But have you seen my previous comment here about bug 14293?
08:20 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=14293 normal, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , Error in the calculation of the suspension of users per day
08:22 cait is this the correct bug?
08:22 Joubu yes
08:23 Joubu cait: ha but... for the barcode, the issue is on additem or neworderempty?
08:23 cait neworderempty
08:23 wahanui somebody said neworderempty was really slow.
08:23 cait becuase of ajax
08:23 Joubu ha! ok that's a regression then
08:23 cait we don't write the barcode generated back to the database
08:23 cait so creating multiple it always creates the same
08:24 cait there is no comment from you on the bug :)
08:24 cait i think it's a duplicate
08:24 cait i have seen another this morning
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08:25 cait bug 13909
08:25 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=13909 major, P5 - low, ---, tomascohen, Pushed to Stable , Suspension days calculation doesn't honour finesCalendar
08:26 cait hm no
08:26 Joubu the barcode stuff is not a regression, it has never worked I am almost sure
08:27 cait oh, comment on irc
08:27 cait Joubu: yeah, it hink so too
08:27 cait sadly :)
08:29 andreashm missed GBSD yesterday. So I signed off a bug today instead. Or so I thought, but I get an error message (status=200) when I try to attach it. =(
08:29 cait Joubu: bug 13909 related
08:29 cait ?
08:29 cait andreashm: which bug?
08:29 andreashm I probably messed up somewhere. As usual. =9
08:29 cait ah
08:29 andreashm bug 14726
08:29 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=14726 minor, P5 - low, ---, philippe.blouin, Signed Off , Title not showing up on checkout summary
08:29 cait you might have to update your git bz
08:30 cait is there a git bz repository in your dev environment?
08:30 cait ine is in home/katrin... but not sure how the dev env is set up
08:30 andreashm I'm using using kohadevbox
08:30 cait magnuse: ? :)
08:30 cait can you check if there is a git-bz in your home directory of the user?
08:31 andreashm I get git bz to work, I could apply the path. but not attaching it to sign off
08:31 cait andreashm: it still counts
08:31 Joubu cait: yes, they opened 14293 some months ago and commented on 13909 yesterday.
08:31 cait you got 1.20 left or so of gbsd :)
08:32 cait andreashm: i was thinking maybe it's a problem iwth the auth
08:32 cait the error is usually hidden somehwere in the 200 html you get back
08:32 magnuse andreashm: could it be a timeout?
08:32 andreashm I got a timeout error first, and then tried redoing it
08:32 cait hm try attaching it without the -e
08:32 andreashm then got the status 200 error
08:33 andreashm ok, trying without the e
08:33 andreashm it seemed to work
08:33 andreashm maybe?
08:33 wahanui i think maybe is a momentaneous error
08:34 mveron Hi #koha
08:34 andreashm a yes, at least bugzilla got updated
08:34 andreashm well, I'm off to a meeting now. time to talk Koha to a new co-worker (developer)!
08:35 mveron @wunder Allschwil
08:35 huginn mveron: The current temperature in Basel, Switzerland is 18.0°C (10:30 AM CEST on September 04, 2015). Conditions: Partly Cloudy. Humidity: 52%. Dew Point: 8.0°C. Pressure: 30.04 in 1017 hPa (Steady).
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09:06 Joubu @later tell tcohen please make jenkins execute ALL tests in t!
09:06 huginn Joubu: The operation succeeded.
09:06 Joubu @later tell t/db_dependent/Circulation/Iss​uingRules/maxsuspensiondays.t is not! And it fails!
09:06 huginn Joubu: The operation succeeded.
09:07 Joubu oops
09:07 Joubu :)
09:07 cait heh
09:07 cait happens to me all the time....
09:08 Joubu oops again, the test pass... Wrong DB
09:08 Joubu @later tell tcohen ok forget that ;)
09:08 huginn Joubu: The operation succeeded.
09:11 cait @wunder Konstanz
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09:11 magnuse @wunder boo
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09:39 drojf hi #koha
09:43 magnuse moin drojf
09:43 drojf hei magnuse
09:52 * cait waves and wanders off for lunch
09:56 * magnuse too
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11:38 * andreashm waves
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11:43 drojf hi andreashm
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12:08 cait hi tcohen :)
12:09 tcohen hi there
12:09 wahanui privet, tcohen
12:10 tcohen hi cait Joubu marcelr
12:10 cait tcohen: are you grumpy with us?
12:10 tcohen why us that?
12:10 tcohen s/u/i/
12:10 cait because picking the three of us who were involved with the bug :)
12:11 tcohen ah, just a coincidence :-D
12:11 tcohen you and Joubu, lots of stuff to talk about, and marcelr, about the Upload things
12:12 tcohen not grumpy at all!
12:12 Joubu "the bug" ?
12:13 tcohen did anyone had the chance to test the revamped kohadevbox?
12:14 cait hm drojf left already - i thought he might have
12:19 andreashm_ cait: was it you (your coworker) or was it Catalyst who made interesting things with (private) reports, for system integration? Can't remember what we said.
12:21 tcohen andreashm_: public reports maybe?
12:24 tcohen @wunder cordoba, argentina
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12:30 xarragon when adding a new page to the opac.. does the template go under 'prog' or 'bootstrap'.. or are they overlapping?
12:30 andreashm_ tcohen: yeah we talked about that too. But cait said that perhaps it was possible with private reports too somehow.
12:31 andreashm_ if I remember correctly.
12:31 tcohen xarragon: it depends on the theme you are using, and 'prog' has been removed from Koha a while back
12:32 cait oh
12:32 cait reading back
12:33 cait andreashm_: i can show you something, a sec
12:33 andreashm_ cait: thanks
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12:35 xarragon tcohen: yes, I saw a bug ticket from ölate 2014 which generated the same errors
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12:37 xarragon tcohen: so when I add a new opac part, I need to add one part/template for each theme then?
12:38 tcohen xarragon: is it for in-house use or for commiting it to trunk?
12:38 tcohen if it is the latter, you need to provide for each theme, but hey, we only have bootstrap :-D
12:42 drojf tcohen: had to sleep yesterday, could not test anymore. but i don't feel like catching the flu anymore
12:42 drojf so i will give it a try later
12:42 xarragon tcohen: latter
12:44 lari Joubu, in bug 12426, you suggested a new subroutine instead of directly changing the message status in Would this subroutine basically have the same functionality as my patch, to set the status of message into 'pending' so that it will be processed later?
12:44 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=12426 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, larit, Signed Off , Allow resending of emails from the notices tab in the patron account
12:44 tcohen drojf: I managed to solve all the small glitches
12:45 tcohen jessie is not working due to that silly missing dependency
12:45 tcohen i mean silly because that dep is not mandatory!
12:46 drojf how is the plan with the apache 2.4 requirement? is that going to stay? that would mean we have no real support for wheezya anymore?
12:46 drojf *wheezy
12:46 tcohen drojf: only if you want to the plack integration
12:46 tcohen *to use
12:47 drojf once that is working,everybody will want to use it
12:47 tcohen wheezy is fully supported, if you enable plack using koha-plack --enable
12:47 tcohen it won't actually use it right now (the apache config tests for the right version)
12:48 drojf fully supported but placknot working you mean?
12:48 tcohen drojf: yes, exactly
12:48 drojf i would not call it fully supported then :P
12:48 tcohen we will provide instructions for installing the backports
12:48 drojf more like "we left the cool stuff out but if you dont want that" :P
12:49 drojf but there are no backports for 32bit
12:49 drojf no idea how the official backports work, if it is expected to see apache 2.4 there
12:50 Joubu lari: I just suggested to move the code you introduced into a C4::Letters subroutine
12:50 drojf that may be a liw question
12:50 Joubu to make it covered by tests
12:50 * liw has been summoned
12:51 Joubu lari: especially because _set_message_status shouldn't be called outside of C4::Letters
12:51 tcohen liw: do u know if there are apache 2.4 backports for wheezy?
12:51 drojf hi liw :)
12:51 tcohen (official backports)
12:52 drojf more like, do you know if it's likely there will be
12:52 * xarragon regrets giving up coffee, almost falling asleep
12:52 drojf don't think there are any as of yet
12:53 mveron joined #koha
12:53 mveron Hi again #koha
12:53 liw tcohen, drojf: I can't see apache2 in wheezy-backports on using the package search, or using the rmadision tool from the devscripts Debian package
12:53 lari Joubu, ok, thanks for your input, i agree
12:54 tcohen drojf: so wheezy is supported, but you will miss some new cool stuff, unless you pick the un-official backports
12:54 drojf tcohen: or unless you use 32bit
12:54 * tcohen nods
12:54 drojf so i would call that unsupported. or vaguely supported
12:54 lari Joubu, it will be useful for my other work as well, I'm planning to create cronjob to automatically resend failed sms messages
12:55 lari we have been having lots of failed ones past days, it's annoying to manually run a query on them
12:55 drojf liw: but do you think it will get there eventually? how is decided what goes in there?
12:55 tcohen drojf: i respectfully disagree, right now it is an experimental feature that needs some user intervention to work
12:55 tcohen maybe we find a better solution before the release
12:56 liw drojf, a) a Debian developer decides a backport would be useful b) they port the version from Debian's testing suite to the target version (wheezy) and c) they upload it to wheezy-backports d) if it is a new package, it needs the backports guardians to approve it e) after that (or if no approval needed) it goes into wheezy-backports
12:56 drojf tcohen: right, it is not ready for productive use as far as i know (at the staff side)
12:57 tcohen drojf: the only problem is syspref caching, which is disabled in the shipped configuration :-D
12:57 drojf tcohen: but i think we all hope it will be soon
12:57 drojf liw: thanks
12:58 tcohen with this packages integration + a suitable kohadevbox that makes using it trivial, we will get broader testing, and eventually fix the remaining issues
12:58 liw drojf, I note that backporting something big like Apache is potentially a lot of work, though, which reduceds its likelihood
12:58 drojf liw: yes, i can imagine
12:58 tcohen before this, only some sysadmin/dev gurus had the chance to try it
12:58 tcohen liw: thanks
12:59 liw (those who would like to increase the likelihood should offer money to the people able to help make it happen, or encourage themselves or their employees to do it and become Debian developers, which is not at all as scary as rumour has it)
12:59 tcohen drojf: BTW: we should just drop support for apache in favour of nginx which wouldn't have caused this integration issues
12:59 drojf i think we had full support for squeeze until jessie was released, so it would be nice to not abandon wheezy too fast
13:00 liw there is a Debian LTS project provide support to (some of) wheezy for several years
13:01 drojf let's say eythian has to do it
13:01 drojf :P
13:03 tcohen heh
13:03 tcohen eythian++
13:03 drojf eythian++
13:03 drojf look he got increased, now he has to do it
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13:03 liw poor eythian, who innocently participated in a short Debian packaging tutorial on my last day at Catalyst
13:03 tcohen drojf: we need people testing this, and solutions should come up
13:04 * mveron waves to cait and drojf
13:04 drojf his karma that is
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13:04 drojf hi mveron
13:05 mveron hi drojf :-)
13:05 cait drojf: is 32 somethign that is still widely used?
13:05 cait serious question, i don't know much about these kind of things :)
13:05 hecki http://spiritualwarfare666.web[…]atans_Library.htm
13:05 hecki left #koha
13:05 drojf cait: i don't know really
13:06 drojf oh look, irc spam
13:07 andreashm_ haha
13:08 liw 32-bit Intel servers are still plentiful; a number of virtual machine hosting places offer 32-bit only, to save a little bit on memory
13:08 liw but it's going away
13:09 cait but hey... it is a about a library...
13:09 cait as Koha still works perfectly fine without it... for me it's not a hard condition or 'non-full supported'
13:10 cait i hope that made sense
13:12 edveal joined #koha
13:13 cait 3.8
13:24 tcohen i won't put 'Wheezy not fully supported' on the release notes :-D
13:25 tcohen sorry, i intended to write :-P
13:30 mario joined #koha
13:38 magnuse have fun #koha!
13:40 amyjeankearns joined #koha
14:11 lari mveron, thanks for noticing! I would had forgotten :)
14:12 mveron lari: Welcome :-)
14:19 mario joined #koha
14:31 Joubu lari: much more better thanks!
14:32 Joubu lari: just a note: maybe the routine should return 1 if the msg has been resent, otherwise 0. Don't you think?
14:32 Joubu even return;
14:33 Joubu lari: maybe just return _set_msg_status($params);
14:36 lari Yeah in fact I had it returning 1 and 0 a while ago, not really sure what made me change it to message_id :)
14:40 lari doesn't _set_message_status return 0 but true on cases where no rows were affected? would it be best to  simply return 1 or 0 from ResendMessage
14:54 lari Joubu, I made it return 1 on resent, and 0 otherwise. Thanks for feedback :)
14:57 Joubu perfect!
14:57 wahanui rumour has it perfect is the enemy of good
15:02 tcohen hi Joubu
15:03 Joubu tcohen: hi
15:07 TGoat joined #koha
15:09 Joubu Have to run, I will be afk for a week! bye #koha
15:10 ashimema enjoy your week Joubu
15:15 reiveune bye
15:15 reiveune left #koha
15:22 laurence joined #koha
15:26 tcohen bye Joubu !
15:26 tcohen hi ashimema
15:27 ashimema evening
15:28 cait hi ashimema
15:28 cait Joubu: don't leave us.... :)
15:28 cait Joubu: have a good week!
15:43 drojf tcohen: what is the idea behind start and enable plack? or, why would i want to start the plack daemon but not enable plack use?
15:44 tcohen it won't start if it is not enabled
15:44 tcohen ah. no, it starts
15:45 tcohen you might want to run it for whatever reason
15:45 tcohen we do the same with SIP, zebra, etc
15:45 drojf we can disable zebra?
15:45 tcohen the init script won't start plack otoh
15:45 drojf i wonder what happens then :D
15:46 tcohen sip, think of SIP :-D
15:47 tcohen with zebra it is not the same situation: you might disable the instance at all, but want to run zebra for testing/debugging purposes, or to just have the z39.50 server... who knos
15:47 tcohen knows
15:49 tcohen so, drojf have you managed to run kohadevbox?
15:50 drojf have not tried yet, this is a regular installation with a master package
15:50 tcohen great
15:50 drojf so when i start plack, it will work on the default port
15:50 drojf ?
15:50 drojf just switch?
15:50 tcohen plack won't run on a tcp port
15:51 tcohen it is running on a unix socket
15:51 tcohen and koha-plack --enable <instance>
15:51 tcohen is uncommenting a line in /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/<instance>.conf
15:51 tcohen on both opac and intranet vhost definitions actually
15:51 tcohen take a look
15:53 drojf yes, but that means i had VirtualHost *:8080 before and when i enable plack, i continue to use the staff client at VirtualHost *:8080
15:53 drojf or not? :)
15:55 tcohen yes, your vhost definition doesn't change at all (in general terms)
15:55 tcohen it just looks for the cgi scripts somewhere else
15:57 drojf yes. i think we used to have starman running on different ports in ancient times, thats why i was asking
15:58 drojf is there a way to see if you are running plack? maybe an info in the about section would be good for the future
15:59 drojf a way to see it from inside koha, i mean
16:01 laurence left #koha
16:02 tcohen drojf: i'm working on taht
16:02 tcohen on a separate project, though
16:02 drojf cool
16:02 drojf tcohen++
16:04 tcohen drojf: so koha-plack --enable/--disable just uncomments/comments two lines in the apache vhost file
16:04 tcohen and --start/--stop/--restart, well, you know
16:04 tcohen the new init script uses a new function
16:04 tcohen sorry, the new switches koha-foreach and koha-list have
16:04 tcohen (--plack/--noplack)
16:05 tcohen to choose to deal with the instance's plack server or not
16:06 tcohen if you have enabled bash-completion system wide, koha-plack <tab> should show you the available options
16:09 drojf ok. got to import some data so i have something to use
16:09 kivilahtio_ joined #koha
16:16 drojf can't stage a marc record
16:17 drojf Failed to submit form: error
16:17 drojf with and without plack enabled :D
16:18 tcohen yay!
16:20 cait left #koha
16:20 tcohen do u have a screenshot?
16:22 drojf mom
16:24 drojf[…]/stagingerror.png
16:24 drojf file upload goes ok, when i click stage for import i get the popup
16:47 drojf it works on master (git) though
16:53 drojf and now its all broken. that was fun :)
16:55 drojf tcohen: after disabling plack, stopping the plack daemon and then manually disabling the relevant lines in the apache conf (because they were still active) i can stage a marc file
16:57 drojf turning plack back on i cannot
16:59 drojf tried again and koha-plack --disable was enough to make it work, so that must have been my error before
17:06 kivilahtio_ tcohen: You asked me to discuss Koha::Exception with Joubu, and I created a slide show about our discussion. You can take a look here:[…]_bug.cgi?id=13995
17:06 huginn Bug 13995: enhancement, P5 - low, ---, olli-antti.kivilahti, Needs Signoff , Proper Exception handling
17:06 kivilahtio_ attachment "Comparing two Exception::Class approaches"
17:09 kivilahtio_ anyway that is just my 2 cents, I hope we find more angles to this discussion
17:11 cait joined #koha
17:11 cait oleonard++
17:11 wnickc joined #koha
17:24 z0k joined #koha
17:32 druthb cait++
17:34 tcohen ie--
17:35 wnickc pianohacker: oh, it's not zapping the items, z39.50 from the local catalog creates a new record, I just assumed it edited the existing record
17:38 pianohacker wnickc: it honestly should...
17:40 tcohen kivilahtio_: nice doc, but maybe a middle road should be considered too
17:40 tcohen like grouping exceptions by context
17:40 tcohen in a file
17:51 tcohen drojf: i reproduced the problem, file upload doesn't seem to work
17:52 drojf so it took me one minute to find a bug \o/
17:52 drojf :)
17:55 tcohen drojf: the whole point is to find them all faster
17:55 tcohen and fix them
17:55 tcohen heh
17:56 tcohen i even think there was a bug filled for that
17:56 tcohen oh, my queue... damn
17:58 drojf if plack out of the box support makes it into 3.22 it might do a raspberry pi image for people to play with
17:59 drojf so i have a reason to play with that again :D
18:01 tcohen drojf:
18:01 drojf hehe
18:05 tcohen i cannot login to the installer with the DB credentials, with plack :-D
18:08 drojf i was wondering about that. i only switched to plack after the installer
18:08 drojf i think i have seen a bug for that
18:08 tcohen it refuses to log in, it just reload the page
18:09 tcohen there is this:[…]_bug.cgi?id=13805
18:09 huginn Bug 13805: normal, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Needs Signoff , Installer does not work under Plack
18:09 drojf ah just wanted to post that :)
18:09 tcohen but the current plack.psgi file does actually include the ->disable_syspref_cache() line
18:09 drojf hm
18:10 drojf gotta go shopping now, later
18:10 tcohen heh
18:10 tcohen ok
18:11 tcohen magnuse: what shall we do with the ansible-driven kohadevbox?
18:11 tcohen new branch?
18:22 tcohen bye everyone, have a nice weekend
18:23 amyk-bbiab joined #koha
18:27 pianohacker cait: my thought on the 999 was that deleting the 999 entirely is the only way to make sure it's safely re-added; it's not exposed in the basic editor, no?
18:35 bag pianohacker: it’s not exposed in the basic editor
18:36 pianohacker cait: check C4/, lines 2947-2958
18:47 Dyrcona joined #koha
18:56 cait people could have used other 999 subfields
18:56 cait you would kill their data
18:59 cait pianohacker: ^
19:05 cait you can't blindly delete fields like you want ;)
19:07 hector joined #koha
19:18 cait hm
19:24 nengard cait i think pianohacker left to go teach a class
19:24 nengard just fyi
19:25 cait makes sense :)
19:25 cait thx
19:39 sophie_m joined #koha
19:45 nengard left #koha
19:57 edveal joined #koha
20:03 pianohacker cait: I'd kill their data, but so will any other MARC modification in Koha :)
20:03 cait are we talking about deleting the whole 999
20:04 cait or only about dleeting the subfields with the ids?
20:04 pianohacker cait: the whole 999, but check the code, Rancor's just doing it earlier :)
20:05 cait it seems very wrong
20:05 pianohacker I agree
20:06 pianohacker But what is also very wrong is to have multiple 999s, that is a problem that is currently impossible to fix without a script and which confuses many parts of Koha
20:06 pianohacker we've run into this a few times with our partners
20:09 cait is it not possible to disallow editing 999?
20:09 cait or better... the 999 subfields
20:09 cait ?
20:09 cait don't allow to add edit or delete
20:09 cait by keeping them out of the editors
20:10 pianohacker I could mark any other subfields besides 999$c as forbidden
20:10 pianohacker having an out-of-band MARC tag makes things a lot more complicated :)
20:11 cait hm not only c
20:11 cait biblioitemnumber too?
20:11 pianohacker yeah, $c and $d
20:11 cait i am still in shock about the 999
20:12 tcohen joined #koha
20:12 pianohacker cait: yeah, it's quirky the way Koha handles it
20:12 pianohacker I wish it weren't saved to the record (like how item data is handled)
20:13 cait hm waht about unimarc? i think they store it in 001?
20:14 pianohacker cait: yup. The code uses the mappings
20:14 tcohen hi
20:15 cait hmm
20:15 cait pianohacker: i just tested something
20:15 cait i added a 999a
20:15 cait and it stays there when saving and reediting
20:15 cait so koha doesn't kill it
20:15 pianohacker cait: in a separate tag?
20:16 cait it might have added another 999 yeah
20:16 cait looks like it
20:16 wahanui Can we get some hard data on that?
20:16 pianohacker cait: yeah. Koha only kills the first one in the record (it should kill all of them; multiple 999s mess up the rest of Koha)
20:18 cait even if they don't have the c and d?
20:18 pianohacker yup
20:19 tcohen joined #koha
20:20 cait messy
20:20 pianohacker agreed
20:20 Kchris joined #koha
20:36 tcohen cait: hi
20:36 cait hi tcohen :)
20:45 mario joined #koha
20:52 cait pianohacker: i guess your approach is... valid then?
20:52 pianohacker cait: unfortunately
20:53 cait the shock hasn't worn off yet heh
20:53 cait any plans for the weekend?
20:53 pianohacker cait: celebrating my mom's birthday
20:53 pianohacker bbl :)
20:54 cait have a good weekend :)
20:57 Kchris have a good weekend, everyone.
21:19 trea joined #koha
21:20 cdickinson joined #koha
22:51 indradg joined #koha
23:06 tcohen joined #koha
23:34 JoshB joined #koha
23:48 TGoat left #koha

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